Saturday, August 22, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

Technical education in State is down the drain
Where many nuts and bolts get the coveted seats
The State has now got into a dirty cesspool
And struggling around it is doing many circus feats

The Colleges have multiplied in hundreds
And managed by mostly many the shady men
For most of them making money is the sole aim
They run after money like a cock is after a virgin hen

Few shady men get together to float a group
With no clue in the education and its worth
They put- on white clothes however oh! Dear
Alas! For dubious men in the State there is no dearth.

Some change the Faculty every year
That they save money in the lean months
Quality of education is in deep drains
While the society is eaten by these moths

Some change the Principals too often
That they are saved of giving annual pay rise
In most of the places these are mere ceremonial men
And many stay away from the cesspools having become wise.

Some give in the news for top mans post
Only to show during inspections and visits
All other times a stooge runs the show at the college
While ethics are already down in drainage pits

At some places Faculty change everyday
They catch some one to stand on dais and loudly bray
Students are taken for a wild goose chase
All nuts and clowns are in this miserable fray

Most of the Faculty guys are cheated at end
While that on top make a fast buck
Aim is to make money by all possible means
They are sure to loose soon their ill-gotten luck

Some show heavens to Staff in their palm
While their hearts are the dirtiest filth
These guys are the shadiest men on this land
For such nuts in this State there is no dearth

Many dark greedy men are now in this business
To make money and cheat the entire parents
These guys are to be shown the back door
And none for their present fate is required to lament

Technical education in the State is on a crash course
Those on top managing have no remorse
Engineering colleges sprung up on roadside gutters
And parents of the children are having the jitters

There was a time when only few colleges were there
Standards in these were found to be fair
Students passed out came out with flying colors
And they were fresh as the morning flowers

In these dirty days of miserable times and politics
Where our elected leaders play dirty tricks and antics
The leaders in this business found a golden goose
The pseudo colleges in the society have been let loose

Most of these colleges have shady men on top
For them money making is the only aim without a stop
Some are builders, Contractors and milk and liquor traders
Most of them in society are the great corruption breeders

All these colleges have a political guy at the helm
Poor helpless parents swallow their own infected flum.
All the rules and regulations are violated to the hilt
And Govt decisions are turned in favor and they tilt

The entire process is a murky and shady game
Govt has failed miserably to control and tame
The pseudo colleges are taking the society on a camel ride
While most of the shamless men wear thick Water buffalo hide

All these colleges sign that all is very well
That they would develop although everything is a hell
The students are on a wild goose chase
Very soon many would vanish without a trace

Universities aim at empire building in the State
And students are left to their sad fate
With many colleges under their thumb
Most of the guys are growing fat and plump

Whimsical rules are the order of the day
Students are forced to eat dry hay
Summary decisions are the routine features
Poor students are treated as wild creatures

Some of the colleges are devoid of some labs
And the students pass out without a sob
Those on top do saber rattling as a threat
And all is forgotten after a good treat

All the Principals are seen as a suspect
And kids are deputed as observers to inspect
Years of service of seniors professors and men
Are now drowned in the game with a stroke of a pen.

These kids expect five star treatments at the college
And University cries that they face seniors- shortage
The guys are transported in luxury cars
While some are also treated in flashy bars

Four question papers are now made for each subject
All have different questions without a clear object
None can copy from each other in a test
University feels copying is now put to rest

The students face unequal papers at tests
Some face crisis while other have a ball
The swanky method is devoid of natural justice to a student
While those on top failed to be prudent

For some ones fancy students suffer and fail
However those on top feel all is on the rail
The students chase a woodcock in their career
And are poor to fight the State oh! Dear

All this is a mere cess pool
However all take it very cool
It is all crooks galore
Finally this would fade into the folklore

Technical education is now in a dirtiest shit pot
The demand for seats is no more hot
Most of the seats now would remain blank
The truth is still not seen by the cranks

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

Sambhaji Maharaj ( 1657-1689 ) was the eldest son of the great Chatrapathi Shivaji maharaj who has established a Hindu kingdom in 17 century right under the nose of Emperor Aurangzeb the last great Mughal as depicted by the Indian historians. He was born at Purandhar fort on 11 May 1657 to Shivaji and SaiBai. No amount of praise is sufficient in glorifying the patriot King Shivaji maharaj. Sambhaji who succeeded Shivaji to the Maratha throne in 1681 was no way less than his father. His martyrdom after few years of rule at the hands of Mughals is a testimony to his great patriotism and commitment to the Hindu cause (1).
Sambhaji in the days of youth as per some historians was reportedly pleasure seeking and drew the displeasure of his father. This can not be believed. Sambhaji was great scholar and was master of Sanskrit and eight other languages. It is also learnt that he also went to Mughals for some time. Annoyed at his conduct Shivaji put him under confinement in 1678 at a fort. After Shivajis death, efforts were made to crown Raja ram as the successors to Shivaji by Sorabai the second queen of Shivaji. However Sambhaji acted swiftly and won the confidence of the commanders and chieftains.. e came out of confinement and marched towards Rajgarh , the capital. By the time he reached Rajgarh his forces swelled to 20000 and the fort gates were thrown open and he was welcomed. In those crucial years a strong king was the need of the hour and important commanders favored Sambhaji to Rajaram. Sambhaji was thus crowned as Chatrapathi succeeding illustrious Shivaji (2).

Sambhaji drew the wrath of Emperor Aurangzeb when he gave asylum to Mughal prince Akbar who revolted against his father Aurangzeb and declared himself as the Emperor. Prince Akbar was escorted to Sambhaji by the Rajput commanders who were followers of the great warrior Durga das Rathod. However Prince Akbar left to Persia after getting disillusioned as Sambhaji was engaged in other local conflicts. The next seven years Sambhaji fought Mughals relentlessly and mostly succeeded. It is believed that he patronized a minister named Kavi Kulash from North India and historians claim that Kavi Kulash was responsible for Sambhaji’s waywardness. He was betrayed by one of his relatives Ganoji Shirke when he was in the fort of Sangameswar 20 miles from Ratnagiri that was impregnable. The Mughal commander Mukarrab Khan with his forces was led to the fort by the traitor in 1688 and Sambhaji was caught unawares on 01 Feb 1689. It is also learnt that the traitor Ganoji Shirke was annoyed with Sambhaji at the loss of hereditary WATAN that was abolished. He was taken to Aurangzeb where he was tortured severely and emperor offered to release him if he accepted Islam and gave out details od wealth, handed over all his forts and gave away the names of Mughal commanders who helped him.. But Sambhaji bluntly refused. Inhuman torture followed and Sambhaji’s tongue was cut off and his body was cut and pieces were thrown to dogs and down the river. But Sambhaji did not yield. Sambhaji was then blinded and finally hanged on 11 March 1689 at Tulapur. His head was cut off and stuffed and then it was paraded in towns. It is believed that the people of the Tulapur collected the pieces of Sambhaji as many they could , stitched them together and cremated him at Vadhu. Thus brave Sambhaji faded into to history having become a Martyr and he became a Dharma veer.

Some of the historians have depicted Sambhaji in most derogatory terms based on the writings of Muslim historians. Even eminent historian Sir Jadunath Sircar depicted him as wayward, alcoholic and fallen. His depiction is most tragic by the pseudo historians and Sambhaji’s greatness is no way reduced by such irresponsible writings. These are just not believable. They wrote that Sambhaji said, he would not accept Islam even if the emperor offered his daughter in marriage. He is accused by the historians as a rude one who accused Aurangzeb as the Hindu hater and resorting to ill governance. It could be true that Sambhaji in his younger days was a pleasure seeker. But having succeeded his father, he fought for Hindu cause and held the flag high. With death of Sambhaji, Aurangzeb believed that Maratha power was over, but it did not happen. For the next 20 years the emperor was stuck in Deccan fighting the rejuvenated and inspired Marathas under Rajaram, Tara Bai wife of Raja ram and the valiant commanders such as Santaji Ghorpad, Dhanaji Jadhav, Prahlad Niraji, Ramchadra Pant, Shankaraji malhar, Parashuram trimbak,. Finally Aurangzeb died of shame, exhausted fully, unable to succeed, dejected, humiliated and worn out. Probably not even a bird would have shed tears over the death of the much hated Aurangzeb when he died in1707 at Ahmednagar (3) (4). His body was relieved of his wretched soul that believed only in hate, treachery, cunningness and cruelty and was devoid of finer tastes and an iota of humility. Sambhaji shines gloriously in Indian history as bravest of brave and his firmness and bravery in face of certain death was far greater than what Shivaji displayed in the court of Mughals where he was insulted and was placed along with lower mansabdars. Sambhaji has become a martyr and immortal and a symbol of bravery of highest order.a The torch lit by Shivaji was upheld bravely by his son against all odds and Marathas became formidable power and Mahadaji sindhia in later years dictated terms to Mughal Empire and East India company in course of time.


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Saturday, August 15, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

All sane thinking people hope that some day some guy would rise and lead the country in a spirited way. But till today, India struggled in the grip of Nehru Gandhi ( Gandy)family. the congress party had some young stalwarts such as Madhav Rao Scindia and Rajesh pilot who were up- coming and were thought to be material to lead the country. But both guys died very young in accidents. Pilot died in a car accident while Scindia died in air crash. These are thought to be mere accidents. But there is always an air of doubt about these accidents ( ?). No party is interested in development of the nation and they are all fishing in troubled waters. In fact MK Gandhi ensured that all opposition to him was cleverly got rid off before Independence was granted to Indians. Netaji Subhas Chadra Bose was the grand example in this case. The Indian political system is based on poor values and corruption that is rampant in the country. The adult franchise in a country where literacy is lacking has been completely clouded by the typical Indian caste barriers, regional feelings, local issues and religious aspects that are narrow. India can never get free from these problems. Democracy has become a mockery It would suffer in this centrifuge and swirling shit pool. All most all political leaders can not come out of their sectarian feuds, selfish motives and regional moorings. The political leaders who are aged, some are unable to even talk and move properly and have to be carried on stretchers and wheel chairs still want to be in the fore front of the dirty game and do all tricks to remain in lime light. There is not a single agency in the country that is free of corruption. What hope people can have? The credit must be given to the Englishmen who established some working form and methods in administration throughout the country that is taking care of the country even to day.Or else the nation would have broken long ago. The railways was laid by the English men to which we could hardly add any thing in 60 years,. The bridges built by them are still going strong while those built by us have been washed off. The defense forces that are aping English men still are loyal to the constitution and guarding the country from perils. Luckily they have not been politicized in spite of their degradation over the years. All kudos to them. Next door in Pakistan we can see what is happening. Similar things happened in Bangladesh. the slavish mentality and feudalistic aping and slavery have made people to vote for same family again and again at the call of sermons and some catchy words. Reality is not seen. The electorate does not see the damage to the nation by the pseudo secularists. the damage continues to be done day and night while the nation inches towards self destruction and balkanization. In USA the states are made by just drawing vertical and some horizontal lines irrespective of ethnic grouping. The language based division of the country in the past has done the greatest damage to this country and has resulted in regional feelings and many are even harboring of breaking away from union too. Tamil nadu is the example . they have already threatened to become independent in the past during the time of Periyar. The rulers are shit scared to touch them. What Karunaanidhi did to Rama Sethu is well known. He abused lord Rama. Whole India watched and leaders gave wide smiles at him. The country is destined to suffer and disintegrate over a period surely. This is not the prediction of a alarmist, but is a bitter truth that is very difficult to swallow unless people wake up and bring a change in the country.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, August 14, 2009


Nuclear Weapons and Crazy Trigger Happy Mullahs of Pakistan

Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Of late, there has been great Euphoria in the world regarding the safety of Nuclear weapons that are in the control of Pakistan. Over the past fortnight, even since the crisis in Pakistan broke and eclipsed every other geopolitical story, including Iraq, US officials and analysts have been speaking in different voices on the subject of a jihadi takeover of Pakistan's nuclear weapons. Apart from India, Pakistan is the only country that has nuclear weapons in the region of sub continent. Thanks to the past US administration that turned Nelsons eye while Pakistan was pursuing the weapon programme under its very nose. Some also believe that USA has clandestinely supported the programme. There is a general fear in the world that the nuclear weapon technology should not pass onto the Muslim countries from where they could find way to the murderous Islamic terrorist outfits and even Mullah dominated Iran and pose threat to world as Islamic bomb. AlQaeda has gained importance after Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan and grew by leaps and bounds on the foundations of hatred towards Western civilization.
Pakistan probably has 60 of these nuclear weapons. The country is going through great instability and General Musharraf was infact had no option except to declare emergency (Martial law in disguise) to control the situation. Whether situation would be controlled or would become worse is a matter of time. Mullahs, fundamentalists and crazy religious medieval war mongers and blood thirsty Wahabi Taliban inspired by AlQaeda is trying to gain control of the country. They made no bones of the intentions. Conflict at Lal maszid in Pakistan where Pak Troops fought the holed up militants (Taliban) is indications of the prevailing dangerous situation in the country. The Mullahs want to take back the country to the times of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) undermining whatever progress the country has made. The country already suffered 32 years of inglorious military dictatorships out of 60 years of pathetic existence fighting wars with neighbors. All most all the Pak rulers met sad fate at the end including civilian and those in uniform. The interesting thing in the military coups in Pakistan is that fortunately there were no mass killings of leaders which is the usual pattern in military coups in Islamic countries? It happened in Bangladesh. Terrorism that flourishes in Waziristan on western borders has also infiltrated into the capital and free for all has become the common culture (1). The political situation is highly unstable in Pakistan. Probably AlQaeda is waiting around the corner along with Taliban to lay hands on the nuclear weapons in the country and it’s known that a bomb in the hands of fundamentalist Mullahs would be like a stone in the hands of a lunatic. Rest can be imagined soon. In this scenario, there has already been demand that America should take over the complete control of these nuclear weapons in Pakistan and prevent them from falling into the hands of the enemies. There was also news in press that America is already in full control of the nuclear arsenal. Sadly that is not so. In recent news it has been understood that terrorists have already attacked Pak nuke facilities two or three times and this aspect has been hushed up.
The important aspect to note is that In Pakistan ISI is as strong while Musharraf in fact ran a shadow government. It could throw out Musharraf if decided. Re emergence of Taliban and AlQaeda in recent time is the hand work of ISI and NATO commanders in Afghanistan have in clear terms accused ISI of complicity in the rise of terrorists (2). In such scenario talk of Musharraf that he was in full control of the affairs is doubtful and as wishful thinking. Although Musharraf claimed to restore democracy soon shedding uniform, another military coup could be around the corner by the next incumbent in uniform. This has happened several times. In fact military and governing in Pakistan are twined close and tight and any civil government in Pakistan would be always at the mercy of Army and Damocles’ sword would be hanging on the civilian head of state. There is no doubt that nuclear weapons in Pakistan are at risk at present. Once the cat is out of the bag it would be not possible to bag it again (3).Now Musharraf has gone and civilian rule is there. But army calls the shots. The civilian show is a mere puppet show while General Kiyani runs the show from behind.
The problem would be how to ensure safety of these weapons. There was also a talk that Pakistan was warned that if required with the help of India the nuclear facilities and the stock could be destroyed by America. The journal Stratfor the most respected in intelligence circles reported recently that the "United States delivered a very clear ultimatum to Musharraf in the wake of 9/11: Unless Pakistan allowed US forces to take control of Pakistani nuclear facilities, the United States would be left with no choice but to destroy those facilities, possibly with India's help (4)." "As the government of Pakistan totters, we must face a fact: the United States simply could not stand by as a nuclear-armed Pakistan descended into the abyss," proposed Frederick Kagan and Michael O'Hanlon, analysts at two Washington DC think-tanks. "One possible plan would be a Special Forces operation with the limited goal of preventing Pakistan's nuclear materials and warheads from getting into the wrong hands."

Is this really possible? Can India really assist US in the plan of securing Pak nukes? Any strategist including the pseudo types, including the arm chair bound, drawing room based whisky sipping, T V watching pseudo guys who never ventured out of their rooms and talking on world strategies and such pseudo watch dogs also probably would not agree that India would be that bold and has guts. It will wheel around and sing Ramdhun. India is land of incompetent leaders that run the show. More time is wasted in dynastic rule and ensuring succession apart from ensuring that Swiss bank balances are not exposed. Can Indian Communists who agitate at every government move and destabilize the government keep quiet? Thanks god these men have been shown the door in recent election and put in real and proper place. The previous Indian government was precariously balanced on a knife edge with communists calling shots of destabilization every time. The congress party for the sake of power has shared the platform of power with the communists whose opposition to US is well known as a matter of policy. Communists coolly forget that USSR the mighty communist state did no come to the rescue of India when China attacked India in 1962. It was United States of America under the dynamic President John F Kennedy that came to the rescue of India. In fact China declared cease fire and withdrew under threat from the American President. Communists have forgotten these facts. These guys are living in out dated concepts and put brave face. Their children run after USS dollars while these guys move in AC cars with security men and stay in posh hotels on visits. What type of communism these guys follow, they only know. Communism has miserably failed every where. It still hopes to cling in India for some time like parasites.
Any government action with USA would be opposed by them and threatens to withdraw support and the Government is blackmailed. In such scenario can India do some thing of this kind to defang Pakistan? Is India that is vacillating and lacking guts and speaking sermons of Gandhi and Buddha capable of such Israel type adventure against its neighbor? It could not take a bold decision in 1948 war with Pakistan that could have effectively sealed the Kashmir dispute. It could not do it earlier in thick of troubles when Indian parliament was attacked by the Pakistan inspired thugs. Can they do it now? It is impossible rather. India that captured more than one lakh prisoners of war comprising of entire East Pakistan army during 1971 war developed cold feet later and handed over them on a platter to Pak premier Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto without negotiating occupied areas of Kashmir. Personal glory of national leaders was more favored than national wellbeing and long term national interests. Some leaders wanted to go down in world history as the greatest negotiators of peace on the earth for all the times to come and in turn landed the Indian nation into dire straits. During 1965 war Indian army almost reached Lahore city and those on top had no guts to capture it and bargain. All territories captured were handed over to the enemy. Probably India would prefer to suffer a nuclear attack by Pakistan and get its people killed than violate ill perceived Gandhian non violence during changed times and commit Hara-kiri. Thus USA has to plan its own action for the safety of Pak nukes.
Pakistan is a failed society in fact. Although General Musharraf has left the civilian rule is tottering. Terrorists have almost came up to national capital stunning the world. Under severe embarrassment Pak army is now fighting a loosing battle in Waziristan and Swat valley. Taliban is still strong. There are infact two Taliban. One is the original Afghan Taliban that slipped into Pakistan after attack on Afghanistan by Nato forces, The second one is the Pak Taliban who want to take over Pakistan and make it a Talibanistan. The struggle goes on even today while Pak claims that it has killed thousands of Taliban. There are millions of Taliban hiding now in Waziristan. Pak army itself is Taliban in hiding. THE RECENT REPORTS OF TERRORIST ATTACKS ON NUCLERA FACILITIES THROW LIGHT ON THE SITUATION. World should wake up to the danger before Taliban and AlQaeda take over Pak nukes and country.
It is very unlikely that Mullahs can capture political power through elections. There are many saner elements in Pakistan who want the country to progress in a modern way. The role of mullah inspired Pak army officers is most important. These need not be Generals. Even middle level officers are equally dangerous to organize coups and hand over the reigns to Mullahs. Nukes in Pakistan are always risky to the world. These days lot of talk is going on about attacking Iran to prevent it from going nuclear. But Pakistan is more dangerous which is already having stock of nuclear weapons in its arsenal. These can easily pass to the thugs and rogue . It has earlier leaked nuclear know how to some of the countries. Dr Khan was the culprit in this case. Thus Pakistan has lost the credibility as a responsible nation that can be trusted with nuclear weapons. It may be an unpleasant task to defang Pakistan a sovereign state. But this would be greatly essential in view of Pakistan emerging as a failed State with no hope in future that it would establish a responsible stable civilian progressive government that can be trusted with the WMD. Probably Pakistan would prove more dangerous to the world peace than Iran in very near future. The world terrorism eminates from Pakistan and it is essential that it is disciplined wit iron hand by the international community.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who is the enemy of a Hindu?


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao

The tragic part is that every Tom Dick and Harry, jack and Jill, Tom and Bum, She and he, Mack and sack, Robert and Herbert, Hilton and Clinton in the world write all cock and bull and nonsense against Hinduism and poor Hindus accept every thing with a smiling face. Hindu goddesses have been painted in nude. Hindu gods have been printed on Toilry seats, Slippers, Hnkys, napkins.Hindu idols and temples are targeted by Mulsims at slightest pretext. It happened in past and continues even to day. Pandits have been forced out of Kashmir.Scores of temples in kashmit have been demolished. Aurangzeb destroyed temples at Kashi, Mathura, at Somanath and at scores of places. Afzal Khan destroyed Tulja Bhavanis temple ( He paid with his life however). But Hindus have been accepting with smiling face singing Ramdhun the famous Gandhis song.. RAGHUPATHI RAAGHAVA RAAJA RAAM... PATHEETHA PAVAN SEETHA RAM.. BOLO..
The Hindus are clueless lot and suffering due to follwing:-
a. Apathy in Hindu society towards any thing that happens
b. Belief in Karma siddhantha that has gone into blood over centuries making them accept everything that comes across as a divine wish and as ordained.
c. Selfishness among the society and Hindus in general are least bothered about what goes on around them. They are highly self centered.
d. Ignrance of own values
e. Permissiveness that has taken to very low level. i.e accept everything that the governnment does and others do to you.
f.Loss of national spirit in the community in general.
g. Very high self centeredness in the Hindu society
h. Loss of cohesion in society due to caste, creed and regional hared that has been exploited by the unscrupulous political leaders today who have been glorifies as great patriots and are being worshipped shamelessly.
i. Effect of Buddhist thought on the society in the past.
j Influence of some of the Past leaders propgating too much appaesement to gain sympathy and craze to reach higher positions for vanity
Unless Hindus overcome these negative qualities, the socity would continue to suffer. Entire world appears to be screwing Hinduism and as a society we are unable to rise and defend ourselves, That is the real tragedy and mockery going on.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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