Thursday, December 24, 2015


                              NATION OF NUTS BY THE NUTS AND FOR. THE NUTS
                                            Col DR Kuntamukkala Prabhakar Rao Retd

                       Indira gandhi's slogan was GaribI Hatao ( Eradicate poverty)  but she failed to accomplish. So she switched Over to ameeri hatao ( Eradicate the rich ).She abolished privy purses of former kings and rulers, perks, gunsalutes, Titles etc that were granted to them at the time of accession in 1947 and over night they became common men.She nationalized banks.  After independence ,govt slogans were Merit hatao ( Eradiacte merit)..Reservations  based on castes went on for decade after decade while  merit was  overlooked. The nation Promoted duds and nuts In all walks of life and in govt organizations and we have achieved it and going strong. Reservations that were to go in 10 years have become permanent in India. Second rate or even third rare stuff are promoted in all walks of life in all cadres, all services except defense services. Defense services are not attracting talented persons as material of quality are opting for foreign jobs, foreign studies and in IT industry. Left out stuff compete at SSB. As it is. Services do not need Highly intelligent people as they could be misfit. They need average guys who can fit in and manage jobs. Thus defense services too are Down graded in quality and thanks to the govt policies of down grading The uniformed defense services. Thus. Entire nation is a pack of useless nuts in all walks of life particularly in govt services and  politics. Industry recruit only quality material. India as a nation thus has come to stay a third rate stuff although we claim very high and effective in administration In state and centre , govt offices, schools, colleges, universities, govt industries, corporations and of course politics where reservations are effective at all fact reservations are insult to the community which they do not understand. Vested interests have taken over the country .

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