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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen walking in Heavens and they take a turn on the road and the road is narrow with darkness at a distance)

Patel. Bapu Where are we heading? The road appears to be diminishing. At distance I see only darkness. Should we go there?

Nehru. Bapu. Let us turn back I am getting scared. I fear darkness.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Be bold. You were a freedom fighter.

Nehru. Hope you are not sarcastic. What do you mean by freedom fighter? This word is used in India now in derogatory manner. It is meant for a guy who wants everything free.

Gandhi. What is derogatory in this? You should be proud of this title.

Nehru. Bapu. It is not as simple as it. After India got independence freedom fighters became a distinguished category. As time passed they were given special railway passes, pension, and other benefits. Such things went on for years and by that time most of the real veterans died. Many youngsters at the time of 1947also became old and they also demanded these facilities. They had to provide evidence that they were arrested in agitations during independence movement. Based on police records many were given facilities Some were given Tamra Patras too. It went on for many years. Even those people died in course of time. Again many people applied for concessions. Probably some were infants and toddlers in 1947. This became a joke on the nation.

Patel. Probably some criminals arrested by Police too applied for concessions. I am not sure whether any one got these concessions. Some were surely shady guys. Thus people started calling the guys freedom fighters who claim special status and privileges..heee..heee. But Jawaharlal was surely a real freedom fighter like me.

Nehru. Thanks Patel. Bapu. Should we go ahead?

Gandhi. Let us go slow now we do not know what danger awaits us there.

Patel Bapu. Why should we be scared lot ? We are already dead. We can not die again.

( In the mean time lean figure emerges from Darkness. He is in Military uniform He has beard and is putting a peak cap too. He confronts the trio)

Patel. Hello Bhai. Who are you sir emerging out of darkness?

Stranger. I am Kasim Razvi. Hello Patel sahib. How are you? Have you not recognized me? I am Razvi, the Field marshal. And the great Razakar

Patel. Hello Razvi sahib. I was wondering I saw you some where. Now I could place you. How are you? From where you are coming?

Razvi. I am also in heavens. Of course that heavens is different from what you have here..Islam has its own heavens. We have it across the darkness.

Patel. I see.

Razvi. You can not see it.

Patel. It is strange. You should have been in hell as per my assessment. You committed so many atrocities through your forces of Razakars.

Razvi. That was long time ago and you think they were atrocities.

Nehru. If not what are they?

Razvi. I was waging a battle for independence for my ruler Nizam 7. It was a jihad.

Patel. You call it a battle for independence. How strange?

Razvi. Then what should I call? Was it a Tamasha?

Patel. You were Frankenstein in the company of Nizam 7. You misguided him and ensured he was your puppet.

Razvi. That is our achievement. He did not want to loose his kingdom.

Patel. You exploited it. Poor Nizam paid dearly. You have nothing to loose. You were a hard core criminal. Your hands were soiled with blood of innocents.

Razvi. These things occur in history. Don’t you know Baber sat over the tower of skulls at Khanwa after defeating Rana Sangram singh? Has he not become a great emperor? Don’t you know that your leaders in India go to Afghanistan on visits and bow at Baber’s grave and lick it at Kabul? It is a bad luck that we lost war in Hyderabad. We underestimated Indian union. We thought whole Muslims in India would rise up in arms if Union army attacked Hyderabad. We also thought India would not attack us as they were completely entangled with their own problems. But all this did not work. We were screwed well. If we managed to remain independent I would have become a great hero in History. For some Muslims in India I am still a hero.

Patel. How could you underestimate us?

Razvi. Some mistakes do occur. It was our bad luck that MK Gandhi died on 30 January 1948 I he was alive he would have never allowed Police action. After all Hyderabad was an Islamic state. You would not have attacked us against Gandhi’s approval.

Gandhi. Probably true. I always said Hindus and Muslims were my two eyes. Pakistan was created in 1947. But I did not allow Muslims to be driven out of India. India was for everyone. If Hyderabad was to remain independent I would have said fine.I even went for a fast to death so that India coughed up 5 crores of rupees to Pakistan. Godese finally put bullets into me.

Razvi. In independent Hyderabad state I would have become a great person. I would have become a PM or even more. Who knows?

Patel. It was very good that you lost. Some how you were lucky that you were not hanged. Allah spared you.

Razvi. It was no credit of you.

Patel. Iam shocked to find you in your heavens

Razvi. It happens to Jihadis who fight for Islam and become martyrs.

Patel. You were no martyr. You were in jail and then died in Pakistan unsung.

Razvi. This you will never understand.

Nehru. Probably you thought that you would get hero’s welcome in Pakistan.

Patel. They just ignored you like an insect in a dirty pot.

(Razvi looks this way and that way)

Razvi. Patel. Just look. Razvi is not over yet. I am not alive today. But there are many Razvi in India who are determined to take up my battle. They shall create more Pakistans from India. War is not yet over. It will go on till India is Islamized. I already said once that Asifia flag would fly over Red fort. Our struggle would continue till we achieve the aim. Allah Ho Akbar..

Patel. Don’t be crazy. That will never happen. Keep dreaming oh nut.

Gandhi. Razvi. Please go out from here. I do not want to become a witness to this quarrel.

Razvi. Ok Mr. Gandhi. Look Patel. Keep watching. One day new Mughals would again rule in India

Patel. Get lost, you crank. Vanish from here before I call General Chaudhry who smashed your Razakars and Hyderabad Army. Like rats.

Razvi. Oh… Gen Chaudhry.. Ohfo…. No… no.. Run from here

( Razvi turns back and gallops into darkness)

Gandhi. Patel. That character ran away.

Patel. What else he can do?. Now let us go back home

Nehru. That is fine

(The trio walk back home singing ramdhun)



Dr k Prabhakar Rao

( A public meeting is going on at a roadside. There are many cars parked at the place. Everywhere colored flags are seen flying. They are also sporting colored caps and scarves around the necks.. The leader is atop a high table and is seen talking over a mike all are listening carefully)

Leader. Look brothers. This is your leader speaking. Most of you are students. I know you are having many difficulties. You are all keenly waiting for your scholarships, fees. The government is trying to ditch you. Your admissions are also in trouble.

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are also seen in the crowd. They are trying to push forward. They are confronted by some people. They are Yadaiah, Naresh and Sitaram)

Yadiah. Hello. Why are you pushing us? Is there any Tamasha going on there?

Naresh. What interest you have? You are so old.

Sitaram. They are dressed like Gandhi, Nehru and patel. A good place for making some money. There should be a limit to begging in this country.

Patel.( Angrily) Look. Please be respectful to elders. Are the colleges teaching to insult elders, you guys look like students? Are we beggars. Better behave.

Naresh. We are students only. But you guys are not students. This meeting is mostly for students and their parents also. Why you guys want to go to front? What is there for you?

Gandhi. Only that thing which is there is also for us. What is there for you is also there for us.

Naresh Ohfo what a language? (Pulls his hair in disgust) OK. Go ahead and sit in the front. Get screwed well.

( The trio go to front close to leader)

Leader. Look Oh students Do not be carried away by govt words. The are withdrawing existing benefits

Naresh. They say attendance for students is compulsory to the tune of 75 %

Leader. True. How can any one have that much attendance? Students have to enjoy also. They have problems at home.

Gandhi. Then why students should take admissions if they do not go to colleges?

Patel. Is it for some picnic?

Nehru. Patel. Let him speak

Leader. Most of the students of reserved category although get tuition fee from govt have many problems and they can not afford bus fees of colleges, they depend on state govt buses. They are not sufficient. More over all these colleges are at far off places. By the time they go there they are very late. At many colleges late comers are turned away.

Gandhi. What else they can do?

Nehru. What can be the answer?

Leader. I demand that for all those candidates who are being paid the tuition fee, govt must pay bus fees at the rate of Rs12000/ 00 for one year. Whenever the rates are increased, it should be revised.

( All clap loudly and shout leader Zindabad)

Patel. If so many guys opt for college buses, from where they get so many buses.?

Leader. Simple. all old buses should be sold by the govt to them and give permission to run them.

( All clap loudly)

Gandhi Hello sir. Then why have attendance at all. Remove the condition. Any one taking admission in the college must be sent to examinations. To study or not to study is his headache.

Patel. As it is most of the colleges are giving fake attendance to students. Very few really meet 75 %requirements. If the rules are implemented only 20 to thirty percent students can go for examinations. Others will be detained.

Leader. This is a vicious circle.If we link attendance to fees, then most of the students can not get fees as they do not attend. For many it is a past time. It is a serious social problem. Even the guys who use motor bykes do not maintain proper attendance., Viewing all these problems no attendance should be made compulsory. It should be free for all.

Patel In that case even teaching should not be made compulsory. If ateacher wants to teach he will teach.

Leader. It can be so.

Patel . How about giving degrees free after 4 years ?

Leader. This can be considered too. If a guy does not pass in stipulated time he should be given degree after two more years waiting.

Patel. As it is a university gives degree even if a guy fails in two subjects after 4 years. Slowly the number of subjects will increase. Some day it will be all subjects.

Gandhi. heee…heeee..haaa…haaa

Patel. Haaa…haaa…hiiii..hi

Naresh. Why are you laughing? These are very good suggestions.

Nehru. Very good infact.

Naresh.. (Looking at leader) Sir, You must also fight for different question papers based on reservations. University can not have common paper for all types of students. Syllabus also should be different. Many are unable to pass the difficult papers Do some thing good for us. YSR did good for u by granting fees to all. Plesae do some thing about question papers. Please see that pass marks are much reduced from 40 to 10 or 5.

Leader. I ma find it difficult

Naresh. Sir in EAMCET examination even failed candidates are are admitted in Engineering colleges. This also can be done.

Leader. I think I shall do it if you all vote for me in next elections

Naresh. Yeahh..Yeah… very good.. long live leader

Leader. I shall also do.

Gandhi. ( Suddeny shrieksloudly ) aaa….aaaa.. Kill me .. kill me.. Kill me

( Gandhi picks upa stone and hammers hi own head strongly. Lot of blood gushes out. He screams and fals down . He gets convulsions All gather around him)

Yadiah. This joker has no business to be here.

Naresh. True. He spoiled the meeting. Drag this character away.

( All guys try to pick up Gandhi and they are unable to do. Gandhi is very heavy. All are surprised.)

Yadiah. Strange. This is a just skeleton. We are unable to move him an inch. What can be there?

Patel. Hee…heee.. You nuts. You will not understand. He is father of nation. He weighs more than whole India

Naresh. Shut up . What nonsense you are talking. Is he father of nation. Silly it is. Now what to do with this guy

Leader. Better leave him here Police will take care of him. Let us go from here before things get complex.

(The leader is escorted by his stooges and goes away in a car while his supporters shout slogans.. Long live…leader.. long live our leader)

( Gandhi is still lying on ground and slowly people are melting away. Some are still there)

Naresh. These jokers have spoiled everything. Otherwise the leader would have spoken for more time.

Yadiah. True. They should be taught a lesson

( They go to Gandhi lying and suffering)

Yadiah. You old guy. How is it now. You guys have no work. You are grown so old and sick. It is better stay at home.

Patel You guys can not forces us to stay away.

Gandhi ( feebly) What wrong we have done? Are we not Indians? Oh Baba. Please listen. You guys must study well. Plesae do not waste time with these leaders. They lead you no where. You will be finally harmed.

Naresh. We know better what we have to do. Cha Hatt ( go)

Patel. Bapu. You should not give advise to undeserving.

Nehru. True.Bapu. How are you now

Naresh. You guys . Pack off from here before we pack off you to hel

Patel. Are you so strong.?

Gandhi. Pate. Plesea leave them. They are ignorant and young. They do not know what they do.

Patel. Bapu. You started speaking Gospel.

Gandhi.. My teachings are close too gospel. I copied from Jesus teachings.

Patel. That every one knows it.

Gandhi. I am feeling slightly better. Let us go.

( the trio vanish suddenly while the people look aghast)



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in a University campus. They are strolling on the roads. Every where there is greenery and lot of students is roaming around. There are magnificent buildings everywhere.)

Gandhi. What a good place this is! Everything is grand here.

Patel. True Bapu, this is a very nice place. But indiscipline is also grand here.

Nehru. Bapu. I agree. This is very good place to spend time. But this is very poor in discipline.

Gandhi. You said this is a nice place to spend time. Is it not for studies?

Nehru. That is what I mean. Less of study goes on here and more of troubles here.

Patel. Hee.heee hhhaaa haaaa…heee..hi.hi

Gandhi. What is there to laugh?

Patel.. What is there not to laugh.. haa…haaa..haa

Gandhi. You mean no studies go on here.

Patel. You are correct Bapu. Where is time for study? Politics start from here.

( In the mean time, they come across a large group of students who gather at a place. They are carrying placards and shouting too. )

Gandhi. Ohfo. There appears to be no peace here. Why these guys are so much disturbed? It is the time for studies.

Patel. Bapu. life is like that here. Who wants to study now?

Gandhi. Then what for the universities are there?

Patel. Bapu. They are there because they have to there. It is as simple as that. They can not be closed. Where all these professors would go? Who will feed them. How some can become vice chancellors? How can any one become registrar without a university?

Gandhi. That means no teaching goes on here.

Patel. You can judge yourself.

Gandhi. How they will pass?

Patel. Where is the difficulty? Passing is simple. Just look at few old question papers. Read some from all in one guides. You shall get 70 % marks.

Gandhi. Is it so bad?

(They see a student with a notebook of 40 pages. He holds it between thumb and finger and is seen swinging to and fro. . He walks very carelessly booting stones on the way. One stone hits Gandhi on the face. Gandhi cries)

Gandhi. Margaya re mujhe maar diya ( I am killed. I have died)

Patel.( Goes to the student) Stop oh Mr. Is this way you walk on the road? Look, the stone has hit the old man. He is bleeding. Don’t you feel sorry?

Student. Then what happened? I have not hit him. The stone hit him.

Patel. Is this way you walk on road?

Student. That is my wish. I walk the way I like. This is university. Our place. You guys are not supposed to be here. Are you a student? You are so old.

Patel. Look friend. I am not a student. But I was a student once at some place. I was not like you.

Student. Better go away. Or else you are done. I am Satish you know. I am a leader here.

Patel. Better to learn to respect elders. If you do not learn it will be your funeral.

(Patel goes to Gandhi and sees Nehru comforting Gandhi. Now Gandhi is cool)

Gandhi. Better leave that boy. Forgive him.

Patel. I have done that

Gandhi. We were discussing the studies at this place when the stone hitme eee..eeee. It si paining.

Patel. Bapu, for most of the subjects, the examiners would carry digital balances and keep with them. They weigh the answer books and as per weight they give marks. Haa..haa..haa…heee..heeee

( He rolls on ground laughing and scratching his belly. After some time gets up)
Patel.. Guys just fill up all trash in some subjects of theory and examiners do not know what the guy has written and students also do not know what he has written. All goes in game. Hee..heee….heee

Nehru. So all is fun here.

( They come to a building that is cordoned off by Police. There are big posters everywhere.)

Gandhi. Patel. Plesae read these posters. What are their demands? Some Satyagraha is going on here. I am happy, they are following my ideals.

Patel. ( he goes to some posters and reads)

We the students demand following:-

A. Answer books from our province should be evaluated by teachers of our province only.
B. Answer books of students must be categorized as BC A, BCB, BCC, BCD, OC, OC ( economically weak), Minorities, Handicapped, Sports, ex-servicemen, Management quota, for Boys and girls separately
C. For each type of category as stated above, examiner should be earmarked from that category only.

Gandhi. This is funny. How these can be met?

Patel. They know it better

Gandhi. For handicapped category how they can get one for so many categories, girls and boys separately.

Patel. Probably they would recruit as per these norms.

Gandhi. How about exservice men type?

Nehru. They can request local sub area to depute some officers

Patel. Hee..heee..haaa…haaa

( In the mean time some students come to Gandhi. They wish Gandhi. They are Satish, Ramu and Govind)

Ramu. Hoi old man. You are well dressed as Gandhi. Others are also good as Nehru and Patel

Patel. We are not dressed. We are they in fact.
Gandhi. I am Gandhi, Mohan das Karamchand Gandhi, The father of nation.

Gobind. That is fine (looking at Ramu) Poor guys, appear to be mentally disturbed. They think they are real national leaders. See how they are dressed?

Satish. Just too bad guys. Leave them. I have seen them earlier. One of the guys is very funny.

Patel. Look. Friends. We are not fake. Believe. We are real as said. We are they and they are we. They and we are same and one. We and what you are not thinking are same.

Ramu. Eee..eeeee… Strange words in fact.

Patel. Yeah. What you thought we are not that, but we are they and they are we. We are surely they ought to be, you must accept that we are they and not what you think.

(Satish looks at Patel and shrieks loudly and falls down .Froth comes out of his mouth . he violently shakes hands)All students gather around him)

Ramu. What happened? This guy was perfect just now.

Gobind. Yes. He was fine. He heard this old mans words and collapsed.

Ramu. Where are those guys? They were just here.

(They look around and the trio is not seen)

Ramu. It is very strange. A second ago they were here. They can not suddenly vanish.

Gobind. Look funny too. But their words were also strange. I am sure they were ghosts. They are not normal guys.

Ramu. Do not talk rubbish. How can there be ghosts around? They looked real but mentally derailed guys.. Any how let us take this guy to hospital.

Gobind. Yeah. Do it fast.

( Satish is lifted and put in car and is driven to hospital)

Patel. Bapu. Have you seen what happened? The guy became sick suddenly.

Nehru. The guy appears to be not stable and weak minded. He looked at Patel’s face and collapsed. He got scared looking at skull face of Patel. I am sure he will recover Bapu. Let us go from here.

Gandhi. Patel. Why you have displayed ghost face? The guy got shit scared. Yeah. Let us go.

( The trio vanish singing Ram dhun)


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DR K Prabhakar Rao

September 17/18 every year in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh are very important. They are also associated with rise of passions . In recent times, it has become more important with the strong demand for a Telangana state bifurcating AP. On this day the regime of Mir Osman Ali Khan Asif Jah Bahadur, Fateh Jung, the Nizam 7 of Hyderabad state laid down his power when his much glorified army and Razakars ( volunteers) surrendered to the Indian Army that invaded the state in 1948. The Hyderabad state was merged with Indian union and the rule of the Nizam was annulled. Asif jahi dynasty was established by Qamruddin Chin Khilji khan the Mughal governor in Deccan who was appointed as Subedar by Mughal emperor Mohammed Shah (Rangila) in 18 century. By this , Mughals at Delhi lost most of their provinces and lost authority too Marathas were dominating under Peshwa rule from Pune. The Asif Jha dynasty produced seven regular and recognized rulers.They were Qamruddin Chin khilij Khan , Nizam ali, Nasir ud dula, Sikandar Jha,Afzal ud daula, Mahboob Ali Khan and Osman Ali Khan The last ruler was Mir Osman Ali Khan who was removed after Police action by Indian army in 1948.

When India gained independence, all most all the regional princely states merged with Indian union, except Junagarh, Kashmir and Hyderabad. The English men gave an option to the rulers that either they could merge with Pakistan or India or remained independent. Kashmir was invaded by Pakistan tribals and regular army immediately after independence and they were repulsed by Indian army and the forces of Jammu state. The maharaja of Kashmir signed the document of accession to India and Kashmir became part of India. India regained all the areas except Gilgit and Hunza and these areas too were also about to fall to India when Jawaharlal Nehru the much over glorified Prime minister declared ceasefire and referred the matter to UNO ( an incompetent world body), an absolute foolish step and it has been proved beyond doubt over the years. India even today is struggling due to this lack lustre decision and Nehru left a permanent cancer to India to bleed and suffer. Referendum was held in Junagarh and it was taken over by India while the Nawab of Junagarh ran away to Pakistan. Hyderabad remained a pain the ass for as Nizam 7 decided to stay independent. Pleas of n union fell on deaf ears at Hyderabad.
Hyderabad state at that time consisted areas of Telangana ( Mostly Telugu and Urdu speaking people), Marathwada (consisting of Kannda and Marathi speaking people).The districts were:

a. Telangana

Medak, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Mahboob nagar, Adilabad, Khammam met, Nalgonda, Warangal, Atraf balda ( surrounding Hyderabad city) (9)

b. Marthwada.

Bidar, Beed, Aurangabad, Osmanabad, Gulbarga, Raichur, Nanded, Parbhani ( 8),

Nizams decision to remain independent was not accepted by the Indian union and Nizam slowly tried to build up his army for confrontation and he came under the influence of Kasim Razvi the chief of Majlis Ittehad muslimeen ( MIM ), the fundamentalist Islamic party. Razvi encourage the affected Mulsim of partition to settein Hyderabad. These at a later stage became Hindu haters.

Kasim Razvi hailed from UP state and was a lawyer by profession at Latur in Osmanabad district and he joined MIM. Bahadur yar jung was the president of MIM and after the untimely death of him Razvi became its President in 1946. His influence over Nizam was complete. He was totally a fundamentalist to the core and organized a volunteer force named Razakars in the state. Every Razakar had to take a oath that he would die for Islam. This force was armed with al facilities and was given military training. They were tutored in to Hindu tirade. Razvi ensured that Sir Mirza Ismail a moderate PM of Hyderabad state was hounded out of the state. Similarly Nawab of Chattari who came to Hyderabad for a second term as PM was hounded out. In 1948 Razvi imposed a new government in Hyderabad under Laik Ali the PM. With the help of Razakars terror was let loose on Hindu population in the state. Villages were burnt, scores of men and children were killed, and women were raped in public in large numbers in the state. Dacoities were committed with connivance of Nizam’s police and Hyderabad army. Razakars were fully abetted by Police Chief Deen yar Jung. Shoibullah Khan the young editor of daily Imroz who condemned Nizams government was brutally murdered by Razakars. It was believed that Kasim Razvi was behind the plot. Kasim Razvi assumed title Field Marshal of Razkar forces. Kasim Razvi even proclaimed that Asifia flag would be unfurled on Red ort at Delhi and that waters of Bay of Bengal would wash the feet of Mir Osman ali Khan.. Nizam was a puppet in his hands and in all aspects he abdicated his responsibility towards his subjects. He became blind under the passion of remaining independent. Thus Nizam lost his moral authority to rule the state as a king. Destiny was waiting to strike at right moment. All appeals from Indian union to restrain Razkars fell on deaf ears and action was contemplated by Indian union.

Sardar Vallabhai was the Deputy Prime Minister at Delhi and it is well known now that Jawaharlal Nehru the PM was not in favor of invasion of Hyderabad state. But Asi Jha’s rule was coming to an end. Destiny was making moves. Kasim Razvi also visited Delhi and Patel where he said that it would be better to die holding a sword than dying by the stroke of a pen. Indian government declared Razvi was a Frankenstein in the company of Nizam in Hyderabad. But for Patel Hyderabad would have become another Pakistan in the heart of India. Probably Nehru would have taken the matter to UNO that would never settle the issue. It would have become a permanent ulcer in the heartland of India. Indian army invaded Hyderabad state on 13 Sept 1948 from four directions. It was called operation POLO and termed Police action. Hyderabad army and Razakars who boasted high collapsed like pack of cards with feeble resistance. Many Razakars were killed in the action. Helpless Nizams army surrendered disgracefully to Indian army on 17 Sept 1948. Kasim Razvi was arrested along with the Deen Yar jung the police chief and many leaders of MIP nad cabinet ministers. Laik Ali the PM of Hyderabad state escaped to Pakistan. Military government under General Chaudhry with some civilian advisors was formed in Hyderabad and it was merged with India
A special tribunal with three judges — one Christian, one Muslim, and one Hindu was constituted to try the accused. Later, the Government withdrew the Aland Murder case for want of sufficient evidence. Askar Yar Jung, a former member of the State Judicial Committee was appointed the defense counsel along with some others to assist him After detailed investigation, three criminal cases were filed against Razvi and six others: the Aland Murder Case; the Shoebullah Khan Murder Case; and the Bibinagar Dacoity Case. At the argument stage, Razvi asked for the removal of the counsels and argued his own case.
Kasim Razvi was convicted in Bibinagar ( It is a small place and is located about 35Km from Hyderabad city on Hyderabad Kazipet railway line) dacoity case and was not found guilty in the case of murder of Shoibullah Khan.. the sentence was passed on 10 sept 1950 and was sentenced for 10 yerasRI. Nizam was pardoned and was Rajpramukh ( governor) of Hyderabad state by the weak kneed Indian government. It was done obviously to appease Muslims. In fact Nizam should have been tried for Misrule and atrocities on Hindus in state and for his failure to control Razkars. But Nizam escaped the punishment and enjoyed in the palace at koti. Kasim Razvi no doubt was handed down much lesser punishment in prison. In fact in any other country he would have faced gallows as a criminal for atrocities committed on Hindus by letting loose Razakars force that he commanded. He should have been subjected to summary trial by a military court and hanged. Alternately he should have been shot by a firing squad on the streets of Hyderabad at Charminar in full public view. Alas! India lacked leaders of that caliber to take such decisions. Razvi was imprisoned at Chanchalguda prison and was subjected to hard labor. Later he represented against the alleged inhuman treatment at the jail and was sent to Pune jail in 1954 where he served his term and was released under the condition that with in 48 hours he should leave the country and leave for Pakistan.

After his release on 11 Sept 1957 he was brought to Hyderabad an young advocate ZahidAli Kameel and he drove him to his house where he held the meeting of his party. Out of 140 members of MIM only 40 leaders attended. He said that he would handover the party to even a twelve year boy . None was ready to takeover the reigns of the party. It was finally handed over to Wahaab Owaissi. The present city MLA Akbaruddin Owaissi, and his elder brother who is an MP are his grandsons. Kasim Razvi left for Pakistan on 18 Sept 1957 and was seen off By ZahidAli Kameel at Bombay and lived rest of his life in Pakistan and practiced law midst of Muslims who migrated from India. They are called Mujahirs.Kasim Razvi was not given any recognition in Pakistan and he was overlooked. He had no political life and he died unsung and unheard a broken and disgraced man on 15January 1970 at the age of 67 years.

The fact that Kasim Razvi was let off with jail term inspite of the fact he spearheaded Razakars, fanned communal hatred and crime on Hindus in the state, is clear indication of weak and appeasement policy of Indian leaders even at the time of partition. They had no courage and lacked spine to hang this person who was squarely responsible for inhuman conduct of Razakars towards Hindu population in Hyderabad state. He really deserved death sentence and nothing short. By letting him off with lesser punishment Indian authorities have insulted the Hindu population of the state who lost lives and honor of women at the hands of Razakars and justice was denied to them. It is sure that their souls are not at rest yet and hover over Hyderabad city crying in despair. Probably letting off Razvi is a greater crime than other crimes committed.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen walking on a road in Hyderabad at Abids. They are as usual in dress. They try to cross the road at Taj Mahal hotel crossing. They get trapped in traffic. Suddenly many horns start blowing. Entire traffic comes to halt. There is some chaos

Gandhi. ohfo. What happened? Why this commotion

Patel. We tried to crossroad at wrong time.

Auto driver. Aye Buddhe hatt. Bewakoof kainka. Road paar karna nahee aata tho ghar may Bhait. Chal Hut ( hey old man. Idiot, if you do not know how to cross the raod sit at home. Move)

Patel. Bhai. Zara sambhaal ke bolo. Kya Koyee tameeznahee ( Brother, Be careful in your talk. Don’t you have some respect for elders?)

Auto driver. Kya bolata hai re. Bahut bolne lagaa hai ( What are you saying? You are talking much. Kaat ke phek daalunga ( I shall cut and throw you out )

Nehru. Ohfo. Patel. Let us go from here. This guy appears to be a lunatic.

(Auto driver gets down from the vehicle and starts fighting with Patel. Patel catches the driver and hammers him black and blue. He is dumped in the auto while more commotion sets up. Some policemen arrive soon. Traffic is fully jammed)

Policeman. What happened? Who beat this driver? Where is he?

Patel. I hammered him. He was threatening us. I had to defend myself.

Policeman. You have to come to police station

Gandhi. What for?

Police man. For beating this driver so much, you have to answer. If this guy dies who is responsible?

Patel. Where were you when this driver was on us and threatening like a goonda?

Police man. We have hundred and ten jobs. We can not be every where. By the by who are you guys? You appear to be some anti social and trouble creator. You must come to the road side. Traffic has to clear up.

Patel. That is fine.

( The policemen are busy clearing traffic and Gandhi and his friends slowly slip away from there and quickly cross over and disappear from the place.they land up in a park that is close by. They sit on some benches.a street dog arrives with a news paper in its mouth.It goes to Gandhi)

Dog. Bow wow.. bow wow. I am Mothi the Khoonkar dog of this area. Do you have some thing to eat.

Patel. Kutta baba. We just came here. We have nothing. Can I look at the paper?

Dog. Sure. I like you. You are straight forward. You also did not hit me. Otherwise I would have bitten you guys. I have the world record for biting people. Till day I have bitten 25000 guys in this city that includes some IAS , IPS officers and politicians including MLA.

Nehru. Oh God. You are very great dog. But how did you manage to bite such senior officers and politicians?.

Dog. Bow wow.. wow Bow.. I always wait at places where they go for a walk in the morning. They become easy targets.

Patel. You are great.I am happy that you did not bite us.

Dog Ok see you , Bow wow..

( The dog scampers away. Patel picks up the news paper and reads the titles)

Patel. Yeah… yeah..

Gandhi. Patel. What is there in the paper?

Patel. Bapu. It is printed that Rosiah the CM is badly indisposed with viral fever

Nehru. Poor guy. He is old too.

Gandhi. I feel sorry for him. Poor man is in great tension with ministers digging graves behind him.

Patel. That is very usual in politics.

Gandhi. But this man is highly troubled. The guy Jagan YSRs son is causing him great stress with his odaarpu yaatra ( consollingtrips)

Patel These are all tricks of the trade. But nothing will happen to Rosiah jagan wibeleft alone

Nehru. I was told that Rosiah is really not well. H could not accompany PM Manmohan singh to Tirupathi to clap around.

Patel. There are many guys for that. Governor has already gone with PM.Hee..heee

Gandhi. funny part is that Geeth Reddy the minister for this and that has gone to Delhi suddenly to meet high command

Nehru. Lot of rumors are going around. Rosaih is still there. There are speculations that geeth Radd could be the successor to Rosiah if he is unable to assume duties again

Gandhi. what can go wrong?

Patel Any thing. After all he is very old. The poor old man is still alive and kicking in bed and some going around with rumors. These jokers have no shame.

Gandhi. Some guys must be preparing ground for the lady minister.

Patel. It could be true.

Nehru. The minister has clarified that all these are false news. Rosiah is still strong and soon would assume duties.

Patel. That will be a disappointment to his enemies.

Nehru. All these are like jackals at the grave

Gandhi. Please do not be that harsh. After all every one has an ambition.

( They suddenly see police men approaching the park )

Gandhi. Hope these police men are not the same one.

Patel. I can not say. Anyhow it is better we hide.

( the trio quickly walk away from that place and stand behind thick bushes. The policemen see here and there and go back )

Gandhi. These are the same guys who spoke to us in traffic. They came searching for us.

Patel. True. We escaped.

Gandhi. we are not truthful. We were hiding. I feel bad.

Patel. Bapu. You have to be practical in these things. It is better we escaped from them.

Gandhi. I feel like seeing Mr. Rosiah.

Nehru. Who will allow us?

Gandhi. How sad! There was a time when thousands waited to see me. Now no onecares for me. Eee..eee

Patel Bapu. Please relax. Our days are over. Aslong as we are something all will run. Once the position is over none cares. This is the life. Same will happen to Rosaih. If he looses the seat of CM who will care for him/ all the guys who are dancing around him will refuse to recognize him. This is the way of world.

Gandhi. true..eee…eeee…aaa… ( Wipes his tears)

Patel. Bapu. Shall we go now. It is better we do not move out for next three days on roads. Police men may catch us. They will forget us soon.

Gandhi. OK. Let us go.

( the trio walk away from the rear gate and disappear)