Monday, July 24, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


 He was from the family of working class and while still at learning as a metal worker he joined Young communist league of Germany. And rose to be the leader of Berlin . In 1933 ..34 he. Became the secretary of communist party of Germany . He was arrested by authorities and put iI n concentration Camps and was released in 1939. He again went back to resistance activities against Nazis. He encouraged strikes and unrest in munition factories and he was arrested after the failure of 20 July 1944 plot against Hitler. He was tried by people's court and sentenced to death on 5 sept 1944. He was executed on 18 sept 1944 at Bradenburg. Goerden prison. He has been honoured by naming streets and releasing postal stamp in his memory after the war

Cartoon by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

LEFT... Farmer arrives in market yard in telangana  and he is swooped upon by vultures like, Govt officers, Corportors, antosocials,  Middle men and he is looted. he does not get the price he hoped for and gtes pittance

RIGHT..... He is sent out almost naked, brow beaten and humiliated

                                                   That is Bangaru telangana . 

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


He was from a aristocratic princely family and he joined SS and reached rank of Maj General in SS. he was against continuing the WW II and accordingly he made efforts to gather opinions of German aristocracy and desired to negotiate with allies. He was also in touch with Nazi resistance fighters. he was aware of the plot to assassinate Hitler bit was not involved.After the failure of the plot on 20 July 1944 he was not arrested but sent to Sachsnhausen concentration camp. He was not tortured there and was well treated. He was liberated by the soviets when they over ran Berlin.

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


She was a half Jew as her father was a Jew while mother was a Christian . She married staunch communist and sculptor Kurt Scumacher. She became member of resistance group and was associated with Harro Schulze Boysen and Libertas. She was active in distributing anti Nazi pamphlets and hand bills. She took the help of Albert Hoessler who lived in Soviet Union since thirties. He parachuted into Germany to help the group to send radio messages. When one of the message was decoded by German intelligence Gestapo was after the activists. She was arrested from her flat on 12 Sept 1942 and tried on 19 Dec 1942. She was executed by beheading on 22 Dec 1942 . her husband was hanged 45 minutes earlier at Plotzensee prison.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


She worked as press officer for Berlin branch of motion picture company Metro GoldwynMayer of UK.. She joined Nazi party in 1933 and married Harro Schulze Boysen  a German airforce officer on 16 July 1936. She left Nazi party in 1937. She helped her husband in anti Nazi activities. She was also collecting evidence of Nazi crimes. She was arrested on Sept 8, 1942 and was tried by Reich Court martial for espionage, preparation to commit high treason , and military sabotage and was sentenced to death on 19 Dec 1942. She was executed on 22 Dec 1942 at Plotzensee prison at Berlin . Her husband was executed earlier.

Cartoon by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The CM of Telangana state  KCR launched planting trees on a large scale last year. spending Crores of Rs. no one knows  how many survived out of them.m This years also again started the activity. This is an yearly drama.

Naresh.. Sir what is this drama going on ?

Professor... The CM  is showing how to take care of newly planted saplings to people. 

Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


 He was a Wehrmacht German General during WW II and was from General staff. He was with Hitlers HQ and after Hitlers death he was sent  with proposals of ceasefire to meet the Russian commanding General of Soviet forces who encircled Berlin and fall of Berlin was imminent. He was sent by Goebbels who took over duties of Hitler. But the ceasefire proposed by Goebbels placed certain terms and the proposal was refused by Soviet commander  who wanted only unconditional surrender as decided by allies. Goebbels too committed suicide along with his wife after killing their six children. later Gen Hans KREBS committed suicide along with Gen WILHELM Burgdorf In Hitlers bunker.Both shot themselves in the head with hand guns and died.Their bodies were found by Russian troops when they entered the Bunker complex.