Wednesday, December 16, 2015


                                                                 A NATION IN SPIN
                                                                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                                            I think parliamentary democracy does not suit India with the type of people we have. The society has de gendered beyond repairs or rectification.During MK gandhis time. Some morals were there. But they vanished immediately after freedom was granted to Indians.All started craving for power. All zamindars, kings , chieftains of erstwhile princely states stood and won elections.Money played great role in elections. Dynastic slavery helped them. even today situation is same. Street rowdies rise to political power through ballot. people are coerced, threatened, bribed by money and lured by liquor etc by leaders. An MLA spends nearly 10 crores or more to win elections. Will he keep quiet after winning. He will try to make up his money many folds now. Next time , he may not win. make hay while sun shines is the motto. We may try presidential form of govt or atleast two party system like in England. this was mooted By Dr KALAM When he was president. the result was that Congress did not support for his second term.IndiansWant as manyParties as possible.Morals in society have vanished. therefore nothing would succeed. What we need is a rule of stick by a dictator. Netaji Bose declared before our independence that What India needed was a dictatorship for twenty years.obviously congress did not allow him to be the congress president? Gandhiji played his own politics and due to his non co operationNetaji resigned. he left the country soon and raised INA. Rest is history.

                                what we need today is A leader of Subhas qualities and vision at this hour to transform and discipline the society. Some say public revolution is the answer to transform I ndia from this dirty situation.Public revolution? how it will come? When revolution took place in Russia against king tzar, it was led by Lenin the great.In china against nationalist forces it was led by Mao and Chou en Lai. In viet nam it was ho hi Minh, In Cuba it was led by great leader Fidel Castro.In India after Subhas we have not produced such leader. All the guys are selfish And ran after power and positions.At present Modiji Has emerged As a strong leader. But his future depends on vote politics. Strong measures by him will make him unpopular. But he is in the grip of useless guys like jetley , parikar, and few others. they are misguiding him on various issues. That will erode the personality of Modi. Sort of French Revolution probably is the answer to rebuild India. adult franchise in a society divided on caste, creed, religion, money, language, region can not build a strong unified nation and in India every one is pulling in different direction? A section of minorities are trying to break the nation.see how the shady congress leaders like Rahuland Sonia are holding up Rajya sabha because they are facing herald case.They have become a shouting brigade. How long Modi has to bear with such idiotic leaders. it is time to throw them out of the house and set things on order.The mother and son have become Virus in society and it is time to discipline them.

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