Thursday, May 14, 2015


                                         INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN...320
                                                   DR K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi Patel and Nehru are seen strolling near the tank bund lower road in Hyderabad. They are near the  water outlet gates. They find many police men  at the site.

Gandhi. Patel. This is a place of no importance. Why police is here? Let us pray that  no one has been murdered at this  lonely spot.

Patel. Bapu. We need not worry. All looks Ok . The police guys are relaxing   and taking it easy. Look some guys are smoking also.

Nehru. Then why this tamasha?

Gandhi. I read in news paper that this reservoir is being drained of water to revamp it.

Patel. Are they crazy? How  will get refilled?

Nehru. This tank  has water which is highly contaminated by pollutants that flow   from  some industries. This is a city shit pot. So the new CM has vowed that he would  clean this  place at all costs. He  got such streams closed and is now in the  process of draining the tank.He says he will get it refilled by krishna water,

Gandhi. It is a good idea but  looks crazy. The CM  must concentrate on more important  issues to  solve states problems than  this useless activity. He appears to have  no priorities

Patel. Looks so. Poor soul. He came to power  after formation of new state and he wants to godown as a Messiah.

Gandhi. Hee..heee. The guys are crazy. I was told that he wants to make Hyderabad a Singapore. How he can do it?Our people basically are lazy guys devoid of discipline. They need twenty four hour supervision. In fact Indian works better when an outsider kicks  him hard.

Patel. True , Bapu Whem Indira Gandhi proclaimed Emergency guys worked well. They were shit scared. If left for themselves they will not be seen at work spot.

Nehru. That means we are a nation of work thieves

Patel. You may think so.

Gandhi. Better do not discuss our ethics. People get upset. We were discussing Hussein sagar cleaning.

Patel. Yes.What he is going to achieve by this?

Gandhi. He claims that  people can enjoy pleasant evenings at the  reservoir.

Pate. But people are enjoying even now.

Gandhi. Look Patel. Every CM wants to do something unique so  that all remember him.

Patel. You hit the nail on head. What happens to fish?

Gandhi. It is said that all fish  have already died due to toxic pollutants

Nehru. Good. One problem is solved

Patel. I learnt that a tribunal has given orders that water can not be drained into Musi river without cleaning. Work was stopped.

Gandhi. I think state went to appeal and was cleared. The state is free to pollute Musi  river further. Probably the higher agency thought that musi is already so dirty that  no further pollution can be caused.

Patel. Haa..haa..haa

Gandhi… Nice joke . Hee.Heee.. But why police guard is there at sluices

Patel. That is strange, Shall I go and ask  a police man?

Nehru. Good.. Go ahead

( Patel runs to police and talks to a constable)

Patel. Bhai. Why you guys are here?.

Constable. Why? Do you want to be here?

Patel. No No…It is just like that

Constable. We are here to prevent theft of sluice gates. When water is full no one can  steal. Now it is empty  these gates and gadgets can be stolen in night. Scrap dealers will have nice time.There is a rumor that Lot of gold can be found hidden  at the bed of reservoir that was hidden during Razakar times  during police action.So we are here to prevent theft.

Patel. Good. KCR will be lucky if he finds gold

Constable. He can build Singapore soon.

Patel. I doubt it. No doubt you will find skeletons in the  bed who were drowned or committed suicide,

Constable. Eee…eee Then ghosts also will be there. I am scared of them

Patel. Ok You are a police man. Be brave

Constable. OK I  shall try.

Patel. OK Bhai. Thanks for information. Bye

( Patel returns to Gandhi.He narrates what he learnt)

Gandhi. It is all waste of time for us. I thought some interesting thing will be there.  Let us go
Patel. OK

Nehru. OK Bapu. I am scared of ghosts.

(All disappear  from the scene )

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