Friday, May 27, 2016

Pencil sketch of Nazi by dr K Prabhakar Rao

Oskar groaening. Was a nazi guard at Auschwitz concentration camp and he was responsible for accounting valuables of Jews who deposited them on arrival. he was posted to a combat unit of SS saf fen before the war ended and his unit surrendered to British army? He became a PW and worked as forced labour. he was probably released and in 147 or 1948 and became free man. for next forty years he worked in industry and reached managerial position. H started criticising those such as neo nazis who claimed that there was no holocaust. He also wrote his experiences of 87 pages.The German govtfound it appropriate to prosecute him for war crimes even at a belated stage. he was taken into custody and charged at a German court and on 15 July 2015 he was sentenced to four year prison term.he was 93 years old. At the time of trial.except for academic purpose no purpose would be served by hi sentencing.

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