Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Uyyalo oograa uyyalo XI ( Telugu poem)

UYYALO  OOGARA   UYYALO.... XI ( Telugu Poem)

Dr K Prabhakaar Rao


Patnam la idli bandi uyyalo
Eda choosina vuntavi uyyalo
Chetta kuppala pakka uyyalo
Penta kuppala pakka uyyalo
Sulabha complex la pakka uyyalo
Mastuga untayi uyyalo
Mandu shopula pakka uyyalo
Cinema halla pakka uyyalo
Bus stop la pakka uyyalo
Hayiga untayi uyyalo
Lappa lappa mani uyyalo
Public tintaru uyyalo
Idli bandi thoda uyyalo 
Bajji bandi kooda uyyalo
Anna damuula vale uyyalo
Kalise melisi vutaru uyyalo
Kukkalu pillulu uyyalo
Pandulu avulu uyyalo
Hayiga tirugutavi uyyalo
Vedi penammeeda uyyalo
Doselu vestaadu uyyalo
Roddu pai dummanta uyyalo 
Pindilo kalisenu uyyalo
eegalu domalu uyyalo
Penam pai kookundu uyyalo
Dosa kamma ga ayyenu uyyalo
Lottalestu manushulu uyyalo
Laginchi vestaru uyyalo
Mandu shopula kada uyyalo
Maha raddeega untadi uyyalo
Mandu konukkoni manushulu uyyalo
Bajjelu kontaru uyyalo
Aadaane kookoni uyyalo 
Mandu lagistaru uyyalo
Bajjeelu mingutaru uyyalo
Veedhi kukka vacchi uyyalo
Bajji kavalantadi uyyalo
Pandi koodavacchi uyyalo
Aakulu naakenu uyyalo
Mandu baga ekki uyyalo
Matalu bari tappe uyyalo
Amma akkala tho uyyalo
Boothulu kuripistaru uyyalo
Telugulo titlanni uyyalo
Theerthamai parenu uyyalo
Chevulanni titlatho uyyalo
Nidi porali paye uyyalo
Ekkada undadu ee vinta uyyalo
Mana patnani ki special uyyalo
Vinara ma anna uyyalo
Vinave ma akka uyyalo

Cartoon by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 Teacher... Look students.. Some Political leaders are of the opinion that the present 5 year term for the
                assembly are not sufficient   and should be increased to 7 years. What is the reason? Plesae select
                 an answer   from the list given  on the board.

Students.( shout)   C...C..C...C...C.....C


The answers given on  the board  are... Select any one
A.Not capable to work
B. Do not know what to do
C. Time insufficient to collect bribes
D.Time insufficient to strengthen establish family rule

Cartoon by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

God of death.. Yama  .. Look Chitragupta ( The office supdt in Hell ) In the list of  entry doors of death that
                                    we have add the  unprotected  and abondoned open bore wells.
Chtragupta....................Sure sir. With it, I shall alo add,  Snake bites, Electric shocks, Falling from trains,   
                                     drowning while swimming,  deaths due to Tiger attack, bear attack, Elephnat
                                      attack,  and acid attacks. .

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


He was the brother of Sophie Scholl and were the founder members of White Rose the anti German resistance organization in 1942 and 43, They were found distributing anti Nazi, anti war pamphlets at the university of Munich and were arrested by Gestapo On 18 February 1943.He was a student of Medicine. Hans was tried by people's court along with her sister Sophie Scholl  and sentenced to death and was guillotined on 22 Feb 1943

Pencil sketch of a nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


 He was aNazi executioner during WW II. He executed more than 3000 victims. After the war he was arrested by allies but not punished as he did his official duty. During various trials at Nuremberg he was employed by allies to help the executioner from US in executing various condemned victims. earlier he refused to hang victims as two victims died due to mistaken identity. His son in 1950 committed suicide owing to his father's profession. He always wore traditional. Black dress of executioner with black coat, trouser, white shirt, black bow and high rising hat

Monday, June 26, 2017

Cartoon by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Uyyalo oogara uyyalo XII ( Telugu Poem ) by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


DR K Prabhakar Rao
Vana kala moste uyyalo
Prajalu bhayapadi chastaru uyyalo
Chinuku padthe chalu uyyalo
Bratuku chindar vandara uyyalo
Koddi vaanake soodu uyyalo
Roadlanni munugutavai uyyalo
Scooterlu baikulu uyyalo
Neetla munugutavi uyyalo
Carlu kooda enno uyyalo
Neetilo munugutavi uyyalo
Metro panulu kooda uyyalo
Bratuku bharam chese uyyalo
Roadla pai Man- hollu uyyalo
Avuravuru antavi uyyalo
Dorikina vallanu uyyalo
Gabukkuna mingutavi uyyalo
Chachhipoyina vallu uyyalo
Ekkado teltaru uyyalo
Municiplaity vallu uyyalo 
hayiga pantaru uyyalo
Mamoolla sandila uyyalo
Bratuku narakam chesiri uyyalo
Pata indlu enno uyyalo
Patnam la untavi uyyalo
Vanlaku tadisi uyyalo
Kuppa koolutavi meeda uyyalo
Mantrulu melkoni uyyalo
Digbranti cheptharu uyyalo
Vaarivi Mosali kanti neeru uyyalo
Bangaru telangana la uyyalo
Bratuku bandalaye uyyalo
Gulla chuttu tirigi Uyyalo
Dannalu pedtaru uyyalo
Linganni mingutaru. Uyyalo
Pani leni leaderlu uyyalo
Gudi chuttu tirigeru uyyalo
nammalu petteru uyyalo
Vanakala mostadi uyyalo
Zara bhadram gundave uyyalo
Viannava o tammi uyyalo
Vinnava o Anna uyyalo.