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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Why Indian leaders lick boots of Pakistan again and again? This is a major question that confuses the people of India who have some self respect and care for country’s honor and pride. Is it because their boots are tasty and comfortable to lick? There is surely something in this game of Pak appeasement by our leaders right from the days of late Jawaharlal Nehru much glorified prime minister as a learned man and visionary of the century that passed off a decade ago. The tragedy is that we are as a nation are self defeating and apologetic. We have the disadvantage of being a nation claiming to be secular duly declared at the time of independence. We have reasonably large population of Muslims who are the progeny of those who after voting for Muslim league creating Pakistan stayed back in India as per the policy of India that declared to be a secular republic. Pakistan of course turned into an Islamic country. In Islamic countries dictatorship of Shariat is enforced. Pakistan attacked India several times, played dirtiest politics against India, let loose Jihadis on the country and there was no let up in these activities. Every time India soft pedaled the issue. India allowed opportunities to slip by while Pakistan became nuclear. Now it is literally blackmailing this poor nation that lacks guts and will power. Pakistan carried out the nefarious attack on Bombay that is fondly called 26/11 ( We compare to 9/11) and India swallowed the shame although it killed the militants after two days battle ( Except Kasab who was caught and imprisoned and being given a VIP treatment in the jail). As days passed Pakistan has shown thumb to India and India acts as if it is tough and mature. To the world body India projects itself as a more mature nation that can absorb shocks yet showing smiling face. Dr Man Mohan singh the PM of India is happy to receive international honorary Doctorates whenever he goes out. He is too happy to get patted by Obama the US President. For US Pakistan is a pampered child. It is like a concubine that one does not like to accompany him always, yet unable to leave her for the conjugal pleasures that one desires from the shady woman. The relation of Pakistan and USA are akin. America criticizes Pakistan several times and condemns its inability to stop terrorism. Yet it is happy to sleep in its bed with a cozy rug on.. What a shame.
Then what is wrong with Indian leaders who around with lackluster faces at international arena ? Why these Indian leaders keep pressing for talks with the terrorist nation? After 26/11 India had discussions with Pakistan and all were rather failures. Now again Chidamabram is trying to appease the rascals across the border. For what benefit he is doing? How can Chidamabram ignore terrorism and normalize relations for trade. Can India have open border with Pakistan for trade. Is India dying for trade with this rogue nation? What are the compulsions on these pseudo leaders who go around in white clothes but with dark hearts? Can they again start Hindi Muslim Bhai Bhai? We had enough of Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai given by the great pseudo visionary in the past and the nation was subjected to eternal shame by him at the hands of Chinese army. Nehru- Krishna Menon axis completely let down the nation in 1962 and none of them paid dearly for the great lapse. Nehru should have resigned on the spot and VK Menon should have been tried in court for his failures. We still have the statues of VK Menon in the country. Nehru of course did not live long and passed away in 1964 and many claim that he was a broken man. God knows it better. In fact country was saved from him. Soon Pakistan attacked in 1965 hoping that India would collapse. But Lal Bahadur shastri was there and India gained grand victory and this war became the waterloo for Patton tanks of USA handled by Pakistan. It was very embarrassing for Americans. Probably if Nehru was alive and in the seat China war would have been repeated on western front in 1965.

It is futile to talk to Pakistan as it is a rogue nation. It is the den of all miscreants, Jihadis, Terrorists, fundamentalists and cut throats. No condemnation is less for this nation as it failed to live as a responsible nation. It is a failed state morally, economically, mentally and politically. Indian leaders are wasting their time and misleading the people by running to lick their boots instead of acting tough with them. Pakistan will understand only the answer by bullet. There is no other language fit enough for them. But sadly we are ruled by the incompetent leaders whose main aim is to corner Muslim votes and establish dynastic rule of Nehru- Gandhi at all costs. Nothing more than this. Any amount of talks and boot licking are futile with Pakistan and in fact all diplomatic ties with Pakistan should be suspended with Pakistan till they dismantle terrorism on their soil. This is the only answer.



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen walking on a road in Hyderabad and they are near gun foundry. They are coolly walking while talking to each other)

Gandhi. look Patel. I observe that there is a craze in Andhra Pradesh to name everything after Rajiv Gandhi.

Patel. It looks to be.

Nehru. What is wrong in that? Rajiv was very much liked by these guys.

Gandhi. It could be, but is it necessary to name everything after Rajiv?

Nehru. It is up to them.

Patel. Look Bapu. This street is named after Rajiv and is called Rajiv street. The road going to Karimnagar is called Rajiv Rahdari

Gandhi. International airport is called Rajiv International air port.

Patel. Probably they will name the public garden at secretariat as Rajiv udyan

Gandhi. You will not be surprised if necklace road is called Rajiv necklace road.

Patel. Abid road may be named Rajiv Mall

Gandhi. How about city Bus station in Hyderabad.

Patel. It will be called Rajiv city bus station

Nehru. Hyderabad railway station has to be named as Rajiv Hyderabad railway station

Gandhi.. Haa..haaa..haaa

Patel. Hee..heee,,

Nehru. Bapu Why are you laughing. Patel this is bad. You are hurting sentiments

Patel. I have not hurt any ones sentiments

Gandhi. Jawaharlal , why are you getting irked up? Rajiv was the PM and poor guy died in a blast. Does it mean that every thing is named after him?

Nehru. Rajiv was the hero of people.

Patel. Does it mean that all others were zeroes.

Nehru. I did not say that.

( A push cart vendor passes by. He has got icecreams on his cart and some biscuit packets and toffees too.He is shouting at pitch of voice)

Vendor. Rajiv ice cream… Rajiv ice cream.. Come.. Come.. Very cheap. Rajiv toffees too are here.. ice cream.. ice cream… Rajiv ice cream..

Gandhi. Strange, even toffees are named after him

( Patel suddenly finds a ball point pen on the road. He bends and picks it up. He looks at it)

Patel. Hee…hee.. This ball point pen I salso named after Rajiv. Look guys . the name reads Rajiv ball pen, Cost.. MRP Rs 1

Gandhi. hee..hee Patel. I feel like having some tea. Look for some thing.

( They find a road side tea cart and they go to the vendor)

Gandhi. Namste brother. Good Morning.. Ram.. Ram.. bhai
Vendor. Namaste. Rajiv… Rajiv…

Patel. Why are you repeating the name of rajiv

Vendor. Yesterday there was a news in paper that now on wards people must greet each other by saying Rajiv.. Rajiv.. instead of Ram.. Ram.. which mostly north Indians do.

Patel. This is some thing funny.

( They want to cross the road. They are unable to cross. Yet they try to cross in traffic. They are hardly at middle of road and motor bike comes at very high speed and comes to screeching halt, The driver abuses in chicest way)

Driver. You jokers, sons of … idiots. Is this way you cross. Run from here. I do not know from where these nuts have come. ( He goes away and the trio returns to the road side)

Gandhi. How to cross now?

Nehru. Bapu. Look. There is a foot bridge there. Let us go.

( The trio quickly reaches the foot bridge. Gandhi looks up and reads a sign board. He shrieks loudly and falls down. Froth comes out of his mouth. Patel and Nehru hold Gandhi in their lap and start comforting him. Some on lookers also gather and one guy brings a water bottle and sprinkles water over Gandhi’s face. Gandhi slowly opens his eyes)

Patel. What happened Bapu?

Gandhi. Where am I? Look there ( He shows the name plate)

Patel ( Reads) Rajiv foot bridge inaugurated by Rosiah the Chief Minister of AP.. haa..haaa A joke indeed.

Gandhi. I could not take more. I fainted

Patel. Bapu. Take it lightly. These are small amusements.

Nehru. Bapu. Let us cross over.

( The trio slowly climb and cross over the bridge. Bapu carries the water bottle left by the on looker as it has plenty of water. At the foot of bridge Bapu feels thirsty and drinks water from the bottle and also reads the label)

Gandhi. eee..eee… Oh God… See.

Patel. Now what happened?

Gandhi. Patel. The bottle has the label, Rajiv Mineral water, MRP Rs 12. eee…eee… Now kill me…kill me.. I can not take it more

Nehru. Bapu. You are already killed by Godse. No one can kill you again. You have to suffer and accept things.

Gandhi. eee…e….eeee… waaa…. Waaaa…weeee..wee

Patel. Bapu. Take things light. Bapu. I want tom purchase today’s news paper. Please wait here.

( He goes to a small roadside shop and purchases English daily and looks into it after going to Bapu)

Patel. ( Reads) The government of Andhra Pradesh has renamed the present Lalita kala Toranam as Rajiv Gandhi Lalita kala Thoranam… haa,,haa

Gandhi. ( Picks up a roadside stone and hammers his own head and hysterically screams) Kill me…kill me.. you guys at once kill me.. with one stroke kill me. Do not spare me. I want to die.. die,.. dire and die. I can’t take this any more.

( The onlookers gather and pull away the stone and try to comfort Gandhi)

Onlooker. Is something wrong with this old man? He appears to be mentally unstable.

Patel. No nothing like that. He is perfect.

Onlooker. Better we call ambulance and take him to hospital before it too late

Nehru. Sure..sure.. We must.. Be fast Bapu is till in senses.. Look.

Onlooker. OK I shall call Arogya sree ambulance. It will come soon

( The onlooker over cell phone rings up some one and with in moments the ambulance arrives. The onlookers and Patel, Nehru lift Gandhi and Take him to the door. Gandhi sees the ambulance and the markings. He Reads, Rajiv Arogya sree. Government scheme

Gandhi.. eee…eee… aa…aaa..

( He faints shrieking loudly. Hot fumes eminate from his ears, and nostrils. Froth comes out of his mouth. He is quickly pushed into the van and it drives away along with Nehru and Patel)


Friday, October 22, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are sitting in a park in heavens. There are very few guys in park and are scattered here and there. Bapu is seen lying flat on a lawn while Nehru is doping on a bench. Patel is looking here and there.)

Patel. ( Goes to Bapu) Bapu. Mere Bapu. Why are you so quiet today? You are not active as usual. What happened to you Bapu? I am feeling upset. What is troubling you? I can not see you morose like this. Bapu. You are giving the pose of Dilip Kumar in old film Devdas. I must say you are looking like Saigal in film Devdas. You are also looking like Surendra nath BAALLB, in Anmol Ghadi and √Član.

( Bapu opens his eyes slowly, blinks and closes eyes again. Nehru for a moment lifts his head and looks at Patel and again goes to half sleep doping. He starts snoring too…grrr..grrr…grrr….greee…grr.)

Patel ( Looks at them mysteriously and sings and does slow jig)

What happened to these guys?
They are quiet and look half dead
I am sure they are playing some trick
Or their brains are polluted by some lead

Bapu. Patel. Why are you getting upset over my silence? Sometimes I feel like to be quiet. Every time we went out here and there to help people nothing has come out. In fcat they were offensive. World has greatly changed. My values are no more valid. They queerly look at us.

Patel. Mere Bapu( My Bapu). True. Thus I have been telling you often. But you were not paying attention to my words. Every time we have to hastily retreat our steps.

Gandhi. I agree with you. But how do we spend time? We have spent long time in this heavens. Probably there is still long time left for our rebirth. I do not know when it will come.

Nehru. Bapu. Please do not remind me about all those things. I get scared.

Gandhi. Why should you be scared? There is nothing in our hands. You will pay for your deeds. You have to go through cycle of births and deaths till you get liberated.

Nehru. That means I have to take rebirth.]

Patel. Surely Nehruji, Chacha Nehruji. You have to surely go through. I am sure committed many sins. I do not know which form you will get. I am sure you will be borne as Gecko.

Nehru. Chee…chee.. Was I so sinful?

Patel. God will decide.

Nehru. How about you?

Patel. I am least bothered about it. It will happen as per my fate.

Gandhi. What is the nonsense talk going on?

Nehru. Sorry Bapu.

Patel. I am sorry Bapu. I get irked up when Jawaharlal says some thing.

Gandhi. What is the latest news from India?

Patel. I learnt from news paper that PM Manmohan singh visited Andhra Pradesh

Gandhi. What for?

Patel. He inaugurated a research center at Hyderabad. It is called Tata fundamental research center.

Nehru. What they will do. Will they produce fundamentalists?

Patel. Hee..heee.. Is this you think? You were called Pundit.

Gandhi. Come on guys. Even I was a bit apprehensive of the name.

Patel.Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore was named similarly earlier.

Gandhi. Why they selected Hyderabad for this activity? As it is there is so much of trouble at Hyderabad. The demand for Telangana will pick up again once Krishna committee plays flute.Then all these guys will have holidays and free money as salaries. Haaa…haa…haa.. No work and still pay.

Patel. Hee..hee. What big research goes on here in India? Till date there is no breakthrough in any field. All inventions were made in West. We only implemented them and copied. I am sure all research centers in India are big white elephants and big burden on the people. Did any one get a Nobel prize working in Indian research centers? Probably Dr CV Raman was one who got it without this investment and show shaa.. Real research vanished with him. Less said it is better.

Gandhi. Is it so? Iam non technical man, Jawaharlal what you have to say?

Nehru. Bapu ,what can a say? Patel will immediately strike it down. After independence I got IITs established.

Patel. They are feeding USA with technical man power. Not a single guy stays back in India.

Nehru. Is it my fault?

Patel. You know it better. How about Arjuna tank? How many decades the guys at FVRDE in Madras took to make own tank?

Nehru. They started designing Indian MBT (Main battle tank) much before 1970.

Patel. It never rolled out. Officers became Major Generals and got many promotions, went on world tours and produced a big zero. They were trying to re invent zero again. Officers of higher rank were given AVSM, PVSM and some VSM for achieving nothing. That is the story. I think these awards are given for survival for long time and achieving nothing. The guys could never design their own engine. What they made was only a Dibba (Tin Box). Finally they imported engines and gear boxes and fixed in the box. Israel came to rescue. The fat pregnant box now goes around as Arjuna tank.

Gandhi. Arjuna means the great warrior prince from epic Mahbharatha.

Patel. Yeah. The same guy who never tasted defeat and annihilated Kaurava army accompanied by Bheema, his brother.

Gandhi. Will this Arjuna do some thing in war?

Patel. War with whom?

Gandhi. Who else? War with Pakistan I mean.

Patel. After 1971 war Indian tanks are getting worn out by rubbing polish in the sheds, in games exercises and running around here and there. Till now these tanks have not faced enemy. Pakistan has powerful Al Khalid tanks now. Unless they face them what we can say? I doubt their capability. It is so heavy and massive. They will get stuck somewhere in field and get shot like ducks. Such things happened to Patton tanks in 1965 war.

Gandhi. Yeah I learnt .

( Suddenly there is a flash and a smart warrior appears in front of them. He is found wearing dress from yore and is sporting a mighty bow and a quiver full of long arrows.)

Warrior. Oh guys here. Some one remembered my name. I am Arjuna the Pandava prince.

( The trio gets up)

Gandhi. Namaste Arjunji. I am Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also called Bapu and father of Indian nation. We are honored by your presence.

Patel. Namaste Arjunji. This is Patel, Iron man of India. The other guy is Jawaharlal Nehru. He was the first Prime Minister of India after independence

Arjun. Strange indeed. Why are you talking of independence? That means were you slaves earlier?

Gandhi. Rather we were slaves.

Patel. We were first slaves to Islamic invaders and then to Englishmen along with Muslims.

Arjuna. Who are these Muslims? I never heard about them.

Patel. Sir. Muslims are those who follow religion of Islam. It was founded by Prophet Mohammed ( Peace be on him) in 6 th century. You lived in an era thousands of years before Christ was born.

Arjuna. Who is this Christ? Everything is confusing to me.

Patel. Christ was a prophet who found Christianity much before Islam was found. Judaism from which Christ came is much older.

Arjuna. Ohfo. All this appears very strange to me. But what I understand is Hinduism was far older than all these things. Is it true?

Gandhi. Very true sir.

Arjuna. We were your ancestors. Think of our valor. How could you become slaves? Are you not ashamed to tell that to me?

Patel. Sir, In fact We are shameless. We are not worthy too. We have no answer to your question. What answer we can give to you? We are worthless guys. Our ancestors like Prithviraj Chauhan who ruled at Thanes war was very brave and was not practical. He captured Mohammed Ghori the Muslim invader from Kabul 17 times and pardoned him. He let him go with presents too. Finally Ghori defeated Chauhan by deceit and at first opportunity killed him. Muslims started their rule in India. The slavery from Islam did not leave us till Europeans became masters of this country

Arjuna. All this look very strange. How all of you guys could not throw out invaders,

Patel. That is the joke in this land of Bharat. Hindus are in majority. But they are not united. They are divided on caste, creed, Religions, region and dynasty basis. It is a shame. That is why others could divide us and ruled.

Arjuna. The divide and rule game was there during our time too. Duryodhana tried to break up Yadavs and Pandavas, He took away army of Yadavs and only Krishna remained with us. He also took away Shalya the maternal uncle of Nakula and sahadeva and he was the brother of Madri the queen of Panduraja.

Patel. True sir.

Arjuna. This shows that our race deteriorated and almost became impotent against invaders. Shame on you guys. Better you suffered. At last you became free as you said.

Patel. What is the use sir? The country is again enslaved by a Nehru dynasty.

Nehru. There is no compulsion on Indians. Why they are then voting for them and giving them majority?

Arjuna. Ohfo. What is this new word democracy?

Patel, India is now under self rule and based on adult franchise. We elect representatives. The section that gets majority forms the govt and rules

Arjuna... I see.It is good and modern

Patel. But the guys vote devoid of true brain. They are mental slaves to Nehru Gandhi family..

Arjuna. Mr Nehru. Is it so.

Nehru. I can not say anything. It is up to people.

Arjuna. What he says is true

Patel. The voters are nuts. So this happens. Hindus have no pride of themselves. They are slavish and carried away by Gandhi charisma

Arjuna. Gandhi means this old man. Is it so,

Nehru. True.

Arjuna, You said you fathered India. How was it. Bharat was there when were ruling. How can you now become father of this country?

Patel. This is no Bharat now. Sindhu desh is now Pakistan. There is another place called Bangladesh on Eastern side of India. It was part of Pakistan and we got it severed. In north also we are not holding part of Jammu and Kashmir. Is it your Bharat now? This is truncated Bharat and screwed up Bharat. This old man Gandhi and we fathered this screwed up nation, not ancient Bharat . He being senior and we being flunkies, he became father of this moth eaten Bharat. Let him be like that. We are happy like this.

Arjuna. What a change in this country! Any how we much deviated. What is this Arjuna tank you were discussing? What is this word flunky?

Nehru. It is fighting vehicle in which soldiers sit and hide while firing at enemy. The word flunky means a follower, bootlicker, Chamcha, spoon, clapper etc. Not a good word to use. But is powerful word.

Arjuna. How shameful to be hiding in war before the enemy?

Patel. But this is the modern warfare. There is no chivalry of your days sir. I shall ask you one think. Did you not hide behind Sikhandi while fighting Bheeshmacharya in the Great War?

Arjuna. True. It was like that. Otherwise we could not have defeated him.

Patel. Now also it is like that. Aim is to kill others in war.

Arjuna. You named this Tank as ARJUNA, my name. But if it looses war I shall be put to shame

Patel. It is an inspiration for soldiers. I am very sure this tank will not work with its heaviness and ugly size.

Arjuna. Then change its name. As it is you guys are naming everything in the name of Rajiv Gandhi. Put the tank name also as Rajiv Tank. That is better. Shame on you guys. You have no commonsense. Better get screwed in war with that tank. But do not spoil name. I disassociate myself with that tank.

Patel. What can I say sir?

(Arjuna angrily disappears)

Patel. What Arjuna said was true.

Gandhi. True. Who will listen to us? His suggestion is good. It should be named after Rajiv.

Patel. Better we suggest that to the government and army too.

Nehru. Iam happy about it.

Gandhi. I am sure the govt will jump and accept it. They may even give us Bharat Ratna Class I to all of us for this suggestion.

Nehru. What is this class I Bharat Ratna?

Patel. The previous Bharat Ratna has become stale and it was given to all nuts and bolts. Now probably they would make it to Bharat Ratna Class I , II III and IV. Bapu, Is it correct

Gandhi. Yeah. That was good. Patel. You have great brains

Patel. But your Mahatma

Gandhi. True. That is my luck. Do you want to be called Mahatma Patel?

Patel. No Bapu. Iam happy like this. Leave me alone.

Gandhi. Bhai ( Brother). Let us go. It is getting late

( All disappear quickly from Park)


Thursday, October 21, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at a road side shop near Dhoolpet in old city of Hyderabad. The are is very dirty, crowded and filthy)

Gandhi. Patel. We have come first time to this place.

Patel. True Bapu.

Gandhi. What is the place called?

Patel. I heard this area is called Dhool pet

Gandhi. Dhool means dust, Peta means a small village. That means this area is known as place of dust. It is absolutely correct and it is living to expectations.

Patel. Hee..heee. Usually areas are named after their characteristics. This place is a notorious place in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. Why so?

Patel. Bapu. All shady characters live here. This is an adda ( Center) of dadas, pehilwans, smugglers, illicit liquor brewers, cheats and rowdy sheeters.

Nehru. I heard this area is called illicit distillery of Hyderabad.

Gandhi. That means illicit liquor is brewed here.

Patel. True Bapu. It is a cottage industry here.

Gandhi. I always wanted cottage industries to thrive. I heard this place is also famous for making Ganesh statues.

Patel. True Bapu. But how did you know this?

Gandhi. That is why I am Mahatma.

Patel. Come on Bapu. Are you called Mahatma for knowing Dhool pet? People would laugh at this.

Nehru.( Within himself)What is ridiculous talk is going on here!

Patel. Jawaharlal . Did you say anything?

Nehru. No..No.. Relax.

Patel. If you have some thing, be brave and say loudly.

( In the mean time a police van arrives and from it many constables, some armed jump out. An Inspector Khoonkar khan and excise superintendent Zalim singh also gets down from the vehicle. There are some women constables holding Lathis)

Inspector. Look constables. I shall give you exactly twenty minutes. You must search this area and destroy illicit liquor Bhttis ( Plants for brewing). Don’t spare any one. Shoe them. Kick them, Drag them from houses, beat them black and blue, break their pots, destroy the drums. Create panic among them. Make an example out of every one. They should know that we are Zalim singh the excise superintendent and khoonkar khan the Police Ameen sahib ( Inspector)

( All the constables run into the shacks into the area and soon there is utter chaos. People are beaten. Pots are broken, Drums are rolled on ground. Country liquor flows on streets. Many on lookers run with small tumblers and collect country liquor from road and run

Gandhi. Sh…sh.. How bad this is. Is it India?

Patel. Bapu. This is our India, Your India, India for which you got independence. I am sorry you did not get independence to this state. This is Hyderabad . It was the capital of Hyderabad princely state of Nizam 7 and also the land of Razakars and its leader Kasim Razvi. I got this liberated this after you died with the help of Indian army. You can not take credit for this.

Gandhi. I see.

Nehru. There is nothing to see Bapu. Bapu, Patel got it done without my knowledge.

Patel. Otherwise this would have been another Pakistan.

Gandhi. All these things are over. These are past things. Now Hyderabad is part of India and it has merged with India.

Patel. Thanks Bapu. You did not say it acceded to India like Omar Abdullah, the kid CM of Kashmir

Gandhi. Why drag that guy now here. Let him be happy there..I hope he is still the CM.

Patel. Yeah. He is still there thoroughly bungling the state.

Gandhi. Poor Kashmiris. I pity them.

(Suddenly there is great commotion and the people from Dhool pet attack the excise and police constables. They pelt stones at police and excise men. There are heaps of stones already kept at various places as if for use. The police men conduct lathi charge on them. Many are injured. Skulls of some are broken, Some guys break their hands and feet. Scores are seen fallen and shouting for help. There is no ambulance nearby and police guys are seen dragging the injured to roadside. Women constables drag women by hair. In the process many are injured.Sarees and blouses are torn to shreds. Yet women are dragged on the roads.Women are seen wailing and they throw choicest abuses at police and excise men. Constables beat the fallen guys mercilessly.

Constable Ramlal. Mar saale. Sharab banata hai. Sabak sikhwoonga tujh ko. Yaad rakhega zindaghibar.( Die, bloody fellow. You make liquor. I shall teach a lesson to you. You shall remember for the rest of life)

Dastagir ( Injured) Bhai chod do hame. Phir nahee karoonga (Please leave me. I shall not repaeat)

( Constables roundup the trouble makers and they are pushed into vans . They suddenly see Gandhi, Nehru and Patel under a tree slightly away from the place. Inspector sends two constables with orders to bring them. The trio go with constables to Police Inspector)

Inspector. Who are you guys? What are you doing here? What work you have here?From where you have come? What are your names? With whose permission you are here? What is your address?

Gandhi. Sir, Which question we should answer?We do not have any work. We came to see this place. Just like that

Inspector. You guys look and act funny. Are you beggars. You are well dressed like Gandhi, Nehru and patel. How much money you make per day?

Patel. We are not beggars. We are real

Inspector. Hee..heee Good joke indeed.

Nehru. It is not joke. We are real

Zaalim singh.Poor guys . Look to be mentally affected

Gandhi. We are perfectly sound. Probably we are better mentally alert than you guys.

Zaalim singh. How dare you talk like this! I shall show what I am? Is this the way you speak to police people? ( Sings and does jig)

You bloody old man with bald head
I shall wrench you and take out lead
What you think of me the police man
I shall smash you like a plastic can

Gandhi. Not required. Why are you loosing temper. Loosing temper is not good for your health. You may get soon heart attack

Zaalim singh. Me ! Do I get Heart attack. Hee..heee.. I have seen enough of guys. I shall get you heart attack. Come close. Where is your heart. Show me.

( Gandhi is pushed by a constable close to the Inspector. Inspector tries to touch heart of Gandhi)

Inspector. Come on show me your heart.

Gandhi. It is there. Touch it.

( Inspector pushes his hand into chest of Gandhi and it goes through and through.Gandhi has no body)

Inspector. Sh.. Why are you hiding

( He gets worried and looks into Gandhi’s face and Gandhi displays his skull)

Inspector. Eee…eee,, Bhoot.. Bhoot

( He faints and gets convulsions. He wildly shakes his limbs while all assemble and look at him)

Constable Ram lal. What you have done to our sahib, You bloody old man. Take this

( He swings a lathi at Gandhi and lathi just passes through body of Gandhi. Ram laal looks at Gandhi and patel. They show their skeletons to him)

Ramlaal. Eee.,..eeee.. Bhoot Bhoot Margaya

( Ram lal faints and vomits froth from mouth)

Looking at these things the excise commissioner runs away from the scene and diusapperas into byelanes of Dhoolppet. People chase him in lanes. The policevan is quickly driven away at high speed)

Patel. What type of people are these? Unnecessarily they confronted us. We had nothing to do with them.

Gandhi. True. They overdo things. Where was the necessity to be so brutal on these poor people and women? They could have achieved better results by handling it firmly with lesser force. What is the use? After few days same thing will start here. Same brewing will be there. Actual problem is poverty and lack of opportunities for livelihood. This government will never learn. They must educate people and develop area. Only force will not work. I do not know when these guy will learn. May god bless them with some wisdom.

Patel True Bapu. Let us go

Nehru. Bapu. Let us go. I am feeling guiddy

Gandhi. OK

( The trio walks away singing Ramdhun)


Monday, October 18, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is the city of Washington inUSA and in White House President BarackObama and former President Washington are found seated in the lawn. Obama is in black suit while Washington is in military dress. Many guards are seen at vantage positions fully armed.)

Obama. Washington sir. Many days passed since we met. How are you sir?

Washington. I am fine. Any how, I am a dead man. Nothing can go wrong with me. We will be always like this.

Obama. True.

Washington. By the by, how are you Mr. Obama? You appear to be relaxed. I think there are not many problems now.

Obama. True. Afghan war is still going on. NATO troops are after Taliban and they are busy in that war. It will go on. Recently another very senior Taliban was killed in missile attack. Iraq problem is almost over. No one is speaking about Iraq now. Every ones mouth is closed. Ahmed in ejad of Iran is also keeping his mouth closed. That character is a strange guy. Some thing is abnormal with him at times.

Washington. It is good. Saddam was removed and sent to gallows. Now Laden is left. If at all he is alive, we must catch him and hang him at a special scaffold erected on top of statue of liberty or in the center of Time square. In fact the place of WTC is correct for his hanging. I am itching to see his hanging. In fact I want to act as his hangman.

Obama. Probably that rascal is dead. He could not be living. Any how we need proofs.

Washington. Many claim that you want his memory to be alive so that you can gain waging wars in Afghan border and project terrorist threat around world particularly to US main land. Mr.Obama, one point is clear. You are not able to discipline Pakistan the rogue nation. You have been embracing them although they are the worst form of terrorists. You are playing goody- goody with those criminals. Unless Pakistan is sorted out, you can not eliminate Taliban and terrorists.

Obama. Its days also are numbered. Its day would come soon. For everything there is a time. It is better we fire gun over others shoulders. Why spoil our hands? India is always there to screw Pakistan. ( sings and does jig)

Look Mr Washington
Pay attention to me and my words high
I am sure to teach Pakistan a mighty lesson
They would disappear soon into the sky

Washington. Haa…haa.. You are living in dreams Mr Obama. Do you trust India and their capabilities?

Obama. Why not? What is wrong with them?

Washington. What is correct with them? Will they have guts? They develop cold feet at the end. I have seen them after 26/11. These guys have no courage and commitment to act and save national honor. They just swallowed all insults. They are good at words only and crazy of Gandhi. Finally I am sure the Gandhi fad will take them to Dooms day.

Obama. That could be some strategy.

Washington. What are you talking Obama? Is it strategy? It is pure cowardliness and show of impotence. They are of no use. They are good at singing Ramdhun that was coined by Gandhi and he sang throughout his life and made lives miserable to all.Finally Muslims in India screwed India well and got away with Pakistan while Indians looked idiotically.

Obama. Washington sir. Please do not take the name of that person. He may land up here. It is very uncomfortable to be in his company preaching non violence and all crap. He wants to rub his theory over us. Last time he came he ate my head.

Washington. It is also true. He came here many times and bored us.

( In the mean time a sentry walks in and salutes smartly)

Sentry. Sir . There are some visitors waiting to see you

Obama. How can be visitors waiting now, at this odd hour? Any how please bring them in.By the by what are the names of the guys?

Sentry. One of them is called MK Gandhi. He si strange looking and is holding a stick.OK Sir. Thanks.

Obama. Oh No. I am dead. Eee..eee

Washington. Relax Mr Obama. Take things easy.

( Sentry salutes and goes out. After some time Gandhi and another person walks in. The second person is carrying a big sack with him)

Gandhi. Good evening guys. How are you?

Washington ( Gets up) Hello Mr Gandhi. Welcome to this place.

Obama. Welcome Mr Gandhi ( Gets up and greets him)

Gandhi. Nice to be here after long time.

Obama. Mr Gandhi. What is the matter? You came all the way?

Gandhi. We have small problem.

Washington. How are things at India? Hope Pakistan is not troubling you guys. I heard recently you conducted some games

Gandhi. They were CWG, Common wealth games. It went off well

Washington. That was good. How was the performance?

Gandhi. China stole the show as usual. We stood second in tally of medals.

Washington. That is very good.

Gandhi. Thanks sir for encouragement.

Obama. You must have spent some billions of rupees

Gandhi. Surely we spent

Washington. Who is this gentleman with you?

Gandhi. He is the finance secretary of India

Gandhi. Mr Washington and MR Obama. We are broke now. We have spent lot of money on these games.

Obama. Do not call spent the money. Say squandered away the money.. say that. I also read in news papers that lot of money was also swindled by the organizers.

Gandhi. That is true.

Obama. But why did you allow?

Gandhi. What to do? Goofing up and eating away money is the trait in India. At least 60 to 70 percent of money will be eaten away. Only 30 to 40 percent money is utilized.

Obama. But you guys keep looking at things.

Gandhi. That is the Indian way.

Washington. Is this you guys learnt from the Englishmen

Gandhi. They were no less. The looted India like any thing. Our Kohinoor diamond is with them. In fact they wanted to take away Taj Mahal to England.

Obama. OK.OK. Now what is to be done?

Gandhi. It is simple. We came to request for major aid from you.

Obama. I shall ask you some thing Mr Gandhi. Your country is very poor. There are millions of people in India that go hungry and many die out of hunger, Disease is rampant. If one travels 50 km away from your major cities, there are no roads. Militants are ruling roost in India. India is one of the poorest country in world.It is no different from Ethiopia. Was it necessary to spend away your money for these games and show biz? What is the use now going on begging around?

Gandhi. What can I say?

Obama. The rulers appear to be just nuts whose upper story appears to be blank. Your PM is known as great economist. Is this the way he plans economy? Disgusting. You guys have no money to feed people and you want to go to moon. Is it required? What you will do in moon. Beg there too?

Gandhi. Sir, you are very harsh on us

Washington. He is telling facts. Why feel bad?

Gandhi. Any how past is past. We will be careful in future

Washington. That I doubt. Your leaders will never learn lessons. This is because they make money in such ventures.

Obama. You name any scheme in India, money is swindled. People have no fear of law there.

Washington. Most of the times you guys are busy politicking and no real governing takes place. This is the worlds view. What you have to say?

Gandhi. It must be true. Congress leaders never heard my advise after getting independence.I was also shot dead within one year after 1947

Washington. You were lucky that you escaped watching all mismanagement.

Gandhi. True sir. But give us some aid. Otherwise we will go abegging.

Obama. OK. I shall help you. Why this guy has brought this big scak

Gandhi. He wants to collect money in this bag.

Obama. It is not done like that. We shall do money transfer.

Gandhi. Ok Sir.

Obama. But it will not be free. You have to sign some bond

Gandhi. we will sign wherever you want sir. But give us money.

Obama. That is fine. Now you may go back and tell your PM to speak to me tomorrow. We shall do the required things.

Gandhi. Thank you sir. We are obliged.

Obama. That is good.

Gandhi Can we go now.

Washington. OK. Thanks for your visit. Better be careful next time.

( Gandhi and his associate get up and wish Washington and Obama and they leave)

Washington. Mr Obama. Do you think these guys will change?

Obama. I doubt. It is like a dogs tail. It can never be straightened. Same is with them.

Washington. Haa…haa…. Well said, Good riddance. Let us enjoy our drink.

Obama. Teah. Cheers.. ( He lifts the glass and touches the glass of Washington)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen sitting on a bench at a small park at the banks of Yamuna river and relaxing. All are calm and quiet. They look to be meditating.)

Nehru. Bapu. I think I feel like walking for some time and ease my body.

Gandhi. Sure dear. Why don’t you take Patel with you. Otherwise you will be alone.

Nehru. Ohfo Patel.. Never..Never. Let me have some peace for some time.

Patel. That is fine. Neither I am keen. Please do not go very far. We can not search you if you miss the way

Nehru. Am I a kid to miss the place? OK Thanks every one.

( Nehru leaves alone and is out of sight soon)

Gandhi. Patel. Why this guy has gone alone? Generally he is a scared guy and does not venture alone.

Patel. Bapu, Let him be happy. He is a bit uncomfortable in my company.

Gandhi. True. You also keep teasing him often.

Patel. Bapu. It is not teasing . You also know it. This guy goofed up every thing in India after he became Prime Minister.

( Gandhi remains silent)

Patel. Bapu. Have you noticed one thing? This riverside is full of memorials for dead. You have your Rajghat, Jawaharlal has Shantivan, Indira has shaktisthal, Rajiv has his own, Sanjay has one. Many areas also are kept vacant for many. I think this river should be renamed as Shav alankar river at least as long as it passes through Delhi.

Gandhi. What can I say? But who will do it?

Patel. Poor Narsimha Rao was denied a place here among Nehru- Gandhi family members.

Gandhi. I know that. Poor old Narsimha Raos body was sent to Hyderabad for cremation, rather burning

Patel. What could be the reason?

Gandhi. Patel. Narsimha Rao was never liked by Nehru family and congress. He was kept away after he lost power, He was an out caste in Congress. He was used and then thrown off like Banana skin. Poor Guy. I feel sad for him.

Patel. But he was a good guy. He was learned and master of many languages. The present guys are just jokers in front of him. He was an Andhrite. How he can be cremated among the Nehru Gandhi members? This place is rather reserved for them unofficially.

Gandhi. Joke is that Narsimha Raos body was not even burnt fully on funeral pyre. Near Hussein sagar lake, it was left half burnt. Next day there was a photo in the newspaper showing half burnt corpse. It was disgusting. It was shame to AP government who conducted the state funeral.. They hurriedly burnt the body and completed the task.

Patel. How sa! It is better if one gets cremated by their own family members. They will ensure atlesat the dead are burnt. Why a CM should bother for a dead old leader who has fallen from grace.

Gandhi. hee…heee…heee. Well said. Patel. Shall I tell you something?

Patel. What is that Bapu?

Gandhi. After I died at Delhi near Birla Mandir my soul was still hovering near the place. There was a big crowd and many leaders were around. Outwardly they all were showing that they were very much in pain and anguish. But many were happy too. In their rooms they were very happy that I died. Some guys even opened Champaign bottles in the room even before I was burnt out.

Patel. It must be true. I fully agree with you. Many were vexed up with you. They licked your feet outwardly till the independence was gained. Back at home they burnt Charkhas and made tea.

( In the mean time Nehru is seen running back into the park. He is being chased by some people. Some are throwing stones at him.)

Gandhi. Look Patel. , Run , save Jawaharlal from them.

Patel. OK Bapu. I shall go.

( In the mean time Nehru arrives and hides behind Gandhi)

Nehru. Bapu. Please save me from these guys.

Gandhi. What happened? Why they are after you? Did you tease any woman?

( The members of the crowd come to Gandhi. Some of them are Laxman Pundit, Ram Kumar Pundit, Durga Prasad Pundit. They appear to be very angry. Patel also arrives.)

Patel. What is the matter Bhai? Why are you after this old man?

Laxman. We are Kashmiri Pundits. Most of us live on roads here and sleep in parks in nights)

Patel. But why are you after him?

Ram kumar. He is the guy for ditching us. This man has ruined Kashmir. We lost our homes. He has to pay for his deeds

Nehru. What I have done? I have not done any thing? I am innocent. I can not even suck my finger.

Ram kumar. Were you not responsible for taking Kashmir to UN? Indian army was about to capture entire Kashmir. You were a useless guy and for your glory ditched us. Look how we are suffering?

Nehru. Bapu. Save me from these guys. They may even kill me.

( Ram kumar picks up a stone and throws at Nehru and Gandhi stands up and protects Nehru. In the mean time some more men throw stones and all hit Gandhi. )

Gandhi. Please, brothers listen. Kindly leave him. Spare him. He was dead long ago. I appeal on his behalf.

Ramkumar. In fact we are so dammed annoyed with this guy for bungling Kashmir. This guy had no clue to become PM and he was there for 16 years and screwed India thoroughly. Guys call him a visionary and Pundit. Is this the vision he had? Is he learned?

( He pulls stick from Gandhi’s hand and tries to attack Nehru)

Gandhi. Please forgive him. He is a dead guy.

Laxman. Look Old man. Who are you? Why are you supporting him.

Patel. Can’t you recognize him? He is MK Gandhi. He is the Father of nation.

Laxman. I do not know him. If he is MK Gandhi, please ask him to keep quiet before we attack him. He is another character who screwed India very well in 1947.

Patel. You appear to be ill informed about him

Laxman. We know all. We also know how well he ditched Indians. We are all suffering due to his cranky ideas and ways.

Patel. They are all victims of circumstances. At that time there was no way out.

Laxman. These are excuses to save skins.

Patel. What can I say?

(The crowd returns after throwing heaps of abuses on Nehru who hides behind Gandhi)

Patel. Jawaharlal, Have you seen the result of your work?

Gandhi. Please leave him Patel. He is scared much.

Nehru. Bapu. Please take me home. I am much scared. They may again attack me.

Gandhi. OK, we shall go from here. Patel. Let us go from here.

Patel. OK Bapu. As you say we do.

( The trio vanish from there)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen walking on a tank bund at the outskirts of Hyderabad on the way to Nagarjuna sagar. There is not a drop of water in the mighty tank. Gandhi is surprised.)

Gandhi. Look Patel. This is a very large lake. But there is no drop of water in this lake.

Patel. Yes Bapu.

Gandhi. Recently there have been so much of rains around the city of Hyderabad. Yet there is no water here.

Patel. Bapu. I shall tell you one thing. When people commit many sins they are refdlected in dried lakes that lead to suffering later. The guys of these areas deserve punishments . So gad does such things.

Gandhi. I agree. But innocents also suffer.

Patel. That happens. Innocents always suffer. But that si their destiny. Suffering is their fate.

Gandhi. This tank is so hunge and I do not know who built this tank.

Patel. Bapu. This is called Ibrahimsagar. The nearby village is called Ibrahimpatnam. Ibrahim was the Golconda sultan and was the third ruler of the dynasty. This tank is more than 450 years old. I can see some constructions of the sultans on the tank bund. There is also a Kali temple.

Gandhi. There is a mosque also there next to it.

Patel. That’s but natural. We should be happy that they are at some distance. People are saved.

Gandhi. We were discussing water in the lake.

Patel. True. Bapu, recently some local guys performed Varuna yagna in the lake bed

Nehru. What for?

Patel. It was to invoke rain god. Lot of people were transported from local villages on Phukat ka paisa and yagna was performed. All nuts and bolts too attended. At the end there was a great feast and all vanished. There was no rain at all. Gods are damne angry with locals.

Gandhi. It must be so.

Patel. Bapu. I read in a news paper that some people built 144 houses on a nallah that feeds this lake at a village on Hyderabad srisailam road. The nallah is called Phirangi nallah. So no water is coming to this side. I also learnt that many deep pits have been dug on the upper sides of lake for taking out sand. All rain water gets soaked in these pits. Thus no water enters lake.

Gandhi. That is very good.

Nehru. Bapu. Is it good?

Gandhi, As you sow so you reap..

Patel. Now what can be done.

Gandhi. Nothing can be done.Only way is to fill up with Krishna waters through pipe. After some time this lake will fall to land grabbers. Already they must be planning to grab this land. Slowly it will be occupied and colonies will be built after selling away lands. Even ministers will have stake in this drama.

Patel. Will it happen?

Gandhi. Why not? There was a lake in the center of Hyderabad city near Charminar. It was called Mir Jumla tank. Where is it now? I have seen it in 1964 also. Now only houses are there. There is no tank. There is a talab Katta now. Hyderabadis experts in these tricks. What about Mehdi patnam tank near Masab Tank. There was so much of water in this lake. Now the whole area has been grabbed. There is a small garden and rest has been grabbed.

Patel. People are so bad and they are very greedy too.

Gandhi. You should not be surprised if some one sells away Charminar and Golconda fort too. There are guys to purchase too. There will be some guy to grab Hussein sager in center of Hyderabad. Already there was a plan earlier to remove all water from this tank and fill it up to make residential lands. Government wanted to make money.

Nehru. It is a good idea. As it is the lake has only dirty water. It is a shit pond of city.

Patel. Hee…heee.. We wll said Jawaharlal for first time.

Nehru. If we tell this plan to Rosiah the CM he will be happy and we may even get Bharat Ratna for the suggestion.

Patel. Are you itching to get that Ratna?

Nehru. What is wrong?

Patel. Nothing wrong in it.

Gnadhi. I feel bad to see this dry tank.

Patel. What to do? It is their bad luck. Let them suffer. Bapu. Let us go. It is getting dark. This area is not safe.

Gandhi. Let us go.

( The trio quickly walk away)



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Patel holds a news paper and runs to Gandhi who is sitting in an old chair in his room in heavens. He is looking excited. Nehru is seen sitting next to Gandhi and taking a quick nap)

Patel. Bapu…Look Bapu.. Bapu .. Oh Mere Bapu,

Gandhi. What happened Patel? Why are you so excited?

Patel. Bapu. You must see this photograph. You will know immediately why I am so much excited.

Gandhi. Show me.

(Patel hands over the newspaper to Bapu and he looks at it)

Gandhi. Who are these guys in this photograph? What is so important about the guys. Such guys are normal in India. Why get excited for these nuts?

Patel. They are not ordinary guys. They are very important guys in this Andhjra Pradesh state. Don’t you know them. Every one knows about them. Even cats and rats know them ( sings)

Look Bapu, Plesae know them
They are known to one and all
You must know such guys in this state
Who act as if they are very tall

Gandhi. That means they are not very tall.

Patel. I do not mean that Bapu.

Nehru. Bapu. Let me also see the photographs.

( Nehru gets up from his chair and takes a look at the news paper and smiles)

Patel.What si there to smile Jawaharlal.

Nehru. I smiled because they were putting on white fez caps. Both are bald

Patel. We are also bald.
Gandhi. Look dear, Bald is beautiful, Most of the achievers are bald.

Nehru. Heee…heeee…eee

Patel. Haa…haaa.. Bapu , we deviated and are now busy with bald heads

Gandhi. Where were we?

Patel. We were discussing the photograph

Gandhi. Yeah. It was about the guys sporting white Fez caps.

Nehru. Yeah. Very true. But what is wrong in this, I failed to understand.

Patel. My dear Nehruji, Chacha Nehruji, listen you failed to understand many things in your long journey.

Gandhi. Patel. Be clear what is troubling you?

Patel. Bapu, The guys who were sporting white Sherwani and Fez caps were Rosiah the chief minister of AP and the other guy is Mr Narsimhan the governor of the state.

Gandhi. I see. But both of them are Hindus. Isn’t it correct

Patel. Very true .

Gandhi. Then why they are in this Muslim dress? Any change in thought?

Patel.It was taken during a party that was hosted by Narsimhan. It was thrown for Muslims. These guys do this to appease other section and try to prove that they are with them. Even Chadra Babu and KCR do whenever they attend Iftar parties or other allied functions that are Muslim oriented. This can be seen in many photographs printed in news papers. They make sure these are printed on front page.

Gandhi. That is good.

Patel. Bapu. But reverse is not true. These leaders from other community never dress themselves in an traditional Hindu attire when they visit any function hosted by major community. They arrive in Sherwani and Fez cap.

Gandhi. That is their wish.

Patel. But our nuts do strange acts. When they do not reciprocate why these guys are licking boots.

Gandhi. Up to them.( Sings)
Let them lick their boot
For them I care a hoot
Why bother for these small acts
They are only dirty bats

Patel. Bapu. This is not a small act. What is going on is pure appeasement of minorities. These small things do matter. Of course all must live together in good spirit and co operation. But these nuts are overdoing things. What change they are going to make in society by this fancy dress competitions in these functions. In fact people laugh at them and make mockery at them. Some times the previous CM YSR used to wear rumi Topi and skull caps ( laced) and act as if they are also doing Namaz. The funny part is that Muslims do not expect these tamasha. Rumi Topi was traditional dress during Nizams time. Now days we do not find even Muslims putting on this Topi. Some time I find some old man wearing this rumi tope devoid of black tuft and going on a rickety cycle on the streets of Hyderabad at Charminar.. It is completely identified with Turks that Nizam adopted. The maroon color Topi is slightly truncated in shape with a black tuft hanging from a projection at centre of the cap on top. The hanging tuft keeps swinging in all directions looking funny.

Gandhi. I know that cap. It was popular before partition..Patel, I think you made lot of research on this rumi topi. Hee,….heee

Nehru. I also know that.

Patel. I know a movie released in 1948 titled Elan directed by famous Mehboob khan who produced the great movie Anmol Ghadi in 1946.. The hero was the great singer actor Surendranath ( Surendra) and the heroine was Munawwar sultana. Surendra was always dressed in this Rumi Topi. It was literally an urdu movie and it was a big hit. There were some good songs that were hits. Jawaharlal, do you remember any songs from this movie?

Nehru. I have better things to do.

Patel. Come on friend. Please do not be a sadist. Develop some good tastes too.

Gandhi. Do you know any thing?

Patel. Sure ( sings)( does jig)

Aayi ne mein ik chand si soorath nazar aayi
Aayi ne mein ik chand si soorath nazar aayi
Sau baar hui…
Soortah nazar aayi..
Aayi ne mein ik chand si soorath nazar aayi

Aaankho mein tamannawonka aabad zamaana
Har baat use piche muhabbat ka fasana

( song from Elan by Surendra and Ameerbai Karnataki.. 1948)

Gandhi ( Claps) Very good Patel. Excellent. I am proud of you.

Patel. Thanks mere Bapu.

Gandhi. Now what happened to that Topi problem?

Patel. There is no problem. I was only pointing to the tamasha that goes on particularly in AP state for appeasing minority community. Hyderabad is a great cosmopolitan city and this was also the most trouble some city too. Bapu. You have not seen police action in 1948. You were dead by that time.Hyderabad still has that smell very strongly in many areas among a section of people.

Gandhi. What to do? I am not responsible for that

Patel. You know it better. Every one feels better that you were not there when police action took place on Hyderabad. Otherwise you would not have allowed it and Hyderabad state would have remained another Pakistan in the heart of India. Better you vanished.

Gandhi. Is it so. So I must thank Godse for that.( Looks at Sky) Thanks Mr Godese for it.

Patel Bapu. Kindly excuse me for harsh words. But I must tell truth.

Nehru. Bapu. Enough for today. Iam having head ache.

Patel. If one has head headache will be there. Please bear with it. Any how thanks for listening.

Gandhi. OK guys. Thanks. See you.

( Patel and Jawaharlal get up and go out of door while Gandhi closes door behind them)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen walking on a street in heavens. Gandhi as usual is seen singing Ramdhun.)

Gandhi. Raghupathi raghava Raja Ram. Pathhetha pavana seetha ram

( Gandhi notices that Nehru and patel are not singing while following him. He is surprised.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal, What happened? Did you forget the song?

Nehru ( Wakes up suddenly) No Bapu. I was a bit lost in thoughts

Gandhi. How about you Patel? You were also not singing.

Patel. Nothing like that. Just I did not sing

Gnadhi. Why. Don’t you like this song?

Patel. Not like that. I am not in mood .

Gandhi. Oh I see. What happened?

Patel. I am upset at Kashmir issuie

Gandhi. What happened now?

Patel. Do you know that kid Omar Abdullah in Kashmir?

Gandhi. I do not him. Who is he? I know Sheikh Abdullah of 1947 vintage.

Patel. This guy is the grand son of that guy.
Gandhi. Why this guy is being remembered?

Patel. Bapou. His father Farookh Abdullah son of Shikh Abdullah made this guy CM of the trouble torn state

Gandhi. Does he have some experience to take up that job?

Patel. This guy has nothing. He knows to dress himself in western suit and traditional Kashmiri dress and cap. He is the pal of Rahul.

Nehru. Is it a crime to be pal of my Rahul the prince charming?

Gandhi. Who is this prince?

Patel. He is Rahul, Congress stooges call him so to do chamchagiri and as a part of bootlicking. They dance around him hoping to get some left over when he occupies the throne. Look at this Bapu.

( Patel pats the dog and it shouts oooo…oooo)

Gandhi.Patel. Stop playing with that dog. We were talking something. Are they so sure that he would sit on the throne?

Patel. I think so. No other guy can become after Man Mohan singh who is just guarding the seat for him and keeping it warm.

Gandhi. I pity Pranab Mukherjee

Patel. I also do. Bapu, we deviated from Kashmir.

Gandhi. Yeah , we were discussing Omar. Now what is the problem?

Patel. There is no other problem. He is the problem..

Gandhi. Why so ?

Patel. Bapu. This Omar has declared in assembly that Kashmir has not merged with India and it only acceded to India. He is such a clueless guy and he is the CM of the state.

Gandhi. Why he did so.

Patel. Obviously to please the separatists in the state who are masterminding the agitation. Bapu. This agitation is peculiar. Guys are specializing in stone throwing at security forces.

Gandhi. Has Kashmit culture changed from hospitality to stone pelting?

Patel. It looks so.

Gandhi. Haa…haaa. It is great..

Patel. Bapu. He also said that he was not the stooge of Delhi

Gandhi. Has he said that. He is daring, I must accept.

Patel. He got sentimental, I am sure. This is what happens when immature guys are made to sit in important positions. You made Nehru the PM. You know also how he screwed up India, Committed blunders one after the other.

Nehru. Look Bapu, He is after me gain. He was talking about Omar and now is back at me. Eee…eeee.. ( Cries)

Patel. Look Jawaharlal. Plesae do not weep.

Gandhi. What happened to Omar now. Is he still the CM?

Patel Yes Bapu, He is very much there. The center is clueless. It does not know what to do. They should put his father in chair instead of the kid ruining the state.

Gandhi. True.

Patel. Bapu, He is probably trying to become another sheikh Abdullah try to toe line of Pakistan. You know Bapu, The Sheikh was put in prison for some time.

Gandhi. But this guy is immature. Sheikh was called lion of Kashmir.

Nehru. There are no lions in Kashmir. They died long ago. Only cats and some snow leopards are there now.

Gandhi. hee… hee.…

(Suddenly mewing of a cat is heard behind them. They look back and find an old stocky man sporting Kashmiri fez cap)

Stranger. Hello Gandhi Sahib, I am Sheikh Abdullah the lion of Kashmir.

Patel. Namste Sheikh Sahib. But you were mewing. No lions roar is heard.

Gandhi. Ram, ram Sheikh Sahib. How are you?

Sheikh. I heard you guys were talking about me. I landed here.

Gandhi. That was nice. I saw you after long time.

Shaikh. Gandhi sahib. My grand son is ruling Kashmir now. Do you know that?

Patel. Plesae do not call ruling. He is the CM.
Sheikh. Yes. As a CM he is ruling.

Patel. But the word is used for kings, Not for elected representatives. They can be removed at any time if things do not work.

Sheikh. Who the hell is dare enough to touch my grandson?.

Patel. No one individual is interested. Constitution is there He has gone crazy. He is making all types of statements in assembly. Bal Thackeray called his insane and one who has lost mental balance. He also said Omar needs mental treatment and Shiv Sena would bear the cost of treatment.

Sheikh. Oh no. I must take care of that gujy. Plesae leave me . I am going.

( Shiekh Abdullah runs away in haste)

Patel. Hee…heee.. What a fun!

Gaandhi. Patel. You really scared him off. Poor guy.I pity him.

Patel. Why should we have pity on him. He has paid enough of politics. Omar is trying to learn his tricks.

Gandhi. I see. I do not know much of these. I was killed in 1948 by Godse and after that incident Kashmir issue became more complex. Thanks to Jawaharlal.

Nehru. Bapu. You are also blaming me. Eee…eee

Gandhi. Then whom should I blame. You did not allow Patel to handle Kashmir and bungled everything for your personal glory.

Nehru. Bapu. I can not take this…eee….eeee….

Gandhi. Plesae dot cry like a child. Better control yourself. Patel. Let us go. Enough for today. This guy is crying and things are embarrassing

Patel. OK Bapu. Let us go

( The trio walks off )


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen sitting in a park in Hyderabad near Gachhi Bowli. Gandhi is appearing in a good mood He is seen whistling a tune. Others are very happy to see him in this state. They are seated on a large bech under a large tree that gives great shade)

Patel. Bapu. You appear to be happy and relaxed. What is the matter?

Gandhi. I think things are quiet every where. The state government is also appearing stable. Central government is also happy and not many problems around. Jagan in hi yatras is busy making news, raising hands imitating his father and projecting himself as cry baby and his associates are shouting at pitch of voice that unless he is made CM of AP Congress would be doomed. What a Joke. They are busy in common wealth games wasting country’s wealth. They are squandering away hard earned money.

Patel. True.Bapu. There was a great scam also in this tamasha. I read in news papers.

Nehru. Bapu. Patel always sees negative things in everything.

Patel. What is there in my telling truth? I just told facts.

Gandhi. There is some truth in what patel says. I also read in papers.

Patel. Bapu. In India guys are experts in enacting scams. Do you now a bridge they constructed at CWG site collapsed immediately after construction.

Gandhi. Yeah. I learnt about it. Army has to re build it. That itself is a great mischief that took place. How can the bridge collapse? Hee…hee.. these guys are planning for a moon trip. ( Beats his forehead)

Patel. Bapu. If we tell these things they would get greatly annoyed. Some one already said the PM faces allegation of presiding over the cabinet of inefficient lot, corrupt and most controversial guys.

Gandhi. What to do? As you sow, so you reap. ( sings and does jig)

India gets a government that they deserve
One finds nuts, clowns in the cabinets all over
India has to suffer like this for many years
And they will never cross over a fly over

Patel. Bapu. You are What a composition telling truth in a poem

Gandhi. Thanks dear. Jawahrlal you appear to be unhappy. You did not say anything.

Nehru. What I can say? Now a days you appreciate patel most of the time.

Gandhi. That is because Patel tells truth.

Nehru. So, it means that I tell lies.

Gandhi. Did I say so? Why are you getting worked up?

Nehru. That is OK.

Gandhi. Look Patel, The local guy Jagan is turning heavens and earth to dethrone Rosaih to grab his seat. Every one is saying that his father made lot of money for him and built palace at Bangalore. I think I was fool.

Patel. Why Bapu. Tell me the name of the guy who called a fool, I shall skin him alive, now itself infront of you,

Gandhi. Ohfo. No Patel. I was only commenting. I never saw my children rising when I was at top of tower. If I wanted I could have groomed my sons to become great leaders .

Patel. True. You were great

Gandhi. If I made Devdas Gandhi as PM of India who would have stopped me?

Nehru. What about me Bapu? I was working as a slave to you.

Gandhi. That is why you became a PM

Patel. To the misfortune of India.

Gandhi. I did not foresee events. Such things happen; I never thought you would die soon.

Patel. Iam happy that I died

Nehru. Bapu. I am being made a villain.eee….eeee….

Gandhi. Please do not cry like a cry baby.

( In the mean time a troop of monkeys arrive and climb trees )

Gandhi. Patel. why suddenly so many monkeys have come here. It looks some one is after them.

Patel. Bapu. There are many monkeys at various places in city. They are being chased away.

Gandhi. I learnt yesterday that a Langoor bit a journalist of a foreign country at common wealth games village at Delhi. What is happening in this country?

Patel. Bapu. There are many monkeys at CWG village. Langoor are the greatest haters of Bonnet monkeys. They can not co exist. So Delhi organizers brought some trained Langoors and are kept at CWG village. These Langoors are after monkeys and chase them away. One of the Langoors has attacked and bit a foreigner. The Langoors also have individual keepers.

Gandhi ( Laughs) haa…haa.. That was nice. All foreigners must be laughing at us.

Patel. Surely.

( A bonnet monkey suddenly jumps down a tree and approaches Gandhi who is not perturbed. Monkey goes to him and speaks in human voice)

Monkey. Good morning sir. I am happy to se you here

Gandhi. That was very nice of you. I am also happy to see you. What can I do for you?

Monkey. Sir. Now days our habitat is being destroyed. We do not find food. So we are in cities. People throw stones at us. How do we live?

Gandhi. I agree. People are selfish now. I shall take up your cause with government. Now please go away. When I call you, you must come.

Monkey. Thanks sir ( It looks at Nehru)

Nehru. Shhh.. shhh, Go .. Go ( Nehru threatens monkey with a small stone)

(The monkey gets annoyed and growls showing its sharp teeth. It acts as if it is going to rush at him. Nehru gets scared. He runs and hides behind Gandhi)

Nehru. Ohfo.. save me. Patel. Save me

( Monkey growls again at Nehru and climbs the tree repeatedly looking at Nehru)

Patel. Look Jawaharlal, You have to take pity on animals. You were PM of India. Wherever you went you used to lift poor kids and photos were printed in news papers. Finally you became cha-cha Nehru. I am very sure you would have hands with Dettol fluid once you were back at your room. Why are you getting cruel with poor monkey?

Nehru. Children do not bite. If monkey bites I have to take four painful injections.

Pate. But you are already dead. Where is the question of taking injections? You do not have a physical body.

Nehru. Ohfo. I forgot about it.

Gandhi. That was nice tamasha.

Nehru. Bapu. Is it Tamasha for you while a monkey attacks me.

Gandhi. The monkey never attacked me and Patel. Why only you? Animals are very clever. They know who its friend is and who is not. You were purely a politician. While we were not. Monkey knows it. Politicians are opportunists and act as per situation. Behind every action of them there will be a motive. Self elevation would be their aim. They see what they will have for every action. Monkeys also know this difference. So they were friendly to us. You also took a stone and threatened it. Better learn to love all beings.

Nehru. Thanks Bapu. OK Bapu. I am having head ache. I want to take some rest. Bye

( Nehru leaves in hurry while Patel ad Gandhi smilingly look at him)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is the place of common wealth games at Delhi. It si also a high security area. Lot of police men are seen every where. At some places army machine gun posts are also seen . Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in the area)

Gandhi. Patel and Jawaharlal, Shall we go and see the games

Patel. Bapu. We may not be allowed inside. We do not have passes. We do not have money to purchase tickets.

Bapu. Does not matter. We shall see.

( They go to the entrance gate where they are stopped)

Inspector. Who are you guys. Where are you going?

Patel. Can’t you see? We are human beings. We want to go inside to see games.

Inspector. Either you should have pass or purchase ticket.

Nehru. We do not have any thing.

Inspector. In that case go back. Plesae do not waste our time.

Gandhi. Look brother. I am Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, These guys are Nehru and Patel, my friends, well wishers and followers. Can’t you recognize us. I am the father of nation. Nehru was the first PM and Patel was the first Deputy PM of India.

Inspector. Look guys. Please do not tell me all these things. I never heard about them. But you guys look familiar. Where I have seen you?

Patel. You must have seen our statues in city and in some towns

Inspector. Yeah. You are correct. You guys must have died long ago if what you tell is correct

Patel. Didn’t you study history at your school where some lessons would be there about us

Inspector. Nothing like that. We studied about Indira and Rajiv Gandhi and congress party.

Gandhi. heee…heee..heee, how bad it is1

Inspector. What is so bad about it? How long we should remember about you guys if what you tell is true.

Patel. What we tell is true. Any how please allow us inside.

Inspector. I can not do that. Go and get ticket. You guys are not even dressed properly. Is this the way you dress up when visit places.

Gandhi. What is there in clothes.

Inspector. Thank god, you are not naked.

Patel. Heee…hee.. What a joke!. OK I shall get tickets

( Patel goes to ticket counter and produces Rs 1000/ note to the clerk. He checks it carefully and gives three tickets and hands over 700 rupees to Patel.Patel pockets the notes and returns to Gandhi. they produce tickets at the gate and they are allowed in. )

Inspector. Plesae keep the stick here. It si not allowed.

Gandhi. Without this I can not walk brother.

Inspector. OK.

( They enter the arena of common wealth games. Inside big show is going on. Song written and composed by Rahman is being played. All are seen clapping. The trio find a place and sit down. People are looking queerly at them. Chaudhry, Agarwal and Arun are seen sitting next to the trio. They are not comfortable )

Chaudhry. Look old man, Have you got tickets? We are expecting some friends very soon. We want them to sit with us.

Gandhi. OK. If they come we will go out.

Agarwal. By the by are you wearing some fancy dress? You guys look like Gandhi, Nehru and Patel. You are almost like them

Patel. What do you mean sir? We are they and they are we

Nehru. What you think are we. We are the same guys what you think.

Gandhi. We are they and they are we. They and we are same. We are no different from them. They a re not different from us.

Arun. OK.Ok. Relax. Iam confused.

( The show continues and all are looking thrilled)

Ganhi ( looks at Patel) Look Patel. Is all this Tamasha required for India ?

Nehru. What is wrong? How do we spend money then?

Gandhi. There are millions of Indians starving in India. They are suffering from illness. They stay on platforms, torn huts and live like cattle. Is this the way one wastes moey?

Patel. Now the countries want to show off.

Nehru. Bapu. Otherwise who will recognize us? These are also required.

Gandhi. What non sense you are talking? Why so many millions of rupees are being wasted. Who gave this idea to Dr Man mohan singh?

Patel One need not give idea to him. He also gets ideas in his turbun. After al he is a reputed economist.

Gandhi. If he is a real good economist he will not allow wasting money like this.

Patel. Bapu. Your days are over. Your Charkah was sold in scrap yard. Look al are wearing suits and girls are in biknis to. We are more westernized. We want to ape Americans everywhere.


Arun. Yu guys Can’t you guys keep quiet?

Gandhi. Is talking forbidden here? We shall talk. What you can do?

Arun. Ohfo. What type of nuts are these!

( In the mean time the team for 100 meter race gathers and gets prepared)

Gandhi. Patel. I think I shall join the race. I can out beat every one.

Patel. Bapu. You just can not do that. It is not free for all. All the participants are registered first from various countries.

Gandhi. Non sense. Keep looking.

( The event is about to start and the official fires the pistol into air and al of a sudden Gandhi is at the starting line and sprints ahead. All participants are also running, Gandhi is far ahead. Gandhi out beats all and reaches the finishing line leaving all behind. Greta claps are heard.)

Official. Looking at Gandhi. to which country you belong? What sis your name. you are not putting the dress required with your countrys name.

Gandhi ( sings)

Look I am an Indian
Know that I am not a redindian
I came from heaven
Know my age is ninty seven

I died when I was seventy nine
Some guy put bullets into me
From then onwards I am a dead man
Plesae trust me and feel free

Official. Ohfo. But you are alive. You have won the race although you have not registered. How come you are dead?

( In the mean time Patel and Nehru also join Gandhi to sort out matter)

Official. Who are these guys?

Gandhi. They are my friends.

( all the participants of the event also join them. Some are demanding that the event be reconducted as Gandhi was not authorized to enter)

Official. Look. You entry into race is not authorized. You can not be considered victorious.

Gandhi. That is unfair.

Official. My word is final. You can not dictate to me

Patel. Look. He is father of India. He is the citizen of India. He is very much authorized.

( The gathering gets restless. Members from some African countries gets annoyed and pounce on Gandhi. Gandhi stops them with palm of his hand and gives them a push. All are thrown off all are surprised)

Patel. Well done Bapu.

Official ( gets worried)Ok . Ok. I declare you winner and you get a gold medal.

Gandhi. Hip Hip Hurray. Indias prestige has been upheld.

Patel. Yeah. That was great

Official. Look friend . Plesae do not enter again like this. We are put to trouble.

Gandhi. I shall see.

Patel. Bapu. Let us leave them. If we want we can win each and every event.

Offical. Sir. Please leave some thing for others.

Gandhi. That is fine. OK We will leave.

Patel. OK Bapu. As you say

( The trio vanishes )

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Although RSS is a strong party, it is dormant in fact. It does not want to drag itself into confrontation with Government on issues. In fact, we have seen the reactions during the Ramsethu confrontation when Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi passed adverse comments on Sri Ram, his existence and education too.This was an acid test for RSS. Karunanidhi mocked at Sri Ram stating “ In which engineering college Sri Ram graduated?” Existence of Lord Ram was even questioned hurtling Hindu sentiments. The central government of India even in their petition to the court stated that Ram was not a real figure.It is greta shame for Indians. The Hindu based parties have taken lightly and although some stray court cases were slapped in some courts, nothing has happened till today. It is sure that nothing will happen either. Karunanidhi did not tender an apology that is the barest minimum. He got Scot free along with his central stooge minister. RSS did not play a significant role amounting to letting down Hindus in India. Some leaders gave strong protests that were of no significance. There was no national up roar after the serious insult. There has not been a national unity among Hindus. The only difference between Muslims and Hindus is that Muslims on the matters of religion and allied confrontation take to streets and try to settle issues on streets by force, while Hindus talk in hush and hush and swallow. Their behavior is more like Ostriches that hide their heads in sand at the approach of danger. There is not even a national protest in the form of hartal or Bandhs all over.
Similar things happened when Kanchi swami was arrested in AP in midnight, transported to Chennai in dark night and put in jail for many months without giving him a bail and was treated like a criminal while now many criminals, Chors, thugs and scamsters are going around as leaders in various national institutions donning white clothes. Police claimed that Swami could escape to Nepal and an Helicopter was kept ready for him. How disgusting indeed. All Hindu organizations that look at RSS as their savior kept quiet and RSS played safe. Probably RSS does not want to get into situation that was there after 30 Jan 1948 when MK Gandhi was shot and killed by Nathuram Godse, when it was banned. It is a different thing that it came out later owing to the efforts of Guruji. All these years RSS existed, But in reality Hindus have gone down day by day while minorities flourished. BJP that claims itself as the political front of RSS lost it's fangs and plays minority card for vote bank politics like any common road side party in India.. BJP thus lost its popularity to great existent as a party that can do some thing for Hindus in India or achieve Hindu Rashtra the slogan for which it stands. Probably the Dons of RSS have nothing to offer in their Defence. Every one knows that Hindu cause has been betrayed so many times in the past. They know it better. When Salman rashdie published his book Satanic verses, promptly Fatwa was passed by Ayotullah khomeini of IRAN against him to eliminate him.It is his luck that he was not put to death by some crank. Reaction from clergy was immediate. Sadly there was no lukeworm reaction atleast from the so called defenders of Hinduism when Lord Rama was insulted in Rams land by some cranks and aethists and when the Kanchi swamy was harassed in the same state. There is not a single instant from the Dons of so called protectors of Hinduism where they stood up strongly and made impact nation wise
What is going on now is a pure defense than aggressive progressive policy to achieve aims in very near future. In that way Baba Ramdevji is much advanced than RSS in protecting Hindu interests in this country. The tragedy in India is that RSS does not contest in elections as party while all stupid characters can do and do. If it can not do, it's front line organizations should project common aim. This is not happening. Thus it is loosing its moorings (Has it lost already?).
Basically RSS has the short comings and rather fear of getting dubbed as the party of fundamentalists. Like any other party on the scene it is trying to project itself as a secular party. Sadly secularism has been not clearly defined in India, In all aspects secularism in India means Hindu bashing and minority appeasement. In fact we have to learn secularism from some of the western nations. There has to be common civil code and religion should not be allowed to play part in politics. Learn something from Turkey and Paris, London and USA. Our secularism means appeasing Muslims and Christians and undermine Hindu interests. RSS has lost its cutting edge. Its front line parties are not effective. BJP that hopes to capture political power is busy fighting each other internally. The episode of sacking of Jaswant singh and his return again became another Joke. People generally expect BJP to be living to the aspirations of RSS, but this did not take place. BJP became another as usual chow chow political party.
RSS could not counter the onslaught of Muslims in India in all fields such as reservations, Deni-gradation of Hindu temples in J and K, Sanctioning minority Institutions without check on them.RSS has failed to take up very strongly Hindu cause at various times on various issues and they played rather safe. The hollowness of BJP was exposed when a pack of terrorists were handed over to Talibans in Kabul personally by the cabinet minister. People have lost confidence that the party would stand against Islamic onslaught even in independent India. Till Today vandemaataram song is facing veto by Muslims. There is an exodus of Muslims into Eastern states from Bangladesh and RSS has looked other way. This has surely upset the voter lists. Many Hindus have lost confidence in RSS and its ability to do things in a concrete way. The Sakhas are routine where some pep talk takes place. It is a tragedy that no new blood is injected across and they believe that old is gold . One should know that old also gets rustic and rotten. Deadwood has to be thrown out and discarded and burnt in Holi fire. .Worshiping Shivaji maharaj and Rana Pratap is good for inspiration and is done in all RSS functions and the meets of its front line units.. But when one has to act like daredevil Shivaji which he did in all actions particularly when he attacked Shaistakhan the Mughal governor at Pune they always develop cold feet and convulsions are developed. Shivaji Maharaj or Rana Pratap singh did not develop cold feet and never behaved goody goody to save their skins. Therefore Shivaji eliminated wicked Afzal khan and cut off the fingers of Shaista khan. The country to day is not able to even display and openly appreciate Shivaji mahaaraj because Muslims might get offended. No one sees the destruction of Tulza bhavani idol by Afzal Khan. What we can expect? Probably Shivaji Raje has to take rebirth to cleanse and lead RSS and grind its teeth and make it roar like Maratha tiger of Pratapgarh forests and replace the present mewing and bleating by the hiding Dons of so called protectors of Hinduism donning uniform at Sakhas and celebrations at crucial moments. How long they would boast about taking part in Republic day parade. That was over long ago. No empty slogans and goody goody TV shows are required by them. What is required is committed action to instill confidence in Hindus that they could fall back on some one and there is some voice to speak for them that is feared and respected in the country. The other side must be made to know that no efforts for further partition would be tolerated. This is missing completely today. Long live Shivaji Mahharaj and Jai Bhawani.
. It is a sad story that the concerned men of RSS have no answer to offer or atleast take part in fruitful discussions . The failures are very convincing. Such organizations have outlived their utility and with present trends and continued misrule in the country it is high time a new organization is developed with new blood and energy to guide the people in this country and become a beacon of light to Hindus in particular. At some stage dead wood has to go. To day Hindus in this country feel orphoned.They have no place to fall back and shed their grievances. Lectures by Some of the senior VHP leaders Togadiaji are inspiring. But although theses were inspiring lectures to look at , but when it came into practical implementation cold feet were developed. How many RSS leaders courted arrest after Ramsethu episode or after arrest of Kanchi Swami. Every organization over years deteriorates and the short comings have to be rectified and this has not been done till day. RSS is no exception. Hence the suffering goes on in masses. Recently a word called safron terror was used by the most honorable white clad cabinet minister publicly. It is an open fact that since decades India has been facing terrorism from the Islamic jihadis and word such as Islamic terror was not used by any one. People still said, although all terrorists were Muslims, all Muslims were not terrorists. It is true even now. The same was not true for the honorable Minister. Congress quickly tried to track back at the statement made by Chidambaram in haste . But it has no doubt has stirred the hornets nest. Is it necessary to dub Hindus with safron terrorism to appease others? Where was the up roar from the distinguished organization on which millions had hopes? There was just a half hearted mewing and chirping. Will the same thing happen in case of othrside? In all truths, Lakhs would be converging on Indian roads demonstrating and bringing life to halt. Billions of public property would have been destroyed. It is not to demand similar action. But truly there are serious failures from the highly rated organization. The cutting edge has been blunted, rather disappeared. One can not survive on past laurels of Guruji for very long. Any recalls of great deeds done by stalwarts such as Upadhyaya, Sham prasad Mukherjee and Guruji have no use. Some inspiration may be there. Their memory has no doubt served to sustain the organization all these years. Nothing more than that. Degradation of Hindus was systematic, deliberate and progressively done neutralizing the effective organization successfully by the ruling parties. The euphoria that existed over the years vanished. The fear of getting blamed as the fundamentalist organization had telling effects. The same is not true for others. Men lime Sahhi Imaam of Delhi got away after making provocative statements amounting to sedition and rather treason. He openly supported Taliban when Buddha statues were destroyed at Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Another south Indian Muslim leader threatened creation of another Pakistan some time ago while Delhi leaders turned other way. The Hindu Organizations kept mum. Initiative has been lost. Examples are numerous. There is no doubt that the decay in the system was rapid.

If Gangrene has set in amputation is the answer if death is to be delayed.If a dog gets rabid it has to be destroyed. There is no cure for it. Maharaj Shivaji the great Chatrapathi must be surely having nightmares in heavens ( Surely he is in heavens) at the happenings in this country where he struggled all the years with sword Bhavani in his hand, mounted on a stallion waging wars against the tormentors, Killers, Hindu bashers, rapists, idol destroyers, to establish lost glory of Hindus and resist Islamic Oppression in this country. Has Shivaji spirit disappeared from the glorified organization? Shivajis spirit of course remains with shiv Sena But with how many Hindu front line organizations? Probably the answer will be big YES. A dead horse can not gallop or run even if it is flogged mercilessly.

Saturday, October 2, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen seated in a Park at Hyderabad. They appear relaxed. )

Patel. Bapu,. you appear much relaxed to day. I am happy to see you in this condition.

Gandhi. True. One has to be happy also at times. What is the use crying every minute like a cry baby. Am I looking kicking to day?

Patel. True Bapu.

Nehru. Very true. Bapu you struggled so much for this thankless nation till the last minute. What is the use? In the end all has gone waste. You were bowled out in just a second by Godse. Soon every one forgot you. They erected your statues all over only to be neglected soon.

Gandhi. That happens some times. Many great men were done to death. Don’t you remember Abraham Lincoln of USA? Poor guy was killed in a theater while watching a show.

Patel. Very true.

(Suddenly there is a huge flash and Abraham Lincoln appears. He looks strange in his typical ancient American dress with long coat and typical American hat.)

Lincoln. Hellow Guys. Some one has remembered me here. I am the Abraham Lincoln.

Patel. Good morning sir. We are honored to see you.

Lincoln. Look friends, In fact we lived in different time periods.

Gandhi. Hello sir, I am Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, I am also called father of nation. I am also known as Mahatma meaning great soul.

Patel. Sir, you must have heard about him. Every one calls him the architect of Indian freedom struggle.

Gandhi. I am not that great. Some how people made me great.

Lincoln. Are you not happy for it?

Gandhi. Who will not be?

Lincoln. I also learnt that you struggled for upliftment of poor and uncared men in society. I also fought for the black African Americans. Now they are not called Negros.
They are black Americans. My efforts have shown the results. See Obama became the president of great America.. haa…haaa..haaa

Gandhi. Good sir. It has been a great achievement. But he is of a mixed race.

Lincoln. That is OK. Ok Mr Gandhi. Though he looks fair complexioned his features are completely that of a Negro. We both have similar ends too. Both of us lost to assassin’s bullets. Both of us were shot dead by pistols like sitting duck at a swamp.

Gandhi. True. How sad? But one way it is also good. We were at the pinnacle of our popularity. Any thing going high has to come down. That will not last very long. Once people get used to us for very long, slowly they start to hate too. Look, at India where my memory is dwindling. People say Majboori kaa naam hai Mahatma Gandhi meaning helplessness is Mahatma Gandhi. Look, We were not given any chance and were shot dead in few seconds. eee…eee.. my wounds are paining…aaa…..eee…..eeeee.

Patel. In India, many people cried a lot when Gandhi was shot dead and many might be happy too without showing externally.

Lincoln. Such people are in abundance everywhere.

Patel. True.

Lincoln. I learnt about your country. You claim it as a world’s second greatest democracy.

Nehru. Heee….heee…heeee… Very true. There is no doubt in that.

Lincoln. Then why only Nehru family members are in power all the time? Why this family succession? Are there no worthy guys in India apart from members of Nehru family?

Patel. Sir. This is called Indian democracy. Competent guys are many far superior to what we had till date In these parties of dynastic succession, there is no inner democracy and there is one man or one woman dictatorship. Guys blindly fall at the feet of party dictator to brush shoes and also lick boots. Each and Every minister has to wag his tail obediently and vigorously like mongrels do awaiting pieces of bread. heee..heee..What happens in USA does not happen with us. That is why we are No. 2 democracy in the world.

Lincoln. How sad it is! More over the guy can remain as Prime minister, year after year till he becomes physically unfit or dead or even killed. They wants to be in the seat even if he can not walk and has to be carried in wheel chair or on a stretcher. Most of the times he will continue till he lives even if he is on oxygen and breathing through a mask.. What a democracy! Hotch potch type.

Nehru. What can I say sir? It happens in our country. People in India are happy as slaves because we have developed that culture after years of subjugation and slavery at the hands of Muslims and Europeans. We can never come out of it. We are slavery oriented. We exist for slavery, of slavery and by slavery. Most of the Indians believe in feudal rule. Same thing continues in all elections. Generations after generation were born in slavery. Therefore it has gone into blood of all to the last drop. Our DNA too would show slavery genes. Hee.hee..heee. Mr Lincoln. It is not only for Nehru and Gandhi party. In each party things are same. local congress leaders have taken a cue from Gandhi ( Not MK Gandhi) family. In AP state after YSRajsekhsr Reddys’ death his son Jagan is crying all over the world that he should be made the CM removing the poor old horse Rosiah who is shit scared of him.Rustic Lalu Prasad in Bihar is grooming his son to be the next CM. Sindhias, Pilots are on same line. On the other hand Owaissis are also on same line. Sons succeeded father in the party. There is no end. ( sings and does jig)

Look Mr Lincoln with long coat
We are bunch of great nuts and fools
Devoid of ethics we work well when kicked hard
Know that we are happy to swim in shit pools

Lincoln. That was nicely sung and you told truth. You guys were given freedom as a gesture. You never fought and won war against the enemies as we did. I know about Subhas Chandra Bose of INA who was the only real man of guts like a swan among millions of Ravens and crows. Look, freedom given as a mercy as given to you is never respected. It is true in your case . Look , most of your politicians are involved in scams, corruption cases, loot and even criminal cases such as murders, kidnappings, rapes and many more. They talk high of patriotism. But most of the guys are unpatriotic and get busy in all crap and corrupt activities.

Gandhi. We might differ with you. Criminals are there in all countries. How John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed? It must be a big story. Some say it was a Russian conspiracy after Cuban missile crisis. Others confirm it was the handwork of Mafia gangs. How Robert Kennedy was killed? Same is the case with Martin Luther king. We in India believe in non violence.

Lincoln. Americans do not believe in that non sense. Our hands keep itching over the triggers of rifles and hand guns. What is this cock and bull belief? You do it because you have no guts. You are not dynamic. You believe in fate theory. You are shit scared for every thing. If George W Bush chose your path and went on hunger strike after 9/11 as you do, Laden would have come to stay in New York or in Washington. Hee..hee..Heee. Look. Americans have broken the back of Laden and his men. See, How Taliban are running like rats and lizards in the mountains of Afghanistan? You guys swallowed everything after 26/11 Bombay attack. No guts at all. Like ants you ran into the holes. Your PM demanded Pakistani ISI chief to bow at his feet in Delhi clumsily looking into a prepared text over the TV without looking into eyes of the nation. What an inspiration? Could he inspire any one. How could he believe that ISI Chief would come and lick your boots? Will he ever do? Till date Pakistan has fooled you. You lost the initiative. You have no plan. Only thing is that you replaced the Home minister Patil who spent more time in oiling and grooming his receding hair. The next guys was no better. He was more concerned about his white shirt and Lungi and his Harvard Eglish.Whole world was laughing at your PM. You waved your rusty and blunt swords devoid of blades holding only hilts like comedians do in your Telugu films. Can you stop terrorism with such lukewarm response? Why you guys make a joke of yourself? Hee…heee..heee. That is why world considers you as big nuts. Can’t you learn some thing from Israel with whom you rub your shoulders every second and yet pretend as if you do not know him?

Gandhi. That is your philosophy sir. We have our own philosophy.( sings)

We are great mad men going around
And I think you are no different
Let us do some jig and dance together
And prove we are very efficient

Lincoln. Horrible singing dear Mr. Gandhi. Please stop it. Cockeyed of course and philosophy of inaction, dilly dallying and incompetence.

Patel. I could take some actions very boldly like action against Hyderabad in 1948.How can you call us men of inaction?

Lincoln. That must be of some rare one. You were a man of some action. But others were just nuts.

Patel. Thanks sir.. haa.haaa. I am happy that you have appreciated me atleast.

Gandhi. OK Mr. Lincoln. Thanks for visiting us. We shall meet again. We have some other work. Kindly excuse us.

Lincoln. That is fine Mr. Gandhi. Bye.
(Lincoln disappears while American national anthem is played)

Gandhi. Patel. Shall we go around and see what is happening?

Patel. Not today Bapu. Police is there every where in the city. I heard that High court at Lucknow is delivering the judgment to day on Babri Maszid land dispute. There is great tension in the city. It is better to stay at home. Let us not get into trouble for nothing.

Nehru. Very true.

Gandhi. OK. Let us go.

(The trio walks away singing Ramdhun)