Thursday, February 23, 2012


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are strolling in Delhi and they come across two whites at a road corner.)
Gandhi. Patel, Have we lost the road? It appears as if we entered a whites colony here.
Patel. No Bapu. We are very much on correct path. Let us introduce ourselves to the guys.
( In the mean time , the whites approach and they greet the trio. They introduce themselves as Ken Barrington and Don Bradman)
Gandhi. Good morning Gentle men. I am MK Gandhi, the father of this nation and these are Jawaharlal and Patel. They are former Indian PM and Deputy PM respectively.
Patel. We are happy to meet you Mr Bradman the greatest Cricket legend. We are equally happy to meet Ken Barrington of UK who was one of the greatest batsman cricket ever produced.
Barrington. Thank you friends for your kind words.
Don. Thank you sir. You have been very nice to us. I do not think we deserve that much praise.
Gandhi. You are too modest.
Don. Mr Gandhi. We heard about great achievements in getting India freed from the English rule.
Gnadhi. We have done our duty.
Barrington. Sir, It was great deed indeed.
Patel. Thank you Mr. Barrington.
Don. Mr Gandhi. How is Cricket going on in India?
Gandhi. Generally we have other activities. But we do take interest and keep knowing things.
Don. That is very nice.
Patel. India won World cup at Bombay in the last tournament defeating Sri Lanka I Finals
Barrington. We know. I saw the match. It was so tense. Yuva Raj and Dhoni did very well. Dhini finished off with a grand shot over the fense.
Don. Yeah. It was great.
Patel. Sadly Indian team lost badly in England after that in test matches and in one day matches. It was white wash.
Gandhi. Later the Englsih team came to India and they won tests. But the lost one day trophy to India. India white washed them
Don. Haa..Haa. Tit for tat it was
Barrington. Haa..Haaa. Such thngs happen in cricket.
Patel. Now India lost Tests and One day trophies in Australia. It was a bad show. Their morale is low now.
Don. The team should not loose morale. It is bad. In cricket there are many factors. Winning and loosing will be always there.
Patel. In India people love cricket very much.Great crickers are treated as gods. We have Cricket Wizard Sachin,
Don. I know him very well. He is a living legend.
Gandhi. He is hunting for his hundredth hundred. But sadly is unable to meet success. Many times he was out in ninties few runs before he got his coveted hundred.
Don. Just bad luck. But that should not demotivate him.
Patel. He is very form. He has overcome many such situations in the past. He came back with a hammer again.
Gandhi. In India people expect century every time Sachin bats.
Patel. In Australia too he scored many runs, but did not get century. He did not score many runs in one day matches.
Gandhi. I sense that some characters are gunning for senior players like Sachin, Sehwag and Gambhir. Dravid and Laxman the great batsmen of India have been dropped from one dayers in the three nation tournament. They got a bad treatment after so many years of service.
Patel. India is a thankless nation in fact.
Barrington. It is very sad to know these things.
Patel. In India every past cricket guys is an expert. He keeps yapping something for nothing. There are some guys who never held the cricket bat and they are great expert and keep talking on TV. Hee..heee..
Barrington. Interesting.
Don. May god bless them with some wisdom.
Barrington. Now what is happening about Sachin. Are the pseudo experts and past cricketers asking for Sachins removal.
Patel. It looks so.
Don. I think they are talking through their hats.
Patel. Recently former Indian captain Kapil Dev expressed his opinion that Sachin should have left one day games after world cup.
Don. Has any one asked his opinion.
Patel. I think no one asked him. They feel important themselves.They have no work. So they are busy like this.
Don. Haa..Haa. But Kapil was great guy. He got world cup for India and took many wickets too.
Patel. But he forgot about his last days in International cricket. He was struggling in those days. He could only take wickets of tailenders. He was allowed to play so that he broke the record of wicket takers of that time.Then he was also got stuck in some cricket scam.
Gandhi. But he was found not guilty later.
Don. That was good. But why he should worry over Sachins exit? Sachin is not going to break his record either
Patel. Haa..Haaa.. He knows better. One should not throw stones while sitting in a glass house.
Gandhi. If you throw cow dung at others , others also would throw cow dung at you.
Patel.. Hee..Hee
Don. I know that Sachin at the crucial phase of his career of creating history and no one will be breaking his record for the next 500 years. He must play till he creates. It is a matter of time.
Barrington. Even I played badly many times.
Gandhi. All these self made experts must be asked to keep quiet and mind their work if they have any. Indian Cricket Board has to decide whether Sachin should play or not.
Nehru . They will be too happy if Sachin plays till he wants to play. There is no time limit. .
Don. I heard that there are problems in the Cricket team of India. The captain is making controversial statements that is not good for him and cricket too.
Patel. He introduced rotational policy to get rid of seniors as said by some. He however claims that it is meant to prepare team for 2015 world cup.
Don. Ha..Haa. He himself may not play in that cup.
Patel. He said that the seniors had cost him atleast 20 runs in a match.
Nehru . That was really bad.
Patel. In India People love Sachin more than the PM of India. They want that he msut be bestowed with Bharat Ratna the highest national award for him.
Gandhi. I am sure he will get it.
Don. I love Sachin. He is a great guy. I pray that he will get his next hundred very soon and makes these open mouths shut.
Gandhi. True. We also pray for him.
Patel. Yeah. Hip Hip Hurray. Long live Scahin. Down with his adversaries and critics.
Don. OK Mr Gandhi. We are getting late. We shall meet again.
Gandhi. Surely. Bye. Thaks for meeting us. Bye
Patel. Bye sir.
Nehru. Bye sir.
( The trio walk away singing Ramdhun and praying for Sachin. Don and Barrington also pray for Sachin and walk away.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are strolling on Delhi Road near Rajghat in the evening. They are followed by a street dog )

Nehru. Bapu. A dog is following us. I am scared. It may bite me.

Patel. Relax, Jawaharlal, Why it will only bite you? Does it have any enmity with you?. Have you thrown a stone at it?

Nehru. Patel Bhai. You are seeing me. I have not done any thing. Why it will be my enemy?

Patel. Then relax. Please do not get upset. We are strolling on this road. It also must be going somewhere. It is a chance that we are together.

Gandhi. ( Looks back) The dog appears to be docile. I is not aggressive. Why worry about it?

Nehru. Any how, I am sure that Municipal corporation of Delhi is not bothered about Rajghat road. Dogs are roaming free on this road. Bapu, this is the place where your pious grave is there.

Patel. Please do not call grave. Bapu was not buried here. He was cremated and what stands here is a memorial.

Gandhi. Patel is correct. I was not buried.

( In the mean time, the stray dog tries to enter Rajghat Bapu samdhi gate and is stopped by the gate watchman)

Watchman. Shh..Shh.. Get away.. Get off you bloody dog. Get out

( The watchman throws a stone at the dog and it is injured at the leg and it bleeds.The dog pounces on him and bites. Gandhi sees it. He goes to the watchman)

Gandhi. Bhai. What is this? Why you have hit the dog?

Watchman. I am Pyarelal. It was entering Rajghat, the Samadhi….It has bitten me .

Gandhi. Good thing it has done. Any how so what? What will happen if it enters?

Pyarelal. It dirties the area and park. It may bite some people and children who visit this place.eee…eee……How about me ..I am bitten.

Gandhi. Look. You must show compassion to fellow living beings. This is the place of Samadhi of MK Gandhi, i.e me. I lived and died for compassion. But this is not reflected here. How bad and how sad?

Pyarelal. Ye.. What all nonsense you are talking? How this belongs to you? You appear to be a crank. Go away and do not spoil my day and mood. I have better things to do. The dog has bitten…eeeee……aaaa….aaaaa…

Gandhi. You appear to be some strange one. You are so rude to aged people. I can imagine the fate of visitors here. I may have to report against you.

Pyarelal. Go and do whatever you want to do. Nothing you can do. I have seen many guys like you. Can anything happen in this country? So many guys of Govt are facing charges of corruption. What can happen to them. All will be finally freed.… It is paining

Patel. Bapu. He is telling truth. Let us leave. Who will bother for our complaint. Why struggle with such cranks? You will find many like him around. This area is full of samdhis and parks. Every where you shall find such guys. These are smashan ghats ( Cremation grounds) and not parks of recreation. Only serious guys visit here and these guys do not get tips. So they are irked up. All other public places they get something. Poor guys is bitten by the dog..

Bapu.Why he is poor.. He may get gallantry award for this. What to do? Let us go from here. I feel upset.

Patel. Bapu. Whata re you talking. How he will get Gallatry award?

Gandhi. Why not. When police guys who got shot in vehicles without even retaliating against terrorists are given Gallantry aawards as ashok Chakras, why not this guy?

Patel. Hee..hee . True. Bapu, Youa re very correct

Gandhi. I am always correct. Let us go.

( They keep walking away and find the dog again following them)

Bapu. Patel. What is this?. The dog is again after us.

Nehru. Bapu. Let us shoe it off. I am scared .

Bapu. Please do not do it.Don’t you know. It has bitten the watch man when he a threw a stone at it. There must be some thing in it. Are you carrying any eatable in your pocket?

Patel. Ohfo. Nothing like that.Jawahar must be having something.

Nehru. I too do not have any thing.

( Bapu stops and whistles to the dog. It approaches him wagging the tail)

Bapu. What is that you want from us? Why are you after us?


Nehru. Wow..Bow

(The dog snarls at him)

Bapu. Relax. Tell me what you want? Why are you following us?

( The dog speaks in human voice)

Dog. Sir, In my previous birth I was Natkhatram and I belonged to UP. I was your follower inmost of the agitations during freedom struggle.

Gandhi. Then what happened?

Dog. I left your party and joined another party as I thought freedom was being delayed.

Gandhi. Then?

Dog. I again changed party. This happened four times and in one of the police firings I died

Gandhi. Oh Sorry. How sad?

Dog. Thanks sir for your concern.

Gandhi. Why are you in this form now?

Dog. I changed many parties and I was not loyal to any one party. Therefore after my death and suffering in hell I was given this dogs birth. I was born near a dust bin at Kashmri Gate.

Patel. So it is clear that those who keep changing parties will take birth of a dog after they die. Hee..heee..

Gandhi. At this rate we will be having many dogs in the country.

Patel. True. In every place in India, population of dogs is increasing. Census has declared this fact.
Nehru. I am lucky. I have not changed party in my life time. Patel, You are also lucky.

Patel. I am least concerned. There are other forms that are worst than a dog’s birth. Do you think changing party is the only sin in life? How do you think that you have not committed any other sin?

Gandhi. What Patel says is very true. Why bother for it when you don’t have control over it.

Nehru. It is OK.

Gandhi. Now things are clear to me why this dog followed us. It recognized us. Thanks to you doggy. What is your name now?

Dog. I have no master. I roam on streets. But some street urchins call me shaggy

Patel. That is good .OK Shaggy. Thanks for following us and telling things.

Shaggy. Thanks sir. Shall I be with you always.

Nehru. No.. No..

Gandhi. It will not be proper. We do not stay in one place and it becomes difficult to feed you .

Shaggy. That is OK. I shall not be a burden to you. I shall take care of me. OK Sir . Bye. Now I have to see what I shall become in my next birth.

Gandhi. OK Bye. Take care of yourself.

( Shaggy scampers away and finds a female companion soon.)

Nehru. Bapu. Do you believe what the dog said?

Gandhi. Must be true. It spoke in our voice.

Nehru. I am worried and scared too.

Patel. Why do you worry on which you have no control?

Gandhi. Sing Ramdhun and relax. Let us go

(The trio wakls away singing Ramdhun)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is New Delhi People are crowded up near Embassy of Israel. An explosion has taken place at a car and a woman of the embassy was seriously injured. There is a commotion around and many police men have arrived. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel happen to be near the place on walk.)

Gandhi. Patel. It looks there is a problem here.

Patel. Bapu. There are problems every where. Show me a place where there are no problems. We are born in problems, live in problems and die in problems. Even our cremation is also a problem.

Nehru. Patel. Please do not exaggerate things.

Patel. I am telling real things. Please recall what happened to PV Narsimha Rao the past Indian Prime Minister after his death.

Gandhi. What happened to him. He must have been cremated. That is normal thing.

Patel. Bapu, His body was not allowed to be cremated at river Jamuna banks in Delhi. Jamuna banks are reserved for special guys. It was sent to Hyderabad. Poor guy. His body was half burnt and left on roadside as there was no supervision. It was reported in media. State govt hurriedly did something as face saving and the remains were gathered and again burnt out. What a shame! When such things can happen to a great man like him we can imagine about a commoner. It was a disgrace that many politics were played in that sordid drama. That is why, I said those words. I was not speaking through my hat.

Gandhi. We have deviated and discussing falthu ( Useless) things.Patel, Find out what happened there.

( Patel goes to some guys and asks them. He collects information and returns.)

Patel. Some terrorist has put a bomb to a car of the embassy of Isreal and it exploded injuring a woman and few others.

Gandhi. They must be mad guys. What they will get by doing such things?

Patel. They want to create fear, Confusion and chaos. They also want to draw attention.

Gandhi. I think police were caught unawares. I understand. How can they protect every one?
Patel. This is not a simple one. They have targeted senior persons of the Embassy. This is not a stray case. They must have planned it well and executed the operation.

Gandhi. I think Senior officers of Police, Senior political leaders must have arrived.

Patel. Yea. The Home Minister arrived at the place.

Gandhi. What he must have done?

Patel. What he can do? He expressed shock at the incident. That is the easiest thing he can do.

Gandhi. This is a usual thing and first thing to express shock and grief whenever such things happen. It does not cost any thing to any one.

Nehru. He must be sincerely shocked.

Patel. We are not disputing about his shock. He also said that all efforts will be made to trace and catch the culprits at the earliest.

Gandhi. It is also the usual statement these leaders make after such incidents. God only knows when they would catch them. We have been facing terrorist actions since many years. We could not hang a single guy till date. We can only talk big.

Patel. Tragedy is that even after a guy was sentenced to death by the highest court, the guy is still in jail and alive and kicking too.

Gandhi. I think govt is waiting for his natural death.

Patel. God only knows. Some are saying that the work is by the Hizbollah group that wages war against Israel. Few are stating that its I the work of Iran’s agents. Naturally they have to be enemies of Israel. Time only will tell it. Till now no one has claimed it.

( In the mean time a TV reporter arrives along with his set up and crew.The reporter approaches the trio).

TVReporter. Look Gentleman . My name is Dukheeram and I am from loack TV channel Altu Phaltu.

Patel. Welcome Bhai. What we can do?

Dukheeram. I want to ask few questions about this incident.

Gandhi. Please go ahead.

Dukheeram. Were you there when the explosion occurred.

Gandhi. We were lucky. We would not be speaking to you if we were there.

Dukheeram. So you are not eye witnesses. You came here after the incident like many others.

Gandhi. True. Most of the people come only after everything is over including Police also.Haven’t you seen Indian movies? There police guys arrive in the end after the hero hammers the rogues black and blue only to say”’ Arrest them) and “” Thank you” to the hero.

Dukheeram. Heee,,Heee.. That is very normal. Police can not be there every where all the time.

Patel. But this is an important Embassy with enemies in Arab world. There should have been 24 hours watch.

Gandhi. True. It is up to the them. Any how ,bad thing has happened and our country’s name has been tarred. Usually America and UK warn their countrymen always not to visit this country and to be highly careful. What to do. Things have become like this. Very bad indeed.

Dukheeram. Sir. Have you seen the car after explosion?

Pate. Yeah. We saw it.

Dukheeram. How is it?

Patel. It has four wheels and it is standing on ground.

Dukheeram. I mean, was it damaged?

Gandhi ( getting irked up) It was looking brand new after the explosion. Whatever dust was there on top of it, was blown off and was shining.

Patel. Hee..Hee

Dukheeram. Sir. You are joking with me.

Gandhi. Then what to do? Why do you ask such silly questions? Will the car be fine after explosion?

Dukheeram. I am sorry. So car was damaged after explosion.

Gandhi. Say car was damaged in the explosion. No car gets damaged after the explosion. After explosion, everything will be quiet. Car will be further damaged when it is taken to court premises or a police station where it keeps lying uncared for. Have you seen the dump yards of Police departments where seized vehicles are taken. Nothing remains in them except skeleton. This is true in all states.

Dukheeram. Ok sir. You gave us valuable information. May I know your names?

Gandhi. I am MK Gandhi, Father of nation. These guys are Jawaharlaal and Patel.

Dukheeram. I heard your names. Are you related to Rajiv Gandhi?

Gandhi. No. No. I am in no way related to any one. I am related to only my sons. Are things so bad in India that guys in India do not know who was MK Gandhi?

Patel. Bapu. This is new India. You have been forgotten long ago.

Dukheeram. Bhai. I am happy that I met you guys. But the guy MK Gandhi and his friends must have died long ago. Any how, you have dressed up well.

Patel ( Angrily) We are not dressed up. We are real.

Dukheeram. OK. Ok. Be happy like that. Thanks again. Bye.

( Dukheeram goes away with his crew feeling sorry for the trio)

Gandhi. Patel. Let us go from here. Otherwise some other guy will come and start interviewing us.

Nehru. OK Bapu. Run

( The trio walks off hastily)


Saturday, February 11, 2012


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru ad Patel are seen near Assembly Hall of Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad. They are singing Ramdhun loudly. They are spotted by Security personnel and are stopped.)

Inspector. Hey. Stop this singing. This is not a place for begging.

Gandhi. Look brother. Are we looking like beggars?. Are we asking any one to give us money? I am Gandhi, the father of nation. These are Nehru and Patel.

Inspector. Well dressed. I don’t know who you are. Stop this trash.

Gandhi. We can not stop. You can not force us to stop doing Ram Bhajan. This is against constitutional rights.

Inspector. Are you teaching me about rights?Is this Ram bhajan you are singing? Whatever we police men say is law.

Patel. So what? Are we singing some song of Kishore kumar or Manna Dey? Can’t you hear?

Inspector. What you were singing?

Gandhi ( sings) Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram

Nehru.. Pateetha pavana seethe Ram

Patel. Eeswar Allah tero nam

Gandhi. Sab ko sanmathi de Bhagawan.( Waves hand at Inspector)

Inspector. How dare you are? Do you think, I don’t have any sense and wisdom ( sanmathi)

Patel. Did we say about you? We said all should be given Sanmathi.

Inspector. That automatically includes me too. I am highly annoyed. I shall teach you what I am.

Patel. We are already wise. You need not teach us.

Inspector. You guys do not know how to behave with a Police man.

Patel. You are no God. Your behavior shows that you surely need to be granted Sanmathi by the almighty.

Gandhi. Very true. Do you understand brother.

(Inspector gets worked up and calls some constables. In the mean time some screaming VIP Cars arrive and halt at the gate. From it, gets down a dozen of white clad men all sporting Kurta and pyjama. Some are bald while some have thin hair on heads. Some are sporting beards with bald heads.Some are chewing pan ( Beatle leaf). Every one has a cell phone in hand and some have gold chains around necks and golden rings on fingers. All are well fed and appear proudly disposition. All of them are holding whips in hands. Seeing them, the Inspector gets panicky.

Inspector. “I shall see you guys. You can not escape from me very long. I shall show you what I am. I am terror at assembly.”

Patel. Keep dreaming Inspector.Do whatever you feel like. We have seen many guys like you.

( Inspector runs away to the VIP throwing abuses at the trio)

Gandhi. He appears to be suffering from some mental disorder. Probably, he did not sleep for long.

Patel. Nothing like that. That is the way he was trained.

Nehru. If police man is well behaved who will listen to him?

Gnadhi. Shh.. speak slowly. Some one will hear. Patel, Have you seen those guys who alighted from the cars?

Patel. Yes I have seen them.

Gandhi. They were holding something in hands.

Nehru. Why say holding in hands? People have to hold things with hands only. Can any one hold with legs?

Gandhi. Is it a joke?

Patel. Should we laugh or cry?

( Nehru gets irritated and looks other way)

Patel. Bapu, They were holding whips. Whips are used to beat people in olden days by Zamindars and Jagirdras, Doras, Desais, Deshmukhs in particular.

Gandhi. I think those guys were all MsLA. Then why hold whips? If they come on bullock carts , I understand. But they came in cars.

Patel. Bapu. I read in news paper yesterday that Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has appointed a dozen whips in assembly for the ruling party.

Gandhi. Oh I see. So they are carrying the whips. Whom they will beat?

Patel. Very true. One of them is Chief Whip and all are called whips.

Gandhi. What they do in assembly?

Patel. They ensure discipline among members of the party in assembly.

Gandhi. Hee..hee..So they may use whips for disciplining guys.

Nehru. What is there to laugh?

Gandhi.Jawaharlal, please do not worry. Relax. I know how much discipline they have. They have been fighting like cocks all these days for something or other with each other or with some one. How can they ensure discipline? They are good at mudslinging and politicking and witch hunting.

Patel. That is very true. Most of them are given the post to appease them and make them feel important. All these guys have been fighting for posts of minister.

Gandhi. Best thing is to make every MLA a minister for his constituency. Every MLC must be made a joint minister. What is wrong in it? Why have any MLA and MLC? All will be happy.

Patel. All will get a chance to make something. Minister and joint minister will be busy fighting and the CM will have plenty of free time. There will not be a problem because there is no governing.

Gandhi. True. No one wants to serve people genuinely. For every thing, there will be a price. I was the only nut who refused any post after India was liberated. Neither I gave anything to my sons. They all died poor and neglected unsung and unheard.

Nehru. Are you feeling sorry for it?

Gandhi. I reserve my feelings. I refused to answer you.

Nehru. Bapu, that is your wish.

Patel. It has become very clear after Liquor Mafia don’s revelations recently. Bapu, Just think, Every guy is involved. CM also reportedly said that the guys need not resign based on some allegations and revelations. They have to be proved too.Till then they can enjoy positions and power.

Gandhi. Do you think the guy has revealed without having any proof? He must be having some thing. Slowly things will come out. Wait and see.

Patel. Opposition is demanding resignations however.

Gandhi. Why they will not do that? They will surely do that. It is their job being in opposition. Congress men also will do same, if they are in opposition.

Patel. Hee..hee..hee True.

Gandhi. Patel. Let us go away from here before that Inspector returns. We are not safe here.

Nehru. True. Let us go.

Patel. We need not worry. That guy must be busy in bandobast ( security) duties. Let us go and play safe.

( The trio walks off singing Ramdhun)


Thursday, February 9, 2012


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Nehru, Patel and Gandhi are all looking into a news paper at Tank bund in Hyderabad. Cool breeze is blowing over the lake and from the distance Buddhas statue is watching them with interest.)

Gandhi. What is the important news in this page? Jawaharl lal, please tell me. My eyes are strained. Some insect has fallen into my eye.

Patel. Bhai , Jawahar. Please tell fast. I am itching to know.

Nehru. Bhai Patel, What can be news in AP state! The page is full of news on corruption (sings and does jig after giving paper to Patel)

This state appears to be a corrupt one
Where all are having great fun
Corruption has become a pastime to all
Claims however the government makes very tall.

Gandhi. Good Jawaharlal. It is nice that you are speaking up.

Nehru. I am not a dumb and deaf guy.

Patel. Who said that?

Nehru. No one said that.

Gandhi. What is latest about corruption in this state?

Nehru. I am feeling ashamed to tell you.

Gandhi. But, why?

Nehru. Bapu, The nation which I led after 1947 as PM has sunk into million fathoms deep into a well of shit called corruption. ( Cries)

Patel. Bhai, Jawahar. Please control yourself. You were a brave soldier.

( Patel goes to Nehru and taps on his shoulder and consoles him. Nehru wipes his tears)

Nehru. It is reported in the news paper that a Minister and some MsLA, police officers, Excise officials and some political leaders have taken bribes from the leader of a liquor syndicate. Bribes run into lakhs of rupees. Some are getting on monthly basis too.

Gandhi. Ram..Ram..Chee , Chee, What a down fall!
Patel. Bapu. One has to fall downward only. I do not know why this word, down fall is created. There can not be an up fall.It is enough if we say, “” What a fall!”

Gandhi. This is a good class in English.

Patel. What is happening about these ministers and MsLA?

Gandhi. What can happen. They brush them down and shake the shoulders.
Patel. But The investigating agency put these remarks in the remand report.We have to wait and see.

Patel. They will find ways to wriggle out of this tamasha.

Gandhi. How they will prove. There will not be an evidence for these acts. Money changes hands through middle men in darkness of night.

Patel. Why do you say darkness of night. Night has to be dark?

Nehru. It is a phrase. In day time also darkness can be created in a room.

Patel. Haa..haa.. good.

Gandhi. Enough of Jokes. We are serious at discussion.

Patel. Bapu. These are causing great turmoil in the state. Lot of mud slinging is going on between the leaders and CM and some of the leaders are leveling charges against each other. This has become free for all. What a fall in state! There is no decency. People are wondering what is happening in the state.

Gandhi. Why they should wonder. They have elected these men to watch Tamasha.They have to be blamed.

Nehru. People get govt what they deserve. Entire state has become a shit pot where all are swimming and squirming in the shit.

Gandhi. True , God only can save this state. Throw this paper in to water.

Patel. Throwing paper does not solve problem. People have to throw these leaders out of politics into oblivion.

Gandhi. True.. Very True. Highly true. Genuinely true. Infinitely true.

Patel. Bapu. It is getting dark. Let us go. This is not a good place after darkness.
( The trio walks off)

Monday, February 6, 2012



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen standing near the gate of Heavens and peeping Out. They queerly look at some Yamdoots ( Guards in Hell) carrying some placards and some sign posts.)

Gandhi. Patel. What are these sign posts? I am seeing these for first time. What can be they?

Nehru. They may be having some function in hell.

Patel. What function they can have there? It is not heavens to enjoy functions as we do here.

Gandhi. They undergo only punishments. There is no enjoyment there. That is why, it is called HELL. Any how, I shall ask the Yamdoot about them.

Nehru. Bapu, Why do you want to talk to that guy? He looks so fearful and has dispositions of a demon. He has too horns on his head and also has such a big pot belly. I am scared.eee..eee…ee…..eee…

Patel. If you feel so scared, how do you go there after some time when your term here is completed?

Nehru. ee..eee..eee.. Bapu, Do you think one day I have to go there?

Gandhi. Surely. Do you think you have done only good things in life? You were not a rishi ( Hermit). Time only will tell you.

Nehru. How about Patel?

Gandhi. He also has to go one day. Even I have to go there. But we are not scared like you.

Nehru. What sins we have committed. We have been honest all our lives. We practiced non violence as per your teaching.

Gandhi. The biggest sin has been committed by us. That is allowing creation of Pakistan and division of our country. Whole nation condemns us. Indians feel betrayed. They are suffering due to our deed. Also look at the way India is being governed? How corrupt are the leaders? We have to share the blame. Therefore we have to suffer in hell for very long period. Probably there will not be any escape from there.

Nehru. Ee..eeee…eee…eee…eee

Patel. Hee..hee.. Bapu, Look , He is shivering now itself. Relax, You will not be alone there, Jawaharlal.

Gandhi. Patel. Please leave him. He is getting upset. Ohfo, I forgot to ask the Yamdoot. Bhai. Yamdoot, . Oh Bhai.. Look here.

Yamdoot. Hello. What do you want?

Gandhi. I want to know why these sign posts are being taken in. What are these? Can we read them?

Yamdoot. Why? How you are concerned? Be happy in your place.

Gandhi. Please tell us and show us. We are itching to read them and know them.

Yamdoot. You guys appear to be strange and funny guys. Every one wants to run away from here. You guys are showing interest in us.OK. See them

( He shows the placards and sign posts).

Gandhi. Thanks Bhai.( He adjusts his glasses and reads). IAS Barrack, MP Barrack, Ministers Barrack, MLA Barrack, MLC Barrack, General politicians, Contractors Barrack, Middle men’s Barrack, Non IAS Officers Barrack, Grade II and Grade III employees Barrack, Cl IV Barrack…. Ohfo. Patel. Have you read these?

Patel. Yes. I very much read these.

Gandhi. Why all these things now?

Patel. Bapu, Now I understand things.Bhai. Yamdoot, Thanks for your co operation.

Yamdoot. Relax. Take it easy.

( Yamdoots go away with the equipment)

Gandhi. Now tell me what you understood?

Patel. Bapu, In AP, Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI) is after the corrupt guys involved in scams. AP has become the nerve centre for these activities. It has been a Congress bastion. After death of former Chief minister YS Rajsekhar Reddy, congress high command faced many problems from his son Jagan and CBI is enquiring into his assets, rise to riches and activities. Skeletons are rolling out of cup boards. The have already sent three IAS babus to Chanchalguda jail after interrogation.In every activity that was taken up in the state money changed hands. One by one guys are being hauled up.

Gandhi. They are doing their duty of course.

Patel. But IAS babus are feeing highly agitated. They state that the decisions were taken by the ministers and therefore ministers also should be hauled up. They question why officers are being harassed by CBI. They had a meeting too and are of thinking to go to court also if needed.

Gandhi. I learnt that CM is not in favor and did not find much strength in their arguments.

Patel. Some senior IAS Babus also questioning colleagues and state Why they should be scared if they had not done anything wrong?

Gandhi. True. Hee..heee. These IAS Babus should have not agreed to all the requirements of the minister. They should have told the minister firmly that laws do not allow certain things. At best what will happen? He will be transferred.

Patel. Bapu. Some of these Babus also could be at fault. Some succumb for favors from the ministers such as plum postings, promotions and other benefits.

Gandhi. True . All is not also well with them. There could be some undesired elements too.

Patel. Any how, the fight against corruption is going on. It should continue. Honest officers will come out clean surely.

Gandhi. Now I understand. In hell separate barracks are being earmarked for various types of guys from India. It is not only from AP , but also from other places. But share from AP will be more. All these sign posts will be displayed accordingly. Very good. I must appreciate Yamdoots for streamlining things.

Patel Haa..haaa..haaa.

Nehru. Bapu. Iam having head ache I want to take rest.

Patel. We also will take rest. Let us go

Gandhi. As you wish.

( the trio walks back to the r rooms_


Saturday, February 4, 2012



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen walking in heavens at a park. They are in normal mood. )

Gandhi. Patel. What are the news from India? For the last few days, I have been suffering from cold and caugh… ( He caughs) .Uh..Uh..Uhh hoooo. Grrr…rrrr..trrr…Aha..ahha…eee..eee..

Patel. Bapu. Take it easy. Please sit down for a while. You are looking pale and weak and exhausted too.

Gandhi. What to do? I have spent most of my life in India struggling to get freedom and fasting too. I ruined myself and my family too. I am ruined and my family too was ruined. ( sings in sad voice)

Ab kaun hai mera… Ab kaun hai mera
Faryad hai. Faryad hai..
Takdeerne loota hai basera..loota hai Basera
Ab kaun hai mera..
Barbaad hai dil ujada hua aashawonka mela
Hoo jag mein akala
Ujadee hue baste mein hai.. …. ( Surendranath from Anmol Ghadi 1946).

Patel. True Bapu ( wipes tears).Plesae do not cry Bapu, I also feel like crying. In turn you lost your health too. You look like a cage of bones. Look at yourself.Youa re looking like a model for a medical school.

Nehru. Hope you are not making joke of Bapu.

Patel. Am I sounding so? Take it easy boy. For you all others appear to be jokers.

( They come across an old, tall and weak man in suit along with a another old man with big moustache.)

Gandhi. Look at those guys. They look familiar .

Nehru. I know them. They were from Indian army. The tall guy is Field Marshall Cariappa and the second one is Field marshall Manekshaw. They were stalwarts.

Gandhi. Oh I see.

Nehru. What is there to see? They are already there. You also know Cariappa. You may not be knowing the second one much. He rose to power after we left India.

Gandhi. I know Cariappa. He was only a General when I died.

Nehru. True. Later he was made a FM. But he was made after Sam was made FM.

(The trio walks to the Field Marshals and greet them)

Gandhi. Namaste Marshal sahibs. Hope you have recognized us.

Cariappa. Why not Bapuji? Namste Panditji and Patelji. Namaste.

Patel. Namste Bhai. How are you?

Maneskshaw. We are fine. But I am not happy the way things are going on in India with Army.

Gandhi. What happened there? All was well.

Nehru. What can be wrong there?

Patel. True. But I smelt something too. What can be correct there?. Things are not cordial between Govt and Defense forces.

Bapu. That is bad indeed. Poor Army guys ! What they have done?

Patel. They sacrifice themselves as lambs in all wars for which they are meant.

Nehru. I think it is a sweeping statement. It is army’s role. No one is being sacrificed. It is a volunteer army. No one is being forced to join army. If they want, they can go home after serving specified agreed period. No one forces them.

Patel. True. It is also like any other job in India. Then, why guys should risk themselves for a thankless nation?

Gandhi. But there is a pride in uniform for which many guys join.

Patel. Bapu. True. The pride keeps them there. That is the only reason. But there is a sure feeling that they are secondary and discriminated persons. They always are concerned and run around for equations with civilian Babus. These equations have no meaning in democracy. Civilian power is supreme. Babus are supreme. It is only an ego satisfaction. Occasionally, Army gets into blows with Police guys at different places Recently it happened at Pune. That reveals rising frustration among youngsters. Senior guys run after heavier brass on their shoulders and for star plates and flags. Then they retire to fade away unsung and un heard. There is saying that a good soldier is one who dies unsung and unheard after retireemnt.

Gandhi. That is bad.

Nehru. Hee..Hee..That is how army functions in democracy. They have to sit on back benches.Some may not have back rests also .

Patel. People say that you were shit scared of General Timmayya when he was the chief.

Nehru. It is a news for me.

Gandhi. What is the latest problem? Why worry for General Timmayya now ?

Patel. At present, Mr Singh is the army chief. There is a problem with his date of birth. He has been fighting to get it changed to a correct one.

Gandhi. Has he got any proof?

Patel. Yeah. His 10 th class certificate shows 1951 as date of birth while he by mistake entered 1950 as the date of birth when he appeared for an examination while joining army training Institution.

Gandhi. Poor Guy.

Patel. From then onwards he has been struggling to get it changed.

Gandhi. If an army chief could not get it changed all these years going through various promotions what can be the fate of ordinary officers in army? It reveals the shocking functioning of the system.

Patel. True. Shocking indeed.

Cariappa. It is shame to know these things.

Patel. At last, Gen Singh has filed a case in Supreme court against the Govt. He had no option. All option were shut.

Cariappa. Even a cat will retaliate if cornered in a closed room. It will jump at your throat.

Manekshaw. He is only seeking justice. He is not up at some ones throat.

Gandhi. I think Ministry of Defense has taken this as a prestige issue and wants to pin down the General.

Cariappa. Every citizen whether he is in uniform or in civil dress can seek justice.

Patel. Govt did not expect Gen Singh to go to Court.

Cariappa. Then what he would do? Sing sad Saigal songs? Keep sucking his thumb! He has done properly. He can serve for one more year if date is corrected.

Manekshaw. It is not for serving more. He is fighting for his honour. Probably he will call it a day even if date is amended to 1951.

Cariappa. It is up to him.

Nehru. It will be an embarrassment to Mr Antony and others who are after him to ensure that old date is finalized and the General retires .

Patel. Mr Antony can not give arbitrary decision.They are playing with fire. I do not know why he goofed up things. They are taking army for granted.

Gandhi. This could be war between Babus and Army.

Patel. Things are not clear. Any how, a sad thing has happened. Even Supreme court has directed the govt in a harsh way recently. Things will come up for hearing soon. Drama will be unfolded at that time. This will be a historic case in independent India. During Jawaharlal’s time, General Timmayya resigned over differences with Mr Krishna menon the defense minister. Every one knows how army lost Chinese war then. Army civil relations suffered greatly. Some patch work was done in hurry.

Gandhi. All these things are happening because these Babus and politicians are not matured enough to handle army in a democracy. They have ego phobia. Hence all these problems are coming up. Some time ago, there was chaos for pay commission goof ups. Former Generals and ex servicemen sat on protest at Delhi. All shameful things happened.

Cariappa. When a tree is about to die it delivers distorted fruit. This is also like that.

Manekshaw. In a big organization, some chaos will be always there. Some of the serving Generals who are in the queue must be sweating now for promotion. If Gen Singh serves for one more year, some of them have to go home too. They will be un happy men.

Patel. These things will be always there. I happened with me too. I was to become PM in 1947. But I was sidelined by Bapu. Jawaharlall became PM. But I did not take Sanyas ( becoming hermit). I still worked till I died. Some must be surely relieved too when I died in 1950.

Nehru. Hope you are not pointing to me.

Patel. Why do you feel guilty always?

Gandhi. Please relax you guys. Let us hope the General Singh gets justice at the court.

Cariappa. True

Manekshaw. Democracy runs by courts only. If these courts are not there, the politicians will eat away everything.

Patel. Very well said Marshal sahib

Gandhi. Let us all pray for the General that he gets justice

( All sing Raghpathi ragahava raja ram…pateetha pawana seethe ram.. seethe ram jaya seethe ram..sab ko sanmathi de bhagawan..)

Gandhi. I am praying to God to give Sanmathi to all the guys in Ministry of Defense immediately. Let us go. It is getting late.

( All walk away from the place)