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Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


 Mr. Kotalla was sentenced to death after World War II for atrocities committed while he was deputy commander of a concentration camp at Amersfoort in the Netherlands. He was convicted of having organized and participated in the execution of prisoners, having set dogs on them and having forced them to live for days at a time in an open‐air barbed wire enclosure without food or bedding. The sentence was later changed to life imprisonment.He died at the age of seventy in the Prison in Netherlands.Mr. Kotalla was held at a prison in Breda in the southwestern Netherlands. He and two other convicted German war criminals, Franz Fischer, now 78, and Ferdinand H. Aus der Funten, 70, became known as “the Breda Three.” Lawyers tried for years to have Mr. Kotalla released, arguing that he was “a wreck, both mentally and physically.”

Painting by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


SIRNAPALLI is a small town today in Dist Nizamabad and is located on the broad gauge railway line Secunderabad..... Nizamabad. earlier it was metre gauge laid by Ex Nizam 7 of Hyderabad that has been converted recently. It is close to Kama Reddy city located on NH Secunderabad to Nizamabdad..... Nagpur. Kama reddy is located on the same railway line. Sirnapalli is located in thick reserve forest which is a Tiger sanctuary too. It was a Samstan during Nizams era and flourished during 6 Nizam Mahbub Ali Khan Asifjahi and 7 Nizam Osman Ali Khan Asif jha. Janakam bai the queen was the very well known ruler of this small Principality and by her noble governing and welfare activities she is well remembered . She was the daughter of Janampally Rameshwar RaoII Raja of wanaparthy and she was married at very young age to raja of SIRNAPALLI In the beginning of 20 century. During communist armed rebellion during Nizams era And after police action the communists attacked the GADI or fort of SIRNAPALLI. Ramchandra Reddy was the ruler. Today the fort is in neglected state and the main buildings like court hall Addala meda I.e glass house are still there and are required to be taken care of. The locals proudly remember the queen.The railway line in the past was deviated from Kama Reddy to reach SIRNAPALLI and later Nizamabad. There is a Rama temple at Indalvai close to SIRNAPALLI and Is very Famous. Dichhpally that  is Also close has a very famous Rama temple with magnificent sculpture of Vijaynagar era of 14 to 17 century.Sirnapalli forest area was haunted by Maoists earlier although the influence to day is much reduced.Old habits die hard.

Cartoon by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

MERA BHARAt MAHAAN. bahooooooot MahanT

Interviewer.. Mr Jetly sahib, How can we live if you increase the rates of Petrol and diesel regularly

Jetley. Be careful,, Govt wants money. I may even tax  for the hair on your head. Even on the air you breath.. Understand. Be careful

Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Ferdinand Hugo aus der Fünten (17 December 1909 in Mülheim – 19 April 1989 in Duisburg) was an SS-Hauptsturmführer and head of the Central Office for Jewish Emigration in Amsterdam during the Second World War. He was responsible for the deportations of Jews from the Netherlands to the German concentration camps.After the war Aus der Fünten was brought to trial and on 12 July 1950 was sentenced to death by the Netherlands. The death penalty was commuted to lifetime imprisonment on 4 January 1951. Aus der Fünten was imprisoned at Breda with Willy Lages, Joseph Johann Kotälla (de) and Franz Fischer (SS-Sturmbannführer) (de) as one of the "Breda Four", the only German war criminals of the Second World War to be imprisoned in the Netherlands. Lages was released in 1966 due to serious illness (although he lived for another five years), Kotälla died in prison.
During the 1960s, discussions started about whether the remaining prisoners should be set free, since the "Breda Four" were the only German war criminals still in captivity in Europe. Politicians opting for releasing the remaining war criminals were met with staunch opposition from the populace. In 1988, the Dutch government under Prime Minister Dries van Agt decided on releasing Fischer and Aus der Fünten. The news led to mass demonstrations and emotional debates.However, they were released on 27 January 1989 and deported to Germany. Shortly after his release, Aus der Fünten died on 19 April 1989.

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oogara oogara uyyalo. 32. Poem by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

OOgara oogara Uyyalo...32
Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Oogara oogara Uyyalo
OOgi kinda padara uyyalo
BATKAMMA vacchhe Uyyalo
husharu perigenu Uyyalo
Sarkar melkone uyyalo
Cheeralu Istaminiri Uyyalo
Lakshallo istamaniri Uyyalo
Ekkada choosina ide muchhata Uyyalo
Edo vastadani Uyyalo
norella bettinru Uyyalo
Andaru choostunru. Uyyalo
Aaa Roju vacchhenu Uyyalo
ashaga choosinru. Uyyalo
cheeralaku ega Badiri Uyyalo
Cheppina duknamla kaada Uyyalo
cheeralanu choosi Uyyalo
Bezaaruayyinru uyyalo
Idi emi cheerelu Uyyalo
deennevadu Kadthadu Uyyalo
Kopamocchi adollu Uyyalo
Cheeralaku nippettiri Uyyalo
Mande cheerla Chuttu Uyyalo
BATKAMMA adinru Uyyalo
Endira bam maradi Uyyalo
Endira ma Anna Uyyalo

Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


 Karl Josef Silberbauer (21 June 1911 – 2 September 1972) was an Austrian police officer, SS-Oberscharführer (staff sergeant), and undercover investigator for the West German Federal Intelligence Service. Silberbauer is best known, however, for his activities in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam during World War II. During his time in Amsterdam, he got promoted to the rank of Hauptscharführer (master sergeant).In 1963, Silberbauer, by then an Inspector in the Vienna police, was exposed as the commander of the 1944 Gestapo raid on the Secret Annex and the arrests of Anne Frank, her fellow fugitives, and their Gentile protectors.On 4 August 1944, Silberbauer was ordered by his superior, SS-Obersturmführer (lieutenant) Julius Dettmann, to investigate a tip-off that Jews were being hidden in the upstairs rooms at Prinsengracht 263. He took a few Dutch policemen with him and interrogated Victor Kugler about the entrance to the hiding place. Miep Gies and Johannes Kleiman were also questioned, and while Kugler and Kleimann were arrested, Gies was allowed to stay on the premises. Both Otto Frank and Karl Silberbauer were interviewed after the war about the circumstances of the raid, with both describing Silberbauer's surprise that those in hiding had been there more than two years. Frank recalled Silberbauer confiscating their valuables and money, taking these spoils away in Otto Frank's briefcase, which he had emptied onto the floor scattering out the papers and notebooks which made up the diary of Anne Frank.Diary of Annie frank was hot published by Annie franks father after the war and became instant hit and it was translated into many languages. Silber Bauer was pursued by Nazi hunters after the war. however anniefranks father was not much keen to pursue the matter and preferred forgive and forget. Not much could be done to bring the Nazi to justice. Although the members of Jewish community who were hiding in the house for nearly two years were sent to camps where all except three survived nothing ok'd be done.Silber lived free life and the Vienna police even reinstated him with all pay and perks and he passed away on course of time.
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Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Conrad Schellong was born in Dresden on February 7, 1910. He joined the Nazi Party and SS in 1934, serving as a guard officer at Dachau and Sachsenberg concentration camps 1934-38. Promoted Major in the SS "Wiking" Division, he was assigned to the Flemish Legion as its commander in July, 1942, remaining with the Flemish volunteers through the end of the war, by then a lieutenant colonel. Schellong distinguished himself both in leading foreign volunteers and in tactical handling of troops, earning several decorations with his several wounds. After the war, he emigrated to the United States, but because he had not reported his service at the concentration camps, as required in the immigration questionnaire, was later tried and ordered deported in 1983, having beed stripped of US citizenship the previous year.