Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who is the enemy of a Hindu?


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao

The tragic part is that every Tom Dick and Harry, jack and Jill, Tom and Bum, She and he, Mack and sack, Robert and Herbert, Hilton and Clinton in the world write all cock and bull and nonsense against Hinduism and poor Hindus accept every thing with a smiling face. Hindu goddesses have been painted in nude. Hindu gods have been printed on Toilry seats, Slippers, Hnkys, napkins.Hindu idols and temples are targeted by Mulsims at slightest pretext. It happened in past and continues even to day. Pandits have been forced out of Kashmir.Scores of temples in kashmit have been demolished. Aurangzeb destroyed temples at Kashi, Mathura, at Somanath and at scores of places. Afzal Khan destroyed Tulja Bhavanis temple ( He paid with his life however). But Hindus have been accepting with smiling face singing Ramdhun the famous Gandhis song.. RAGHUPATHI RAAGHAVA RAAJA RAAM... PATHEETHA PAVAN SEETHA RAM.. BOLO..
The Hindus are clueless lot and suffering due to follwing:-
a. Apathy in Hindu society towards any thing that happens
b. Belief in Karma siddhantha that has gone into blood over centuries making them accept everything that comes across as a divine wish and as ordained.
c. Selfishness among the society and Hindus in general are least bothered about what goes on around them. They are highly self centered.
d. Ignrance of own values
e. Permissiveness that has taken to very low level. i.e accept everything that the governnment does and others do to you.
f.Loss of national spirit in the community in general.
g. Very high self centeredness in the Hindu society
h. Loss of cohesion in society due to caste, creed and regional hared that has been exploited by the unscrupulous political leaders today who have been glorifies as great patriots and are being worshipped shamelessly.
i. Effect of Buddhist thought on the society in the past.
j Influence of some of the Past leaders propgating too much appaesement to gain sympathy and craze to reach higher positions for vanity
Unless Hindus overcome these negative qualities, the socity would continue to suffer. Entire world appears to be screwing Hinduism and as a society we are unable to rise and defend ourselves, That is the real tragedy and mockery going on.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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Dr K PrabhakarRao said...

Hindu is the enemy of Hindu because he has failed to live by scripture. He is least bothered about what happens next to him. He looks other way. When Hindu pontiffs are arrested and put in jail and fabricated charges are made, he even does not raise his finger in ptrotest. He does not live for religion. He avoids his own religion. He feels shy to visit temples and put on traditional dress and tilak on forehead. Leave apart all these external things. He lets down his religion. Shame on the guys. In a country in which Hindus are in majority Hindu has no voice. He is screwd by every one, every departmnet of government and every other citizen of this country. It is no wonder India is in a shit pot
Dr K Prabahakar Rao

Kulbhushan Singhal said...

Dr. Rao,
What have been mentioned by you are serious problems, which require solution. These problems have not started recently, they, as you have rightly said, is the problem of attitude. And this started about 1500 years earlier. Outside invasion, oppression and inward coiling of
Hindu society, and change in attitude. Then further invasions, far greater oppression, and further inward coiling of Hindu society and further change in attitude. And this cycle continued several times. Who is to be blamed for this? Our society which in spite of such constraints managed to keep their Dharm intact, or the then Hindu rulers and their advisors, the Dharm Gurus, who could not fight the invaders by uniting.
I think all this can change by changing the attitude at grass root level, ie the attitude has to change from individual, to family, to larger family, and then society. It is difficult, but nevertheless, efforts are to be made.
Kulbhushan Singhal