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SONG OF SURENDRANATHJI FROM DUKHIYARI.. 1948 Dushwaar zamaane mein Gareebonka guzar Hai ( MD Gyan Dutt)

                             SONG OF SURENDRANATHJI FROM DUKHIYARI.. 1948
                          Dushwaar zamaane mein Gareebonka guzar Hai ( MD Gyan Dutt)

                                                      Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Dushwaar zamaane mein gareebonka Guzar hai

Awaaz de awaaz mein bhagwaan kidhar hai 

Dushwaar zamaane mein gareebonka Guzar hai

Awaaz de awaaz mein Bhagwaan kidhar hai

Dushwaar zamaane mein

Ham dilko sunaathe tho ashkoki zubaani

Ashko ki zubaani

Suntha nahi koyi gareebonki kahaani

Garrebonki kahaani

Faryad mein taseer na aaho mien asar hai

Awaaz de awaaz mein bhagwan kidhar hai 

Dushwaar zamaane mein gareebonka guzar hai

Dushwaar zamaane mein

Aashaa mein niraashaa ke zabaa sada hotha hai darshan

Sada hotha hai darshan

Rootha hai zamaana banatha teer bhi bairan

Takdeer hi bairan

Kya hamper guzarthee   hai tujhe iski khabar hai

Awaaz de awaaz mein bhagwan kidhar hai 

Dushwaar zamaane mein gareebonka guzar hai

Duswaar zamaane mein

Dhanwalo udaathe hain gareebonki hasee kyo

Gareebon ki hasee kyo

Bhagwaan na aaye ki daya  tujh ko kabhee kyo

Daya tujhko kabhee kyo

Duniyaa se nahee  tujhse tho ummeed magar hai

Awaaz de awaaz mein bhagwan kidhar hai 

Dushwaar zamaane mein gareebonka guzar hai

Dushwaar zamaane mein


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                                  HARSH TRUTH

                               Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Subhas differed with Gandhi during the struggle
He was hounded out of congress with great giggle
At last he left his mother land and took up the cutlass
While many men toed Bapus line as mere headless asses

World war reduced Britain toa weak power
They lost the place of top of tower
India became a burden to the Englishmen
Although they hanged patriots witha stroke of pen

The leaders  were busy hatching plots day and night
That the power could be grabbed soon  with might
The country was destined to be  cut into two
Gandhi, Nehru and Patel fell in the line too

Muslims managed to get their land
And denied India the Sindhu river sand
Scores were killed in the partition days
World was shocked at Indian ways

The truths of the partition is an  eternal   riddle
While India burned the ledaers played fiddle
India emerged a battered nation devoid of its  hands
While foolish Indians played into leaders bands


                                 TROUBLESOME SPOT…. THE CHARMINAR

                                    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                        Hyderabad city is famous for the great edifice Charminar ( Four minarets). It is in old city across the Musi river. In fact Musi river at present is the dirtiest steam one can find on earth devoid of running water. Once upon a time, its swirling waters submerged parts of the city around and caused devastation. Two reservoirs were constructed across the tributaries of Musi away from Hyderabad to control floods during the era of last Nizam 7. These are Osman sagar and Himyat sagar reservoirs and till today they are the important source of drinking water supply to the city of Hyderabad.

                 Charminar was constructed by the fourth Sultan of Kutubshahi dynasty that reigned at Golconda. He was Mohammed Kuli Kutubshah who reigned from 1580 to 1611. He built Charminar on the southern banks of Musi river and also built Hyderabad city around it. The city was named Bhagyanagar after his queen Bhagmati, a Hindu village lady. It is believed that the city was later named Hyderabad after she converted to Islam and was named Hyder Mahal .It is a common practice among Muslims to convert their Hindu wives into Islam at the earliest. The Sultan was no this regard although he was a man of letters.

                  Charminar is about 50 meters high with four tall minarets and with four massive arches. It is square in shape. It is said that it resembles tombs at Karbala. One can get clear glimse of old city from the top stories of the edifice and the monument can be seen from far off Golconda. The area around it is very busy with business establishments, narrow lanes, small time vendors and push cart vendors. It still has the aura of medieval past. Charminar was embossed on coins of Nizam till 1948. No visitor left Hyderabad without paying a visit to Charminar. Visitors are allowed to climb the monument up to only a particular height and minarets are locked for entry for safety reasons. Charminar cigarette is a popular brand among locals. Away at stone throwing distance is Mecca Maszid also built by the same sultan and completed by his successors. It is a very large mosque of national importance.

               Charminar and its surrounding areas are thickly populated with minorities in very large numbers, The ghetto culture exists in all the localities. At slightest pretext trouble makers emerge out of the lanes to battle police. The areas are dominated by the local Muslim outfit All India Majlis Ittehad ul Mulsimeen (AIMIM). This party was earlier called MIM and was founded by Bahaduryar Jung of Nizams days. Bahdur yar jung was succeeded by Kasim Razvi an advocate from Latur in former Hyderabad state. Under his leadership Razakars an armed wing of MIM grew into prominence under the patronage of Nizam 7. Nizam overconfident with his Razakars and sycophants did not agree to merge with Indian union in 1947 and made efforts to remain independent. Razakars committed grave crimes on Hindu population of former Hyderabad state duly abetted by the administration that looked other way. It was planned to hound out Hindus from the state. Scores of displaced Muslims from north India were brought into the state and were settled. Finally Indian army conducted police action in Sept 1948 and Nizams govt was overthrown. Razakars were annihilated and disbanded. Nizam was made the Rajpramukh of the new Hyderabad state within Indian union. . The party MIM was banned after police action for some years. Kasim Razvi was arrested tried and sent for 10 years jail term. After release he was allowed to proceed to Pakistan where he died unsung and unheard. MIM was later allowed to function. Over the years it spread its influence in the city again and changed its name to AIMIM. It is dominated by members of Owaissi family. The old city being a Muslim dominated place, MIM plays its cards. The old city also has pockets of Hindu influence where the Hindutwa parties play their cards.Thus Charminar stands gloriously in an area plagued by communal troubles for the lsat many years.

                          At southeastern corner of Charminar at base level there is tiny temple named after Bhagyalaxmi an Hindu deity. In olden days, there was a stone at the place that was worshipped as a goddess by local Hindus. It has been claimed that the stone was as old as the Charminar while the Muslims claim that the temple is an illegal structure. Over the years, a small temple was constructed for the holystone and this became a point of dispute from the beginning. Earlier, there was no protective fence around Charminar and entire traffic used to make a circle around it. Whenever any vehicle hit the temple there was chaos at the site. The situation became grim when the vehicle belonged to a person belonging to minority community. Trouble was imminent. In all communal troubles Charminar became the focal point. The area is always guarded by police forces. A police station is located next to Charminar. In the rfecent development, the templae activists tried to erect a bamboo hsed over the temple with Tarpaulin for decorative purpose on the occasion of Diwali festival. This was objected by minorities. Tempers rose and trouble erupted. The matter was taken up at the court and it was decided that the status quo should be maintained. During the trouble Ms La of MIM were arrested and kept away while temple was restored to original state. Again trouble erupted leading to lathi charges. The area is completely taken over by the police and it looked as if curfew was imposed. An eerie calm exists at the place. The agitated MIM Party has withdrawn support of its party to the state Govt and at the center.

                     All these days AI MIM was supporting the congress govt and received many benefits. Its member is the present mayor of Hyderabad city. It is also learnt that MIM has demanded handing over Mahavir Hospital and race course in Saifabad area to them as it has been supporting congress all these years. This however was refused by the Govt. It is claimed that there is no real threat to state govt at present. MIM party has been playing its cards all these days and Owaissi brothers are masterminding its activities. In turn Old city has become a battle ground on communal lines. Charminar although remains dignified, it is surrounded by communal trouble makers. Charminar has become synonymous for curfew, chaos and communal trouble in Hyderabad. Mohd Kuli Kutubsha must be crying and cursing himself in heavens for building this monument.



                          Dr K Prabhakar Rao

In city of Hyderabad stands the Charminar
That stands for glorifying Muslims ego
It was built by Mohammedd Kuli the Sultan of Golconda
And the edifice stands tall built long ago
The edifice is a beautiful piece of man’s efforts
And it survived safely the vagaries of time
It is the symbol of the famous Hyderabad city
Although at times from it fall pieces of rock and lime
The old city is the center of communal warfare
Where periodic fights and violence erupt
People of the city are used to the sad happenings
And they continue to live a life in disgust
Many a lives have been lost in the communal flares
The grim days of past stare at the citizens of the place
The local goons are happy that tensions are builtup
While the criminals move with knives and makeshift mace
Charminar reflects architectural wonders
And it also stands for many a communal fight
Lessons are not learnt by any one in the town
And everyone feels that he is always right
All troubles in the city emanate from the place
And it always looks like a police camp
Police men stand at every inch near the edifice
And the moods of the people tend to be highly damp
A Hindu temple exists at a corner of the structure
And this temple is tiny and is like a rat infront of a huge cat
Many a troubles erupted over this temple in past
Where Muslims and Hindus fight like boxers on a mat
Muslims claim that there was no temple at the place
However the temple exists within human memory
Periodic fights erupt as a daily affair
While in politics and love all appear to be right and fair
The place is again in the news as usual
Crooked men battled police for days
Trouble erupted over decoration of temple for the festival
It is a great shame to watch peoples ways
None can stop mischief at troublesome Charminar
And the place became an eternal troublesome spot
The people of the city have to live with this oozing cancer
While mutual hatred remains as hot boiling pot

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                         INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…279

                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru  are near Ayodhya  and at a bridge. They are trying to cross over to reach Ayodhya. It is  late in the evening and  it is getting dark. They are stopped by  police men.)

SI. Look. Where are you going, you old guys?

Patel. We are proceeding to see Ramlala.

SI. You are not allowed. Go back.

Patel. What is this? Why we can not go? Why we are prevented by you? What wrong we have done?

SI. Are the questions  enough? We need not answer. Once we say, you must go. No questions are asked.

Nehru. This is  unfair.

SI. Why. We are doing our duty.

Gandhi. Look Bhai. We are old guys. What harm we can do at Ayodhya?  Look at us. Are we appearing to be some terrorists? Are you believing that we are from some political party?

Patel. What further damage can be done here? Everything is over.

SI. You guys are funny. I command you that  you must go.

Patel. What a sorry state of affairs here! Is this a democracy? Is there any rule of law?

SI. We are the law.

Patel. I feel sorry for you.

Gandhi. Patel. Leave him. OK SI Sahib. We are staying back. We shall sit in the open ground there.

SI. You may sit. But you will be watched.

( The trio walks to nearby open ground and sit under a tree. It is already dark.)

Patel. Now what to do? In the morning that guy may allow us.

Nehru. Hope so.

Gandhi. Relax. Whatever is to happen, it will happen. I think we must try to sleep.

Patel. Sure Bapu. We have no way out.

( Patel and Nehru sleep on floor while Gandhi is still awake. Soon Patel and Nehru fall asleep)

Gandhi.  Ohfo. What a sad state of affairs in this country!  There appears to be police raj in India in every state. Any how, nothing can be done. Let me do Ram Bhajan ( Sings)

Raghupathi Raaghava Raja Ram
Pateetha pawana seetha Ram
Eswar aalh tero nam
Sabko snamathi de Bhagawan

(  A figure slowly walks towards Gandhi with two people walking behind him. . Gandhi is unable to see them clearly as they are standing in darkness)

Gandhi. Bhai. Who are you? What you want?

Sri Ram.    You just now called me.

Gandhi. Me ? I did not call any one.

Sri Ram. No . You surely called. Remember what were you doing just now.

Gandhi. I was doing Rambhajan.

Sri Ram. Didn’t you recognize me? I am Lord Rama. Lord of this universe. These are Laxman and Hanuman.

Gnadhi. Oh Prabhu! How lucky I am to be infront of you. But I am unable to see you. I can only hear you and watch faint figures.

Sri Ram. That is enough for present. Our full form can be only seen by real saints like Tulsidas.

Gandhi. Prabhu, people in India believe that I am a saint.

Laxman. They might be doing that. They are clueless guys. Are you a saint really? Search your heart.

Gandhi. I can not say that. I do not know.

Hanuman. Kabir das said:

I set out to look for a bad  one
And I could  find none
I looked at my ownself then
And I was the evil one all said and done

Gandhi. What can I say about it?  You are wiser.

Ram. Why are you struggling here?

Gandhi. I wanted to have a darshan ( Look)  of you   at  Ayodhya.

Ram. I am everywhere. Why  at only Ayodhya?

Gandhi. Then why millions are visiting shrine at Ayodhya?

Ram. You are accomplished as claimed and you are called Mahatma ( Great soul or enlightened) too. You must know it.

Gandhi. If  what you said is completely true why so many temples are constructed everywhere?

Ram. An enlightened man  realizes that Lord resides within himself. Look inwards.

Gandhi. Any how, I wanted to see the place.

Laxman. There is nothing at the site. A temporary shack is there with  many ill tempered tyrant police men around with weapons.

Gandhi. That is bad.

Laxman. Earlier, a mosque was built over the site and it was destroyed by a large crowd some years ago. Now only rubble remains.

Gandhi. I know that great king Baber got a mosque built there through his General Mir Baki in 1527.

Hanuman. What is this mosque?

Gandhi. It is the prayer house of followers of Islam.

Hanuman. So, it I like a temple for them.

Gandhi. Very true. You are highly learned man.

Ram. Please know that he is  not a man. He is vanara.

Gandhi. Sorry sir.

Ram. OK.

Hanuman. Why do you call  Baber a great king? If he erected a mosque there after destroying Lords temple, how can he be a great king?

Gandhi. He defeated many Indian kings and established an empire with capital at Delhi. So people call him Baber the great.

Ram. How sad! My temple was destroyed and over the site a mosque was built.

Hanuman. ( Angrily) How dare they could do that! If I was present I would have shown stars to them ( He lifts his heavy mace and swings in air)I shall chew them. I shall crush them into pulp as I did at Lanka.

Ram. Hanuman. Please cool down. This is kaliyuga. You know Kali effects. You were given boon to live eternally and guide people on right path.

Hanuman. That is true my Lord.

Laxman. I support Hanumanji. How dare they could destroy Ram temple?

Gandhi. Lord. The world has changed. You lived in Treta yuga where virtue prevailed.This is Kali yuga where evil prevails.

Hanuman. I know that. We need no preaching from you.

Gandhi. I am not preaching sir. I am telling facts. Please understand.

Laxman. Therefore the site became a great dispute with followers of Ram agitating against the mosque..

Gandhi. Correct sir.

Ram. But you lived long in this land. What you have done to solve?

Hanuman. He could not do anything. I think he even does not know much about the problem.  I am also watching things. People say that  he went on appeasing followers of Islam at every instant. He could not do anything except sing Rambhajan and call for mutual understanding that always lacked in India right from the days of Baber.

Ram. How sad? I am much pained. You were called a Mahtama. But you could not get this land liberated with slogans Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai..

Hanuman. They only remained slogans. At the last India was partitioned. Mercilessly the land was cut into three parts.

Laxman. Then what was the use of slogan Bhai Bhai?

Hanuman. It remained slogan.

Ram. I am very unhappy. Look at my small tent temple in Ayodhya . Is it befitting?  When my great Temple will be constructed?

Gandhi. You should know better   as you are the lord.

Ram. I  do not need any temple in fact.

Hanuman. We feel sad because at birth place of Ramji there is no temple for him.

Laxman. These are the vote politics in India where  some crazy democracy is followed which in fact is not democracy. People are nuts and they practice democracy of nuts for the nuts and by the nuts. It is not transparent. I heard crazy guys are after dynastic rule.

Ram. I heard about it. Do you know that when a tree is about to whither away it yields distorted fruit?Finally it dies too;   democracy in your country.

Hanuman. Lord Yogi Vemana  of this land long said;

Oh The langoors brought monkey
And worshipped it as an almighty
Worthless men in  politics    are always  together
Where Idiots and clowns to play politics gather

Laxman. Well said Hanumanji.

Hnauman. Thanks Laxman Bhai.

Ram. Look Mr Gandhi. I am very unhappy with you. You failed to prevent division of this land. That was your greatest  failure although you worked hard in your own way. You also got the fruit of it at the end.

Gandhi. Eee..eee… Sir forgive me. I did best.All things are not in our hands.

Laxman. It is OK. You are already in heavens after your death for good deeds done. Now your turn for hell too will come for failures and  sins.

Gandhi. What can I say? It is my fate.

( Lord Rama, Laxmana and Hanuman disappear. Gandhi is thunderstruck He weeps.)

Gandhi. Eee..eee..eeeee

( Patel and Nehru get up and find Gandhi weeping)

Patel. Baou. What happened?

Nehru. Hope  he  saw a bad dream. Relax Bapu.

Gandhi. Yeah. It was really a bad dream. Sleep now

( The trio tries to sleep )

                                          CURTAIN FALLS

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                                    Dr K Prabhakar Rao
         The puny  Lal Bahadur Shastri  ( 2 October 1904 – 11 January 1966) was the second Prime Minister of the Republic of India and a leader of the Indian National Congress party.  He joined the Indian independence movement in the 1920s and  impressed and influenced by Congress leader  MK  Gandhi, he became    his follower, first of Gandhi, and then of Jawaharlal Nehru. Following independence in 1947, he joined the latter's government and became one of Prime Minister Nehru's principal lieutenants and close aid,  He served as Railways Minister (1951–56), and then in a variety of other functions, including Home Minister.He has become famous after his resignation as railway minister after a serious train accident owning responsibility. This  was unlike what we see today. Rustic pan chewing Lalu Prasad Yadav claimed that he had no direct responsibility in accidents when he was railway minister and many accidents took place. He shamelessly stuck to his seat. Such are the changed values today.  Shastriji was chosen as Nehru's successor owing to his adherence of Nehruvian socialism after Nehru's daughter Indira Gandhi turned down Congress President K. Kamaraj's offer of premiership. Kamraj although was great man , found glory in promoting dynastic succession. Indira Gandhi reportedly refused the offer.
              Shastriji as Prime Minister continued Nehru's policies of non-alignment and socialism that took us nowhere. He became a national hero following the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965. His slogan of "Jai Jawan Jai Kisan" ("Hail the soldier, Hail the farmer") became very popular during the war and is remembered even today . But the slogan is now for only remembering. Everyday one can find news of suicides by farmers in media particularly  in  AP. Less said is better about treatment meted to army men. Recently we have seen how the  issue of  former Army Chief General VK Singh was handled by the central govt. The pay commission problems are known to the whole world. The supremacy of civil authority in a democratic setup has degraded Defense forces to such an extent that none of bright youth volunteer  to join these services. There is a great shortage of  officers in army and  third rate or even fourth rate stuff keep knocking at the doors. Less said is better about ex- service  men. Officers- class do not want to reveal their identity for the fear of finding themselves in humiliating condition in a civil society. Thus Jai Jawan and Jai Kisan slogan died with Shastriji long ago  and  it remains a mockery now. Mother is remembered in pain and a soldier is remembered in war. Rest of the time they are kicked around. This may be harsh fact unpleasant to some. But fact remains true. A sad naked truth to digest.  
                The war of 1965 was formally ended  with the Tashkent Agreement of 10 January 1966; he died the following day, still in Tashkent, of a heart attack ( Reportedly). The nation was stunned receiving the news of his death and great calamity fell on the country at the tragic hour. Time and tide wait for no man. Soon Indira Gandhi  was chosen as the PM of India although stalwarts like YB Chawan, Morarji Desai, and Gulzari lal Nanda were there. The bacteria virus  of  dynastic succession already entered the  blood stream of Congress party leaders and they could never imagine any other one  as a PM  of India while the party was in power.
         Sudden death of Shastriji in a far off land  at the end of 1965 war with Pakistan resulted in many questions, doubts and theories and most of the answers remain doubtful although official versions indicated heart attack. The real truths still remain as mystery to the people of India. There are many speculations, riddles, unsolved puzzles pointing to some mischief in the death of Indian PM in a far off land . After Shastri’s death in Tashkent, USSR, on January 11, 1966 soon after signing the Tashkent Pact with Pakistan, his wife Lalita had alleged he was poisoned. Thus people of India are surely suspicious of the happenings in which Shastriji died.

 The important issues are:
1.      There were dark spots and  cut marks on abdomen of the dead leader. No post mortem was conducted on the dead body. The question is from where such cut s have come? 
2.      A query was later posed by Anuj Dhar, author of CIA’s Eye on South Asia, under the Right to Information Act about his death but the government had refused to part with classified information on the issue. The Prime Minister’s Office, while refusing information under the RTI Act on the cause and circumstances of Shastri’s death, had said revealing these details could harm India’s foreign relations and would violate Parliamentary Privilege
3.      The government had admitted no postmortem was conducted on Shastri. However, his personal doctor R N Chugh and some Russian doctors conducted a medical examination.
4.      The Russian butler attending on Shastri at the time of his death was arrested for suspected poisoning but released later.
5.      Kuldip Nayars statement offers insight into the issue (4). During an interview he     stated, “Shastri has been forgotten by the nation. He has been pushed into the background. I have no doubt that there was a Congress conspiracy to underplay Shastri after his death. The Congress is the party that should have put him to the fore but I remember visiting a Congress meeting where Shastri’s portrait was not even displayed with respect. They even protested against inscribing the slogan – Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan on his samadhi. Then again, only when Mrs Shastri threatened to go on a hunger strike was it was allowed.”
6.      Dr R.N. Chugh, the accompanying physician was found dead in a roadside  accident
7.      After some more time, Dr Chughs wife and one son died in a road accident. How mysterious is that Dr Chugh who was the key witness to the incident died in a strange circumstances followed soon by his  wife and a son.
8.      The suspicions among people in this regard to Shastris death as summarized byDebasish Battacharjee are (5) (6) : 
 i. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was inside a jail in USSR (He died in 1976)
ii. USSR was threatening Jawaharlal of Netaji’s release if business not done with them.
iii. USSR made good business relation with India showing Netaji inside jail.
iv. Jawarlal died and Lal Bahadur Shastri became Indian PM
v. USSR can’t threaten him because if Shastri knows about Netaji, he will tell to release Netaji and welcome him.
vi. USSR wanted somebody in power who can be threatened and utilized.
vii. Indira Gandhi was consulted by Sr. Defence Official (He wrote in Diary)
viii. In Tashkent (USSR), Shastri was given poison in the milk.
ix. He went to Coma and died.
x. There was no inquiry / committee given to check the whole thing.
xi. Media was made silent.
xii. Indira gandhi came into power.
xiii. USSR had good business thereafter.

The above suspicions  could be conjectures, but people of India are suspicious of some plot and clever execution at some high level that has been kept  great secret over the years. Netajis disappearance has been a  unsolved mystery till date.Nana sahib Peshwas  disappearance in 1857 war  has also been a great mystery. Hero of 1857 war Tantya Tope’s hanging  has been also a mystery and people are not accepting government versions. 
               Thus we see that  the death of Shastriji is surrounded in mystery and it is necessary that it be solved. Will it remain one of the many unsolved mysteries of the world?
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Saturday, November 3, 2012



                                       INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN..278

                                                        Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen   traveling in a car in Hyderabad. They are dressed as usual. The car has dark glasses on sides and rear. )

Gandhi.  To day, the climate is very hot. It is strange that in winter too climate is so hot. I am getting restless.

Patel. Bapu. Now what are the plans today?

Gandhi. Nothing fixed yet. To day, I was itching to go around the city and see all garbage dumps.

Nehru. Bapu, Can’t we do some better thing  ? This , you have been doing since long.

Gandhi. Bhai. Look. I brought freedom to this nation. ..

Patel. A small correction Bapu. Please say we brought freedom.

Gandhi. I am sorry, I  mean we. Whenever I say I, it means we. I and we are one and also we and I are one.

Pate. How can it be? If you say I am not hungry does it mean that we are not hungry?  I feel hungry and Jawaharlal too feels hungry even if you do not feel so.

Gandhi. Ohfo. What type of guys you are?

Nehru. We are normal guys as usual.

Gandhi. OK. Now what you want? Do you want to pick up a fight?

Nehru. We can not even dream  to do that. We are after all your slaves.

Gandhi. Please do not be sarcastic. I am hurt.

( The driver gets impatient )

Driver. Bhai. Where do you want to go?

Gandhi. Please first take us to the filthiest place in the city.

Driver. You said that you wanted to do sight seeing.

Gandhi. Yes. This is a sight seeing.

Driver. Hee..heee…heee. Let us go.  I shall take to the old city first.Nothing can be filthier than that place.

( The  car arrives at  Afzal Gunj  bridge crossing and is stopped by a team of traffic  police personnel.   Some  are armed. The moment car stops they surround the car. At every doo one police man stands with an aimed rifle. Gandhi slides down the window and looks outside )

Gandhi. Bhai. What is the matter?

SI.( Angrily ) Hey old man. Get down from the car. All of you get down.

Gandhi. What is the matter?  What we have done?

SI. You car has dark glasses. They have dark blue  films. The films are not allowed.

Gandhi. Bhai. Outside is very hot. We are old buys. We need comfort at this age.

( A constable looks into car and goes to SI )

Constable. Sir. There is no woman in the car. All are males. They are old guys.

SI. Do not take old guys lightly. They are bold too.

Constable. Hee..hee..hee

SI. You will be fined for having the film on the glasses. Please pay fine.

Patel. I am happy that you are saying please. Strange indeed. How much we have to pay.

SI.  Pay now Rs 500/

(SI writes a challan and hands over after receiving the cash from  driver. He also orders constables to pull out the film. Five constables pounce on the car with sharp knives. They pull out Patel and Nehru out from the car. They scratch the glasses and wind shield at rear with sharp knives and partly peel off the film. The glasses develop dirty scratches too. Soon the car looks as if it has been picked up from a scrap yard.)

Driver. Sir, What are you doing? Why this damage is being done. The glasses are spoiled.

SI. Hee..Hee..Hee. You guys will not hear things easily. We gave out warnings in the news papers. You guys did not  care. Be happy. We have not broken glasses. In fcat we can break glasses found with dark films.

Driver. Sir. You have taken fine and damaged vehicle too.  Look, How the seats are torn by  Constables shoes. aaaa..

SI. Now pack off from here. Or else I shall book you for fighting with police guys.

By the by who are you guys? Why you are dressed as Gandhi and Nehru? Do beggars travel in cars?

Gandhi. We are not beggars. We are real guys. Look SI Sahib , you are given this uniform for protecting law and order and not for harassing people.

SI. You are talking too much. No pack off from here before I arrest you.

Driver. Let us go sir from here.

( The trio and  driver sit in the car  and drive away while police men laugh loudly.)

SI. Maza Aa gaya . Jokers were they. We have already collected one lakh rupees today from the  film guys.Now let us go and have some tea somewhere.

( The car carrying the trio arrives at  the road behind court and stops)

Gandhi. What a scene here.  I am impressed  with the sight. Look. The  Dirt bins are overflowing with all waste. Everywhere  we find  dogs pulling at the waste. Look, Even rats are there.

Patel. Bapu.  There is a  rotten dead calf too there. Dogs are pulling at it.

Gandhi. What a feast to the  eyes! Ohfo. Now look. There are many guys  emptying the bladders too there.  The road is full of urine streams. This is real India. Patel. Now take some  snaps.

( Patel pulls out his digital camera and takes many snaps. The people who were urinating escape sheepishly. One guy however runs to Patel with raised hand )

Patel, Bahi. Kindly zip up your  pant. You have forgotten to cover up. Plesae do it.

( The guy zips up the trouser and walks to Patel)

Mohan. What is this? Why are you taking photos? Delete the photos.

Patel. Why are you worried?  Why should you pee here? Is this an urinal?

Mohan. Then where we should we pee? There is no urinal around.

Gandhi. What the guy  says is true. His bladder is full. If he does not unease he has to  burst out.

Mohan. In fact I was about to do that.

Gandhi. Bhai. Relax. This is India. Entire country is a garbage dump and pee pot.  Do whatever  is good.

Mohan. Thanks sir. You appear to be honest and good.

Gandhi. That I am.

Mohan. What you will do with these snaps.

Patel. We are going to display these at  international exhibition at New York.  It is titled . Developing countries and problems..

Mohan. But our country has many other problems.

Patel. Bhai. But this pee problem is significant. This has to be solved by an international level study team.

Nehru. Why such high level study?

Patel.  At least on this pretext the officials  go around  foreign countries, study their sanitation, peeing methods and habits and can submit a report.

Gandhi. The  entire project has to be named after a great man.

Patel. Yeah. Why worry. Everything is being named after Rajiv in India. So be it for this too.  The project will get quick funds.

Gandhi. Haa..Haa.

Patel.  Bapu. The  rental time for car is getting over. Let us go.

Gandhi. Sure.

                             ( The trio drive away in the car )
                                             CURTAIN FALLS