Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pencil sketch of Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

He was a SS Lt Col and worked at various concentration camps like Auschwitz, sachsenhausen,natzweiler, Flossedberg and was the commandant at some of the camps. after war, he was arrested by allies and tried at Wuppertal for murdering four French resistant fighters and was sentenced to life. He was again tried by British for hanging a RAF person. He was given death sentence. He was extradited to France where he was tried for war crimes and sentenced to death by firing squad. He died of heart attack awaiting execution on 20 Oct 1954. He was Fifty years old at the time of death.

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

She was a Nazi woman guard and she worked at Concentratin camps. After war she she was deatained for short while by allied troops  and released. She did odd jobs for some time.She married an American Ryan and settled in America . She was however on the list of Nazi hunters after some camp survivors in Telaviv informed about her to Nazi hunter. They were immdiately after her and traced her to her house in US after long search.. She was extradited to Germany where she was tried and sentenced to life for war atrocities.She was brutal to the prisoners and kicked them with her nail studded jack boots. Some died too in these harsh treatments as stated by the surviving jews.. However due to diabetes one of her leg was amputated and due to poor health she was released in 1996.She died in 1999 in Germany

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K PrabhakarRao

Petrat gustav belonged to SS waffen and he was a rotten fuhrer a corporal rank in warren SS.He was wounded in battle and hence he was posted to camp mauthusen and he was the dog handler. He was arrested on 10 may 1945 at Ried by Us troops and was tried at Dachau trials and convicted on 21 Aug 1947 . He was executed on 10 Sept 1948. The charge against Him was that he shot and beat up the victims on the camp. In his statement that he testified   he accused that   that he was beaten, kicked very badly and was forced to sign the Confession by the interrogators. At this point of time, it is difficult to say who was correct. Nazis were no angels and the victors were no gods.Usually in the world ,victor is always correct.However Americans or to the fact allied powers were no gods and they too surely tortured prisoners for extracting information , signing the confession. But the overall  trials of guards indicate that most of them were given lenient sentences and  in majority cases were acquitted. This was over punishment  and revengeful Surely and young soul was deprived of his life. No doubt no Jew. I.e survivor testified Against him as per material available.


He was an  ukranian ..American who had US citizen ship. formerly he was a soldier in Soviet Red army. During WWII he was captured while fighting Germans and became a PW. He was taken to a camp meant for soviet PW. He went through great ordeals and then volunteered to be sent to T rawniki which was a training camp for soviet volunteers to work for nazis and were called HIWI. These soviet gurads allegedly worked at manda ek, sobibor and flossenberg. most of thee soviet prisoners volunteered to get out of the camps. after war he landed himself along with his family aboard a US ship at New York. He settled down as a motor mechanic at ford motors company at Cleveland suburbs.He obtained citizenship on 14 Nov 1958.However Nazi hunters were on job and hislocation was identified and he was extradited to Israel for trail in 1983. He faced trial in Israel and was sentenced to death. however the supreme court of Israel tuned down the sentence. He was freed. He spent nearly 8 years in Israel confinement and was allowed to go to US. His US citizen ship was revoked as he suppressed information of Nazi links in his documents. Subsequently he was extradited to Germany in 2009 to face trial. He was tried at German court and on 12 May 2011 was sentenced to 5 years prison term although there were no witnesses. Judge Ralph att declared that he was part of the extermination process being the member of the organization as a guard and has to take blame even if he has not killed people by himself. He could appeal. The judge released him as he already spent two years in German prison for trail and earlier he spent 8 yeras in Israel prison and hence he was freed. John Demjan juk died at home for elders on March 17, 2012 at the age of 91 years, His appeal was not heard and sentence was annulled. He died a free man not convicted.He was buried in US at an unknown place or else for neo nazis the place would become a shrine. But is known now that he was buried at Brooklyn heights cemetry in parma ohio in ukranina section.