Monday, June 21, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen sitting in a park in Rajasthan. They are dressed as usual and Gandhi appears relaxed and singing Ramdhun while Nehru and Patel are seen clapping to the tune. Suddenly some animals come to them running. At first the trio are worried and try to get up to run fearing that the animals are trying to attack them. But soon realize that there was no harm. They stay put)

Gandhi. ( Looking at the animals ) What is the problem? Why all of you re here?

Black buck. Sir, I am black buck. We learnt that youa re here to day. So we came running to see you and pay respects to you.

Gandhi.. Thanks dear. I am happy that you animals are loving us.

Buck. Bapu. How long we have to suffer at the hands of these horrible humans. Bapu.Mere Bapu. Mujhe marke maza kia Salman Khan ne. Usko kutch nahee hua.. Kya . Hehi hai nya is desh mein ( Salman kahan has enjoyed killing us. Nothing has happened to him. Is this the justice in this country?)

Gandhi. Dekho Buck. Mera haal dekho. Mujhe tho Goli mardiay aazadi milte hee. Mere se chutkara paaliya.. mai kiske pas rowu ( Look buck. Look at my fate. I have been shot dead after they got independence. Where I should go and cry?) ( Sings)]

Rowu main saagar ke kinaare
Saaagr eeee..
eee...eeee.. Jaag mere chanchal lahare..
eee... ( Song by CH Atma from old film Nagina ..1951)

Buck. Bapu.. Bas karo. I am fed up. Kya nyaya nahee milgaa ( Stop Bapu. I am fed up.Shall I not get Justice?)

Gandhi. Kaisa milga.. Useke pas tho paias bahut hai. So he manges bail and court cases a re defered. Finally all forget about them ( How you will get? He has plenty of money. So he manages bail and courts cases and these are deferred. At last all will forget everything)


Gandhi. Better keep crying till you again die ( sings)
Is duniyaa mein hai chor chor
Koyee andda chor koi murgee chor

( In this world all are thieves
Some are egg thieves
And many are chicken thieves)

Buck. Bapu. In this way all of of my clan will be eaten away by the film actors. The local people protect us. But Bombay film stars are crazy after us.

Patel. What to do buck? World is like that. There is no respect to life here.

Buck. Cries..eee…eeee…aaa…aaa..

Gandhi. Mr Buck. I shall see what I can do for you. Plesea go safe from here.

( The animals thank Bapu and others and go away)

Patel. Bapu. You gave them some assurance. How can you stop this?

Gandhi. Look. I have the weapon of fasting, Dharna and non co operation.

Nehru. Heee..heee

Gandhi. Wjhjat si there to laugh?

Nehru. Bapu. Where you will do fasting? Every one knows that you are already dead. You can not die again. So no one will bother.

Gandhi. That is also true. .

Patel. These film stars like Salman khan do poaching here because some locals must be surely helping them including from Forest department. All can be bought by money. They do it clandestinely. He was caught now. But we do not know how many times he did earlier. There could be many others who did these thinks like killing wild animals.

Gandhi. Bhai. You may be correct.

Patel. It is not may be. It is correct Bapu.

Gandhi. Then what we will do?

Nehru. We go to the President and hand over a memorandum

Patel. That will be surely put in a dust bin the moment we leave that place. Who has tome to see these silly papers

Gandhi. Do you call these as silly papers when given by Bapu, great Bapu, Maha Bapu. I am the father of nation.
Nehru. That is only on paper.

Patel. It is for winning elections. Rest of the time you are dumped in dust bin by these leaders. Only on your death day and birth day, they sing song for you and act as if praying.

Gandhi. So you say we can not do anything?

Patel. Surely.

Gandhi. Then let us relax. Why boil our blood.

( The trio relaxes in the benches singing Ramdhun)


Thursday, June 17, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Barak Obama, the American President and General Washington (in fact ghost of Washington) are seen sitting in the lawns of white House. There is very heavy guard around and even an insect can enter White House. They are seen sipping tea while a sentry walks in)

Sentry. Sir, There is a strange looking person waiting outside to see you.

Obama. What is so strange about him? Is he from other planet? Does he look like a human being?

Sentry. Sir. He is very much human like. I may call him humanoid as we have Lemurs and Lemuroids. But he is not like us in appearance. He is dark, almost like skeleton and wearing strange clothes. He is literally half naked. He says he is from India.

Washington. Oh. I got it. It must be Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. India’s father. They call him father of nation. He came here several times.

Obama. I see. I think I met him here once when I became the President.

Washington. You are very correct.

Obama OK . We shall meet him. He is very clever. But has some strange ideas that do not fit in here.

Washington. I agree. Nevertheless, Americans are known to discuss openly on all matters. I do not know why that old man has taken trouble of travelling all the way to us.

Obama. This is nothing new. We are godfathers to the world, particularly to Indians. They very well know that they can not survive without us.

Washington. Sure. You must have realized this aspect when terrorists attacked Bombay hotels and butchered many.

Obama. Indians could not take any action and did only saber rattling. Rather we were guiding operations there.

Washington. Hee. Hee

Obama Hoo..Hooo. Let us call him the poor guy. He has been waiting since long. Look sentry. Please call the old man with all courtesy.

Sentry. Yes sir
( He goes out and fetches Gandhi)

(Washington and Obama stand and welcome Gandhi)

Obama. Welcome Mr. Gandhi. We are honored by your presence

Washington. Welcome Mr Gandhi. Lot of time has passed since we met.

Gandhi. Good evening gentlemen. I am very happy to see you today.

Obama. Please be seated sir. Do you care for some tea?

Gandhi. Sure. This is tea time too.

(The steward quickly brings hot tea and Gandhi takes the cup and sips tea)

Gandhi. It is very refreshing. Thanks.

Obama. Mr Gandhi. How is India? Are the leaders fine in Delhi? How is Dr Man Mohan singh the prime minister?

Gandhi. He is very fine. He is an happy guy. He gets all instructions from one source and he need not think or make efforts towards that. He has to just carry out like a puppet

Washington. So puppet show goes on there.

Gandhi. Sure. What else? (Gets up and sings and also does jig)

The leaders at Delhi are a bunch of clueless lot
And are like shaky and unstable like earthen pots
They can not act on their own on any issue
While the nation is being burnt to the last tissue

Obama. ( Claps) Come on, Mr Gandhi. Are things so bad there? By the by you, are very talented. You are doing jig like an American and singing too holding that long stick.

Washington. Without that stick he will loose balance.

Gandhi. hee..heee. This stick is part of me. I am identified with this stick.

Obama. Mr Gandhi. What is the problem? Why you travelled so far from India?

Gandhi There is a purpose.

Obma. What is that?

Gandhi. Do you know Anderson who lives in USA?

Obama. There are thousands of Andersons. How can I know all of them unless there is some purpose?

Washington. Haa..haa.. What an answer!

Gandhi. Jokes apart Mr . President. This is Mr Anderson who was the Chairman of Union carbide at Bhopal in India. You must be knowing about the Bhopal gas tragedy.

Obama. I know a bit It happened long ago. I think it was in 1984. Many years have passed. How can we remember such old things. Mr. Ronald Reagan was the president at that time.

Washington. Mr. Gandhi , what exactly you want?

Gandhi. Recently the court case after Bhopal tragedy came to an end judgement was given. They treated the accident similar to a motor vehicle accident and some guys of management of Bhopal Union carbide were given two years jail. Every one is annoyed. The want Mr Anderson to be dragged to India and hanged.

Obama. I see. Why hang him.?

Gandhi. Because he was the chairman of that industry.

Obama. Look Mr Gandhi. In your country train accidents are common. Do you hang railway minister whenever some people get killed in train accidents?

Washington. Hee…hee

Obama. After Bomaby attack by terrorsits did you hang the Police Chief of Bombay for the lapses in security in the city? These things have happened many times in Bombay. Nothing happened to any government servent.

Gandhi. What can I say? The things have become complex because Mr PC alexandera very illustrious civil servant who was a governor ad retired now raised accusing finger at late Rajiv Gandhi now after 26 years and you know how touchy is congress at this. They are now on self defense. It is being said higher ups allowd Mr Anderson to escape from India after the tragedy.


Gandhi. Now they say that to reduce law and order problems he was allowed to vanish from India.

Obama. Now what you want from me?
Gandhi. please send Anderson to India to face trial for his lapses

Obama. Are we fools to do that? Our citizens have some rights. Even American citizen Hadley accused in Bombay attack is being sought by Indians. India could not get a single guy fro Pakistan after 26/1 . Look Mr.Gandhi no one hands over his citizen to other country to be hanged. Will you guys hand over some one from India If he commits a crime in USA and runs back to India? Things are not that easy. Mr Anderson must be already old now. He must be in his nineties now. Exactly I do not know. You will not achieve any thing by trying him. Please try in his absence. You have been trying guys for many years. Nothing will come out of any thing. All will go under mat.

Washington. Why you guys have taken 26 years to try the case? Were you sleeping all these years?

Gandhi. Things are like that in India.We mostly sleep. Once we had a PM who was fond of sleep. I can send some snaps of him sleeping in meetings. It is not like America. We are very lazy at court cases. Most of the criminals in India enjoy decades on bail and finally nothing will happen. They escape punishments.

Washington. Haa…haa. That is very good. I know the case of Sanjay Dutt who was the accused in earlier Bombay blasts case ad for owning an AK 47 rifle. Nothing happened to him. He is out on bail and happy. Time will pass like that .What happened to Salman khan the cine actor who was charged for hunting black bucks. He has not been punished. He is a free guy..heee…heee..haa.

Obama. Haaa…haaa

Gandhi.. So can I conclude that Anderson can not be handed over?

Obama. Sure. You may conclude so. We are very sorry. We could not help you. You may tell your PM to relax and wait for instructions from a remote. Ask him to enjoy life too.

Gandhi. Thanks Mr President. I am sorry I disturbed you. OK See you. Bye

Washington. Thanks Mr. Gandhi for the visit

Obama. Me too.

(Gandhi gets up and walks away and Washington and Obama see him off. In the distance Ramdhun is played)


Sunday, June 13, 2010


(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in Bhopal streets. They are singing Ramdhun. They slowly walk around and see people suffering. The area is very backward. People are very poor and most of them are suffering from some strange diseases.)

Gandhi. Patel. What is wrong here. India got independence in 1947 and 63 years ago. Things are very pathetic. What could have gone wrong?

Patel. Bapu. Nothing went well all these years. Heee..Heeee(laughs loudly)

Nehru. What is there to laugh Patel. Is it the matter to laugh off. I am very unhappy with you.

Patel. Dear. You can be. When you were happy with me? First you were scared that I could become PM and you had no sleep for days together.

Gandhi. Patel. Why speak all these things now?

Patel. I only laughed because Bapu had great expectations from Indians. They were just opportunists,. Only rulers changed. Rest is same. Earlier Europeans swindled the nation. Now our own men in the form of leaders, ministers are swindling everything. Europeans were better. Bapu. You know that Robert Clive who established English rule in India had to face trial in England and finally he committed suicide. You know the case of Warren Hastings. They did not spare their own men. There have been so many scams, goofing ups by our leaders including the top men. Remember Bofor scam. Has any one been punished. What happened to Mundra affair that was exposed by Son in law of Jawaharlal? Has any one been put in prison? None Bapu. When leaders are involved, at best they resign and get scot free. That is the justice in India.

Gandhi. True. This is bad. Jawaharlal. you were PM for many years. You goofed up Kashmir and Chinese policy and your policy resulted in war with them and they thoroughly bashed us and took away so much of land. I am sure you will never get it back.In any other country things would have been different. But you still remained hero although proved to be zero .

Nehru. Bapu. This is a bit too much.

Patel. Bapu. Now we are in Bhopal. You remember Bhopal tragedy, I am sure you will.

Gandhi. surely. Nearly 15000 people perished in the gas leak.

Patel. The joke is that it took decades of trial and then what is the outcome? Do you know?

Gandhi. It is like digging a mountain and catching a Rat.

Patel. Hee..Hee ( does jig and sings)

Bapu. Look oh Bapu
The culprit guys got away
The court has treated it like a road mishap
People are made to eat cow dung and hay

Gandhi. . Heee…heee. Very well sung Patel. I am proud of you.

Patel. Bapu. Some thing more ( Again sings and does fast jig)

The guy Anderson escaped
Now it is said he was allowed to
Bhopal victims died on streets
While Anderson celebrates shouting hee and ho

( Gandhi gets into mood and gets up and joins Patel doing jig. Both hold hands and do jig while Nehru looks other way)

Gandhi. look . Jawaharlal. Are you not happy? Probably you are un happy that Rajiv’s name was dragged by PC Alexander then principal secretary.

Nehru. What can I say? Rajiv is not alive now to defend himself. Why PC Alexander kept his mouth shut all these days?

Patel. It is up to him. I am sure big guns are involved in allowing Anderson to escape from India.

Gandhi. There is great up roar in India about the degree of punishment given to some offenders, It is just two years jail. The court has treated the tragedy like car accident. They say how Anderson could be accountable?

Patel. What these guys want? Do they want Anderson to be hung to a scaffold.? Cheee…chee.

Gandhi. Entire thing has bee mucked up so well.

Patel. Bapu. Do you think Indians can influence US to hand over Anderson.? Could they get American citizen terrorist Hadley for Bombay attack? They could not do any thing to Pakistan after 26/11 except shouting around and crying over mikes and shedding tears by PM looking blankly into papers. They can not do anything. Our country is shit scared of USA. We can not dare to antagonize USA .Literally we are their slaves.

Gandhi.Very bad. Then what we should do?

Patel. Better lump it down the throats.

Gandhi. We can surely do some thing.

Nehru. Bapu. What is that, say fast?

Gandhi. We can sing Ramdhun in chorus. It is the last resort to Indians.

Patel.It is nice Bapu. Mere Bapu.

Nehru. Sure Bapu. We are at your mercy.

(Gandhi looks other way. The trio sings Ramdhun.... Raghupathi raaghava Raja raam... Patheetha pawana seetha raam. eeee...eee... Bolo... and walk away slowly in to distance)

Friday, June 11, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at a five star hotel in Hyderabad at Banjara Hills. They enter the main gate and are stopped by the sentry)

Sentry. Who are you guys? What do you want here? This is not a place for you.

Patel. Why?

Sentry. This place is very expensive and a common man can not afford to eat or stay here. Yahaan tho loot lenge ( you will be robbed here). Kapde utar jayenge. (You will loose your clothes and get naked)

Nehru. Do you think we are common people?

Sentry. Then what? You don’t have even have a Maruthi 800 car. Leave a luxury one like Skoda or BMW or Mercedes Benz car.

Nehru. Is Maruthi so cheap type?

Sentry. That is the cheapest one can have to enter this place. We do not even salute those guys who come here on Maruthi car that too an old one. Forget about Fiat or Ambassador unless it belongs to a govt VIP with red light on roof.

Gandhi.Bapre. What a state of affairs!

Patel. You are not the one to decide whether we can afford or not. Call your manager.

Sentry. So be it. Better here from him and get wise.

( He goes inside and returns with a guy who is dressed in suit. He is the front office executive named Satish)

Satish. What is the matter here? Why I have been called?

Gandhi. We came to spend some time here over food. We are not being allowed in.

Satish. That is nice sir. Please understand our problem too. We have some dress code to enter here. (Looking at Gandhi). Sir, you are improperly dressed. You do not have even a shirt and look. How you are clad? You are in Dhoti with chappals that too worn out. Here we get customers who are the elite of the city. They may get offended if they see you in this way. (Looking at Patel)He is also not properly dressed. We want to people to be dressed in suit, shirt tucked in pant with tie, scarf, Pant and trim bush shirt, Jodhpuri, Achkan, Sherwani, but not in this dress. Sir please understand our limitations.

Gandhi. You are insulting our traditional dress. Is Dhoti bad? Even CM Rosiah puts on Dhoti every where. Chidambaram puts on Lungi. Kamraj Nadar always put on Lungi. Late Rajsekhar Reddy the CM always dressed in Dhoti. We should take pride in such dress.

Satish. Sir. Please do not misunderstand us. These are our rules. We also get foreigners here and want to maintain five star images. We can only allow this person and he is looking like a Neta(pointing at Nehru and he feels elated)

Gandhi. Look. He is actual a Neta ( leader). Is putting pant and shirt a five star image? Even criminals, Rapists, Badmash, Lafanga,Goondas, Crooks,Cheats, Rascals, Chors ( thieves), dacoits also are dressed in shirt and pant apart from all others such as politicians , ministers, Netas and doctors, land grabbers, gangsters, Engineers and govt officials. What do you say? Will you decide on dress?

Satish. I can not answer you sir. I shall bring the manger here.

( He goes in and returns with the manager who is dressed in a suit. )

Manager. What is the problem Bhai?

Gandhi. We are not being allowed inside.

Manager. True. You are not dressed properly. Please return with proper dress.

Gandhi. We are properly dressed. There is nothing indecent in our dress. Have not you heard about Mahatma Gandhi? Just think. What was his dress till he died?

Manager. He was father of nation. He is an exception. But you are dressed like him.

Patel. Relax manager. He is actually Gandhi.

Manager. Come on sir. Please do not pull a fast one. He was slain long ago by Godse. How can he be alive?

Nehru. You shall not understand the intricacies of this.

(Manger thinks for some time and speaks over phone to some one)

Manager. Please get inside. We have no problem. We shall adjust. Please go to banquet hall X.

(The Trio walks in along with the manager and front office guy and they enter the lobby and there is a visitors register and Gandhi at once goes and signs in the register followed by Nehru and Patel. Manager looks on stunned)

Manger. You guys are so good in English. Who are you sir. You look familiar. I am unable to recollect.

Patel. Look brother. I am Sardar Patel the iron man of India, the first deputy PM. That old man is Gandhi, Bapu, and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The guy in Sherwani is Nehru.

Manger. Yeah. I know got it. They were the great men. But died long ago. How are you here?

Gandhi. That you will not understand even if we tell you and I told this earlier too.

Manger. Is it a secret? Let it be. Any how I am happy to see you guys.

( He tries to shake hand with Gandhi. Gandhi also extends his hand and the hands do not meet. Managers hand just waves in air. He looks lost)

Manager. Strange, I can not feel your hand. Where it has gone? Why don’t you shake hand with me? (Appears to be worried and wants to avoid them)

Gandhi. I did ( they do again and manager fails to hold Gandhi’s hand)e

Manger. Please be seated here. I shall see whether some tables are vacant. Otherwise you have to wait. (He goes in)

Gandhi. Haa…haa. That guy got the lesson for the life. I saw fear in his eyes.

( The trio are seated in Sofas and all are looking at them queerly. Some guys go to them smiling. They are youngsters Naresh, Venkat and Sameer)

Venkat. Hello. Hoi,

Nehru. Namaste.

Gandhi. Good evening to all.

Patel. Ram.. ram

Sameer. Yeah guys. Is there any special show here to day and fancy dress competition? You guys are dressed exactly like Gandhi, Nehru and Patel.

Patel ( Getting worked up) Better leave us to our self. There is no such show.

Sameer. Sir. You are joking with us.

Gandhi. No jokes son. We are actually they. They are actually we.

Naresh. ( shrieks ) Eee…eee… aaaa. What is this language ( He falls down)?

( All the guys gather around him and sprinkle water. After some time he opens his eyes and shivering looks at Gandhi)

Naresh. Where am I? What is my name? From where I have come?

( Venkat and Sameer embrace Naresh and start crying)

Venkat. Eee…eeee. What happened to this guy suddenly?.

Sameer. We wanted to enjoy here. We never knew such thing will happen

( In the mean time the manager arrives and enquires)

Manger. What happened?

Sameer. I do not know how it happened. We asked these guys (Looking at Gandhi) whether there was any fancy dress show here. They said they are real guys. He said we are they and they are we and after hearing them Naresh shrieked loudly and fell down

Nehru. Look boys. Does this guy suffer from any convulsions?

Sameer. Nothing like that. He is a very healthy guy and university boxer too.

Manger. What could have happened?

Venkat. Please do some thing. Call for ambulance. I shall inform his dad.

( Manger rings up for 108 ambulance and it arrives soon with a siren. The ambulance takes away Naresh to a private hospital)

( Manger goes to Gandhi nad tell shim that the table is vacant and they can go into hall X)

Gandhi. Thanks dear

(The trio goes to hall and occupy the table. After a while the steward goes to Gandhi and asks for the order)

Gandhi. Look dear . Mujhe do glass doodh lao wo bhi bakri ka ( Get me two glasses of goats milk) Patel and Jawahar Tell him what you guys want.

Patel . Plesae get us Chapaathi and sagg and some onions

Steward. Sir I ca get some chapathis and vegetabes . But from where can I get goats milk .
Gandhi. I like that only. But if you do not have it can you get fresh Buffalo milk just boiled

Steward. Sir. It is impossible to get now. We get milk from dairy.. any how I shall inform manager ( He goes inside)

( after some time the manger arrives and sees the strange order. He gets worked up)

Manager. Sir. Is it good for you to trouble us like this? How can any one get goats milk at five star hotel? Chapattis and sabji is ok. We manage some how,. How can we get fresh buffalos milk? Sir you are testing our patience.

Patel. It is our bad luck that we landed here. You know bapu loves Goats’ milk. Whole world knows it

Manger. But he is not Bapu. He is just dressed like him

Patel. You are mistaken. He is Bapu. Our Bapu. Your Bapu every ones Bapu.

Manger. Eee..eee… I am done ( Pulls his hair and shrieks loudly) ( He falls down fainted)

Gandhi. What happened to him? These guys are not mentally strong.

(There is lot of commotion around with falling down of manager some one informs General manager and he arrives soon accompanied by a doctor and assistants)

GM. What happened? Why he fainted?

Gandhi. The guy I think has high BP.

GM. Who are you guys and you look strange.

Patel. I am Patel Sardar Patel. He is Jawaharlal Nehru the first PM of India and this is Mahatma Gandhi. The father of India.

GM. Oh no. .. no.. save me. eee ( shrieks loudly and faints )

(Entire hotel staff gather around him and there is great commotion. Suddenly lights go off. Generator fails to light up. Darkness is every where. Some guys are shouting for candles. Some one finds a candle. But there is no match box available any where.)

Gandhi. Patel. Better we skip away. Things are turning bad. These guys finally may turn against us. Let us go.

Nehru. True Bapu. I am scared

Patel. Let us go

( The trio gets up and walk away from hall and vanish quickly in darkness)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi and Patel and Nehru are seen at an old city shopping complex near madina. They are going around and at one store they see some fiber plastic boats and life jackets. They are surprised. The meet the owner of the shop whose name is Al HajKarim khan)

Gandhi. Salaam walekum

Karim. Walekum salaam

Gandhi. (Does jig and sings)

Salamm walekum antaa bagunnara
Meeranta baagunnara
Kalappaginchi choosthare
Nene nene bhai saab

Karim. That is a good song by Shiv Rao. I am happy. The song is from old Telugu film LailaMajnu of late forties. But, I have not recognized you sir. Who are you in this strange attire?

Patel. He is Bapu, Great Bapu. Hamara Bapu, Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi. Father of nation he is.

Karim. Oh Bapuji. Aap kaise aagaye, aap ko tho maardiyatha Godsene. Goli mar ke, Dilli mein, Aap bach nahee paye. Haina?

Gandhi. Bhai. Why remind me all those old things? Why worry how we are here?

Karim. That is fine. Now tell me what you want.

Gandhi. Bhai . Tell me why are you selling boats in Hyderabad. Where they will be used?

Karim. Bhai. These will be used every where,

Gandhi. They can be used in streams, rivers and lakes. Hyderabad is a big city. This is not like City of Venice in Italy

Karim. Haa…haaa.. Saheb aap maar khagaye yahan

Nehru. Why? What wrong Bapu said?

Karim. He does not know that in another fifteen days monsoon will set on. Hyderabad will soon become Venice as stated. The city roads are so bad and in a short rain, all roads will be flooded

Gandhi. Bhai sahib. Are you joking?

Karim. Bhai sahib. Why should I joke? It happened last year. Many colonies were flooded with 10 feet of water.

Gandhi. But I was told that in Hyderabad the municipal corporation had laid many drainage pipes.

Karim. True. But they allowed land grabbing in all canals. Now all canals are crammed up with slums and un authorized constructions. Do you think all these have come without officials looking other way

Gandhi. True they must have swindled plenty of cash. When nalas are jammed where the water will go? It flows into roads and colonies turning them into city of Venice.

Patel. Kindly describe your experiences. It is interesting.

Karim. Bhai During last year rain water entered colonies and all flats’s ground floors and cellars were full of water. People have to be rescued. Cars parked in cellars were drowned. Many cars on roadside floated and were thrown off by few miles. So they were washed away into bigger canals. In many colonies army boats were used and people were rescued. Army must be unhappy that they were not given many VSM for their devotion to duty during these relief operations..

Nehru. What a shame! Why discuss Army now?.

Karim. But the local government feels nothing. Because officials are staying in Banjara hills and jubilee hills MLA colony etc. They are least bothered. Affected are the worst common people.

Gandhi. How sad? But who bothers for them.

Karim. Sir. So I am selling these boats and having good business. Many colonies and individuals have purchased these boats and feeling safe..

Patel. Must be surely true. Karim Bhai . You are doing great service to this city people. It is OK you are making money and this is part of the show. But the tragedy is that the officials are making money by wrong means. I fail to know why seniors can not see the problem. They slept for last year Now rains are only few days away. What they can do now?

Gandhi. Karim Bhai. You surely deserve Bharat Ratna for this great service.

Karim. ( Showing great surprise) Bapu. Do I really deserve? I am not singer or musician or atlesat a politician to get Bharat Ratna. Patel Sahib. You a re already a Bharat Ratna.

Patel. When all nuts and bolts can be given Bharat Ratna why not you? . I was also given along with them. Now a day Tabla players, band masters, Nalli mein hawa phoonkne wale, Hukka peene wale, Baja bajjane wale, Trumpet blowers also get Bharat Ratna. Hee.. heee. I know one police guy got the award after cutting his hand with a blade accidentally while on Presidential security duty. That day a terrorist was killed 100 km away from where President was standing ( sings). He was given award for exceptional bravery of highest order in face of serious terrorist threat

Look oh guys here
Karim bhai deserves Bharat Ratna award
He surely must be given
Many songs must be sung by a ballad

Gandhi . What a joke realy.(sings and does jig)…aaa….aaaa…oooo

( Suddenly the sky gets over cast and with in few minutes very darkclouds gather and there is a down pour. It is raining cats and dogs. Within moments rain watersswirl up the roads and there is a sudden rush from the side Nallah an all shops get inundated. Every where rain water and Nalah water gush ut and nearly 10 feet of watewr starts collecting. Gandhi, Patel and Nehru grab one baot and sit in it. Karim Bhai also gets into a boat giving instructions to his workers to stay put there and look after property)

Karim. Bhai Bapu. Please take that boat free. T is a gift for you

Gandhi. Thanks Bhai. How generous you are bhai.

( The boat starts drifting and Patel tries to steady it with a bamboo pole. There some plastic oars in the boat and he starts steering the boat)

Gandhi. This is a nice experience (sings)

Hayya Hayya. Oh Hayya
Naya teri majdhar
Hoshi yaar Hoshi yaar
Hayya Hayya OhHayya

( Patel and Nehru sing Chorus)

(Entire old city and chaderghat, Afzal Gunj, Abids, Somaji guda, Narain guda, Malakpet are under flood. Every where people are seen roaming in boats. Some are selling vegetables in boats. All are happy. Some buffaloes are being milked standing on big rafts floating. Ever one is reconciled. There is a bar opened on a big boat and many are seen drinking in that boat)

Gandhi. What an experience of Venice city. We must thank the Municipal commissioner for planning this city making into Venice.

Patel. Should he not get Bharat Ratna for this?

Nehru. Why not? Hee…hee

(All shout Jaya Ho Bharat Ratna for Municipal commissioner, Mayor, Karim chacha. Local MLA, )


Sunday, June 6, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( A large dry lake is near Hyderabad and there is no drop of water in the lake. Some cattle and sheep are seen grazing in the grass in the dry bed of lake. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen walking on the tank bund that has rows of old banyan trees.)

Gandhi. Patel and Jawaharlal have you seen the lake. It has no drop of water in it.

Patel . True

Nehru. This is common now a days. There are no rains these days

Gandhi. OK. I know that. But the catchment areas of this lake have been occupied by various housing complexes and scamsters and land grabbers with political clout have occupied such areas.

Patel. That is very common, Revenue guys will have to be in hand in league with them.

Gandhi. Result is what we are seeing now. I remember once I came here some years ago. This lake was full and water was so much that it was almost touching the top of this bund.

Pate, I see. Gandhi. What is there to see?

Patel. Sorry Bapu.

Gandhi. That is fine.

( In the mean time they find some tractor trollies arriving on the lake bed Soon many people get down from the trolleys. Gandhi and his friends too get down the bund quickly and walk to the tractors. They find some official holding some register)

Gandhi. Hello sir. What is going on? Are you grabbing this land of the lake?

Official. How you are bothered? Who are you guys? We did not call you.

Gandhi. Why I should not bother when some mischief goes on?

Official. How do you say mischief is going on here?

Gandhi. It looks so. First you are not polite being a govt servant. You are very rough ad crude too. I may have to report to collector if you do not behave.

Official. You beggars. Will you go to collector? Do you think you can reach there?

Gandhi. Are you going to kill me on the way?

Official. Did I say that?

Gandhi. You meant that only.

Official. I meant you will not be allowed in at collectorate

Patel. Very clever you are. You twist words.

Official. That is why I am a govt servant hi. Hi ( does jig and sings)

I am very clever guy
And work for the rulers here
I am also crooked to the core
That you would find nowhere

( The people who got down from the trolleys one by one sign in the register held with the official and they are asked to pluck grass in the lake bed)

Nehru. What is this going on? Why they are plucking grass

Official. This is the government programme called Aaharaaniki pani Pathakam. There is not much agriculture is going on now in villages due to famine conditions. So govt arranges some work on govt lands and the laborers are paid for the work done. Plucking grass is one of them

Patel. I see. What are the other types of work?

Official. The next batch plant all the grass plucked by the previous batch. We also ask them to count stones in the land here allotted to each person. They are asked to count leaves in a tree. At times we ask them to dig trenches at the roadside and after few days others are asked to fill them.

Patel. What a waste of time?

Gandhi. But they are paid for it and instead of giving like to beggars govt is asking them to do something.

Patel. Hee..hee..heee

Official what is there to laugh? Is it appearing like some Tamasha?

Nehru. Then what else?

(The official keeps the register on the tractor and goes to monitor the work. Patel in the mean time sees the register and calls Gandhi)

Patel. Bapu. Look. In the register there are 450 peoples names and I find only 125 guys physically present here. But all signatures are there with revenue stamps.

Gandhi. That is obvious. The balance 325 is fake and that amount is swindled and shared by all officials.

(The official sees Gandhi and Patel near tractor and runs to them. In the mean time Patel takes photographs of pages from the register)

Official. What are you guys doing with the register? In what way you are concerned?

Patel. I am concerned like this. See now.

(Patel takes out a digital camera and takes long shots of all the people working in the lake)

Patel. Look. Mr Pullesh. From my camera ,I can count all the people working now and compare to your register. You have committed a fraud, You employed only 125 people and claiming money for 450 people. Each guy gets Rs 150 per day and 325x 150 will be Rs 48750 /00 and this will be swindled by you per day.

Gandhi. You must be doing this almost for nearly20 days in a month. If you do like this each day you will make Rs 975000/00 for 20 days.

Official. What are you talking? This is all cock and bull.

Patel. This is only smallest example I gave you. If you employ more fakes each day the amount will be much more. If number of days are more again money you can swindle also will be more

Official.( starts perspiring) sir. Please excuse me. Please mujhe maaf karo. I never knew you are very clever. Are you from intelligence?

Nehru. We are not from intelligence department. But we are intelligent.

Official. (Scratches his head) Ohfo. What a confusion!. What is this English?.( Looking at Gandhi) Sir Please save me. Shall I write your names too here? You need not work. I shall pay for whole month. You give me your address. I shall see that money reaches you daily.

Patel. Shut up now. Enough of it. Behave yourself. I shall report to collectorate.

Gandhi. Well done.

Nehru. With this, will stop all corruption in the country?

Gandhi. We have to start some where. Let us go from here.

( The trio suddenly vanish into thin air)


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Communism and Terrorism: Are They Complimentary?

Communism and Terrorism: Are They Complimentary?

Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

The world has witnessed and is still witnessing the horrors of Communism and is at present in the grip of terrorism too. In fact terrorism is age old and existed in all centuries and in all parts of the world in some form or other. Terrorism in the modern sense is violence or other harmful acts committed (or threatened) against civilians for political or other ideological goals. Most definitions of terrorism include only those acts which are intended to create fear or "terror", are perpetrated for an ideological goal (as opposed to a lone attack), and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants.
Many definitions also include only acts of unlawful violence. As a form of unconventional warfare, terrorism is sometimes used when attempting to force political change by convincing a government or population to agree to demands to avoid future harm or fear of harm, destabilizing an existing government, motivating a disgruntled population to join an uprising, escalating a conflict in the hopes of disrupting the status quo, expressing a grievance, or drawing attention to a cause (1).
According to Walter Laqueur of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, "the only general characteristic of terrorism generally agreed upon is that terrorism involves violence and the threat of violence."

Terrorism revolves around following:
1. Political purpose,
2. Disguise
3. Psychological impact
4. Violence
5. Wanton killings
Most of the terrorist acts are the results of political unhappiness, frustrations and are aimed at achieving some desired changes, destabilization and drawing attention too. These acts are conducted when the aggrieved party has no strength, militarily and financially and can not take up open hostilities. The acts are conducted to create panic and fear and psychological impact in the minds of people and the government too. Invariably Terrorists do not identify themselves as military men. Many acts are done in the garb of civilians. Repress ional acts by armed forces of a country go unnoticed and are not dubbed s terrorism. Mass murders of Jews in concentration camps by Nazi Army are not considered as Terrorism. Thus the real definition of terrorism eludes. Lankan Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) is waging guerilla war for liberation from Srilanka. Their operations can be viewed as acts of Terrorism akin to Palestine conflict while their sympathizers consider them freedom fighters that are waging war of liberation. LTTE killed Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at Madras by engineering a suicide bomb as revenge for interfering in their struggle by sending peace keeping force that got involved in fighting. Suicide bombers are clad in civilian attire, mix with general public and blow themselves as planned causing panic and deaths of innocents around. In all acts of terrorism violence is essential. Without violence the acts have no impact. Invariably a small numbers of terrorists hold large groups of people of various nations to a ransom by their unlawful acts.
Does communism has something to do with terrorism and linked to it? Yes, there is no doubt about it. Communism is based on totalitarian rule and forced identification of its people with the will of the State which has Marxist ideology (2). It is the dictatorship of proletariat. Civil liberties and fundamental rights are very greatly curtailed; rather do not exist in real sense. Communist States believe in the philosophy of destabilization and undermining of democratic societies based on capitalist or mixed economies (3) (4). Communism is the bitterest enemy of the capitalist societies. Communism thus aims at transforming the world to their line of thought and philosophy. A communist society can not be established by peaceful means and it aims at violence, mass uprising resulting in mass murders and elimination of landed class. Terrorism as practiced by the present Islamic Wahabi School is too aiming to impose its thoughts on the other societies in the world. In this context Osama Bin Lindens recent recorded tape is an example in which the terrorist leader exhorted all Americans to embrace Islam if they have to escape from the terrorism and persecution by Laden and his thugs. This is the blackmailing the Americans with ideology of Islam and terrorizing by the wanton and senseless acts of destruction, mayhem and murder.
Communists enforce their ideology within their states of influence by the use of military force and threat of detention; fear of execution, intimidation, imprisonment, harassment and by terror. The law is enforced by vigorous pursuit of judicial process (apology for judicial process) and summary trials. The process is not comparable to that prevailing in democratic societies where it is long drawn, laborious and frustrating too. People’s will is bull dozed under the might of state power. Killings at Tienmien square in China during Cultural Revolution in sixties of last century is the proof for the state sponsored terror on own citizens. Stalin ruled USSR by terrorizing its people. He eliminated his opponents and critics ( 5).
India and Nepal are the live examples to be quoted for communist sponsored terrorism. Communist party of India (CPI) was established in India after Bolshevik revolution in Russia during last century and was allowed to continue after India gained independence. The stalwarts of independence movement like Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime minister of India and others were obsessed with socialist form of society and rubbed shoulders with USSR. There was no question of banning Communist party in India. The fun is that in Pakistan its next door Communists have no place.CPI had good hold in the Telangana region of former Hyderabad princely state under Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur ( Brave) Fateh jung ( Victor of battles), Nizam ul mulk Asif Jah 7, the seventh ruler of Asifjahi dynasty. CPI launched armed struggle in the State at the closing years of the state and murdered several land lords and took up to terrorist actions. Once India gained independence, the Nizam chose to be independent. His government committed grave atrocities on Hindu population in the State duly abetted by the Razakar (Volunteer) Armed force under the leadership of self styled Field Marshal Kasim Razvi of Majlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen party (MIM). Countless Hindus were killed and women were raped while children were butchered as the government looked upon. The king became a puppet in the hands of Kasim Razvi who was amply supported by Deen yar Jung, the chief of state police.
Having no options, India after several warnings to Nizam conducted Military action (Infact called police action) against the State. Forces of Indian union along with armor invaded Hyderabad State from four directions and after brief resistance, Nizam surrendered on 18 Sept 1948. Several Razakars were killed in action along with State forces. Military government was established in Hyderabad under Major General Chaudhray and this government crushed the Communist cadres subsequently and established law and order in the state. At last CPI withdrew its agitation and took part in first General elections held in 1950 (6). Consequently, CPI split on ideological grounds into Communist party Marxist (CPM) and Communist Party Marxist and Leninist (CPI (ML)). In West Bengal State at Naxalbari, Communists again rose in revolt in 1968 and committed many crimes including mass killings and destruction of property and terrorist acts. The Armed communists again took up to terrorist activities and killings of land lords and destruction of property in the agency areas of Parvateepuram in sri kakulam District of Andhra Pradesh during 1969 and this was crushed ruthlessly by the State government ( 7). The terrorist activities are still continuing in the state of Andhra Pradesh by the communists armed cadres and this activity has spread to the newly formed northern state Jahrkhand and Bihar too. It also has strong base in Orissa and Eastern Maharashtra States. The armed cadres of Communists are now called Maoists and they have made a link from Andhra Pradesh to Nepal along the Eastern corridor of Andhra Pradesh. Maoists have committed many terrorist acts in Jahrkhand by blowing up Police teams, convoys, police stations and committing mass murders of innocent civilians in the villages. The State property is destroyed such as telephone exchanges, railway stations and post offices. Some have also looted banks. Thus it is seen that in India in certain States Maoists are active and are resorting to violence, killings of police officers and leaders from village level to the members of legislature and even ministers. They want to create panic, fear and terror in the minds of people and in the government. Maoists are clinging to the outdated Maoist philosophy of Power flowing through barrel of a gun. They also resort to killings of their own informers, suspected spies and betrayers. They are no different from terrorists. They claim political cause. Resort to violence, destruction of government property, indiscriminate killings, bombings and even suicide squads which are the basic actions of terrorists world wide (8) ( 9) (10).
In Nepal, Maoists made headway and paralyzed the government. It succeeded in coming to some terms with the other parties and formed a government. Nepal being a very small country with little resources, Maoists could create havoc in the country. Their terrorist actions were successful although they claim it as a liberation movement from the feudal princely rule. Thus we see that Communism believes in terrorism to achieve its ends although they claim their actions as Guerilla warfare. There is a very thin line between Guerilla war and terrorism and this line in fact has disappeared in the modern days. Thus communists and terrorists can be considered complimentary in many aspects of consideration..

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