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                               SYSTEMATIC EFFORTS ARE ON WAY TO DISTORT            
                                     HISTORY BY MODERN  REAL JAICHANDS

                                                DR K Prabhakar Rao

                    Entire nation has grown till date learning that Rajput King Prithviraj Chauhan of Thaneswar ( Near Delhi) was betrayed by King Jai chand in his fight against Mahmood Ghori at II nd  battle of Tarain ( Tarori) in  1192  . Defeat and slaying of Prithviraj by Ghori resulted in enslaving of India by Muslims that could not be warded off till the Englishmen took over. Episode of Rani samyuktha is well known and love affair between  Samyuktha and Prithiviraj was highly resented by Jai chand. However Chauhan managed to carry her away and married her. It is fully believed that this was the most valid reason for the enmity between  both of them. There are also legends that Chauhan was captured after his defeat and was  blinded and taken to Kabul along with his follower Chand Bhatt and they were confined in a jail. We have also learnt that Jai chand was a coward and he drowned himself in a river fleeing from forces of Ghori. No one believed that he was a hero. As per the ballads, Chauhan killed Ghori using Shabdabhedi arrow in full court when he was asked to prove his prowess with bow and arrow. First Chauhan shot at the bell after hearing the sound of the bell. Ghori shouted Wah.. Wah.. applauding the act. The next arrow like lightening flew from his bow and pierced  throat of Ghori killing him on the spot. Later King Chauhan and Chand Bhatt stabbed  themselves and committed suicide. It is also learnt that the  graves of Chauhan and Ghori exist at Kabul close to each other and  visitors ( Mulsims) worship the grave of Ghori while they throw stones and abuses at the grave of Chauhan. They also stab at the grave as vengeance (2).

                 However NCERT books  during 2005 appear to have  believed something different. These are govt approved and published books and the new theories can be seen as the deliberate attempts to twist history for the purpose of appeasement of minorities. They stated (3) :-

"Prithviraj Chauhan was a coward who ran away to save his life during the second battle of Tarain with Mohammad Ghauri."
"Jaichand (generally believed to be a traitor) was, in fact a 'hero' who gave up his life while fighting the forces of Ghauri."
. According to the new book, there were major political differences between the two kings and Samyukta was not part of it.
                        Edited by Prof. Satish Chandra, the fifth chapter of the book on Medieval History clearly stated that Prithviraj Chauhan tried to run away from the battle, but was taken prisoner. The book says that when Prithviraj accepted the supremacy of Mohammad Ghauri, the latter allowed him to continue as ruler of Ajmer. Prithviraj was later killed on charges of treason, according to the book, which goes on to say that Jaichand's valour was unmatched and that he was killed while fighting the forces of Ghauri in Kannauj.
                    This is the "new" history that students of Class 11  would  have learnt under the CBSE and ICSE courses.    The revised history book, Medieval India History, published by NCERT, demolishes old beliefs and tramples over heroes of history.   Can we allow  such blatant lies to be told to students? Who are the people  behind such actions? Can any one dare to say similar things about  minorities in this country? Answer can be guessed by any sane person. This is an important point to ponder over. RSS better wake up.


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Friday, May 11, 2012


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
RSS leadership is always on defensive trying to save skins from one crisis to other. It is mostly trying to live on past achievements projecting the erstwhile past leaders of can not live on past laurels for long or eternally. Hero worship of leaders is fine and to see them as icons.But how long? The leadership has lost the cutting edge and is a blunted file now.It is like a sword with only hilt devoid of blade.It's Programs are not concrete and inspiring. I recall the battle of Kanwah. King Baber who was about to loose inspired his men with a speech and took a vow that he would never drink and threw out his wine bowl and the inspired army turned the tide and Rana Sanga was defeated and that established Baber as an emperor.Rest is sad history of enslavement of Hindus, rapes, mass murders, forcible conversions, destruction of temple,Erection of Mosques at sites where temples were razed to ground, abduction of women, . To day in RSS the leaders are not having the personality and vision of Baber as a warrior, planner, strategist and victor. They have no concrete achievements like Hegdewar and Guruji. They are in the category..... They also ran. What can we expect from such leadership and team.The organization is decaying day by day while majority Hindus are probably loosing confidence in themselves. It has to be rejuvenated from scratch if Hindu rashtra is to be achieved.Log live memories of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji Maharaj.



A Buffalo and a Rhinoceros meet each other at a zoo.
Buffalo. Hello brother, Welcome. I am happy to meet you.
Rhino. Hoi. How are you? I am also very happy to meet you. From where you have come here?
Buffalo. I was at Delhi zoo.From where you came here?
Rhino I was also at Delhi zoo.At that time you were not there.
Buffalo. I am much impressed. You have a very thick hide. Nothing can happen to you.
Rhino. You are no less brother. You too are with thick hide and nothing can affect you. Next time I shall contest in elections. How about joining me?
Buffalo. Sure. I am also itching for that. We can make very good politicians as we are not affected by anything in this world.
(Buffalo and Rhino hold their front legs and dance and sing.)
Look dear we are guys with great hide
Surely we are not going to hide
Nothing on this earth will affect us
However we can not travel in any bus
We are happy to lie in pool of mud
At brains we are considered as great dud
We are sure to succeed as efficient leader
Ofcource we are source for many germs as a breeder


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
When some one has no answer
Best thing is to hide
The stones and sticks have no effect then
As if they are aimed at a buffalo's hide
Another way is to look other way
And close the eyes and bury head in sand
The guys are akin to an African Ostrich
They are happy when some one plays the band


                                           PREGNANT DUCK
                                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

An Indian tank Arjun met a Pakistani Tank Al Khalid at international border during some exercise. Guns of both Tanks were turned backwards.
Al Khalid. Hello Fat Madam How are you?
Arjun. Salam Walekum Khalid Bhai. Kya Baat Hai. Kya Maza aaraha hai.
Al Khalid. Kya Maza hai is garmi mein.
Arjun. Is there no any AC in your cabin?
Khalid. It is there. But heat is very high
Arjun. That is fine. I have no AC. hee..hee. Ou.Ou..Ou
Khalid. Madam I saw you struggling to move. Are you pregnant?
Arjun. How Tanks can get pregnant? They are not live creatures. We are stale.
Khalid. That means you are sterile, another word for impotency.
Arjun. I am not sure. I feel miserable. I feel my own weight. I slog around here and there.
Al Khalid. I feel pity on you. Your guys took almost took forty neras to produce a DODO like you.
Arjun. What is this DODO?
Khalid. DODO means an Australian extincnt bird and it looks like an heavy duck.
Arjun. Yeah. Guys tried to invent newtons law again in India.They experimented with many things and failed.We in India are happy that atlast finally some rolling thing has come out.
Khalid. There is a saying that rolling stone gathers no mass.
Arjun. In my case I gathered lot of mass.on all sides.I have breasts that are lined up from outside with heavy metal.
Khalid. I heard fair sex padding up from inside to boost up breast line.
Arjun. Hee..hee. In my case I have been padded up from outside. I feel I am really pregnant not with one kid, but many kids.Eaxch round inside is a kid.
Khlaid. How many kids now you have.?
Arjun. Hello. That is top secret. I should not give that information to enemy.
Khalid. You are veryclever.
Arjun. During pregnancy women become active and alert.
Khalid. By the by when is your date?
Arjun. Date.. Yeah.. Date? That depends on our relations.
Khalid. What is this relation now? How can we have any relation? I can not cross border. Neither you can.
Arjun. My ability to deliver will be known only when we fight each other that means when we fight a tank battle.
Khalid. In fact we are itching to fight one.
Arjun. I am sure on my side no one is itching to fight.Recently Army chiefs letter declared that India army lacked Ammunition for weapons and preparedness is very bad. How can they fight now?
Khalid. That means you shall remain eternally pregnant.
Arjun. No one on this earth can eternally remain pregnant. One day each one has to deliver. It has to be either normal delivery or an operation.
Khalid. Eralier we used to fight frequently.
Arjun. These are changed times. Last 40 years no tank has fired across the border.I am really getting cheesed off with this heavy burden.
Khalid. It is good to be like this. Some Phoo Phaa will be there about you. If we fight your real worth will be known immediately. Better remain pregnant till you are withdrwan being obsolete. In olden days Sultans used to marry again again whenever their wives became old ducks.
Arjun. Our kings alos did that.
Khalid. It is universal truth for all kings everywhere.
Arjun. All can not be Lord Rama.
Khalid. Very true.
Arjun. Hoi. It is time for me to go. My time to take some medicine is getting ready.Or I shall become sick.I am diabitic too.
Khalid. Oh , How sad?Please go.
Arjun. Bye
( Arjun Tank drives back in reverse gear).