Thursday, January 24, 2013


                INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN… 286

                         Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are sitting at a park in Delhi and chatting. Patel is holding a news paper in his hand)
Gnadhi. Bhai Patel, What is there in the paper today?
Patel. There are some interesting news today.
Nehru. What can be the news? I am also keen to know.
Patel. Attack of Pakistanis soldiers on LOC has become old news. They took one head of the Jawan also.
Gandhi. That was really bad. Unbecoming conduct indeed. They are barbaric in fact.
Patel. Our shouting has no effect. It will fall on deaf ears. As it is nations aner has fallen on deaf ears.
Gandhi. Kya Kare Bhai? Mulk aisa bangaya ( What to do brother? Nation has become like this ) ( sings)
Dekh tere sansar ki haalat
Kya ho gayi Bhagwan
Kitna badal gaya insaan
Sooraj na badala Chand na badla
Naa badla re aasman
Oh kitna badal gay insaan
( Of God, look at this world
What happened to the man
Sun has not changed and
Moon has not changed
Sky also not changed
How the man has changed)
Patel. Bapu, Relax. Listen to todays greatest news
Gandhi. What it can be? Has Americans landed on Mars ?
Nehru. Has Israel attacked Iran?
Patel. Nothing like that.
Gandhi. I am sure Americans have produced combination of man and ape
Patel. No. Not at all.
Nehru. Kutub minar must have been renamed Rajiv Minar
Patel. Hee..Hee . Who will do that? Country will go in flames.
Gandhi. Come on Patel. Please do not trouble. We are feeling impatient. Look I am feeling scratchy as usual.
Patel. Bapu. Please do not scratch yourselves. I shall tell you..Here it goes. Rahul Gandhi has been declared vice president of Congress party. He is no 2 after Soniaji.
Gandhi. Is it a big news? Hw it is big news? It is always expected. If not he, who will become?
Patel. No other guy can oppose or contest. All will fall in line. Every one clpas.
Gandhi. What else they can do? Poor guys. It is one man show.
Patel. It was always like that. During your time could any one go against you?
Gandhi. True. None. All listened to me.
Patel. Bapu, Subhas did not listen.
Gandhi. He is a rare one. Except him all fell in line. Now what will happen
Patel. What can happen. He will do the same job which he did earlier.
Gandhi. But wherever he led the party it failed badly.
Patel. . Any how let us wait and watch. Why think of taste of cake while youa re going to eat it.
Gandhi. Hee..hee.. True.
Nehru. You guys are making joke out of this.
Patel. It is no joke. We are telling facts. Results can be seen very soon. It isa matter of few months.
Gandhi. True ( sings)
Ram ji karega beda par
Udasi man kaheko dare
Kaheko dare.. aaaaa..aa
Ramji karega beda par
Udasiman kahe ko dare
( Lord ram will take care of you
Why are you worried?)
Patel. Some of the news papers have published the news on full front page.
Gandhi. They are the followers of the party and want to be in good books.
Patel. True. If any other guys was selected for the post it would have been a great news
Gandhi. True. Nothing to feel special. Relax guys. Let us go. We have any better things to discuss.
(The trio walks off slowly)

Saturday, January 19, 2013


                               HARD TRUTHS

                            Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Muslims ruled India for hundreds of years
Yet the races did not merge in the land
Many sultans treated Hindus as mere rotten stuff
And they wanted all to play to their band

At times there were hopes and sun rays
While some Sultans  cared  and removed strife
Soon the  darkness spread all around
As a new guy destroyed all with a stroke of knife

At last the English took over the nation
And they looted the country with all  their might
Indians were razed to the ground as mere slaves
Although many felt freedom was their right

The anger rose soon into a  great bloody  war
Where some  fought with vigor and lost lives
Many saved their lives and played to the  tune
And  happily slept with their wives in beehives

At last the restless Englishmen left the dried-up land
And they however sucked the nation to the last drop
The nation was split into  two to please some guys
The hatred never ceased and continued without a stop

Streams of blood never  ceased to flow
While wars were fought  to settle scores
The hand  of friendship was a mere mirage
While in  hearts of all were many oozing sores

Mughals  vanished from the land long ago
While a new clan started its eternal rule
The guys have mastered the art of scams
While people vote like a mere dud mule

Tonnes of money is siphoned off by goons
While the rulers  can not reveal the thugs
All goes on behind   dark curtains
And many are in hand and gloves with a bear hug

The nation is  now in great peril and distress
As the leaders want  power come what may
Ethics and morals have vanished long ago
And these men for power  will  eat grass and hay



                                      AIMLESS AND CLUELESS
                                          Dr K Prabhakar Rao                            

 The  guns at the border have rattled
 While the men in greens spilled blood
 The nation is clueless as usual
 And our leaders are hiding in hoods

Pakis have captured Indian soldiers
And snatched away  the head
We are as clueless as ever on this earth
While heads of those  that matter carry heavy lead

The guys wielding heavy brass
Pose grim and speak in high tone  pitch
 The fact is as simple as ever
And the Pakis  have caught us in a tight hitch

Empty rattle of swords that Indians show
Shall not deter the enemy from the evil game
Sphinx like Manmohan with his tragic gait and  speech
Shall make this nation permanently crippled and  lame

The enemy understands the  action of a stick
And high flown words do not deter him
Indians are as clueless as ever in this tragic hour
While the public anger has reached its brim

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


                                        Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                     (Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen near Purandar fort.)

Gandhi. Patel. I think we are near the place. I saw a sign board.

Patel. True Bapu. We are close to it. Bapu, Please tell me. Why you wanted to see this old fort specially.

Gandhi. I heard much about this place in the history of Marathas. Jawaharlal, why are you quiet. You are a master historian. You wrote Discovery of India.

Patel. Bapu. True, He wrote the book. He must know much and he must act as a guide.

Nehru.  Probably I may not do justice. I may tell some broad things. But to know details we must have some local guide.

Patel. That is better.

( The trio slowly  climbs the path to the fort entrance and it is not that easy. Nehru gasps for breath.)

Nehru. Huffo..Huffo. I am done. I am exhausted. The climb is not that easy.

Patel. Jawaharlalji. It is not easy to climb these places. It is not like ruling India from air conditioned offices and by traveling in air crafts and choppers , with lot of security men and with stooges around.

Nehru. What you want to say? You can be frank.

Patel. I am saying frankly only. Do you know that Shivaji Maharaj led his men from front? He fought battles along with them and not hiding behind troops. He killed Afzal khan the wicked Bijapur General with his own hands at a great personal risk.
Gandhi. Patel. Please do not trouble Jawaharlal. Those days were different. Modern days are different.

Patel. Bapu. The days are same. Leadership qualities remain same.

Gandhi. True. We do not expect a Prime Minister of a country to fight along with army in war. The concept of warfare has changed now.

Patel. Bapu.  It is not new for me. You always defend Jawaharlal and prefer him. It happened in past too.

Gandhi. Forget past. We have come to see Purandar fort.

Patel. True. Let us go ahead. Now Jawaharlal is also fresh. He can take strain now.

Nehru. True. Let us go..

( The trio comes close to entrance Door of the fort with huge  imposing bastions on sides. They see a large statue of a warrior on a pedestal holding sword  in his hand )

Gandhi. This  gentle man must be great warrior and must be a General and Commander of the fort.

Nehru. Looks so. Otherwise  why his statue must be here?

Patel. It is not like today. Now we erect statue of leaders everywhere  whether they did some thing or not.

( Suddenly the sky becomes cloudy and sun light is very much reduced. Atmosphere becomes tense while lightening flashes are also  seen.)

Patel. Why this sudden change. I do not understand. Last time we visted Panhala fort also, similar situation was there.

Nehru. True. I am a bit scared.

Patel. Why. We are already dead. Nothing can happen to us. Hee..hee. Let us go near the statue that  may protect us from wind.

( The trio goes near to the statue. A flash occurs and Patel read the plaque on the pedestal)

Patel. The name of the statue is Murarbaji Prabhu, Commander of the fort Purandhar.

Gandhi. Didn’t I tell you guys?

Nehru. Bapu. You are always great. That  is why you are called Mahatma.

Gandhi. Hope you are not pulling my leg.

Nehru. Why should I do that?

Gandhi. What great act he might have done here that warrants his statue at the entrance?

( Gandhi feels that some one is touching him from behind. He looks back and finds well built  man on the pedestal holding a sword)

Gandhi. Bhai. Who are you on this pedestal? Earlier a statue was there.

Murarbaji. Hello friends. I am Murarbaji prabhu. I was the commander of this great fort.

( He jumps from the pedestal holding  the long sword)

Patel. Baji Prabhu sahib. Welcome. We are honored to see you here.

Murarbaji. Who are you guys? From which land you come? You do not look like Marathas. What work you have in this place. This place is desolate and scary too.

Patel. We are the Congress leaders from  this land. My name is patel. The others are MK Gandhi and Jawaharlaal. MK Gandhi is the father of nation.

Murarbaji. Haa..haa.. What is this father of nation? To which nation he gave birth?

Patel. Please do not laugh sir. He gave birth to India .

Murarbaji. What  is this India?

Patel. That is nothing but Bharat or Hindustan.

Murarbaji. Hindustan was there earlier also. How can you give birth to it?

Patel. Sir. It was there. But it was enslaved by Europeans

Murarbaji. Who are they? How could they do? How dare they are to do that. I shall show them what I am.

(Murarbaji lifts his sword with great vigor and swings in air   and  sings )

I am the great commander  Murar baji

I shall cut the guys like aalu pyaz and  bhaji

Show me the guys who enslaved  this land

And I shall cut them to pulp with this sword in my hand

Patel. Please cool down sir. The English men have already gone away.

Murarbaji. How? Did you kill most of them?

Patel. We did not kill. They only went away from here.

Murarbaji. Why? They must haves some reason for that.

Patel. We launched non co operation by masses. They got vexed up and went away.

Murarbaji. I can not believe that. They can not be that weak who enslaved you. You are hiding some thing from me.

Nehru. Why should we hide?

Murabaji. Just because you guys  did not cooperate they did not run away. I am sure about it. The guys would have surely made a pulp out of you and made you to cooperate.Could you guys dare to do in the days of Aurangzeb or any other Mughal ruler? They would have made an example out of you and that would have made others to fall in line.Understand!

Patel. What you said is  true to some extent.

Murabaji. Not partly bhai. It is fully correct. Next time do not say that they ran away because you guys did not cooperate. Why it was not earlier. Those guys  enslaved you for many years. Give me an answer.

Gandhi. I am sure they had change of heart and realized that they could not rule without the cooperation of locals.

Murarbahji. You think like that. But surely it was not so. Though I am from a different age I know what has happened.

Patel. Kindly tell us.

Murarbji. The country of Englshmen was very powerful  but suffered greatly at the end of World War II.  One of your colleague named Netaji Bose wage war against them by joining their enmies. He raised armed force. He was like Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj. He did not believe in non violence and Ram Bhajan. Do you know that?

Gandhi. Yes. We know it. We parted ways in  1939 itself. He was from our party.

Murarbaji. You guys could not adjust to his presence in the party.

Gandhi. It is not like that.

Murarbaji. Please do not interrupt and listen to me.

Gandhi. Sorry sir.

Murarbaji.  The Englishmen were rather shocked at Bose’s ways and they could no longer depend on British Indian army with which they could rule you. They decided to leave. It is a bad luck that Bose disappeared at the end of World War II. If he was present he would have become father of nation surely.He would have ruled with iron hand.

Nehru. It is up to people to decide.

Patel. Your case in 1947 was not decided by people. Bapu decided to make you the PM.

Gandhi. I never wanted to become father of nation. In fact it is a burden.

Murarbaji. What burden are you taking brother.Any how, you guys are lucky that Bose was no more on the scene. You enjoyed power and your  children and grand children   are enjoying power.

Gandhi. My children are no more on scene. They had no power.

Patel. Same case with me.

Murarbaji. How about the third guy? He is keeping quiet.

Nehru. No doubt we enjoyed power, but it is not their fault. People elected them.

Murarbaji. The party  was turned into that state.All guys were turned into dummies. Haa..haa..haa. Any how,  I am not bothered. As you sow so you reap.

Patel. True. I agree with you sir. You guys worked hard for Shivaji Maharaj with selfless devotion. Now the guys  serve leaders with selfish motives. They go down into dark pages of history.

Murarbaji. No one will ever remember you after another 100 years.

Patel. I doubt the  country remains intact after 100 years. We are in deep trouble.

Murabaji. Keep doing  Ram Bhajan as per your practice while your enemies hammer you black and blue from all sides staying right next to you and amidst you. Shame on you guys. You have no spirit. I am fed up of  even  looking at you.

( There is a big flash and  Murabaji climbs the pedestal and turns into statue. Slowly the clouds clear off and bright sun shows itself)

Patel. Bapu, Let us go inside and see the fort.

Gandhi ( Wipes his fore head). What a guy he was! Let us go inside.

Ehru. Bapu, Should we go ? I am feeling tired. I shall stay here and wait for you.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Please  follow us. Or else, Murarbaji might come gain.

Nehru. Oh! No I shall come with you.

Patel. Hee..Hee,, There you are.

        ( The trio enters the fort while Murarbaji smiles on pedestal)

                                          CURTAIN FALLS

Thursday, January 10, 2013


 WHAT MADE MLA AKBARUDDIN OF AIMIM  TO INCITE VIOLENCE AND                                      
                                 CHALLENGE   THE NATION?
                                              DR K Prabhakar Rao
               The MLA Akbaruddin Owaissi and his brother the MP Asaduddin Owaissi grew bolder daily for the past few years.  They understood the weakness of democracy in India and particularly of Congress party. The pseudo secular policies of the govt and never ending policies of appeasement by the rulers have made the leaders of Muslims to believe that they had a special category in India. They believed that it was not easy for the govt to punish them as the govt was scared of disturbances and world opinion. The appeasement of minorities have crossed all limits and they knew that Babri Maszid demolition and Gujrat riots after Godhra Carnage are their trump cards for any time and now and then they have been raking up passions with  threatening  words and  utterances. MLA Akbaruddin Owaissi did exactly the same. In Old city MIM party is strong. It has become necessary for these fundamentalist leaders to instigate their followers periodically for survival and vote politics.
             In fact Congress party   as  a  policy has been  resorting to appeasement of minorities. They bank on Muslim votes and co operation to capture power in state and in local bodies.  Fundamentally Islamic parties are  against Hindutwa parties as a principle as the main agenda of Hindutwa parties is the achievement of Akhand Bharat that goes against the  creation of Pakistan and  Bangladesh and spells domination of Hindus whoa re in majority. Andhra Maha Sabha too fought against Nizams policy very bitterly  before police action in 1948. The congress govt at centre after partition adopted a policy of reconciliation ( Rather appeasement)  with the Muslims who remained in India. However this attitude has been seen as a utter weakness  of  the government. There was no let up in the last 60 years. Year after year,  the same policy continued. During these years, India and Pakistan fought three full scale and one Kargil limited war. Bangladesh was created not before causing very great humiliation to Pakistan where more than a l  lakh Pak soldiers were taken as PW. However India stood as one nation during these wars. The bitter confrontation over Kashmir also  resulted in growth of Kashmir militancy that was abetted, funded and quartered by Zia Ul haq the Pak  President who rested power from Zulfikhar Ali Bhuuto. Since then, the undeclared terrorist war is  going on without let up and Kashmir continues to live under constant army vigil. Inability to gain success by   terrorism across the border in Kashmir also resulted in growth of other terrorist organizations within the country for internal destabilization and to make India bleed internally.
                Demolition of Babri Maszid  which was under a continuous dispute over years during the reign of PV Narsimha Rao was  very important factor in Hindu Muslim  relations. The incident has resulted in many communal clashes in the country and bitterness increased. Polarization of communities took place. Babri Maszid action  committe was formed and Sultan Saluddin Owaissi of MIM at Hyderabad became a  spokes person for Muslim cause. Every year  black flag demonstration  is being held at Hyderabad to condemn the incident.  Saluddinn Owaissi dreamt of emerging  as an all India Muslim leader, but did not succeed. He remained purely a regional Muslim leader . All was not also well for MIM in Hyderabad.  Internal fissures developed deep due to domination of Owaissi family in the party. As  a consequence,  Amanullah   Khan a strong leader from MIM parted ways and formed another party called Majlis Bacho Tehrik. ( MBT) ( An organization to save Majlis). This party gave a stiff fight to MIM in old city of Hyderabad and captured many assembly seats too. However after the sudden death of  strong Amanullah Khan the party MBT became weak and MIM again regained it’s position. At present, MIM is almost a  family party of Owaissis very much  like Congress party of India where none has voice other than family members of Nehru dynasty. Sultan Salauddin Owaissi ensured no inner party democracy and the family called the shots everytime.

                     After Police action in 1948 when Nizam 7 was crushed by police action, great fissures   developed in the state between the communities and Muslims withdrew from the main stream. They  were huddled in Ghetto like Old Hyderabad. They suffered in education and limited their children to Madrasas. However of late slowly they are changing but concepts remain same. Some of the educated elite of the community  left old city to stay in better areas. But religion plays a key role in a Muslims life. For them religion comes first and always first. Inspite of this, Hindus and Muslims of Indian army fought all Indo- Pak wars with great unity. Many Muslim soldiers  laid down their lives for the country. This is a  great thing to feel proud of.
                   Some time ago, Tasleema Nasreen of Bangladesh was attacked by MIM party members including the party  MsLA   Afsar Khan, Ahmed Pasha and Mozum Khan   at Hyderabad Press club when she visited the city. Luckily, she escaped death. Although some cases have been booked including one against the writer none of the party mebers has been punished till date. They threatened that she would be killed if she visited Hyderabad again.  Every one forgot about it and govt failed to pursue the case and MIM grew bolder.  MLA Akbaruddin quoted this in his hate speech. He questioned,
“What happened to Tasleema Nasreen?  Where is she now?...” The MLA has grown very bold  crossed all limits and has gone berserk in his speech  as people cheered him and thus he lost his right to be representative of the people   as  has taken office on oath. He has to be dealt as per law very severely so that others will learn lessons.
                 India as stated from the beginning followed appeasement police towards Muslims. There are innumerable instances where the govt buckled under pressure and gave a long rope to them. There are some  very vital events where Indian govt failed miserably to act form. These are :
1.In case of Shabano, the Rajiv Govt subverted supreme court judgment politically and made mockery of justice in India. It was done to appease the community.
2.Muslims refused to sing Vandemataram and this was overlooked.
3. Shahi Imam of Jama Maszid in Delhi made anti national and subversive remarks several times and no action was taken   against him.
4. In the case of Naseeruddin, accused in murder  of Hiren pandya a Gujarat minister , local Mulsims including Burqa clad women in Hyderabad clashed with police personnel   near DGP office. In the firing that followed, a relative of Naseeruddin died.  Subsequently Naseeruddin was given bail and till date  the case is yet to be finalized.
5.Old city of Hyderabad has earned the notorious name of being center for most of the terrorist planning in India. Illegal Bangladeshis  and over staying Pakistanis are reportedly staying in the localities. Police personnel have been attacked with impunity in old city several times.
6.Asaduddin Owaissi the MP from AIMIM gave a speech in parliament recently and threatened that Muslim youth would rise in terrorism if Assam problem of Muslims is not resolved in their favor. He got away after making such damaging statement unbecoming of an MP.
7.The culprits including three MsLA of AIMIM in the attack on  Tasleema  Nasreen of Bangladesh at Hyderabad Press club  some time ago have not yet been punished. They threatened to kill her if she ever visited the city.
8. The culprits of the attack on Tasleema Nasreen were publicly honored by Sultan Saluddin Owaissi in Hyderabad. Govt had no guts to act. It looked other way. The criminals were glorified as gladiators.
9. Dargah e Shahdat of Hyderabad openly advocated violence in Hyderabad. Though it has been banned no concrete punishments have been given to the guilty.
10. The murderer of IPS officer Krishna Prasad  in Hyderabad has been left on bail and he again indulged in anti national activities, He has not been hanged for his crimes.
11. A MLA of AIMIM opened fire into air in public place some time ago to create fear and got Scot free.
12. More than  90 % Muslims  voted for Pakistan  during partition  and scores stayed back in India taking advantage of Indian declaration that all are welcome to stay. However many  maintained dual loyalties. India started off with great disadvantage and continues to suffer till date.
13. Babri Masjid demolition and violence in Gujarat after Godhra Carnage caused deep fissures between communities and the minority leaders use the incidents to incite passions. Some time ago, the rally taken out on the annual black day  of Babri demolition consisted of personnel dressed in the attire of Yasser Arafat the Palestine leader wielding automatics ( Toy guns). This shows the mind set of people for confrontation and violence.
14. The govt has taken many years to hang Kasab the terrorist of 26/11 showing the weakness of govt.
15. Afzal Guru condemned to death for attack on parliament is yet to be hanged.
16.Mulayam Singh Yadav pleaded  for sparing SIMI in India. It sent wrong signals to the fundamentalists.
17, The Villain of Razakar movement Kasim Razvi  has been glorified by a section of minorities of Hyderabad city. No action has been taken   against such men.
18.Bahadurayar Jung the first chief of MIM during Nizam’s time  was a strong supporter  for creation of Pakistan and independent Hyderabad. He suddenly died before partition of India allegedly due to cyanide poisoning in Hookah at a party.  He is highly respected in Pakistan . In  Hyderabad, he has been glorified and lectures are conducted in his memory. Govt closes its eyes.
19. MIM party was banned after Police action in 1948 . But it was allowed to function after some years as a policy of appeasement. Slowly it became strong in city. Now it is called AIMIM although it is not known outside Hyderabad and AP.
                     From the above few quoted incidents, it can be seen that the Indian govt never acted swiftly and strongly whenever minorities were involved in any offences. This has resulted in a situation where the community has started believing that nothing can happen to  the offenders and they  could always get away easily. The local AP govt which always tried to win their confidence by all measures has to take the blame for the present situation apart from the national leaders.  Every one has to be equal infront of law and no one is above it. Sadly this has not been so. Hence the present situation, where a MLA from AIMIM  could dare the nation with serious threats of violence, mass killings and blood bath. Law has to take its own course. The fact is that it should be allowed to take its own course without interference if public confidence is to be gained. Hope the Police personnel of AP will be allowed to proceed in this case without political interference which is a usual practice.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


                     WHY MLA AKBARUDDIN OF MIM COULD GET BOLDER AND                        
                                                        CHALLENGE THE NATION                       
                                                               DR K Prabhakar Rao

                           The MLA Akbaruddin Owaissi grew bolder daily for the past few years. He understood the weakness of democracy in India and particularly of Congress party. The pseudo secular policies of the govt and never ending policies of appeasement by the rulers have made the leaders of Muslims to believe that they had a spacial category in India. They believed that it was not easy for the govt to punish them as the govt was scared of disturbances and world opinion. The appeasement of minorities have crossed limits and they knew that Babri Maszid demolition and Gujrat riots after Godhra Carnage are their trump cards for any time and now and then they have been raking up passions with these utterances. Akbaruddin did the same. In Old city MIM party is strong. It has become necessary for these fundamentalist leaders to instigate their followers periodically for survival and vote politics.

                            After Police action in 1948 when Nizam 7 was crushed great fissures have developed in the state between the communities and Muslims withdrew from the main stream. They are huddled in Ghetto like Old Hyderabad. They suffered in education and limited their children to Madrasas. However of late slowly they are changing. But religion plays a key role in a Muslims life.
Some time ago Tasleema Nasreen of Bangladesh was attacked by MIM party members including an MLA at Hyderabad when she visited the city. Luckily she escaped death.Although some cases have been booked none has been punished till date. Every one forgot about it and govt failed to pursue the case and MIM grew bolder. This Akbaruddin quoted in his hate speech. He questioned..
What happened to Tasleema Nasreen?. Where is she now?... The MLA has grown very bold and has gone berserk in his speech and thus lost his right to be representative of the people who has taken office on oath. He has to be dealt as per law very severely so that others will learn lessons.

Friday, January 4, 2013


                                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                          In India govt has failed to protect lives of its citizens. Neither it can protect as events have proved.. In India Population is overflowing while police force is highly limited and commitmnet has dwindled. They are more busy with VIP security. Crimes are growing. Then why can't Indians be allowed to buy guns freely like in USA where citizens have right to bear arms as per their constitution. Americans bear arms as they have to fight even the govt when it goes against the citizens. In India a peace loving citizen almost can not get a license for arms. When he faces a criminal who is armed with a modern weapon like a hand gun, he becomes helpless.Kitchen knives will not do.then there is a limit to length of blade one can possess. Can a citizen defend himself when is attacked with a sword by a criminal? Criminals, Goons, real estate agents,contractors ( Ill famed too), Chors, Lafangas and Badmash in the guise of politicians etc can easily get arms license, but not a law abiding citizen.. A genuine person faces infinite hurdles to get the license . Then there is a restriction on barrel bores of weapons such as prohibitive and non prohibitive and whether it is semi auto, automatic or not. Some may claim that in America some men are killing innocent freely. Such things happened in India too. Dacoit queen Phoolan Devi massacred many with her illegal weapons and later became an MP too.One can not stop mad people from doing crimes. Illegal Tapanchas i.e country made hand guns flourish in northern India in all districts particularly UP and Bihar. Naxalites are flaunting their illegal weapons freely and some time ago they held discussions with AP state officials with impunity.Law is only for law abiding ones.If the raped girl of Delhi had a small pistol with her , she would have shot dead the guys immediately without any mercy and could save her honor.Any amount of tears and statements by national leaders can bring back her honor.How can any one decide the value of a womans honor? A shameful act indeed. A point to ponder over indeed.

                     Our constitution guarantees protection to all citizens and it is the responsibility  of govt and is a state subject. The Govt would argue that when law enforcing agencies are there everywhere where is the need for right to bear arms in a country like India. We have fad of non violence while much violence has taken place in this country. In most of the cases unarmed victims have been killed by assailants. Can police protect each and every one all the time? humanly not possible. The govt expects orderly behaviors in society and fear of law. Violence will come down only when law process is prompt and severe. However in India things are opposite. Violence will prevail in such cases. Criminalization of politics, role of money is politics, running after quick money and lust for women are the root causes for violence.There are provisions in law that states that if a person kills the assailant in self defense he is not to be convicted. But he has to prove that he was in real danger of grave harm.The proving is extremely difficult and the victims hesitate to hit back in fear of law. In process he is put to severe harm. When govt can not guarantee lives of people by law or action, obviously it has no right to stop people from defending themselves or their family members..


                                     SHOULD BE PUNISHED VERY SEVERELY

                                         DR K Prabhakar Rao

                  The MLA Akbaruddin Owaissi of AIMIM ( Formerly MIM of  Razakar  Times) proved himself unworthy of his position. He delivered a hate speech at Nirmal in Adilabad district of AP State instigating Muslims against Hindus. He was very critical of Narendra Modi the CM of Gujrat and demanded that he should be hanged. He gave an example and stated that Kasab the Pakistani national was hanged  recently for act of terrorism where he killed innocents at Bombay. He fiercely questioned why Modi can not be hanged for  killing of innocent Muslims after Godhra Carnage in Gujrat. His speech is outrageous and he proved himself to  be a very dangerous person who could disturb Hindu Muslim unity in the country. He is required to be disciplined soon.

          Kasim Razvi the Chief of MIM during the rule of Last Nizam 7 did similar things in past and emerged as the most dangerous fundamentalist in Hyderabad. He advocated Islamization of Hyderabad state in order to achieve independence.  Razakar atrocities are well known. The militant outfit which had blessings of Nizam 7 committed grave crimes such as dacoities, mass rapes og Hindu women, murders,  abductions and , destruction of properties. There was no crime that they did not commit. Kasim Razvi was  named as the Frankenstein  in Hyderabad  by Sardar Patel. Razvi was arrested after police action and was jailed for 10 years for Bibinagar dacoity case after a trial.  No doubt, he received lesser punishment while he deserved hanging. He was allowed to go to Pakistan after his release where he died unsung and un heard. Laik Ali the PM of Nizam 7 was allowed to escape to Pakistan from custody.  All other cabinet guys of Nizam were not punished including DGP Deen yar Jung and Hyderabad Army chief Maj gen El Edroos.. Hyderaad army soldiers were absorbed in to India army while INA men were thrown out. Probably Congress will never learn lessons from past.

                    Is Akbaruddin following  Razvis  footsteps?  He has to be disciplined and mischief  should be nipped in bud so that he does not spread hatred between communities. This should not be taken lightly by the Govt with a view to capture  Muslim  votes. Congress did it in 1948. Appropriately a case has been booked against him in a court in Hyderabad and proceedings are being conducted. This is a very crucial incident and  any apology given by him to escape punishment should be  turned down and he has to be punished. He  deserves to  be disqualified and jailed. However,   it is left to courts.


                         MLA ( AIMIM)AKBARUDDIN OWAISSI'S HATE
                                            SPEECH AT NIRMAL

                                           Prof Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                               Akbaruddin Owaissi the Hyderabad MLA from the party All India Majlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen ( AIMIM) and son of former Salar e millat late Sultan Saluddin Owaissi supremo of MIM ( Former MP) and grandson of late Wahab Owaissi ( He took over MIM from Kasim Razvi before he was allowed to go to Pakistan) gave a hate speech at Nirmal in Adilabad district of AP state recently in which he threatened great violence and blood bath against Hindus, insulted and mocked at Lord Rama, hurt the sentiments of Hindus and greatly provoked Muslims for violent actions against Hindus. He did not identify himself as an Indian citizen and obviously it amounts to treason and waging war against India. After 10 days of his speech, a native of Hyderabad filed a complaint against him in an Hyderabad court and the Hon court directed the police that the MLA be immediately booked for giving hate speech. Consequently he has been charged under various sections of IPC and he is likely to be arrested soon. Police stated that there was no delay as they were examining the speech for the hate content and were taking legal opinions.

                       The MLA is now in London for some medical treatment. Police, as per news, directed him to report back to Hyderabad. Reportedly a non- bailable warrant has been issued against him. Now it has to be seen whether the govt of AP will go strong against him as very serious charges are pressed against him and the punishment could be death or life imprisonment. MIM was a close partner for congress party at Hyderabad till recently. MIM withdrew support for the congress party after some fissures developed recently. The CM Kiran Kumar Reddy instead of condemning his hate speech, remarked that law would take its own course.

                       We have to see whether the MLA would return back to Hyderabad to face trial. If he does not return, will the govt ask for arrest of the MLA by Interpol and bring him back to Hyderabad to face music. It is high time, he is booked and punished for hate mongering. Reportedly he gave hate speeches earlier too and none bothered. Some of the hate statements made by him are given below ;-

1.Oh Hindustan!People threaten Muslims that Modi is coming soon. What Modi can do? Thousands of Modis have come and gone. Where is Tasleema Nasreen? There is no trace of her. Hey Modi! Come to Hyderabad. We shall show you what we are. Modi has won election at Gujrat. So What! He is dreaming of becoming PM of India. We shall see how he would become.( He was obviously glorifying violent actions of MIM against Tasleema Nasreen of Bangla Desh ( woman writer of book Lajja) at Press club in Hyderabad some time ago and she would have been killed but for the brave resistance of the members present there. Till date, no action is taken against the goons including an MLA from MIM in the incident. Naturally members of MIM are growing bolder are glorifying their action. In other words, he threatened Modi of similar act if he ever visited Hyderabad.)

2.To day ,I have mike in my hand, tomorrow I might have something different. ( Obviously he meant he might wield a sword or a gun meaning he would lead violence against Hindus.)

3. India will witness blood shed of that magnitude which has not occurred in last 1000 years.( He obviously and openly threatened that Muslims would wage war against Hindus resulting in great killings that never happened in the last 1000 years. One should know that lot of violence like murders, looting, rapes, abduction of women and girls took place only during Muslim invasion in India

4. Hinduthan.. Arre ( a slang urdu word) Oh Hindsthan! You say that Muslims are only 25 crores while Hindus are 100 crores…I say remove police for just 15 minutes and see and it will be shown who will be where…. ( He addressed India as Hindusthan as if he was not an Indian and as if he was an outsider from the country. Obviously he did not identify himself as Indian national. He openly threatened that if police is not there for 15 minutes, Muslims would kill Hindus in very great numbers i.e mass killings.

5. You guys say Ram was born at Ayodhya. When and where? Few lakhs years ago you say. We are not sure of 1000 years history, and how can you speak of few lakhs of years? There are three pandits in Ayodhya who claim three places in Ayodhya as birth places of Ram. Ram’s mother Kausalya was from Haryana. As per Hindu customs, the woman goes to her parents to deliver her first child. In Haryana there is a place called Kausalyapuram. Ram must have been born there. To what all places Kausalya had gone? I also know things. ( He mocked at Hindu beliefs and insulted Hindu sentiments)

.                         The above reflect how dangerous he is! How perverted and short sighted he is unbecoming of an MLA! He is a threat to Hindu Muslim peace and relations and also to the nation. The best place for him to live obviously has to be behind bars like a caged mad wild animal. Hope the Govt will not buckle under pressures as it happened to Kasim Razvi after police action in 1948 .

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


                              INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…284

                                        Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru  and Patel are seen at Delhi airport. They are outside the gate and watching the crowd. Lot of Police men are also seen. All look grim. Deathly silence is seen everywhere)

Gandhi. Patel, The area looks not normal.  At this odd hour many police men  are there. What can be there?

Patel. I am not sure. But there is something secret.

Nehru. What can be such secret? Hope some terrorist is not being handed over to Pakistan.

Gandhi. How can it be? They have not hijacked any Indian plane or  kidnappedany important personality from India. We should be careful. Some one might   kidnap us  and demand ransom for release of criminals.

Patel. Hee..heee..

Nehru. What is there to laugh?

Patel. I am laughing at Bapus words. He thinks we are still important.No one will pay even a paisa for our release. They would be happy that they got rid of us.

Gandhi. Patel. Please do not   exaggerate. Indians love us greatly.

Patel. Bapu, enough. The love is only for election purpose and for drawing crowds. ( Sings)

Bapu naam japna
Paraya maal apna
Ho Paraya mal apnaa

Desh hai tera dekh
Bande  ..Desh hai tera dekh
Lootna hai isse din raat….
Desh hai tera dekh
Jhooti jag ki ye hai maya
Tera kaya badal chaya
Kaal mitayega sab kuch tera
Desh hai tera dekh.. Bande

Gandhi. Shhh.. People are watching us. Please keep silent,

( In the mean time high security convoy arrives silently and Dr MMS gets down from the car accompanied by Soniaji. Both are in black dresses as if they are going for a mourning.  They are escorted in side with commandoes following closely. Gates are closed quickly not before trapping a poor  dog between the gates. It cries loudly…waa..waaa…koo;;;koo bow..boww.)

Gandhi. Patel. Poor soul. It might be hurt badly. What can be matter? Is American President arriving in  secrecy? Nothing has been written in news papers.

Patel. Bapu. These are high level dramas. How do we know? We can only watch the show. Once they are in the chairs, we  have to watch them for 5 years  whether you like it or not. We are sentenced for 5 years.

Gandhi. Hf.. huf.. ( Wipes his eyes)

( Suddenly great commotion is  noticed as an aircraft lands in hurry.Gandhi and {Patel go  to a near by tea shop)

Tea vendor. My name is  Dukhia.  Bauji. Like to have a small single tea?

Patel. Why single? We are two. Give us full two tea.

Gandhi. Bhai. What is the matter? PM has arrived at this time?

Dukhiya. Don’t you know? The dead body of the girl who died in Singapore  has arrived just now.

Patel. Say body only. It has to be dead only.

Gandhi. Poor girl. I feel sad. It is   strange that PM  has come to see it.

Dukhia. He has to. There is no way. You know what happened at Vijay chowk few days ago. He reacted very slowly after assault on her while Delhi burned with rage.At last he opened his mouth.

Patel. He is careful  now and does not want to take chances with youth.

Dukhiya. True sir. But poor girl has died. Probably she would have lived if she was not taken there.

Patel. God wished so. There is nothing in our hands. ( Sings)

Teri gattadi me laga
chor musafir jag zara
Jaag zara….

Gandhi. Shh.. This is not time to sing. If the Police see us they will kill us condemning us to be Maoists. This is Delhi

Patel. True. Honourable Shinde sahib the Home minister feels that every other guys is a Maoist.

Patel. Hee..Hee. I was also  Home minister. I broke the back of Communists in Telangana of Hyderabad Nizam state in 1949.

Gandhi, Now they are breaking the backs of our leaders.

Patel. OK. Fine .I shall not sing.

( In the mean time PM and Soniaji  come out in their convoy and drive away.)

Dukhiya. They have gone finally after doing their job.

Patel. We have to see what happens  now in day time at the funeral of the girl.

Gandhi. These guys  are  very clever. They might have made some  plans to complete the funeral job in hush hush.

Nehru. It has to be done. Otherwise again trouble will erupt. Shinde sahib is worried about Maoists.

Patel. Sometimes harsh decisions have to be taken to maintain law  and order.Whatever has been done can not be undone. There is a word called… Theek hai.. for everything and is used by DR MMS very often.

Gandhi. Any how, bad thing has happened. One has to be very careful while using such phrases. The incident has tarnished nation’s image. Foreign ladies too would feel scared to visit India.

Patel. It was no better earlier too. Bapu, Now the  girl   has died. So they can hang the criminals.

Gandhi. It has to be seen. This is a clear case of rape, assault and  murder too. She was mercilessly beaten causing grievous  injuries and pushed out of bus with intentions of causing her death. She died too. So the they are to be punished.

Patel. Will hanging be fine?

Gandhi.  Why not? The nation wants it. But our doubt masters and legal  advisers have to act quickly if they have to gain public confidence. The nation has no confidence in our leaders and law process in fact.

Patel. True. Our history is like that. Why blame people? They are correct.The people geta govt what they deserve.

( In the mean time Nehru also joins them )

Nehru. Bapu. I am feeling cold. How about a round of tea?

Patel. Why not? Bhai serve us hot double tea.

Dukhiya. OK Sir

( He serves tea to the trio and they walk away with tea cups sipping on way)
In the distance Surendranath is heard singing.:-

Jag mein ram nam hi sahara
Jag mein ram nam hi sa hara
Bhai bandhu ko choom ke bina
Chod diya….aaaa
Jag mein ram nam his hara

Bhayi kehata teer hamara
Maa Kahteehai ankho ka tara
Dar pe chod chale sab mujh ko
Jag mein ram nam his hara
Jag mein ram nam his hara         ( Song from Gramophone singer 1938)

                                                CURTAIN FALLS

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       Birha ki aag lagi more ma.n mein  Deccan Queen 1936. MD Pransuk nayak, Lyrics.. Zia Sarhadi 

                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao
birah ki aag lagi more man me
birah ki aag lagi more man me
birah ki aag lagi more man me

tujh bin ji kar khud manana
nish din jalna ashk bahana
nish din jalna ashk bahana
rat kate nain na lage
birah ki aag lagi more man me
birah ki aag lagi more man me

chayi badariya kari kari 
phul khila bari bari
pyar ke bina pyar ki rate
pyar ke bina pyar ki rate
koyal kukat ban me
birah ki aag lagi more man me
birah ki aag lagi more man me