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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is the compound of a convent school and the area is very large. There are many trees too all around and the buildings are old. The school building appears to be atlesat 100 years old and the style is medieval and Victorian. There are many parents with their small kids and some with toddlers squatted under trees as the chairs are filled. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel happen to go along that road and they get interested)

Gandhi. Patel. There appears to be some interesting thing going on here. Let us wait and see.

Patel. I shall enquire.

( Patel goes to the watch man and enquires)

Patel. Bhai. What is going on here?

Watch man, To day admissions are being conducted for children.

Patel. That is fine.

( Patel goes to Bapu and informs)

Patel. Bapu. They are conducting admissions for children. Probably it is for nurseries

Gandhi. I see. But I see some pregnant women too here resting under trees.

Nehru. They must have come with their young kids.

( Gandhi and his friends also go to benches and some good persons rise and offer seats to them)

Gandhi. Thanks dear. We are obliged. By the by how long you have been here?

Parent. My name is Ramratan. We came here early morning at 4 AM.

Patel. Why so early?

Ramratan. They said the timing is fixed and can not be changed. Probably they test us for patience.

Patel. The guys appear to be mad persons. How can kids get up so early?

Gandhi. Patel. Relax. Let us see further.

( In the meantime an announcement is made. It announces the names of parents and kid to report at the office for the interview. Parent Laxmi Narayan, Jhansi and kid Asha report at the office to a clerk sitting at a table. )

Gandhi. Let us go and see what is happening there.

( The trio goes to office and stands close to the parents. The woman at the desk is Savitri)

Savitri. ( looks at Gandhi) Why are you here? Who called you?

Patel. We came along with Laxmi Narainji. We are his friends.

Savitri. Why all stray people come here. As it is there is no place around.

Patel. Are we stray people, Madam? Kindly give some respect to our age atlesat. We are like your grandfather.

Savitri. OK. Ok. Plesae do not get into arguments. Stay slightly far. Ok Mr Laxmi Narayan. You brought your daughter Asha for admission into play school. Is it OK?

Laxmi Narayan. That is correct.

Savitri. How old she is?

Laxminarayan. She is two and half years old.

Savitri. What is the date of birth?

Laxminarayan. It is 15 August 2009

Gandhi. How lucky. She was born on the day of independence.

Savirti. Please tell me her time of birth.

Laxminarayan. It is 1201 hours that is midnight.

Savitri. Plesae tell me whether she was born after full nine months of pregnancy or the delivery is premature?

Patel. Madam, Is this information required for you?

Savitri. Sure

Patel. Why and what for?

Savitri. It gives an idea whether the kid will be an healthy kid. We do not want problems.

Gandhi. Oh fo. What types of guys are here?

Savitri. Now tell me, where the kid was born?

Laxminarayan. In Niloufer hospital in old city.

Savitri. Why there? Why could you not take her to some good corporate hospital?

Laxminarayan. Madam. How you are concerned about it?

Savitri. Very much dear. It gives an indication of your financial status.

Laxminarayan. I also want to reserve another seat

Savitri. For whom?

Laxminarayan. My wife is pregnant. She is already of 6 months. Kindly register her name and for the likely kid.

Savitri. Yeah. Kindly pay Rs 4000 for registration. At the time of admission to your second kid you have to pay admission fee of Rs 20000 rupees apart from donation of another Rs20000. Now pay only Rs 4000.

Gandhi. Ohfo. What a loot mar is going on here!

Savitri. Is it loot mar going on? We are helping people with education.

Patel. Look. This is clear loot mar here.

Savitri. If you people do not keep quite I shall call Marshalls to throw you out.

Laxmi Narayan. OK Madam. Thanks for everything. Where we should go now.

Savitri. Plesae go into the room of Principal for the final interview.

Gandhi. Patel. What shall we do? How can we go inside? Madam Look. Can we also go inside?

Savitri. No.. No.. You can not. You guys are very badly dressed. You guys look like beggars with shabby dress.

Gandhi, (Speaks slowly to Patel) look Patel. These guys can not see us as we have invisible bodies. We shall coolly go inside. People can see us only when we want.

Patel. Ok that is fine.

( The trio vanish and enter the Principals room where Laxminrayan and his wife are seated. The kid is standing nearby.

Principal. Yeah. This is fine. The kid appears to be smart. Can she sing some song

Laxminarayan. Madam. She is hardly two and half years. How can she sing?

Principal. Now a days kids are very smart. Some can sing too. Can she do some break dance steps

Laxminarayan. Madam. She is too young for that.

Principal. Does she know some rhymes

Laxminarayan. We are trying to Jack and jill went up the hill.. Twinkle twinkle.. little star… etc

Principal. That is good. Now tell me can you sing?

Laxminarayan. Why should I? I am not getting admitted.I can sing slightly. Shall I sing

Principal. Plesae go ahead

Laxminarayan. Here I go ( sings)

Bale chansule Bale chansule
Lalalam.. lalalam lucky chancule
Illarikanlo unna maja
Adi anubhavinchute
Teliyunule.. Bhake chansu le
Ganji bosina amrutham laga
Kammaga undankunte.. Bal
Kammga undankunte
Chee.. po..chee..po
Cheep o anna chiraku padaka
Dulaparinchukuni poye wadiki
Bale chancule

Principal. B Very good.. Very good .. Yeah. That was great really

Laxminarayan. Thanks. Are you satisfied now madam

Principal. Actually we want to see talents of parents. These are passed on to kids. Does your wife sing?

Jhansi. Yeah. I can sing film songs. Shall I show? ( sings)

Indaa Indaa teesuko
Ipude sontham chesuko
Enta mando Ochharoyee
Enta mando poyaroyee
Inta chakkani vedhavalu
Ekkada dorakaledu…eeah…eeah

(she gets excited and does wild dance)

Principal. Great.. Great.. You guys are selected. Your seat is confirmed.

Jhansi. Thanks Madam, We shall take leave

Principal. Thanks. You may go now.

( Laxminarayan, Jhansi and the kid leave room)

Gandhi ( Invisible..) Patel. What type an interview is going on? Looks like idiots running the show.

Patel. Yeah.. Hua…Huaa. Mad guys are here.

Principal. ( Gets up) Who are the guys talking here. Who were allowed inside)

( Principal looks around and finds none)

Patel. ( Invisible) Look . Madam. You appear to be some mad one. Is this the way you conduct interview? Are you insane? I shall expose you to press soon

Principal. Hey. Who are you here? Come out in to open and talk. I shall show what I am. Do not hide like a thief.

Patel. Are we thieves or you are?

( Principal gets up from chair and shouts loudly)

Principal. Hey security.. security.. Come fast. Some thieves are hiding here

( Security men arrive and find none and they go away. Gandhi and his friends also go out and stand under the trees)

Gandhi. Nice Tamasha we had. The principal is really a mad guy. But I like the dances. They did well. The song of Jhansi was good.

Patel. Bapu. Do you understand Telugu?

Gandhi. We are divine men. We know everything. Look I recorded the song in this cell phone. It translates too and displays. I shall show.

( Gandhi displays song of Jhansi..)

Patel ( Reads)

Come.. Come… Here it is. Take it
Just now make it of yourself
And your own
Many have come
Many have gone
I have not seen any where
Such useless guys
Come..come. Here it is
Take it and own now.

Gandhi. Ohfo. What a shit song. Is this the song to be sung by women

Patel. Bapu. It must be an old Telugu cinema song from Vamps

Nehru. This is really bad. Any how whole thing is some nonsense. It is degradation of values

Patel. True. Bapu. It is very hot. Let us go.

( Gandhi and his friends walk away singing Ramdhun)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The tricks of admissions into nursery schools is a murky game
Where gullible parents are duped of money and they get lame
The state has no control over this day time loot
Where owners of these schools how their thumb and foot

Admissions into these schools is a great gimmick
Where the gullible parents have to face many a trick
The convent schools are masters in this murky game
While in these tricks of trade they acquired greatest fame

Thousands of rupees change hands for a nursery seat
Where to get a seat is like doing a circus feat
Society is taken for a rough camel ride
And the guys conduct these have thick animal hide

In these schools parents rot in hot sun
While the kids waiting watch the idiotic fun
For mere nursery seats hurdles are in scores
And entire process is full of pores

Convents schools interview parents for a kindergarten seat
While kids suffer simmering heat
Entire show is greatest and filthiest trick
Where money changes hands in a moment flick

Mother and father face the interview board
While selectors are surely not above board
Funniest guys put foolish questions to them
In disgust they have swallow their own flum

In these schools parents have to reserve a seat
Before a man makes his wife pregnant
Ways are funny with these guys
Tricks of trade are many and are of various ways

Some of these display that they are centers of credit
While they really deserve only discredit
Many are flourishing hoodwinking the parents
While at government failure one can only lament

Some cranks and cheats have got into this game
Who are not scared of law and are getting fame
The goddess of learning in the hands of shady men
Who are swindling and filling their sinful den

You and me are suckers in this game
While those on top failed to control and tame
The act of swindling goes on as free for all
The state of course makes claims very tall



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen walking at a park in Hyderabad near Tank bund that is famous. Suddenly they come across an old man who is walking in opposite direction. He is sporting white Dhoti, kurta and a long cloth over his shoulder. It is called Angavasthram .)

Gandhi. Patel. Have you seen that person? Appears to be familiar.

Nehru. Yeah. I also feel same.

Patel. Bapu. Mere Bapu. He is Rosiah the CM of AP state. But why he is alone here. Where is the security for him.

( Rosiah comes closer and Gandhi goes to him)

Gandhi. Namaste bhai. How are you? I am happy you have time for walking.

Rosiah. I have all the time now for walking. By the by the who are you sir?

Patel. Mr Rosiah. Namaste. Have you forgotten Bapu? Your Bapu, Hamara Bapu. He is MK Gadhi, the father of this nation.

Rosiah ( Scratches his head) My memory is weak. I am old now. Yeah, I vaguely remember Gandhiji. Are you really Bapu who died in 1948 at the hands of Nathuram Viinayak Godse?

Gandhi. I am very much the same Gandhi. The same guy put to death by Godse.

Rosiah. But how you are alive and talking to me. These guys appear to be Nehru and Patel if I am correct.

Patel. You can not be wrong. You are very correct.

Gandhi. You can not understand even if we tell you. By the by why are you alone. Where is your security staff. It is dangerous for you. Some one may kill you.

Rosiah. No one can kill me. What they will gain? I am already finished by high command.

Patel. What do you mean? Are you not in the post?

Rosiah. Look. I already resigned the post of CM and I am a free man now. The new CM Mr Kiran kumar Reddy has already been sworn in today.

Nehru. Why so fast? We are absolutely clueless.

Patel. Jawaharlal, that you were always a clueless guy.

Gandhi. Look Patel. Plesae do not trouble him.

Patel. OK Bapu. Mr Rosiah. Why you were changed?

Rosiah. I was not changed. I only resigned due to over burden of work. Look I am very old too. It is time we give chance to youngsters.

Patel. It is strange. Usually no one leaves the political post unless he dies in office or some one throws him out. Nehru worked as PM till he breathed his last. His daughter hanged around in post till she was killed by Sikh Militants.Rajiv of course was killed while he was out of office.Shankar dayal sharma continues as president even though he could not stand or walk. There so many guys like that in this country.

Rosiah. I am not like that. I resigned on my own

Patel. Mr Rosiah. I shall show you just now.

( Patel goes to a guy who is holding a news paper and borrows it. He goes through it)

Patel. Now look what is written in this.

Rosiah. What is there?

Patel. It is written that you were called to Delhi and Mr Patel told you that you must resign and it is the order of high command. Madam told you in clear terms too

Rosaih. Newspaper guys write whatever they want.

Patel. Outwardly you are telling that you voluntarily resigned. Buit fact is that you were sacked. High command was not happy that you could not take all MLA with you., Everything you were referring to high command. You could not handle Telangana stir.Yoiu were not firm with Jagan. Prestige of party and government was at stake with your inept handling.

Rosaih. ( Raising eye brows) They write all shit. Let them drown themselves in Hussein sagar if they want.

Patel. These words you told once to SI aspirants at Hyderabad very recently. I think you are very fond of Hussein sagar. It is very close to this park.

Rosaih. Any one will get irked up if pushed around

Gandhi.. hee..heee,, Look You were a CM . You must have patience.

Rosiah. Now all that shit is over. I am a free man now.

Patel. I heard that you would be made a governor.

Rosaih. I am not aware of it.

Gandhi. It will be rehabilitation for you. In India all the retired and men of no consequence are made governors to appease them. There could be some exceptions too. Governors post will be very good. You can have a very nice time there.

Patel. They are ceremonial guys. Try to learn to salute properly while taking salutes at parades. Some guys do not know how to salute even. They salute awkwardly keeping all fingers wide open, or raising one finger and some salute with two finger.

Gandhi. So far no one has saluted with little finger.

Patel. Haa..haaa..haaa..heee..hee

Rosiah. Are you making fun of me?

Patel. Why should we do that. You are not funny. You area respected former CM of this great state.

Rosaih. Thanks. Can I go now?

Patel. You must be happy that you are out just in time escaping the Telangana agitation that will be revived after December if the tate is not given.

Rosiah. How I am bothered now?

Patel. But you are happy that you need not face the problem.

Rosaih. It is also true. The new guy will have tough time. It will not be a cake walk for him.

Patel. But he is young. It is a plus point.

Gandhi. Ok Mr. Rosiah. Thanks for your patience. Plesae do not forget that you are very close to your favorite Hussein sagar.

Rosiah. I shall remember. Thanks for everything.

Gandhi. OK Bye. See you, Cheerio, Tata…Ram..Ram

Rosiah. Thanks, Bye.

Patel. Bye. Bye. We shall meet again some time

Rosiah. Ohfo .. No.. Again.. No…meeting you guys.. ohfo..No

( Rosiah sprints from there)

Gandhi, Haa,..hhaaaa..heee,, The guy has run away.

Patel. Any how whatever happened to Rosiah is not fair. Poor guy has been made a scape goat.

Gandhi. Why you think so?

Patel. Then what? In Congress party a CM of a state can never any decision by himself. Everything has to come from top. It is their culture. What Rosiah can do? All these state CMs are only stooges and puppets. If any one shows some extra efficiency he will be rubbed down too. They have to just carry out orders.Rosiah could not have done better. Any other person also would have done like that. Poor guys took over at the most crucial moment and faced all types of problems like Telangana stir, Jagan problem, disloyal MLA, ministers, non cooperation from them. Poor guy was put to great trouble. We must have sympathy for him

Gandhi. We do have. I am sure he will be made a governor soon.

Patel. If he is a sensible guy he should not accept governors post.

Gandhi. Let us wait and see what he will do. He always says he is the most disciplined soldier of the party. He once said he will jump into Hussein sagar, if High command wanted him to do so.

Patel. Great guys. He is very fond of this dirtiest lake on the earth. It is city’s shit pond.

Gandhi. But he likes it. Patel. This area is greatly stinking with wind blowing this side.Let us go.

Nehru. True Bapu. Let us go.

( The trio walks away slowly singing Ramdhun)



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Vastu is a science of house lay out
Of late guys are going mad and crazy
Craze is much with people of AP state
While ones faculties have
become dull and hazy

The craze starts with buying the land
And all run to purchase an east facing plot
Atleast they prefer a north facing one
And they discuss with all till their skulls get hot

Some guys purchase readily built houses
And move in on an auspicious day
Their troubles start then and there
For rest of the life Vastu makes them naked and bare

Most of the guys are scared by the experts
Who are bent in making quick buck
Gullible people fall an easy prey
And at the end happily their thumbs they suck

Indians can be easily fooled
And Vastu has made life hell for all of us
All the guys on this earth laugh at us on Vastu
As people run like a bitch that is after a passing bus

Many guys break open walls
Change this and that without an end
Tonnes of money is wasted in this fad
That are loaned by banks and they are ready to lend

The guys are on wild goose chase
And surely have lost mental balance
Vastu has made life hell for them
While none have peace
and solace


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Nation is not poor by loosing such nuts
They are in the nations mere peanuts
All these years Laloo played as a clown
He acted as if he is an Englishman brown
He ate away animal fodder in heaps
Devoid of shame and happy with the loot he could reap
Such nuts have no place in the history of nation
Their action resulted in more of inflation


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

India today is in the grip of mutual hatred
While sections are at each other’s throat
Pseudo and shady leaders are the happiest guys in power
After crossing the moat of election in a pirate boat

Muslims are busy displaying their skull caps
While Hindus show their tridents
The nations’ welfare is sunk in cess pool
While the nations fabric is given deep dent

Hindus clamor for the land at Ayodhya
To build a temple at birth place of Ram
Muslims demand the same piece of land
While those in center are trapped in a great scam

Secular India is engulfed in various conflicts
While innocents are killed day and night
Criminal gangs hiding in Pakistan
Sneak and kill the poor for delight

Ram or Rahim, all are same in this world
And none of the religion preaches mutual hate
The nation in fact is let down by our shady leaders
While the country is simmering like a fire grate


Prof. Col Dr. K. Prabhakar Rao,

Other day, I was going for a walk through the congested street in the evening amidst thick fumes of automobile exhaust supplemented by swirling smoke from burning filth at a roadside dust-bin. The municipal truck was lifting a roadside dust bin and flies swarmed out. My eyes burned and watered. Through a hazy vision, I saw a dull and faint figure at a street-side. As I drew closer and when I wiped my eyes, the vision was clear and the figure, I found to be a statue wrapped in a dirty gunny cloth and tied by ropes. I felt pity for the man in the statue- form. The reel ran violently in my head and I recollected statue-culture in our state, in particular.
Statues are erected as a love and respect in recognition to the services and achievements of individuals usually after their deaths. But there are occasions when the statues are also erected during someone’s life time. These men can be termed as living dead men. Such occasions are rare. I felt for the way things are happening with us. In fact, statue culture eminated from the Greeks who erected statues of Greek gods and mythological figures in cities, near temples, ports and public places. Slowly, the culture spread to all Christian countries. When the English men ruled us, they erected statues of Queen Victoria. King George and of the English Generals and Admirals. After gaining independence, from them, we went on erecting statues of our leaders and removed alien statues with contempt.
There was a time when there were many statues of Mahatma Gandhi. Nehru and Subhas Chandra Bose spread all over India. At some places, statues of Dr. Ranjendra Prasad, Tilak, Patel, Lal Bahadur shastri, Ambedkar, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were erected. Then, in different states, local leaders were honored such as Annadurai, Mahatma Phule. Ramdas,MG Ramachandran, Kamraj, Lohia, NTR, and Rajaji. Statutes of legendary heroes such as Rana Pratap, Chatrapati sivaji, laxmibai, Durgavati, Basaveswara, Bhagat Singh. Jhansiki Rani, Durgavathi, and Azad and Savarkar have been erected in different corners of our country showing our admiration to them. There has been a rat race among various sections of people to glorify their leaders based on castes. Now a days, one finds innumerable statues of Ambedkar at every junction in villages, towns, cities of our state and at times; these are erected at a distance of few meters from one another. In the melee, the father of the nation has been dumped out and a stage has come when we have to really search for his statue to pay our respects. Now Mayawati the CM in UP is erecting thousands of statues of kanshivam and her, spending crores of rupees. What a shame ?

At some places, statues of Gandhiji do not resemble him as he has black hair with a debonair look and he is devoid of his long stick. AT times, the crooks, remove, the stick and insert an empty bottle of rum in his hand. Earlier Gandhi statue was present at Langar house cross roads. One every festival, flgs were tied to his neck. I recall an incident when I went to Orissa to visit rock-out caves at Udayagiri and Khanda girl and Hathi Guppha caves of king Kharawela fame. In the, adjoining park, I went to ease myself and a behind a thick tree, (kindly spared to live) I found a heap of dry leaves. I comfortably emptied my bursting bladder in to the heap to my great relief while closing my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I was aghast as I saw a bust of father of Nation staring at me angrily and soaked in urine and I felt miserable and ashamed; probably, the bust was uncovered under the impact of flowing stream of urine. I was not to be blamed. How did I know that the bust of Gandhiji would be buried in the heap of filth out of all the places on the earth? I bowed to the statue removed it and kept it aside at a clean place. I slapped my cheeks hard for the folly and I brought a bucket of clean water from a nearby pond and washed the statue to my satisfaction. I prayed to the old man and he would have pardoned me. Why not ? He even pardoned Nathuran Godse who pumped lead into him? There are many such statues lying neglected. Vultures and crows sit on the bald heads while white dropping flow down the cheeks. Then, we hear that the statues of Gandhiji are blasted off, heads out off, be-headed and arms broken. I saw a Gandhi statue that was repaired with broken limbs and neck. The limbs were not properly attached. It was looking as if Gandhi was doing disco. I called him Disco Gandhi. Why erect these statues when we can net respect them ? I saw a statue of Gandhi on a roadside standing on two iron rods. There were no legs. Head was also on a rod as plaster went off at the neck. One eye was missing too.

I find that in our villagers, Netaji is highly revered than in towns and cities and villages of Bengal. In metropolitan cities, we find Subhas as a congressman with a Gandhi cap, dhoti and Kurta than sporting full INA ceremonial uniform giving him imposing look. Congressman never wanted him in that way and the erstwhile governments did everything in their hold to undermine and underplay him in all aspects of image and his memory. In AP villages, Subhas is always seen in full INA dress. Unfortunately, at times, his sword is missing with only scabbord remaining. At times, he is a top a stallion which looks more like a well-fed Donkey, Wild ass or mule. Some times, the animal is highly underfed and resembles “Roznette” of Don-Quixote fame. The Tragedy is that these statues are unveiled by some ministers, MLA or atleast a local hoodlum posing as a leader. Most of the leaders were hoodlums or criminals once and in india criminals always get seats for various elelctions and also sure to win by muscle power or money. None bothers for minor details in the statues.
Ambedkar statues are found in all places in different sizes, shapes and colours. Many do not resemble him and one has to imagine him after seeing the book, suit and the typical raised finder. The most tragic part is the finger is not in the real direction what the late leader meant. Some times a wrong finger is lifted. The finger is found in all possible positions and ways of imagination. The statues of Gandhiji and the Ambedkar are found in slums amongst filth and debris which the leaders failed to clean in their life time. What a tragedy and disrespect tothese great men ? Statues of NT Rama Rao are found in all the villages after Telugu Desam came to power and mostly he is found with his usual twist of the hand some do not look like him with short height and with frown on his face, probably, he is annoyed for the way he has been stabbed in the back and dessimated. Now a days, we do not find many, statues of our great Amma. Indira Gandhi. One finds mostly the busts and the sculptures are so bad that she looks like witch in an English film. Poor, beautiful lady must be cursing all of us for our disservice. Statues of Jawahar lal Nehru are generally erect while at some places he holds a struggling dove in his hand. At many places rajiv statue are made such that he is greeting people. Every one knows that he lost life while greeting people. AT times, a smile is seen on his face for all the ills we are facing to day in Kashmir which is the thoroughly bungled. Shastri, Jayaprakash, Rajendra Prasad and Patel are no more relevant to us now. Rarely their statues are seen. But, we do find few half naked busts of Potti Sriramulu who starved himself to death to create our state. In villages, we find some statues of Alluri Sitarama Raju with a drawn bow, at times devoid of arrow and looking into distance. Caste politics have created satues of Ekalavya, Mahatma phule, Jagjivan ram etc.Artists have been very ungrateful to Babu Jagjivan Ram with a sphinx like statue at Bashir Bagh at Hyderabad. Som etime ago. The leader is morose and very unhappy that he was deprived of a golden chance by President Sanjeev Reddy to become PM of India. The statue is the rallying point for all the agitations and processions of Dalits leading to traffic jams. Bhaghat Singh is seen with tilted felt cap while Chandra Sekhar Azad twists his moustache. They are generally busts and are more popular in villages and also in UP.
While these in Maharastra are really glorious. Our statues are really very bad. The statue on the bridge at Salarjung Museum some time ago is a testimony to the bad art and cockeyed imagination. The statue looked like a demon with a lathi-type sword in his hand. The stallion was like a Donkey. It is a disgrace to the memory of great Chatrapathi Sivaji, by us. It was replaced.
Now a days, it appears that the Govt. is toying with the idea of erecting the statues of Tom, Dick and Mary (Yellayya, Mallayya and Pullayya in Telugu) in the city. Recently they have erected statues of slain police officer Umesh Chandra IPS and that of Late Madhava Reddy a Minister who was also eliminated by the Naxals, with an fare to the burning of spleen of many in the city . Does slaying by the Naxals, warrant erection of the statue of the victims ? What are the real contributions to the society by them? Earlier, many police men including a DIG, Inspectors, Sub Inspectors and Constables were killed in Naxal violence. Do we have atleast one of their statues? Then why these favours ? Sri Pada Rao, the able speaker of congress ,was killed in cold blood by the naxals . We just forgot him. Unfortunately, he was killed in TD Regins and he belonged to the congress. Sri Hayagrivaehary the veteran congress leader also was eliminated by naxals and he vanished in to past. Have we not forgotten the legendary Komaram Bheem who fought cruel Nizam police in Adialbad Ranges and fell to Bullets 60 years age while fighting for Tribals –rights ? We even forgot distinguished journalists. Where is Late Shoibullah khan, the fearless editor of Nizam’s era who was murdered in day light by the ‘Razakars” because he condemned Nizam’s policies. At this date, entire streets of the city would be filled with some official or minister’s statues who are close to the top or to appease a section of society.
It is not to denounce those who are no more. But should we go to the extent of erecting a statue for some of them ? In our state, the police has been facing Naxal problem for the last 60 years and it has been viewed as a law and order problem. IT has not been declared as insurgeney where centre could intervene and send Army or Para military forces. Deaths in retaliation by Naxals would definitely result and some of us have to pay for it. Have not scores of Indians went down fighting the invaders in medieval times and also in recent times? Do we have statues for all of them ?
Govt. should go all out to support families of victims and just not ape our sister-states. There are other ways of showing recognition to the brave and dead. Example should be drawn from defence services where innumerable officers and soldiers smilingly gave up their lives fighting the enemy for defense of the motherland. Many have been awarded PVC and MVC but their statues do not litter the streets. In fact erecting statues is amounting to denigrating them. The statues rot in sun and rain, dust and fumes gets discolored, and at nights gambles settle at the base, drink and solicit women of low virtue. The men of dubious character. brave army men walked in to certain death in face of enemy and sacrificed themselves in bitter and grim battles while those for whom statues have been erected were shot and blown-up as sitting ducks while traveling in official cars. They did not offer any retaliatory fight to merit a statue. Their armed gurads sat with a folded carbine and removed magazine.
In our state, the police is under severe pressure due to Naxal problems and they are demoralized and vexed up due to a very long attrition between them and the Naxals. They are also bitter that many of them die in actions. Their feelings have been aired in public by slogan shouting and going berserk during the funeral processions of the slain officers and men. Probably, it has become essential to pacify them by the Govt and keep them in good humor. Hence their statues are in the city. But difference should be made between the distinguished and deserving and others who also ran at the race.
A question also arises why we have not been generous to our great scientists such as Sir CV Raman, Khorana, Tagore, Bhaba and Chadra Sekhar for their international achievements ? They really deserved more than the routine officials and ever-polticking men of dubious character.. WE find favouratism, mischief and politicking in everything that is possible on the earth. The statue culture brought by our Late NT Rama Rao who got built 36 statues on the tank bund facing dirty waters should stop
Sadly Akkanna and Madanna were saved by NTR. Otherwise, entire streets would be filled with the ill conceived and ill made statues and poor citizens would have no place to even walk. God save the poor Ap Wallahs from these statues and the adjoining ladders for garlanding.
It is a great relief that the Govt of AP has not yet started a corporation for the selection, election, erection, care, damage and maintenance of statues in AP State under one of the ever efficient and all know type IAS guys or IPS guys dethroned from Police higher posts waiting for a happy birth with all the facilities, no accountability and no work to do. God has really saved us. The poor corporation also would have been put up for sale like other corporations and PSU. We have been miraculously saved by the almighty, the most benevolent and the merciful. Let him further bestow his divine blessings on all of us, the bel-eagured and harassed, residents of this poor state ruled by glorious Sata vahanas, Telugu Chodas, Vishnu kundins. Bruhatpalayans, Chalukyas and Kakatiyas in a glorious manner in bye gone days of chivalry.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Poor Rosiah became a scape Goat
As he could not cross the deep moat
AP state has become a great shit pot
Everything here is however very hot
Telangana stir will soon revive in this state
Making it a fiery burning grate
All are crossing their fingers
While Police men are happy with their itching triggers
On the otherside Jagan is quacking like a Donald duck
And he is struggling to find his wavering luck
He has no peace and solace day and night
While his spirits are at downward flight
Congress has lost badly in Bihar state
Where the congress was mocked at by the fate
The prince of congress lay shttered off his wits
And Congress has been trounced bit after bit
In the sordid drama Rosiah became a victim of happenings
As congress started loosing its moorings
Guy was called to Delhi and was sacked
While the party's bastion has deeply cracked
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Walking in front of Assembly hall gate
I see many men gambling checking their fate
Suddenly I catch a glimpse of an awesome bust
That has collected plenty of roadside dust

The statue is of beloved father of nation
Who tried to give poor some free ration
The bust looks famished full of wrinkles
Sure to give many onlookers some pimples

The bust is just within assembly gate
And has been left to suffer miserable fate
Dhoti clad men whisper past the ill looking statue
While most of these guys lack any virtue

Some guys pose at the statue on occasions
Few loiter around from nearby processions
Gandhi is cool and gives neglected look
While crooks converge at the spot from all nooks

Gandhi is seen reading an obscure book
For on lookers he gives a lost look
Some crows dirty the slippery head
While in canteen leaders eat although they are over fed

The guys in white sit in assembly
Try their best to lead to its disassembly
Some throw mikes at th speaker in the hall
Outside no doubt they make claims very tall

Gandhi at the gate keeps his eyes shut
He feels the guys have lost the ruling right
Poor soul of Gandhi weeps in despair
His statue however needs urgent repairs

Poor Gandhi has shed his precious blood
That we may live and have plenty of bread
The nation has let down the father of the nation
While some criminals in ruling have eaten even animal rations

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Surendranath BALLB was more popularly know as Surendra and some times as Surinder ( Punjabi version). When Surendra was dominating the Bombay film industry the play back singing came to stay. Play back singing started picking up in forties to some extent. Singing heroes like Surendra and Saigal were at the fore front. Ashok kumar also sang his own songs in Kismat and Jhoola and Achut kanya. Karan diwan too sang in Rattan, Kishore just came into movies at the end of forties. He was a kid. Mukesh tried his hand at acting too with Nordosh and Lekh but failed. He shifted to play back singing initialy imitating KL saigal. Finally he came out of saiga influence and found his own. Talat had some successful hero singer roles. But he too shifted to play back singing. Rafi, Manadey were finding their moorings.They had some classical singing and could handle high pitch songs that became craze in later years. Lata mangeshkar was also stabilising as a singer. Noorjehan , suriah, Khursheed dominated as singers and actresses. Bibo, whaida bai, Maya Banerjee, Mehtab were popular.Geetha Dutt made entry and became very popular soon.Surendra had acted in good films such as Meri kahani with Munawwar sultana after Elan and sang some very good songs with geetha Dutt under K Dutta. In Kamal under SD Burman Surendra gave excelent songs with Geetha dutt and also solo songs. He gave excelent songs with suriah in 1857. In Anmol Ghadi that was a super duper hit of all times to come he gave excellent songs with Noorjehan and also solo songs. Surendra also gave excellent duet with Geetha dutt in Maya maschindra in 1951. Surendra gave his one of his best songs in Gawaiah in 1954 (teri yad ka deepak Jalta hai..) Surendra did not sing with Lata Mangeshkar or Asha Bhonsle although he gave excellent duets with Shamshad Begum in anokhi ada.
As time passed into middle of sixties, degradation of film Music rapidly took place. Peoples tastes changed to worst. Fast beat songs, Kawalis, shriek, wailing, comic and shouting songs became craze that were mostly sung by Mohd rafi and Manna dey and later by Kishore kumar. Songs with classical base were sung by Manna dey and rafi too. Talat and Mukesh had somegood days and Talat rapidly faded out. His songs did not match the jumping jacks. He was gentle man and he retreated. Surendra was wise and switched over to character roles. He was also past his prime in mid sixties ( 50 years of age). This age does not suit for hero roles and Ashok kumar also shifted to Character roles.Hindi cinema is hero oriented and hardly cater for songs from Character roles. there is some exception in film Geeth gaya Pattharone in which Ch Atma ated and gave two excellent songs ( He was not a regular actor). It was a rare one and that was the end for CH Atma in movies. He faded out. CH Atma kept Saigal tradition alive till he lived. He gave many private songs, Geeths , Ghazals. Film music collapsed from glory to the lowest platform.KL Saigal was lucky and he did not live to see the degraded film Music.Surendra lived long to see the degradation of Hindi film music. Hemust have felt miserable within with such music. KL Saigal and Surendra are the gems and immortal singers even today and occupy special place in the hearts of genuine Music lovers.They can not be replaced. Mukesh and Talat and CH Atma too need mentioning who kept good music alive for some more days.Let the souls of al these great singers rest in peace. Probably Hindi filmdom will never see the days of surendra and Saigal.
We find that commercial singers in Hindi filmdom have turned out thousands of songs and some were given govt awards too. but we can count the good songs on fingers. Most of the songs are bla...blaa.. Boo.. boo. One can hardly remember a song after 5 minutes have passed after seeing the movies. Most of the songs are lost into the drain immediately. but songs of Surendra and saigal, Talat and Mukesh are remembered even though decades have passed with great nostalgia. They are immortal and there is no death to their songs. Sadly todays youth havedwindled tates and run for rap songs of dance sequences with vulgar meanings ad double meaning. Current singers need no mentioning. May god give them wisdom early and bring back the good days of Hindi cinema.
Surendra gave excelent duets in La haveli wih Noorjehan. these were. mohaniya... sunder mukhda khol. Mohania sunder mukhda khol, Dil deke nahee jaaana... and solo Kyo man dhoonde premangar ka kinaara.. Doobne wala.. doob chuka hai..His duet with Amirbai karnataki in Bhartruhari... Bikhsha de de mayya pingla is very famous and even after 66 years of its recording it is regularly played on the festivals celebrating Bhartruhari the great king turned sage.His Other solo songs... bhanwara..madhuban me mat jaa re..alakh nam ras peena and prem bina sab soona wre greta hits. There are still many memorable songs that Surendra delivered to filmdom.
Exactly 100 years have passed after Surendras birth. The filmdom of Bomabay has forgotten him. we erect statues formany corrupt and controversial leaders and worship them. sadly many imporatnt personalities are forgotten who have made life worth living. Songs of Bye gone old age cinema are most important and brig back memories and nostalgia to us. How soothing it is to hear a good song after a days hard work. How these songs inspire us to live? How they console you? Of course these are no meaning to a person who does not like music or songs. Singers such as Surendra and saigal, Talat, Sanyal and mukesh or immortal.
In the earlier days of Hindi cinema, lot of importance was given to sentiment and story.With release of Devadas and its success trgedy became an imporatnt theme for movies. Series of movies came out with tragic stories. Saigal started the trend. Movies such as Devadas, Lagan, Shahejahan,Dhoopchaon, My sister ( although end was fine) and many more. Tragic songs were more impressive and soulful.Naturallly Surendra also had similar roles. Most of his movies were tragedies and he gave many haunting melodies. In those days stunt pictures were not common.Few third or second grade actors did such movies. Surendra commanded very great respect and he was the only one paid highest and provided car from his house to the studio and back. At later date Dilip kumar became famous with tragic roles. Even Talat sang many songs for tragic movies and were much appreciated. Thus we can not compare Saigal or surendra with to days jumping heroes and Khans who do no acting but go around showing thier chests and do some twists of hips that go as dances.Sady this is the taste .Raj Kapor was more a commercial success with changed trend. But for Mukesh he would have become a big flop. Today Degradation is complete.Surendra and saigal stand far above all and Dilip can not be neglected and closely folows them.
Here is the immortal and one of his best song ( Haunting melody) of Surendra from film Gawaiah 1954under the music direction of Ram Ganguly.
Teri yaad ka deepak jalta hai
Duniyaa ke mere veerane mein
Teri yaad ka deepak jalta hai
Wo pagal pan jo pehle thaa
Aabhi hai tere deevane mein..deevane mein
Teri yaad ka deepak jalta hai
Takdeer ko aisee aag lagi..Takdeer ko aisee... aag lagi..
aag lagi
Jal jal ke kaleja khaaak hua
Wo shouk magar kuch hai bhi abhee
Jalneke tere parwaane mein
Teri yaad ka deepak jalta hai
Kissa hai meri barbaadikaa
Shouk se duniyaa sunthi hai
Kya raaz hai koyee kyaa jaane
Is dard bhare afsaane mein
Teri yaaad ka deepak jalta hai
One of the best songs of Surendra is from Ankhi ada. Here it is;
Jale nakyo. Jalena kyo
Jalena kyo parwana.
Jalena kyo parwana.
Shama dikha kar husn ke jalwe
Banade jab deewana .Jalena kyo parwana
Dilki lagee kaa naam hai ulfat
Dilki lagi ka naam ulfat hai.
Aur ulfat ka hai ye matlab,
Chupke chpke dheere dheere
hus hus ke jal jaana..
jalena kyo parwana
Jalna hai tho phir jal jaye.. oh.ohh
Jalna hai tho phir jal jaye.
Husn ke sanche mein dhal jaye
Husn ke sanche mein dhal jai
Ishk mein dono ekhai
abto jeena yaa mar jaanaa
Jalena kyo parwana
Shama dikhakar husn ke jalwe bannade jab deewana.
Jalena kyo parwanaa
KL saigal, surendra, Pahari sanyal form the trio who sang from soul and became immortal. Next came mukesh and Talat and Hemant kumar who literally followed the footsteps. there were odd singers such as Karan deewan,Shamkumar to fill the gaps at times.Mohammed rafi, manna dey, Mahendra Kapoor and Kishore although became popular for the changed tastes form a different group who succeeded commercialy and do not sand on same pedestal as Surendra and saigal. Kishore sang more comic songs initially and then took to modern songs. With this down gradation of Hindi music is complete.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Diwali festival and Gandhi Patel and Nehru purchased crackers from a shop and returned to their place . They are preparing to celebrate)

Gandhi. Patel. The crackers are very expensive. Look. We spent almost Rs 5000 and see the amount of crackers we got. Big loot is going on here.

Patel. Bapu. Every where loot is the ultimate. It is the national slogan. You take any field, show me a place where loot is not there. (Sings and does jig)

Looters are there everywhere
What is so great about them?
Loot ..loot .loot is the slogan today
Better swallow your own flum

Show me a place where loot does not take place
The nation has mastered this art
Better learn to live happily with this loot show
And in the last go to crematorium in a bullock cart

Gandhi (Claps) Very great show Patel. Excellent poetry. Even Tennyson is no match to you

Patel. Thanks Bapu for inspiration.

Nehru. Is this shit a poetry? Bapu. You favor Patel always.

Gandhi. What is wrong in it? You never recite any thing at any time. Patel instantly does it. Thatis the difference. So I appreciate. Any appreciation must be given immediately

Nehru. Bapu. Please have a heart. I also can speak recite poetry. ( sings)

Please, Read my books that were great
All in the world spoke of them very high as sky
You guys may not know any thing from them
You only know how and why

My words are sure have not entered your brains
Or else you have clapped with a smile
You appear dumb and look like a clown
Kindly understand my poetry for a while

Gandhi. Come on Jawaharlal. We understood everything. There is nothing to appreciate from it.

Nehru. Bapu. I over expected from you .

Gandhi. Just relax friend. Take it easy. Better to live with criticism. All days are not yours.

Patel. Bapu. It is already very dark. Let us burn crackers now.

Gandhi. So be it. First I shall burn the pot that throws up sparkling colors

( Gandhi lights up a pot. Nothing happens . )

Gandhi. Ohfo. What happened? This is not burning.

( Suddenly the pot burns and throws out some smoke with sound ..shh…)

Patel. Ohfo. What a waste? Rs 25 gone waste. This did noot give any colors. They just cheated us

Gandhi. Keep watching. Patel. Now you take that Bhoo Chakkar and light it up. Jawaharlaal you too. Please .

( Patel lightsup a bhoo chakkar. It just burns very slowly and doers not rotate)

Gandhi. What happened now ? It does not rotate.

Patel. Bapu. It is no Bhoo Chakkar. It is loot ka chakkar

Gandhi. Hee..heee.. That was nice. Now I will go for atom bomb

Patel. Bapu. Plesae be very careful. It is sutli bomb. It is dangerous to explode. Be very careful.

Bapu. I am very brave. Nothing will happen to me. Any how I will be cautious.

( He takes up the sutli bomb and lights it from a distance. It glows for some time and the fuse wick goes off)

Gandhi. Ohfo. What type of bomb it is. Hope it is not a Pakistani bomb. Hee..heee

( Gandhi takes up the bomb in his hand and dances and sings)

Look guys Watch this bomb
Iam holding it bravely in my hand
Know that I am not a scared guy
I can even swim in a heap of sand.

( Gandhi throws the bomb into sky and suddenly it explodes with a big sound)

Patel. Bapu. See how dangerous it is? If you have delayed it a bit it could have exploded in your hand,. Be careful. Plesae do not play with them

Nehru. That is why I do not play with them.

Patel. You play safe Jawaharlal. So you became a PM and screwed the nation too.

Gandhi. Relax Patel. Please do not trouble him.

Patel. Bapu. All these crackers appear to be useless. We can not waste time like this. There is no enjoyment either.

Gandhi. How things are so bad? No cracker is good

Patel. Bapu., This is a big racket. The cracker industry literally loots the nation. The MRP printed on box is almost 4 to 5 times of actual price. One can bargain to any extent. Now they are selling on Kg basis too. The cracker manufacturers have to bribe every one in the chain. Starting from licence, commercial tax, sales tax, police, excise, chota mota neta. Ministers, MLA and every one gets a share. So the prices are very high. ( sings and does jig)

Looto deshko khoob maze se
Din raat is e mat chodo
Loot loot kar apna jeb Bharo
Yaa nadi me jaakar maro
Jab saare neta loot rahe hai
Sarkar kewal dekh rahee hai
Loot maar ki khabar nahee hai
Jage jab aur Koyee bataawe
Koyee lajja nahee kiseeko
Jo loot mar mein shamil hai
Loot lo phir shayad
mauka nahee milega
Jor jor se loot lo
Loot lo ab zaman kya karega
Looto looto aur looto
Lootna mulka ka mudda hai
Ise kabhi naa chodo

Gandhi. ( Claps loudly)

( He gets into inspiration and does jig)

Patel. Enough Bapu. We enjoyed without burning crackers.

Gandhi. true.Ab kya karenge( What we will do now?)

Patel. Now we have to eat sweets

Gandhi. Hoo..hoo. That is good.

( the trio shares sweets that Patel brings and offers)

Gandhi. This is the best part of Diwali.

Nehru. Yeah.. I like sweets.

Gandhi. I too like them.

( the trio swallow all sweets and walk into distance)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The famous temples in India across our land
Built many centuries ago by our elders
Lay battered and shattered even today
To satisfy the past religious fanatics ego

Travel to the site of famous Hampi
That was once a Hindu capital of an empire
Now it lies in ruins to one’s dismay
Where Hindu blood was sucked by the vampires

One can see the famous Konark temple
Once was the abode of sun god
Now in ruins pulled down by the devils
Who were mere fanatics and totally mad

Somanath the most famous pious place of Lord Shiva
Lay shattered till we were free in our den
The good old shrine was rebuilt by us
Much to the dislike of our own Hindu leading men

Kapayya at Warangal drove away Muslim forces
He ruled like a lion resting at its den
The Indian history has no place for him
While the books are filled with deeds of pseudo men

Sitapati crossed sword with sultans of Golconda
Warangal fort is still fresh with his deeds
Alas! Our history has no place for him
And history books are filled with cruel deeds and creed

One can find in each Hindu temple
Scores of sculptures lay desecrated in our land
Peace loving Hindus swallowed their fate
While pseudo secularists played to the tune of Muslim bands

Where does the gimmick end?
The distorted versions of Indian past
Pushed down the throats of kids over years
With dubious lies and stories to the last

Godse’s statement lay banned over years
While entire generation was kept in dark
Gandhi’s restless soul hovers in the sky
As naked truths stand out as a crow in a flock of storks

Lights were lit on the day of freedom
As Hindus were butchered in west
Trains with heaps of corpses steamed into us
While pseudo leaders enjoyed power and rest

Truths in history can not be hidden
Although efforts are made to the brim
Naked facts are bound to surface
As power of the shameless leaders grow dim day by day

Truths of partition are hidden in cupboards
None in the power dares to reveal it’s real looks
Gullible Indians are taken for a rough ride
While children are taught lies from history books

A revered guy of past wrote his memoirs
Only to be seen after his demise
The guy when alive had no guts to tell truths
As he had a heart of chicken and mice

Skeletons are many in cupboards
That would roll out one day
The leaders try to hide truths
Such guys would one day have to eat hay

Leaders commit great scams
Yet pretend as if they are holy cows
History would never pardon such traitors
When caught such guys raise eye brows

Guys for the sake of power lick boots
At best they are actors in a puppet show
The shameless show goes on year after year
While their faces lack complete glow

Let us be bold and reveal truths
To know the facts of Indian demise
Generations to come are sure to rise
To know the truth and to be wise

Even greatest Lenin of bye gone era
Is now found dumped in dust bin
Our pseudo leaders would also meet the same fate
Inspite of they making a big din

History would never forgive all those who lie
And mislead the nation to own rise
The day is not far when they would fall
While all the guys would turn very wise

Our great heroes and Queens
Are trampled down in history’s pages
Strange are the ways of our ruling class
Who expect Indians to bemire sages

It is sad that Indians have no guts for truth
Bound to be fooled by the past pseudo leader
The country has broken into two
While terrorists at all corners happily breed

Razakars under Nizam killed scores of people
Scores of women were violated on streets
Our history books are silent of gruesome deeds
The pseudo secularists are busy in cocktail treats

Indian history books need complete overhaul
Which are shy of great deeds of our own men
Depiction of cruel kings as benevolent heroes
Need white washing to be thrown in bin soil linen

Minds of Kids are corrupted
The writings are to be blamed from history books
It is high time we change false history of our nation
That has been ruined by the writings by the crooks

Sunday, November 21, 2010



DR K Prabhakar Rao .

Recently A Dalit organization and some scholars from Dalit front organized a seminar and stated that Narakasura whom Krishna killed was not a Rakshasa.. In fact he was a Dalit king and Krishna was an Aryan and he killed Narakasura by deceit. As per them Aryans, out of hatred described such Dalit kings as Asuras. They appealed to people that Deepawali should not be celebrated as a festival , but should be observed as Narakasura Chaturthi. Similarly earlier a Dalit organization claimed that Mahishasura was not a demon, but Dalit king and the goddess Durga slew him and Aryans have dubbed Mahishasura as a demon. They also appealed to people not to celebrate Dusserah. This is a strange development and in large it was overlooked by people. Dusserah and Deepawali festivals were celebrated with great devotion and gusto. But the rulers will not allow opportunities to be lost. This is a golden chance for them to corner Dalit votes and it is hoped that soon they will install all statues of important Asuras throughout the state first and then in the nation. In future children also could be named after Asuras. Let Govt install all devil statues as under to appease Dalits. It is time to name children too after these devils now being treated as kings and great men. That would be the next step .Some recommendations are as under to be swallowed with pleasure:
1.Narakasura statue at Telugu talli crossing
2.Mahishasura..In front of secretariat
3.Ravana in front of Assembly hall
4 Hiranyakashipa in front of Police controlroom
5 Hiranyakshya at LB Nagar
6.Somaka sura in the center of Rajiv chowk at Dilsukhnagar
7 Bali at Banjara Hills road no 12
8 Chandasura. At Osmania University gate
9 Mundasura.. At JNTU gate
10 Hidimbasura ….at Kukatpally
11 Bakasura ... at Erragadda crossing
12 Airport road entrance
13 Maricha..Right in air port
14 Nikumbha..Near Chaderghat circle
15Gajasura.. Near Charminar
16 Lavanasura.. Near purani haveli
17 Sakatasura.. Near Nagole crossing
18 Taataki.. at Uppal crossing
19 Poothana.. at Telugu University
20 Kaalanemi.. at Begumpet crossing
21 Rahu.. at Green land
22 Ketu.. at Secunderabad railway station
23 Jatasura.. at Cantonment garden crossing
24 RTC cross road
25 Kumbhakarna. at Sagar road crossing
26 Sumbhasura...MG Road Secunderabad Panjagutta crossing
28 Vrishabhasura.. at Mehdipatnam
29 Langar Houze cross road
30 Kabandhasura.. at Ramnagar crossing
31 Mayasura... atGachhi Bowli crossing
32 Indrajit.. at Kondapur
33 Akshaya Rakshasa.. at Public garden
34 Vajra Nabhasura... at Bown pally cross roads
35 Mushikasura.. At Vansthalipuram Cross road
36 Vritrasura.. at Auto nagar
37 Rakta beejasura... at Madina crossing
38 Lankhini.. at Nampally cross road
39Simhika... at Moazzamjahi market
40 Vrishiparvan... at Saroor nagar
41 Vairochana... at Saidabad
42 Jalandhara... at Nallakunta
43 Vaiprachitthi... at RTC Cross road
44 Durgama Rakshasa... at Gandi pet
45 Arunasur.. at Himayat sagar
46 Madhu Asura... at Rajendra nagar
47 Kaitabh Asura.. at Narsingi
48 Bhandasura.... at Lower tank bund
49 Bhasmasura...... at Ramgopal pet
50 Visukrudu..... Marred Pally
51 Vishanga Rakshasa.. Tirumalagiri
52 Tarakasura....At Ameerpet
53 Telugu university
54 Mahakaya.. at Hightech city
55 Dundubhi Rakhasa.. at Hyderabad university gate
56 Jalodara Rakshasa.. at Urdu university gate
57 Kumbhasura... at Basheerbagh cross roads
58 Nikumbhasura.. At Nalsar University
59 Dhoomraksha... Lal Bahadur stadium
60 Murasura... at Begumpet airport
61 Vajradanata... at Chikkadpally crossing
62 Pralambasura.. at Talabkatta
63 Chanoorasura... at City college
64 Mushtikasura... at Charkaman
65 .Arishtanemi .. at Maplakpet
66 Jambhasura... at BHEL cross roads
67 Pithasura... at Patencheruvu
68 Oghasura.... at Vijaynagar colony
69 Charkandil crossing
70 Bhaumasura.. at Amberpet cross road
71 Trinavarthasura.. at Ramanathpur
72. Kimirasura.. At ECIL Cross road
73. Mayawi…… at Moulali cross roads
74. Trunavartha…… at Kachiguda crossing
75. Vatsasura …. At Putli Bowli crossing
76. Dhenukasura… at Afzal gunj cross road
77. Kalayavana… at falknuma cross roads
78. Banasura.. at Bolarum cross road
79. Kartaveerarjuna…. At Habsiguda crossing
80.Vighasa… at Puranapul cross road
81. Duryodhana… at Doodh bowli
82. Hasthi… at Dar ul shifa cross road
83. Andhakasura… at Azampura cross road
84 Vajranag.. at Yakutpura crossing
85. Trisirasura… at Begum Bazar
86. Daitya puloman… at Musheerabad crossing
87. Vishwaroopa…at Oliphant bridge
88. Twashta sura… at BN Reddy nagar cross road
89. Vidyunmali… at Hastinapur cross road
90. Jambumali.. at Bonglur
91.Tripurasura… at Keesara gutta
92. Mahishi…. at Khairatabad Junction93.
93. Keechaka… at Ravinda bharathi

94. Kalayavana.. at Malakpet race course

95. Vataapi.... at Moula Ali crosing

96. Atikayasura... at Mehboob ki mehandi

97. Muslimjung pul

98. Moosarambagh cross road

99. Jara rakshasi... at Kachiguda crosing

100. Madhu Putli bowli cross road

101 Kharasura.... at Uppuguda

102 Dooshanasura... at Yellareddy guda

103 Soorphanaka Rakshasi... at Yuvathi Mandali

104 Durmukhasaura.. at Narayan guda circle

105 Kimveerasura.. at Ramnagar gundu

106 Sithaphal Mandi



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

In the royal court Krishna raya sat on a throne made of gold
While the prisoner in fetters was led into the hall
Aged Appaji is now in chains fallen from the grace
Yet he stood with raised head and tall
Appaji guided history to greatest heights
But sadly stand as a victim of destiny and mischief
The hall was full with people who came to see
Whether the king would punish his age old chief

Soon an official read the charge of murder
That the king’s son was put to death by poison
Appaji was charged with murder by royal court
And was sure to be put to death for the act of treason
Appaji was calm and cool as the charge was read
While the king asked why he had to do the crime?
“I rated you as my respected father all these years
While you killed my son before he reached hi prime”

Raya thus thundered from the royal throne
While the court remained stunned in silence
“I am not guilty” Appaji pleaded to the king
“I raised prince with my hands as a flower emanating fragrance,
Oh king, this is the work of traitors in this land
Who like to drive a wedge between you and me
Do not fall to the plans of these cruel traitors
And have faith in me as earlier used to be”

Rayas senses were already clouded with passion
Who was in grip of rage , passion and revenge
“Hasn’t your brother run away from prison in far?
It is time dead seek justice and my son is to be avenged”
Rayas temper knew no bounds at this instant
The devil has already taken over him and reason
He thundered Appajis eyes be blinded or the crime
While his service saved him from the acts of treason

The king walked off from the court in disgust
While Appaji was led to dark prison halls
The same night his eyes were put off
While red hot spikes were thrust into his eye balls
The light in his eyes faded into wild
Fortune of empire was to soon fade
Calamity to empire was soon to engulf in few years
The great empire was soon to fall that Appaji made

Appaji was confined in a cell in Penukonda
Where he spent his life in anguish and shame
Soon he gave up his life unable to bear the sorrow
While Raya realized his folly and the baseless blame
The guilt soon ate up Raya over time
He fell sick and cried in guilt invain
He was unfair to his mentor in the evening of his life
The unjust punishment gave him greatest pain

In agony the king gave up his life soon
His last days were full of anguish and pain
Appaji who fooled king Tuluva Narsimha with goats eyes
Also had to pay with his eye as truth is simple and pain
Although Appaji tried to save Krishna Raya from death
He cheated the king on death bed and saved kingdom
Destiny soon caught Appaji in his last days
And finally destiny had last laugh while he lost the stardom

Saluva Timmarusu was the architect of Vijaynagar empire during the reign of Sri Krishna Deva Raya who was the greatest emperor of the empire. He was fondly called as Appaji by Raya. Appaji enabled him to occupy the throne after the death of his step brother king Tuluva Narsimha Raya . The ailing king wanted to get Krishnadeva Raya blinded to enable his young son to succeed. His Prime minister Timmarusu who much preferred able Krishna Raya as the next ruler fooled the king by showing a pair of goats eyes and the satisfied king peacefully died. Krishna Deva Raya became the next emperor and rose to be a greatest monarch. Appaji guided the empire to reach greatest fame. Sadly in the last years of Rayas reign, young son of Raya was poisoned by some traitors( Hand of Bahmanis suspected) and Appaji and his brother were suspected for the foul play and they were arrested and imprisoned. Appajis brother escaped from the prison. The king lost all his balance of mind and reason and at his orders eyes of Appaji were put off. However Krishna Raya soon realized that Appaji was innocent and in great anguish and pain fell sick and soon passed away.Achyuta Ray his step brother became the next king . Soon the empre got into problems due to severe in fighting over succession. Rama Raya who was the son in law of Krishna Raya became adefacto king and guided the destiny of empire for next 20 years. His constant meddling in the affairs of Bahmani during the sultan and the politics of the times resulted in the devastating battle of Tallikota in 1565 and Hindu army received the greatest defeat at the hands of combined Muslim armies of Sultans in Deccan. The kingdom although survived for another 8o years, it never regained original glory. In 1645 the empire disintegrated due to treachery of vassals during the reign of Sriranga III.. Timmarusu was very efficient with great political prowess, fore thought and vision. He kept Bahmani sultans at bay and Ray became victorious in all his campaigns. He deserved greatest honors while in the evening of his life he met sad fate. Krishna Deva Ray although was of great caliber and benevolent suffered from the lacuna of fits of rage on occasions as recorded by contemporary historians



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are walking in Dhool pet area of Hyderabad that is famous for making statues. Now they are specializing in making cement statues of people whose statues are to be erected)

Gandhi. Patel. I heard that this area is famous for making statues. Last time visited this place being called Dhool pet

Patel. Yes Bapu. But there was trouble. This area is also famous for illicit liquor brewing.

Gandhi. I see. I remember some trouble.

Patel. When we came here there was trouble. Police and excise force raided this area and destroyed illicit liquor making gadgets. There was lathi charge and the police guys tried to misbehave with us. However we gave them good lesson. After that we went away.

Gandhi. Yeah. Now I recollect. Hope our visit will be successful to day.

Nehru. Hope Bapu. I do not see any problem today.

( The trio slowly walk on the bad road. There are many ill constructed temporary shops under thatched roofs. They stop at one shop and gaze at the statues standing there. There are nearly 50 statues of same type and all are standing in one line.)

Gandhi. Oh.. Patel. Look at these statues. Whom does this statue represent. Is there any leader like this. At least I do not remember any one like him.

Nehru. Bapu. I also do not know him.

Gandhi. Let us ask the maker of these statues who is sitting there puffing Hookah.

Patel. Oh mere Bhai.( Oh Brother) good morning to you. Can you tell us who is this statue.

Shop keeper. My name is Ram narain. I hail from Rajasthan. This statue is of Narakasura. The great demon king who was killed by Krishna and Satya bhama.

Gandhi. Oh Narakasura. Why the hell his statue is required to be made? What is so great about him. Who needs so many statues

Ram narain. Sir. I got an order for 1000 statues. So far I made only 500. I displayed 50 here. Rest are in godown.

Gandhi. Strange indeed. Why govt wants these statues?

Patel. I do not know. Some one must have gone crazy.

Gandhi. But this statue is really great. See how devilish he is. He is with a crown and has big moustache, very big eye brows and thick lips. Look He has two canine teeth that are protruding from his mouth. There are two horns on his head.

Patel. He has very large stomach and tall hands. He is jet black like Indian ink. Look at his eyes. How big they are and red too. See How big his mace is?

Nehru. Mr Ram Narayan. You must be having some idea why these were made on order.

Ramnarayan. Sir I heard from some guys that these will be installed at various important places in twin cities of Hyderabad and secunderabad and later on in district head quarters. If required every village will have one.

Gandhi. Then what happens to my statues?

Patel. Bapu. Who wants your statues now. They have already been removed at many places.

Ramnarayan. Sir if you go along this road you will find other shops where other statues are sold.

Patel. So Narakasura is not alone.

Nehru. Hee..heee

(The trio goes to next shop)

Gandhi. Look here. There are plenty of other devil statues. See the name plates displayed. They are Bakasura, Mahishasura, Tarakasura, vritrasura, Ravnasura, Jambumali, Sumbhasura, Nisumbhasura, Mairavana, Maricha, Subahu

Patel. Here are Tataki, Hidimba, Soorphanaka, Lankhini, Raktabeejasura , Dhenukasura, Dundhubi, Mayavi, Kalanemi, Gajasura, Hiranyakshya, Hiranyakasipa, Bali, Somaka, Trisirasura, Kumbhasura, Nikumbhasura, Kalayavana, .. oh fo. There is no end. I think this is the biggest shop.

Gandhi. Yes. Every devil is different from other

( They see some guys sitting at the shop. They are Krishna, Raja and Suresh)

Suresh. Plesae do not call them Devils

Gandhi. What should we call them? Are they gods?

Suresh. They are not gods. But they are not devils. They are Dalit kings of yore.

Patel . How do you know?

Suresh. It is just like that.

Krishna. Please know that they were great Dalit kings and they were killed by Aryans. These Aryans have written in various epics that they were demons.

Gandhi. Appears to be a new theory.

Krishna. No . it is not like that. What we say is true. In future you can not celebrate Diwali as Narakachaturdasi. It has to be Naraka Vardhathi.. We shall celebrate Bakasura jayanthi, Mahishasura Jayanthhi etc. Who can stop us?

Gandhi. Go ahead if you can. Any how in Tamil nadu DMK celebrates Ram Dahana on Dasserah festival. Yet throughout India Ramas victory is celebrated.

Patel. This is democracy. You have freedom of thought and expression.

Krishna. Yes . we do have. We shall use it. Jaiho Narkasura. Jai ho Bakasura.. Jai Jai Hidimbasura.

Gandhi. Very good . It is great news. It looks that guys do not have proper work

Krishna. Now the govt has seen some truth in our arguments and they want to install the Dalit king statues made here all over states. Soon there will be TV serials too glorifying these Dalit kings. Some movies also will be produced. We are searching for heroes to take up the roles. Now SV ranga Rao is no more. Satyanaraya has become very old. Ranganath has feeble voice although has big body. We are trying to rope in junior NTR. Very soon the statues of political leaders will be removed and sent to debris rooms. On tank bund we shall place many statues opposite to present ones. All main roads will be named after Dalit kings.

Gandhi. That is really good.

Suresh, Now the govt has good chance to capture our votes in next elections. Next CM has to be Narakasura and home minister will be Bakasura. Minister for welfare has to be Tataki and for protocol will be Poothana. Minister for major projects will be Tarakasura. Minister for health will be Kalanemi,

Gandhi ( Claps) very good. Very good

Patel. Probably present guys in various states are no less. So be happy.

Krishna. But they are not dressed like them

Patel . They will soon do it

Suresh. Soon we will have few universities named after them.

Gandhi. why not? But why few? Have all in their name. Change the present names. Have Marichah rural University. Hiranyakshya Technological University. Mahishasura university of English, Nisumbha university of Telugu, Poothana woms university.

Krishna. Thanks sir for good suggestions.

(All clap loudly)

Gandhi.Well done boys. I now agree that my Harijans have come up now.

Krishna. Bapu. Plesae do not use that word. Use Dalit. That is better.

Gandhi. Yeah.. OK Guys Relax. We shall meet again. Bye

(The trio Vanishes while all shout jai ho Bakasura.. Jaiho Narkasura)


Sunday, November 14, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The distorted history versions of our history has gone down the throats of Indian generation after generation. Thanks to the European versions and the anti Hindu Muslim writers of past in Medieval India. Most of the Mughal kings have been depicted as the most benevolent, law abiding, friendly and virtuous and above board. Our pseudo Marxist inspired historians in a hurry to please the rulers ignored great atrocities committed on Hindus by various invaders, the past Delhi sultans and Mughal rulers. Our historians are scared to call a spade a spade and our pseudo leaders much glorified by media to appease minorities have hidden facts of innumerable atrocities and project as if nothing serious happened to Hindus in past thousand years. Emperors are projected as very tolerant and we hail Akbar as the great. He was no doubt blood thirsty and after the fall of Chittor he ordered massacre of 30000 Rajputs and destruction of temples. This is clearly evident from the Fateh nama issued by him at that time. We hail him as a great monarch. Surely he was not.

Akbar put various conditions to those who were vanquished including sending a bride from Royal family to the harem. This was the most insulting condition and the fate that awaits the bride is any ones guess. . Most of them became concubines and did not enjoy status of a queen. When do we wake up as a nation? We slept in 1947 and nation was let down by leaders who led the struggle. Even today we as a nation are not strong. We hesitate to even glorify the great Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj who saved India from being Islamized. Achievements of our past heroes are not highlighted and are passed off in one sentence Like.. They also ran. Shame indeed.

In fact the men whose actions resulted in division of this great nation have been given the status as great patriots and achievers in books and scores of statues have been erected all over. Even Lenin was glorified till he was removed from the pedestal after fall of USSR. It is very important that our real past achievers are brought to the fore front and glorified and without the sacrifices of those great men probably we would not be seeing this day. Sadly the present leaders are forgetting this aspect and running after instant fame and name and money. They are prepared to sell their self respect for occupying chairs and positions. Some are seeking and accepting University doctorates ( Honorary) while in official position. These Honors have become so cheap that film starrs who shake their limbs for coppers are also being given these honors. How shameful indeed! For them nation is a waste paper basket. But history will never pardon the traitors and dubious men. They will be exposed some day to be thrown into dark pages of history. The struggle to glorify our past great men must continue and the nation that does not acknowledge its past leaders and have pride in them will ultimately perish. This is a real truth.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The former princely state of Hyderabad Deccan
Ruled by the Nizam Osman Ali Khan
Has vanished in to pages of past history
Like dust is blown off by a spinning fan

The Nizam tried his best to be independent
Let loose a reign of terror mayhem , murder and rape
Untold miseries thee Hindus suffered in the state
And at last the Nizam could not escape.

The bandit force of Razakars under Kasim Razvi
Abetted and boosted by Osman ali Khan
Killed scores of men and women in cold blood
They dishonored women in front of their men

ASt last the Indian troops raided Hyderabad state
The union tricolor flew as troops marched in
The Razakar might was crushed under feet
While the Hyderabad army proved to be an empty tin

The shameful show by the state army came to an end
As El edrus the army chief laid down the arms
General Chaudhry accepted the disgraceful surrender
While people danced in nearby farms

The Nizams infamous rule finally ended
While the Indian flag flew high on the mast
Razvi was sent to the prison to suffer
Dreams of the Nizam has vanished at last

Razkars of Nizam have vanished long ago
However their soul still hover over Charminar
The unfulfilled Islamic state troubles them
As Dargah e Shahdat plans to fly Islamic flag over the minarets

Hyderabad has turned into a den of Jihadis
While Razkar souls are not yet at rest
The pseudo secularists are unable to see the danger
While the Jihadi outfits have become real pests



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Ajodhya near Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh state and at outskirts there is a dilapidated house and a worn out park is around. On a large stone, an old man is seen sitting and in his hand a Tanpura is held. A kanjeera is also next to him. He is dressed in a loin cloth with a shawl on his chest and around shoulders. He is singing a song.)

Doosro ka dukhda door karne waale
Tere dukh dhoor karenge Raam
Kiye ja tu jagme bhaalayi ka kaam
Tere dukh dhoor karenge ram
Sat ka hai marag..sambhal sambhal kar chalna prani
Iss ka hisab kare ga wo Ishwar too kyo phikr karere prani
Too bas apna kam kiye jaa
Tera bhandar bharenge ram.
Doosroka….. ( Song by Kavi Pardeep)

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru happen to pass through the area and hear the song)

Gandhi. Look Patel. There is some one singing there in this old building.

Nehru. Like this there will be many characters. We have to go.

Patel. Bapu. I can hear. What is the plan?

Gandhi. It is a nice song. I want to see him.

Patel. As you wish mere Bapu. We are at your disposal.

Nehru. What can we do?

Gandhi. If you do not want please do not come.

Nehru. What I will do here? I shall come. ( Nehru beats his fore head when Gandhi looks other way)

( The trio go inside the park) and they find the old man. They go to him and sit close without disturbing him. The old man continues to sing. After some time the song is over and the old man blinks and looks at Gandhi. They look surprised)

Gandhi. Good morning sir. Namste ji. Who are you sir? You look so pious. I am very much relieved after hearing your song)

Old man. Thanks dear. Who are you here at this odd hour? No one visits this place. This is haunted place.

Patel, Sir. We are not scared. He is Mahatma Gandhi. I am Patel and the other one is Nehru.

Old man. What big you have done that you run around being called Mahatma?

Gandhi. Sir I have not done any thing great. People call me like that.

Patel. Sir . He is modest. He does not know his greatness. He is like Hanuman.

( Suddenly there is a flash and the old man turns into Hanuman. He is holding a large mace in his hand and his face is ferocious)

Patel. Oh. Who are you sir here?

Gandhi. From where you have come? I am scared too.

( Nehru closes his eyes out of fear)

Hanuman. Look guys. I am Hanuman. Bajranagbali, Vayu putra. Maruthi, Kesari nandan, Anjani Putra, Hanumantha , , Anjaneya…servant of Sri Rama the lord of universe. Any thing more?

Gandhi. Namaste sir. We thought some old man was singing here and came here. Please pardon us if we disturbed you.

Hanuman. OK. ( Referring to Patel) This man said you are like Hanuman not knowing your own strength.

Gandhi. Please excuse him. He is innocent. I am no equal to you.

Hanuman. When I am around, there can not be another Hanuman. Understand. Better behave. Please do not over glorify yourself. Learn to be modest.When I am here you will be called only MK Gandhi.. No more Mahatma. Only Lord Rama is Mahatma in this universe.

Gandhi. Sorry sir. Please forgive us.

Hanuman. Why you guys are around here? What work you have here?

Gandhi. In fact we have no work, We are workless. We go around and see whether we are of any help to any one around.

Hanuman. Could you be of any help to any one?

Patel. We have been trying hard. But it appears that no one is really interested. Mostly people are arrogant and least bothered for others.

Hanuman. Usually life is like that. OK. You may go now. It is time for me to pray to Lord Rama.

( Gandhi gets sentimental and starts singing Raghupathi Paaavana raja ram… Patheetha pavan seetha Ram. Patel and Nehru join chorus.. Hanuman too gets sentimental when he heras the name of Sri Ram and joins them. They sing the song with great devotion. Suddenly a police van arrives and stops. From it many police men mostly armed jump out along with Inspector and few sub inspectors. They rush towards Gandhi and others.)

Inspector. Hey What is happening here? You guys look like members of Saffron brigade.

Gandhi. Brother. We belong to no brigade. We are simple civilians doing Ram Bhajan.

Inspector. But you are singing Ram Bhajan. That is enough.

Patel. Should we not sing Ram Bhajan?

Inspector. I do not know. But all the guys who are after Ram belong to saffron brigade.

Hanuman. What is this inspector? Why are you after these men?

Inspector. Who are you? You are well dressed like a big monkey.

Hanuman. Behave properly. You do not know what I am?

Inspector. Are you a god? Behave.

Hanuman. I think I have killed all the demons in Lanka along with my Lord Ram and Lakshaman and Sugreeva. I think some guys are still left out.

Inspector. What are you talking? I can not follow. What is this Lanka? What are these demons?Who killed whom? When and where? Eee…ee…. I can not follow any thing.

Patel. How bad it is !. You are an Indian and that too a Hindu and you do not know Ramayan.

Gandhi. This man is Hanuman the great follower of Sri Ram. Better learn to pay respect to elders… Raghupathi Raaghava Raja ram..

Patel. Patheetha Pavana seetha Ram

Nehru. Bolo. Jai raghu nanadana jai siya Raam…

Inspector. Again you are at it. You are surely from Saffron brigade. Now I can not leave you guys. It is time to act.

Patel. What will you do?

Inspector. I shall show soon.

Patel. What is there to show? We are seeing everything.. hee..heee.

Inspector. You are very arrogant. First I shall tackle this monkey. He instigated you. He thinks he is great with this plastic mace

Hanuman. This is not plastic mace. It is made of solid steel. Look at it. This is not hollow like maces of drama companies and cinemas

Inspector. Are you fooling me? If it is made of steel how can you lift it? I have seen many drama company maces. Many are made of molded paper.

Hanuman. You appear to be a fool. You shall soon realize. Tell me why are you after Ram bhakts? Are they your enemies?

Inspector. Then what? They have been against the establishment. As it is we have lot of problems in this country.

Hanuman, How they are to be blamed?

Inspector. We have to blame some one. We are after them haa..haa..haaa

Hanuman, Better behave and leave this place. Ram bhakts are no trouble makers. We can not be dubbed as saffron gangs. Once we wake up no one can stop us. Better understand.

Inspector. In that case I have to arrest you ( Looks at constables). Constables catch these guys and hand cuff them

( The constables rush at Gandhi, Nehru , Patel and Hanuman with great vogor. Hanuman just loosens his grip on his mace and it rolls towards the police guys. Slowly it picks up momentum, The mace runs over them and unable to even touch it the constables run pell mell. Many are run over by the mace and are incapacitated. TRhey shout Bacho.. Bacho.. Mar gaya.. haaye,… Haaye… )

Hanuman. Have you seen what happened to your guys? Better run from here. Go and catch the real terrorists if you can.

( The police guys look helplessly while Gandhi, Patel and Nehru Thank Hanuman and walk away. Hanuman disappears with a great flash)



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Sept 13, 1948 goes down the history of India in golden letters as on this date the armed forces of India commenced their invasion of Hyderabad state in Deccan reeling under the ill rule of Nizam 7 who was defying to merge with Indian union after partition of the subcontinent. To remain in the heart of India as an independent nation was a ridiculous proposition and the ruler Mir Osman Ali Khan was hell bent on it. He played all tricks, bought time, armed his forces, filled his state with Pathans, Punjabi Mussalman, Rohillas and Muslims who were displaced during partition of India. Aim was to increase the strength of Muslims and strengthen Razakars militia. He tried to procure tanks, small arms and aircraft to face military intervention. The Military action named as Police action ended on 18 Sept 1948 when Hyderabad army commanded by Major General El edrus surrendered at Secunderabad after a shameful show to Major General J N Chaudhry of Indian armed forces commanding the invading army. With this, the tyrannical rule of Asifjahis under Osman Ali Khan ended that caused great suffering to millions of people in the state. Probably some Muslims too suffered. The main culprit Kasim Razvi the self styled Field Marshal along with his coterie was arrested and put on trial.. It is widely believed that Razvi was the main culprit behind the scene who misguided Nizam7 and for let loosing the atrocities on Hindu population of the state. Most of the historians absolve the Nizam from these atrocities and complicity and have sympathy for him. . Many believe that the Nizam was benevolent and did not differentiate Hindus and Muslims under his rule.. Although majority population was Hindu, Nizam claimed it as Islamic state.

Osman Ali khan is also claimed to be a poet and he has some anthology of poems to his credit. He was fond of penning verses in Urdu and Persian. Under Royal Farman they were sent for publication in Rahbar e Deccan a magazine of those times. The poems if required were suitably corrected by a scholar and were published on first page. All was not well with these poems. In one of the poems he wrote,

Bande nakhoos hua Sunke Nidaye Takbir

Jallala Ahigaya rishtyejunnarsebhi

The verse has meaning…The sound of conch shell has stopped at the sound of Kalma. The sacred thread of Hindus which is the symbol of Hindu religion has been engulfed by the earthquake

The poem clearly indicates his dislike to Hinduism and is not befitting a progressive king of a cosmolitan state as mostly claimed by his worshippers.

Nizam from to time in press declared that Hyderabad would remain as independent state as declared in Subedeccan 26-7-1944. He declared himself as independent through a Farman on 26-7-1947, once the Indian independence was imminent. It is an open fact that Hyderabad state was never independent.. They were rulers on behalf of Mughal emperors and subsequently were protectorates of the English Governor Generals of East India Company and then of British Crown. While Most of the Indian states fought against the East India company in the 1857 war of independence, Afzaluddaula the Nizam V remained loyal to the East India Company and was greatly rewarded. Earlier Nizams were also suppressed by local Hindu rulers of smaller kingdoms such as Sri Raja Somanadri Bhupal of Gadwal, Sri Raja Someswar Rao of Vanaparthi, Raja Sadasiva Reddy of Papannapet near Medak and also by Marathas at Kurdha in 1795. Marathas also collected Chauth from Nizam. All these actions show that Nizams never enjoyed paramount power in Deccan as claimed by the last Nizam 7 that for 700 years Nizams of Hyderabad were sovereigns.. Deccan was conquered by Muslim sultans of Delhi in 13 and 14 centuries. But great warriors such as Kapayya Naika of Warangal, Veera Ballala of Dwara Samudram, Reddy kings of Addanki/Kondaveedu and velama kings of Rachakonda a and Deverakonda constantly fought against Muslims for control of the region and greatly succeeded. The region came under the control of Bahmani sultans after the defeat of Velama rulers of Rachakonda that was again contested by Krishna deva Raya in 16 century who convincingly defeated Bahmani kingdom.

Nizam took up an attitude of confrontation ignoring the sane advice of stalwarts such as Nawab of Rampur, Sir Mirza Ismail, , Raja sir Sultan ahmed, Sheikh Abdullah, Manzoor jung, Shoibulla khan of Imroz, Rise of Razakars is the darkest spot in history of Hyderabad under Kasim Razvi, a staunch fundamentalist, self styled Field Marshal, bigot of highest order . It was run by NawabDeen yar Jung the police chief from behind. The Razakar forces soon multiplied and infamous battalions Yousufia, and Julleh Jalal were formed and these were trained by Army officers such as Major Amiroddin. A death defiance squad was formed under the training of colonel Gulam moinuddin while it was commanded by Ghasi sirajuddin munid. Nearly 8 Lakhs Muslims from union provinces were brought into Hyderabad including pathans, Arabs and Rohillas. These men joined Razakars as irregulars to commit atrocities. Atrocities committed by them will make tyrants such as Nadir shah, Timor lung and even Aurangzeb to hang their heads in shame. Thousands of women were undone, scores of men and children were killed. Villages were burnt and all these took place right under the nose and governance of Nizam 7 duly abetted by police and Hyderabad army.

Can Nizam be absolved of these failures being the ruler? How he can abdicate his responsibilities being the ruler of his state? Can any one believe that he was misguided by his cabinet, Prime Minister and the Razkar chief Kasim Razvi? Nizam was an intellectual, educated, well brought up and man of great eminence and commanded great respect at international levels. The aspect of getting misguided can not be accepted. Why he allowed raising of the Razkar force? Why he allowed such fundamentalist indoctrination of the militia? All these arguments do not stand ground.
Jawaharlal Nehru was against any action to be taken on Hyderabad inspite of these atrocities and atlast Sardar Patel acted on his own in the absence of Nehru and ordered military invasion dubbed as police action. MK Gandhi already was assassinated on 30 Jan 1948 and had Gandhi lived probably Hyderabad would have been allowed to remain as an independent state in the heart of Hyderabad and it would have become a Darul Islam as dreamt by Aurangzeb. Destiny however thought otherwise. No one can change destiny. Now we should be happy that we have only one Kashmir problem created by Nehru.
The Nizam 7 no doubt needs appreciation as a great builder, as a man of vision for building Osmania University at Hyderabad where even professional courses were taught in Urdu. All these good activities were erased by his policy against the Indian union and for abetting the Razkar actions. He also stands as accused along with Razvi, Deen yar jung, Laik Ali the PM and many more. Razvi was sentenced to 10 years RI for Bibinagar dacoity case. Others were released with lesser punishments.Lakik Ali the PM escaped to Pakistan. Indian government with week knees pardoned Nizam 7 owing to the fear of antagonizing the minorities in the state and country. More over Nizam commanded respect in England too. Thus Nizam escaped punishment under law and also became Rajpramukh ( Governor). He resigned after Hyderabad was converted into AP state after merging some areas in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Thus great injustice no doubt has been done to scores of Hindus killed in Razkar violence. Their souls would never rest in peace. They will be hovering over Dar us salam which was their Head quarters once. Many Razakars were killed in the Police action and all the outside elements were deported out of state. Many however mingled with population and merged in society. Foul smell has not disappeared yet and outfits such as Dargah e Shahdat, SIMI and few more are active in Hyderabad. All Pak and Bangladesh based Jihadi outfits maintain cells in Hyderabad and thus Hyderabad is believed to be the nerve center for such anti national activities. It is said that Hyderabad nerve center for the Jihad being conducted in India by own and foreign elements. Along with IT activities Hyderabad is also synonymous for communal troubles that can easily start. Nizam’s palaces( some dilapidated) many restored and some haunted still remind the people of Hyderabad of past happenings and wounds are not healed and probably will never be healed as these wounds are infect ridden eternally.

Friday, November 12, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is Birla Mandir at Delhi and Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are also seen in the crowd. No one is bothered about them. They are looking around and none is caring for them. The crowd is large and they are at the back of the crowd. Temple bells are making big sound and conch is blown making still greater sound.)

Gandhi. Look patel. We are here for the last 40 minutes. No one has recognized us

Patel. True Bapu. They must be completely engrossed in the prayer.

Gandhi. Do you believe that?

Patel. We have to do that.

Nehru. Bapu. We died long ago. A generation has changed after that. I died atlesat in 1964. But you have vanished long ago. Who will remember you?

Gandhi. True. But I thought atlesat one or two guys would say hello to us.

Patel. Bapu. Have we come here for that?

Gandhi. Surely not for that. Why waste time. Let us sing Ram Bhajan

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel sing Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram… Pateetha pavana Seetha ram..

(Suddenly a police van arrives there and from it scores of police men get down and surround the crowd. They are fully armed. Inspector Nathuram goes to Patel and Gandhi)

Nathuram. Who are you guys?

Patel. We are Gandhi and patel.

Nathuram. You look new to Delhi. From where you have come? You are also dressed strangely. It is so cold outside and have hardly any cloth on you.

Patel. We do not feel cold. We are immune to it.

Nathuram. Why and how? Are you not humans?

Patel. You may believe so sir.

Nathuram. This is strange. You are also replying police people like this. I am sure you are a trouble maker.

Nehru. Inspector. What trouble he has given to you? We are peace loving.

Nathuram. I am not speaking to you.

Gandhi. We are all one.

Nathuram. So you belong to a gang.

Gandhi. What is this gang?. Are we looking like gangsters?

Nathuram. I am not happy with you. Do you belong to saffron gang?

Gandhi. What is this saffron gang? If saffron gang is there, there must be green gang too and white gang too.

Nathuram. What is this green gang?

Gandhi. When you say we belong to saffron gang you must know what green gang is

Nathuram. (Scarches his head) I do not know who coined this saffron gang.

Gandhi. It was Chidambaram the Harvard educated guy in white clothes hoping to become PM one day. Go and ask him. He shall tell with Harvard accent… yeah..

Nathuram. Can he become? The Prince or Yuvraj is already there

Gandhi. He knows better.

Nathuram. I am sure you belong to saffron gang although you are putting whites. I heard you are singing Ram Bhajan too.

Gandhi, Is singing Rajbhavan a crime in India?

Nathuram. Not openly. But it is almost like that.

Patel. How silly it is! How can one become a terrorist just because he sings Rambhajan

Nathuiram. He will have inclination as per latest philosophy. All Ram bhakts have to be one.

Gandhi. We are but not a gang as you said.

Nathuram. Enough of discussion. I can not leave you guys. You have to be taken into custody. You look shady persons

Gandhi. How strange! Don’t you know I am Mahatma Gandhi? I am your father of nation.

Nathuram. Who was he? Where does he stay?

Gandhi. Iam Mahatma Gandhi. Have you not heard my name? At least once in your life time. You must have heard about Raj ghat.

Nathuram. I heard about Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. Enough of this shit talk. You are under arrest

Gandhi. That you can never do.

Nathuram. I shall show you insect

Patel. Look bhai. Just go from here and allow us to pray. This is not the place for you. Go and fight terrorists in Kashmir and other places in the country. Do not be after innocents. You have no courage to fight them. You are after simple souls.

Nathuram. For me ,you guys look like shady persons belonging to saffron gang. Terrorists do not mean that they will be dressed like Taliban with black dress and head gear sporting AK 47. They may be in any dress.

Gandhi. I can only laugh at your ignorance and foolishness. But you appear to be an intelligent guy, but perverted too.

Patel. Bapu. He is much mentally disturbed. Look Inspector !How long you have been waiting for promotion to become a DYSP.

Nathuram. For the last 10 years I am struggling like this. I can get promotion if I can catch some terrorists.

Patel. So you are after us.

Nathuram. You are surely terrorists. You were singing Rambhajan.

Patel. Does singing Rambhajan make people terrorists?

Nathuram. Surely they belong to Saffron gang and the policy now is different. All are suspect.

Nehru. How poor you are in mental capabilities. I pity you.

Nathuram. Enough is enough. ( looks at Constables) Catch these jokers and put them in van

{(Constables fall on the trio with great tempo shouting Pakadlo. Badmashonko. Bhaagnena Paye. Sabak sikhayenge.. ( Catch the crooks. We shall teach them lesson). But they are unable to catch them as they have divine bodies. The police men struggle in air like flies. But fail to catch them)}

Gandhi ( throwing his hands in air) Look Nathuram. You can not do any thing to us. Keep trying. Patel and Jawaharlal come let us go. These guys are not capable of catching real terrorists.. So the are after others.

Patel. OK Bapu. We are with you

Nehru. Fine.

( The trio slowly walk away while police men helplessly watch. They sing

Oh God give them wisdom
They have become mentally sick
They are trying innocent guys around
Soon they will receive mighty divine kick )