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                                     INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN….301
                                              Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are  seen at vijaywada in AP state. They are  strolling on the road when they suddenly stop.)
Gandhi. Look Patel, What is happening there?
Patel. Bapu, There is a crowd. They look agitated. Some problem they have.
Gandhi. But why so many people are lame in the crowd? I see allmost all lame ducks.
Patel. Bapu. They are not lame. They are on their knees.
Gandhi. Why so.? Are they mad guys?
Patel. No Bapu. They are all mentally fine. I am sure they are protesting
Gandhi.Waht type of prtests are these? Why they should go onto knees. This is free India. We are not slaves to any one.
Patel. You know better.
Gandhi. Patel. You are part of freedom struggle. Did we go down on knees at any point of time ? We took blows of Police men. But we did not bend.
Patel. Those days were over.
Gandhi. These guys appear to be just nuts. What for they are protesting? Any idea you have?
Nehru. Bapu. This AP state is in shit pot.  The state is likeley to be split into two parts.
Gandhi. What happens then ?
Patel. Telangana state will be carved out of AP state. Telangana was part of erstwhile Nizam provinces of Hyderabad state.
Gandhi. Yea , Now I got. This Nizam state wanted to be independent after 1947 and they beame ready for war too.They raised devils force called Razkars who committed many crimes.I am happy they are finished..
Patel. True Bapu Now those Razakars are not completely dead,They exist in different form now.Their party is also there with modified name now. Indian army was sent for military action against State army and razkars the devils.
Gandhi . You told me about it. I was already dead by that time.
Patel. True. You were shot dead by Nathuram Vinayak Godse.
Nehru.Patel. Is it necessary to say that now?
Patel. Then what should I say? He became martyr or ascended to heavens. I tell truth. Is it not true that Bapu was shot dead like a sitting duck at Delhi by Godse?
Nehru. Better I do not speak to you.
Pate. It is good to do that.
Gandhi. You guys better do not talk to each other for some time. I am vexed up.
Patel. Bapu. You appaer to be annoyed. Kindly padon us.
Gandhi. That’s fine, relax. We were discussing about some protests.
Patel. Bapu. Andhrites are protesting against  the impending bifurcation of AP state. They do all types of tricks and call them as protests.
Gandhi. What they do? In our time we used to go on fast at best and take out processions too.
Patel. Bapu, they crawl on knees. Roll on roads, squat,  make human chains, take our bike rallies, bullock cart rallies, cycle rallies, . Some time they also dress up in funny costumes and  shout slognas,  Cook food on roads and also eat on roads.Only thing left is that they are not using roads as toilets as protests. They block roads and do not allow traffic.
Gandhi. Common people must be fed up.
Patel. True.The govt servents go on strike, but want salary. How funny!
Gandhi. What  does the govt do?
Patel. It keeps watching.They give long rope. Democracy in  India means free for all.
Gandhi. Haa..haaa. Shame.
( Suddenly, he starts crying and beats his chest. He yells..)
Gandhi.. Aaa..aa.. Have I brought fredom to see this day? Alas I did a mistake. Better these nuts were allowed to suffer under the Englishmen. They do not understand what is democracy. Aaa..aa…The English men would have whipped them and made them to work.
Patel. Bapu. Cool down. Do you think you brought freedom to this country?
Gandhi. Then who brought it?
Patel. Surely not we alone.It is adifferent thing that history books are manipulated to project Rather you and Jawaharlal more and  more all these years. All others are lumped in dust bin.
Gandhi. I am very un happy because  people have lost values, morals and ethics
Patel. Long ago Bapu.
Gandhi. Patel. How long these guys will crawl on roads over their knees.
Patel. Till they have patience. They get tired and then go away. All these tricks are flashed over TV channels again and again where ledaers try to show off themselves.
Gandhi. Hee..heee
( Suddenly all the protesters get up and shake off dust from knees.  One can easily see  pads tied to knees. They try to hide them)
Patel. Bapu Todays drama is over. Now all these protesters will be given some snacks and cool drinks for participation.
Gandhi.Let them hang themselves. We have better things to do. Let us go
( The trio walks off )
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