Friday, December 31, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen in heavens sitting in a park and chatting. They are keenly looking at people strolling around.)

Patel. Today the park has less no. of guys, Bapu have you noticed?

Bapu. Yeah. I see that. Most of the guys must have completed tenure in heavens. Either they must have gone to hell from here to suffer for longer period or must have taken rebirth in the cycle of deaths and births.

Patel. Must be true. Bapu when are we going to leave this place to take rebirth?

Bapu. Iam not sure. The fact is that we three are here together indicates that we have more or less equal virtue and have equal sins too. It is said that souls initially go to the place i.e heavens if they have greater amount of sins and from there they go to hell to suffer for long periods. If they have long history of good things first they go to hell and then go to heavens from there. We have already gone to hell. We saw each other there. We came here with in a span of few months from each other.

Patel. Bapu. Do you have any idea who has committed more sins among us?

Gandhi. That is very difficult to tell. Kabir said once:

Bura na dekhan my chala
Burana miliya koi
Jab dil khojoo apna
Mujhse buraa na koi

( Once I went in search of a sinner
And I found none any where among they and we
Then I searched my inner heart for hours
And Lo!There was none greater sinner than me)

Patel. Bapu.. hear…hear.. What a great poem indeed! You are very great Bapu.. Hats off to you.

Gandhi. Thanks dear. Iam obliged

Patel. You have not said anything. Did you hear the poem Bapu Said?

Nehru. I heard. You already appreciated.

Patel. Nothing prevents you from appreciating. It gives wrong signals.

Nehru. I am not a flatterer by any standard.

Patel. What is wrong in appreciating the old man when he recited a grand good poem?

Nehru. There is nothing wrong in it. That I also know.

Gandhi. Patel. Why do you insist on him? When he is not appreciating the poem let him not. Iam not becoming a smaller person by that.

Nehru. Bapu. Please do not misunderstand me. I do like the poem. But this Patel is over reacting.

Patel. What is the over reaction in it?

Nehru. I do not want to argue now.

Gandhi. Patel. Plesae leave him.

Nehru. Thanks Bapu for sparing me.

Gandhi. We were discussing hell and heavens. Probably I am the greater sinner amongst us.

Patel. How do you say that? You were titled Mahatma by Ravindra nath Tagore.

Nehru. Titles do not reduce sins in any way

Gandhi. I agree with you.

Nehru. I am sure Patel must be thinking that I am the greatest sinner amongst us.

Patel. How do you say that?

Nehru. You have been always critical of me ever since I became the first PM of free India.

Gandhi. Will you guys keep quiet now? Enough of it.

Patel. Bapu. I shall surely keep quiet ( sings)

Bapu. I shall keep my mouth shut
Although I am not a clown and nut
What else I can do now?
I have to keep quite some how

Gandhi. Look guys. Enough we had heart burn. These inner bickering will make us to leave heavens early.

Nehru. Bapu. Is it true? I am scared. I do not want to go back to earth. I do not know in which form I shall take birth. Eee..eee….aaa…aaa

Gandhi. It is OK. You can not escape fate. There is nothing in your hands now. Take as things come.

Patel. I am sure you shall be born as chameleon because you displayed dual personality.

Nehru. How about you. Will it be a insect in cow dung?

Patel. Iam least concerned. Whatever god wishes for me it will happen.

Gandhi. I do not know in which form I shall take rebirth.

Nehru. Bapu. You are being worshipped in India. Every one likes you. No sins are endorsed to you. Then how can you be born as insect or small time animal or some dirty bird.

Gandhi. I do not know. My heart tells that all is not going to be well for me.

Nehru. Your sixth sense tells you.

Gandhi. Most probably I shall be born as a Jackal or fox with oozing and infected wounds with plenty of puss that can not be cured.. Many Indians hate me because they feel deceived in the end in 1947. India was partitioned. That is the biggest blame to me.

Nehru. Were you alone mattered in this?

Gandhi. Then who else? I take all blame for it. A leader takes all blame always.

Patel. I am happy at last now things are getting clear. Bapu why don’t you write memoirs?

Gandhi. I am dead now. How can I write now? The opportunity has been lost. In fact I wanted to write. But Godse came in between.

Patel. Bapu. You were a Hindu and although you were killed you have not been declared a Martyr. If you were a Muslim you would have surely gone to heavens inspite of your grave sins committed earlier and would have enjoyed 72 beautiful virgins with all comforts in heavens; Of course Islamic heaven. This heaven does not belong to Islam. They do not agree to our scriptures. They say we are all inhabitants of hell that too permanently.

Gandhi. haa..haaa.. Neither I had a chance to convert. Where was the time? Ambedkar I was told changed over to Buddhism fed up of Hinduism.

Patel. It is no different from Hinduism. After all it is just a branch.

Gandhi. Buddhists do not agree for that.

Patel. We accepted Buddha as incarnation of Vishnu.

Gandhi. But many Hindus do not accept it. They show Balarama as avatar along with Krishna.

Nehru. Is the gossip required?

Patel. Is it gossip?

Nehru. Then what it is?

Gandhi. Jawaharlaal. Better keep quite.

Patel.. I feel sorry. You did so much for India and expecting that you would be reborn as a shitty Jackal.

Gandhi. Dear , Every one has to pay for his deeds.

Nehru. Bapu. Bapu.. Mujhe Bachalo.. I do not how I shall be born. What will happen to my dynasty. I will not know any thing about them. I shall forget everything. Eee..eee

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Relax. Learn to live by facts. Before you were born as Jawaharlal what were you? Do you know?

Nehru. I do not know.

Patel. Then why are you crying? This cycle will go on till one gets salvation. We do not know how many more births we have to take.

Gandhi. True

Patel. Bapu. One thing is sure. We have in fact duped the nation. We led the freedom struggle and finally ended with partition. There is no excuse for us. We have committed greatest sin of allowing division of this great land. Thus sin will keep us in the cycle of births indefinitely and infinitely. Probably we will not get human life again. We have to go through all types of other creatures and suffer for all the times to come

Gandhi. True. Even Ramdhun will not help.

Nehru. Eee…eee.. I can not live without remembering my dynasty.

Gandhi. Dear . There is no escape.

( In the mean time a messenger arrives fromYam raj. Chiragupta the accountant of Yam raj from hell arrives)

Chiragupta. Who is Jawaharlaal Nehru ?

Nehru. I am Nehru. What is the matter?

Chitragupta. I am the Chief record holder of Yamraj. Your days are over in heavens. Now you are being called by Yamraj to be sent for rebirth

Nehru. Eee…eee…..aa… Bapu. Mujhe Bachalo..

Gandhi. Look sir. May I give him some of my good deeds to him so that he can stay here for some more time? He is very much attached to us.

Chitragupat. This is strange case. I am not sure. I have to refer the matter to Lord Yam raj.

Gandhi. Plesae find out from him. We are not going to run away from here. You can always take him.

Chitragupat. That is true. I shall find out. If you can give one good deed to him from your account, he can stay here for another thousand years.

Nehru. Bapu Give me atlesat 10 deeds.. no.. no.. Give me twenty good deeds.. No.. No please give me many more.. eee…eee aaa, I am shit scared

Patel. Haa…haaa.. Haa. What a funny guy?

Gandhi. Hee..hee. Patel. Plesae do not laugh. He is getting scared, see how is shivering like wet cat.

Chitragupta. I shall soon return after getting clarification. If Lord accepts you have to give undertaking to us duly signed by Lord Vinayak the notary of heavens.

Gandhi. OK Thanks for helping him.

Chitragupta. If this is not yet accepted You have to send him.. It is just a proposal

Gandhi. We know. Thanks dear.

Chitragupta. OK Bye.

Nehru. Bapu. Let is go from here. I am getting scared

Patel. Bapu. Let us go.

( The trio slowly goes away singing Ramdhun while Nehru hides behind Gandhi)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen walking on road near AP secretariat in Hyderabad. They are keenly discussing some issues. They are confronted by some police men at a turning)

Inspector. Look . You can not walk on this road further.

Gnadhi. Why Bhai. We want to go ahead

Inspector. It is all tense now. We have orders not to allow any one on roads.

Patel. Then where we should walk?

Inspector. Better do not walk.

Nehru. Can we go in a car?

Inspector. Even two, three and four wheelers are not allowed

Gandhi. We shall get a circus type one wheel cycle.

Inspector. Are you joking? Are you from circus?

Gandhi. In US, there are some devices that have only one wheel and a seat. It is powered by an electric motor and works on gyroscopic principles. It can be easily driven.

Inspector. Look. No human being is allowed to walk now.

Patel. What is the problem?

Inspector. We are expecting some trouble from Locals guys. Sri Krishna Committee report will be out soon on Telangana.

Patel. Oh I see. Now I understood the problem.

Inspector. Now please do not create any problem. You guys are very old and I do not want to be rough with you.

Gandhi. Thanks for being considerate with us. May god bless you.

Patel. After long time, I saw a reasonable police guy.

Nehru. There are always some good guys too. All are not bad.

Gandhi. Then how do we go back? Are we permitted to walk back?

Inspector. OK That is fine. Please go back

( The trio walks back and after few minutes they are stopped by a police van. An Inspector steps out)

Inspector. I am Hulchal singh. You are not supposed to walk here. How did you come here?

Gandhi. In fact we are returning after we were told to go back by another police man

Inspector. Come on . You just can not walk any where.

Patel. Come on Police Bhai. Have a heart. Where we shall go now?

Inspector. I do not know.

Gandhi. It is simple Patel. We shall go vertically.

Inspector. What are you talking? Are you some helicopter?

Gandhi. Keep looking at us.

Inspector. You guys appear to be nuts. Are you making a mockery of me?

( The trio in the mean time lift off vertically and zoom into sky. They have divine bodies to do that trick.)

Inspector. Shh.. Guys appear to be some terrorists. I lost chance for gallantry award and promotion too. I shall try yet.

( He draws his revolver and fires aiming at Gandhi and Patel two rounds each. Nothing happens . Patel catches bullets )

Patel ( From sky) You idiot. Your bullets are of no use against us.

Gnadhi. Hee..hee..hee

Nehru. Hoo..hoo..hoo

( Patel throws bullets at the police inspector and he catches them)

Inspector. Ohfo. The guys appear to be some devils. Let us leave them here

( He sits in his van and speeds away)

Gandhi. Patel we are at a park now. Let us stay here for some time.

Patel. Fine Bapu

( The trio get down in a park close by. They walk to some benches and sit down and relax. Suddenly few monkeys rush to them. Initially the trio is worried expecting that the monkeys might bite them. But the monkeys come and stop near them. At a distance they see some more monkeys staring at them)

Gadhi. What is this monkey game? Why some monkeys are being chased by another group.

( A old monkey steps out and walks to Gandhi. In human voice it speaks)

Monkey. Sir . You look elderly and I also saw your statue at Secunderabad. You appear to be some respected person. May I say some thing?

Gandhi. Why not? You appear to be a well behaved and disciplined monkey. You are so polite too. Tell me why other monkeys are after you and your friends.

Monkey. Sir We originally belonged to Vijaywada town. We became a great head ache to people there. So they caught us and brought us to the local zoo in Hyderabad. We have been staying there for last few years.

Patel. Then what happened now? You are all monkeys and can have nice time in zoo. There are many trees and ponds. You are given food. Where us the problem?

Monkey. Recently they started calling us Andhra monkeys.

Gandhi. Is it true? How does it bother?

Andhra Monkey. Sir, Some times they address us in slang too. We get hurt.

Patel. So sorry dear. But they are giving food to you.

Andhra Monkey. All was well till the Telangana stir came up. From then onwards Zoo personnel have been calling us as Andhra monkeys and while giving food also they discriminated us. Rotten fruits are given to us. At times they throw stones at us shouting .. You bloody Andhra monkey.. Go.. shih.

Patel. That is surely bad.

Gandhi. Now what is the problem.

Andhra Monkey. In the morning zoo personnel were transporting us to some place. I do not know where they were taking us.In fact there are many monkeys in zoo. They wanted to get rid off us.There were some Telangana monkeys too with us. Initially they were ok when we statrted. When we came to secretariat road there was a commotion.

Patel. What was it?

Andhra Monkey. Some people were shouting Jai Telangana.. Jai jai Telangana.. down with Andhras. The Telangana monkeys heard the shouts.

Patel. Then what happened?

Andhra Monkey. The Telangana monkeys started looking angrily at us. Suddenly one heavy Telangana monkey pulled tail of a small monkey from our group and bit it too. Poor small monkey cried. Seeing this a heavy Andhra monkey jumped on the Telangana monkey and cut its ears with teeth.

Patel. Then what happened?

Andhra Monkey. Soon it was free for all. There was great commotion and suddenly one door got opened as it was not locked properly. All monkeys jumped out happily. Soon the Telangana monkeys started chasing us. They were few but very strong. All these days they were fed well at zoo. Most of us went hungry in the day.We came running into this park.

Gandhi. I see you. This is bad.

Andhra Monkey. Sir. Plesae do some trhing. The Telangana monkeys are still waiting at coorner. They will attack us if we go out

Gandhi. Plesae do not worry. I shall see that you are not put to harm.

Patel. Very soon Krishna committee is going to submit its report.

Andhra monkey. What it will do?

Patel. It will give suggestions how to screw this state.

Gandhi. Why screwing the state?

Patel. Whichever way they do there will be unhappiness and trouble. This is a very tricky situation.

Nehru. I think if they declare Andhra and Royalaseema combined as another country , I think they will accept. If they makea separate state thee will be problem.

Gandhi. I think it is a good idea.

Patel. It sia ll nuts. Are you crazy. How can you crate another country altogether.

Gandhi. What is wrong in it? Some day it is going to happen. Some time ago Tamilnadu wanted to become another country. That was during Ramaswamis time. From then onwards central leaders a re shit scared of Tamilians. They do not go near them.

Patel. Hee..hee.. Now we have clueless guys in centre.

Gandhi. They were always like that

Nehru. Bapu. You mean was I also a clueless guy.

Gandhi. Then what? Do you think you were some thing great?

Nehru. Bapu. I am sorry you have such opinion about me. You only made me the PM

Patel. By overlooking me, Say that

Nehru. Every one knows it.

Gandhi. I made a mistake

Patel. But you did not live to correct your mistake

Gandhi. That is not my fault. Godse did it. He gave me no chance to live. He did not miss me. It was at point blank range.He ensured I died. Hee..hee. haa… a Raaa…mm. the wounds are paining even now. What a shooting indeed!

Patel. Bapu. Now what should we do with this monkey

Gandhi. What we can do? I think we shall take a delegation to CMs office with these monkeys and submit a memorandum about their problems.

Patel. Do you think Mr Reddy the CM has some time. He has no clue what is happening in state. He is worried about his MsLA running to Jagan. I think he can not sleep well.

Gandhi. poor guy. We shall feel sorry for him

Monkey. Sir We shall stay here with you.

( In the mean time some hostile monkeys come closer grinning the teeth)

Patel. Sshh.. shs.. go.. You swine..

Gandhi. Patel. Plesae drive them away.

( Patel picks up some stones and hurls at Telangana monkeys and they soon run away from there. In the mean time the zoo guys arrive and catch all Telangana monkeys and take them away. They do not see Andhra Monkeys.)

Gandhi. look Patel. Let us go to secunderabad station now. The train going to Vijayawada starts in the evening at 5 pm. We shall see that these monkeys climb on to Bogeys and travel to Andhra area. Or else these will be killed by some mad monkey.

Nehru. It is good idea. There will not be any ticket too.

Patel. OK Bapu. As you say we shall do. Let us go

Gnadhi. Oh Monkeys. Plesae follow us. We shall send you to Vijaywada. I shall tell the ticket collector.

Monkey. Thanks sir

( All Andhra Monkeys gather and dance around Gandhi, Patel and Nehru holding hands and grinning)


Sunday, December 26, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi is seen sitting on a bench under a tree in Rajghat in Delhi near Yamuna river. He is seen singing…Patel and Nehru arte also strolling in the park)

Gandhi ( Sings)
Duniya mujha ko paagal samjhe maihootho awwara
My Duniya ki sewa karne phirte mama mara
Hai ramm… Hai Ram

Ho Ram.. Ho Ram

Patel ( Goes over to Gandhi) Bapu..Are you alright. You are singing a sad song.

Gandhi. What to do bhai? My plans are not working. I left India in 1948 with unfinished work. We could screw up India only a bit and this is what most of the people today feel.

Patel. Bapu. Your unfinished work has been completed by our friend Jawaharlal.

Nehru ( From distance) What is that you are conspiring against me?

Gandhi. There is no conspiracy dear. Simple plain truths are being discussed.

Nehru. Bapu. Do you believe Patel? He is very much jealous of me.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Learn to know realities soon.

Nehru. Now what happened ? Why are you guys are after me. What I have done?

Gandhi. I told long ago that congress should be disbanded immediately after gaining independence. You guys never listened. Now see they have screwed up the nation.

Nehru. Is this my fault?. There were many PM after me

Gandhi. You have sown the seeds of screwing up the country. There is some truth in it.

Patel. Are you aware what is going on now in India. Do you know what is happening in Delhi?

Nehru. I am always with you. How do I know?

Patel. It is not our fault

( In the distance a very sentimental song is heard)

A.ndhe kii laaThii tuu hii hai, tuu hii jiivan ujiyaaraa hai (2)
tuu hii aakar sambhaal prabhuu teraa hii ek sahaaraa hai (2)
a.ndhe kii laaThii tuu hii hai, tuu hii jiivan ujiyaaraa hai (2)

duhkh dard kii gaTha.Dii sar par hai pag-pag par girane kaa Dar hai (2)
parameshvar ab path raakh tuu hii (2)
tuu hii path raakhanahaaraa hai (2)
a.ndhe kii laaThii tuu hii hai
tuu hii jiivan ujiyaaraa

jin par aashaa thii chho.D gaye
baaluu ke gharo.nde pho.D gaye
mu.Nh mo.D gaye, man to.D gaye (2)
ab jag me.n kaun hamaaraa hai (3)
a.ndhe kii laaThii tuu hii hai, tuu hii jiivan ujiyaaraa

( By Great singer actor KL Saigal from old film Dhoop chaon..1935?

Gandhi. Look Patel. How saigal sahib is singing? Today all Indians are at mercy of god. The misrule is all over and people are suffering. People are like blind men struggling on the streets. The guys who are ruling are clueless of peoples flight. They are busy saving chairs for them selves.

Patel. Some are struggling to save chairs for their children.

Gandhi. I think PM is keeping the PM seat warm for prince like a fowl sits on eggs to keep them warm.

Patel. Bapu say Hen not fowl. Only she sits on eggs.

Gandhi. True. Thanks for correction.

Patel. Otherwise, the PM he has no role to play in governing

Gandhi. He is busy going around shaking hands with dignitaries and back at home he is happy that all are saluting him although every one has a hidden agenda with them. Every guy knows that he is a mere rubber stamp, reading through text without lifting eyes from the text. He is like Alibaba among Chalees chor.

Patel. I think Sonia is slightly better because she at times lifts her face and shrieks in her broken Hindi.

Gandhi. How about her son Rahul? He has only past time that is comparing RSS and others with terrorists. He has no other work. He lost badly at Bihar and he was shown the back door to escape. From then onwards he lost control of himself. He speaks whatever he wants. The strange thing is that he hopes to lead India. God bless this nation if it happens. The nation is doomed surely. He has already driven existing wedge much deeper among Hindus and Muslims in the country.

Patel. Hee..heee..haa

Gandhi. Hoo..hoo..hoo Very rightly said .. ( claps)

Patel. Bapu, look there are some monkeys sitting there ( He shows a group of monkeys at a tree)

Gandhi. Yeah. But what is so great about them. They are mere monkeys and they are very common here. They bare after all our brothers.

Patel. Bapu. It is not that. Have you seen the monkey sitting on a half split log?

Gandhi. Yaeh. I have seen. It is their past time.

Patel. That idiotic monkey is fiddling with the wooden spike inserted in the log by the carpenters.

Gandhi. Yaeh. I can see. Poor monkey is trying to pull the wooden wedge out. Oh… sh.. it has dropped its long legs up to thighs into the slit of wood. Idiotic monkey indeed it is.

Nehru. Bapu. It is not pulling. It is hammering wedge further in side with a hammer left by the carpenters.

Gandhi. Good and sensible monkey it is..

Patel. Bapu. All is not well there .The foolish monkey is hammering deeper and deeper. See the other monkeys clapping around making noise. They are all fools.

Gandhi. Why do you say that.

Nehru. That monkey is very clever.

Patel. Keep looking at them. They are just fools. The wedge is going deep and deep and coming out from other side. Look Bapu. That fool is using another thin stick to drive the thick wedge further deep

Gandhi. Yeah I see it. It is a fool. If the big wedge drops out from bottom the monkey is finished.

Nehru. Bapu. Why you wish bad things?

Patel. Bapu says correct. The foolish monkey is risking its life.

(The monkey gives a final blow and the wedge falls down and the thin stick is unable to keep the slit wide open. The thin gets crushed along with monkey legs and thighs with great snap.
Monkey cries loudly vomits blood, yells violently and dies. Its eyes protrude like balls)

Gandhi. Oh shit. Same thing happened what I said. Very bad. It was real idiotic monkey. It went on driving wedge till it came out and the log killed it.

Nehru. Bapu. It was bad. We could not save it.

Patel. Can you save it Jawaharlal? They are after all monkeys and have no brains.

Nehru. I feel very sad and bad.

Patel. The inevitable has happened. Life is like that

Nehru. Patel. Plesae do not teach philosophy.

Gandhi. why are you getting irked up. All of us are feeling bad about the monkey.

Patel. I shall say one thing. What is happening in India is exactly like this.

Nehru. I could not follow.

Gandhi. Better you do not follow.

Patel. The log is like Hindu Muslim unity in India. It has been partly split before, during and after division of the country. The wedge was left by all of us

Gandhi. Hope you are not pointing at me?

Patel. I am not blaming you alone. Entire congress party is part of it. We could not prevent partition. Your policies helped it. This is what majority of Indians feel about it.

Nehru. Then which is this monkey fiddling with the wedge?

Patel. Can’t you guess? How naïve you are? Are you acting Jawaharlal?

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. Recent statements by the congress guy have driven the wedge deep and deeper. Earlier the congress guys compared RSS to SIMI.. Wedge was driven half way. With recent statements wedge is almost about to fall down. See the Monkey’s fate. The fate of congress will be like that if they continue with the game of dividing the society further and further while other monkeys jumped around. In the end they will not be able to prevent catastrophe for themselves. Monkey also could not do any thing.

Patel. Bapu correctly said everything.

Nehru. No one can teach good things to monkeys. If the fate is like that what we can do. All have to just watch

Patel. Bapu. I also feel bad. It is a bad day for us. At Rajghat we have to see bled shed.

Gandhi. That is called destiny. Could any one stop Godse from gunning me down. It was to happen and it happened. Any amount of preaching mutual love has no meaning in India. It remained a mirage.

Patel. Bapu. You thought it was love. Others thought it was appeasement. Second was more correct.

(In the distance great actor singer Surendra nath BALLB sings)

kyuu.n man Dhuu.NDhe prem nadii kaa kinaaraa
ab kyuu.n man Dhuu.NDhe ...

Duubane vaalaa Duub chukaa jab kyaa tinake kaa sahaaraa
kyuu.n man Dhuu.NDhe ...

apano.n se bhii dhokhaa khaayaa sabako dushman paayaa
ham hu_e sabake duniyaa me.n ko_ii hu_aa na hamaaraa
kyuu.n man Dhuu.NDhe ...

( Surendranath BALLB from film Lal haveli..1944)

Gandhi. I feel very sad Patel. Let us go.

Patel. OK Bapu. Let us go.

( The trio vanishes singing Ramdhun)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The aspect of India being one nation has been debated many times and some opined that it was never one nation. It was a conglamation of many kingdoms right from the days of yore. Ramayana and Mahbharatha of course claim that Ram and Kuru princes were the overlords in entire India. The haters of Sri rama from Tamilnadu of course claimed that Ram was the king of a small kingdom at Ajodhya that he inherited from his father Dasaratha, Although Hindus no doubt revere these scriptures very greatly their reality has always been disputed by a section of people in India. Although some historical proofs were unearthed at Dwaraka and Lanka, conclusive proofs are yet to surface to put to rest the element of doubt. Inspite of these doubts Hinduism stands by the scriptures and they form the back bone of way of life of Hindus all over world. Ancient India absorbed all invaders such as Sakas, pathinians, Scythians, Hoons, kushans and Greeks. Only Muslims could not be absorbed into society instead of living together right from the 12 century to till date. Various sects such as Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, Sikhs, Ahmediyas, Boras, Christians, Aethists compose this nation and every one pulls in different direction. Thereby destabilizing the nation. This is now exactly happening.Till Muslims invaded India and committed barbaric crimes and carried out forcible conversions India was predominantly a Hindu state. Buddhism by that time almost vanished from India except in few places due to the crusade launched by Adi Sankaracharya from South India Afghanistan that basically a Buddhist nation succumbed to Muslims who massacred all Buddhists barbarically. The mountains Hindu Kush are named after the massacre of Hindus. . We have accepted blindly the versions of European scholors without critically examining the validity.

Sanskrit was the ancient language in India and was the binding factor for all regions in India. It was the language of communication for all the sages throughout India.All the ancient scriptures were written in Sanskrit. The nation was one till Sanskrit was the binding factor among all communities.. As time passed Sanskrit usage reduced and local languages received patronage from the provincial kings and emperors. With this regionalism also developed. It became stronger day by day. In Andhra Provinces Sansrit was the official language during Satavahans who ruled gloriously and even conquered far off places such as Magadha in North India. However when Esatern Chalukyas flourished later they made Telugu as the official language. Similarly Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam became regional language in the kingdoms and with this regionalism took deep roots. Regional chauvinism became the order of the day from then onwards.

The geographical barriers due to Vindhya mountains that divide North and south contributed to North south divide and development of different cultures thereby permanently isolating north and south regions. Entirely different type of temple architecture and dress code developed in North and southern regions. Religious ceremonies, practices, food habits, traditions and habits developed. Making division more rigid and isolating the regions from each other.. Marriages between North and south Indians was literally a taboo and was very rare. Probably this continues even today. South Indians considered themselves more religious, pious, traditional and educated and looked down others while those from north considered themselves as more brave, nationalistic, valiant and protectors of the country.

In ancient days although King Ashoka established a very large empire covering entire India the country soon broke into provincial kingdoms once the central authority broke up and was weakened.Local dynasties flourished and drooped.Fortunes fluctuated with weakening of dynasty. This Happened with Maurayas, Guptas, Satavahans, Vishnukundins, Anands, Paalas, Chauhans, Prateeharas, Salankayans, Senas, Gajapathis,Yadavas, Chalukyas ( Esatern , Kalyani and western), Pandyas, Pallavas, Kaakatiyas, Cholas, Hoyasalas and Rayas. They fought each other for supremacy and were greatly weakened and with Muslim aggressions vanished. Hindu kingdoms were subdued subsequently by Muslims in due course of time. Many south Indian rulers helped Muslim invaders to settle local scores and finally they were too overpowered by Muslims. This happened in the case of Kakateeyas, Yadavs of Devagiri and Velamas of Rachakonda and Devarakonda and Rayas of Vijay nagar during the reign of Bahmani sultans during 14 to 17 centuries. North India was no better. Local Muslim rulers also fought each other and perished. Although Deccan was under Mughals mostly it was mostly nominal. Local rebellions were many. The distance became a handi cap. The same was the case for Assam and Eastern Bengal. Mughal sfrequently lost control over these far off places. With Aurangzeb staying in Deccan for 25 years grip over North was lost. It was free for all in 18 century. The British consequently rose and ultimately the provincial rulers became puppets and became protectorates.

Inspite of all these activities, the binding factor mostly was the Hindu faith. Although regionalism was rampant, the scriptures were common and kept them together. Although Hinduism itself had many streams such as Vaishnavites, Shivites, Lingayats, Madhwas, Jiyyars etc the common code was the Vedas and scriptures. Most of the religious ceremonies were common in entire India although some minor variations were there. In nut shell, they were similar. Concepts were same. This put them together. For other religions like Islam and Christianity, there was hardly any sense of belonging to this nation. Muslims always looked at Mecca and Christians were looking at Jerusalem. For them this land was an alien and in fact they would never have considered this land as their own Home land. This was the main factor for creation of Pakistan. And for the demand for Nagaland in Eastern India.Mulsims are forbidden to respect and worship their fore fatythers if they were convertees as Islam believes that all Kafirs are inhabitants of Hell. Most of the Indian Muslims are convertees and for them their fore fathers although were Hindus are surely inhabitants of hell. Thus they would always feel themselves alien. For them Mecca and Medina are more pious than their own land where they were born and breathed. Our Anglo Indians lived in false world of being descendants of white skin Europeans. They aped Englishmen, dressed like them with artificial accent and most of them thought a Piano was a must in the house. Many vanished to Australia unable to accept India as their motherland after India gained freedom. They probably considered themselves superior being half white and walked half up in the air.
India was amalgamated into one immediately after independence by merging princely states. Many willingly merged having seen the reality while some had to be forced like Jamnagar and Hyderabad. But the princes wanted to have distinction from common men and it continued till the privy purses were scrapped by Indira Gandhi. It gave much heart burn to these former princes. Contribution of great Sardar Patel in this aspect can not be ignored. But for him, India would have faced great problems and India would have had another central Pakistan in the heart of India with the continued rule of fundamentalist Nizams.

India after independence wanted to recognize the services of Gandhi to the nation. Every one was running after chairs and power. Gandhi was the only man who was not after any position of authority. He wanted to disband Congress. But this did not materialize as his opportunistic stooges wished other way. Netaji was already missing from the scene. Although some doubts were expressed about his death, his death was a foregone conclusion. Had Netaji been alive, situation in India would have been entirely different. It was great luck for the present rulers that Netaji disappeared. He was no doubt a serious contender for the supreme authority and the position of father of nation. With his disappearance there was no opposition to MK Gandhi. His will and ideas prevailed everywhere. RabindranathTagore conferred on him the Title Mahatma ( Great soul). The title Father of nation itself is debatable. Was India not there earlier?.What it was. Many say it was Hindustan. The fact is that Bharatvarsha was existing from yore and it derived name from the great emperor Bharatha the son of Dushyanta and Shakuntala, the daughter of sage Viswamitra and divine nymph Menaka. This is known to all Indians. Thus a new country with name India was not born after independence in 1947. It was only liberated from foreign occupation. India as a nation existed even during the reign of Dasaratha and rama. This is evident from statement of Sri Rama made to Vali after he was mortally wounded by Rama by an arrow. When Vali asked him why he was shot hiding behind a tree, Sri Ram replied that He was the Kosala prince and was the master of Entire Bharat varsha and had the moral duty to protect Dharma in the land. Vali committed grave crime by seizing his brothers wife after driving Sugreeva away and thus committed a very grave crime. Death was the only punishment for such offenses.Thus India existed even in yore.

The liberation of India was not forced through any real armed struggle to the last when the occupying forces surrendered to the liberation army of India as it happened in China. Had INA succeeded in WW II , probably British Indian army would have surrendered. The world situation, Effect of WWII on England, compulsions, downgrading of English power forced Englishmen to get rid off this far off colony that was thoroughly sucked out by them and probably nothing was not left to suck further. India was already sucked off its wealth, blood and culture. There was not much inspiration for the Englishmen to hold on to this beleaguered land called India. More over the INA actions, Naval mutiny in India shattered them and confidence was shaken. There was very much opposition to foreign rule in India and these situations forced Englishmen to leave India not before Churchill claimed that poor India would be thrown into the hands of opportunists, crooks, Corrupt men where even a glass of water and a piece of bread would be taxed. His expectations came to be true. Today wee find the nation in the grip of cheats, criminals, scamsters, money squanderers, all time crooks, smugglers, Swiss bank account holders, and shady characters. Thus no new nation has been found except that the existing nation was liberated to some extent. To say that they left us is rather correct. Thus in view of many the title father of nation bestowed on MK Gandhi is unjust. He definitely deserved some credit for mobilizing actions against foreign occupation.

The nation was then divided based on linguistic lines and it was the last straw in destroying unity in the nation. This helped rise of further regionalism based on languages and what we see to day in the country is the outcome of this and credit must go to Jawaharlal Nehru for this thoughtless act. Today all states are fighting interstate river water disputes, and propagating theory of sons of soil. In Maharashtra state Northerners are driven out when they came to attend interviews. In turn there was some retaliation. In Tamil Nadu regional hatred is rampant and all Hindi sign boards are smeared with tar. No one speaks Hindi. They look at people from North as some aliens. Tamils and Kannadigas fight each other and burn buses in retaliation. Andhrites and Telanganites fight each other bitterly. Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh are separated from parent states. Vidarbha wants to get out of Maharashtra. Probably Rajasthan would follow. Karnataka also want to split into Northern and southern Karnataka. Where is the end to this nonsense? Every local leader wants to split his state to become a CM and loot the state and fill his coffers. There is no national outlook and they propagate regional. language, sectarian, religious hatred all the time. The nation is falling apart with the rise of fundamentalism and section of minorities are playing dirty games to split the country again. A district Mamallaapuram in Kerala for Muslims was carved out during the times of Namboodripad who was a Marxist and Muslim baiter.
Gandhi has not succeeded to amalgamate the entire people of India. The Title father of nation is probably a mirage and his name has remained only a catchy slogan to capture votes for the dynasty and his idols becomes rallying point for foolish agitations by the shady and crooked leaders in all states. Gandhi in future too would not hold nation together. His assassination itself was an indication that all was not well in the country. The country floats aimlessly with pseudo secularists leading the nation to dooms day while idiotic Indians look other way least bothered..

Saturday, December 25, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The moral side of any action is a function of the period, time, era, nation, society and even murder committed in retaliation by some men against those of an occupying nation are passed off as heroic deeds and patriotic acts and such men are called martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the nation. They are innumerable examples to quote. They are highly glorified and memorials are erected too in their memory.

Its is widely known that the entire family of Russian Czar Romanov was summarily shot dead after the Russian revolution in 1917 at the behest of Vladimir Lenin who subsequently became the Russian supremo of USSR. No one has raised finger against Lenin. He was worshipped as Hero and was never convicted. He continued to be the great grand hero till USSR broke up and collapsed . Subsequently Lenin’s statues were thrown in dust bin and broken too. Now every one has almost forgotten him. Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were convicted for throwing bombs in Assembly hall of Punjab during Indian freedom struggle and were sent to gallows. They were also accused for the murder of Police officer Saunders whom they shot dead after Lala Lajjpat Rai the lion of Punjab succumbed to blows during a lathi charge on a crowd demonstrating against Simon commission. To day these men are martyrs to Indians while for the Englishmen they were just criminals and hence were hanged. We are no doubt are very proud of their sacrifices and achievements. Scores of women, men and children were shot dead by troops ordered by Gen Dyer at Jallianwallah bagh in Amritsar during Indian freedom struggle when they collected at an enclosed garden to protest against Rowlat act that was draconian. There was great national indignation. However British officers were rewarded with promotions and awards. Shaheed Uddham singh Alias Mohammed singh Azad of Punjab took revenge after 20 years for this act. He was a child during the massacre and he grew up, went all the way to England, planned and waited for the opportunity and shot dead Michael O Dwyer the former governor of Punjab at Coxton hall in London. Lord Zetland was severely injured. Uddham singh was arrested, tried and hanged at Pentanville prison. He has gone down the Indian history as a great patriot and Martyr while in English records he remains a convict and assassin. His remains were brought back to India some time ago and were cremated with great honors. A district has been named after him in Punjab.
Similarly we remember Chandrasekhar azad, Ramprasad Bismil, Madanlal Dhingra, Surya sen and many more who cheerfully laid down their lives. Netaji and his associates were great patriots and we honor them. In British records they are considered criminals who waged war against the crown. Netajis disappearance is a great mystery and they are many rumors including his death at the hands of British agents, Russian hand, air crash after WW II. Some claimed that he lived in India in the guise of a Sadhu. Netaji would have been tried for war crimes and waging war had he been captured.INA officers were however were tried at Red fort after WWII for waging war. They were of course were let off..Netaji has not been given due credit in this thankless nation after independence and it is only after fall of congress power he got some recognition. His photo was kept in Parliament and his state was erected in Parliament.

Bhiderwale abetted Khalistan movement and the Sikh militants killed many intellectuals in Punjab including Sant Longowal and many innocents too They waged war against India in the form of terrorism.Finally an army action was required to flush out the fugitives from the holy golden complex and scores were killed in the action including Bhinderwale and Retired Gen Shabeg singh who infact turned the temple complex into a fortress. To day Sikh militancy is over and has been wiped out mostly due to the strong actions of Ex DGP Gill. But many Khalistanis are taking shelter in Canada, Pakistan, Germany and UK. For Indians Bhinderwale was a terrorist who master minded the war against India while for the Sikh militants of Kahlistani movement he remains a great hero and is worshipped..

In south India Polygor Veerapandya Kattabomman of Panchala kurichhi of Tamil nadu waged war against the East India company much before 1857 war and was defeated and was hanged with his associates. He is highly revered by us and is glorified. We have rebuilt his fort and worship him. For Englishmen he was a rebel and criminal.Rani chennemma of Kittur in Karnataka took up the sword to fight off Esat Indai Company and rebelled against their power and refused to surrender her kingdom afte her adopted son was not accepted by the governor. She fought bravely and even killed governor Thackeray the governor in Kittur battle during early 19 century. She was defeated, captured and put in prison at Bailhongal fort where she passed away. She is a great patriot for us while for Englishmen she was a rebel. Velu Thambi the PM of Travancore Cochin state in south India led a revolt against East India Company in early 19 century and was defeated after many battles and he committed suicide to avoid capture. He is a great patriot for while English men teat him as a rebel.

Alluriseetha Ramaraju of Andhra coastal agency areas revolted against The English government in last century and was defeated, captured and shot dead summarily. He has become a great martyr for Indians while for English men he was a just rebel and criminal. Adolf Hitler was most hated who shot himself when allied troops occupied Berlin during WW II. It has been learnt that in an African country his statue has been erected. Even to day in Germany there some sections that worship and glorify him.

In Andhra Pradesh Kondapalli Seetha Ramiah was once a terror to police and he led the Naxals very effectively. He became a legend in his own life time. Police men were after him as the most sought after criminal while for Naxals he was the grand leader and hero.( In the end he surrendered to police in old age and sickness and died in course of time). Komaram Bheem in Adilabad district waged guerilla war against former Nizam and was killed in exchange of fire. He is considered as a great martyr and his memory is being revived today.

During 1857 war at the end Major Hodson of a cavalry regiment shot dead Mughal princes, sons of Last emperor Bahadur shah Zafar at Delhi Khooni Darwaza ( Gate) after they were captured. It was a summary execution. The military officer was decorated and escaped any criminal action. He was glorified. A Regiment of cavalry was named after him called Hudson’s horse. Indian Army shamelessly continued with the name even after independence celebrating raising day of the regiment. In fact, Major Hodson deserved hanging after committing the crime. But Englishmen glorified him. Probably it has been renamed now. Many heroes of 1857 war were captured and hanged by the East India Company. Tantya Tope the Maratha commander was one of them.

Thus we see that certain murders and assassinations committed by some men who we call as patriots were mere criminal actions in the eyes of others when they were rulers. Thus these actions become debatable. For one section these would be criminal acts while for others i.e. for the aggrieved section the same acts would be patriotic. All the above examples given above fit into this category.

Coming to assassination of MK Gandhi, father of Indian nation, Nathuram Godse editor of Marathi news paper Agrani was hanged for committing the crime of gunning down the old man during a prayer meet at Birla Mandir at Delhi on 30 Jan 1948. His friend Narayan Apte was also hanged along with Nathuram for procuring the pistol from Dr Parachure of Gwalior with which the act was committed. Madan lal Pawah, Gopal Godse, and Vishnu Karkare were sent to transportation for life. Dr Parchure, Kistiah, Badge ( approver) and Veer Savarkar were acquitted. Gandhis murder was widely condemned by all sections, probably many would have anticipated. The partition, Communal riots, Murders, rapes during population exchange put great strain on the society in those days. The tensions and anger were very high and Gandhi was mostly blamed for the appeasement of minority community during all his actions and even after partition. The anger was very high. Statement of Nathuram was banned by the Indian government. It was got published after a legal battle by his brother Gopal Godse after his release in 1964. The tempers cooled partly by that time and memory of partition faded into past. A generation almost changed by that time.

In view of Nathuram Godse, M K Gandhi although sacrificed greatly for the freedom struggle he had no right to vivisect the country and he thus lost his right for a natural death. He charged that MK Gandhi deceived the nation. The members of Hindu Sabha were highly critical of Gandhian policies of Muslim appeasement. In his statement Godse said:-

“If devotion to ones country amounts to sin, I admit I have committed sin. If it is meritorious I humbly claim the merit there of. My confidence about moral side of my action has not been shaken even by the criticism leveled against it on all sides. I have no doubt that honest writers of history will weigh my act and find the truth there of some day in future” ( From the published statement of Nathuram Godse).

Above statement shows his conviction that one day in future people living in that period view his act differently. Assassination of MK Gandhi was a tragic event in the world history. This was the outcome of bitterness as a result of partition, exchange of populations, murders, rapes, lootings, burning houses during those eventful days. Gandhiji fast to pay Rs 55 crores to Pakistan against the advice of Patel precipitated the situation and Nathuram Godse the editor of Marathi paper Agrani and a member of Hindu Mahasabha decided to put an end to Gandhi and he shot Gandhi dead on 30 Jan 1948 at Delhi at a prayer meeting near Birla Mandir.He did not appeal for mercy and also requested others not to appeal on his behalf. He was steadfast throughout the trail and climbed gallows without any remorse.. In any country views would be divergent and the situation in India was extremely volatile., Gandhis assassination was not committed for any personal gain and purely was an individual act. Nathuram in his will sattaed that his ashes be immersed in Sindhu river once it flows freely in Akhand Bharat. His ashes were preserved with Gopal Godse at Pune awaiting the creation of Akhand Bharat.. Time only would tell whether Nathurams wish would be fulfilled one day. No one can say what awaits subcontinent in future. Many dynasties have vanished. Emperors have gone to dust. Nations have disintegrated and civilizations have disappeared. Views change, Loyalties change with time, and changes are sure to occur. No one ever thought that Lenin would meet doom and USSR would disappear. No one ever thought that sun would set over the mighty English power. Who imagined that Saddam Hussein of Iraq would disappear? The mighty Chaing Kaishek of China also vanished. No one ever imagined that Shah of Iran Shah pehallvi would also disappear from Iran. To day Gandhian philosophy is seen as inaction, helplessness, weakness, withdrawl and to an extent as impotence or and cowardice. Even statues of Gandhi have dwindled all over the country. At many places they are damaged and broken. Rise of nationalistic forces could lead to dwindling of Gandhian thought and his grip over Indian politics. In the melee of Ambedkarization all over the country Gandhi is relegated to back seat. Many people in India today believe that the present trouble with Pakistan is thec result of Gandhian policy during freedom struggle and it is the gift of Gandhi to the nation. His followers in ahurry to grab ppower had no inclination to adjust with Jinnah. Thus in future axe could fall on legacy of Gandhi who no doubt led nation to independence and in the process unity has been destroyed.

Times change, Politics change, views change and concepts change and we can not prevent changes. Will the souls of the patriots who laid down their lives rest in peace. At present they are restless. They will be at rest only when India is again united. We have fought four wars with Pakistan and could not settle Kashmir. We could not liberate Kashmir. Due to our incompetence Pakistan became nuclear. We allowed it to become nuclear. We frittered away all advantages gained during the four wars with Pakistan and cut a sorry figure. We let off one lakh PW after 1971 without making any demand. India is considered as a country of corruption, inaction, inefficiency, timidity and laziness. We are being brow beaten by tiny Bangladesh. In a short war with Pakistan it would be impossible to force that country to surrender. Pakistan makes no bones about using nuclear bomb if it is seriously threatened. However we have voluntarily accepted tat we would not be the first one to use the bomb. India and Pakistan can only fight a war all the time hoping for some one to demand ceasefire. The cracker display would be over soon. Both the nations would economically suffer seriously. With the scamsters governing at Delhi money is squandered away all the time. Guys are only busy ensuring dynastic succession all the time and there is no other past time. Leaders appear happy with Very big garlands around their necks making mockery of democracy and its spirit.
In such situation will the souls of those who laid down their lives most willingly for the nation rest. Probably the answer is NO. Their poor souls would be hovering over Delhi all the time cursing the leaders for the misrule, partition, exploitation of masses and practicing pseudo secularism while river Sindhu flows calmly in Pakistan un aware of the dirty gamers played during partition and afterwards.

Souls of patriots hover still in the sky
While the Cheats and scamsters rule India all the time
Crores of money are swindled by these rascals and cheats
While kids are pushed into the high chairs before reaching their prime

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



DR K Prabhakar Rao

What actually now going on is the
systematic,deliberate and sinister campaign against Hindutwa parties by
the vested interests in the ruling party. The party is desperately
struggling to cling on to power and is trapped in several scams during
it's misrule that have been exposed one after the other in recent
times.There is no shame either. Saying of George Bernardshaw that
politics is the last resort of a scoundrel. The ruling party has
miserably failed to contain terrorism let loose on us by our neighbors
and from with in duly abetted by the neighbors and our own guys. They
have failed to bring Afzal and Kasab to justice for the great crimes
and are probably waiting for some one to kidnap some important one
from India to bargain their release or hijack another plane to Azad
Kashmir and demand release of the thugs. Otherwise there si no reason
for granting them such long mercy and treating them as sons in law .
Whole world today is laughing and spitting openly at our impotence and
incompetence. Former word is more appropriate for the leaders in
Delhi.The present crusade against RSS and other allied parties is to
gain minority sympathy all over India including the Arab world who never
supported us against Pakistan and during wars fought with that
terrorist nation. One has to feel pity for their mental ability in
assessing the situation and deciding who is the terrorist and who is
not.Congress party from the begining is against the RSS and its
philosophy. After assassination of MK Gandhi at the hands of Nathuram
Godse, it got RSS banned.Savarkar was implicated in the case of
conspiracy in killing Gnadhi. Yet Veer savarkar was set free found
innocent. Ban on Rss was lifted soon with great efforts of revered
Guruji. Subsequently RSS took part in republic day parade that was a
great honor for the party. It played patriotic roles during all Indo pak
and Chinese wars that no one can refute. It stands strong against all
appeasement policies for a minority section and wants real democracy
and equality for all. But what is going on is the sinister efforts to
remain in power and retaining power with Nehru family at all
costs.Recently it has also been revealed by Wiki leaks that Sonia
returned to politics after Rajivs killing to retain the Power of
governing India within Nehru family and not let it go out of hands at
any cost.Who will forget her words against most respectful Bajpaiji
when he called hima Gaddar from a text.Rahul has equated RSS to SIMI
and later as more damgerous than LeT while conversing with US
ambassador. Then what they should be called. It should be left to them
to find a suitabnle word. Facts have been proved, The present politics
is nothing bt character assassination of opposition and it is sad that
stalwarts such as Mukherjee and Dr Man mohan singh too fell a prey to
these manipulations for personal glory. They are unable to come out of
the evil plan and what use are their high qualifications and years of
useless experience and doctorates in their chosen fields including
politics. They have developed vested interests although they are at the
fag end of their careers and awaiting grave too due to old age.Yet
they are unable to see the realities and have sold themselves hoping
that their names would be written in gold in Indian history.Fact is that
many emperrors and sulatns who ruled India have vanished into past
and many into dark pages.A politician must realise that nation has to
be supreme in all his efforts during his life time. But these thick hide
wearing men have no such feelings and their only past time is to bow
and lick boots of the dynasty for which they are working. There is
nothing more about them. It is time for every right thinking Indian to
see the evil plan at their hands and defeat it at the earliest. Or else
the nation will get into hands of most dangerous men with evil
intentions and manifestations.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Sunday, December 19, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Rahul Gandhi who is habituated to making some sensational allegations against saffron parties has told US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer that the growth of "radicalized Hindu groups" posed a bigger threat to the country than militant groups like the Lashkar-e-Toiba, according to a leaked American diplomatic cable. Earlier too he accused RSS to be an abettor of terrorism by comparing it to a terror outfit. Rahul, during a conversation with the envoy at a luncheon hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at his residence in July 2009 in honor of visiting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also referred to the tensions created by some of the more polarizing figures in the BJP such as Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the cable said. This clearly indicates immature mental make up of this youngster who is keenly waiting to become the PM of India although he has no credentials except that he is from the Nehru family and belongs to Congress party. According to a secret US diplomatic cable from New Delhi released by WikiLeaks, the Congress leader shared his views with Roemer on a range of political topics, social challenges, and electoral issues for the Congress party in the next five years.
"Responding to the ambassador's query about Lashkar-e-Toiba's activities in the region and immediate threat to India, Gandhi said there was evidence of some support for the group among certain elements in India's indigenous Muslim community," the cable notes.
"Gandhi, however, warned, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community," it said.
Rahul Gandhi as a responsible congress secretary has no business to make such gfalse sensational statements that clearly indicates his mental make up and immaturity too. This is a clears appeasement of Mulsims in India. He has no right to make such comments without any concrete evidence. He has been making such irrelevant statements earlier too and looks that he has lost control on his faculties too. Gandhi family is known to create such situation in the country for their political advantage. Right from nehru, He follows the principle of divide and rule to gain advantage
By his irrelevant talk he has dug his own political grave and no sane Indian will accept his in the top chair. It is also shocking to note that not a single congress leader of importance made any statement refuting his claim. This clearly proves that all the members of this party are nothing but down right sycophants, bootlickers and campfollwers waiting for pieces of bread thrown at them to be precise. What happened to the much accalaimed Mukherjee who is keen to become President soon? Why his mouth is shut? Is he still worried for political placements? He is at the fag end of the career and is it not the time for him to call a spade a spade? What is trying to gain. How shameful it is?
Rahul Gandhi. does not have basic knowledge that terrorism does not have any religion. It’s tendency of congress party to do religious politics. The statement is a childish statement .Rahul Gandhi does not have any right to remain in politics. Through this childish statement, he proved that he is incompetent to become prime minister of India. It is essential to recall the incident when Varun Gandhi was implicated in an election speech and arrested too. What Rahul has done is more dangerous than what Varun stated if it was correct. ( ?). He has lost the right to be in politics. He better leaves politics and complete his basic studies and try to acquire some university degree by atleast distance education with III class atleast. There are universities that offer degree programs who have not passed 10 th. class too. By speaking ridiculously he has tried to divide the society and it is a fit case for taking up legally too.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Lashkar E toiba terrorist Pakistan camp in Azad Kashmir. The terrorists are sitting around a fire with their weapons. They are preparing barbeque from slain goat. The skinned goat is pierced with a thick iron rod and is supported on two stands. It is being cooked over light fire. They are also shouting in ecstasy. The terrorists are Munawwar, Kasab Jihadi, Muzaffar khooni, Zalim khan lutera and some more)

Zalim .. Yeah. It will be nice dinner today with this goat.

Kasab. Yeah. I stole the goat across the border. Why kill our goats ? Indian goats across the border are many. They are tasty too. Indian blood in fact is tasty.

Munawwar. Very well said. Whenever I see the border, my fingers itch. I want to kill the Indians and make barbeque out of them

Zalim. Soon we shall do. After 26 /11 Bombay attack every one started blaming us. Now things are better

Munawwar. What has changed now?

Zalim. There are news that Rahul Gandhi of India who is being groomed by Congress leaders to become PM soon said to American ambassador that There is greater danger to India from Hindutva parties than LET. He gave us clean chit.

Munawwar. Where he said these things?

Zalim. This was revealed by the wiki leaks recently. Haa…haa. Swine of first order

Munawwar. Shh.. Do not utter that word. Muslims are not supposed to say that. It is a taboo.

Muzaffar. Which are these Hindu parties?

Zalim. RSS, BJP, Bajrang dal, Shiv sena, Hindu Maha sabha and some more

Munawwar. Maza aaagaya is bar, Sala badmash. Hindu Kafiro ne hamesha hamko gaali deta hai.. Harm khor kainka..( Great happiness. These Hindu Kafirs have been abusing all these years.They are crooks. Sons of Bitches they are)

Zalim. Let us celebrate..

( He pours drinks and gives glasses to all. They shout three cheers . They pull out meat from the roasted goat and eat like barbarians.

Zalim. Now what these Indians will do? All these years they were after us blaming us. They were gunning for us. What face they will have now with latest Rahuls statements. Kudos to that guy who gave us some clean chit. I think we must recommend to Pakistan government to give highest national award to Rahul for his statements. The highest award is Nishan e Pakistan or Halal e zurrat. We must do it. Hee..hee..

Munawwar. We have been fighting liberation war for many years and now we have some good chit. MK Gandhi all the time was preaching non violence and finally met violent end at the hands of his own country man. That too from Hindu Maha Sabha he was.

( Suddenly there is a flash and Gandhi, Nehru and patel appear in front of them. They are shocked to the core)

Zalim. Arre. Who are you? You appear to be MK Gandhi, Others are Nehru and Patel. We see yours photos everywhere. But now a days there are less photos

Munawwar. Last month I went to UP on a mission to identify targets. Everywhere statues of Kanshiram and Mayawathi are there.,

Gandhi. You recognized me correctly. You are better than Indians. At times in my country Indians do not recognize me. Some central services officers too do not know about me. It is so bad

Munawwar. Hee. We are better. We also have a soft corner for you because you always too side of Mulsims evertime before and even after partition. It is our bad luck that you were killed. Otherwise You would have forced Indians to give Kashmir to us.

Patel. Come on guys. This is all irrelevant talk. Tell us why you remembered us?

Zalim. We are talking about Gandhis non violence policy

Gandhi. That even now I talk. Please leave all your guys.

Zalim. It is fine. You are our guests. I forgot to offer a drink to you guys. How about a small peg. How about some pieces of Barbeque. ( He puuls out meat from the carcass on fire)

Gandhi.. Ram.. Ramm.. ( Closes eyes)

Zalim. Look Gandhi sahib. This is real world. Do not leave in fallacy and dreams. World does not change by you remaining vegetarian.

Gandhi. That is our wish.

Munawwar. Mr Gandhi. Do you know Rahul has given us clean chit recently. We are from LET. Hindu paties are more dangerous that us. Haa..haa. After all truth has been exposed

Patel. Look. Do you believe Rahul. What maturity he has to give statements and comment on trivial issues like Terrorsim

Nehru. Patel. Do you know you are speaking about my great grandson, the future PM

Patel. If it is so is this way he should speak. What does he know about terrorism and Hindutwa

Nehru. After all he is from my family. They know everything. They are of different breed

Patel. Sure. They are surely from a different breed. That all know.

Nehru. I do not mean that

Patel. That guy has stirred Hornets nest. If he does not about things he should keep quiet instead of talking all irrelevant.

Gandhi. Poor guy has lost all sympathy now. It will be impossible for him to be in top chair

Nehru. Why. Who can stop him?

Patel. People only will throw him out. County can not be kept in the hands of such guys, Poor guy. He thought he was very smart. After all what is his intellectual abilities. Recently he was shown door in Bihar. He was badly cut to size. Now this is another thing.

Zalim. So you guys feel that LET is still the bad out fit

Patel. Where is doubt about it?

Zalim. Better you guys pack off from here, before we gun you down.

Munawwar. This is good chance. Catch these guys and we shall bargain Kashmir.

Patel. You can not catch us.. Even if you catch us Indian govt is leadet bothered. They will disown us. They have already done that

Zalim. I shall show.

( He picks up the carbine and fires at Gandhi, Patel and Nehru. Nothing happens to them). Gnadhi, Patel and Nehru laugh loudly raising hands and shout Ho..ho…hoo)

Zalim. You son of a Bit… I shall show you. Haa..haa.

( He picks up a machine gun and fires bbursts. Nothing happens)

Gandhi. You jokers. Sons of Devils. Lump it with you. Hang yourselves

Patel. Get lost jokers

Nehru. Bapu. Let us go. Enough for today

Gandhi. OK guys. Plesae get screwed

( The trio vanish while the terrorists look aghast)



Rahuls comments must have surely given a flip to Pakistani guys.There are surely many guys like him in this nation particularly in his party. To capture minority votes, these mentally derailed nuts make such comments for short time gain. In fact they prove to be long time danger to the nation,This is a political game. Congress basically plays Hindu and Muslim divide policy game and from beginining they have been doing this. Therefore it is the deliberate attempt of Rahul gandhi advised by some dangerous policy makers of congress who chose to project Hindutwa parties as terrorists in this country.RSS earlier dubbed him as childish. This is very dangerous. Whole world knows who are the real terrorists. In fact USA has been fighting terrorists world wide while we are embracing them for Muslim appeasement. Afzal and Kasab are the examples in recent times. Jawahar lal Nehru tried his best to ignore issue of Hyderabad in 1948 although Razakars under the Nizam 7, commiitted gravest crimes on Hindu population and such crimes can not be even penned. Was this not the appaesement of Muslims from begining? Where is the surprise in Rahuls thinking? They are the birds of same feather and he is the chip of the same block. He shall not rise from the narrow selfish feeling.Can the guys who oppose Vandemaataram be called patriots? Who attacked Bombay? Who bombed recently at Kashi? Who plcaed bombs in Coimbatore some years ago? Who are SIMI guys? Who bombed Raghunath Mandir in Jammu? Who bomabed temple in Gujrat? Who attacked parliamernt? Who hijacked plane to Khandahar? Who placed bombs at Buddha Park and an eating joint in Hyderabad? Who caused rail bombings in Bombay more than once killing scores? Who atttacked Ayodhya and ,Who destroyed Hampi and Vijaynagar, Who built tower of skulls at Kanwah?Who destroyed Somnath, Kashi temples and at Mathura? The guy who can ignore these facts can not be sane and trusted with some position in governing. Such guys have no place in governing. All must show condemnation to such utterances in front of foreigners who correctly assessed his mental make up and inability to lead nation.American scan not be fooled by such immature guy and his utterances. It will be a disaster for him.Next elections must ensurethta these guys are thrown out from politics once for all.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, December 17, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Shiva lingams stare at us through the broken chests
And Lord Vishnu cries with sheared arms
Goddess our mother is shy of her broken breasts
While the nation turns other way from the past harms

Elephants sculptures are plenty with sheared tusks
While our revered bulls shed tears
Lord Narsimha in Hampi lay broken in a field
While Indians are scared to hold a sword and shield

Sindhu river flows unaware of our sins
While our clumsy leaders in Parliament make much din
Good old India is now in fragments
While patriots in India can only lament

Patriots in India went to gallows with cheers
While pseudo leaders drink vats of beer
History will never pardon the selfish
They would be finally beached like dead fish

Souls of patriots sent to gallows for judicial murder
Would surely curse those who caused its rupture
Truth will finally surface into light
While leaders in India are engaged in eternal fight

Ruins of our temples and heritage mock at us
While they lay battered and broken without a fuss
They laugh at nations pathetic inability
That failed to uphold national honor and is a great pity.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in Benares city at the ghat. They are singing Ramdhun as usual. On lookers are looking at them strangely and nodding their head occasionally. Some Sadhus are among them)

Sadhu Gobind. Bhai, Chidanand. Look at these three guys. Do they look familiar. I saw the lean and old and bald man singing Rambhajan continuously. He is already about 80 years. We must accept that he is much devoted Ram Bhakta ( devotee)

Chidanand. You may be true. Just by singing one does not become Rambhakt. He neither gets salvation easily .

Gobind. But in scriptures it is said in Kaliyuga by just chanting the name of lord one would be getting deliverance easily

Chidanand. You may be true. We have been doing that since many years. Do we get salvation.

Gobind. We may get it. Who knows. We are performing the Karma. Why worry worry for the fruits there of

Chidanad. You are teaching Karma Yoga.

Gobind. Then what should I teach?

Chidanand. Hee…hee. Shall we ask them who they are?

Gobind. That is good. Let us ask them.

( They go to Gandhi)

Gobind. Mere Bhai, Mere Dost. Zara batao kiap kaun hai aur kahanse aaye hai?

Gandhi. Look brother. I am Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, The father of this nation. These two men are my good friends and followers, they are Jawaharlal, Patel. They are great guys.

Gobind. We heard such names. They were great past leaders. It is good you have their names.

Patel. What do you mean by saying we have their names. We are actually they only. These are our own names

Gobind. Hee..hee.. Bhai. They were dead long ago. You are alive

Patel. This you shall never understand. This is the usual problem with guys on earth.

Goud. Sir. What do you mean by saying men on earth? Are you not from earth?

Patel. Now we are on earth. But infact we are not from earth.

Chidanand. What is this going on? Some time you say we are from earth and immediately you say you are not from earth. I am confused much

Patel. Better stay confused.

Nehru. Hee..heee. It is amusing.

Gobind. Plesae tell us who are you. We are confused really. Youa re also singing Ram Bhajan very well

Patel. Singing Ram Bhajan is our hobby. We do it well. In fcat Bapu is master in this art.

Gobind. Now who is this Bapu?

Patel. MK Gandhi is popularly called Bapu.

Gobind. Oh! I see

Nehru. What is there to see around?

Chidanand. Relax. Let us sit for some time. We have to take some bhang and Ganja. It is time for us.

Gandhi, Bhai. What is this Bhang?

Gobind. We shall show. These are narcotics and give us kick

Patel. This is bad. Why do you use these things

Gobind. We enjoy. We get high soon.

Nehru. Must be enjoying much.

Gobind. True. How about joining us?

Gandhi. Plesae leave us. We feel high by singing Ram nam.

Gobind. Come on sir. Plesae do not act great. We have been chanting for several years and nothing happened to us.

Gandhi. Then you must not be sincere in your efforts.

Chidanand. Are you sincere? Do not act?

Gandhi. Are we acting? Behave yourself

Gobind. Relax Bapu. Plesae do not get annoyed. Why do you loose cool. On one side you say you are accomplished man and devotee of Ram. Then why you are loosing temper>

Gandhi. There is a limit for everything. OK we shall sit with you. But we shall not take ganja and Bhang

Gobind. Ok ,that is fine.

( They sit down making a small circle and looking at them some more Sadhus also join them and they consume ganja. Soon they are high up in spirits. They chant Ram.. Ram. Gandhi gets inspired)

Gandhi. Hare rama . Hare Rama.. Rama.. rama. Hare hare

All. Hare Krishna.. Hare Krishna.. Krishna , krishna, Hare Hare..

( They clap loudly and sing. Bapu gets excited and dances singing)

Ram naam Japna… Haa.. ram nam Japna

Gobind.. Ho ram nam Japna..

Chidanand. Ho ram nam japna

Patel. Ha ram nam japna

Nehru. Ha ram nam Japna

Some one in crowd. Ho Parya maal apna

( Unintentionally all sing.. Ho paraya maal apna)

Gandhi ( suddenly realizes) Oh shit. Who sang this line? Who is he? Please stand up and own up.

( no one notices the guy who sang the offensive line)

Gandhi. this is bad. How can some one sing like this. I am sure he is anti national

Patel. True. He could be a Pakistani or terrorist

Gobind. No.. No. One need not be a Pakistan or terrorist for singing this. They got better things to do. They have many plans to make to trouble India.

Patel. What he says is true. We have any no. of guys within ourselves in nation who abet another partition and they are anti national too.

Nehru. Plesae say clearly patel. Hope you are not targeting me and my successors

Patel. Why should I do that. They know it better what they are dong.

Gobind. Look brothers. We had so many scams in this country. Every time the guys who are ruling were involved in these scams. In the latest scam Raja the Telecom central minister from Tamil nadu is involved in the worlds greatest scam..hee..

Chidanand. Yeah.. This guy must have surely gone to Rajghat along with other leaders on Bapus birth day and sang Raghupathi raghava raja.. Rammm. Patheetha Pawana Seetha Ram.. sitting on white cloth spread on ground, putting on Gandhi cap and posing as Mr .clean. Hee..heee.. They are all big nuts of highest order. Great hypocrites indeed. Such guys are available in great strength in all parties.

Patel. Surely that character must have gone and sung too like others do. It is routine.

Chidanand. Soon he must have sung ….Paraya mal apna..Ho paraya maal apna..( He does jig while singing while Gnadhi cl;aps loudly)

Nehru. Surely he must have sung. During my time too every minister used to sing like that. Even Krishnamachari used to sing although he was involved in Mundra affair at a later date.

Chidanand. Singing Ram dhun is different, Scams are different.

Patel But that is bad. But all these guys treat Parya mal apna ( Meaning others property is mine). This Raj ex minister has felt so and duped the nation of its revenue amounting to 1 76000 crores of Rupees.. He really felt that nations property is his own. Therefore paray mal loot liya. Heee…heee


Gandhi.. Hey…hey…hey..Let us sing loudly

( Gandhi, Nehru, Patel hold hands and sing Ram nam japna while others sing… Ram nam japna paraya mal apna..Ho paraya mal apna……)



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The American edifices in Washington and New York
Came down in a minute as pack of cards
Blood soaked thugs of terrorist groups
Proved to the world to be diehards

Saber rattling by the American President
Finally proved to be the fact of the year
Umpteen threats of inevitable war
Has proved to be the fact of the year oh my dear

Yankees had proved that they had guts
To put an end to the threat to the man kind
Taliban in Kandahar were driven out like rats
While Indian leaders in Delhi groped as blind

Innocents in America were burnt in fires
While Laden proved to be the master for the day
Those in Delhi remained befooled
As Pakis abet terror having been in the fray

Screaming of American jet planes
And rumblings of American gunships
Now are seen as topics for comics for the year
While women in Kandahar were given lashes with whips

Musharraf proved to be a successful guy
Having cornered Yankees to his side
Indian nuts grope in utter darkness
With confused minds that they can not hide

Yankees have pushed Indians aside
While they embraced Pakis in tight bear hug
Indian ruling nuts are left as helpless lot
Having failed to hook to an American Tug

Pakistan is a great terrorist state
Yet managed to hoodwink president Bush
Indian jokers preach peace to the world
They are now are dumped in roadside slush

Yankees would be always with Pakistan
Showing lip sympathy to our crying leaders
Kashmir would burn into heap of cinders
While Pakis flourish as terrorist breeders

Indian policy has failed the nation
While old and sick leaders failed to act
Terrorists kill scores every day
While spineless guys rule making it a grim fact



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Stones perch precarious one over other
They appear as if they are ready to roll
The Town of Medak is full of natural beauty
Greedy me in town have already taken toll

The surrounding hills are full of broken rocks
They look as if a giant has put them one over the other
The landscape is dotted with such hills
They silently languish none to bother

The streams now have no trace of water
The birds cry in despair with flowing tears
The riverbeds display millions of rocks
At times on the se hills are seen some stray bears

Temples abound beside these streams
Where men flock to pay respects to gods
Bhavani temples are many in Medak
And some bridges in Medak have no railing rods

The lone green hill in town stares at you
Where the ancient fort deteriorates in willful neglect
Kakati Prataparudra built this ancient fort
Where the valor of past men is seen to reflect

The Medak fort finally fell to Muslims
This now displays Islam all over
The mosque on top can be seen from a distance
While the fort walls are trapped in jungle cover

The lions on fort gate display Hindu valor
Where our men in past fought to protect faith of Hindu
It has seen many ups and downs of history
While Indian leaders handed over to Pakistan the river Sindhu

The Medak fort mocks at us of the past Muslim rule
Where many were subjected to torture and dishonor
The history has swallowed sad facts of past
And rise of ancient spirit is the need of the hour



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Explosions in countryside shatter spirits
While those in power in state loose their wits
Naxals let loose the terror in the hills
While the state gets busy in enquiry drills

Nothing would see light of the day with such gimmicks
Of course with people state would play many tricks
The culprits would be never caught by police
They would catch some innocent and clumsy novice

The guys ins power use Naxals for their benefit
They see golden goose in the Naxals outfits
Elections are let loose on the poor people of the state
While the people curse their sad fate

The guys in power are voted to rule for five years
So that they remove others tears
The guys are struggle to stay in seat at all costs
While the state rolls like a ship devoid of masts

All are busy with electoral rolls in state
While common man is left on simmering fire grate
Urchins and goons roam the streets
Posing as political workers for various political meets

All of a sudden the criminals are seen in whites clothes
While in night collect mamool at discothèques
The state is in group of swindlers at various nooks
At the end all vote for these crooks

Let god save us from these evil men
Most of them move with police guards with sten guns
Thery wear white clothes oh Dear
All their acts resemble that of a sloth bear

The elections come and go among us
While honest would surely miss their bus
Crooks, cheats and swindlers make to the top
The dram in state go on without a stop.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Once I went to a regional transport office in the city
Where I found the mischief at peak and felt great pity
Here day time loot is the order of the day
While all the concerned are in the fray.

It has a bold portrait of Gandhi the great man
With a notice that the agents are under ban
The murky affairs are rampant here
While all time loot goes on without any fear

Nothing moves unless hands are full of grease
Although government has prescribed some fees
Common man is robbed in day time light
Souls of these men are dark as dark night

Paying any tax is a nightmare
While who matter act as a wolf that is after a mare
The ridiculous fees infcat are very high
The government ways are foolish and it is not known why



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Leadership is the order of getting work done
Although some may feel it to be a great fun
Leadership at times is imposed by birth
In India of course for such guys there is no dearth

All proven leaders have some special traits
Many in past could lead men over fire grates
Gandhi, subhas and Patel and Nehru were the models we saw
However present criminal leaders are all above the law

In India criminals are always are the leaders of masses
Although many leaders are nothing but mere asses
A Leader must have special traits to draw others to him
While faculties of the followers day by day grow dim

A leader should speak the language of his men
So that he knows when abused even in great din
None can then make fun of the leader
Although followers could be only germ breeders

In Indian scene a leader need not know the local tongue
When he or she is from the great family for whom all sing
Such guys are made automatic leader
Fools worship them as germs in a breeder

A leader must set example by himself
And hide tons of money in a bookshelf
He should not stay in ivory tower
That is why with his men he would drink at a gutter

Leadership is an art practiced by all
Criminals, cheats, politicians, Crooks and all those tall
Dacoits, thugs, primps, scamsters, terrorists and thieves
All are revered by followers and in him they believe

Kudos to all leaders in India
Who get big coverage in media
All are fit as per management jargon
Each clown is a copy of other as made from a type carbon



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Attitude of one makes him to be liked
At home office, friends and all
All the nuts on wrong path
Sure to be disliked although he is rich and tall

A positive guy is highly motivated
His inner energies are out in the open
All the cranks with negative attitude
Are sure to suffer with hearts broken

Negative thoughts inject fear
Makes ours and s highly miserable
He is busy fault finding
To society he is only a heap of rubble

Be optimistic enthusiastic and energetic
Also pass on same to others
Let not be a pessimistic and critical
Soon your skin is sure to turn into buffalo leather

Monday, December 13, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Naxalas in India are on wrong path
They are treading a path of thorny foot path
Old theories of bye gone past and its ways
No more hold in modern days

Gone are days when power flowed from gun
People at them now make great fun
The good old techniques of Marx and Lenin
Are now deeply packed in Lin soil bin

The path of militants spelt doom
These areas will never flourish and bloom
The poor and sick cry for their kin
Who are now hiding in woods to save their skins

Violence no where has yielded results
Towards peace justice always tilts
Let all the militants join main stream
And enjoy freedom and sweet dreams

Marx and Lenin have faded into distance far away
Yet some guys cry hoarse and loudly bray
A gun and sickle are of bygone past
Their glory is already down the ship mast

Let the guys from woods come back to the world
To join those to be cast in same mould
The nation would prosper in a peaceful path
Or else soon it will face peoples wrath

Mao, chou Hochi minh and Lenin
Also the mighty ruler Stalin
All have faded into history’s page
As criminals rule at every nook

Violence and guns can never bring peace
Although the weapons would consume tons of grease
Nations progress is put in reverse gear
As innocents tremble out of police fear

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Amar Singh Rathore is a historical legendary figure whose saga of bravery is unparallel and is sung around Agra region of India. He served Mughals there at Agra for a short period after being denied his right of inheritance at Nagaur in Rajasthan. Amar Singh Rathore was the eldest son to the Maharaja of Marwar and thus the obvious heir to the throne, but because of Amar Singh's snide behavior towards the new mughal spouse of his father, he was ordered by the Maharaja to remain in exile for rest of his life. He then retired to the Mughal court of Emperor Shahjahan. His exceptional gallantry on the battle fields impressed the emperor who bestowed upon him the chief ship of Nagaur and elevated him to a very high rank in the nobility.
Mughal emperor Shahjahan offered Amar Singh a significant post in his commission, which he eventually accepted. The emperor also granted him a mansab(significant land and personal army)thus making him a middle rank mansabdar. Amar Singh Rathore steadily gained promotions in Shahjahan's administration. He fought many important battles with unmatched valour and courage. He was famous for being unconventional.
Rathore made a mark for himself which sparked jealousy of fellow courtiers. The Muslim courtiers of the emperor were quite disturbed by the fact that a Hindu was getting significant recognisation in the court. Once, Rathore went for a hunting expedition without seeking King's permission. Shahjahan feeling insulted, summoned Rathore in his court and asked him for the reason of his absence. Rathore replied that he is not answerable to anyone, and also manifested his intentions by saying that "My sword is my only property, collect all tax from it who dares to do so."After that an angry courtier Salavat Khan assaulted Rathore saying'kya jaahil jaisi baatein karte ho Raavji', Amar singh killed Salavat Khan in presence of entire Mughal court, an incident considered an open insult to the Mughal throne. The entire Mughal force tried to capture him, as Shahjahan looked dumb founded. After a gallant fighting Amar singh escaped from the place, by jumping from the Agra fort mounted on his horse Bahadur. His horse Bahadur, a marwari horse died after the jump. A Chhatri or cenotaph of Bahadur at the foot step of Agra fort in the memory of Bahadur is a site for attraction for tourists even today.
Shahjahan wanted this affair to be settled at any cost. Then Amar Singh's brother-in-law, Arjun Gaud took responsibility to bring Amar Singh back to Shahjahan's court. Arjun told Amar Singh that Shahjahan is seeking a compromise and has invited Amar Singh to the fort. Infact this was a trap planned by the Arjun Gaud himself. The fort's main gate was closed and only a small window like gate in the main gate was opened. Amar Singh did not bent forward to enter the gate as it meant bending before the Mughal seat, instead he entered bending backwards, as Rathore entered in the fort's gate, Arjun Gaud and his men attacked him with swords and stabbed him, thus killing Amar Singh Rathore.Shahjahan kept Amar Singh Rathore's body that was thrown on a tower challenging the Rajputs to take it away. Amar Singh's wife told Ballu Champavat regarding the challenge and that she wanted to become a Sati with her husband's body. Ballu was a friend of Amar Singh but was not in good terms with him. After Ballu's wife sarcastically remarked that her husband was a coward Ballu accepted the challenge. Ballu reached Agra with chosen fifty of the bravest amongst Rathores. Maharana of Mewar sent a finest horse to Agra the same night for Ballu. Ballu Champavat entered Agra fort in the morning as the gates opened killing the Mughals coming in his way and with the body of Amar Singh Rathore he jumped from the Agra fort mounted on a horse. Badly injured Ballu Champavat died after delivering the body to the wife of Amar Singh who became a Sati with the body of his husband.
Amar singh Rathoret is considered an icon of extraordinary might, will, and freedom. Neither fear, nor greed were able to affect his decisions. He died as a free man. The bravery of Amar singh Rathore and Ballu Champavat is still remembered vide folk songs in Rajasthan and around Agra. A gate of Agra Fort was named after him as 'Amar Singh Gate' which is a major tourist attraction in Agra.

Monday, December 6, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The Constitution of India that was framed by intellectuals after gaining independence by the constituent assembly has to day become a book of no consequence. The elders thought that all would be honest in future and people would be following disciplined procedures and Ram Raj would be there. But Ram raj remained only a dream except that Ram dhun became a popular activity. Gandhi Euphoria continued unabatedly over the years while Gandhi’s teachings faded into past slowly. Most of the past pre- independence leaders were rather honest and such persons did not run for the chairs and faded away after some time. The leaders who ran for chairs slowly turned the nation into a rubbish bin and constitution has been amended several times to suit situations and to play safe and to corner vote banks. This was done shamelessly when they enjoyed absolute majority in both houses. Over the years the book has become a relic to be kept in a shelf and one has to keep smiling at it over a drink in the evening. Probably the leaders irrespective of parties do this regularly. Why leaders with national outlook and who crave for good governing in this country do not raise their voice over the issue of redrafting the Constitution. Over the years, it has been amply proved that in all aspects of life Indian conduct in no way improved. Although democracy is prevailing in the country in some form, real democracy is far from achievement. In all elections, money power plays greatest role. Booth capturing has been a past time in the c country. Although electronic counting machines have been introduced recently it has been also established that tampering these machines was very much possible. The govt of course is not yielding to this argument. Although elections are being claimed fair, there is element of doubt. Caste, creed, religion and region are the dominant factors in these elections. The election process is much cumbersome and majority of the electorate is illiterate and get swayed by extraneous factors and these factors are being used to manage elections by the candidates. Poor and illiterate from villages that is a deciding factor are lured by liquor, money and materials. Some years ago in Tamil Nadu Jay lalitha declared that she would give a color TV set to the people belonging to a level if she was voted to power. Seeing her declarations others try to out beat her. Recently a prominent Telangana leader promised to give few acres of land to all Dalits if Telangana is achieved. These methods do not speak well for a democracy and the constitution is unable to restrain such characters.

India has now become a master in scams and the greatest scam that ever occurred has originated in India an d now is known as 2G spectrum scam. Although there was resistance initially concerned minister has been shown the gate. Now the ruling party is resisting probe by joint parliamentary committee. They are trying their best to thwart opposition demand. These things clearly indicate that some big guns are surely involved in the greatest scam that ever took place. If nothing is to be hidden why probe by JPC is being refused? The truth is crystal clear Many top guys are surely involved. Govt has the noble responsibility of clearing itself from the scam and expose the corrupt even if their own men. Kudos to sri Subramania Swamy for exposing the scandal. Govt on its own with all intelligence agencies has not detected the scam. There is a definite question that raises finger of suspicion at the rulers. Contrary to the noble practices senior leader Pranab Mukerjee lost his cool and claimed that BJP has no moral right to talk of corruption. This is because during their rule its President was involved Tehelca scam and has thus gone into oblivion having lost the career. But a senior man like Mukerjee should know that in democracy opposition has all the rights to demand probe by the committee of Parliament members although CBI continues with its job. We know what happened to Bofors scam. None has been punished. It has gone to cold storage very happily. The fate of spectrum scam would be same if it is entirely entrusted to the govt agencies. Constitution has no control on such situations. When ruling party enjoys majority in both houses and when members can be purchased with money things like no confidence motion has no meaning as this will be defeated. Here comes the provision in constitution to overcome situations. The dead constitution of India has surely failed to protect the peoples rights to know the realities when the rulers manage to thwart all attempts. This it is no more for the people by the people and of the people in this land and can be easily termed as IT IS BY THE CHEATS OF THE CHEATS AND FOR THE CHEATS. The politicians have stooped so low that rule of law is not possible and everything can be subverted and truth can be denied by sheer majority.