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                FILM DUKHIYARI

                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Ab hamko bhulado kahtehai.. kahte hai
Kahte thhe kabhi jo bhulana na.
Bhulana.. Bhulanana
Wo apnee nazar se kahte thhe
Har dil mein kisi ke banana…
Bhulanana.. Bhulaanana

Wo shaad raho abaad raho
Majabooriyonka ab jikr hi kya
Takdeer hi bigadee jab apni
Phir tumse kare shikwa kaisa
Ha..a……. Haaye
Wo shaadi Mubarak tumko
Meri barbaadi ka gum bhulaana

Iss roz mili thee tumse nazar
Aayenge thhe  jis ke kisko khabar
Wah geet khushee ke hai.. lab par
Armanoka maatam hai idhar

Aai dil tadapne  mein    hai jo maza
jo ho gaya tha jo hona tha
Ab hamko bhulado kahtehai.. kahte hai
Kahte thhe kabhi jo bhulana na.
Bhulana.. Bhulanana


Waha  varsha hogee phoolonki.. phoolonki
Ashko kee aisee lagi jhadi
Waha nache umange.. waha nache umange lahr badi   
Yaa dushman jaa ek ek khadi
Aai  dard  sambhal ke  dekh maza
Ye hasrat ye dil tadpana..  Bhulana Bhulana   
Ab hamko bhulado kahtehai.. kahte hai
Kahte thhe kabhi jo bhulana na.
Bhulana.. Bhulanana

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   Dr KPrabhakar Rao

(Lyrics )
MDRam Ganguly

Hamari aankhon  se dilke tukde
Ab aansu bankar nikal rahehain
Ke aaj apni khareeb rahkar
Teri  judayeemein jalrahe hain..
 Hamari aankhon  ke dilke tukde

Hamari kismat hai zindageeki
Koyee tamanna huyee na poori
Ke aaj apni murad dilke
Hazaaro armaan  machal rahe hain

Hamari aankhon  se dilke tukde
Ab aansu bankar nikal rahehain
Ke aaj apni khareeb rahkar
Teri  judayeemein jalrahe hain.

Yahee tamanna hai  ab hamaaree
Ke aakhree bar tumko dekhe
Tumhari soorat ko dekhneko
Chiraag aankho mein jal rahe hain

Hamari aankhon  se dilke tukde
Ab aansu bankar nikal rahehain
Ke aaj apni khareeb rahkar
Teri  judayeemein jalrahe hain.



DR K PRabhakar Rao
Escape of Laik Ali from house arrest in Hydearbad in 1950 discloses how chaotic was Indian administration. Why such delay was there to put him on trial is not known. Police action was over in few days in Sept 1948. Then Military govt was in place. They crushed Armed communist Telangana revolt. Helpless communists took to democratic struggle to save themselves.Kasim Razvi was tried and was awarded 10 years prison term in Bibi Nagar dacoity case.He was found not gulity in the murder of Journalist Shoibulllah Khan of Imroz. The sentence was too small and later he was shifted to Pune jail. Laik Ali enjoyed a status prison at Hyderabad till he fooled Indian security and vanished. Attempts to prosecute his sister failed as courts found loop holes. What a country India is? What type of law we have ? Every one knows that Laik ali was the PM of Hyderabad state that crossed swords with India after 1947.His cabinet advised Nizam on all matters and Kasim Razvi was abetted and mass murders, mass rapes, dacoities were committed by Razakars under their chief and these were very well known to Nizam and Laik Ali. It was a policy to drive away Hindus from State, and Islamimise Hyderabad. Scores of Muslims from Pakistan and north India were brought to Hyderabad and the militia Razkar was further strengthened. Soicial structure was being changed.Laik Ali thus was a party to the entire affair and he should have been tried along with Kasim Razvi. In fact summary trials should have been conducted by special courts and trial of these persons under war crimes would have been appropriate. When Nazis could be tried for War crimes and hanged why not these scoundrels.Laik ali escaped and enjoyed freedom for another 20 years.Where is justice for those who were raped and killed by the brutes of Nizam who was made Rajpramukh.What a fallacy! How foolish we were! How incompetent we were ! Most of the present generation does not know all these truths and are carried away under false history.Shoibula khan who raised his voice against Nizam was killed in his prime age by Razakars. No one knows him today. The party of Razakars i.e MIM has survived the abolition and revived itself under new name AIMIM after few years. They claim that they have entirely different agenda now as per their head who is an MP. Entire old city of Hyderabad is under their grip and family rule. Kasim Razvi who was freed from prison after few years of jail was allowed to go to Pakistan not before handing over party to Wahab Owaissi. His son Sultan saluddin Owaissi nourished the party and made it strong under his family hold.He was an MP for many years. Now his sons Asaduddin Owaissi, a law graduate from England ( Called Barrister) is an MP and younger one Akbaruddin Owaissi ia local MLA are ruling the party. The MP is slowly trying to extend his influence into Assam areas after the current riots there. His father of course failed to emerge as an all India Muslim leader although he tried after Babri Maszid case. The barrister is educated , but is a staunch Islamist and plays his cards accordingly. He has not risen above narrow religious barriers neither in dress, outlook and nor policies although he is educated abroad.It goes to prove that they can not change themselves into modernity free of religion.It is unlikely that he can displace north Indian Muslim leaders and emerge as a strong man.In the mean while MIM rules old 

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                                        INTOTHEPAST WITH PAIN…274
                                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru  are at a road side tea shop in Delhi and are enjoying hot cup of tea. A song is loudly played from a cheap FM radio installed in the shop. )
Hameto loot liya milke husn walone
Kale kale balone gore gore gaalone
Tiitir..Titir.. Titir…titir…
Titir titir  tum…
 A  youth standing -by dances in an obscene shaking his groin way to the tune of the song
Patel. Come on  bhai. We are all here standing. Please behave. Have some consideration for the elders. This is a public place.
Youth. This is democracy uncle. I can do any thing.
Gandhi. Do I look like Uncle? Democracy does not mean anything can be done. Freedom of expression should not cause distress to others.
Patel. Bapu. There is no meaning talking to these stupid men.
Youth. What is wrong in my doing? When our leaders are doing all types of shouting and gesticulations in parliament, why I can not do? Have you not seen Madam Sonia shouting at Advaniji in Parliament? recently.
Gandhi. He says true. Youngsters learn from elders.
Nehru. Do you compare yourself with them? They are great people.
Youth, How They are great? Is it because they are Gandhis?
Gandhi. Oh Bharatmata..Please save us. By the by Patel,      What are the latest news?
Patel. Bapu. Sangmaji  has  put a case in Supreme court challenging Pranabji’s election as President.
Gandhi. Good. People have some nice tamasha now. Finally, the post of President has become like any Municipal election.
Patel. Why not? It is also a post like any one. If court gives   judgement aginst the election, poor Pranabji has to cut a sorry figure. Will he go home?  Will he become finance minister again? People are worried because they may have to eat grass soon.
Gandhi. It is not that easy. Earlier Rajiv lost a court  case in case of Sha Bano. He then used parliament to nullify court verdict. Supreme court was helpless. Parliament made a mockery of highest court. They can do that way. In democracy power lies with parliament.
Patel. That means Pranabji can stay around. Poor Sangmaji will  be badly hurt. He has become like Neither Gharka nor Ghatka. ( Neither  belonging to a house nor of river side)
Gandhi. Bhai Patel, Politics is a dirty game. Only crooks can flourish in this game. This is not a place for simple souls.
Nehru. Are you saying that I was a crook?
Gandhi. Did I say that? Why  are you getting upset?
Nehru. Bapu, You can not generalize.
Gandhi. Sorry Bahia. You were a good one. You were  greater than Raja Harschandra or Raja Bhoh or SIBI. Are you happy now?
Nehru. It is OK.
Patel. In fact Pranabji was an active politician. Such men can not become Presidents. Have you heard him in his address on maiden speech on 15August this year? He was in fact referring to Lok Pal bill and Annas efforts. He should  not have addressed that way. People now can not have faith in him. Many are of the opinion that he will always back up the ruing party. He has to be an yes man to high command for the favor bestowed on him.
Gandhi. What to do? The era of good presidents is over. We have to select out of the available ones. Sometimes even scrap will have some useful items. ,hee..hee
Patel. Well said Bapu..haa..haa..haa.That means the present guys are scrap.
Gandhi. Surely. Pranabji harbored ambition for PMs post. Finally he knew he will not get it. It is reserved for Gandhis family in India. He settled for the present job. Poor guy. I feel sorry for him. If he had refused this , he would  have been Neither Gharka nor Ghat ka. He is an unhappy guy acting as if he is happy. Patel. You know that congressmen are good actors.
Patel. Yeah. Sure. I know that. Bapu,You know that one Chaiwallah  ( Tea vendor)also was a contender for post of President.
Tea vendor. Bhai, That is me. I was not considered. I also knew that I shall not get it.
Gandhi. Then why did you apply?
Tea vendor. I just tried my luck. If elected, I would have been the best peoples President after Dr Kalam sahib. I would have announced free tea three times a day for every citizen of India below poverty line.
Patel. Now Montek singh is giving Cell phones to all poor. Once given, all poor will be declared rich because they have cell phones.
Tea vendor. Then I need not give free tea to any one. Haa..haa
Gandhi. Hee..heee..hee
Patel. Au..au..au..hoo.hooo.Hey..Hey..Hey.. haaaa. Like all  elections, President’s election also  became a Tamasha. The election is being fought in courts too. How shamefulit is?
Tea vendor. True sir. In India life is a Tamasha.
Gandhi. Very true. I was sure that this time a tea vendor,Riksaw puller or an auto driver will become the President.
Patel. Why not? Allhave a chance.Better luck next time. Please do not get disheartened. One day all such men will  get the  post one after the other. We become example of a real democracy. OK Bhai. Let us go. It is getting late.
In distance song is heard
Unchi neechi unchi neechi dagar jeevalki
Chalna sambhalke pyaare …
Manjil tho hai badi dhoor
Manjil tho hai badi dhoor
Manjiltho hai Badi dhoor    ( Immortalsinger CH Atma)
( The trio walks off singing Ramdhun)

                                 CURTAIN FALLS 



                                      Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Most of us have heard the story of the ingenious escape of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj from Aurangzeb’s captivity at Agra in 1666. We also tend to believe that such a thing could only happen in the medieval past.
But the story of the dramatic escape of the last Prime Minister of Hyderabad MIr Laik Ali from house arrest in 1950 is equally, if not more, interesting. It was a plot brilliantly conceived and superbly executed. It embarrassed the government acutely and amused the rest of the world.It was a national shame in fact. A staunch abettor of Razakar force of Kasim Razvi and atrocities committed on Hindu population in Hyderabad state escaped due to utter state negligence.
Mir Laik Ali was the last Prime Minister of Hyderabad. He was appointed on 1st December 1947. He was an engineer who had become an industrialist. At the time of his appointment, he was the Representative of Pakistan in the United Nations.
After the Police Action, in September 1948, he was put under house arrest at Begumpet where Amruta Mall now stands.
Time passed. India promulgated its new Constitution on 26th January 1950. He expected to be released then, but nothing happened. Why he was not tried along with Kasim Razvi is not known. DGP Deenyar Jung was in prison for some time.In fact entire cabinet of Nizam 7 should have been tried for their misrule and crimes committed on people. But this did not happen. More so Nizam was restored to ceremonial position as a Governor ( Rajpramukh).
Laik Alis wife and sister along with some friends then prepared a plan. An advocate, Abdul Quvi made frequent visits to Pakistan and prepared the necessary documents for his escape to Pakistan.
Though police guard was kept at his house, Laik Ali’s family including his wife was free to come and go. The ladies used to come in car, which had purdah on the windows according to the custom of those days. Every time the car went out of the house, a female guard used to look into it to check who was inside. In course of time the security became lax because it was mostly Mrs. Laik Ali who was coming in or going out.
One day Mrs. Laik Ali announced that her husband had been taken ill. From then on Laik Ali started behaving like a sick man while his wife started making frantic trips to consult his physician and to bring medicines. Her assumed nervousness and the flurry of traffic made the illness known to everybody including the guards within the house and at the gate. This went on for about a fortnight and even the guards started making inquiries about their important detainee.
Meanwhile it was announced that a marriage was about to be celebrated in the house of one of the relatives of Laik Ali. A lorry came and carried utensils and other things from the house. The lambadas started coming daily and performing dance. They were given tips on behalf of Laik Ali and often some sweets were also distributed. That provided welcome diversion to the guards.
On the morning of 3rd March 1950 the maid called for the car saying that the Begum was ready to go the doctor. When the car pulled in under the portico, Laik Ali quietly slipped in. The unsuspecting guards were on the other side. Some pillows had been so arranged in his bed as to give the impression that the patient was lying under the sheet. Mrs. Laik Ali hid herself in the upper portion of the house. Laik Ali drove straight to his sister’s house. From there, he drove away to the house of Abdul Quvi I another car. The original car then returned to the house and the maid casually announced that her mistress had come back with medicines. Mrs. Laik Ali then emerged from her hiding place and went to her husband’s bedroom. She addressed the covered pillows and told them that the physician had changed the medicines. She then pretended to administer the medicine to the patient. The female sleuth posted at the window did not take any notice of that. Were they purchased? Who knows?
A taxi with curtains was waiting at the residence of Abdul Quvi. Laik Ali and his sister’s son joined him and the threesome drove towards Gulbarga. After they got out of the city, the curtains were drawn and Laik Ali had a look at the countryside for the last time.
A four-berth first class compartment had been booked in the train at Secunderabad with instructions that the passengers would board at Gulbarga. Though there were only three passengers, it was thought prudent to reserve the entire compartment so that nobody else entered the compartment.
The party offered prayers at the shrine of the saint of Gulbarga and then proceeded to the railway station. The train took them to Bombay early in the morning. After bath and breakfast, they left for the airport. Laik Ali flew under the name of Gulam Ahmed.
Back in Hyderabad, for two days the charade was kept up. Mrs. Laik Ali kept on administering medicines to the pillows. Groups of Holi revellers came and were given tips on behalf of the ‘ailing’ ex-premier. On the next day, Mrs. Laik Ali made a number of neat bundles of currency notes. She gave them to her old trust Arab servant with instructions that they should be disbursed to the named servants on Sunday. She then drove to her brother’s house. From there she went to the airport in a purdah car to catch the flight o Bombay. Just short of the airport, the car broke down. The driver got down to pushes it. From behind came the car of the Inspector General of Police, Jetley. Noticing a purdah car stalled, the chivalrous police chief got down to give it a push!
As Laik Ali boarded the flight to Karachi, his family took the boat ‘S.S.Sabarmati’ to Karachi
The first news about the escape came from Radio Pakistan. It announced that Laik Ali attended a reception at the India House. Sri Prakasa who was the High Commissioner of India in Pakistan rang up the then Home Minister of India, Sardar Patel to ask whether Laik Ali had been released. Patel said no and then checked with Hyderabad. It was only then that the administration came to know what a hoax had been played on them.
The Government initiated action against the negligent officials. A case for abetting the escape was also filed against Laik Ali’s sister, Shoukatunissa Begum. However the court held that since the Hyderabad Public Safety and public Interest Regulation and the Hyderabad Penal Code under which Laik Ali had been detained had lapsed after the promulgation of the Constitution of India, the detention itself was illegal. There could therefore be no abetment to a non-existent offense. She along with other accused was acquitted.All is well that goes well.
Laik Ali expired in New York during his Morning Prayer on 24th October 1970. His body was brought to Madina and laid to rest there.
What a shame to India where Criminal LaikAli was allowed to escape from custody instead of facing trail and prison term. In any ASrab country he would have been sent to gallows along with Kasim Razvi. Indian law is weak. We are scared lot. We are scared of world opinion. We have no killer instinct. We loose at finals mostly. Police action was quick. But we failed to kill the criminals, master minds who engineered the grave crimes on Hindu women, men and children. Laik Ali enjoyed jis life away from India and we could not extra dict him. Israels agency traced, hunted and killed all the criminals who killed their sportsmen at olympics. some time ago. We could not punish the guys who were in our hands. Kasim razvi was freed and went to Pakistan after few years in jail.History books are mostly silent on Razakar atrocities and police action and they down play the incidents. Souls of thousnads of women who were dishonored and killed in the state hover over Charminar cursing the Indian rulers for their inability to punish the criminals. A sad story indeed.
NOTE. THE material for this article was mostly taken from archives of Narendra Luther. I thank him.
Archived by www.mygoldencopy.



                                                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hindu society is being eaten away from with in than the outside damage being done today. It is like white ants destroying clothes in an almirah. The existing caste system in Hinduism no doubt is being exploited by the minority communities for conversion of Hindus and Hindus are finding difficult to counter it.. Particularly Dalits have fallen a prey . Secondly, the political parties are thriving on hatred towards upper castes. Emergence of Bahujan party in North India and Dravid Munnetra Kazagam party in Tamil Nadu are examples. DMK party has sent state Congress on leather hunt after it has captured political power. Congress can never regain there.Kanshi ram and Mayawati successfully usurped power in AP. It is a different thing they lost it later. Soon they will get back power one day. Some national parties thrive on dividing the society to capture votes and it is their pastime and time honored tradition and manifesto too. . The members of society no doubt aggrieved, vote for such parties blindly out of hated towards other castes and the parties come to political power and divide the society further. Reservations in the country have not removed social division and in fact has got further strengthened. The provision of reservation is being renewed again and again causing social distress among people and talented. Merit has gone down the drain. Merit was hanged at gallows in 1947.

The party that thrives on appeasement of minorities purely for vote bank turns a Nelson’s eye to clandestine immigration of Muslims in to Eastern India damaging the social structure. Recent violence in Assam state is clear example for the chaotic policy of rulers. They are doing untold damage to the nation for catching votes. Clandestine immigration is encouraged and social conflicts are growing. In the process Moghalistan is on way too. It is almost true that these states would finally lead to demand of greater Bangladesh if not checked even to day. Bangladesh that gained freedom by the blood of Indian soldiers turned it’s guns against India and has become a strong cell for jihadis. The ill reputed HUJI terror outfit operates from there and can call shots at will. It is known that Bangladesh based Jahangir University and Pak agencies are working together to carve out Moghalistan by linking Pakistan and Bangldesh through north Indian states running through Assam, UP, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. This is seen as a major step towards Islamization of India. Marriages of Bangladeshis with local Muslims also are complicating the issue. Many Bangladeshis clandestinely settle In Hyderabad in the state of AP and eastern states, get married to local girls,breed multiply and merge with the society. On the whole, the society is seriously damaged from within. Why blame outsiders? We have to blame ourselves. It is sad that our Hindu religious heads of various Institutions even do not have a common view and platform while Muslim religious heads converge. Forces that converge add up vectorially and become strong and forces that diverge get weak and loose identity. This is the law of statics in nature.
It is also said when an Hindu converts, the question is not loosing one Hindu, but that one Hindu hater and enemy of Hindu has increased.There could be some good persons in them too. But their voice is suppressed by Jihadis. Islam does not give any credit to ancestors of those who convert into Islam. They are considered as dwellers of hell. The convertees are prohibited from praying to their ancestors. The story of Kalapahad in the service of Bengal Nawabs who attacked Orissa during the times of Emperor Akbar in 16 century stands testimony to a fact that when a Hindu converts to other religion opposition strength is increased, Kalapahad was a Hindu Kayasth ( Some claim him to a Brahmin)named Rajiv Lochan Roy and he converted to Islam on certain issues on which he clashed with Brahmins of Orissa. Rajiv Lochan Ray was the General in the service of a Orissa Hindu king and he was lured into a love affair by Sultan of Bengal involving his daughter. The Sultan realized that unless the brave Rajiv Lochan was pulled away from the Hindu king, he would not be able to defeat him. So he made plans. Initially he refused to convert to Islam when sultan offered his daughter and suggested that his daughter be admitted to Hinduism. His proposal was rejected by the Hindu king and Brahmins too. In anger, the youth converted to Islam and married sultan”s daughter. He harbored deep hatred towards Hindus and particularly Brahmins. Subsequently, he took service with the Nawab of Bengal and became a General. He invaded Orissa with his army and destroyed most of Hindu temples and sculpture and idols. He developed great hatred towards the Hindus in Orissa. The destruction of Kalinga temples all over the state and defacing of grand Kalinga sculptures including the damage to great Konark temple is attributed to him. Very important shrines such as Jagannath temple at Puri, Lingaraja temple, Raja rani temple at Bhubaneswar and Konark were the main targets. Nothing was left unvandalisded by Kalapahad. He became a Hindu hater to the core and was probably crueler than Muslims who invaded India in the past. He scored over Alluddin Khilji, Malik Kafur, Feroz Shah, Sikandar Lodi, Aurangzeb and many more.

Holy Koran is very clear on this aspect. It states that a converted Muslim can not have any loyalty or love to his ancestors as they were infidels and dwellers of hell. They should not pay to them. Hindus are lured by minorities into their religions by inducements, financial help and jobs. Constant anti Hindu propaganda against Hinduism is doing great damage. In medieval times during Muslim invasions, no doubt many helpless Hindus were forced to embrace Islam by threat and inducements. Now there is no such threat. But conversions go on by inducements and highlighting social discrimination in Hindu society. However some scholars ( in their own way) claim that in past, conversions were due to acceptance of Islam as a superior one and those were attracted to it. Their contentions are again disputed by others. Naturally who go out of Hinduism have grudge against their parent religion. Opposition to Hinduism increases on all fronts. This is exactly happening in India. As conversions go on , Hindu society is getting weakened day by day. Hindus are killing themselves rather rapidly by their foolishness and ill conceived policies of selfish and narrow minded leaders devoid of any vision and grey matter in the skulls with a sole aim to stay in power all the time.


                      INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…272

                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel at Rajghat in Delhi and are sitting infront of the black marble memorial ( grave or samadhi )of Bapu. They are singing Ramdhun and also are clapping. The watch man arrives.)
Watch man( Looks at them queerly) What are you doing here?
Patel. Can’t you see and listen ?. We are praying.
Watch man. This is not a pooja ( Prayer) room . Please get lost.
Patel. Why? Can’t we do prayer here?
Watch man. No. You can at best pay respects and go.
Nehru. What is this nonsense going on here. I must call my PA.
Patel. Hee.. Hee.. Ho.. Hoo.hoo.hey..hey.. You are no more the PM of this land. That you lost long ago.
Gandhi, Correct, Jawaharlal, Relax.
Nehru. I am sorry. But there was no requirement of such remarks from Patel. After all, I was the PM for many years.
Patel. Please take it easy brother.
Watchman. Have you heard my words? Now go from here.
Patel. Bhai. Is there any way out for this?
Watch man. No such thing is there. Please go.
Patel. Look brother. Whole India works on basis of money exchange from hands.Top to bottom guys are sunk in swindlig and money making. You may call anything. It may be business, mamool, Hafta, Corruption, Under the table, rushwat, Dalali, etc.( He takes out Rs 20 note and gives to watch man. ) Please keep this.
Watch man. Thanks sir. You may sing now.You can dance also for another twenty Rupees.
( Watch man goes away)
Gandhi. Patel. You are great. The note worked.
Patel. Bapu. This is India. Some one is happy with Rs 20 and some other guy wants crores of rupees. Level changes. People are same. He is a small guy.
Gandhi. This is a good trick. I think without these things, it will be difficult to live in India.
Nehru. Bapu. I am shocked at this.
Gandhi. Relax. Patel was practical in fact. I am not for these things. But we have to live and get things done.
(Suddenly the sky gets dark and from the black marble emerges soul of Gandhi and stands in front of trio)
Gandhi. Hey! Who are you? Why are you imitating me?
Soul. Look, I am the real soul. You are a changed one.
Gandhi. Why. In what way I have changed?
Soul. Just now I heard you supporting Patel when he gave Rs 20 to watch man.
Gandhi. Oh, That one!. I only understand the present realities in India to day. The past days are gone.
Soul. But values should not change
Gandhi. But is it possible to live now with those past values?
Soul. That is different. Why you should change? People look at you for inspiration. They made you Mahatma.
Gandhi. I never wanted it.
Soul. But you never refused it also.
Nehru. Who does not like honors?
Soul. I know. You struggled for Nobel peace prize. But you never got it. Even Yasser Arafat got although he was the father of terrorism.
Gandhi. Now what should I do?
Soul. You know the answers. Why ask me?
Gandhi. Look Mr soul. I am already the soul of Gandhi MK. How there can be another soul.?
Soul. I am the inner consciousness. I am soul within soul.
Patel. Hee..hee
Soul. What is there to laugh?
Patel. Nothing much. Bapu has realized the futility of values today. All is in a game.
Soul. I am not very clear about what you said.
Patel. In war and love all is fine. In modern world living is nothing but fighting a war. Look at our great ministers who were elected by the people to serve them for 5 years.
Nehru. Are they not serving ? Otherwise how the country is running?
Patel. Look at the cases of swindling under the present govt. Even Pranabji was accused of some thing. By Hazareji. He is still strong about it. An active politician can not the President. But who cares in India.
Nehru. Patel, Why discuss about the top man?
Gandhi. Look soul sir. I am the old MK Gandhi. I have not changed. I am also getting used to the way things are happening in India.
Soul. That is exactly I am saying about. You should not change. You have to stick to your values.Otheriwse why people should worship you?
Patel. Who is worshipping him? That is all pretending. Gandhi’s name is only to catch votes and to become popular and image building. ( sings)
In the morning the guys sing Gandhi’s name
And then in night run for females of ill fame
In their offices his photo is hung to a nail
And with corrupt money they bulge like blue whale
Soul. Hera, Hera, Very nice. You hit the nail.
Patel. Thanks. Now what about Bapu?
Soul. He knows better.
Gandhi. I am lost really. I do not know what to do. I am helpless. No one cares for me. I am an unwanted guy in India. I am only a ceremonial guy. People say Majbooree ka nam hai Mahatma Gandhi. (Helplessness stands for Mahatama Gandhi) ( sings in sad tone )
Hamari ankhone se dil ke tukde
Hamari aankho se dil ke tukde
Ab aansu banakar nikal rahe hain
Ke aaj apni khareeb rahkar
Teri judayee mein jal rahe hain. ( Surendranath from Gawaiah 1954)
Patel. Ha. Haa. Haa. Well said Bapu. It is a very late realization.
Soul. Look Mr Gandhi, Get back to your own self. Do not worry what happens outside. It is none of your business.
Gandhi. Probably true.
Soul. Not probably. Really it is true. OK Bye I am going. I shall maintain a watch on you.
( The inner consciousness of MK Gandhi vanishes)
Patel. Bapu. It is already late. We must go now
( In the meantime the watch man arrives)
Watch man. Sir. The time is up. You enjoyed your Rs 20. Now please go. Or I shall be in trouble.
Gandhi. OK brother. We shall go. Patel, Let us move
( The trio walks out of Rajghat )
                                          CURTAIN FALLS

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Indians are good starters, but bad finishers. There are scores of examples. 1857 war was a good example.The war that rattled the Englishmen vanished as quickly as it started within a span of one and half year. Entire nation did not back the revolt. Many local rulers like Nizam, Gwalior Mahraja,Sikh Maharajas, Mysore Maharaja,Gaikwad Maharaja. Maharja of Indore and many more polished boots of the East India Company to stay in power and retain their small kingdoms.Marathas during Peshwas times almost ruled entire India but failed to establish Pad padshahi. Even after Panipat War III they did not loose power. They were very powerful, But internal bickerings led to it's down fall after three Anglo Maratha wars. They started well and finished poorly. Anna Haazre is the latest example. His efforts are almost invain and are now in streets trying to take part in elections expecting people to throw out the corrupt regime through ballot. Can it happen in a society where corruption has taken roots deep into society? The rulers have become corrupt as society has become corrupt.Corrupt people elect corrupt men.Criminals elect criminals. They elects corrupt men with shady records based on caste, power of money, religion and language. The person who comes to power on the promise of honesty soon perpetuates dynastic rule as it happened in UP recently. It is now Mulayam singh Yadavs dynastic rule.Mulayams daughter in law is also now in lime light in politics. How shameful!How can any one expect to throw out corrupt UPA?In next elections people vote on Gandhi's name without realizing that the present Gandhis are no way related to real half naked Gandhi and not comparable to him even in smallest fraction.They are not even like a dust particle of MK Gandhi's slippers.Indians lack marshal spirit and are used to suffer eternally hoping some one would save them.Yeras of Buddhism has spped them of marshal spirit.The spirit of revoultionaries like Bhagat singh,Ras bihari Bose, Madan lal Dhingra, Uddham singh, Chadrasekhar Azad and Subhas Chandra Bose has disappeared from a nation of corrupt inhabitants.

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(It is heavens and a workshop is going on where all great past scientists of world have gathered. Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are the special invitees. One can find Archimedes,Marconi,Joule,James watt, Neil Bhor, Einstein, Newton, Ampere, Bhabha, Jagadeesh Chandra Bose, CV Raman, Avogadro, Boyle, Claussius, Charles, Otto, Diesel, Henry, Faraday and many more. Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are invited to the dais and are sharing the honors. The workshop concluded after many deliberations by the eminent scientists and Gandhi is giving the concluding speech. )
Gandhi. Gentlemen. I am really honored today to be here and sharing the thoughts with you all. I am not a scientist and basically I am a barrister. World can never forget contributions of all of you. The world is enjoying the fruits of your discoveries and inventions while you are forgotten and your memories are confined to book racks.. Todays engineering students in India particularly in the state of Andhra Pradesh do not remember your names even; leave aside your laws and contribution.
(There is a great silence all over and every one is stunned at his words)
Gandhi. Please believe me. I am telling truth. I am not joking with you. After completing four years of Engineering study, the graduate cannot answer very simple questions like what is ohms law and what are the units of capacitor, resistance and inductance.I was told that a graduate answered at an interview that current I in a circuit is given by Resistance R divided by Voltage V.
Audience. Shame. Shame. Shame
( Suddenly a sound and loud shriek is heard and there is great commotion as a scientist falls from the chair. People rush to him)
Gandhi. What happened there? Did I say any thing wrong?
Avogadro. Sir , Mr Ampere the great scientist collapsed. His pulse has fallen. We are taking him to guest house. He is violently shaking his hands and pulling his hair.
Boyle. Mr Gandhi. The current in a circuit is given by Voltage V divided by Resistance R. This is as per Ohms law. The units of current are amperes. Mr Ampere got upset after hearing from you. .
Gandhi. I really feel sorry for the situation. I am even ashamed to tell these things .But this is a fact.
Avogadro. Sir, What can be the reasons for such downfall among Engineering graduates in the state of Andhra Pradesh.?
Gandhi. In India particularly in South India, the Engineering education has been commercialized. Earlier in the state of Andhra Pradesh things were not bad. There were very few Engineering colleges and merit students joined the courses and standards were maintained.
Boyle. Then what happened?
Gandhi. Many aspirants used to migrate to neighboring states such as Karnataka and Maharashtra and Tamil nadu to study Engineering courses where private colleges were there.. Vested interests took advantage of the situation and in AP too private engineering colleges were sanctioned. Lot of money changed hands surely. All of you know that nothing moves in India without wetting hands of top guys. From top to bottom is a shit pot. Although there were very few colleges in private sector initially in Hyderabad, soon they multiplied with leaps and bounds. Now there are more than 700 such colleges in AP alone.
Boyle. Eeee…eeee.. so many! Disgusting indeed!
Charles. Amazing! Do you have teachers there?
Gandhi. That is doubtful. At some places, I do not think they have. If they have, they are not well qualified with experience. It is an eye wash. Fresh graduates are recruited for a small amounts and are made to stand on the dais. They are name sake teachers designated as Asst Professors..
Diesel. Disgusting indeed!
Gandhi. Most of the colleges do not have proper labs, libraries, journals and Professors.
Otto. Then how college is managed?
Gandhi. It is the mercy of god. Allah ke sahare chalta hai. ( They run by mercy of Allah)
Avogadro. How students are admitted there?
Gandhi. The govt conducts an examination after intermediate course and students have to qualify in that. After the examination, qualified students are given ranks. Students join colleges after giving preference for a course at the college of given choice. The admission is based on reservations based on categories of caste and quotas. These quota system you guys will not understand because in your countries you are free of these problems. We are sunk deep in a shit pot from which we can not come out.
Boyle. I see.
Gandhi. There is nothing to see sir. It is like a blind man shooting an arrow into a well.
( All laugh hee..hee..haaa..haaa..hooo..hoo..hey..hey..Boyle laughs loudly and gets hiccups. He is given water by an attender.He calms down.)
Gandhi. Gentlemen. Therefore, we must suggest some ways and means to solve the problem faced in AP state in India. I think we must form a committee to visit AP state and study the system there. After this works hop let us form a team. I thank all of you for giving me this opportunity to be with you. Thanks. Jai Hind.
( All clap loudly and the workshop ends. All move to a hall where tea and snacks are served.In tea room Nehru and Patel approach Gandhi)
Nehru. Bapu. What was the need for you to say such things about our system?
Gandhi. What is wrong in that? What I said is true.
Patel. Jawaharlal, Why are you after Bapu. He told truth. Is telling truth a crime?
Nehru. But we are lowering country’s image.
Patel. Hope we have some thing like that.
Nehru. Then how we are producing missiles, tanks, guns software, computers etc ?
Patel. In such places bright people are there. Bright people always flourish at all places. Only 10 percent of Engineering graduates are employable. Rest is a scrap as per some studies. They are of no use. They do not know any thing. They can not write two lines correctly and say two sentences without grammatical mistakes.
( The conversation is overheard by some scientists. Two scientists Diesel and Otto shriek loudly and collapse. They are found violently shaking legs and hands and are being attended by fellow scientists. They become pale. )
Patel. Bapu. Let us go from here. Or else we may be in trouble.
Gandhi. How about the committee?
Patel. We shall see at that later.
Nehru. True.This is not the time to discuss further. In fact none of them would like to be members of such committee.
Patel. Hee..Hee ..Hee.. What a reputation indeed !
Nehru. Look Patel. This is not the time for joking.
Gandhi. Yes. You guys are very correct. Some times telling truth becomes dangerous. Run from here.
( The trio vanishes from the hall)

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                                           Dr K Prabhakar Rao

India is the land of great warriors and heroes
Surely has slipped down from Altar into present state
Mistakes committed over ages in the past
Still are made ruining country’s fate

The past heroes defeated Muslim   invaders
Yet left them with honor, sword and  a shield
The same old treacherous enemy kings
Now captured and killed our heroes on battle field

History is replete with such foolish acts
Yet our men have not learnt lessons from our past
Pakis were let off after a victory many times
And now our men get killed in scores of blasts

Prithviraj defeated Mahmud Ghori several times
Every time he was let off with honor by us
Ghori finally defeated and captured Chauhan
And at once killed him without making  any fuss

Rana Kumbha captured Khilji of Malwa
And let him off with gifts and a sweet peck
The treacherous Khilji gave ample trouble to the Rana
And  for rest of his  life Khilji was a pain  in his  neck

Lakhs of Pak soldiers were with us
And Madam Gandhi let them off for personal glory
The treacherous men from east and west
Have turned hostile and this is our national story

Present worthless rulers are no better and wise
And from Kargil enemy was let off
The same old story was repeated again and again
And shady guys   want to cut off us again by another half

Pseudo secularists are repeating the mistakes
And landing the nation into misery and grief
Indian masses devoid of healthy brains
Go into slumber and wake up for a moment brief

We have not learnt lessons from our past
And let off enemies to gain only glory
The same old enemies draw their knives
And try to wipe us off and it will be our bitter history

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                                                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao

              Alluri Sita Rama Raju (born July 5, 1897 – died May 7, 1924). He was also known as     , Rama Chandra Raju, and Alluri Seetha Rama Raju). He was also known as Manyam Veerudu ( Hero of the forests). He  was a    revolutionary from the state of Circar districts ( Coastal) in Andhra Region which is a part of Andhra Pradesh now. He was the contemporary of all our senior freedom  movement leaders. He shot into fame with his armed rebellion against the British Government in India inspiring the tribals from the  coastal  districts of Andhra. He was   educated and if required could have settled in a   job and led a peaceful life. But he could not see his motherland in shackles of a foreign power and preferred an armed  confrontation during 1922-1924 that became famous as Rampa rebellion. He knew his limitations, yet  he preferred armed confrontation  to  an uninspiring  Gandhian peaceful movement. Thus he  belonged to the group of fire brand revolutionaries of India such as  Shaheed Bhagat singh, Raj guru, Sukhdev, Ramprasad bismil,  Chandra Sekhar Azad,  Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Shaheed Uddham singh of 20 th century. As destiny  chose, his efforts failed against the monstrous military strength of the British govt aided by the traitors within the country. There was no dearth of traitors in this country during freedom movement as it happened earlier too right from the days of  Mohammed Ghori and Prithviraj chauhan of 12 century. However his deeds have inspired the  other freedom fighters in the country and kept the torch alive  and finally India  attained independence not before the nation was partitioned by the  selfish leaders who were in a hurry to capture political power. The dreams of  our martyrs were shattered by partition. Sadly his deeds are not much known outside the AP state. Thanks to our history books.

                  Raju was born on July 5, 1897 in Pandrangi village in the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh . His mother was from Visakhapatnam and his father was a native of Mogallu, near Bhimavaram, and was an official photographer in the central jail at Rajahmundry. Raju's mother died when he was in school at Vullithota Bangarayya school and he grew up in the care of his uncle, Rama Chandra Raju, a tehsildar in Narsapur in the West Godavari district. He studied at Taylor High School in Narsapur then moved to Tuni along with his mother, brother and sister. While there, Alluri visited areas of the Visakhapatnam district and became familiar with the needs of the indigenous people.When Raju turned 15, he moved to his mother's home town of Vishakhapatnam and enrolled at Mrs. A.V.N. College.  He was dropped out of college after failing in the fourth form (Std. IX )

                     In  1882 Madras Forest Act was passed , its restrictions on the free movement of tribal peoples in the forest prevented the tribals  from engaging in their traditional "Podu" agricultural system, which involved shifting cultivation. Raju led a protest movement in the border areas of the East Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts of Andhra Pradesh. Inspired by the patriotic zeal of revolutionaries in Bengal, Raju raided police stations in and around Chintapalle, Rampachodavaram, Dammanapalli, Krishna-devi-peta, Rajavommangi, Addateegala, Narsipatnam and Annavaram.Raju and his followers stole guns and ammunition and killed several British army officers, including Scott Coward near Dammanapalli .In December 1922, the British deployed a company of Assam Rifles, near Pegadapalle under the leadership of Saunders. Raju, who had by then gone underground, resurfaced after about four months and continued the fight, strengthened by tribal volunteers using bows and arrows under the leadership of Gam Mallu Dora and Gantam Dora.
              Following a raid led by Raju on the Annavaram police outpost on September 18, 1923, Gam Mallu Dora was arrested. The Government entrusted the task of containing Raju's activities to the District Collector of Visakhapatnam district, Rutherford, who fired the first salvo when his forces arrested Surya Narayana Raju Pericherla, popularly known as Aggiraju, a devoted follower of Raju.The British campaign lasted for nearly a year from December 1922. Rama Raju was eventually trapped by the British in the forests of Chintapalli  . He was  tied to a tree and shot dead summarily with a rifle in Mampa village. Following the martyrdom of Alluri, the tribal revolt lost its momentum and petered out by October 1923. Police officer Mr. N. Ganeswara Rao responsible for Raju's entrapment was awarded Rao Bahadur. The rebellion was thus contained.
                In 1986 the Indian Postal Department issued a commemorative stamp featuring Raju in the series 'India's struggle for freedom'. The Telugu movie Alluri Seetharama Raju was made about Raju's life directed by V. Rama Chandra Rao and starring Krishna as Seeth ramaraju. His staues have been erected in Hyderabad  and  at his native place. Like many revolutionaries, he has faded into pages of history.
            The real heroes of  Indian freedom movement are forgotten while the pseudo leaders  today are masquerading as patriots and  all important Institutions, air ports,  highways, Roads  and projects are named after  members  of a particular family thus making mockery of the real heroes who laid down their lives without thinking for a second moment.



          Dr K Prabhakar Rao  


                        K. A. Paul

                                Early life

Originally named Anand Kilari,  he was born on September 25, 1963, in a small village called Chittivalsa in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India, into a poor Hindu family. His parents were Barnabas and Santhosamma.
His parents converted to Christianity in 1966. Paul became a Christian in March 1971, when he was eight years old. Paul claims to have travelled with his self-styled evangelist father to hundreds of villages in India sharing the gospel with many non-Christians. Paul states that at the age of 19 he felt a calling and entered into the full-time ministry.

                           Political Life

Mr Paul has been active in state politics as a member of Praja Shanti Party.

                        Global Peace One

K.A. Paul walking off Global Peace One on March 2, 2004, on a humanitarian mission to Haiti
Through charitable contributions to his organization, several of Paul's backers provided funds to purchase a 747SP airplane that Paul named "Global Peace Ambassadors" and it flew under the alias "Global Peace One". Paul used the plane for missions to Third World countries, delivering aid to disaster areas and to countries with people in need. The plane itself had an interesting history, having belonged to China Airlines previously. On February 19, 1985, an engine failed, and the plane, filled with passengers, made an uncontrolled descent from 41000 feet to 9500 feet and made a full 360 degrees aileron roll above the Pacific Ocean on flight from Taipei to Los Angeles before the pilots regained control and landed safely.[5][6][7] A former crew member described it as a "flying death trap". In 2005, the pilot, co-captain and flight engineer quit because of concerns over maintenance and non-payment of debts.  The plane was ferried to Tijuana, Mexico, in late 2005 where it remains today. The Federal Aviation Administration has revoked the plane's operating certificate citing maintenance and airworthiness concerns.



In 2005, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability terminated the membership of Paul's organization for failing to meet financial accountability and governance standards.  Financial details of his ministries are listed by Ministry Watch, the independent source for ministry ratings.

                                Political activism in India

Anand returned to India in September 2007 to help change India's government. He believes that Sonia Gandhi, as she is a Christian and the head of the Indian National Congress and the ruling coalition in India's parliament, has to remain for more time to serve the people of India. He is often considered a controversial figure, and has had allegations of wrongdoing leveled by detractors, including his brother.


K. A. Paul appeared with Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who had planned to burn copies of the Quran as a protest against the building of a mosque close to Ground Zero in New York. They together gave the Imam of the planned mosque 2 hour notice to contact them over the pending Quran burning. Paul stated that "I have requested and pleaded with pastor not to burn the Koran. He organised a political party in andhra pradesh and Failed to launch his political party saying he lost the members list of the party,s workers".

                                          Brother's murder

K.A. Paul was arrested by the Andhra Pradesh Police in the town of Ongole and charged under sections 120 B (for hatching criminal conspiracy to abduct) and 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code in May 2012  According to the police, Paul's brother Raju was found murdered in Mahabubnagar district two years ago and a dispute between the two brothers over property was believed to have led to the murder. The current charge relates to Mr. Paul's attempt to eliminate his aide, Koteshwara Rao, who was reportedly trying to blackmail him. Rao had allegedly played a key role in the murder of in brother's murder case
Mr Paul has claimed that his political opponents are behind the charges leveled against him.

                                           Mental Imbalance

On 22 July 2012 KA Paul was forcefully sent to Erragadda mental hospital. While carrying him to the mental hospital, a short interview was taken by many local channels. KA Paul strongly condemns the way police authorities have been treating him. He blames unnamed political party involvement behind the incident. He suspects threat to his life in the form of shock treatment.

Source .. Wikipedia



                            SHIVAJI MAHARJ  WAS A GOD SENT MAN
                                             DR K Prabhakar Rao

                  Chatrapathi Shivaji maharaj is the most successful  crusader in history of medieval India  who has shown light to the disheartened and demoralized Hindu race when Islam was at its peak and  was persecuting Hindus in every corner of the country.   Emperor Aurangzeb had his sway throughout India in that evil hour.  There was helplessness and desperation among Hindu masses everywhere.  No one believed that Hindu revival could be achieved in such  evil times. Vijay nagar empire ceased to exist in south India that warded off Islam  for 300 long years with great determination.  But Shivaji Maharaj surfaced on the scene. The credit must go to Rajmata Jija bai mother of Chatrapathi maharaj Shivaji who was the instrumental in bringing up the young child with utmost  ethics, morals and patriotism.  Shahaji Raje father of Shivaji Maharaj was away in the service of Bijapur sultan as a General who in heart and heart struggled to establish an Hindu kingdom.  The circumstances were not in his favor. But he fore saw the future  and sent away young Shivaji maharaj to pune along with his trusted lieutenants and mother Jijabai. Shivaji from  beginning dreamt of Swaraj. His character was spotless.  When he grew up, he displayed blemish less character towards women at a time when  womanizing was the order of the day. He was thus indeed a god sent warrior.  Lord Krishna said in Bhagavadgita Gita long ago:

Yada yada hi dharmasya
Glanirbhavathi Bharatha
Abhyuddhanam Adharmasya
Tadatmanam srujamyaham

“Whenever there is a rise of evil in this world I shall take birth to eradicate evil.”

                           Shivaji Maharaj no doubt was a god sent man or incarnation of Lord Shiva in the house of Bhonsle who took up on his shoulders the responsibility of restoring Dharma in the land of   Hindus who were over powered by the cruel Mlechhas. Sadly,  some ill informed and Muslim baiters running for few coppers and awards in this land of pseudo secularism   blame  Shivaji Maharaj for treachery in the slaying of Chadra Rao More the ruler of  Javali in his early career and  Afzal Khan the Bijapur General  at Pratapgarh in Maharashtra   while consolidating his gains. Chadra Rao More’s kingdom of Javali was a great obstruction to Shivai Maharaj in achieving his dream of Swaraj. He had to  eliminate it and consolidate his  position. More over, it is also learnt that  the ruler of Javali  also planned to capture Shivaji Maharaj and get rid of him. It is exactly not known what  happened between Chadra Rao and Shivajis emissaries during discussion that resulted in a skirmish in which Chadra Rao was slain along with few more. Entire treasury of Javali fell into hands of Shivaji Maharaj that helped him greatly in raising troops for his further actions directed towards achieving Swaraj. It is always said that in war and love all is fair.              

          Shivaji Maharaj was a great strategist and was very clear what he had to do. He had great forethought and vision unlike our present pseudo corrupt   and self styled  shameless statesmen who are leading the nation to inevitable disaster .As a day passes the country is inching towards chaos, confusion and desperation. They are running after licking the boots of a dynasty than maintaining their self respect and honor. What can we expect from  such evil men? Shivaji Maharaj   planned everything very meticulously with utmost precision for his actions against Afzal Khan. He did not fall into a trap laid by Afzal Khan who tried to escalate passions by committing arson and crime in Maharashtra in Shivaji maharajas domains. He even destroyed Tulzapur temple and the idol. Afzal Khan committed great crimes destroying temples, looting the habitations , abducting women and children that was a standard practice for invading Muslim armies in the past. Situations have not changed even today as events in Bangladesh prove. Such atrocities also occurred in former Hyderabad state during 1948 not very long ago and very much in memories of people. Shivaji knew the weakness and strengths of his enemy. He also knew his own  limitations and strengths. He preferred conflict in mountainous area where his soldiers were experts in guerilla war fare .He avoided all type engagements in plains giving out wide front to the enemy in an open battle. He lured Afzal Khan in to his chosen killing ground. This is the basic tactics in any army operation even today. Literally Afzal khan was lured in to an ambush but not with an intention to kill. But Maharaj made all precautions in case of emergency like any strategist will do.
Shivaji maharaj can not be blamed for the death of Khan. There was no treachery on his part. Maximum writings and narrations indicate that Shivaji was attacked first by the powerful Khan who held Maharaj under his grip and stabbed him while embracing him without success. Shivaji Maharj wore hidden armour under his garment and had steel cap under his turban as a precaution. He with his secret weapon bagh nakh ( Tiger steel claws) tore open the bowels of Khan and stabbed him with his Bichwa ( A small dagger). Any guy would this in self defense. In war and love all is fair. If Shivaji did not kill Khan, he would have surely killed the maharaj. Afzal Khan deserved death at all costs because he was no divine man and deserved no mercy and had to be killed .In fact Afzal Khan was responsible for the death of Shivajis elder brother Shambhooji. It is also said that he was also responsible for the death of Shahaji, father of Shivaji Maharaj in an horse riding accident. Shivaji Maharaj also had divine blessings from Mata Bhavani.. Those were not the days for doing  Ram Bhajan ( Ramdhun) like MK Gandhi which  did not work even at the time of partition of Indian sub continent  when populations were exchanged. Ramdhun the popular Gandhi Bhajan would not have worked surely in Shivajis times. Shivaji lived by sword. Shivaji did the same and no tears are required to roll for the cruel and wicked Khan. The aspect of treachery has been negated by all. Afzal khan was very treacherous,  dishonest,   cruel and he is credited to have killed his  63wives (some could be concubines and mistresses) before he embarked on his campaign against Shivaji Maharaj. It is said that his sixth sense warned him of the disaster that was waiting for him. Can  any one call  such a person an human being? He has to be devil and devils are to be destroyed at all costs. Even today, the graves of  63 women can be seen at Afzal pura ( If I am correct about the name of the place) near Bijapur. Many state that all these poor women were killed by strangulating while some state that they were thrown into a well. How could he do that to the women with whom he slept and enjoyed sex? How any sane person can accept him to be human? Afzal Khan needs all condemnation and degradation by all .Shivaji Maharaj stands out rightly far above the wretched soul of Afzal Khan.

          Aurangzeb abused him in  very derogatory terms and choicest words  after his escape from Agra from confinement in despeartion. The emperor cursed himself for allowing the Maratha  Chief to escape from his hold. He repented throughout his life for this failure. Although he killed his son  Shambhaji Raje by treachery at a later date, he cursed his failure in eliminating Shivaji Maharaj that resulted in founding of great Maratha empire that saw his final down fall. He died  desperate, defeated, helpless, friendless and in great agony being an utter failure  and destruction of Mughal empire staring in to his face on which danced the devil of death. He lay buried in the dust of  Daulatabad. He had to pay for his deeds of humiliating Hindus and for destroying the sacred temples of Hindus throughout India. The gods never excused him. His empire vanished very soon in a matter of  mere150 years during which many Mughal monarchs ( Name sake) indulging in womanizing , drinking, pleasure seeking and debauchery were blinded , deposed and murdered at will  by the nobles and chieftains.

                Those were the days of valor and not today’s of indecision, inaction, nepotism, corruption, bootlicking and pseudo secularism where dangerous and anti national  men like Afzal Guru and Kasab are kept in jail and fed and protected spending crores of Rupees that is the hard earned money of tax payers. Our pseudo statesmen are squandering away public money by various scams and ill governing by puppets and with the indecisive policies are leading the nation to ultimate chaos and destruction. What we need to day are the strategies of great Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj and not Gandhi Bhajans ( Ram dhun) and boot licking. We need men like Shivaji Maharaj to save this nation from destruction. The sin has grown very large in this nation and corruption and evil rules the roost today. Elected leaders in the nation are after money spinning and indulge in all types of criminal activities. A common man has no place to go.  Even judiciary is facing serious threat with fall in standards and integrity. How a common man can trust  the Institutions that have the responsibility of upholding the law and virtue when such Institutions are facing charge? Law  enforcing agencies have become tools for those who are at the helm of affairs. The investigations and trials  continue over  very long periods and thus justice is delayed and denied too if the culprit dies during the investigations. It happened in earlier trials and investigations in this country. Will the Lord manifest himself again to destroy evil? We have to wait and see. Long live Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj.