Thursday, September 18, 2008



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

Politics in Andhra Pradesh are complex and are always uncertain. It is one of the largest states in India and has great role to play in national politics too. The State comprising of Telangana, Coastal Andhra and Royala seema provinces has never amalgamated itself into one homogeneous state and regional fissures have been playing great part in the elections to the State Assembly and in parliamentary elections too. Regional feelings, caste, religion, dialect and creed have always played their dubious roles in all elections including the panchayat and municipal elections. Entry of Mega star of Telugu films Chiranjeevi has added new dimensions to the already complex political scene in AP state. In fact, Chiranjeevi delayed announcing of his party for a long period and finally the cat was out of the bag when he announced the formation of party Praja Rajyam at a mammoth meeting at Tirupathi recently.
Andhra Pradesh originally was the bastion of Indian National Congress. The original congress party broke into factions and the one led by Indira Gandhi has finally become victorious and remained on the scene. The famous and charismatic Film star Nandamoori Taraka Rama Rao known popularly as NTR broke the backbone and continuous rule of Congress in the state after forming Telugu Desam Party. He exploited the sentiments of Telugu people after Sri T Anjiah the simpleton and un assuming and simple Chief Minister of the State was insulted by Rajiv Gandhi (He had no position at that time) publicly during a visit to Hyderabad. Congress was then sent on leather hunt by NTR for decades and was out of power. Telugu Desam party too has seen ups and downs and NTR was replaced in a coup de tat by his son- in- law Chandra babu Naidu when it was clear that Laxmi Parvathi, wife of NTR was gaining importance in the party and emerging as successor to NTR when his health started failing. Chandra babu ruled effectively for next two terms and lost power to congress after an anti establishment vote. Probably Janmabhoomi (Mother earth) Programme and agitation against reforms in the power sector took the toll in the elections. Dr Rajasekhar Reddy the leader from Royala seema successfully led congress party to victory in previous Assembly elections. Lot of water has flown under the mat during the last few years. Telangana sentiment has again come to the forefront. K Chadrasekahr Rao the Velama leader from Telangana and former leader of Telugu Desam parted ways with Chandra Babu Naidu and formed Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) to fight for a separate Telangana state. This has resulted in some losses to Telugu Desam in Telangana region in last elections. However in recent bye-elections held in the state TRS received jolts and lost its hold. Congress and Telugu desam made in –roads into the region and it is no more seen as the bastion of TRS. The inner bickering in TRS and infighting caused immense damage to TRS and it is struggling to put up bold face. Formation of Telangana appears a mirage. People are apprehensive of TRS and the recently formed party by dissident leader Devendra Goud (Previously from TDP) and see them as mere opportunists. On earlier occasions too Telangana movement (1968) was backstabbed by its leader Marri Chenna Reddy the former Chief Minister of the State who played the role of Brutus. As elections are drawing closer, speculations also are on the rise on the likely outcome of next elections in the state. It is also true that Government at center too would be influenced by the results of AP elections.
The most important question on every ones mind is “Will entry of Chiranjeevi in AP politics makes any difference? Is he going to make to the throne in the present complex scene?” Let us examine the issues. Chiranjeevi has been a very popular film hero with mass following. Some of his roles have identified himself with the downtrodden and poor and exploited. He has not done mythological roles (except one or two) like NTR that have transformed him into godly figure in the state among Telugu people. NTR has also done many social films and was a great successful actor in all types of roles. He was the doyen of Telugu cinema. Chiranjeevi however has not reached the level of NTR fame although he is very popular with large following. Popularity among people is different and transformation of it into votes is not that easy. Chiranjeevi entered films almost three decades ago when NTR was very much at the top and established himself as a popular hero. Very soon he carved a place for himself in the tough competition in the filmdom. The question now is the triangular contest with some side kicks such as TRS Majlis Ittehad Ul Muslimeen (MIM) , Lok Satta of Jaya prakash narayan, the self styled moralist , Communists ( all types A to Z) and independents scratching around and taking part in the cross country marathon run.
When NTR dethroned Congress from the power decades ago, the contest was between him and the congress party only. The sentiments of Telugus and charisma of NTR and craving for a change did the trick and Congress was thrown out Lock Stock and Barrel on a wild goose chase and on leather hunt. Things are not that simple now. Telugu desam party has sufficient strong hold in the State. More over there is no very severe anti congress tempo in the people although unhappiness prevails. The TDP party has the backing of star sons and grandsons of NTR such as Balakrishna, Harikrishna, Junior NTR and Kalyan Ram with their own reckoning. More over Telugu Desam Party has a well knit and established and time proven organization at the smallest level in the state with a dynamic and seasoned leader Chandra babu Naidu at the top. Congress on other front is trying to rope- in Dr Rajasekhar another popular film hero along with his actor director wife Jeevitha. But their following is limited. Balakrishna and Junior NTR have been successful heroes in films and have wide following. In this scenario, it is unlikely that Chiranjeevi would sweep the polls based on his film popularity alone. He has to organize the party at various levels from the scratch and influence people and this is not that easy.
The manifesto of Chiranjjevi’s Praja Rajyam party is more socialist oriented with leftist overtones. Probably his roles in certain social films such as Mutta Mastry identifying with poor, illiterate and oppressed made the difference. He cannot project a different image now. Most of his roles identify him as the leader of oppressed and poor and naturally he would try to exploit such sentiments and image among youth and poor. MG Ramachandran (MGR) of Tamilnadu was a charismatic leader of oppressed class in Tamil movies and he successfully exploited the sentiments. People in Tamilnadu consider him as God. However Chiranjeevi in Telugu land has not reached the level of MGR or NTR to sweep the polls brushing aside the time proved and existing strong TDP and Congress party that would be in power while elections are held in the State. Those in power have some advantage such as gathering of intelligence of opposition parties from police and use of official machinery etc.
As usual some leaders from Congress party attacked Chiru by claiming that the Film actor had no experience in politics and that politics is not like singing duets and doing some break dance and fighting alone with scores of goons (Fake). Some members of shouting brigade from Congress even said Chiru was alcoholic while others said his party is a family party and had no useful manifesto. These critics forgot that politics is not reserved for them and every one has right to play his role and take part in it. Character assassination appears to be the aim in AP politics. The utterances of some so called leaders reveal how far the Telugus have fallen in public life. Probably in West too similar things are happening. Fundamentally it is the fallen values in human behavior. In fact Congress leaders developed perspiration at the size of the crowd at the launch of Chiru’s party. They did not expect that the launch would be of that magnitude. However they displayed brave face stating that people in the state knew the developments that took place in the state under their rule.
Now the congress is going about beating its (empty?) drum of achievements. It has gone to the extent of claiming that the rains in the state are also due to its good rule. What a fallacy indeed? Rains, clouds, light, sunrays, seasons, humidity, dust and summer heat are not the gift of any ruler or political party. It is purely God’s will. In future they could claim that availability of air for breathing in Andhra Pradesh was also the gift of congress rule with center’s blessing and could be part of Arogya Sri campaign in the state. Chiru ofcourse remained calm. He however said that his main opposition was congress. He also stated that he would pave way for a Dalit Chief Minister incase of victory and if the party wanted accordingly. It would be difficult to say now whether the promise would be really upheld if he wins. Infact this is all hypothetical. It is very difficult to control when a sweet is hanging close to the mouth. It is also highly improbable that Chiru would have a cakewalk in the coming elections. The existing electorate would be no doubt divided. People now no doubt want a change and the Chiru’s manifesto and promise of giving a clean government may be attractive to youth. But a great sweep is unlikely. During Congress rule, the prices of all commodities and real estate have sky rocketed and life has become miserable to a common man. As elections are drawing close, the present government is announcing all types of schemes irrespective of viability most of which could prove disastrous to the economy. More the Chief Minister announcing these benefits more he is getting trapped in the quagmire. He has been naming each and every activity and project in the name of Rajeev Gandhi the slain former Prime Minister. All these actions cannot be converted to votes in reality. Chandra Babu already announced that if he came to power he would change all these silly shows and campaigns and change names too. Sadly the dead men and their names are becoming scapegoats in the power politics.
People definitely now want a change. But it is unlikely that Chiru would sweep polls. Neither Congress nor Chandra babu would. Chiru may rope- in Kapu votes and also from a section of crazy youth for his histrionics, Mutta Mastry image, break dances and talent as actor. In all probabilities, Chiru cannot get a sweeping victory. He will definitely make a dent into the vote bank of TDP and congress. No doubt the rivals of Chiru are having nightmares with changed political scene. We have to wait and see the end result of drama in AP Politics to be unfolded very soon. Till then just relax and enjoy over a drink………….

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

What is Mujahideen? The actual meaning of Mujahideen is a struggler. However in practice, it has been identified with such men who are fighting Jihad ( in their own way) for self glorified Islamic cause. Now it is always related to religious and Islamic connection. The word is also used as some sort of title to Islamic names. Many names of Muslims proudly carry the word Mujahid because the acts of those who fight for the religion are glorified. As it is, Holy Qoran prescribes that those who die in the cause of religion (Islam) attain paradise directly to enjoy all comforts. Thus the word Mujahideen has come to stand for a religious fighter although in real sense the word is not connected to religion. In the late 20th century and early 21st century, the term "Mujahideen" became the name of various armed fighters who subscribe to militant Islamic ideologies and identify themselves as Mujahideen, although there is not always an explicit "holy" or "warrior" meaning of the word. Indian Mujahideen are a recent terror outfit active in India, who has claimed the responsibility of several civilian attacks in India (1). It is not that Indian Mujahideen are some type of special men. All Islamic terrorists claim themselves as Mujahideen. Therefore most of the terrorist outfits name themselves including the word Mujahid.

Indian intelligence agencies have stated that the Indian Mujahideen are terror activists who have been banned in the country; such as the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HuJi) a Bangladesh based organization and Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). Several recent bombings (July 25, 2008 in Bangalore and July 26th, 2008 in Ahmedabad) have been attributed to this little known organization. Several different militant groups have since taken root in Indian Kashmir. Most noticeable of these groups are Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM). A 1996 report by Human Rights Watch estimated the number of active militants at 3,200. The recent Delhi bomb blasts are claimed by this organization. The group has distributed a pamphlet in connection with recent Delhi Bomb blasts. The text of the pamphlet is given at Appendix A to this paper (3).

The email recived during Jaipur blasts claimed that Indian Mujahideen had formed three wings -- Shahbuddin Gouri Brigade (for South India), Mahmood Gaznavi Brigade (for North India) and Shaheed Al-Zarqawi Brigade (suicide attackers) -- to target various cities in the country. The names of Shabuddin Ghori and Mohammed Ghaznavi are from the medieval period. Now they are glorifying the Al Qaeda terrorist killed in Iraq in an American air raid. These were rulers of Kabul who led expeditions against India during 12 century and finally managed to establish Muslim rule at Delhi in 1192. Ghaznavi is glorified for looting and pillaging Somanath temple in Gujrat (1001-1026) apart from many other shrines in India. These men are worshipped by Muslims as great warriors who subdued Hindustan in bye gone ages. Pakistan has also named their missiles by their names. They however forget that Ghori was defeated several times by Prithviraj Chauhan before he was defeated by treachery and killed. Shabuddin Ghori was mean and did not reciprocate in the same way as Prithviraj Chauhan acted when Ghori was captured in earlier battles. Conduct as gentle man cost Chauhan his life and kingdom. The Mujahideen derive inspiration from the names of Ghaznavi and Ghori as Hindus derive the same from Rajput warrior king Maha Rana Pratap (1572-1597) and Maratha King and warrior Shivaji Maharaj (1630-1680). The pamphlet distributed by the Indian Mujahideen reveal following:

1.Allah is the only one to be believed and there is no other one and can be equated to him. Naturally all others who believe other Gods are Kafirs and are to be dealt with sternly.

2.All Hindus must accept Allah and save themselves from annihilation

3.The Hindu Gods such as Ram, Krishna and Hanuman and other thousands of Gods made by clay are not going to save Hindus from getting killed by Mujahideen.

4.Hindus who believe in monkeys, pigs and naked statues would be destroyed at the hands of Mujahideen. Basically Mujahideen are critical of idol worship by Hindus that is very much opposed by Muslims.

5.It is claimed that Hindus are persecuting and suppressing Muslims in India and therefore would be slaughtered on the streets

6.Victories of Mohammed Bin Qasim, Ghaznavi and Mohammed Ghori are recalled to strike fear in the hearts of Hindus

7.The Mujahideen display great hatred towards Hindus of Gujrat who are held responsible for the attacks on Muslims after Godhra rail carnage some years ago. They vouch to kill the Hindus in Gujrat by conducting Jihad.

8.They are abusive of Narendra Modi who is the Chief Minister of Gujrat and give a challenge to him

9.They are critical of Police and Military in India and claim that they are Pro Hindu and watched when Muslims were killed

10. They claim that various commissions that were formed to enquire into Gujrat riots were bogus and they did no justice

11.Mujahidden give a call to all Muslims in Gujrat to rise and fight Hindus and take revenge. They to inspire Muslims highlight Qoranic quotes.

12. The Mujahideen are critical of Rashtriya Sewak Sangh (RSS) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) for their alleged complicity in Gujrat riots and swear to kill them each and take revenge for the killings of Muslims.

13.The terms Democracy, secularism, equality, integrity, peace, freedom, voting, elections are yet another fraud with Mujahideen. They do not believe in them.

14.Muajahideen have warned the governments of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka and claimed that innocent Muslim youth are arrested and harassed in these states on the pretext of being members of SIMI. Unless this is stopped they warn that mayhem would be let loose in these states.

15.News papers such as Times of India are also warned for their columns on Islamic terrorism and for one sided articles

16.Ambanis are also warned not to construct a temple on a waqf land or else serious actions would be taken on them

17.Vilasrao Deashmukh of Maharashtra also has been warned to mend his ways

18.Special warning has been given to Hyderabad Police and AP Government for arresting and harassing Muslim youth.

In nutshell, Indian Mujahideen appear to have the agenda for taking revenge for the Gujrat riots. They harbor a grudge that the Hindu forces systematically killed Mulsims in Gujrat and the government has done nothing to bring culprits to justice. They have no faith in the law enforcing agencies in India and see them as abettors of Hindu forces. They are clouded with anti Hindu tirade and try to inspire Muslims in the cause of Islam. Qoranic verses are quoted to inspire Muslims to join Jihad and save Islam. Following are relevant :-

1. “Fight them (the disbelievers), Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and give you victory over them and He will heal the hearts of those who believe.” (Qur’an 9:14).

2. “O you who believe! Fight those disbelievers who are near you and let them find harshness in you and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty unto Him. (Qur’an 9: 123)

3.“Go forth light armed or heavy armed and fight with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah, that is better for you if you but knew.[(Qu’ran 9: 41).

4.The hosts (of the kafireen) will all be routed and will turn and flee. [Qur’an 54: 45].

It is very unfortunate that in modern times too they are seeing Islam as the only religion that should stay around and rest all have no place in this world. The philosophy of Indian Mujahieen is no different from that of Al Qaida and Wahhabi Philosophy. The language used to exhort Muslims to wage Jihad is forceful like used by other terrorist outfits and Muslim youth naturally feel inspired at Qoranic verses that are quoted ( Given above) (4).

No doubt Terrorism has taken deep roots in India. Now it is home bred. It is generally believed that government policies of appeasement and pseudo secularism practiced for creating vote banks right from the days of partition of sub continent in 1947 has done the greatest damage to the society. A section of Muslims feel alienated and Babri Maszid demolition and Gujrat riots have added fuel to the fire. Inability of Government to deal sternly with the terrorists and sympathizers and the present delay in judicial proceedings have contributed greatly to today’s quagmire in which nation is stuck. Inability to hang condemned Afzal Guru the terrorist who master minded attack on Indian Parliament while in session is the live example and reveals the helplessness by the rulers in the country. The misguided youth among Muslims fully know the weakness of the government and thus some of them are walking into terrorist activities without knowing that there is no coming back from it except through death.

Terrorist outfits such as Lashkar- e- Toiba (LET), Jaish e Mohammed (JEM), Harkat ul Mujahideen ( HUM) Jammu and Kashmir ( J & K) Liberation front are mostly concentrating their activities in Jammu and Kashmir while organizations such as SIMI and the present Indian Mujahideen have fanned out in the entire country. There is a saying that it is very difficult even for God to catch a thief from within household. The sizable Muslim population in various Indian cities has also aided to spreading of these nefarious outfits. The problem becomes more complex when these terrorists look same as any normal person in India. It becomes very difficult to identify or suspect even. You never know your neighbor with whom you are meeting every day could be a sympathizer or directly involved. On the other hand, government is forced to go slow in investigations and follow up due to vote bank politics apart from political interference in the function of law enforcing agencies (5) (6) (7) (8). On the whole, the scene in India appears very gloomy and unless very hard decisions are taken in this regard situation would slip out of hand. The government occasionally repeats that a new law would be made soon to deal with terrorism. In fact Indian Penal Code is exhaustive and the provisions in the code are sufficient to deal sternly with such outfits. Most of the crimes would be treason and waging war against the country. Why go slow on such criminals? What is required is the will to enforce it truly with determination that is lacking today in the country (9). What we require to day is people like Sardar Vallabhai Patel the iron man of India and the first and former Deputy Prime Minister and Lal Bahadur Shastri the former Prime Minister of India and not the vacillating and color changing leaders that go around as true patriots serving the country.



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Dr K Prabhaakr Rao


Here is the text of a pamphlet released by “Indian Mujahideen in the land of Hind,” an Islamist group which takes credit for the recent strings of bombing in India. It is entitled: THE RISE OF JIHAD, REVENGE OF GUJARAT. An Indian friend sent it to me. I skipped a few Koran quotes at the beginning. It makes chilling reading:

Here we are back - the Mujahideen of India - the terrorists on the disbelievers - the radicals of Islam - after our triumphant and successful assault at Jaipur, once again calling you all, who disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) to accept Islam and bear witness that there is none to be worshipped except Allah, and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah. Accept Islam and save yourselves.O Hindus! O disbelieving faithless Indians! Haven’t you still realized that the falsehood of your 33 crore dirty mud idols and the blasphemy of your deaf, dumb, mute and naked idols of ram, krishna and hanuman are not at all going to save your necks, Insha-Allah, from being slaughtered by our hands? Nor is your fictitious faith in monkeys, pigs and nude statues going to save you from the Wrath of Allah and His Humiliating Punishment. Know that it is only the true confession of the Oneness of Allah Alone, with no associates, that can save your blood from being spilled on the streets of your own cities.

We call you, O Hindus, O enemies of Allah, to take an honest stance with yourselves lest another attack of Ibn-e-Qasim sends shivers down your spines, lest another Ghauri shakes your foundations, and lest another Ghaznawi massacres you, proving your blood to be the cheapest of all mankind! Have you forgotten your history full of subjugation, humiliation, and insult? Or do you want us to repeat it again? Take heed before it is too late!

Yes! We - the terrorists of India – THE INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN, - the militia of Islam whose each and every Mujahid belongs to this very soil of India - have returned, to execute the compulsion of Allah:

“Fight them (the disbelievers), Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and give you victory over them and He will heal the hearts of those who believe.” (Qur’an 9:14).

Here we begin the answer to your tyranny and oppression, raising the illustrious banner of Jihad against the Hindus and all those who fight and resist us, and here we begin our revenge with the Help and Permission of Allah, - A terrifying revenge of our blood, our lives, and our honor that will Insha-Allah terminate your survival on this land.

Remember, O you Gujarati Hindus! O you filthy, shameless and foul creatures! O you Gujarati Hindus, most immoral and the most gutless cowards! Remember whom you have fought against! You have fought against the inheritors of a Messenger of Allah, of a Prophet of Allah whose terror was cast on the enemy from a distance of a month’s journey.

You have fought against the warriors who love death more than you love life, who fight for a cause that makes them enter a never-ending Paradise, who fight for an absolute purpose - the purpose of making Islam superior over all religions.

So wait! ……………. Await now……….! Wait only for five minutes from now! …. Wait for the Mujahideen and Fidayeen of Islam and stop them if you can - who will make you feel the terror of Jihad. Feel the havoc cast into your hearts by Allah, the Almighty, face His Dreadful Punishment, and suffer the results of fighting the Muslims and the Mujahideen. Await the anguish, agony, sorrow and pain. Await, only for 5 minutes, to feel the fear of death.

All Praise and Glory be to Allah, Who Alone Helps His slaves, Who Alone Fulfils His Promise, and Who Alone Defeats the enemy.

O leader of disbelieving cowards and eunuchs, Narendra Modi!

O you base-born of illegitimate birth!

O you spineless coward!

You boast of the pride of Gujarat and pride of Gujaratis. You brag of your filthy faith and conviction in Hindutva. You are the one who claims to be committed and devoted to Gujarat. You sick politician who used Hinduism to complete your evil desires. Look! We are back with the Will of Allah, striking in your own land. With the Will of Allah, assaulting and ruining your own cities, raiding and ravaging your own territory! Show us where has all your Gujarati asmita (pride) gone? Look, you have incurred Allah’s Wrath, You have provoked the Mujahideen to massacre you and your five and a half crore multitude of pathetic infidels who tortured us in the post- Godhra riots asking “where is your Allah”? Here He Is, The Most Supreme, The Most Sublime, with His Punishment to chastise you by our hands. We swear by Allah in Whose Hands are our lives, we will make you, O Modi, an example and a lesson, that the enemies of Islam should learn from. This is our beginning! Our commencement! Our Opening Launch! To burn you alive in your own Hell - your own Gujarat.

O You sick criminals of the Hindu Parishad! You nasty dogs of the RSS! Yes! We know you, we identify you by your ugly faces! We will not be satisfied until we make each and every criminal pay for every drop of blood you spilled and for each and every cry of the oppressed women and children. Our swords are ready to cut off your veins and to push you into the Hell Fire. This is our assurance to you, a promise to you, a pledge to you, which Allah Alone, The Most Exalted with His Will shall fulfill.

This is our Qisaas - our revenge, and in it lies our life. In the light of the injustice and wrongs on the Muslims of Gujarat, we advance our Jihad and call all our brethren under it to unite and answer these irresolute kafireen of India. We call you, O Muslims of Gujarat, to elevate yourselves from the fear of these wretched hindus, to unify all your courage and bravery that you have in your hearts. Come! Move forward and grasp the hold of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace be upon him). Get stimulated and reinforce all your strength to revive the same valor and daring as that of the Sahaabah (companions) of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) had. Show these weak-willed hindu cowards the onslaught of Khalid bin Waleed, the determination of Ali bin Abi Talib, the bravery of Saad bin Abi Waqqas, the heroism of Abu Bakr and Umar, and the guts of Talhah and Zubair. Let these spineless Hindus know that you inherit fearless courage of Salahuddin Ayyubi, Tariq bin Ziyad and Muhammad bin Qasim.

O Muslims of Gujarat! Inspire yourselves from the Qur’anic chapters of ‘Anfal’ and ‘Taubah’ and from the events of ‘Badr’ and ‘Uhud’. I ask you: Do you still hesitate to fight these hindus? Just think how much you and we have suffered during and after the riots. Think of the fraud perpetrated on us in the name of the Nanavati Commission. Remember the blasphemy of the Government in the name of judiciary and the fast-track courts. O my brethren! I ask you and make you witness over yourself. I ask you what good these bastard police and military have ever done for us? They all are one, and they unite for only one purpose - the annihilation of Muslims.

The terms Democracy, secularism, equality, integrity, peace, freedom, voting, elections are yet another fraud with us. Have you forgotten what the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “The believer is not stung twice by the same hole”. I ask you, who has healed your wounds so far? Congress, or BJP? Do you still want the media and agencies like “Tehelka” to expose your torture and make money in return of your burnt dead bodies and present all this in front of the judiciary so that they can watch this ‘drama’ of your killing and laugh at you, seeing you cry and beg for justice. By Allah! This is much more humiliating for us than being killed by their hands.

O Muslim youth of Gujarat! O you force of Islam! Stand up and rise! Fulfill your duty towards Allah:

“O you who believe! Fight those disbelievers who are near you and let them find harshness in you and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty unto Him. (Qur’an 9: 123)

“Go forth light armed or heavy armed and fight with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah, that is better for you if you but knew.[(Qu’ran 9: 41).

Come, O Muslim Youth! Make your preparations with whatever you have. Join our ranks and help us – the ranks of Indian Mujahideen to strengthen the Jihad against the Hindus. Get ready with all the weapons you have. Plan and organize your moves. Select your targets. Target these evil politicians and leaders of BJP, RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal, who provoke the masses against you. Target and kill the wicked police force who were watching the “fun” of your bloodshed and who handed you to the rioting sinful culprits. Target their hired

With these triumphant attacks, we send our message to all those faithless infidels and their hypocrite allies from amongst the so called Muslims like Arshad Madni & Mehmood Madni who have bartered their faith in return of just one seat in the Parliament and we hereby declare an ultimatum to all the state governments of India, especially to those of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra to stop harassing the Muslims and keep a check on their killing, expulsion, and encounters. We warn you of your foolish plots that you plan against us, thinking that you can curb our missions and foil our targets. Here are our demands that you must fulfill if you hope for your well being.

a) You agitated our sentiments and disturbed us by arresting, imprisoning, and torturing our brothers in the name of SIMI and the other outfits in Indore, Ujjain, Mumbai, and in other cities of Karnataka. We hereby notify you, especially the ATS and the STF and the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, to release them all, lest you become our next targets and victims of our next attack. Don’t consider us heedless about the crimes you have committed in recent Indore riots and all this will be, Insha-Allah brought to account very soon.

b) We warn the Andhra Pradesh government, specifically the Hyderabad Police, to release the imprisoned Muslim youth immediately, and to be wise with yourselves. We are watching you, and our ground-work to gun you down has already begun. Insha-Allah, we will be rid of you very soon.
c) To the Maharashtra government and the rascals like Vilasrao Deshmukh and R.R. Patil, we announce the deadline to take heed before it is too late. Don’t think we informers and spies even if they are the disloyal and betraying munafiqeen (hypocrites) of our Ummah. O Muslims of Gujarat! If a petty population of Rajasthani Gujjars can use force for fulfilling their needs, then are we even more subjugated than these backwards? are unaware of the SRPF attacks on our Masjids and our homes, the insult of our Qur’an and your enmity with the Muslims in Digras and the nearby areas in Yavatmal and of the burning alive of three Muslims in Jalna with the backing of police. Yes! It is all being recorded and you will face the ill consequences thereof. And also the troubles faced by the Madrasa students and Muslim women in Mumbai Western Railways. We wonder at your memory. Have you forgotten the evening of 7/11/2006 so quickly and so easily?

d.)You try to fool us in the name of fast-track courts made for ’93 riot cases, through which you wish to free the actual Hindu culprits like Madhukar Sarpotdar who was caught red-handed with illegal firearms while the innocent Muslims arrested in the bomb blast case are being tried in the courts for years and years. Is this the hellish justice you speak of? I urge all the Muslims of Maharashtra to denounce those Muslim MLA’s who prove themselves to be the loyal dogs of Congress and NCP. Beware! O you criminals! you are already on our hit-list and our cross-hair now! We also alert Mukesh Ambani to think twice before usurping and building a citadel on a land in Mumbai that belongs to the Waqf Board, lest it turns into horrifying memories for you which you will never ever forget.
e) The news of the lawyers of the Bar Council in UP denying to fight the cases of our Muslim brethren has already reached us. Remember, you are provoking us to repeat the same blasts in civil courts that blew up your bodies into pieces.
f) Lastly, we intimidate and threaten the Media and the News channels, especially the TIMES OF INDIA and the TIMES NOW to be extra cautious in their propaganda war against the Muslims. Your biased and impartial approach to the news and the noise and the politics you make of ‘Islamic Terrorism’ indicates your hostility, hatred and fear that you grudge against Muslims and your loyal allegiance to the cunning ones who call themselves the “Intelligence Bureau”. You become dumb when it comes to the oppression and torture of the Muslims, faced in riots, firing, encounters, police custodies, remand homes and civil courts and your propaganda turns violent to project the ‘brutality’ of ‘Islamic terrorists’ and their ‘ruthlessness’ and their ‘merciless mentality’ and so on. We warn you to end this hypocrisy or get ready for a bloody slaughter.

The Indian Mujahideen hereby claim the sole responsibility of the Gujarat serial blasts, planned and executed by Indians only and it is our request to Lashkar-e-Toiba and other organizations, for the sake of Allah, not to claim the responsibility for these attacks.

This message is a declaration of hostility towards all those who fight Allah, His Messenger, and His Religion. While hoping for the Help and Victory from Allah we declare that such and more severe attacks shall continue irrespective of what the blamers blame us for.

The hosts (of the kafireen) will all be routed and will turn and flee. [Qur’an 54: 45].
We ask Allah to forgive us and Have Mercy on us and Aid us to conquer the unbelievers and Guide us to raise His Word and degrade His enemies with His Will Alone.

And peace be upon His Messenger, and all those who follow the Guidance.

Signed in script by Al Arbi and AmenAlhindi


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Prof Dr Colonel ( Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Truth is very difficult to digest indeed. Particularly for some guys who are ground in the mill having lost all their self respect and individuality being in uniform. That is what Jaswant Singh A parliamentarian and a former army officer said in his book on army life . He served army for some time and left soon to join politics. He states that Army training is aimed at breaking the will of person into submission and making him a mere robot devoid of all his inner qualities, Very true to great extent. they guy turns into a parrot chirping Yes sir.. Yes sir three bags full... None for me and al for you....... Inspite of such tough training at IMA some officers retain their original bearings and moorings. Such men can not accept the nonsense that goes on under the cover of discipline, training, bootlicking and sychophancy which many dies hards do. Certain hard core and die hard guys can not accept criticism and real facts and they dish out harsh out bursts out of ignorance while they might have spent their time in uniform doing slavery under the guise of discipline aprt frrom sychophancy, bootlicking to be straight. We can't do any thing to them because they are made that way and we have to feel sorry for them and for their ignorance and inability to see truth and have an iota of self respect. They consider the revealings of truth by any one as frustration and feel that the guys reveling truths better have gone out of uniform thus saving the organization. They feel themselves as the greatest saviors of the organization while they are the worst. Moles hiding under earth make tunnels and degrade the soil and make it weak. Such guys do more damage to the organization like moles because the yes masters go with flow without spine and support and take part in activities that finally undermine organisations at a later stage causing unimaginable damage. Indian army is the living example. God bless such souls acting as the saviors of the organization leading a pseudo life of outward show with tight upper lip although they burn with in.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Thursday, September 4, 2008


There is lot of tussle going on over the pay, status and equivalaence. Status depends on following:
a. How much money you are making this way or that way
b. What is the official power you enjoy in society
c. Do have some thing with you i.e authority for which others flock to you
d. Are you given special powers and authority as commissioned officer in civil society
e. Are you given exemption for vital things in society or made to stand in line always along with sundry and whores, pimps and some times anti socials too.

How much money you make is agin controversial. governmnwt servents can not make fortunes if they are limited to their prescribed salary as per what they get as pay cheque.
The guys in departmnets such as Regional Transport Authority( RTA), Municiapal comissioners, commercial taxes, Excise commissioners, Irrigation, Roads and buildings, Electricity borads, Law enforceing agencies make huge amounts of money under the table and now the guys from education field too have joined them. Such things have been accepted as a routine. Any agency dealing with public has ample scope for making tons of money. Sadly army has none and It is good that way. Army has remained comparatively clean although many critics claim the claenliness claimed is conditional. In whatever form if you have plenty of money you have clout. This is simple unwritten law.
In civil society a District collector is a uncrowned king and entire machinery prostrates flat in front of him. He can give many things to others and all things come to him easily at a wink. He is much junior at the precedence level. Where does army guys stand? They have nothing with them except uniform and with in their camp. Jee Huzuri is done with in four walls. But a Clollector gets Jee huzuri every where even if he visits an army camp or mess. All are after him. When you do not have authority and power you must have plenty of money. Think of driving into a star hotel on a two wheeler ( Most of the army guys few decades ago were happy on Lambretta scooter and some were with Vespa scooter. REcently one movie came out with army officer a major saheb on scooter) and see what reception you get. You land up in a Skoda, Lara, Mitsubishi, Sonata gold or Benz or Audi see the difference. When you land up in a Maruthi 800 things are again different. Not much of smiles on the face of Gurads and chaukidars at the entrnce. In nut shell status is directly proprtional to the money power you wield. Do not quote Mahatma Gandhi ,Iswarchand Vidya sagar or simpleton Vinoba Bhave of bye gone ages. World is changed. Army officers are being insulted, humiliated at every place and even locked up by police too on some occasions later claimed as mitakem identity. The civil society's attitude has changed towards army guys. One by one, facilities and perks of army officers have been marginalised and curtailed. The state govt collects vat on canteen liquor and on other things and army looks on helplessly. I remember that under Kings regulations a Major of army had the power of dispersing unruly crowd at any time and this was a great authority. This was a magistrial power. To disperse a crowd during riots etc and to open fire, magistrate has to be present. If army is called, the situation has to be handed over to the officer present. After independence, Kings regulations were wiped out by the topiwallahs and Dhotiwallahs. There is no doubt that armys status has been systematically and deliberately downgraded and it is a self doing by all means although many claim to be other way. Entire thing has slipped off from hands now. Money decides every thing to day. When top guys run for posts of Governors after retirement they can not stand verical while in uniform. They will have drooping shoulders and bent spine. Their own organization will be let down by them. Remember the 1857 war. Mughal emperor Bahadur shah Zafar could not pay the sepoys at Delhi during the war and the men slowly started slipping away. He had to beg people for donations and they came in. Even in the war of independence of 1857 people fought for money sake. Things have not changed much to day. Army is calling for more money. You can not brush them aside and if it is done dooms day is around the corner. With a demoralised army and bright and committed and disillusioned men looking otherway one can not expect to win. Any amount of Chetwode quotes will not do. Flashing of swords, gleaming bayonets at parades can not guarantee that India is secure. The sermons and Chetwode quotes are forgotten with in few years. They are slogans of past. Empty stomochs do not fight. They have to be satisfied that their families are taken care of by the civil society if they die in war. Look at AP Govt. They have lathicharged Ex servicemen several times. What we can expect from such governments. Why one would lay down his life? and why should he ? Is it for the corrupt politicians running the show at all levels? Surely not. National spirit? I doubt. On republic day and 15 August, songs blare out:

Ham layehain toofaan se kishti nikal ke...... is desh ko rakhna mere bachho sambhalke

Meri Desh ki Dharathi... eeeee..eeeeee.eeeee Mere deshki dharthi ugle sona meri deshki dharthi.... aaaa...aaaaa.aaaaaaaaa

Watna ke raha me watan ke naujawan shahid ho.... Pukarte hain Ye Zamin asman shahid Ho...Watan....

Suno suno oh dunita walo bapu kee jo amar kahani... Oh Bapu jo pooj hai kitana utna ganga maa ka pani... eeeee

Those days have vanished now. All the above songs no more inspire youngsters to join forces. Neither they change heart of vexed uo army officers to hang around in uniform. Money is todays criteira. Espirit de corps that kept army together is no more there. It has been very much diluted.The rat race in army has taken the toll and the seniors letting down the juniors is common. What respect the PBOR will have. If ISI is worth its salt Pak army would win in next war that is not far away .We have seen what happened in 1962 war with yellow men. But for fear of John F Kennedy President of USA, they could have occupied Tezpur. Chinese’s dream of annexation of Assam belt would have been complete. The entire thing now has become a cess pool and there is no way out. Take care of army soon or be prepared for the worst for the natiion in short times to come. Our neighbors are no more friends . India has rather no friend in the neighbor. All are awaiting disaster for India. Army , air force and Navy are the only Institutions that can keep your independednce intact facilitating topiwallahs, Jodhpur coat wallahs, Chudidhra wallahs and turban wallhas to enjoy in parliament and make laws. NONE ELSE. THIS IS THE TRUTH. NOT JUST TRUTH BUT UTTER NAKED TRUTH

DR K Prabhakar Rao