Friday, January 18, 2008

Gandhi Cricket

There was an article in a news paper that Gandhi was lover of cricket and played in his younger days. It is time India brings out this new found aspect of hobby of MK Gandhi. Why not conduct a Gandhi cup with all world teams participating in it? It could be twenty twenty game version. The rules have to be chnged to suit Gandhi philosphy too.
The dress code for the players has to be changed. No shirt and pant and present knight type attire with helmet etc. Gandhi wore only loin cloth till he died. He occasionally wore a white shawl with Chappals. Therefore all players have to wear only loin clothes with belt to prevent slipping down while playing.
Umpires can wear white shawl to facilitate distinguishing from the players. Now a day the umpires wear white panama hat. This has to be replaced by white turban that Gandhi wore in the initial days. Or else Gandhi capo can be worn that is cheaper and light in weight. No shoes and only Chappals for all. To effect economy, batsmen have to wear pads made of Khadi material with grass embedded in them. All must have a watch hanging from the waist by a chain. Of course guys should not wear helmets and every player has to remove hair from the head and look bald. They have to wear spectacles of zero power with round glass frames. That is the dress part.
Coming to the game , it has to be played with a tennis ball to prevent any violence by the bouncers from fast bowlers. When a batsman is given out by the umpire and if the batsman is aggrieved he can protest on the spot by squatting on the wicket and carry out satyagraha till the matter is settled. Players should not go into ecstasy of wild behavior when bowler takes a wicket. The bowler only should appeal standing to attention in front of umpire and say Hoi Ram, Hoi Ram, Give him out. Other players should sing Ram Dhun loudly Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram.... Pateeta Pavaan seeta Ram.....Gandhi haters can not be umpires in this world cup. There will not be any ticket for this game and all and sundry are welcome. Every one has to sit on the ground and no chairs please. Cows and dogs can be allowed into stadium and no one should drive them away. If they come onto the pitch the umpires should request the staff to take the animals away.

By playing game with these rules all would go well. Three cheers to Gandhi cricket.. Jai ram.. Ram Ram Hare Hare….

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, January 11, 2008


India copied its constitution from Western democracies. But in practice has made a mockery of it. The country boasts as the largest practicing democracy in the world at all world forums. But the truth is far from it in real sense. There are many scamsters, cheats and anti socail lements facing court cases and some were convicted too who are continuing in the government.Family rule has become a right. When a leader dies, his son or wife or daughter succeeds him to the position. It is a game of rehabilitation. In fact, the highest house of elders has become the place of political rehabilitation and to appaese some old horses who can not run.... indians suffer from slavish mentality and degradation and do not display any self thinking and prefer to act like a flock of sheep devoid of thinking brains that is the usual practice. The puppet show at central governmnet goes on .. In fact it is a mockery of democracy in spirit and action and apology to the word of democracy....These are expressed as poems:

Oh My India .... Part II

Noble dance of Indian origin

Lost to the greedy five star culture

Dance as Kathak@ has met it’s doom

As dancers gyrate for lusty vultures

(@ Kathak is an Indian ancient traditional Dance with oigin in Orissa State )

Dancers display their swinging breasts

And show off their fleshy thighs and arms

All those in hotel watch with lust

And I feel sorry for the fallen norms

Crooked devils lurking in a corner

Plan and kidnap innocent dames

Helpless parents turn into mourners

As the police twist it into a political game

Merit in India is already buried in a sump

Deep in the pits at a garbage dump

Caste is the basis for ones rise

It is high time the youth rise and be wise

College seats are sold to the worthless

Who are ready to pay in Lakhs

Bright and needy remain jobless

And move about with empty sacks

The bright and smart leave the country

They settle down in foreign nations

The guys take a vow never to return

And this has become todays fashion

Gandhi the apostle of peace was shot and killed

Leaders have wiped off his memory and are thrilled

Indian future is in shambles and bleak

As criminals smuggle at Mumbai’s creek

Poor Gandhi who brought us the freedom

Never thought, it would be a family fiefdom

Political parties gang up after election battle

While Pakistani rifles at border always rattle

When a leader in a blast kicks the bucket

His wife is sure to get the assembly or parliament seat

The parties remain a family right

As the cadres are suppressed with all might

When Indira Gandhi died to the sten gunsof the body guards

Rajiv was pushed into her mighty chair

He also died in blast of a Lankan suicide bomber

And Sonia’s claim to the chair was thought to be very fair

The nation is in midst of crooks galore

As pseudo secularists enjoy dames, money and fanfare

Age old values of Gandhian era

Have gone down the drain without an aura



1. Prof Dr Colonel ( Retired) K Prabhakar Rao, Anguish of an Indian ( Engish poetry), Cow Books, Sindhu printers, Shop no. 20, Municipal complex, Medak, AP, India..502110, PP 23-25

Thursday, January 10, 2008


OH ! MY INDIA.... Part I

Prof Dr Colonel ( Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

India copied its constitution from Western democracies. But in practice has made a mockery of it. The country boasts as the largest practicing democracy. But the truth is far from it in real sense. There are many scamsters facing court cases and some were convicted too who are continuing in the government.Family rule has become a right. When a leader dies his son or wife or daughter succeeds him to the position. It is a game of rehabilitation. In fact, the highest house of elders has become the place of political rehabilitation and to appease some old horses who can not run... The puppet show at central governmnet goes on .. In fact, it is a mockery of democracy....These are expressed as poems:

India which was once a great nation

Presently has fallen from lofty heights

Leaders get fat with rich rations

And the state has been made their family right

Great were the days when Gandhi treaded

Morals were said to be at their peak

You and I feel greatly tired

While ruffians play hide and seek

Noble was Gandhi who died in a state of despair

While leaders took a sigh of relief

Political rot that is beyond repair

Has brought us misery and great grief

Great was Churchill who spoke the truth

That India would in the hands of crooks

State of the nation across the girth

Shows that crooks rule India at every nook

Leaders have made the mighty nation

Part of their flourishing real estate

The country is looted by the shady clans

As the nation is plunged in to a sorry state

Violence in India is at it's peak

Where men blown into tithering titbits

Leaders on top slip and sneak

As the innocents loose their worldly wits

Nation was looted on Bofor sales

Copters procured in sdhady deals

Those on top cover up these tales

As the poor are denied a single meal

Leaders who loose at their places

Contest from an unnown land

Party workers get their solace

While shouting slogans in a party band

Elected leaders gangup at nights

Digup graves for their dearest chiefs

Mighty Titans with lofty heights

Fall and fade in a moment brief

Ethics, morals and values are lost

Sunk in a sea of filth and mischief

Dishonest the corrupt and the crooked the most

Quickly rise to other's disbelief

To be Continued

 With courtesy...

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Where is the place ?

Tatas have launched the peoples Rs one lakh car Nano. On road, this could cost Rs 1.2 lkhs. Still it is affordable to most of the sectons. The point is where is the place to drive this? If the glut for purchasing this car continues it is foreseen every Tom Dick Harry, Bill and Peter possessing one Roads in major cities will be choked. Probabaly in another two years similar entries will be made fom other brands with slight varioation in price. Many brands would be there to choose and create chaos on the roads. Motor cycles and scooters will definately reduce that have become more dangerous now on roads. But most of the people have no choice and they drive. With majority of guys and wome shifting over to this Nano car all roads would be choked. As it is, Police is not able to solve traffic problem. They are more busy in collecting challans and meeting targets of fine money than solving problems in society.More over Indians have no respect to discipline and civic behavior and dignified conduct. This is very clearly evident on roads. Bafoons and joker looking youth driving bikes on roads and shouting and waving at motorists and women and some cranks driving motor cycles and lifting off front wheels on the roads is common sight and this speaks of degeneration in the present Indian society that is aping western society. They think they are modern and flashy. In fact they are simplyrowdy and just anti social and criminals. The TV and western movie influenced youth who have become waywards (These are mostly rich) are disgrace to Indian society. Children from rich families are turning to be rowdies. These youth driving bikes overtake from all sides and zip past at breakneck speed and jump signals at crossings. Even office going people and the guys in some business and commuting violate all road traffic norms and create chaos. They honk horns wildly. In USA we raely find some one blowing horn. It is considered rather uncivilized. But in India everything is fine. Most disgusting in deed.
These small cars will no doubt bring dissater on the roads and a stage will come when people in disgust throw off them and prefer mass transport when it comes through. What Indians need is a stout stick and good hammering to discipline them. Indians always behaved well under emergency and under foreign rule. With self governing the Indians have displayed their wild origins. God save Indians and the country.Cars will not improve civilization and maturity of the nation. Moral fibre of the youth is at the lowest ebb now.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, January 7, 2008

Shameful cricket

Cricket is known to be a gentlemens game. But the present Australian tour is a disgrace to the game. The conduct of umpires and the Austarlian cricketers including the captain of the team is disgusting, racist and shameful. They have brought bad name to their country and the game too. The unpires, Captain Ponting and few other players who gave false evidence should be sacked. India has shown exemplary conduct and did not loose cool. The decision to put ban on Bajji i.e Harbhajan Singh is most racist and can not be accepted. India should cancel the tour and call back the team. National honour is very important at this stage. Australia should be accordingly blacklisted from the cricketing countries. Their own players themselves are seriously finding fault with their team's conduct and want some players and Ponting tp be sacked forthwith. Australian press is up in arms against their players and Ponting. It appears the Umpires and the Australian team must have made some initial agreement to defeat India and this type of fixing can not be ruled out. Australian team is known for rash behaviour , tongue lashing and fad of white supremacy. Down with Australian umpires and the team including Ponting. The results of the two test matches should nullified. Conduct of umpires and Pontings role and behaviour of other players should be investigated by the Australian investigating agency and they should be booked accordingly.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Indians suffer slavish mentality...Part II

When Nehru died all were worried
That who would succeed him to the chair
His daughter was young and lacked experience
That pushed Shastri for the nation’s care

Shastri died soon in short span
And yet won the Indo-Pak war
His death opened the gates again
And for the Nehru clan power was no bar

Indira Gandhi was the only daughter
That Jawaharlal Nehru had and groomed
She was at once pushed into the chair
And many senior’s career was thus doomed

Her rule lasted for nearly twenty years
With a small gap of course in between
She won the Indo pak war of seventy one
And she remained strong like heavenly queen

The Sikh body guards shot her in cold blood
As a revenge for the attack on the golden shrine
The lady gave up life while in office
The militants however thought it was very fine

Fortune opened to her Son Rajiv Gandhi
As his younger brother Sanjay already met his doom
The stooges in the party at once gathered around
They were ready to serve him with many a broom

The rule of Rajiv commenced at Delhi on grand scale
Again the seniors had to suck the thumb as the usual brand
The poor guy met his end near Madras at Perambadur
For sending Indian Army to fight militants into Lankan Land

The congress lost the power after few years
But soon gained it at the center with it's crew
The stooges cried hoarse to make Rajeev’s wife as the new queen
And this of course did not however come through

The secrets behind this drama are not known
Although claimed that the lady denied the throne
Manmohan Singh was found the safest bet
To hold the fort till her children have grown

Manmohan is sitting on the throne at Delhi
But the reigns are in the lady’s hand
The power is wielded in a proxy game
The dynasty carries on with sycophants playing the band

Rajeev’s son Rahul in now grown
Although very young and yet to learn the tricks of game
The stooges in the party are already around the guy
Projecting him as the future king of great fame

Thus dynastic rule is a common feature in India
And Indians are happy with this game
Many stalwarts have reconciled to their fate
They have grown bald and or out of fame


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Indians suffer slavish mentality... Part I

India became like a chicken plucked off its feathers
While it was enslaved by others
History's pages are replete of these incidents
And bitter wars were fought between brothers

The slavish spirit has gone into the blood
And the people are down with sentiments and fad
One after the other the dynasties ruled
The reading of history is ofcourse vey sad

At last the Mughals have vanished from Delhi
And the last Mughal was sent into a distant jail
The rule of English Queen commenced
That put India in spin as they twisted the tail

The English men were atlast thrown out
And the new dynasty started off
Nehru ruled nearly for two decades
With his loyals and slavish working staff

To be continued

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Religious intolearnce surfaces in Orissa on Christamas day

The christamas that passed off recently in 2007 has witneed communal riots between Hindus and Christians in Orissa State where tensions are known to have built up between both the communities since long. The trouble started off when some christians attacked a Hindu religious aged leader. Hell broke out. Scores of Churches and Christian properties have been burnt without any remorse. Violence very greatly afftected Kandhamal district although goverment has been claimg that situation is under control. The rioters fell trees on the roads to prevent police vehicles to recah quickly. Police fired at Brahamnigaon town. On 27 December Christian mobs set fire to several houses belonging to Hindus and Hindus reacted by burning down 11 churches in Brahmanigaon. Seven more churches and several residental houses were burnt down by Hindus in areas Gandapadr, Badahapanga, Bhandarapada, Pisupadar, Masapadar ,Minia and Adigara. The governmnet sent reinforcements only after damage has been done as reported. The Hindu dominated tribal district is trouble some. In fact Orissa witnessed murder of Australian missionaery Stains and his children who were burnt down in his van some years ago. It is very sad that Christan and Hindu clashes are regualr affair in Orissa and this problem is required to be looked into with great concern and prevent such incidents in fuure. It is a shame for the country.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao