Sunday, September 7, 2014


                                                      SHOIBULLAH KHAN Editor of Immroz
                                                           Dr K Prabhakar Rao
                            Shoibullah khan was the editor of daily IMROZ a Urdu paper which he published from
 Hyderabad. He was in his twenties and published the paper from that backyard of the house of Boorgula
 ramkrishna rao who later became CM of Hyderabad state after holding general elections in 
khan vehemently criticized Razkar actions and policy of Nizam.This was not palatable. On 19 august 1948
 Nanaj day was celebrated in zamrut mahal at Abids.( this building has been demolished now)KASIM razvi
 was speaking at that function. He condemned Indian leaders on the occasion. He threatened that the hands
that rise against Muslims has to come down or will be chopped off. This was put into practice by Munir
 Khan and his associates , Razakars and on 21 August 1948 , they attacked Shoibullah khan when he 
stepped out of his working place in the evening. The last person who saw him was Boorgula narking rao 
nephew of ramkrishna rao. He was shot and when he fell down attacked with knives and cut down his
hands. The act was widely condemned by Indian leaders and probably was catalyst to Patel to 
actquiickly?Police action was conducted in Sept 1948 with in a month of the murder of Khan. KASIM
razviwas tried for the murder after his arrest and he was tried also for Bibinagar dacoity case. He was
acquitted in the murder case for lack of evidence but sentenced to 10 year jail term for dacoity case. He
 served the term and was allowed to leave to Pakistan where he died in course of time. Shoibullah khan
 although was Muslim he knew what was correct for H yderabad. He is highly revered.Osmania university
gives a medal for journalism in his memory.How many of our youth know about this brave khan? Facts of 
police action are suppressed and hidden.