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                                        INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…296
                                                         Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is  busy street  opposite to   Institute of Medical sciences and Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are also seen on the street. There is some commotion in the area  and many ambulances are seen parked. Doctors in white coats and steths in pockets are  busy moving around. Some are really busy while many  appear to act busy. )

Gandhi. Patel. What can be the matter today. All appear busy here  and there is commotion.  Was there any earth quake or train disaster.

Nehru. There could be some food poisoning in some school.

Patel. Why do  you wish such things at schools?

Gandhi. I am upset at things. What can go wrong here?

Patel. Bapu. Ask what can not go wrong here? Any how I shall enquire from some guy.

( Patel and Nehru  go  to a corner and approach  an elderly man whose name is Pyarelal

Patel.  Bhai. What went wrong?

Lal. All is wrong.  Guys are mad. They are nuts. They are a bunch of clowns.

Patel. Be clear sir. Whom you are blaming? Are they patients or doctors?

Lal. I am telling about patients.  The  hospital is full of  congress men and leaders.

Nehru. Why only congress men.?

Patel. Was there any  food poisoning at some big rally held by them?At these rallies  free food is given.

Lal. Nothing of that sort happened.

Patel. Then what happened? Recently summer heat has been very high and they held a rally in hot weather. I hope they suffered sun stroke.

Lal. No . Not at all.Doctors promised that they would  occasionally put TV display about the situation.

( Gandhi also approaches them slowly. He is seen coughing loudly)

Gandhi. Hugh.. Hugh.. Bhai. What happened here? Patel, you said you would come quickly. You left this old guy alone. Even Jawaharlal  left me.( Sings)

Ab kaun hai mera . ab kaun hai mera
Faryad hai.. Faryad hai takdeer ne loota hai basera  ( Surendranath from Anmol Ghadi..          

Patel. Come on Bapu. Have we deserted you? We came here to get some information for you. You must have patience too.

Gandhi. Oh . You started replying back.

Patel. Sorry Bapu. Please  try to understand. Do not be angry.

Gandhi. It is OK, Relax. I am fine. What he is saying?

Patel. He said that the hospital is full of patients from Congress party.

Gandhi. Why so. Have they come for blood donation?

Patel. Bapu. Can it be so? Since 1947 that party was in power for most of the time and sucked away all the blood from people.

Nehru. Come on Patel. No jokes please now. I am hurt.

Patel. Face things squarely dear. Search your heart for a while. Answer will be  clear. Subhash chandra bose said. Give me blood. I shall give freedom to you. How about the present guys?

Gandhi. What they say?

Patel. Give us blood. We shall drink or sell. Make money too.

Gandhi.  Come on guys. Find out what happened to the patients here.

Patel. Bhail Lal, Tell us  what exactly happened.

Lal. Look sir. These guys developed  some strange ailment and  for many days no one could diagnose what exactly was the  disease.

Patel. Hee..Hee

Nehru. What is there to laugh?

Patel. If one guy was there, I would not have  laughed. He says there are  hundreds here.

Lal. True. There are hundreds. All have the same symptoms.

Gandhi. What are these symptoms?

Lal.  They get sudden convulsions. They  get into delirium. They shout sounding Audi.. Audi..

Gandhi. What can be this Audi Patel?

Patel. Bapu, Audi is a very  costly car introduced in India. Very few can afford it.

Gandhi. Then why all these guys keep taking its name. Did the leaders at top promise them  these cars?

Patel. I do not think so.

Gandhi. This appears to be a  mystery. We must solve it.

Nehru. Relax. It is not our job. Doctors there who  got degrees like MBBS, MS MD DM etc.

Gandhi. True. But many doctors are donation type too. They  purchased seats in private colleges paying crores of money. More over the private medical colleges have no standards. They are apology to the name medical college.

Patel. Hee.. Hee.. Bapu. Let us not   get into that shit pot. We can not come out.

Gandhi. Well said. Now how  do we go about?

Lal. Bhai.  I suspect that these men  are scared of Modi sahib of Gujrat.

( In the mean time there is a big commotion  near the TV screens. People gather pushing around each other . Patel also runs there.  He reads the screen loudly. “” Dear Onlookers know what happened to all these patients.  The medical team has investigated everything in detail and has concluded that these are suffering from.. Modioisis aka Thrombo, pulmano, Gastro enteric craziasis that  is incurable. It is worst than cancer.)

Gandhi. How sad! That means these guys  have suffered Modi phobia ever since he became popular in the country.

Patel. True Bapu. They are scared. All the time they discuss about Modiji. They  use all phrases against him. They leave no stone unturned in condemning him. Finally  They got it while Modiji is fine. Hee..hee..

Gandhi.  I feel sad for the guys. They were crazy of dynasty. May god bless them with some  wisdom. In democracy every one has right to contest and win. No one has right to do character assassination.

Patel. But Bapu what exactly goes on now is Character assassination only.

Gandhi. What we can do. Hope god will give them some light. Let us go.

Patel. OK. Thanks Mr Lal for all the help.

Lal. Never mind sir. I am also like you.

                                 ( the trio walks away )

                              CURTAIN FALLS 


                                   INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN……. 297
                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen at Abids circle in Hyderabad. They are strolling lazily and they find a Sweet corn masala shop. Smells is sweet and Patel is attracted.

Patel. Bapu, How about a cup of  boiled corn with Masala each?

Gandhi. I do not mind Patel. Weather is also stimulating. Few rain drops around make it more convincing. OK

Nehru. Come on Bapu, Do you eat on road side shop.

Gandhi. What is wrong in it. We are on road side now. Sp we are eating on road side shop. Will the shop be in sky?

Nehru. Ohfo. I didn’t mean that way. Roadside shop means a clumsy one.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal, You are ego is not yet dead  although  you were dead long ago. We are nothing now in society. All of us died long ago and guys have forgotten us. Here and there  one can find my statue and your statue too. Most of the statues are badly maintained. Of course at very few places they are looked after because they are needed for garlanding on our death and birth days. I hardly find statues of Patel.

Patel. Bapu. Mans  actions are not measured by statues. More the statues are erected less work is indicated. More statues mean some  image exploitation for social and political purpose.

Gandhi. That I agree.  But  for some guys in India there is a statue at every crossing as if they are standing to direct  passers in different directions like police men. Hee..hee… In that way we are lucky.  I feel sad  because at many places our statues are surrounded by filth, pigs, stray dogs, urchins and dust bins and pissing guys. Some also ease themselves at night.

Patel. That is very befitting because you struggled to clean up public toilets when you were alive.

Gandhi. Hee..Hee.  That is the befitting tribute by the nation to me. I am very happy. ( sings  and does also jig. Some  on- lookers gather around and clap)

Look my brothers , please  listen to me
 I struggled all my life  half naked and in  rain
Strangely the nation looks other way today
 However I do not feel a pinch of any pain

Patel ( sings)

Bapu,  Well done , you composed  nicely
It is very great and  I can not any more dwell
You are  a born poet in this thankless  world
And I can see also that you do jig very well

Nehru. Come on guys, Other guys are watching us.

Gandhi. So what. This is a free country and we are free people.

Patel And we have freedom of Expression.

Onlooker. I am   Phaltu Sareen. You sang poems well and also acted well.

Gandhi. What do you mean acted well ?

Sareen. Then what you were doing?

Patel. We were not acting. We are real guys. Not actors.

Sareen. I thought you were on some street play. I wasted my time.

Nehru. No one asked to stay brother.

( On lookers melt away)

Patel. We forgot about sweet corn. Let us have some fun.

( The trio goes to the vendor )

Patel. Please give us three cups of  corn.

Vendor. Sweet or sour?

Patel. I want sweet one

Nehru. I want sour one.

Gandhi. I want mixed.

Vendor. I can not make mixed one.

Gandhi. Why. Shall I help you.

Vendor. I shall try

( Vendor gives them cups and they start munching )

Gandhi. Why you guys preferred  different tastes?

Patel. I am a sweet guy. So I take a sweet one.

Nehru. Do you mean I am bad guy because I took a sour one?

Patel. Did I say that? It is up to you.

Gandhi. I am a mixture of good and bad. So I tool mixed one.

( They finish off the cups and start walking  and  arrive at the circle)

Nehru. Bapu, Have you seen my statue holding a pigeon and releasing it from palm

Gandhi. Yeah. I see it. I happy you released it and not made a breakfast of it. But why so many strings are tied to the neck

Patel. Whenever some political party has a program they tie their flag strings to his neck in every direction. It looks as if his statue is hung by strings. Hee..hee..hee. Now all paper flags are withered way and only strings remain. Haa..haaa.haaa

Gandhi. I feel bad  for the disrespect to the statue.

Patel. Bapu. Do you think they are erected out of respect? It is pure exploitation of our images and memories.

Nehru. I can not keep watching this nonsense. I shall remove strings

( Nehru tries to jump the fence of the enclosure and he is caught by a police man)

Police man. Hey. What are you doing? Why are jumping over the fence?

Nehru. I want to remove the strings around.

Police man. That is not your job.

Nehru. Then is it your job?

Police man. Neither mine. It is the work of city  municipality. Go away. Or else I shall take to police station.

Nehru. Please take me if you can.

Police man. Can’t I take you?

Gandhi. Look  Constable. Please leave him. He is a bit upset.

Police man. Why.?

Patel. The statue looks like him

( Police man again looks at Nehru and statue in turns)

Police man. True. He looks like statue.

Patel. Sorry. Statue looks like him

Police man. Correct. I understand his problem.  You can go now.

( The police man goes away)

Patel. Bapu. I think we must leave now. It is getting very cloudy.

Gandhi. True

( The trio  walks away fast )

                         CURTAIN FALLS


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                                        AGENTS ARE READY TO SUPPLY ANYTHING FOR INSPECTIONS
                                         DAY TIME LOOT AT SCHOOLS
                                               MERIT HANGED IN FREE INDIA

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                                         PAL GAD FORT, MAHARASHTRA

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                                         PANDAV GAD BASTION. MAHARASHTRA



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                            INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN… 295

                                     Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are  seen at Haridwar and they are on their way to Kedar nath. They are in usual dress and of course carrying simple  bags )

Gandhi. Patel. At last we  have reached this place.

Patel. Bapu , We are  still far away from our destination.

Gandhi. I know that.  Let us take bath in Ganges before we start our journey.

Patel. True. Some sins will be washed off.

Nehru. Patel. Please do not joke. It is   hurting.

Patel. If by taking  dip in Ganga if all sins are washed off then why do  many  yaganas , Yagas and other Bhajans etc.

Gandhi. I can not answer these questions. Did I say that sins will be washed off if we take bath in Ganges? Please  do not waste time.

( They go to the bathing ghat and  enter waters. Suddenly some object of large size submerged in water rises up and Nehru falls on it. )

Nehru. Eee..eee.. What is this wrapped up in cloths?

( Nehru standing in neck deep waters trys to pull out  from the clothes. He findsa human hand coming off from the bag )

Nehru. Eee…eeee…. Aahh..aaah.. It is part of dead body..  chee..chee. He throws it off into water. But it hangs around him

Patel. What happened Jawaharlal. Why are you shouting. Are you feeling cold?

Nehru.  This place looks like a grave yard. This  bag has a dead body.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Some people leave the dead in Ganges as a last ritual. Probably this is one. Any how you are  in waters of Ganges. No sin will be attached to you. Relax.

Nehru. Bapu. Let us come out of this place. Enough of this

Gandhi. As you wish .

( The trio come out of water and  stand in sun so that their bodies get dried up..They slowly walk to the  Bus stand. They meet the  bus conductors there.)

Gandhi. Brother. We are on our way to Kedar nath.Are some buses plying?

Conductor. Have you not read news papers.

Patel. Why? That we read every day. Last three days we did not read.

Conductor. Look friends. At Keadr nath great tragedy has occurred. There were torrential rains and  rivers flowing down the mountains destroyed everything in Kedar nath except temple pouring boulders and mud all over. All roads are cut off. Thousands  have been killed. Large rescue operations by Army and other  para military forces are going on. You can not go there.

Gandhi. Ohfo.. No..  We must go there and help the distressed.

Conductor. You guys  appear famished. I thought you are also victims of that tragedy. Why you want to go there? How can you  go there? Who will take you? All routes are blocked.

Gandhi.  Now what to do?

Patel. Bapu. Let us do Ram bhajan and pray to the god to save people.

Nehru. True. We must do.

Gandhi. But I can not keep looking at things like this. I must be at Kedarnath and help people.

Nehru. True Bapu. But we can not go there.

Conductor. Some  helicopters ply to that area.  But they are meant  for VIPs.

Gandhi. We are also VIPs

Conductor( Laughs) hee..hee.. Are you VIP. In what way? Are you a minister at center or state? What are you? You guys look like beggars. Hee..heee.. Who will believe you?

Gandhi. Come on. I am MK Gandhi Father of nation. He is Patel the iron man of India. This guy is Nehru the former PM of India.

Conductor. Haa. Haa.. ( Shouts) Brothers come here and watch the Tamasha for toady.

( Gandhi gets embarrassed)

Gandhi. Can we hire the chopper.

Conductor. Probably Yes. For very large sum you can have it. But to day only one chopper  is  present. You may try.

( Gandhi Goes to the chopper pilot)

Gandhi. Pilotji. Can we hire your chopper today.

Pilot. Baba. Where do you want to go at this time?

Gandhi. We want to go to Kedarnath and take part in humanitarian activities.

Pilot. Sorry. This chopper is waiting for some VIP. Please  excuse  us.

( In the mean time some Innova  cars arrive  and from them get down many leaders , all well dressed in white clothes sporting gold rings and chains. All are sporting different colored scarves around their necks)

Patel. Oh, Bapu , These are  from different political parties

The leaders rush towards the chopper. They are stopped by the pilot.)

Pilot. Look sir . This  chopper is booked by a minister from AP for his followers. Only they can travel.

Leader 1. So what. We are also VIP. There is nothing like booking chopper. You have to take us also.

Leader 2. True. We are from AP. You must take us

Leader 3..  We are also in line. You can not  neglect

Leader1.  You guys. Leader 3 is not from our party. Throw him out.

Leader 3. How dare you say that. I shall see your end today.

Pilot.  Sir  If you behave like this I shall take none.

Ledaer1. How dare you say that! After all you are a pilot and employee. I shall get you sacked soon.

Pilot. That you can not do. I have seen many jokers like you.

Leader 1. How dare you call mea joker! I shall see your end.
Pilot. Please do it. Now I am not going to fly this chopper.

Gandhi. Pilot sahib. Please forgive these men. They are clueless. Theya re all eager to go. So tempers are high.

Pilot. You appear to be a nice guy If I fly today I shall take you three.

Patel. Thanks dear

Leader. Look Plot. I am listening everything.. You can not take these beggars along  with us.

Pilot. Did I say that I shall fly you guys.

Leader. I shall see How  you will not fly us today.

Pilot. Keep trying sir.

( Leader 1  with his supporters try to rush into the Chopper. They are stopped by Leader 2 and his followers.  Leader 3 with his followers rain blows on others. Soon there is big commotion and there is free for all.  Stones keep flying. People are abusing others  in  the most filthiest words. )

Patel. Bapu. I am  hearing today the choicest  abuses all over.

Nehru. I am sure you are enjoying them.

Patel. You can also do that. Nothing prevents you.

(The leaders and their followers after great amount of fight find themselves in torn clothes, shaggy and look like pigs rolling in shit pond. In stone throwing the chopper is badly damaged. Its front glass is shattered. Rotor  blades are badly bent. It has become  not airworthy. All the people are badly injured in fist fight and stone throwing and ae found lying on  ground with bleeding wounds. )

Pilot.  Sorry Guys. The chopper is no more air worthy. I am going from here and I have to report to Head quarters. (He  goes away)

Gandhi. What a sorry state of affairs!.

Patel. Bapu. All these guys are  MsLA and ministers from various states. All are badly injured. Many are with broken limbs and smashed teeth. Some guys  have lost their ears. They were bitten off.Look. Bapu, Some guys are lying naked with wounds all over. It was a free for all.  I have not seen this type of Tamasha in my life time. Haa..haa..haaa

Nehru. Patel. Is this the time for jokes. Feel pity for them.
Patel. Why pity these nuts. They do not deserve any sympathy. Let us leave these guys to their fate.

Gandhi. In the night jackals  and Hyenas would arrive  and tear them to bits when they  are alive

Patel. It is a correct punishment for them.

Gandhi. Please do not say that.. We must take pity on them and save them. We need not go to Kedarnath now.

Patel. Bapu. You are a great guy. You have seen what type of nuts these guys were. Still you want to save them.

Gandhi. True. They are ignorant guys. So we must help them. Please follow me.

( The trio go to the injured people to take care of them )

                                        CURTAIN FALLS


                                        SADANAND GAD FORT, MAHARASHTRA
                                             MACHINDRA GAD, MAHARASHTRA
                                          OLD PANHALA FORT. MAHARASHTRA
                                       KANAKDURGA, MAHARASHTRA
                                               CONGRESS PRINCE VISITS KERARNATH VICTIMS
                                        MANIK PUNJ FORT  MAHARASHTRA

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                                POLITICS OVER CORPSES.. KEDARNATH TRAGEDY..
                                          A CARTOON  BY DR K PRABHAKAR RAO


                                           PARVAT GAD, MAHARASHTRA
                                                        YAWAL FORT. MAHARASHTRA