Sunday, January 31, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen strolling on the road in Hyderabad at gun park near assembly hall)

Gandhi. Patel. This place appears to be good. Lot of greenery is here. There is also a big ancient gun with great carvings on it

Patel . Yeah Bapu. This belongs to the times of earlier Nizams. Bapu. You know , there is a place called Gun foundry close to this place. In Telugu it is called Topula Bhatti.

Nehru. What is so great about it?

Patel. Guns were cast there.

Gandhi. I see

Patel. In those days Nizam favored French guys and he had a French General in Hyderabad. He was Monsieur Raymond.

Gandhi. Your knowledge in History is creditable

Patel. Thanks Bapu.

Nehru. Good. I also like it.

Patel. Thanks guys.

( In the mean time a crowd collects there. They start shouting Jai Telangana..Jai..jai Telangana. Chidambaram down down.. Atmosphere becomes tense In the mean time some political leaders arrive in cars and soon they are surrounded by the crowd. The leaders get down from cars and go to crowd. Crowd shouts go back go back.. Telangana Drohulu…Go back.)

Leader. Please listen to me. Please do not call us Drohulu ( Traitors). We are with you.

Student Prashant. Come on go. You are Drohi. You are thief. You have not resigned even after so many warnings

Leader. Please give us some time. If we resign who will talk to Chidambaram. We would not like to loose our positions to help you.

Student Kiran. Hee..hee.. So you want positions. Here students are dying one after the other for Telangana. You swine. You want position. How dare you talk like that? I shall break your teeth now itself.

Leader. Please do not be so crude. Behave. Remember you are talking to a MLA.

Student Bheem. So what, if you are an MLA? What is so big about it?Tell us why you have not resigned?

Student lachhanna. What he can say? They are after power and position. He has become a ledaer and he also must have spent crores of rupees to win elections. How can he resign? He will loose all perks.

Student Lateef. Yeah. He is yet to make up his money. So he can not resign. Chal Bhag yahha se. chor kainka.

Leader. Shut up you guys. Stop talking all shit.

Student Narsanna. You shut up. Go back or else..

Leader. What you will do?

( In the mean time some police men and Inspector surround the leader sensing trouble)

Inspector. Sir. Better leave this place. People are tense.

( In the mean time Gandhi ad Nehru walk to the leader curiously)

Gandhi. Look Inspector. I am Gandhi. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Father of Nation.

Inspector. Come on old man. Is this time to beg and for this fashion show and fancy dress competition?

Nehru. Inspector. Better know. He is real Gandhi. I am real Nehru. Look. That man is real Patel.

Inspector. Come on guys. Go away from here. Why are creating problem? We are already tense.

Gandhi. Look Oh leader. If you are really sincere for Telangana, why you are not resigning. Are you after power and position?

Leader. I need not answer all tom Dick and Harry

Gandhi. Am I tom dick and Harry? Have some shame.

Student Narsimha. That is good. That is the way. Let him eat grass.. Ghas khilao saale ko.. thoda akkal aayega.

Gandhi. Are you a leader? You do not become a leader by winning elections. Any joker can win elections if he spends money in India. ( sings and does jig)

Look oh foolish guy posing as leader
Are you not a corruption breeder?
Just in to your inner heart kindly look
I am sure you shall find yourself to be a great chaet and crook

Inspector. Come on stop singing. Stop dancing also. Is this the place for dance and drama?

Nehru. This is the correct place. The real actors are seen here. This leader claims to be the MLA and is the real actor. He acts as if he is with Telangana agitation. But he is scared to resign. He is a great actor.

Gandhi. The people who elected him are fooled.The election it self is a big drama and these MLAs are all actors with colored faces.

Leader. Look old man. Why are you interfering here? In what way you are bothered and concerned? It is between me and the Telanganites

Gandhi. I am also one among them. Go back. You nut.

( Students shout Go back.. Go back.. Jo hamse takrayega .. mitti me mil jayega..I the mean time a student throws a stone at the leader. Some guys push him from behind and the leader falls down. The police men try to stop the students. But students are many. They are uncontrollable and jump on the fallen leader. The leader is pulled up by some one holding his collar and another one thrashes him hard. The leader cries and begs them to leave him. Agitators do not leave him and bash him up thoroughly. His shirt is torn. His pant is also pulled off and the leader stands in inner garments. He begs with folded hands)

Leader. Mere Bap. Mere Bhai.. Mujhe chod dho.. Mujhe Maaf karo.. Mai idhar kabhi nahee isteefa dedoonga.. Suno.. mere Bhai.. (cries)

( Police men with great difficulty rescue him and take him away from the crowd)

Pulliah. Bhag gaya saala. Bach gaya. Iskito aisi ki taisi. Uska Gaadi hai. Jalao saleka gadi ko..jalao..

Mallesh. Jalao. Jalao..Janena pai. Haraam kee kamaayee hai saale ki...

( Pulliah and Mallesh run to the Sumo vehicle and sprinkle petrol all over and light match stick. With great flash, the vehicle catches fire and soon it is engulfed. Students shout Jai Telangana.. Jai Jai Telangana)

Gandhi. Ohfo. These guys have become very violent

Patel Bapu. It always happens like this.

Nehru. The leader was tactless. He infuriated students with his talk that was rude.

Gandhi. Lesson learnt is that one should not go where trouble is likely to erupt.

Patel. Hee.. hee. Is this taught by Bapu?.. the great Bapu?..Mere Bapu

Gandhi. Yeah. I am changed Bapu now. ( sings and does fast jig)

Look I am a changed Bapu oh dear
I go around now with great fear
I can never risk my life any more
Life in India has become very sore

( In the mean time some police men are seen running towards them with lathis lifted. Gandhi gets perturbed)

Gandhi. Look Patel. See these guys are surely coming to catch us. Better go away from here)

Patel True. Let us go.

Nehru. True. Bachke niklo yahhanse..Bahut ho gaya aaj ke liye..

( The trio suddenly vanish while the police men appear lost)


Saturday, January 30, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Politicians of today are the worthless lot

Who are like squirming germs in a dirty shit pot

Rascals today are contesting everywhere the elections

While the goons,rapists cheats and killers get through the selections

These worthless men are taking the country for a camel ride

And they possess on their bodies animals dry hide

People of India are the clueless and useless lot

Who repeatedly elect these swines needing whipping with a rod that is redhot

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen walking on a Road near Karimnagar town and they suddenly stop. There is a large crowd on the road. Gandhi gets curious)

Gandhi. Patel, Why so much crowd on the road? Please find out.

Patel. Sure Bapu as you wish ( sings)

Ok Bapu I am your obedient servant
Although for post of PM you kept me away
I shall always listen to you
Whatever the people in India say

Gandhi. ( Holds his head) Ohfo. You have not still forgotten old things even after 62 years have passed after India was declared independent.

( In the mean time Patel goes to the crowd to enquire)

Patel. Bhai. What are you up to?

Narsimha. My name is Narsimha. Can’t you see? You have two large eye too. We are cooking.

Patel. Why you are cooking on the road?

Narsimha. This is a protest. A novel protest for Telangana

Patel. Oh I see. So this is for Telangana….hee..heee

( Patel goes to Gandhi quickly)

Patel. Bapu ( sings and does fast jig)

Bapu. Oh Bapu, Mere Bapu
These guys are cooking on the road
They want to achieve Telangana State
By doing this trick in this mode

Bapu. So that is the problem. Let me talk to them. Jawaharlal let us go to them.

Nehru. Sure Mere Bapu. Let us go.

( The trio goes to the crowd where Narsimha is seated on a stone)

Bapu. Good morning brother. I am Bapu, MK Gandhi, Father of Nation of India

Narsimha. What is this father of nation?. That means you gave birth to India. How? Humans give birth to humans only. It is strange.

Patel. Look Mr Narsimha. Bapu spearheaded Indian freedom struggle and so he is called father of nation.

Narsimha. Why Gandhi only? Subhas also did a lot for the nation.

Patel. But that person died after World war II. More over, his path was different. Bapus path was different. Both paths do not match. He sided with Nazis.

Gandhi. Patel. Why all this? Listen to what he says. Bhai Narsimha answer my question

Narsimha. By all means sir

Gandhi. You guys are cooking on the main road and the whole traffic is blocked. Do you think you get Telangana state by these shows?

Narsimha. I am not sure. Our leaders decide to organize these shows.

Gandhi. Hee..heee..hee What a fallacy? How innocent you are ?

Narsimha. What to do? Some thing we have to do. No one really wants to sit on hunger strike up to death. You know people can not withstand hunger. So people sit for relay hunger strike. The guys eat full in the morning and sit for the hunger strike. Evening they are relieved by a second batch who fast for the night

Patel. I am sure this batch eats fully before they sit for the hunger strike in the evening

Narsimha. You are correct sir.

Patel. That is very good.

Gandhi. The relay hunger strikes have no meaning at all. I used go on hunger strike and there used to be impact. My level was different. I was an Indian of great importance. I was old also and frail. Whenever I used to go on fast, government used to get jittery. They thought my health would fail and might even become serious and die there by inviting great disturbances in India. I do not think any English man valued my life. In fact they became dizzy when I went on hunger strike. There were more worked up due to possible law and order problems.

Nehrl. Bapu. How correctly you said?

Gandhi. I am always correct.

Patel. I beg to differ with you on this sir.

Gandhi. Why?

Patel. You always had a policy of appeasement towards Muslims. Even after voting for Muslim league by everyone, you allowed them to stay in India and have dual loyalties.
Was it appropriate? See. How the country suffers? (Sings and does break dance)

You screwed India so well
And pushed it down a deep well
What can I stay still about you?
Every swine in India suffers from great swine flu

Gandhi. Better I keep quiet. Hello Narsimha, There is no use by these half hearted hunger strikes and fasts. Every one knows that you have already had your full up to your throats before you sit on the fast in a tent with a garland ( Why). Why this tamasha? Even government knows that relay hunger strikes have no meaning and laughs off at them. Now every one is sitting on a fast on slightest pretext. Unless the fast is a real one with a threat to life by a well known leader of repute government or any one does not get worried. So dear these fasts can not get you Telangana.

Narsimha. (Cries) All our days and efforts are wasted

Patel. Look Narsimha. Why these tamasha of cooking food on roads and then eating to full. Why these Batkamma dances by ladies every where. What it can do? Will Telangana materialize? No.. No.. wake up guys. You are all on a wrong track.the center is fooling you buying time and doing nothing. You are al like lame ducks and blind sheep.You will say. ( sings and does jig))

Center will ask you........

Baa..baaa. Black sheep
Have you any wool?

And you will say....

Yes sir Yes sir three bags full

The center will ask for whom..

And you will say....

One for my master
One for the dame
One for the littele child
Who cries in the lane

Nehru. Patel What is this Batkamma?

Patel. It is a native Telangana festival. Women dance around flower decked idols and these idols are left afloat in a lake or river. Like this they do (Patel goes around in a circle clapping and dancing and also singing Batkamma Batkamma uyyalo...Uyyalo..)

Gandhi. Well done Patel. That was a nice one

Nehru. Hee..hee..heee

( In the mean time a police lorry arrives with many police men wielding lathis in their hands. They get down from the vehicle and a fat police inspector yawns with wide open mouth like a Hippo)

Inspector (Holding a mike) Listen you guys. Better stop this nonsense on road and leave the road. Clear off.

Narsimha. You go out. Police go back. Police zulum down down.

(Inspector again announces on mike and the crowd shouts Jai Telangana.. Jai..jai Telangana. There is no response and suddenly the police men nearly a hundred attack the crowd consisting of women, children, old people and some lame and blind wielding lathis. There is a big commotion. Some women police are also there. The women victims are dragged on the road mercilessly holding the hair. A blind man is brutally attacked. A lame guy is trampled in the melee. The scene is like a battle ground. Gandhi, Patel and Nehru run to a near by tree. Some police men are after them. )

Police man. You guys, who are you? You are so old. Why you want Telangana?

Patel. We are only on lookers.

Nehru. Police Bhai. We have nothing to do with this. We were watching the scene.

Police man, what is there to watch?
Now watch our action. ( He throws a lathi at Nehru)

Patel. How dare you devil?

( He catches the lathi and breaks it into two and the police men become furious. Inspector rushes to the place. )

Inspector. ( sings and does fast jig)

I am the zalim singh the Thanedar
Every one knows how cruel I am
I shall chew you to a bundle of pulp
And down the throat I am sure to quickly gulp

You guys have not seen me till now
Run off from here fast somehow
Or else I am sure to screw you hard
My exploits would be soon sung by a divine bard

Patel . Bapre ( exclamation) ( sings doing break dance)

Look oh the gibbon looking cop with a ponch
Be ware or else you will sit on your haunch
You guy surely do not know me
Get lost I do not care who are you and also he

I have fixed the Nizam the Hyderabad king
The bells in his palace stopped to ring
His Razakars have been rubbed by me in to mere dust
Although many of them were cruel and robust

Inspector. ( gets greatly annoyed) You swine. How dare you are mocking at me and doing dance. I shall see you. You will not have bones to stand erect. He takes out his pistol and tries to fire on Patel. The pistol gets jammed.

(He becomes panicky as Patel takes a step towards him )

Patel. Look Inspector. These weapons do not fire at us. We are divine men and already dead

Inspector. How you are already dead? I do not understand this.eeee..Eee. These are devils

Gandhi. Yes . We are devils but lesser than you. Get lost

( Inspector runs away with police men)

Gandhi. Look Patel. We have done our job today. Let us go

Nehru. Sure ( sings)

All has gone well for us
And let us run and catch a bus
Let these guys fast and feast
I am not bothered and worried least

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. well sung. Good poetry. Let us go

( The trio sings Ramdhun and slowly walk away)

Sunday, January 24, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi , Nehru and Patel are seen at a cinema hall in Hyderabad. They want to see the latest Telugu film Adurs. There are scores of police men and vehicles too near the theater. Gandhi gets worried as usual)

Gandhi. Patel. Why there are so many police guys here? Do you think all of them have come to see the movie on the day of release?

Patel. I have to find out.

( He goes to a group of people standing at the counter)

Patel. Oh Mere Bhai. Mere Bap. What is there to day? Why so many police guys are here?

Narsaiah. Bhai. To day the new film Adurs is being released. So police is here.

Patel. Do you think all these police guys will buy tickets for the show?

Narsiah. Hee..hee..Will they ? Has any police man purchased any ticket any where in India? It is free fund for them. Are they mad? No . No. No one will purchase ticket. Most of them will go and sit in the hall free.manager just swallows the lumps down the throat.

Patel. But why so many on this day?

Narsiah. Don’t you know? This movie is being boycotted by Pro Telangana activists.. They have even threatened that they will block the show.

Patel. I see.

Narsiah. What is there to see?

Patel. There is nothing to see. It is the way of expression in English showing surprise and acceptance. A jargon just.

Narsiah. You appear to be a mad guy.

( Patel goes to Gandhi)

Gandhi. Have you found out some thing?

Patel. Yeah Bapu. It is Telangana trouble as usual.

Gandhi. How movie is concerned with it?

Nehru. Bapu. Everything gets involved once passions rise.

Patel. This Adurs movie is the starrer of Junior NTR, grandson of late NTR who formed Telugu Desam party in AP and ousted Congress from power for nearly two decades and congress party was sent on leather hunt.Although junior NTR is born in Telangana as he claims there is some confusion. Telugudesam party is not sure about Telangana and the leadership is like cat on wall.The cat is also doping with half closed eyes. So Telanganites are up against them. They claim that they would oppose the release of all movies of those who are for united Andhra.

Nehru. Hee..hee. Is this India?

Patel. I sense something.

Nehru. I did not mean any thing.

Patel . Neither I did. Hoo..hoo..haaa..ou..ou..

Gandhi. Heee..hee.Good Joke..

Patel. I brought three tickets for us in first class.

Gandhi. I like to sit in third class. I travelled in Third class railway bogies all the while. Why these comfort suddenly

Patel. Bapu. Those days are over. There is no third class now. The old third class is now made II class. It is like Indira gandhis slogan, garibi hatao. When one can not do , he should aim at amiri hatao. all will be Garibs. By writing II class on thir class bogies and scrapping word Third class status has been improved. The II class bogies are nothing but shit pots and are like Sulabh complexes. Now if you sit in third class some one will be putting his long legs on your head. Some even may spit or piss on you from behind.Some guy may also take away your Dhothi and leave you naked in the seat.

Bapu.Chee..Chee..Ohfo what a shit? Is this so bad now in India?

Patel. India is much changed. ( sings and does jig too)

Bapu.Oh . My Bapu.. Please listen to me
In to the movie hall please move first you and then we
Let us go fast and run from here
Or else we may not get seats oh dear

( They quickly go into the theater and search for seats in darkness as per numbers. Gandhi still holding his log stick)

Gandhi. Ohfo, some one is sitting in my seat

Patel Same case with me.

Nehru. Neither my seat is free.

(Gandhi goes to the seat that is marked on his ticket. A deadly looking police man is seen snoring in the seat. He looks like a Gorilla dozing in its seat)

Gandhi. Oh Bahi. Mera Bahia. Please rise. This is my seat.

( The police man lazily wakes up from slumber)

Police man. Arre kon gadbad kar rahaa hai. Kyon mujhe uthaya. Uska khoon peejawunga. Teri to…. ( Who is the guy creating commotion? Why I have been woken up? I shall drink his blood)

Patel. My dear friend. Please cool down. I have very less lood in me. Look I am a skeleton just. You are sleeping in the seat given to us.Mere Bap utto ( Plesae get up).

Police man. So What? All seats belong to us. Entire country belongs to us.

Nehru. Who told you thus?

Police man. Who are you in between? Dekhloonga tereko( I shall see)

Patel. What you will see? Behave yourself. I am standing in front of you. Now see what you want to see.

Police man. ( Gets up from seat) Yeh baat hai. Chal Bahar nikal. Teri ki aisito waisi. ( He screams loudly)

( Suddenly people sitting in other chairs get up and shout at the police man for disturbing and occupying others seats. There are some pro Andhrites led by Suba Rao in the group and they are confronted by Telanganites led by Yadgiri)

Yadgiri. Chal.. Idli Sambar. We will not allow this movie to go on

Subba Rao. I shall see how you will do? Is this your dad's place?

Yadgiri. This way.

( He lifts a coco cola bottle and throws at the screen. Some guys run towards the screen. They are chased by a police man. The Telanganites manage to go near the screen and tear it with a sharp blade.Some piss on the screen. Suddenly movies is stopped and lights are switched on. Telanganites and Andhrites are now at blows and soon the whole area turns into a battle ground. One has a petrol can. He sprinkles petrol on the seats all over and another guy lights a match stick and throws it. There is a big flash and there is a great fire and in a fraction of second, the theatre starts burning. Every one is trying to run away. Police men are the first to run)

Gandhi. Jawahar, Patel. Where are you? Let us run.

Patel. Bapu. We are here. Let us run away

( the trio runs out and the theater turns into a big fire ball)

Gandhi. What a shit . This is horrible. Where is the fire tender?

Patel. This is India Bapu. The fire tender got tire punctured in the garage. It can not come. You are outdated. No one will listen to you. Might is right now. Let us go Bapu or some one will catch us.

Nehru. True

Patel. Bapu shall we sing ramdhun?

Gandhi. Not now. We can sing later on.

( The trio vanish quickly )


Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao


India lost its Hindu rule after the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan at tarain in 13 th century at the hands of Mohd Ghori, the brigand and ruler of Kabul. The slave dynasty was established under Kutubuddin Aibek. Slave dynasty was followed by Khiljis, Tughlaqs, and Lodhis. Delhi sultanate continued to rule till they were vanquished by Baber in 1527 at battle of Panipat when Baber defeated and killed Ibrahim Lodhi the ruler of Delhi.. The Mughal rule was established with a succession of rulers and Mughals remained powerful rulers till the death of Aurangzeb the last great Mughal in 1707 in Deccan at Ahmed nagar. Infact Aurangzeb remained in Deccan fighting the Marathas and Deccani Muslim sultans of Bijapur and Golconda for 25 long years. After the death of Aurangzeb, the Mughal rule was weakened. This is because Aurangzeb never trusted any one and did not develop his sons to succeed him. In his life time, he was too suspicious of his own sons and kept them at bay. He imprisoned his eldest son and he died in prison. Another son prince Akbar was hounded out of India after he rebelled against his rule and then took refuge with Chatrapthi Sambhaji maharaj the son of great Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj. Akbar finally escaped to Persia after his futile rebellion. Bahdur Shah succeeded Aurangzeb at advanced age and ruled for 7 years. There was hardly any time for him to prove and strengthen the empire. After Bahadur Shah, the musical chair for the throne started. Series of rulers followed and Sayyad brothers at Delhi became king makers. Zahandar shah, Farukh siyar, Rafi ud darjat, Rafiud dowla became rulers at Delhi one after the other and were done to death soon. Then came Mohd Shah rangila ( Ali gaur) who eliminated Sayyad brothers and ruled for 24 years. The successive rulers were just nominal emperors and lost their hold and their authority was limited to few areas around Delhi. Mughal dynasty was terminated with the arrest of Bahadur shah II after the 1857 war and he was sent to Rangoon prison where he died in captivity. It is seen that Although Mughal rulers existed for 150 years after the death of Aurangzeb the great last Mughal, the empire rapidly weakened. There was not a single emperor in the dynasty after Aurangzeb who could put all stones in one bag and restore the lost authority. Its authority rapidly crumbled. With rise of the English men in north India after the battle of Plassey in 1757, Mughal authority lost its complete authority and they were rather at the mercy of the East India company. Maratha power in the mean time was growing rapidly and they made in roads into north India convincingly defeating Mughal troops repeatedly.


As stated, Mughal Empire was precariously struggling for survival after the death of Bahadur shah and it was further weakened as years grew. At the same time Marathas under Peshwa became very strong. Although Sahu became the Maratha ruler after Raja ram having been released in 1707 from Mughal captivity since1689, there was great inner fight among Tarabai wife of late Chatrapathi Raja ram and Sahu for supremacy. Finally sahu succeed and became Chatrapathi. Marathas became powerful only during the reign of Peshwa. Sahu for all purposes handed over authority to Peshwa Although a nominal Maratha Chatrapathi remained at Kolhapur, Peshwa was the real power and commanded great authority. Marathas dictated terms to Delhi during the rule of greater Mughals. If they wanted they could throw out Mughal nominal emperor. Then why it did not happen? Certain aspects need carful attention. Politics in Maratha country and contemporary situation played great part in rise of Maratha power. Yet they had limitations.

Sahu spent 18 years in captivity of Mughals after he and his mother were captured along with Sambhaji Maharaj at sangamner by Mughal forces. Yesu Bai mother of sahu was very well treated at the palace of Auragzeb by Jeenatunisa second daughter of Aurangzeb. Her son was brought up as prince and the emperor sweetly called him Sahu meaning prince. Sambhaji was executed earlier after capture. Rajaram succeeded to the throne and the war was conducted against Mughals. Tarabai the wife of Raja ram was very brave and effective. She led Maratha forces valiantly after the death of Raja ram with the help of very brave Maratha generals Santaji Ghorpade, Danaji Jadhav, Prahlad Nirji,. It was an intense guerilla war conducted against Aurangzeb and he was put to great embarrassment and humiliation till he died in frustration unable to succeed against Marathas in 1707. Surviving eldest son Bahadur Shah succeeded him after defeating his brothers in various battles. They were slain in these battles. He was prudent and on clever advise he released Sahu from detention at palace. It was hoped that once Sahu was released, he would cross swords with Tarabai in an effort to claim the throne of Marathas. This happened as expected. Sahu defeate Tarabai at Khed near Pune. Maratha nobles such as Dhanaji dal and khanado ballar shifted oyalties nad changed over to sahu. . sau captured important forts chandan nandan, satara, parli from Tarabai and he assumed authority as Chatrapathi on 12 January 1708 at Satara It is believed that an assurance was taken by mughals from sahu that he would be vassal to Mughal empire. Sahu thus had soft corners for Mughals who brought him up at their palace as a prince and his mother Yesu bai was well honored at the palace. She was released from Delhi at a later date at the request of Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath who infact took part in palace intrigues along with his 10000 strong troops at Delhi that resulted in the deposing of emperor Farukhsiyar and Mohammed Shah ( rangila) ascended the Delhi throne. Farukh siyar perished in prison in most pathetic way. Thus there was no question of challenging Mughal authority by Sahu in near future. He remained passive towards Mughals and most of the time he spent sorting out feuds among Marathas and sorting out his house. . Balaji vishwanath was appointed as Peshwa in1713. Although Tarabai was defeated at Kheda, she escaped to Panhala fort and instigated and tried to sow seeds of discontentment in the powerful nobles from the clans of Ghorpade, Chavas, Dhabde and Thorat. Sahu captured panhala and Tarabai escaped to Rangna and then to malwan. Sahu did not press on and soon Tarabai recovered Panhala and established it as her center . Sahu captured Raigar in 1711. Shivaji III the son of Tarabai claimant to the throne died and she was deposed from authority by Rajas Bai second wife of Raja ram. Sambhaji the son of Rajas bai was put on the throne opposing sahu. This was termed as Palace revolution. Finally sahu accepted Sambhaji ( Junior) as the ruler of Kolhapur as independent ruler in 1731.


Peshwa Balaji vishwa nath was a very wise man and he overcame all efforts of Deccan Subedar of Mughals Nizamul Mulk to interfere in Maratha politics. Although Marathas kept away from Delhi politics, soon they were involved in the Delhi activities. In fact the Sayyad brothers sought help of Marathas in 1717 in view of Delhi political scene. This was agreed to and Marathas were given following powers under a pact made in 1718:-
1. Al the areas that were formerly in the kingdom of Chatrapathi Shivaji and occupied by Mughals were to be given back to Marathas.Areas that were conquered by Marathas in the regions of Gondwana, Derar, Hyderabad and Karnatak shall belong to Marathas.
2. Maraths were empowered to collect chauth and sardeshmukhi in six districts of Mughals and in exachnge 15000 Maratha troops would be kept under the command of Mughal commanders when necessitated by Mughals.
3. Maratha s would pay 10 Lakhs rupees every year as Peshkash to the Mughal emperor
4. Sahu agreed to drive out the Sambhaji ( junior) and his followers who attacked Mughal districts

The Delhi political scene changed rapidly and therefore the Peshwa thought it was wise to get approval of Mughal emperor and he proceeded to Delhi. He was soon involved in the fight between Sayyad brothers and Farukh siyar and it resulted in the defeat of Farukhsiyar and he was deposed. Peshwa stayed in Delhi till 1719 and he secured three important orders from the emperor Mohammed Shah. Sahu was the power to decide Chauth and sardeshmukhi and he was recognized independent in his kingdom. These developments strengthened the position of Sahu in the Maratha kingdom. His son Baji Rao I accompanied Peshwa vishwa nath to Delhi and there he studied political situation. Baji Rao became the Peshwa after the death of Balaji Viswanath and grew to be an outstanding leader in years to come. The three sanads obtained by Peshwa from the Mughals are subjected to criticism by the historians. Some claim that by these Sanads, Marathas were reduced to the position of a Vassal and in fact have lost independence. The supporters of Tarabai claim that she fought for independence of Marathas and claim that Sahu bartered Maratha independence to the Mughals. Of course it is a question of intense debate.


Baji Rao became the Peshwa at the age of 27 years in 1720 and he adopted a forward policy. After understanding Mughal political scene he realized that Mughal power greatly declined and he wanted to expand Maratha kingdom by occupying Mughal territories in Malwa and other north Indian provinces. However he was restrained by Sripath Rao, holding the post of Pratinidhi and argued that it was not advisable to have enmity with the Mughals. However he accepted the occupation of Deccan provinces that were not originally under Mughal authority. Yet sahu who was much impressed by Baji Rao permitted him to go ahead with his forward policy. Through out his life Baji Rao struggled to implement this police and it was Baji Rao who coined the idea of Hindu pad padshahi. It was he who really went ahead an occupied many Mughal provinces right under their nose.

However Qamruddin Chikhilij khan Deccan Subedar and later Nizam I became a great obstacle to his efforts in this direction. He objected to the authority of sahu to collect chauth and sardeshmukhi from Mughal districts as per the sanads granted to him by the emperor and he suppressed the revenue officials of Sahu. He befriended Sambhaji ( junior), the opponent of sahu in Maratha kingdom and ruler of Kolhapur and also Chadrasen jadhal ( son of dhanaji jadhal who left sahu and joined Tarabai). Baji Rao soon clashed with Baji Rao at Parad near Pune and Baji Rao was defeated. Rao rambha nimbalkar who was a Mughal commander and seeing his proess, Deccan Subedar Nizamul mulk befriended him and it prospered. Nizamulmulk stayed as Subedar in Deccan for only two years from 1713 to 1715. He was sent to Malwa as Subedar and this gave great relief to Baji Rao and he was again collecting the taxes from Mughal provinces. Syed Hussain ali khan, Amir ul umra ( first ameer) was appointed as Subedar of deccan while his brother Syed Abdullah khan was the Wazir at Delhi court. In 1715 Nizamululk proeeded to Delhi and he was vexed with the rotten politics of the ourt and he decided to go to deccan. He crossed Narmada river and captured AsirGarh and.occupied Burhanpur.Maratha general Nimbalkar, Sambhaji( junior), Chadrasen Jadhav and few more joined Nizammulk . In the ensuing battle with Alim Alikhan the representative Syed Adulla Khan at Balapur on 720 July 21, nizammulk emerged victorious and ali Khan was slain and with this the power of Sayyad brothers at Delhi collapsed. Soon Emperor Mohammed Shah eliminated them. The emperor reappointed Nizammulk as Subedar of Deccan. He again had to go to Delhi to stabilize the political situation. But was very much frustrated at the court. Mohammed Shah the emperor was always in company of concubines, nauch girls, eunuchs and women of ill repute. Their conduct towards the nobles was highly repulsive. Although Nizmmulk tried his best to set order, he was frustrated and he left Delhi for Deccan. Authority at Delhi was dwindling fast. The emperor was playing double game and he asked Hyderabad governor Mubariz khan to take over as Subedar. The Peshwa was also requested to lend help to Mubariz Khan. However Nizammulk could convince Peshwa and obtained his support. . the troops of Mubariz Khan and the combined troops of the Peswa and Nizammulk met at shaker Kheda and in the ensuing quick battle Mubariz Khan was slain and his cead was cut off and sent to the emperor at Delhi. Thus a signal was sent to the emperor that Nizammulk was prepared to contest his right and face all situations. The emperor relented and appointed Nizammulk as Subedar of Deccan with a highest title Asif Jah.Peshwa was also honored appropriately by the Nizam. Thus Nizammulk emerged as a strong opponent to Peshwa in Deccan. However he could not prevent rise of Maratha power in north India apart from subduing Marathas in their own territories that once belonged to Mughals. Marathas were rising but time was not yet appropriate for taking over Delhi to establish Hindu rule. Mughals were still powerful to some extent and Subedars like Nizam I were still with Mughals.

To be Continued

Thursday, January 14, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The name of Ramchandra Pandurang Tope alias Tantya Tope immediately inspires the nationalists and all Indians who care for some values and commitment and bravery. He was the commander in chief of Maratha forces under Nana Sahib during 1857 war of independence that is well known as Sepoy mutiny dubbed by Europeans.

He was born in 1814at yeola a village in Maharashtra to Pandurang Rao Tope and Rukmini Bai. His father was a noble in the court of Peshwa Baji Rao II. Tantya Tope was a very close friend of Nana sahib ( Nana Dhondu Pant) the adopted son of the Peshwa. At Bethur.He became staunch enemy of the East India company when Lord Dalhousie the governor General deprived the Nana sahib of his fathers pension in 1981. There was a great political turmoil in Northern India with the policies of East India company. This finally resulted in revolt by Indian troops in Meerut cantonment in 1857and soon spread to other places in northern India such as Kanpur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Delhi and other places . Nana sahib could inspire the troops under East India company in the revolt and won over them. He took the command of troops as commander in Chief and led successful attacks on English troops. He was so successful that even English commanders praised him. Colonel G B Mallesan wrote:-

Tántiá Topí was a marvellous guerilla warrior. In pursuit of him, Brigadier Parke had marched, consecutively, 240 miles in nine days; Brigadier Somerset, 230 in nine days, and, again, seventy miles in forty-eight hours; Colonel Holmes, through a sandy desert, fifty-four miles in little over twenty-four hours; Brigadier Honner, 145 miles in four days. Yet he slipped through them all--through enemies watching every issue of the jungles in which he lay concealed, only to fall at last through the treachery of a trusted friend. His capture, and the surrender of Mán Singh, finished the war in Central India. Thenceforth his name only survived (1).

However Tanya Tope is accused for the killing of troops of East India Company after granting safe passage after their surrender. This may not be true. In fact the British troops first fired at the boatmen.

Once Kanpur was regained by the company troops, he moved to Gwalior and declared Nan sahib as Peshwa with local support. and joined hands with Rani of Jhansi and waged great battle against the Englishmen. The combined troops of Rani and Tantya Tope was defeated by Sir General Huge Rose. Unfortunately Rani Laxmi bai met martyrdom near Kalpi in a battle. She shines as bright star in the sky.
. Thereafter he commenced his remarkable feats of guerrilla warfare over very large areas such as , Malwa, Bundel-khand, Rajputana and Khandesh, from the ravines of the Vindhyas, Chambal valley to the gorges of the Aravali, in the central India greatly tormenting and harassing and perplexing the British and their allies. From June 1858 to April 1859 by nearly half of the British forces in India under their ablest generals enjoying the fullest support of their military intelligence, he outmaneuvered them several times. He could not be captured in the marathon chase of about 2,800 miles horizontally and vertically through forests, hills, dales and across the swollen rivers. He was betrayed by his most trusted friend Man Singh while Tantiya Tope was fast asleep in a hide out in a forest. The British army captured him on 7th April 1859. He was tried for his part in waging war against East India Company in 1857 and was executed on 18 April 1859.(3).
Tantya Tope faces an accusation of complicity in the massacre at Bibigarh. Things are not very clear on this aspect. When Nana Sahib's forces attacked the British entrenchment in June, 1857, General Wheeler's contingent incurred heavy losses as a result of successive bombardments, sniper fire, and assault. Also slow supplies of food, water and medicine added to their misery and they decided to surrender, in return for a safe passage to Allahabad. But despite Nana Sahib's arrangements, some confusion at the Satichaura ghat led to attacks on the departing British by the rebel sepoys, and were either killed or captured. The surviving British women and children were moved from the Savada House to Bibighar ("the House of the Ladies"), a villa-type house in Kanpur. Retaliation occurred as Company forces started approaching Kanpur, and Nana Sahib's bargaining attempts had failed(in exchange for hostages). Nana Sahib was informed that the British troops led by Havelock and Neill were indulging in violence against the Indian villagers.Nana Sahib, and his associates, including Tatya Tope and Azimullah Khan, debated about what to do with the captives at Bibighar. Some of Nana Sahib's advisors had already decided to kill the captives at Bibighar, as revenge for the murders of Indians by the advancing British forces. The details of the incident, such as who ordered the massacre, are not clear.

Tantya tope the master Guerilla war General of Sepoy Mutiny ( First War of Indian Independence) faded into golden pages of History. But his contributions to Indian freedom struggle still inspire every one. Sadly India is caught in a typical democratic rule hijacked by family rules. To days youth have no time, no commitment and love for our peers such as Tantya Tope, Rani Jhansi, Veer Savarkar, Subhas Chadra Bose, Nana sahib, Raja Kunwar singh Ram mhamed Singh Azad alias Uddham singh, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukh Dev , alluri seetha rama Raju, Veera Pandya Katta Bommanna, Velu Tambhi, Chatrapathi Shivaji and Sambhaji raje, Chadra Sekhar Azad and are lost in the computer craze and IT mania, They have no time submerged in cheap TV serials and it’s idiotic self defeating programmes and are wasting their vigor in drinking and dancing at Night clubs and pubs and reading cheap literature on roadside. Teachings of men like Swami Vivekananda, Dayanad Saraswathi, Saint Ramdas are stored in dusty racks. It is time youth wake up from slumber, desist from runninf after white skins ( Phirangins) and take inspiration from such great men and patriots like Tantya Tope for whom life was of no meaning against national honor and freedom.


1. Tantia Tope. Wikipedia
2. Narendra modi, Saluting tantya tope in 150 shaheed diwas, 18 April, 2009
3. Compiled by Mrs Nandita Verma, . Tantya Tope india shero of struggle for freedom, Hindu Jana Jagruthi Samithi
4, Tantya Tope. wikipedia

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen loitering at the main gate of Osmania University in Hyderabad. Police is present. But they are permitting vehicles ofcourse after a small enquiry at the gate. Atmosphere is much eased. Police men are seen relaxed. Many are seen standing lazily leaning on to their rifles or lathis. Some are seen chewing pan and spitting here and there.)

Patel. Bapu. Do you like to have some chai ( tea)?

Gandhi .Sure and why not? In the days of freedom struggle, I was very much addicted to goats milk. But there are no goats around now. I think they have been eaten away. Let us go. Jawaharlal. I am sure you are with us.

Nehru. Sure Bapu. Mere Bapu. Mere Mere Bapu. I can not say no to you ( sings and does jig)

Oh Mere Bapu. Mere Bapu
I am your eternal slave
Please do not leave me
And do not think I am naive

Patel. Jawaharlal! That means given a chance you will not come.

Nehru. I did not say that

Patel. Hee…hee.. Haa..haa..hooo.hoo

(They go to a tea stall near the gate where many student are also sipping tea. Looking at Bapu and Patel few students get up and offer the chairs to the trio)

Gandhi . Thank sons. We are obliged.

Students. Never mind sir. We are happy.

Gandhi. Look Patel. The students are so much concerned about us. Who can say that students are not disciplined in India?( looking at students) By the by what happened to your Telangana agitation dear friends? Last week this was a battle ground. Now all is quiet. Have you withdrawn the struggle.

Patel hee..hee.. Barood Kahatam ho gaya. ( Gun powder is over)

Nehru.. Gas Khataam ho gaya cylinder mein ( Gas cylinder has become empty) ( sings)

These guys have lost the tempo
Delhi guys have made a joke of them
These guys are taken for a ride
Like in an old model rickety Bajaj tempo

Gandhi. (Does a jig shouting) Hee..haa…haa..haa. ooh..oh....hoo.hoo.. Kya gajab hogaya.. Bewakoof bana diya ( What magic has been done.. have been made clowns)…insab ko ( These all)

Student Laxman. Respected sir. Please do not say that. We are watching things. Do not underestimate us.

Gandhi. Look friend. You have to hammer iron when it is hot. Once it is cold, it again takes long time to make it red hot. Fire may get extinguished.

Patel. True. Now the agitation is loosing tempo. More it is dragged like this, more mirage it becomes

Nehru. But center has bought some time. Rather a good trick they played on these naïve guys.

Patel. Hee.. Haa…haaa.. They are afterall students.

Nehru. What is there to laugh?

Patel. All is there to laugh. Hee..hee ( Does fast jig)

Gandhi. What do you mean?

Patel. Look Bapu. You know the tricks very well from your freedom struggle. You know very well that whenever our agitation got violent , the Englishmen called us for talks and meetings.Some cock and bull was discussed.

Gandhi. Yeah. We went for round table meetings. Look Patel. Why these meetings are called round table conferences?

Patel. Because the tables on which we sat were circular. But there is another story. The issues would be discussed going round and round without any end and nothing will come out of them. All will go round and round the tables doing nothing and achieving nothing. ( Sings and does break dance)

These are for going round and round
You will get thoroughly tired and ground
Soon you shall loose interest and vigor
Look, the police is ready with their rifle triggers

Students.. Haa…haaa…haa. Show these rifles to some one else. Not to us.

Gandhi. Why are you laughing boys? Understand that the meeting at Delhi was like this one as explained by Patel.

Student Ramu. (gets in to frenzy and shouts) Jai Telangana.. Jai Telangana..Jai Jai Telangana..

Student Yadgiri. Telangana leke rahenge ( we shall take Telangana).. Jo hamse takraye ga who mitti me mil jayega ( the one who confronts shall get pound to dust).. hoo…haaa.. Lagadapathi. Down down.. Chidambaram.. hoi…hoi..

( Other students also shout loudly and the police men get active. They put on helmets and adjust their lathis. The pot bellied Inspectors adjust their belts and holsters of handguns)

Laxman .( approaches Gandhi). Sir Do you think Telangana will be accepted by Chidambaram. He is playing double game. That guy appears tricky.

Patel; Has to be. Otherwise he will not be in his chair. It is not like state home portfolio where one can afford to be silent like a dummy and keep watching speechless with lost look.

Gandhi. I think you meant some thing.

Patel. Nothing Bapu. I only told him that home portfolio at center is not that happy? Chidambaram is wearing my shoes

Laxman. Sir. We students feel that Congress at center is just wasting time by allowing for useless meetings and allowing the agitation to die.

Nehru. You know it better.

Ramu There was great tempo from students. Our political leaders accepted talks at Delhi.

Yadgiri. Laxman. Look . These political leaders always play safe. Their resignations appear to be threats. Why no resignation has been accepted till now. Delhi guys also know this drama. Every Telangana MLA from various parties is playing safe. They do not want to loose their positions. I am sure they will ditch you at last minute. By this time you must have realized.

Ramu. I am doubtful about them. These leaders do not want to loose their posts and power. Recently they won elections. They are scared because they must have spent lot of money.

Yadgiri. Earlier Chenna Reddy ditched the Telangana agitation and he joined congress. He became Governor and chief minister of AP. He enjoyed life at the cost of dead students. What happened to 400 guys who died in 1969 Telangana agitation?

Gandhi. I met most of them in heavens.

Yadgiri. What do you mean?.. Heavens

Patel. Yes . we came from heavens

Ramu.. Hee..hee,, Good joke sir. Please do not think we are mere kids. Please know I am a LLB student.

Laxman. I am a final year MA student.

Ramu. Iam doing MSc II year

Patel. How come there is no MBBS and B Tech student?

Nehru. That has no meaning.

Gandhi. Look guys. You people have been just taken for a ride. Nothing will come out of these talks and Chidambaram said he would speak to PM and would make a statement.

Nehru. PM will then go to high command. PM can not act without high commands permission. He is just there guarding the chair for some one.

Patel. After all he is from Rajya Sabha…hee…hee

Gandhi. Please do not laugh.. He is from our congress

Patel. . No Bapu. Our congress died long ago. What is there today is Indira Congress. Our congress was buried beside your grave atleast 2Km deep along with time capsule never to surface. ( sings)

Bapu. You died long ago
And Congress was also buried there
What is going on is crooks galore
Every thing in India is nice and fair

Gandhi. ( cries and beats his chest) Mera Bharat.. Mera Bharat.. aa.aa.. Margaya. Mardiya Mujhe.. ee…eee.. ( Died.. I have been killed)

Nehru (goes to Gandhi) Bapu. Take this hanky and wipe tears

Gandhi. Thanks. Where is our friend Ramu?

Ramu. Sir I am here.

Gandhi. You know all the examinations were postponed two times and now students are attending classes.

Ramu. Yes. They lost some days. Bur sir Unless sacrifices are made nothing can be achieved. Either you can eat cake or have it . Only one can happen. If these guys are after examinations, that is the end. Telangana will go to cold storage.It is already put in the box.

Patel. The lid has to be closed soon.Surely for another century. It has be now or never.

Ramu. Many leaders from political parties have spent lot of money to win elections. They have not made anything I am sure till date. So they are hesitating to be bold and decisive

Laxman. Ultimately students will be suckers of first order and first degree. We take police blows, tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and real bullets in days to come. Cases will be booked against us. The leaders will come after everything is over.

Patel . Very well said. I think wisdom is dawning on you. I am sure you are staying under a wisdom tree. Remember. Time and tide wait for no man. Strike Iron when it is hot. Remember Kabir Das.. and his poems

Ramu. Sir . who is this Kabir das?

Patel. Don’t yopu know this great poet saint/?Shame and sad too.

Ramu. It was never taught to us. I only studied Jack and Jill went up the hill… when I was young.

Patel. Never mind. You can even learn now. ( sings)

Kal kareso aaj kar
Aur aaj kareso aab
Pal me parlaya hoyi gi
Bahuri karega kab

If you post pone your agitation for some other day you have cooked your goose. It will die soon. People will forget. Other party becomes strong. So you can not rest till you achieve goal.

Laxman. But we need some guidance from political partiers too.

Patel. These guys will use you and finally bag all posts and berths for themselves and you will be left in lurch. That is history’s lesson No. I.

Gandhi.. Hee..He Very well said Patel.

Patel. It happened to me too after partition. I equally struggled and Nehru became PM. I was left to suck thumbs.See my thumb! How thin it has become after years of sucking.

Gnadhi. Look Patel. Is it now necessary to say all those things?

Patel. What is wrong in telling truth? I gave a real example to the youngsters.

Nehru. Look Bapu. Patel is habituated to dig graves

Gandhi. You guys for a change please keep quiet.

Rau. Sir what shall we do?

Patel. You know it better. You are all educated and matured. The leaders will not give up the posts so easily. Back of the mind they are sure and have fear that Telangana may not materialize. If their resignations are accepted, they will loose the game. Next time they may not party ticket too. So they are dilly dallying the issue of resignations. They also waste time discussing and again discussing.

Gandhi. This is very tricky situation. You must have aims clear. You can not ride two horses.Please also know that for some this is the opportunity to emerge as leaders in politics. Selfish guys always will be there. All can not be Potti Sriramulu.

Patel. I have to say that you have to follow intense peaceful agitation. Burning buses and offices may not help. The agitation becomes violent. Crooks take advantage of situation.

Laxman. Thanks sir

( In the mean time some police men go to the tea stall)

Inspector. You guys, Please disperse. Section 144 is applicable here. Please go away

Patel. What will you do if we stay

Inspector. You shall know it soon.

Gandhi. Hee..hee..ouu…ouu

Inspector. What is there to laugh? You silly old man

Patel. Look Inspector. He is Bapu. Mahatma Gandhi. Father of nation. Please give respect.

Inspector. Who are you to interfere. I shall see you

Patel. What shall you see?

( Inspector charges at Patel with his lathi and Gandhi stares and twists his hand like Mandrake the magician and the police Inspector is thrown in to the campus gate and he lands behind Arts college with limbs broken.. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel slowly walk away from the scene wishing the students a great success.)


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

On small screen people watch serials
And they have forgotten to use radio aerials
The entire family sits in front of the idiot box
Most of the serials are just an hoax

The episodes are mainly family dramas
At time they are made on Buddhist lamas
Most of the well clad females weep and sob in the serials
And the sponsors will never have worthwhile materials

In most of the serials women are the vamps
They act showing no cramps
Men are shown as mere nuts and slaves
The drama goes on as a sea without any waves

Crazy stories are the serials themes
Crankiest writers are to be given the blames
The serials are the slowest and laziest pace
While most of the females loose mental solace

Serials on the screen are the greatest jokes of the year
That are watched by the Indian cranks my dear
All the sensible must cut off the idiot boxes for the lives
And go for a walk happily with their kids and wives



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Once in a year the elephant god@ is revered
Whose idols are at roadside placed
Urchins go around collecting sums
They have no work except to enjoy at slums

@ Vinayaka

The hoodlums hold few empty tins in hands
And stand at roadside in groups as roving vagabonds
The scooterists and passers are stopped enroute
They demand money and failing they behave as brutes

Big small medium and very huge
The idols in Pandals* they take refuge
A curtain is drawn in front of the God in the day
From mischief he is free from feeling dismay

* Tent or covered shed

Songs are played in loudspeakers
Those in pandals drink tea in beakers
At fall of night the place is brightly lit
The priest is ready with his usual evening kit

The display of god goes on for Ten days
Many feel surprised at Indian ways
Finally the idols are put in dirty pond
Breaking away the week long bond

Entire police force is busy with this show
They are ready to prevent any communal row
Thousands of useful hours are frittered away
Thanks to our Indian traditional way

Idols are taken grand procession
Although the rupee is down with recession
For Hindus and Muslims this is a testing time
Keeping harmony is the matter of prime

The God revered for ten long days in devotion
Thrown into a filthy lake without any hesitation
One over the other the idols are thrown as muck
While the crane used in the act gets stuck

Urchins and rag pickers have a field day
And they jump into filthiest waters of shallow bay
Rods of steel are pulled out from the idols
Fate is now pathetic for the revered models

Police in the city have a long breath
While the knives of hoodlums are hidden sheaths
The great gimmick of the year is over oh dear
And the people and police await the drama happily for the next year

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Recently Dr Mohan babu, a veteran cine actor and former MP from Telugu desam commented that Hyderabad belonged to Muslims. He said “So let us give this city to Muslims and leave”. There has been a hue and cry and court case has been thrown at his face by the citizens. The episode is part of present Telangana trouble in Andhra Pradesh in which Hyderabad has become the nerve center of the movement. Sri Mohan Babu who has many hit movies to his credit has his own style of dialogue delivery that is peculiar to him. Now he has a grown up daughter and sons who are also part of Film industry. At present Telangana movement is in peak and none is relenting. People from Andhra and Royalaseema areas too have taken up a counter movement to prevent breaking up of this large state of Andhra Pradesh. The tempers are high. Every leader has now thrown his towel in the ring or else his existence would be soon questionable. For the people of Telangana it will have to be now or never. In this scenario Mohan Babu, his son and daughter were conducting film shooting in Hyderabad. The shooting was prevented and the premises were attacked by Telangana activities. Film shooting equipment was damaged and there was some use of physical force. The artists had to flee and take shelter in closed rooms. Irked by this activity Sri Mohan Babu lost temper and burst out saying that Hyderabad is no ones dad’s property and all have the right to stay in the city and pursue activities. He also said that the film industry came to Hyderbad from Madrasat the call of former CM Marri Chenna Reddy. This activity generated great amount of bad blood in the people and tempers rose high.Soon there was chaos and BJP leaders demanded apology from Mohan Babu for hurting sentiments of people of Telangana.
The movement for Telangana state is not new and has been a continuous fire better known as Ravana kashtam ( Ravanas funeral pyre that continuously burns).It is good to know about past too. Hyderabad city is the nerve center of Andhra Pradesh even before the state was formed based on linguistic principles. Earlier it was the capital of Asifjahis Kings who ruled the State of Hyderabad and Berar from to 1948. Recalling the medieval times and the period of Bahmani sultans who ruled at Deccan in 16 th century certain facts are highly revealing. The city of Hyderabad what stands today was originally a tiny village comprising of shepherds and farmers and few artisans. There was a place called Golconda ( Golla Konda meaning shepherd hill) few KM away from the said village. There was a mud fort on the hill constructed by Kakateeya kings who ruled Telangana and major portions of Andhra Region.

Kakateeya dynasty with capital at Warangal ( orugallu formerly) is claimed to have survived for nearly thousand years although originally the rulers were the vassals of Chalukya Kings ruling at Vegi ( Now Eluru in Andhra Region). At later stage after the decline of Vegi Chalukyan, they were vassals to Kalyani Chalukya kings ruling at Kalyani now in Karnataka state. Kalyani is part of present district Bidar which was part of former Hyderabad state under Nizam . It is believed that Golla Konda was under the rule of Krishna Deva or Krishna Nayaka after the fall of Kakateeya Kingdom in 1326 at the hands of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq the ruler at Delhi.

Pratap Rudra deva of Kakateeya dynasty was a very valiant and accomplished king. However he was defeated at Warangal in 1326 at the capital by the Delhi sultan after repeated attacks and owing to internal bickering of Velama and Reddy chieftains who claimed superiority one over the other. Pratapa Rudra deva was captured and while being taken to Delhi he committed suicide by jumping in river Godavari or Narmada. There are also ballads that Prataparudra deva was rescued by his Prime minister Yougandharayana and was brought back to Warangal. Some claim that the king lost all interest in governance and soon renounced the kingdom handing over to Krishna deva. As per available records Warangal was placed under a Muslim governor after its capture and it was renamed as Sultanpur. However the chieftains of Prataparudra Deva rose in revolt and were led by Prolaya Naika who conducted guerilla warfare from Rekapalli in the region of Telangana. Kapayya Naika his cousin took over the mantle after the death of Prolaya Naika and the struggle continued for ten years. Finally Kapayya Naika defeated Malik Maqbool the governor at Warangal with combined forces of Vema Reddy, Singama Naika ( Velama Chieftain) and also from Veera Ballala from Karnataka region in the year 1336. Muslims were driven out of Telangana and Andhra regions and Kapayya Naika ruled as the successor to Kakateeya kings for 36 years with firm grip.

While Kapayya ruled at Warangal with all pomp and show, a Muslim governor titled Hasan Gangu Bahmani at Devagiri (Daulatabad now in Maharashtra state rose) in revolt against Mohd Bin Tughlaq of Delhi and established an independent kingdom and it was known as Bahmani kingdom.This kingdom survived for years from to. Kapayya Naika helped Hassan gangu by sending 1000 cavalry in the fight against Delhi sultan. But Hassan consolidated himself and attacked Kapayya. Kapayya had to make terms with the Bahmani sultan an handed over the fort of Kaulas ( Now in Nizamabad district of Telangana region) that was near the border of Bahmani kingdom. Kapayya soon had to fight Singama Naika I his Velama vassal many times who declared independence at Pillala Marri( Later shifted to Rachkonda). Kapayya was killed in a battle with Anapotha Naika son of Singama Naika I the ruler of Rachakonda. Vinayaka Deva the son of Kapayya was earlier killed by Mohammed Shah Bahmani at Velamputta. Thus rule of Kapayya Naika ended after his death and Velama kings of Rachakonda became the rulers of Telangana.

It is believed that Krishna Deva who was the scion in Telangana at a later date handed over the Golla konda Fort to Sultan Kuli who was the viceroy of Bahmani kings and made terms of peace. From then onwards Golconda was with Bahmani kings to the end. Bahmani kingdom broke up into five regional kingdoms such as Golconda ( Formerly Golla konda), Bijapur, Ahmed nagar, Berar and Bidar . Sultan Kuli was appointed as Tarafdar (Governor) of Telangana ay Gollakonda by Sultan Mohammed Shah III in the year….Sultan kuli declared independence in the year and assumed title Sultan kuli Kutubulmulk and was a successful ruler.

The Kutubshahi dynasty lasted for years when it was attacked by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1686 and by treachery it was captured. The last sultan Abul Hassan Kutubshah was captured and sent to live at Daulatabad in confinement where he finally died in captivity. Golconda was annexed to Mughal provinces and was kept under a Subedar (governor). Sultan Mohammed Kuli Kutub Shah (IV ruler) who built Hyderabad was the grandson of Sultan Kuli and was the son of Ibrahim Kutubshah ( III ruler) ruler at Golconda. He succeeded his elder brother Jamshed ( II ruler) who died after 7 years rule. Although Subhan Ali a child was kept on throne after Jamsheds death he was deposed by Ibrahim. Subhan Ali is not counted as ruler. There is an interesting episode about history of Hyderabad.
Prince Kuli (son of Ibrahim Kutubshah) fell in love with a village girl Baghmati who stayed at a village across the river Musi. Once Kuli crossed the river Musi in spate without caring for his life to meet his lover at the village. The sultan saw this from the palace and perturbed at his safety soon got a stone bridge constructed over Musi river that exists even today and is under use. It is called Purana pul( Old bridge). Once prince Kuli became the ruler, he married the village girl and gave her title Hyder Mahal and constructed a city across the Musi river and named it as Bhagyanagar. Later it was named as Hyderabad. The Kutubshahi ruler stayed in palaces I Hyderabad and when enemy attacked shifted to Golconda fort.

After the fall of Golconda to Mughals Hyderabad lost its glory and Mughal subedar made Aurangabad as his capital which is very near to Daulatabad fort.Qamruddin Chinkhilij Khan (1720- 1748) became the Subedar of Deccan in 1713 under the orders of Farukhsiyar the Mughal emperor in Deccan. The Mughal Empire was struggling on its deathbed with worthless rulers ascending throne one after the other after Bahadur Shah I, son of Aurangzeb who died in 1712. Sayyad Brothers played dirty politics at Delhi and were king makers. Farooqsiyar followed Zahandar Shah who was killed in 1713.Farooksiyar was murdered in 1719. Rafi-ud-daula and Rafi-ud-darajat one after the other ascended the throne and were murdered in 1719. Mohammed Shah (Rangila) ascended the throne and ruled till 1748. After the death of Faruqsiyar, Chinkhiljkhan had to go back to Malwa where he had to defend his position with arms against the Sayyad brothers. He made himself master of Deccan affairs in 1720. But was summoned back to Delhi to be a Wazir in 1722. He was fed up with palace intrigues and left for Deccan without permission. He fought Mubariz khan sent by Delhi to check him at Sakhar Kheda in Berar on 11 Oct 1724 and slew him.
He became very strong soon and Mohammed Shah the weak and wretched Mughal emperor at Delhi had to bestow on him the title of Asif Jah and recognize him as the Viceroy of South. With this, he virtually became the ruler of Deccan and independent. He ruled with absolute authority and died on 21 May 1748.Although he ruled independently he accepted lordship of Mughals.

Soon the war of succession broke in Asifjahi dynasty. Nasir Jung a son and Muzaffar Jung son of his daughter of late Nizam quarreled for the throne and were supported by the English and French. respectively. They were killed in the battles that followed the quarrel, Salabat Jung (1752-1762), another son of Nizam I was elevated as the ruler by the French and he ruled for ten years. He however is not recognized as a Nizam. He was overthrown by Nizam Ali khan another Son of late Nizam I and was crowned as Nizam II in 1762. Salabat Jung was deposed and imprisoned and after 15 months was killed in prison. With this, the dynasty settled and there were successive rulers such as Sikandar Jhah, Nasiruddaula, Afzaluddaula, Mir Mahbbob Alikhan (Pasha) and the last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali khan. Although there was a gap of 10 years after the death of Nizam I, Only Nizam Ali Khan was recognized as Nizam II. The in - between rulers such as Nasir Jung, Muzaffar Jung and Salabat Jung are not recognized as the Nizams and there was no generation gap between them.
The dynasty produced seven generations of recognized Nizams till the last Nizam 7 was deposed after Police action by the Indian Armed forces on 17 Sept 1948. Unfortunately, the last Nizam although was a good builder and a man of taste tried his best to remain independent in a changed scenario when India was granted independence on 15 Aug 1947. He was grossly misled and abetted the formation of armed Razakar force of thugs and rapists under the fundamentalist, self-styled Field Marshal Kasim Razvi. The Razakar force that was armed committed grave crimes on Hindu population in the Hyderabad State with the connivances of Prime Minister Layak Ali, Police Chief Deenyar Jung and the Hyderabad Army. It was reenacting of Ghaznavi times. Kasim Razvi even proclaimed that Asifjahi flag would be hoisted on Red fort in Delhi. There were mass murders, lootings, dacoities, innumerable mass and gang rapes of Hindu women, public killings, burning of trains with the intention of subduing and terrorizing Hindu population. Razkars killed Hindu infants by bashing them over stones. Shoibulla Khan the editor of Imroz daily in Hyderabad was brutally murdered by the Razakars as the editor opposed the atrocities of Razakars and the policy of Nizam 7. The Nizam 7 remained a mute spectator to all these inhuman happenings and destiny played its card. He finally had to pay and loose his kingship after the police action by Indian Union Govt.Hyderabd city has witness upheavels. Hyderabad State was merged with Indian Union and with this, the seven-generation rule of dynasty of Nizam I collapsed and ended Thus the great dynasty established by a valiant, able and efficient Qamruddin Chihinkhiljikhan, Nizam-ul-Mulk Asifjah in 1720 collapsed unceremoniously after police action during the rule of Mir Osman Ali khan Bahadur, Nizam-ul—Mulk Asifjah- 7 on 17 Sept 1948.
Although Aurangabad was the capital of Nizam I, it was shifted to Hyderabad during the rule of Nizam Ali Khan the Nizam II and from then onwards there was no looking back. Hyderabad slowly flourished. Many palaces were built and some gardens laid. Two reservoirs were built near Hyderabad for the controlling of Musi river by the last Nizam, Osman ali Khan. Osmania University was also built during the reign of last Nizam.The city became cosmopolitan and many north Indians from Rajastaan have settled in Hyderabad. Old city area of Hyderabad was originally encircled by strong fort walls and many gates for protection. With time and and growth of the city, these walls became irrelevant and most of the wall has been dismantled. Yet the remains if the gates and the ramparts, burz can be seen at various places in old city. Such gates are at Puranapul and Dabirpura which are still in immaculate condition displaying the past glory. Originally Hyderabad state of Nizam during the reign of the last Nizam, had distict areas such as Telangana, Marathwada and and Karnatak. Telangana had 9 districts such as Warangal, Khammammet, Karimnagar, Mahboobnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Atraf Balda ( Around Hyderabad and now called Ranga Reddy district) and Adilabad (10), Karnataka areas were districts of Gulbarga, Osmanabad, Bidar and Raichur (3). Maharashtrian areas were covered under districts Nanded, Beed, Aurangabad and Parbhani (4). ( Now Hyderabad city is also a district making 11 district in Telangana region)
The British Government while granting independence gave options to the princes in India to either join Pakistan or India or remain independent. A most all the princes in India joined accordingly while Junagarh and Hyderabad were stubborn and remained independent. Junagarh was taken over by India after a plebiscite and the ruler left for Pakistan. Hyderabad under the last Nizam had other plans. It conducted parleys with Pakistan and prepared itself for a show down with India. Razkar forces ( Militia) under Kasim Razvi ( Majlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen) were raised to terrorise Hindu population in the state and they did accordingly. At last India conducted police action on Sept 17, 1948 Hyderabad Army surrendered to India armed forces and Hyderabd was merged with Indian union. A military government was established under military governor Major General Chaudhry. Armed Telangana communist revolt was suppressed by the new government and the communists merged with main stream and took part in election process.
Nizam 7 was pardoned and made Rajpramukh of the state. The Indian leaders buckled to pseudo secularism. The souls of raped women, murdered men, women and children still hover over Hyderabad even today unable to rest in peace with Nizam and many of his coterie escaping the noose. They were not punished suitably for their crimes. Thanks to the inefficient Indian leaders.

The state of Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1956 after breaking up Hyderabad state. It was formed merging the areas of Telangana with Andhra state consisting of coastal and Royalaseema areas. Andhra state was carved out of earlier erstwhile Madras state in 1953 with Kurnool as capital.. The Maharashtrian areas of Marathwada of Hyderabad state were given to Maharashtra state while the areas of Karnatak of Marathwada in Hyderabad state were merged with Karnataka state. Hyderabad became the capital for the new born Andhra Pradesh state and has been making progress on various fronts.
Thus it is noted that the city of Hyderabad has seen great ups and downs. Before the city was established the area originally was in the province of Kakateeya kings till 1326 an then was under the provincial Naika and Velama rulers . It went over to Bahmani sultans in 1474 and then to Golconda sultans in 1518. Hyderabad city was constructed by Mohd kuli Kutubshah in 1591 and after the fall of Golconda it went over to Mughals in 1687 and then to Asifjahi kings in 1720. In 1948 it became part of India . The city can not be said to belong to Muslims although they live in sizeable numbers in old city. Sri Mohan babu the cine artist no doubt was ignorant of the history and out of frustration at the events burst out demanding handing over Hyderabad to Muslims.More over he used offensive words unbefitting him and his stature. May god bless him with more wisdom. Any how, he has been hauled up to court for hurting sentiments of people and he shall face music in the court..

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen travelling in a AC first class bogie of AP express travelling to Delhi. The bogie is full and all seats are occupied. People are seen intensely discussing in small groups. Tempers are also found high. Gandhi is feeling out of place in the groups. He starts engaging himself in conversation),

Gandhi. May I disturb you sir? Can I know what the topic of this serious discussion is?

Narsimloo. Hello. Old man, You have already disturbed me. What is there further to disturb me?

Gandhi. Sorry sir. I think you are all going for a meeting at Delhi. My name is Gandhi

Narsimloo. True. We are at it. But which Gandhi you are?

Patel. He is MK Gandhi.Bapu, Father of nation. I am sure you are going for discussion on Telangana state.

Narsimloo. True. It is for that only. Does MK stand for Maha Kamzor.that befits him..hee..heee

Patel. Haa..haa …aa..What a translation!

Ellaih. My name is Ellaiah. I represent Galli no. 32 in Kima Reddy town. I belong to Apna Desam Party. I shall also take part in discussions. I can answer your doubts too.

Gandhi. Is the high command of ruling party calling Galli leaders for discussion?

Elaih. Why not? The state is decided in galli ( street) politics only.

Nehru. Hee..hee

Patel. Ou..ou. sings)

Dear you are going to Delhi
There you will come across a black silly Billy( Cat)
Your work shall not be done there, I am sure
For Telangana there appears to be no medical cure

Ellaih (Getting angry) Come on sir. Please do not say that. We are all going with great hopes. ( sings angrily)

I shall see you old man
To live I am sure you have no plan
I shall eat you bit by bit
Soon you shall loose all your wit

Gandhi. Ok.Ok. Relax. Do not get upset. Your BP will shoot up. Have faith in Telangana god or goddess that is Telangana Talli ( Mother)

Patel. How many Galli leaders are going there?

Narsimloo. From every Mandal town atlesat one guy will be there.

Patel. So I think atlesat few hundreds are there.

Narsimloo. Sure. Also there will be MLAs. Mostly they are well fed and fat too.

Nehru. I am sure there will be many like this from Andhra and Seema areas.

Narsimloo. Sure.They are also travelling in this train in other bogies

( In the mean time a tea vendor arrives with some snacks)

Tea vendor. Chai ( Tea)..Chai.. Garam Chai.. aaa chai.. aaa… chai

Gandhi. Ohoi.. Plesae give tea to four of us.

Narsimloo. Is it Telangana Chai?

Gandhi. What is this?

Narsimloo. He has to be from Telangana. From which place you are? Where were you born?

Tea vendor. Sir My name is Bezwada Madelu. I am from Kodad in Nalgonda district. I have one leg in Andhra and one hand in Andhra. The other leg and hand are in Telangana

Narsimloo. Which hand is from Telangana?

Tea vendor. Left hand sir.

Narsimloo. Give tea with left hand

Tea vendor. OK sir. But I use left hand for toilet purpose also

Gandhi. Chee…chee…aaacque,,chee..cheee ( about to vomit)

Ellaih. How dare old man you?… say chee ..chee to Teangana hand..(Becomes angry and Sings)

Oh look old man with bald head
I shall take away from your mouth the daily bread
You are insulting us at this place
I shall smack you with this mace

(He lifts up an iron rod to hit Gandhi)

Patel. Relax. Why are you hitting him? What he has said? Is this the way you get Telangana?

(Gandhi is totally shaken up)

Gandhi. Ok Bhai. You are having very high tempers. How does it make sense to me whether you get or not. Please allow me to live. I am from Gujarat.

( In the mean time a vendor Pullanna arrives selling Pakoras)

Pullana.. aa…pakora…pakora

Nehru. Bhai. Thoda Pakoras dho ( Please give some Pakoras). My tongue is itching ( He shows tongue )

Gandhi. Bhai. Tell me how Pakodas are made? Are they vegetarian?

Pullanna They are palak Pakoras. Palak has come from Amalapuram in Andhra region. Flour is from Kurnool and oil is from Maharashtra.

Ellaih. That means they are Andhra Pakoras, Maro Saaleko( Kick the nut).. Andhra Pagoda bech ta hai ( selling Andhra Pakoras Here).. Yahhan. That too in Telangana bogie mein..grr…grr.. How dare!

Pullanna Eee..eee.Bhai. Bacho. I do not know this is Telangana bogie

(Ellaih picks up the basket and throws it out of the train and vendor cries loudly)

Gandhi. This is unfair. He is a poor guy. It is a great loss to him.

Ellaih. He should be happy. I have not thrown him out of train.

( He angrily puffs and does fast break dance)

Gandhi. Ohfo.. What a temperament? (Sings)

Mera Bharat once was Mahan
Now to one other is dushman
You guys please see reason and stay
Or else loudly pray and bray

Narsimloo. Enough old man, Whom you are preaching? Preach in other bogies. Or else I shall throw you out along with your…son of b.. of first order.

Gandhi.. Ohfo.. Patel. What type of guys these are. Will these guys with this temperament can get some thing at Delhi? May God bless them.

Patel. I have my own doubt.

Narsimloo. Shut up.

Gandhi. Are you leaders? What type? May God bless Telangana and Andhra too

Patel. How about Royalaseema

Gandhi. I shall bless them too

Patel. Soon we have to bless upper Telangana and Lower Telangana too

Nehru. Why not Upper Andhra and Lower Andhra

Gandhi. Sure . I shall bless them too

Patel. Seema guys also will have Bellary and Raichur from Karnataka

Gandhi. More the merrier..hoo…hooo.hoo..All will have nice time fighting each other for water first.

Patel. Telangana will not have any coast

Gandhi. Any how Andhra will not cooperate for use of its ports by others

Patel. hee,,hee

Gandhi.. I am sure finally each district in Telangana will fight for separate state hood. When Singapore not even the size of Hyderabad city can be a country why each district can not be a state first and then as country. The day is not far. Haaa.haaa

Patel. Hoo..hooo..hooo

Nehru. Ou…ou…ou…

Narsimloo. You… stupid guys. I shall show you…

Patel. What you will show? Plesae see this mirror. You look nice in this.

(Narsimloo lifts up a box to hit Gandhi and Patel and the trio vanish suddenly from the bogie)