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Paintings by DR K Prabhakar Rao


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                                                    INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN … 324
                                                                Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are  seen strolling on the streets of heavens in the evening hours. They are near a park..  They see a person walking towards  them.)

Gandhi. Look , some one is approaching us. I can not see him clearly.  I am not putting on  my spectacles.

Patel. The figure is hazy.  It is not clear.

Nehru. I am also unable to make out.

( In the mean time , a person  comes close to them.  He says  Namaste to Bapu and hello to Patel and Nehru. His figure is not yet clear)

Gandhi. Namaste Bhai. Who are you?  I am unable to make out. Who are you?

Stranger. Bapu. Did you not recognize me.

Gandhi. No ( Scatches is  bald head )

Nehru. I am also unable to make out. Jawaharlal , can you?.

Nehru. Oh . No

Stranger.  Come on sir. I am subhas. Your subhas.

Gandhi. Oh subhas. How are you? Why are you concealed in form? Why you are not showing up? Your figure is hazy.

Subhas. Bapu. I am neither dead or alive till today. So I am like this. If I was alive, I would have full form active and busy. If I am already dead I shall  have ghost form like you guys. I am neither this nor that. So I am like this.

Gandhi. I am very sorry to hear this.   I Was told  that   you died in an air crash in Japan while trying  to go to  some un known destination. I felt very sad when I heard the news.

Subhas.  But in  India there is a hue and cry that I did not die in air crash and it was a  fake news. There was no convincing evidence.

Gandhi. I did not live long after that. WW was over in  1945. I was killed in 1948 immediately after freedom was granted to India.I can not say much about it. 

Patel. I also did not last long. I died in 1951  within three years of gaining freedom. God has taken us soon away. Nehru however lived long.

Nehru. True. I lived long and I also suffered long particularly at the  end.

Subhas. What suffering  you went through. You had  nice time as PM for  1 long years with none to oppose.

Nehru. I only know the sufferings.

Subhas. You suffered due to your own deeds. No one caused your suffering.

Gandhi. Subhas. Cool down please.  You  have not yet cooled down although decades have passed.

 Subhas. How I shall cool down. I was a burning volcano all these years. I was declared dead after WW II in plane crash. But some doubt always  existed even in the minds of the English men. They tried INA officers and  men in the famous Red fort trial. It is a different thing that they were acquitted and set free. Thanks to Jawaharlal for pleading. But INA soldiers were not accommodated in Indian army and they were discharged. Most of the INA soldiers were  Indian army soldiers earlier. They were captured by Japanese and  Germans at various fronts.Of course it is funny to note that some men and officers of Nizams army were  taken into Indian army after police action in 1948 on Hyderabad .  In fact these Nizams army fought Indian army to achieve third Pakistan  during police action. Strange things happened.

Gandhi. What I can say? Probably Indian govt has not pardoned the  INA men for leaving Indian army and joining INA under you. It was a betrayal as per the govt. I feel so.

Subhas. These are old things. There was none to  bother for these INA men who fought for the freedom of  India.  Both of us fought for freedom. But ways were different

Gandhi True. Our ways were poles apart. I was  an ahimsa wadi. You were a  military man waging war against  the English men.

Subhas. Acharya  Chanakya stated long ago that  your enemy has to  be my friend in strategies. I followed it. It is not new.If we had succeeded we would have been glorified greatly. It is just a destiny. In war  victory and loss are  not in our hands.

Gandhi. Very true.  But I am not still clear why your figure is hazy.

Subhas. Bapu. It because It is still not clear whether I am alive or no more. The records here also are not clear. Whenever a person leaves earth record is made here. My file is missing here too.

Gandhi..  I thought  administration in  India was onlty bad. Here also is same.

Subhas. Never mind Bapu. One day things will come out correctly.How long truth will be hidden
Gandhi. Subhas now tell me  what really happened to you in plane crash after WW II

Subhas.  I can not reveal.

Gandhi. If you did not die you can tell us where you stayed all these years.. Even by normal standards You have to die. You were born in 1897. Now it is 2015. If you are alive you would be  118 years. By all standards your time would have been up.Even if we count 80 years of age  you could have died in 1977.if you had survived crash of the plane. So I see no reason why your figure should be hazy.

Subhas. Good argument. But  the entire mystery must be solved and facts declared open  if I have to assume normal form. Therefore I am in this state.

Patel. That means you know what happened to you.

Subhas . Sure. But I shall not tell you.

Patel. Why?

Subhas. Indians have to establish and expose every culprit.

Gandhi. You therefore see some fishy thing

Subhas. Yeah Bapu.

Gandhi. Why some one will be against you? What he would gain?

Subhas. Only they will know. I learnt that recently CM of West Bengal mamta benarjee declared some  secret files in the state after declassification. It has come to light that  My family members were under surveillance of intelligence agencies for many decades. Why it was necessary.?If I was dead really in air crash why it was  required? Of Whom did they were scared of after gaining independence.

Gandhi. That means  there was  something surely  fishy and some guys in power knew about you. How bad it is.

Subhas. So bapu. Let  truth come out. If all files with the PM  and files in Russia and UK are  revealed, the reality will come out. That  could be very embarrassing for some persons.

Gandhi. Truth must come out and villains  must be made accountable. I am with you.

Subhas. Thanks Bapu.

Nehru. Bapu. I am feeling sleepy. We shall talk some other time. OK Subhas. Nice that you came. Please come again.

Subhas. I shall surely come. bye Bapu and Patelji. Jai hind.

Bapuand Patel. Jai hind

 ( Subhas  walks away goose stepping  while in back ground INA music  Kadam kadam badhaye jaa is heard.)

( Nehru is seen walking away)

Patel. Bapu. Let us go. I am sure we are in for some great surprise in future.

Gandhi. Let it be. Let us go. It is already late

(Both walk away)


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                                        MYSTERY OF NETAJIS DISAPPERENCE

                                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                                      Disappearance  of the great patriot and leader whose where abouts afterWW II has been a great mystery. From our child hood we have been studying in history books that he was killed in a plane crash after WWII and his ashes were preserved at a temple in japan. Butt scores of Indians do not believe this And are of the opinion that he was alive after WW II .Modi govt is not willing to part with secret files pertaining to Netaji. He is keeping mum and is indifferent too.. However some files from west Bengal state were made public by the CM mamta benarjee. It is learnt that Netajis close relatives were spied up on by the govt of India agencies for decades . This no doubt has caused up roar. What was the need to do it?. Obviously there is some thing fishy about Netajis disappearance. It is claimed that our relations with some of the foreign powers would be Damaged if the secrets are revealed.This naturally poses a question..I f he died in air crash after the war what is there to be scared of? The problem arises only when Netaji escaped from Japan and was the prisoner in some country where he was killed in prison and the govt knew about it? Who are the people in our country who could have conspired to eliminate him in some foreign country? Who will be benefitted by it? Netaji was a very charismatic leader of I ndia and Indians adore him Very greatly. He was the stiff competitor to Jawahar lal  Nehru. If he was among us In 1947 he would have become the PM surely and this nation would not have been in such dire straits. Some people believe that Netaji lived as an hermit  called Gumnami Baba i.e mysterious saint at faizabad in the state of Uttar Pradeshand passed away in 1985. the hermit lived mysterious life and kept aloof. If it was true , what were the compulsions for Netaji to live such secluded life and why he did not surface? All these are mysteries indeed. For  aman of Netajis caliber and status  where was the necessity to live as a mysterious hermit? Many commissions  were  setup to investigate the mystery of disappearance of Netaji and nothing fruitful has come out all these  years .

    Some claim that It  would  be better to leave some secrets without unearthing them since real "real truth" is of no practical value at this juncture. All players are dead long ago and the country has several agenda items that would benefit then common man. The truth - whatever it may be, when unearthed will only result in disgusting panel discussions on National TV channels and probably occupy entire time of parliament. It is time to move on. Leaving past behind us.
                       Is it not necessary  that the persons who  conspired against Netaji our most beloved patriot of freedom struggle even if already dead need to be punished posthumously at least. If truth is un earthed if the guilty are identified who would have been our past leaders occupying important positions in govt although Dead now, they must be castigated and their memory is erased from history if glorified . Their statues if erected must be pulled down from pedestals and dumped in roadside dust bins. Russians did it for Lenin. All institutions named after such people must be renamed. Al projects, airports, roads, highways, Institutions, named after them and memorials of such persons should be reverted. We shall move on. But injustice done to the great man must be judged and guilty punished even if dead.   
             Some argue, “ we  know, the aim of punishment is to reform. Dead people can neither be punished nor reformed. Even the post- WW 2 Nuremberg trial was confined to surviving Nazi's only. When contemporary criminals - terrorists and rapists are not being punished, why bother about the dead ones? . We are witnessing a society with confused priorities. Why adding more to the confusion?”
                      It is  agreed that  punishment is for reformation. But nathuram godse. and Narayan apte ( gandhis  elimination), Afzal guru,( Attack on parliament) Kasab ( attack on Bombay taj) Indira and  Gen vaidyas killers, Punjab CM Pratap singh kairons killers, and many more since 1947 were hanged in this country for various crimes. What reformation can be expected after death. Therefore reformation logic would be applicable for smaller offences where the guy has further time to breath in the world. The conspirators against Netaji ,if proved ,need not be pardoned even if they have already died. Their image in history needs to be punished with no further glorification..In history books and  truth must be written about netaji and the deeds of conspirators against him. This is a must so that his soul would be at peace.

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                              NATION OF NUTS BY THE NUTS AND FOR. THE NUTS
                                            Col DR Kuntamukkala Prabhakar Rao Retd

                       Indira gandhi's slogan was GaribI Hatao ( Eradicate poverty)  but she failed to accomplish. So she switched Over to ameeri hatao ( Eradicate the rich ).She abolished privy purses of former kings and rulers, perks, gunsalutes, Titles etc that were granted to them at the time of accession in 1947 and over night they became common men.She nationalized banks.  After independence ,govt slogans were Merit hatao ( Eradiacte merit)..Reservations  based on castes went on for decade after decade while  merit was  overlooked. The nation Promoted duds and nuts In all walks of life and in govt organizations and we have achieved it and going strong. Reservations that were to go in 10 years have become permanent in India. Second rate or even third rare stuff are promoted in all walks of life in all cadres, all services except defense services. Defense services are not attracting talented persons as material of quality are opting for foreign jobs, foreign studies and in IT industry. Left out stuff compete at SSB. As it is. Services do not need Highly intelligent people as they could be misfit. They need average guys who can fit in and manage jobs. Thus defense services too are Down graded in quality and thanks to the govt policies of down grading The uniformed defense services. Thus. Entire nation is a pack of useless nuts in all walks of life particularly in govt services and  politics. Industry recruit only quality material. India as a nation thus has come to stay a third rate stuff although we claim very high and effective in administration In state and centre , govt offices, schools, colleges, universities, govt industries, corporations and of course politics where reservations are effective at all fact reservations are insult to the community which they do not understand. Vested interests have taken over the country .


                                                  RAHUL BABA GO TO SCHOOL

In congress Rahul claimed to be a vital peg
Alas he proved to be a mere iron leg
The foolish guys hailed him to. Be a big hero
sadly he proved to be a big zero
Wherever he went he made fool of himself
He was unable to read simple text from a book shelf
he dreamt of grabbing the Pms chair
He thought on elections all was fair
In parliament he fell asleep
At best in gatherings he could weep
His mom pulled her hair in despair
The congress finally crashed beyond repair
Now the party wants him to be party chief
Although he can not speak for a moment brief
they hope he would lead congress to the top
Although he failed in duties without a stop
It is better he goes to some school
Instead becoming a tragic fool
Better he learns. Some tricks of his trade
Although out of some hide he has been made
They say Nehru siblings are born to rule
Although if a guy is a a mere mule
Sonia's dreams have crashed fathoms deep
They have no way now except to weep





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                                                                 A NATION IN SPIN
                                                                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                                            I think parliamentary democracy does not suit India with the type of people we have. The society has de gendered beyond repairs or rectification.During MK gandhis time. Some morals were there. But they vanished immediately after freedom was granted to Indians.All started craving for power. All zamindars, kings , chieftains of erstwhile princely states stood and won elections.Money played great role in elections. Dynastic slavery helped them. even today situation is same. Street rowdies rise to political power through ballot. people are coerced, threatened, bribed by money and lured by liquor etc by leaders. An MLA spends nearly 10 crores or more to win elections. Will he keep quiet after winning. He will try to make up his money many folds now. Next time , he may not win. make hay while sun shines is the motto. We may try presidential form of govt or atleast two party system like in England. this was mooted By Dr KALAM When he was president. the result was that Congress did not support for his second term.IndiansWant as manyParties as possible.Morals in society have vanished. therefore nothing would succeed. What we need is a rule of stick by a dictator. Netaji Bose declared before our independence that What India needed was a dictatorship for twenty years.obviously congress did not allow him to be the congress president? Gandhiji played his own politics and due to his non co operationNetaji resigned. he left the country soon and raised INA. Rest is history.

                                what we need today is A leader of Subhas qualities and vision at this hour to transform and discipline the society. Some say public revolution is the answer to transform I ndia from this dirty situation.Public revolution? how it will come? When revolution took place in Russia against king tzar, it was led by Lenin the great.In china against nationalist forces it was led by Mao and Chou en Lai. In viet nam it was ho hi Minh, In Cuba it was led by great leader Fidel Castro.In India after Subhas we have not produced such leader. All the guys are selfish And ran after power and positions.At present Modiji Has emerged As a strong leader. But his future depends on vote politics. Strong measures by him will make him unpopular. But he is in the grip of useless guys like jetley , parikar, and few others. they are misguiding him on various issues. That will erode the personality of Modi. Sort of French Revolution probably is the answer to rebuild India. adult franchise in a society divided on caste, creed, religion, money, language, region can not build a strong unified nation and in India every one is pulling in different direction? A section of minorities are trying to break the nation.see how the shady congress leaders like Rahuland Sonia are holding up Rajya sabha because they are facing herald case.They have become a shouting brigade. How long Modi has to bear with such idiotic leaders. it is time to throw them out of the house and set things on order.The mother and son have become Virus in society and it is time to discipline them.



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                                         NATION OF NUTS BY THE NUTS
                                                  AND FOR. THE NUTS
                                          Col DR Kuntamukkala Prabhakar Rao Retd

                              Indira gandhis slogan was GaribI Hatao but she failed to accomplish. So she switched Over to ameeri hatao. She abolished privy purses of former prices and kings in India. After independence ,govt slogans were Merit hatao at all costs..The nation Promoted duds and nuts In all walks of life and in govt organizations and we have achieved it and going strong. Reservations that were to go in 10 years have become permanent in India. Second rate or even third rare stuff are promoted in all walks of life in all cadres, all services except defense services. Defence services are not attracting talented persons as material of quality are opting for foreign jobs, foreign studies and in IT industry, IAS, IPS and Other central services and state services. Some of the  engineering students discontinued studies and joined police as constables while some join as attenders in Postal dept. They prefer it as it was a govt job. Left out useless stuff  compete at SSB and services have to draw for them. As it is. Services do not need. Highly intelligent people as they could be misfit. They need just  average guys who can fit in. Thus defense services too are down graded in quality and thanks to the govt policies of down grading the uniformed defense services. Thus, Entire nation is a pack of useless nuts in all walks of life particularly in govt services and politics. Industry recruit only quality material. India as a nation thus has come to stay a third rate stuff although we claim very high and effective in administration In state and centre , govt offices, schools, colleges, universities, govt industries, corporations and of course politics where reservations are effective at all levels.


                              ONLY VISITING TEMPLES DO NOT PLEASE THE GOD
                                           Col Kuntamukkala Prabhakar Rao
                                    Running around temples and conducting rituals do not bring changes or make gods happy while the inner souls are corrupt and crooked. In politics a simple and honest person can not survive.They have to be crooked and know the art of survival. Or one will be left out. You can see the leaders of one party Jumping into TRS without any shame before and after elections. How gods will be pleased with such characters who do not possess any loyalties and virtues like honesty, truthfulness , integrity and simplicity. people get what they deserve. People vote based on Caste creed, language, religion etc , sex and in turn we get fraudulent people on top.In Every election process , this is repeated. I am aware of a big ritual that was conducted to bring rains by appeasing gods so that a big reservoir that is at a distance of 30 km from Hyderabad on Nagarjun sagar road could be filled. the lake was already dry as there were no rains. Some top leaders of political parties participated in the ritual and there was heavy lunch too for all the people. hundreds of people were brought to the ritual by leaders in buses and trucks.The result was a big zero. There were no rains and even after four years ,the tank remains dry. How gods will be pleased ?. the persons who conducted the rituals and arranged everything had no integrity. They were mere opportunists and they were there because they were crazy of power and craved for some quick buck. In fact , catchment Areas Of lakes have bee n badly destroyed by land occupation, construction, quarrying, digging for earth and sand and blocking the small streams by constructing illegal buildings. All such streams of the tank were blocked as I know. There is no single drop of water in that lake even today. the same lake I saw in 1965. It was full of water water touching the near by town, at that time a village and was looking like a sea.One could fetch water from the tank by going two or three feet down the bund. Unless integrity is there , state can not grow and poor will become poorer while thieves , crooks, cheats and thugs will become billionaires within no time while honest guys will be suffering for a piece of bread in this land.


                                                      INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN..323
                                                        DR K Prabhakar rao

Gandhi, Nehru and patel  are seen sitting  at a park  at lower tank bund in Hyderabad.. Weather is cool and light breeze is seen blowing

Gandhi. Patel  climate   has changed in Hyderabad. Otherwise it was so much oppressing.

Patel. Bapu People are also much oppressed here in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. What is that?. What do you mean by that?

Patel. Bapu, the city was a bit tense with police patrolling Osmania University area. There was  too much of vehicle checking

Gandhi. Why the fear?

Patel. Bapu, The students  belonging  to a section from Osmania university  decided to conduct a fest of beef which  every year they conduct

Gandhi. Why this university is always in news?  During Telangana agitation the students of this University created  great law and order problems. There was no  academic environment.It earned very bad name in 1968 and its degrees were not recognized.  

Patel. Yes This university is famous for that. Guys hardly study. The university is managing  by virtue of past name.

Gandhi. Is it so bad?

Patel. Yeah Bapu. All troubles start from here only. There has been  big controversy on Beef eating. You know in north  India, a guy was beaten to death because he ate beef. It was a big news. It became a communal problem . Some how  the situation was controlled. Here in Hyderabad  the BJP guys have taken up the  cause and said they would  prevent the beef fest at Osmania university while students were adamant.  The court also gave directive that  it should not be not held till further orders. Tension built up rapidly as students were bent on violating  court orders.

Gandhi. Then what happened?

Patel. Police has  deployed more than 1500police men at university and the concerned MLA of BJP was also not allowed to take a rally. The crisis was averted. But tensions are there. Police resorted to too much of  checking and innocents were harassed. Life has become oppressive
Gandhi, I know that police guys need little  scope to trouble guys although they have to do  duty. But they also over react and become repressive.

Patel. Bapu in all countries police is used for repression of society. It is a govt tool for coercion, oppression and  state terrorism.

Gandhi. It will have its own repercussions. However in what way we are bothered.

Nehru. Why Bapu? Are you not bothered if people are suffering?

Gandhi. Yet it has not grown to that level. Any how the beef trouble is over for time being.

Patel. Partly. Hotels in  posh areas who serve beef are displaying that they are serving buffalo meat and  not cow meat or bullock meet.

Gandhi. In what way  meat differs  between a buffalo and   cow meat

Patel. I can not say as I never ate them.

Gandhi. Both are domestic  animals used widely in India

Patel. Cow is considered an holy animal. It is  loved by lord Krishna.

Gandhi. Is buffalo a  bad animal? Maximum guys drink buffalo milk. He Buffalo is the  vehicle for Lord yama.

Patel. Every animal is in fact a   mount for some god. There are thousands of gods and need variety of animals.

Gandhi. In fact all animals are good. We have goats, sheep,  pigs, that are reared, But our guys kill them in large numbers for eating.

Patel. Now  what is going to happen? In fact peole are divided on the issue of beef. Many are of the opinion that  people have the right to eat what they choose

Gnadhi. But they can not fellow humans . They can not be cannibals.

Patel. Bapu. This is too much

Gandhi.For muslims it is  a regular  diet. A section of Hindus  also devour beef regularly. But BJPguys want beef eating to be banned. They want ban on killing cows.

Patel. India is wasting time on such issues and such issues are causing disruption in progress

Gandhi.Patel, India declared peacock as national bird. One can not kill  and eat it.

Patel.  Does it mean  one can eat it alive?

Gandhi. No jokes please. We are discussing serious matter

Patel. Sorry babpu.

Gandhi. It is OK

Gandhi. Jawahar. You keep away from discussion. Why?

Nehru. There is nothing to discuss. Does our discussion make any impact on the issue. We are dead.

Gandhi. What is wrong in it?

Nehru.  These issues are raised by political parties  to create tension in society and they try to take advanatage for self glorification.

Gandhi. You are  true to some extent. Every society has certain norms. We created India as a secular country.

Patel. What goes on is false secularism. In the name of secularism Hindus are suppressed in India  by the govt.The govt has interfred in temple affairs  while they turn heads for mosques.  Minorities have started feeling that they have special status in India while majority community is the sucker.

Gandhi.Patel. You may not be correct.

Patel. I am hundred percent correct.Jawaharlal was practicing false secularism in fact. He was against  military action against Nizam of Hyderabad in 1948. The  nizam wanted to be independent creating  a third Pakistan.

Nehru. Patel. Your views are not accepted.

Patel. Your acceptanace has no meaning for me.

Gandhi Come on guys. You are getting personal.I have come to conclusion that India is  a mismanaged country fot for a foreign  rule as stated by W Churchill long ago.

Patel. True. Shall we go back to UK and request the queen to take over again.

Gandhi. I am sure they will run away after seeing us and hearing our proposal. Haaa..haa

( Gandhi throws hands in to air and bursts into laughter. He calms down and sings)

India  is now  of no interest to English men
Who are happy eating  meat and chicken
They are happy that we have many  vows
And sure to go back to era of arrows and bows

Patel. Yeah… well sung bapu.

Gandhi. Friends. It is getting dark. Let us go.This is not a safe place. Let us go

The trio walks away slowly

               CURTAIN FALLS 

Thursday, December 10, 2015


                                                           INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN ….322
                                                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 Gandhi, patel and Nehru  are seen sitting  on Tank bund on a long old model Cast Iron  sofa facing the lake… The water  appears to be fresh although  filthy smell is noticed.

Gandhi. This s lake must be very old.

Patel. Yes Bapu. This is vey old, built  during  the rule of kutub shahi kings of Golconda. It is surprising it has survived so long.

Gandhi, Where lake will go. People need it. So it has stayed. But I am sure  it is  not same today.

Patel. True Bapu.  Every where land prices have gone up very high and people  are craving for every inch of land.People are   migrating to cities from villages as agriculture has failed of late,

Bapu. True. There is no employment opportunity in villages. All industries are  at cities. So people migrate to cities.

Patel. How sad.  Our people  neglected your  vision of village industries in India.

Bapu. More over ,the society has been  badly corrupted. What we can do.

Patel. You wanted congress to be disbanded . But your most favourite Nehru did not listen. He wanted power at all costs.

Gandhi. Why say these things now? Did you not  take up deputy PM post ? Why
 you  have not stayed out of cabinet?

Patel. It was a mistake no doubt. But we were discussing about the lake.

Gandhi. Yeah.This lake survived because  during the rule of   past kings  and  sultans like Nizams, people could not play mischief. King  had  the absolute power. No one dared to occupy lands clandestinely or by  fraud. He would have been sent to gallows.

Patel. True Bapu. Some discipline was there although freedom was not there and it was an autocratic rule. But was better I am sure.

Gandhi. Say  in low tone. Some guys may listen and tell police.

Patel. Let them. What they can do? We are dead already. They can not get a rupee from us.

Gandhi. We have deviated from topic. Lake survival we were discussing.

Patel. Yes Bapu. After we got freedom , it has become free for all. All useless guys  have become leaders. Cheats, Thugs, criminals , goondas, Gangsters, land grabbers,  fake educationalists  and rapists are the leaders now and are wielding  power.

Gandhi. I learnt that only such guys get party  tickets.Haa..ha…

Patel. But you thought all will be good guys ruling this land. To day if you stand in elections  you will loose deposit. No party will give ticket to you. You can  bribe the party chief as you  have no money. Haa..haaa.

Gandhi. I never thought so. I  knew  there will be  trouble in the land. If wanted, I would have  become the top man.

Patel . Then you would have not become Mahatma. Bapu. We were discussing the lake.

Gandhi. Some how  my sixth sense  tells me that this lake will be swallowed  soon.

Patel. I also feel same. Already lot of lake land has been swallowed by slums,  and land grabbers who built  buildings .

Nehru. Patel. Do you know that there many lakes with in city limits and around.

Patel. Yes. I know.

Nehru. How many have been encroached up on.?

Patel . All most all lakes have been encroached up on.

Nehru. That means all governments were party to these illegal activities.

Gandhi. These are vote bank politics. Once  land is illegally occupied, local leaders emerge in vote bank politics. If you go around Hyderabad, all illegat colonies are getting legalized by paying money to municipal corporation.

Patel. That means thief  becomes a  kotwal  one day.

Gandhi. Haaa..haaa. Heee… heee

Patel. Ho..hoo..howww.

Nehru. What is there to laugh so big?

Patel. All reasons are there to laugh .  We  gave freedom thinking  that rama raj will emerge. 
But Ravan rajya has emerged. You guys know Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in the country as she wanted to continue as PM eternally.

Nehru. Why bring her into discussion?

Patel. Oh I forgot that she was your daughter. You are getting upset.

Gandhi. No one should get upset when facts are discussed.

 Nehru. Bapu. Now things are getting personal . I want to go away.

Patel. Please  do not  run. You are escapist

Gandhi. Patel, Please leave him.  Let us stop discussion as Nehru  is getting upset. 

Patel. Bapu, As usual, you have yielded to Nehru sahib  . Before we got freedom, you yielded to  him and we are in thick soup now.

Gandhi . No one can change destiny. If India has to become Islamic state one day, who can stop it? No one.

Patel. Bapu. You  have not changed even after so many years after your martyrdom.Just too bad.

Gandhi. Relax guys. Let us go..

( The trio  walks away slowly as the dirty smell of the lake  follows them )

Monday, December 7, 2015

MIGRATORY BIRDS. Painting by Dr K Prabhakar R ao