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LYRICS OF SONG.. Nazar se jab ye nazar mili hai..



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Nazarse jab ye nazar mili hai
Tho dil bhi dil se milega ikdin… (2)
Bahar aayee hai jab chaman mein
Tho phool bhee ab khilenge ik din
Nazar se jab ye….

Wo aayenge dil mein pyar banke
Hamara sabru karaar banke… ( 2)
Hamari ujadi hue chaman mein
Sada rahenge bahar banke
Hai jis tarah paas chand tare
Rahenge ham unke woh hamaare
Woh hamaare..nazar se jab ye..

Bahut si choti hai dil ki kashti
Bahut bada pyar kaa samandar
Akela mai aur akeli kashti
Karib sahil na paas langar
Hazaar toofan aaye phir bhi
Lagengi nayya magar kinaare
Magar kinaare…
Nazarse jab ye nazar mili hai
Tho dil bhi dil se milega ikdin



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

City of Chitradurga is located at the junction of NH-4 (Bangalore-Pune National Highway) and NH-13 (Sollapur-Mangalore National Highway). Chitradurga is also accessible by train. There is a daily service to Bangalore and weekly services to Mumbai. The fortress lies on the outskirts of what is Chitradurga today. The city is well connected to all parts of the state. Obavva was a native soldier’s wife and she belonged to Chitradurga.
The town has connections to Ramayana and Mahabharatha epics. It is said that Pandavas after escaping from their burning house ( owing to the conspiracy of Duryodhna and his coterie) spent some time in this area and at Chitradurga hills, a man eating, powerful and ferocious Rakshasa named Hidimba stayed along with his sister Hidimbi. Bheema was standing guard while his brothers and mother Kunti were sleeping in the forest. Hidimba sensing human presence sent her sister to kill them for a meal. However, Hidimbi fell in love after seeing Bheema and changed herself intoa beautiful maid and requested him to marry her. As there was great delay, Hidimba arrived at the place and in anger attacked Bheema. However Bheema killed Hidimba in a duel and all the boulders around are believed to be the arsenal used during the battle. Bheema married his sister Hidimbi with blessings of his mother and they soon got a son named Ghatotkacha who had many magical powers. Rakshasas in yore had the magical powers of assuming the forms they liked.
The fort and surrounding areas rest on rock formations that are oldest in the land. The old walled Town houses the impressive fort, built on the north eastern base of a cluster of rocky hills, qualifying it to be a Giridurga, or hill fortress. Though the construction of this fort commenced during 10th Century A.D it was completed only in 18th Century A.D during the rule of Palegars, with the latest additions being in the years leading to the 19th century, during the reign of Hyder Ali and later Tipu Sultan.
The fort is fortified by seven circular walls, three of which are on the ground and four on the hill. Chitradurga fort is said to have had 19 majestic doors, 38 smaller doors, 35 special entry points and four secret entrances. The fort is entered through four gateways of the outermost wall. The foothills of the fort constitute the main residential area of the town. The Mel Durgas, forts on the hill are embellished with extensive fortifications, ramparts, bastions, batteries, watchtowers and entrances located at strategic points and house fourteen temples. Some of the fort’s important landmarks are Thuppada Kola Betta, Hidimbagiri, Zadaa Battery (Flag battery), Kahale Battery (Trumpet battery), Lal Battery (Red battery) and Nellikai Battery (Gooseberry battery). The main entrance to the fort, Kamanbhavi, has carvings of the seven – hooded cobra the legendary twin headed bird, Gandaberunda, the royal swan, Rajhamsa and lotus flowers.
Chitradurga was ruled by Naika rulers who were vassals to Vijayanagar empire.The former soldier Timmana Nayaka rose to the rank of Governor of Chitradurga as a reward for his excellence in military achievements, from the Vijayanagara ruler. His son Obana is known by the name Madhakari Nayaka. Madakari Nayaka's son Kasturi Rangappa succeeded him, consolidated the kingdom, and ruled peacefully . As he had no heirs to succeed him, his adopted son — the apparent heir — was enthroned, but was killed a few months later by the Dalavayis ( military commanders). Chikkanna Nayaka, the brother of Madakari Nayaka II sat on the throne in 1676, and his other brother succeeded him with the title Madakari Nayaka III. The unwillingness of Dalawayis (commanders) to accept Madakari Nayaka III's rule gave an opportunity to a distant relative, Bharamappa Nayaka, to ascend the throne in 1689. The quick succession of rulers led to the people of Chitradurga not experiencing the benefits of longer ruling periods. Hiri Madakari Nayaka (1721–1748), Kasturi Rangappa Nayaka II and Madakari Nayaka IV were the next successors.
Hyder Ali who usurped throne from Hindu Mysore king Wadiyar attacked Chitradurga fort in 18 century during the rule of Madakari Nayaka IV and found it extremely difficult to conquer it. He laid seize to the fort. Once by chance, he saw a woman entering the fort through a very small hole in between the huge rocks and soon he made up his mind to make use of it. The small hole was guarded from inside by a guard and his wife assisted him whenever he went for having lunch or for other purpose. His wife was Obavva and she was a daring woman. One day the woman was guarding the passage when her husband was away and she saw a soldier sneaking through the hole into the fort. Hyder Ali sent his soldiers to enter the fort through the small hole. Obavva was holding a long pestle and in Kannada language it is called Onake. It is a long and strong wooden solid strong cylindrical bar with iron band at one end and is used to pound paddy. She killed the soldier with Onake by hitting on the head of the enemy soldier and she pulled the dead body away from the hole. She thus killed hundreds of soldiers one after the other when they tried to sneak in . The poor soldiers did not know about the fate of the earlier man who went in. Her husband returned after some time and found heaps of dead bodies lying around and was dumb stuck. The fort was saved thus. However the fort was finally subdued by Hydera Ali who had superior military strength and Chitradurga was annexed to his kingdom. Naika rule and dynasty was thus terminated. Obavva displayed great courage at the hour of need and single handedly killed several enemy soldiers with a primitive Onake and prevented enemy soldiers from occupying the fort. She was extremely brave and had presence of mind. She is regarded as an icon of bravery for women from Karnataka. Her memory is much revered in the state even today.

The small hole under huge rock that Obavva guarded

One of the Chitradurga Fort entrance

Sculpture on fort wall

Fort walls and a bastion

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at a park in Hyderabad and are seen chitchatting. )

Gandhi. Bhai. All looks quiet in this city. I do not see any chaos now a days.

Patel. True Bapu. I think people are tired. They are disgusted.

Gandhi. What happened to Telangana agitation? Have they forgotten it?

Patel. Looks so Bapu. But there is a saying that before a storm all things are calm.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. You are quiet. You have been a PM of this unfortunate beleaguered nation for many years. What do you think?

Nehru. What can I say? The problem is not solved. People and leaders are confused. They do not know which way to go. Bapu, why do you say this is unfortunate nation?

Gandhi. True. I think they have no policy and proper direction. They tried all tricks. Jawaharlal, what I should say if I do not use word unfortunate?

Patel. Bapu. Biggest problems is that leaders from Telangana are not united. Every one wants to be the main leader and has vested interests. Every one wants to be the CM of Telangana if it is granted. They are digging graves for each other clandestinely.

Gandhi. They have made mockery of the agitation. People have lost faith in these so called leaders.

Patel. True Bapu. It picked up tempo with fast of KCR ( K Chandrasekhar Rao) and a drama was enacted by MP Rajagopal of Andhra. Then, Jagan problem came up. Rosiah was removed.He some how managed always saying Amma Amma.. Three bags full. New CM KK Reddy is the new CM now. Then Govt employees went on strike. Education suffered in state. All are fed up. Buses also went on strike almost killing the organization.

Gandhi. Parents are fed up of the agitation and they are not in favor of this tamasha. They feel the careers of their children are being spoiled by these strikes. They are wise now.

Patel. Center also played up well. They are stubborn and taken these leaders for camel ride. ( sings and does jig)

All these time pass leaders are on a camel ride
The center has fooled them upto the hilt
They guys are now clueless and are lost
While their dreams are shattered which they built

Gandhi. Very good Patel. Well sung. I am proud of you.

Nehru. Now stop praising each other.

Patel. What troubles you Jawaharlal? If you like you may also sing.

Nehru. I have better things to do.

Patel. Please tell us what are they?

Nehru. I am planning to write a new book now.

Patel. Please name it India rediscovered. Have you written any thing till day?

Nehru. I am thinking now.

Gandhi. That is good. Please do something useful.

Patel. Bapu, What do you think about the Telangana agitation. Do you think it will be revived?

Gandhi. There are some people who are threatening that it would be revived. But all are doubtful about others. Biggest problem is about the congress MP and MLA from Telangana . They do not want to leave the chairs and positions. Unless they do there will not be much pressure on govt. At Hyderabad they shout like tigers, but when they go to Delhi they become cats and say mew..mew..They fall flat in front of great Amma. More over they are scared of Govt actions. Look What is happening to Jagan? All want to be safe and fire gun from others shoulder. Each and every one wants to become CM if the new state is given. All these men are opportunists and none of them is a real worthy guy. No one is sure that Telangana will be realised. Like ctas on wall they are watching to jump to safety. These guys are no Bhagat singhs or Subhas chandra boses or atleast Potti sreeramulu. They fought selflessly. They want to staty in power enjoy perks and also want Telangana ina platter. Who will give. Creation of new state requires great sacrifices. These opportunistic leaders are not ready to sacrifice their careers. TRS is also lying low.Theya re out of steam. BJP says it will give new state if it gains power. But who knows who will win?

Patel. This is like a Kabaddi match between Telanganites and center. Center has scored over the locals. All are scared of center. Bapu. Do you know that in Telangana region Engineering education has gone to dogs. Scores of these colleges are on the verge of closing. Students are not preferring to study in Telangana colleges. Fees reimbursement scheme started by YSR has become a great burden to the govt. It has become bankrupt. If they withdraw they will loose votes. They are in fix. It is like a quagmire. Finally they may have to sell the state to some one.


Gandhi. It has already been done by some guys. There is nothing to be sold further. Gali brothers have dug out entire state from blow. I was told that entire state is hollow underground.

Patel. Why not? There is Salarjung museum and Charminar that can be sold out and raise revenue.

Gandhi. How do you know that some one has not already sold them out?

Patel. It is also true.

Nehru. Eee…eee….eee… Bapu. Let us run from here soon.

Patel. Why are you so scared? Be bold. You have already died. There is nothing to feel scared. Look Jawaharlal, you said you will write a new book. Please include all these things in your book. You may win Nobel prize too this time that eluded you in your life time.

Nehru. Bapu. Enough of this. I am serious. Let us go from here.

Patel. As you wish bhai. We can not force you. Let s go.

( The trio walks away )


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Rani Chennamma of Keladi of bye gone era has gone down the Indian history as a valiant warrior queen from Karnataka state of South India who took up sword and saved her kingdom from the invasions Bijapur Sultans and Mughal emperor Aurangzeb during 17 century. Often she is confused with Kittur Rani Chennamma of Karnataka. However these queens are different although they are from the same State . . Rani Chennamma of Kittur waged war against East India company in the early 19 century. Although she had some initial success, soon she was defeated by superior English army and imprisoned at Bailhangal fort near Darwad where she passed away in course of time. These queens lived in different periods. The queen under discussion ruled the small kingdom of Keladi (which is in the present day Indian state of Karnataka) for 25 years from 1671-1696.She was the eleventh ruler of the kingdom. This kingdom lasted from 1499 to 1763 and it was a Nayaka kingdom. It was originally a feudatory to Vijayanagar empire and after the fall of the Vijaynagar empire, they declared independence. It is in Shmoga district and Keladi is 67 km from shimoga district town. The Nayak kings ruled most of the coastal districts and great part of Central districts. The kingdom was overthrown by Hyder Ali at a later date. Later it merged with Mysore state.
Chennamma was not from a royal family and was the daughter of kotepura Siddappa from a merchant community at Rameswaram. The king of Keladi, Somashekhara Nayak met her and fell in love looking at her beauty and married her and she thus became the queen. She hardly looked like a warrior, but indeed she fought like a tigress and administered her kingdom well and took decisions that few others had the courage to take. She looked after the subjects of her kingdom and the servants of the palace with great love as if they were her children. She was not only a wife to Somashekhara Nayaka but also an adviser and trusted minister. If the government did any injustice, those who suffered, being afraid to go to the King, would make their appeals to the Queen. The Queen would speak to her husband and ensure justice. She was an inspiration to her husband to punish the wicked and protect the virtuous. The people of Keladi looked up to the Queen and were very devoted to her. All good things come to an end and the situation did not last long. Once, a famed dancer Kalavathi of Jambukhandi gave a performance before the royal couple on the occasion of Dussera festival. The beautiful dancer impressed Somashekhara Nayaka and he fell for her. The King who was pleased with her performance, gave her great wealth and she was appointed Rajanarthaki i.e chief dancer at royal court. Her mother and her foster-father, Bharame Mavuta, lived with her afterwards. Bharame Mavuta was a master of black magic , secret medicines and mischief. The king greatly befriended him. Gradually, the king began to live with Kalavathi herself and became slave of her and he became a puppet in the hands of Bharame Mavuta. He forgot his beloved Chennamma and stayed away from the palace. He used to take all sorts of potions and drinks that Bharame Mavuta gave him and as a result became half-mad with intoxication.Asa king he abdicated all responsibilities. Various diseases soon overpowered him. Even the ministers and officers had to go to the dancer's house to discuss matters of the State.

Rani Chennamma felt very sad at the ways of her husband and was overtaken by grief. Soon there was chaos in the kingdom .News about his ill health also spread everywhere. The king had no children and many conspirators planned to usurp the kingdom. The Adilshahi Sultan of Bijapur who had often been defeated by the kings of Keladi when they had tried to cause trouble, now attacked the kingdom. Rani Chennamma rose to the occasion at this time and decided to take over the kingdom to set things right at the crucial hour. It was inevitable to take over the rule so that dynasty continued. There was only one way, thought Chennamma, for the kindgom to continue and the dynasty to survive . The intelligent dynamic and heroic Queen also took the counsel of her father Siddappa Shetty. She enlisted the help of trustworthy and loyal commanders. Feminine hands adorned with bangles now brandished the sword, and successfully repulsed the enemy.

Although Bijapur forces were driven away, enemies within the kingdom began to surface. Opportunists believed that she could be intimidated and manipulated for their profit. One day the Chief Minister, Thimmanna Nayaka of Kasaragod, went to her with Subnis Krishnappa and said to her, "You must adopt as son Veerabhadra Nayaka, the son of the Commander-in Chief, Bhadrappa Nayaka. It is only then that we shall support you. Or else, we will unite the people against you and crown him." The same threat was held out by another minister, Narasappayya and a senior officer, Lakshmayya. Queen Chennamma heard them all patiently. On one side, Bharame Mavuta had the King under his thumb and was eager to take over the kingdom. On another side, all the ministers and other important men were ready to bring some one whom they liked to the throne and perpetuate their own positions. The Queen could not approve of either of these options. She had no child; so she decided that she should adopt a boy who was virtuous and would herald the welfare of the State. She chose a boy by name Basappa Nayaka from a relative markappa chetty residing at Bedanur. She decided to give him the proper type of training so that the kingdom survived and the people were made happy.Subsequently he proved to be a very brave king. Keeping an eye on the developments in Keladi, the Sultan of Bijapur thought that with a well planned strike he could swallow up the kingdom. He sent a representative by name Jannopant to the Queen for negotiations. Close on the heels of Jannopant the Sultan also sent a big army under the command of Muzaffar Khan. Rani Chennamma saw through the trick and raised an army of the common people, invoking the glory of their ancestors. The army repulsed Bijapur’s forces.

In peace time too the Rani ruled very well, and patronised arts and learning. She had an 'Agrahara' - an entire street with houses on either side - formed, and invited scholars to settle down there. It was named 'Somashekharapura'. Day and night Chennamma toiled for the welfare of the state. She expanded the army and strengthened security at the borders. After her work for the kingdom, Chennamma spent whatever leisure she had, in meditation and in acts of charity and kindness. She gave gifts of lands to rishis and religious institutions.

This was the period when Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was at zenith of power. He stayed in Deccan for 25 years to crush Marathas under Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj who carved out an Hindu kingdom right under his nose. Chatrapathi Shivaji died in course of time and was succeeded by his elder son Sambhaji maharaj after some palace intrigues. Sambhaji Raje fought Mughals tooth and nail and also gave asylum to Prince Akbar who revolted against his father Aurangzeb. This infuriated the emperor and he waged relentless war against Sambhaji. Finally Sambhaji was betrayed by his brother in law Ganoji Shirke and Sambhaji was captured at Sangameshwar by the Mughal commander. His wife and infant son ( later nmaed sahu) were captured and taken to Delhi. The Maratha king was tortured in inhuman way and was executed finally. But he did not yield to the demand of conversion to Islam. Sambhaji became a Dharmaveer. Raja Ram the second son of Shivaji Maharaj became the maratha king and led the war against Mughals . Mughals captured many Maratha forts and Rajaram was driven from place to place in order to crush Maratha kingdom. Fearing the wrath of the Moghuls, who were at that time the greatest force in India, not many kingdoms were willing to give refuge to Rajaram. One day Rajaram turned up at Keladi and explained his requirement for refuge. Rani Chennamma agreed to help him, with the rationale that Shivaji had greatly turned the tables for Hindus in India, and that to house Shivaji’s son was duty for a Hindu. Yet several ministers and leaders of Keladi such as Commander Bhadrappa and Minister Narasappayya amongst others opined that it was not worth the risk, because the Maratha kingdom that Shivaji has set up was destined to be destroyed.
Aurungzeb soon learnt that Rajaram had taken shelter in Keladi and he dispatched an army to punish them. Under Rani Chennamma’s leadership the attacks were successfully repulsed – a great achievement at a time when the Moghuls were very powerful. Many Mughal officers were captured by Kiladi army.Soon Raja Ram left for Jingee fort. The treaty that followed caused Aurungzeb to be forced to recognize Keladi as a separate kingdom and the Mughal army was withdrawn. The achievements of Rani Chennamma of Keladi are no mean considering the might of Mughal forces and her own resources. Chatrapthi Rajaram could never be captured by Mughals and he passed away at Sinhgarh fort subsequently. Marathas were soon inspired by his wife Tarabai who led her forces against mighty Mughals and her famous Maratha generals made life extremely difficult to the Mughals. At last, Aurangzeb died in desperation, humiliated and feeling defeated at Ahmednagar in 1707. Bahadur shah I the eldest son of Aurangzeb became the emperor after a war of succession and he released Sahu from palace custody. Marathas under next Chatrapathi Sahu revived with able guidance of the Peshwa. Mughal dynasty produced incompetent rulers after Aurangzeb and they became puppets in the hands of court nobles. Syyad brothers became king makers. Emperors were changed, killed and blinded at will. Marathas became a formidable force under Peshwa rule and almost occupied most of the portions in north India. It dictated terms to the mughal rulers. Mughal rule was finally terminated after 1857 Indian war of independence against the East India Company. The timely help of Rani Chennamma at keladi to Chatrapathi Raja Ram maharj was very crucial and her daring spirit can not be ignored. Rani Chennamma shines gloriously in the annals of Indian history and her contribution has gone down the Indian history in golden letters.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is the gate of Hell and there is a great commotion everywhere. A huge crowd is jolsting and pushing around. There are many guards of hell trying to control the situation. In the mean time, the Record keeper of hell Chitragupta arrives)

Chitragupta. What is happening her? Why this commotion?

Bhootnath ( Guard). Sir Today there are many arrivals into hell from earth.

Chitragupth. This is strange. From which part of earth they arrived? Are they from Asia?

Bhootnath. There is a place called Jamboodweep with Bharta versh and Bharat khand.

Chitragupta. Oh.That is Hindustan. Now a portion of it is called India.

Bhootnath. Correct sir. These guys are from India. Last week, you gave us a list of persons to be brought here today. The list had 7500 names and out of the list, 6000 were Indians. Today, our Yamadoots brought them here.

Chitragupta. Strange! Why so many are there from India?

Bhootnath. Sir In India, evil is maximum. Almost every political leader is found to be corrupt. There can be some exceptions. But most of such guys had already died.

Chitragupta. Oh I see. (He goes to the gate) Look sinners. Welcome to hell. Today, we have many arrivals. It will take some time to check all of you and complete documentation. We may have to do medical examination too. You have to go through security check and these things will take time. Have patience.

Ekambram( from crowd ) Brother. We have been waiting here since long. I am getting vexed up. Is this the way you receive us here.

Yamdoot . How dare! Do you need a VIP treatment here ?You are sinner. In fact, you are required to be taken in being dragged after kicking hard. We have been polite.

Ekambram. I was a minister in Delhi. I am surely a VVIP. I demand special treatment.

Yamdoot. Here all are sinners. Once you leave earth, all are on same platform. In fact, you being a minister should have been a better person. You received higher education, good upbringing and comforts. What made you a sinner? You must feel ashamed.

Eakambram. In politics one can not be honest. We have to manage the show. We have to keep the majority guys with us. That is why, we have to close eye when some other guys do mischief and resort to evil practices.

Chitragupta. Why so? Is it is a must that you should be a minister and stick to power. Don’t you have ethics and morals? Did you father and mother told you to be dishonest and corrupt?

Ekambram. Why do you bring them here? In politics there are no morals. George Bernard Shaw the great English man once stated that it is the last resort of a scoundrel.

Yamddot. Their souls must be crying over your deeds. So you are a scoundrel as per him.

Ekambram. How dare you tell me like that? I shall show you.( looks back) Where is my security?

Yamdoot. Hee..Heee. You are a dead guy and they are left at Delhi in India.

Ekambram. Never mind. I can tackle you.

( Ekambram picks up a steel post at entrance and throws at Yamdoot. It passes through him,. He laughs. Hee,,heee.)

Yamdoot. You swine. You are still not changed. I shall teach you.

Chitragupta. Please go ahead and do your job. Kick him hard .

( Yamdoots gather and kick Ekabram black and blue. He collapses and is dragged around over rough ground as if he is dog. Another Yamdoot brings hot lead and pours in ears of Ekambram. These acts give great suffering to him. He cries loudly. In the mean time Gandhi, Nehru and Patel happen to pass close by and stop at entrance of hell)

Gandhi. What is the matter? Why the guy is being beaten up so badly?

Yamdoot. Please do not interfere. It is none of your business. This is hell and these are great sinners. More awaits them inside.

Gandhi. They are still outside and are not taken in.

Yamdoot. True. But this guy is arguing. He thinks he is still a minister at Delhi.

Patel.Is he aminister. Let me see him.

( Patel looks at him)

Patel. Are you not ashamed to be here.You brought shame to all the leaders.

Ekambram. Where is shame in politics? This is part of game. If we are concerned about such things we would have become doctors and engineers and administrators.

Patel. Come on sir. Even administrators are now in jail in AP state for helping out the top brass. But you must have also studied well.

Ekambram. Yeah. I graduated from a US university.

Patel. Did they teach you to be corrupt? What is this YEAH?

Ekambram. No Institution teaches such things. Yeah is an American usagein place of Yes.Circumstances and opportunities decide whether one has to be corrupt.

Patel. Look. During our times too we had many opportunities But we did not make money. We were surely honest. No one speaks badly about us.

Gandhi. True. Guys may condemn us for vivisecting the country in 1947and accepting creation of Pakistan. But no one stated that we did for money. It was a political compulsion in fact.

Ekambram. Everyone is after money. Without money how can we contest? Who will vote for us?. We have to spend a fortune for many activities.

Yamdoot. Sir, enough of this discussion. Please do not waste your and our time on such jokers. We are getting late. There are many in waiting. Please go away from here. Once they are inside you will not know what happens to them. What you have seen is only a tiny fraction of what we do actually.

Gandhi. True. Please do your job sir. We are sorry we troubled you.

Chitragupta. Never mind. I know you are respected people of India. I also know that you are in heavens for the good deeds done. But one day you have to be here for all the failures. A man can not be 100 faultless. You can not a sage of yore. Even some of them suffered here.

Nehru. So, Bapu, we have to here one day..eee..ee…ee….aa..a..aaa…I am scared.

Patel. Look Jawaharlal, How can you be eternally be in heavens? You know clearly what you have done all your life. So one has to be prepared. I am not scared. I think Bapu is also not scared.

Gandhi.I shall sing Ramdhun if I am brought to hell. That would reduce suffering.

Chitragupta. It will not work here. It is OK on earth.

Gandhi. How can it be?

Yamdoot. You shall know soon after coming here.

Nehru.Bapu. Let us go from here.I am scared.

Gandhi.OK. Run.

( The trio runs away from the gates of the hell while Yamdoots laugh loudly)