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                                      Dr K Prabhakar Rao
165. In Hyderabad, govt gets jittery and shaky over maintenance of Kutubshahi tombs and runs around whenever there is some complaint of non maintenance. Recently a well caved in there. Photos appeared in news papers and there was great sympathy all over. If one walks t Mehdi patnam areas one can find a very old balaji tepmle at Gudi malkapur . It is called jham singh temple and is centuries old. The temple and surrounding temple premices are ins uch pathetic sight that it can nt be described. Why this apathy? Why the Hindus around there can not agitate to improve it? Every one turns a Nelsons eye and urinate around. How shameful it is!
166 Swami ji of Kanchi has Been found not guilty. After long trial and acquitted along with others. This is an indication that there was a big conspiracy against him and police guys too acted with over enthusiasm. This aspect has been told by the hon judge too? now is it not correct to find who made this conspiracy and why law enforcing agencies overreacted.can hindutwa parties file defamation suites for defaming him? Why there is no Hindu reaction at this moment?Are they castrated as believed.

167.Mr. Nooraani the well known historian in self styled his own way ( a great Congress camp follower) criticized Sardar Patel the iron man very severely in his book? he has of course played drums for late Nehru sahib who once stated that he is an Hindu by accident.I am sure no one prevented him from converting into a Muslim? He portrayed pastel ji as anti Muslim. And he hated Deccani Muslim state of Hyderabad. Nehru took over Kashmir issue in his own hand brushing aside Pael and entire world knows how he screwed it up? But for pastelji Hyderabad would have been become Pakistan III. Why the author and the crap book is not condemned by Hindutwa parties. What is Mr Togadia doing?

168 Akkanna and Madanna occupied very high positions in the court of last kutub shah of Golconda in 17 century. Madanna was the PM while Akkanna was the commander in chief. both were brothers. the Golconda Kingdom reached its zenith during their time. Aurangzeb the Mughal emperor of Delhi attacked Golconda for the final time in 1686 and the fort resisted valiantly for one full year.Akkanna and Madanna were assassinated after a conspiracy by some court nobles and the queens? Golconda fell by treachery and was annexed to Mughal empire? why these two great Hindu brothers are neglected and not given due recognition in Hyderabad?why Hindus can not raise their voice. if we can not honor our Greta. Sons who will do.will pakistan do. ? shame indeed.

169. Recently a Kashmiri separatist leader declared that Amanath yatra is against Islam. He said Kashmir has majority Muslims.He would soon rise against to ban the yatra. What the Hindu organizations are doing? Is Kashmir gone to Pakistan or has become independent Islamic state.Why there is no hue and cry from Hindutwa parties on this out cry? What they are doing. Are they existing to don uniform and do drills, play band and do some circus feats of pyramid at RSS sakhas ? They must do some productive work to build up Hindutwa.
170. In Tirupathi an Islamic University is coming up. Land has been allotted and huge campus is being built there close to the sacred Hills. Why there is no out cry from majority community. Will Arabs allow a temple to be built in Mecca? Will Pakistan allow a new one to be built in their country. Where was the necessity build the University there?

171.Why Hyderabad can not be named as Bhagya nagar which was its original name. Why there is no demand to that effect?

172. Amarnath yatra is the most sacred journey for Hindus. For centuries pilgrims have been treakking to the place bearing great hazards risking their lives. Why Govt can not build roads to the shrine? When it can build roads in Leh and Ladakh, why they are scared of building roads to that place. Why Hindus are not raising their voice? Why they have become impotent?

173. A single loose plaster tumbling down the edifice Charminar in Hyderabad sends the govt into tail spin.Why same thing does not happen when entire Tower of a Hindu temple collapses in Kalahasthi near Tirupathi. Hindus watch helplessly as they are throttled.

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                                     INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN….301
                                              Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are  seen at vijaywada in AP state. They are  strolling on the road when they suddenly stop.)
Gandhi. Look Patel, What is happening there?
Patel. Bapu, There is a crowd. They look agitated. Some problem they have.
Gandhi. But why so many people are lame in the crowd? I see allmost all lame ducks.
Patel. Bapu. They are not lame. They are on their knees.
Gandhi. Why so.? Are they mad guys?
Patel. No Bapu. They are all mentally fine. I am sure they are protesting
Gandhi.Waht type of prtests are these? Why they should go onto knees. This is free India. We are not slaves to any one.
Patel. You know better.
Gandhi. Patel. You are part of freedom struggle. Did we go down on knees at any point of time ? We took blows of Police men. But we did not bend.
Patel. Those days were over.
Gandhi. These guys appear to be just nuts. What for they are protesting? Any idea you have?
Nehru. Bapu. This AP state is in shit pot.  The state is likeley to be split into two parts.
Gandhi. What happens then ?
Patel. Telangana state will be carved out of AP state. Telangana was part of erstwhile Nizam provinces of Hyderabad state.
Gandhi. Yea , Now I got. This Nizam state wanted to be independent after 1947 and they beame ready for war too.They raised devils force called Razkars who committed many crimes.I am happy they are finished..
Patel. True Bapu Now those Razakars are not completely dead,They exist in different form now.Their party is also there with modified name now. Indian army was sent for military action against State army and razkars the devils.
Gandhi . You told me about it. I was already dead by that time.
Patel. True. You were shot dead by Nathuram Vinayak Godse.
Nehru.Patel. Is it necessary to say that now?
Patel. Then what should I say? He became martyr or ascended to heavens. I tell truth. Is it not true that Bapu was shot dead like a sitting duck at Delhi by Godse?
Nehru. Better I do not speak to you.
Pate. It is good to do that.
Gandhi. You guys better do not talk to each other for some time. I am vexed up.
Patel. Bapu. You appaer to be annoyed. Kindly padon us.
Gandhi. That’s fine, relax. We were discussing about some protests.
Patel. Bapu. Andhrites are protesting against  the impending bifurcation of AP state. They do all types of tricks and call them as protests.
Gandhi. What they do? In our time we used to go on fast at best and take out processions too.
Patel. Bapu, they crawl on knees. Roll on roads, squat,  make human chains, take our bike rallies, bullock cart rallies, cycle rallies, . Some time they also dress up in funny costumes and  shout slognas,  Cook food on roads and also eat on roads.Only thing left is that they are not using roads as toilets as protests. They block roads and do not allow traffic.
Gandhi. Common people must be fed up.
Patel. True.The govt servents go on strike, but want salary. How funny!
Gandhi. What  does the govt do?
Patel. It keeps watching.They give long rope. Democracy in  India means free for all.
Gandhi. Haa..haaa. Shame.
( Suddenly, he starts crying and beats his chest. He yells..)
Gandhi.. Aaa..aa.. Have I brought fredom to see this day? Alas I did a mistake. Better these nuts were allowed to suffer under the Englishmen. They do not understand what is democracy. Aaa..aa…The English men would have whipped them and made them to work.
Patel. Bapu. Cool down. Do you think you brought freedom to this country?
Gandhi. Then who brought it?
Patel. Surely not we alone.It is adifferent thing that history books are manipulated to project Rather you and Jawaharlal more and  more all these years. All others are lumped in dust bin.
Gandhi. I am very un happy because  people have lost values, morals and ethics
Patel. Long ago Bapu.
Gandhi. Patel. How long these guys will crawl on roads over their knees.
Patel. Till they have patience. They get tired and then go away. All these tricks are flashed over TV channels again and again where ledaers try to show off themselves.
Gandhi. Hee..heee
( Suddenly all the protesters get up and shake off dust from knees.  One can easily see  pads tied to knees. They try to hide them)
Patel. Bapu Todays drama is over. Now all these protesters will be given some snacks and cool drinks for participation.
Gandhi.Let them hang themselves. We have better things to do. Let us go
( The trio walks off )
                                                  CURTAIN FALLS

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                    Prof  DR Col K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

151.Sanjay Dutt actor- criminal in jail could get bail for 15 days ( parole) to get his leg treated. But the lady from VHP now in custody and suffering cancer can not get bail. Entire society have shut mouth.Where is unity?

152.DR MMS wanted to scuttle Court decision on preventing criminalsfrom contesting. Opposition gave a nod although small protest was there. In India all political parties have criminals as public representatives. Rajiv however turned tables. Why these majority Hindus could not oppose the ordinance?

153.Humayuns tomb in Delhi has been renovated by spending milllions of Rupees and time. Even DR MMS the PM went to inaugurate the old grave. Huamyun was not a great emperor. There are scores of Hindu heritage buildings in India which are left to suffer by neglect. Why Hindus are mum? Do they have no voice?. Scores of Shivajis forts are in neglect in Maharashtra. Wake up guys.

154.Distorted history is being taught to school kids glorifying only Gandhi family and brain washing them. There is no Hindu backlash.

155.Why Govt takes over Hindu Temples while they can not do same thing to other religious places. They can not even touch Saibaba temples who make lot of money. Why?

156.Why Muzaffar nagar inidents are being hidden. Why there are no protests?

157. The present PM and his cabinet are doing all the things in their power to denigrate Modiji. Why there is no public reaction?

158.The statues of Veer savarkar in the country are very very few. In entire Hyderabad city there is only big Bust at Kachiguda circle. Why. He wasa great patriot and nationalist, Why Hindus can not raise voice in his favour to immortalize his memory?

159.How many Hindus make pilgrimage to Shambhajis samadhi memorial ? in Maharashtra. He sacrificed his life for the nation and Hindu faith.Why Hindus do not recognize his sacrifice.? However they are after glorifying present leaders who are corrupt and experts in thieving.

160.There is only one University in name of Shivaji Maharaj in Kolhapur in entire country.There are thousands of Institutions and schemes in name of Nehru family members. Why Hindus are neglecting the great Shivaji Maharaj who gave identity to Hindu freedom movement.?

161.Mahharashtra govt has declared to shower scholarships to those who study in madrasahs? why they can not do same for Vedic schools? There is no demand by Hindus in country.
162. Recently Asaduddin Owaissi demanded status of state language to Urdu in telangana state along with Urdu. why there has been no objection from BJP in state?? Or Muslims in majority in telangana.?

163.Rrecently , high security has been denied to Modiji although threat exists for him?recent bomba explosions in Bihar at his meeting are the glaring so many bombs could be placed right under police nose is amystery. Why there is no Hindu uproar.probably Rahul has higher security than any other leader.

164.Recently kejriwal has joined hands with Muslim leaders involved in mazaffarnagar riots? how shameful on his part for the sake of votes. It is disgraceful act? he represents Anna hazare? Kieran bedi another person in hazards camp toes his line.have they become insane.

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 Woman Razakars aiming at a target during practice at a range.   hyderabad army marching in ceremonials falsely hoping to Forman Islamic state in Deccan. Alas They were butchered by  Indian army in police action.


  woman Razakars. At rifle firing practice at range,,  Hyderabad. obviously  their kids must have turned into Razkars and living in hyderabaP

 kasim  razvi talking to a parade at Hyderabad most probably at dar us slam at nam pally? the devil was finally jailed after police action in 1948

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Razakars of Hyderabad state..Devils force

   Razakars  on parade men above and women below.

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                      Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  Hail Sambhaji Maharaj the bravest of brave
  Who refused to be a  Mughals’s  slave
  His rule was however not a long one
  Wielding sword he made fighting look like a mere fun

  He differed with his father@  in his younger days
  While the father was worried at his wayward  ways
  Sambhaji even went over to Mughals for a while
  And in  many battles he took part with a smile

 At a strong fort he was confined by royal  will
 And the fort was built on a mighty hill
 Sambhaji had no way to get out and be free
 While his step mother at Raigad# was happy and full of glee

Shivaji Maharaj was a worried man in his last days
He was not at all happy with Sambhajis ways
Chatrapathi    in capital soon  fell ill
End however came soon as gods will

Nursery rhymes Rajaram his step brother  could sing
While his mother declared him as the new Maratha king
Some chiefs were however  ket issue on hold
 While they wanted the king to be strong and bold

Sambhaji   gathered his faithful men at the  jail soon
And many nobles too sided  that came as a big boon
His ranks soon swell  into a strong military force
And Samhaji entered Raigad without any remorse

Raigad  was thrown open for the young lion  and his band
And Sambhaji took reigns of the kingdom into his strong hand
Soon he became the Chatrapathi of Maratha land
And took a vow that he  would drive Mughals into desert sand

Palace conspiracies were at peak to kill the new   king
But none of these plans  could succeed and  sting
Sambhaji came out alive from  the deadly and evil  plan
He soon proved to be a very strong and  daring   man

Sambhaji took care of  young  Raja Ram the  lad
As a king he did not prove to be  bad
However he had strong dislikes and likes
Yet some men  harbored grouse , hate and dislike

Ganoji shirke was one among these evil men to sting
And he lost his fief in the reforms of the king
He was the brother in law of Sambhaji Rage the  scion
And he dreamt of a revenge against the Maratha lion

Sambhaji ruled with iron hand throughout his reign
And the Mughals waged many wars but were invain
Alas! Sambhaji was captured at sangameswar by ill fate
Ganoji Shirke did the dirty deed owing to his hate

Mararhas that day fought tooth and nail to free him
Luck however did not favor and became dim.
Maratha lion was atlast put in prison in Mughals den
And was tortured and the ways he suffered one can not even pen

Sambhaji refused to change his faith although facing death
He refused to reveal the  hidden places of his wealth
Preferring death to dishonor in that   hour among evil men
Sambhaji gave up his life at a scaffold in Mughals’ den

Sambhaji became the Dharmaveer the great
He however could not overcome the cruel fate
Marathas became more powerful after his   martyrdom
As every Maratha became a lion and saved the kingdom

@ Father..Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj
# Raigad..Capital



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                                                      Part VIII
                                          Dr K Prabhakar Rao
                Hindus lack unity from time immemorial and hence suffered in the past. The tragedy is that even now they are suffering as they have not learnt lessons. They pull in different directions and therefore the enemies are able to  keep them under their thumb. The vote politics have destroyed the nation which is on death bed and is awaiting liberation of its soul from the rotten body.
137. In the latest incident the Shivaji Gopuram at Srisailam Shivajis temple in Karnool dist collapsed . It was built by none other than the great Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj after his visit to the shrine. The structure developed cracks and there has been undue delay on part of Govt in restoring it. They planned to dismantle it and build a new one. The locals objected as per news reports. At last the Gopuram collapsed at top portions. It is a shame that we can not take care of our heritage structures of religious importance. The govt runs around hectic when some thing happens to Charminar or Kutubshahi Tomb or any Islamic monument. The attitude is shameful.
138. In another incident, some stones from the top portion of the gopuram near Kalasam on the temple of godess at Srikalahasthiswara tempe at kalahasthi fell down after recent rains. This happened due to negligence of the officials. The main Gopuram of the temple collapsed a couple of years ago that was built by Krishna Deva Raya 500 years ago. Ho ahmeful it is.
139.Recently sushil kumar shinde the central home minister stated that RSS and BJP arepromoting terrorsim. Of course there was some uproar from BJP and RSS. However Shinde stuck to his utterings.BJP wants the govt to sack the Home minister. Some demonstrations were held by RSS.However there was no universal condemning and actions by all Hindu outfits nation wide.
140.In case of Akbaruddins hate speech, there was no national Hindu outrage. Police arrested him after many days of his speech based on court directives in response to a case filed at Hyderabad by an advocate.
141. After the death of Krishna deva Raya of Vijay nagar empire, his half brother under custody Achyuta deva Raya became the emperor as per the will of Krishna deva Raya. He ruled for 13 years. During his reign, he crowned Viswanatha naika a chieftain as the king of Madura ( Madurai) in present Tamil nadu. Earlier, he was only a viceroy and the ruler made matrimonial alliances. Similarly he also crowned another chieftain as king of Tanjavur. The decentralization of authority proved disastrous soon. Thus the policy of keeping provinces under direct control of the emperor was changed. Soon these chieftains developed vested interests and they became the cause for downfall of the Hindu empire. Hindus had no unity.They were jealous of each other.
142. As years pass off we find that the memory of Netaji is being eroded very rapidly. His birthday passes off without any ceremonies and people do not bother. In fact a national holiday should be declared on his birth day.RSS plans huge rallies for Vivekananada. But it is quiet in case of Netaji who is the most beloved leader of masses.
143.Some of the Muslims in Hyderabad fix national emblem of Saudi Arabia on their personal jeeps and move around. No Police man stops them. Being Indians how they can do such acts? There has been no protests from Hindu organizations. We look other way.
144.Sri Sir Raja Kishan pershad the most distinguished PM of Ex Hyderabad state had several wives including Muslims. However the children born to Muslim wives were brought up as Muslims while those born to Hindu wives were Hindus only. How generous he was! Can it happen if a Muslim noble is in his position? Emperor Akbar married Jodha Bai . But her son was named Saleem and he became the next ruler of India. Foolish historians glorify Akbar, saleem  and  Jodha Bai . 
145.There is a saying that even a small thorn should be destroyed when it hurts you. Chanakya of Magadha kingdom preached and practiced this.When a thorn pricked his foot , he pulled it out and burnt it in fire and disposed off the ash with water. However in India the anti nationls are being allowed to grow threatening blood bath and these men grew up over the years due to appeasement vote catching policies. In fact Chanakya neethi was to be followed. It was our major failure.
146.Recently Sant Asaram has been picked up for allegedly  trying to outrage modesty of a 16 years old girl. He was arrested and was given for police custody.  Earlier too some Hindu seers were similarly maligned. There has been no Hindu back  lash. Law will take its own course. Can the rulers do same thing with other religious  seers?
147.A MP  belonging to minority community walked off from parliament refusing to sing Vande mataram. He got scot-free. Rulers have no guts to take him to task.
148. In a recent exhibition held at Delhi on Martyrs of India The portrait of Shaheed Bhagat singh was missing. The organizer did not know  who was Bhagat singh. All guys kept mum. There was no protest from major community.
149. The house of Shaheed Bhagat singh in his native place in Punjab is  in a  very bad state and none cares for it. How shameful it is! There is no protest from any quarters. All look other way.
150.Sanjay Dutt the film actor was sentenced to prison term by a special court as he was guilty of  Possessing unauthorized weapons and was in contact with anti nationals. There was great sympathy for him and  some even demanded that he be pardoned in view of his popularity. How shameful it is! The Bombay terror blasts resulted in the death  of hundreds of people.
To be Continued

151.Akbaruddin Owaissi the MLA from Hyderabad is having nice time out on bail after giving hate speech and court cases have gone to a iron safe. Will he be convicted in future? Why the case is being dragged? Why there  are no  protests from major community for his quick  trial  and passing of  sentence?


                                                      BOXING BOUT 2014

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                                              JAGITYAL FORT, DIST KARIMNAGAR, AP

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                                       POCHARAM FORT , RR District, AP Near Ibrahimpatnam

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                                        INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…296
                                                         Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is  busy street  opposite to   Institute of Medical sciences and Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are also seen on the street. There is some commotion in the area  and many ambulances are seen parked. Doctors in white coats and steths in pockets are  busy moving around. Some are really busy while many  appear to act busy. )

Gandhi. Patel. What can be the matter today. All appear busy here  and there is commotion.  Was there any earth quake or train disaster.

Nehru. There could be some food poisoning in some school.

Patel. Why do  you wish such things at schools?

Gandhi. I am upset at things. What can go wrong here?

Patel. Bapu. Ask what can not go wrong here? Any how I shall enquire from some guy.

( Patel and Nehru  go  to a corner and approach  an elderly man whose name is Pyarelal

Patel.  Bhai. What went wrong?

Lal. All is wrong.  Guys are mad. They are nuts. They are a bunch of clowns.

Patel. Be clear sir. Whom you are blaming? Are they patients or doctors?

Lal. I am telling about patients.  The  hospital is full of  congress men and leaders.

Nehru. Why only congress men.?

Patel. Was there any  food poisoning at some big rally held by them?At these rallies  free food is given.

Lal. Nothing of that sort happened.

Patel. Then what happened? Recently summer heat has been very high and they held a rally in hot weather. I hope they suffered sun stroke.

Lal. No . Not at all.Doctors promised that they would  occasionally put TV display about the situation.

( Gandhi also approaches them slowly. He is seen coughing loudly)

Gandhi. Hugh.. Hugh.. Bhai. What happened here? Patel, you said you would come quickly. You left this old guy alone. Even Jawaharlal  left me.( Sings)

Ab kaun hai mera . ab kaun hai mera
Faryad hai.. Faryad hai takdeer ne loota hai basera  ( Surendranath from Anmol Ghadi..          

Patel. Come on Bapu. Have we deserted you? We came here to get some information for you. You must have patience too.

Gandhi. Oh . You started replying back.

Patel. Sorry Bapu. Please  try to understand. Do not be angry.

Gandhi. It is OK, Relax. I am fine. What he is saying?

Patel. He said that the hospital is full of patients from Congress party.

Gandhi. Why so. Have they come for blood donation?

Patel. Bapu. Can it be so? Since 1947 that party was in power for most of the time and sucked away all the blood from people.

Nehru. Come on Patel. No jokes please now. I am hurt.

Patel. Face things squarely dear. Search your heart for a while. Answer will be  clear. Subhash chandra bose said. Give me blood. I shall give freedom to you. How about the present guys?

Gandhi. What they say?

Patel. Give us blood. We shall drink or sell. Make money too.

Gandhi.  Come on guys. Find out what happened to the patients here.

Patel. Bhail Lal, Tell us  what exactly happened.

Lal. Look sir. These guys developed  some strange ailment and  for many days no one could diagnose what exactly was the  disease.

Patel. Hee..Hee

Nehru. What is there to laugh?

Patel. If one guy was there, I would not have  laughed. He says there are  hundreds here.

Lal. True. There are hundreds. All have the same symptoms.

Gandhi. What are these symptoms?

Lal.  They get sudden convulsions. They  get into delirium. They shout sounding Audi.. Audi..

Gandhi. What can be this Audi Patel?

Patel. Bapu, Audi is a very  costly car introduced in India. Very few can afford it.

Gandhi. Then why all these guys keep taking its name. Did the leaders at top promise them  these cars?

Patel. I do not think so.

Gandhi. This appears to be a  mystery. We must solve it.

Nehru. Relax. It is not our job. Doctors there who  got degrees like MBBS, MS MD DM etc.

Gandhi. True. But many doctors are donation type too. They  purchased seats in private colleges paying crores of money. More over the private medical colleges have no standards. They are apology to the name medical college.

Patel. Hee.. Hee.. Bapu. Let us not   get into that shit pot. We can not come out.

Gandhi. Well said. Now how  do we go about?

Lal. Bhai.  I suspect that these men  are scared of Modi sahib of Gujrat.

( In the mean time there is a big commotion  near the TV screens. People gather pushing around each other . Patel also runs there.  He reads the screen loudly. “” Dear Onlookers know what happened to all these patients.  The medical team has investigated everything in detail and has concluded that these are suffering from.. Modioisis aka Thrombo, pulmano, Gastro enteric craziasis that  is incurable. It is worst than cancer.)

Gandhi. How sad! That means these guys  have suffered Modi phobia ever since he became popular in the country.

Patel. True Bapu. They are scared. All the time they discuss about Modiji. They  use all phrases against him. They leave no stone unturned in condemning him. Finally  They got it while Modiji is fine. Hee..hee..

Gandhi.  I feel sad for the guys. They were crazy of dynasty. May god bless them with some  wisdom. In democracy every one has right to contest and win. No one has right to do character assassination.

Patel. But Bapu what exactly goes on now is Character assassination only.

Gandhi. What we can do. Hope god will give them some light. Let us go.

Patel. OK. Thanks Mr Lal for all the help.

Lal. Never mind sir. I am also like you.

                                 ( the trio walks away )

                              CURTAIN FALLS 


                                   INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN……. 297
                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen at Abids circle in Hyderabad. They are strolling lazily and they find a Sweet corn masala shop. Smells is sweet and Patel is attracted.

Patel. Bapu, How about a cup of  boiled corn with Masala each?

Gandhi. I do not mind Patel. Weather is also stimulating. Few rain drops around make it more convincing. OK

Nehru. Come on Bapu, Do you eat on road side shop.

Gandhi. What is wrong in it. We are on road side now. Sp we are eating on road side shop. Will the shop be in sky?

Nehru. Ohfo. I didn’t mean that way. Roadside shop means a clumsy one.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal, You are ego is not yet dead  although  you were dead long ago. We are nothing now in society. All of us died long ago and guys have forgotten us. Here and there  one can find my statue and your statue too. Most of the statues are badly maintained. Of course at very few places they are looked after because they are needed for garlanding on our death and birth days. I hardly find statues of Patel.

Patel. Bapu. Mans  actions are not measured by statues. More the statues are erected less work is indicated. More statues mean some  image exploitation for social and political purpose.

Gandhi. That I agree.  But  for some guys in India there is a statue at every crossing as if they are standing to direct  passers in different directions like police men. Hee..hee… In that way we are lucky.  I feel sad  because at many places our statues are surrounded by filth, pigs, stray dogs, urchins and dust bins and pissing guys. Some also ease themselves at night.

Patel. That is very befitting because you struggled to clean up public toilets when you were alive.

Gandhi. Hee..Hee.  That is the befitting tribute by the nation to me. I am very happy. ( sings  and does also jig. Some  on- lookers gather around and clap)

Look my brothers , please  listen to me
 I struggled all my life  half naked and in  rain
Strangely the nation looks other way today
 However I do not feel a pinch of any pain

Patel ( sings)

Bapu,  Well done , you composed  nicely
It is very great and  I can not any more dwell
You are  a born poet in this thankless  world
And I can see also that you do jig very well

Nehru. Come on guys, Other guys are watching us.

Gandhi. So what. This is a free country and we are free people.

Patel And we have freedom of Expression.

Onlooker. I am   Phaltu Sareen. You sang poems well and also acted well.

Gandhi. What do you mean acted well ?

Sareen. Then what you were doing?

Patel. We were not acting. We are real guys. Not actors.

Sareen. I thought you were on some street play. I wasted my time.

Nehru. No one asked to stay brother.

( On lookers melt away)

Patel. We forgot about sweet corn. Let us have some fun.

( The trio goes to the vendor )

Patel. Please give us three cups of  corn.

Vendor. Sweet or sour?

Patel. I want sweet one

Nehru. I want sour one.

Gandhi. I want mixed.

Vendor. I can not make mixed one.

Gandhi. Why. Shall I help you.

Vendor. I shall try

( Vendor gives them cups and they start munching )

Gandhi. Why you guys preferred  different tastes?

Patel. I am a sweet guy. So I take a sweet one.

Nehru. Do you mean I am bad guy because I took a sour one?

Patel. Did I say that? It is up to you.

Gandhi. I am a mixture of good and bad. So I tool mixed one.

( They finish off the cups and start walking  and  arrive at the circle)

Nehru. Bapu, Have you seen my statue holding a pigeon and releasing it from palm

Gandhi. Yeah. I see it. I happy you released it and not made a breakfast of it. But why so many strings are tied to the neck

Patel. Whenever some political party has a program they tie their flag strings to his neck in every direction. It looks as if his statue is hung by strings. Hee..hee..hee. Now all paper flags are withered way and only strings remain. Haa..haaa.haaa

Gandhi. I feel bad  for the disrespect to the statue.

Patel. Bapu. Do you think they are erected out of respect? It is pure exploitation of our images and memories.

Nehru. I can not keep watching this nonsense. I shall remove strings

( Nehru tries to jump the fence of the enclosure and he is caught by a police man)

Police man. Hey. What are you doing? Why are jumping over the fence?

Nehru. I want to remove the strings around.

Police man. That is not your job.

Nehru. Then is it your job?

Police man. Neither mine. It is the work of city  municipality. Go away. Or else I shall take to police station.

Nehru. Please take me if you can.

Police man. Can’t I take you?

Gandhi. Look  Constable. Please leave him. He is a bit upset.

Police man. Why.?

Patel. The statue looks like him

( Police man again looks at Nehru and statue in turns)

Police man. True. He looks like statue.

Patel. Sorry. Statue looks like him

Police man. Correct. I understand his problem.  You can go now.

( The police man goes away)

Patel. Bapu. I think we must leave now. It is getting very cloudy.

Gandhi. True

( The trio  walks away fast )

                         CURTAIN FALLS