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Pencilsketch of a Nazi byDr K Prabhakar Rao

He was a A SS sturmbannfuhrer and served at various camps and was the commandant at Flossenburg camp as Oberführer. and was replaced by Max koegal. Zill started career in SS as a camp guard first at a minor camp Chemnitz. Later he was posted to Lichtenburg camp where he guarded camp along with Arthur Rodl who later became a commandant. As a commandant, his first camp was Natzweiker stuthoff. Zill was of short height and was known as little zilli. He was very brutal and tied prisoners to a tree and allowed his ferocious dog to mutilate their genitals. As commandant, he tightened discipline in the camp and opined that those prisoners who were indoctrinated by Nazi philosophy should be allowed to fight for Germany and such persons should be made free persons. However , he was found to be ineffective commandant and shifted to eastern battle front.Local villages too complained about the lavish life style of his camp guards and their wives while they were struggling in poverty. This complaint was made to the top brass controlling the concentration camps and Zill  was replaced. After war, Zill vanished. But was caught when he wrote his real name in the birth certificate of his illegitimate child. He was tried in a Munich court and was sentenced to life. But in 1955, it was reduced to 15 years. After release, he lived quietly in Germany and died in 1974.


Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 He was a SS strum baan fuhrer in the early thirties and became Oberführer in 1936 and was the commandant at dachau camp? He used camp prisoners to work in his private villa and this was. Noted by the top brass and was sent to sachsenhausen camp where he became a regular commandant soon.He ensured many prisoners who were unable to work were killed in a center at sonnenstein and also organized shooting of 10000 soviet prisoners. in 1942 he was removed and sent to take care of a camp in Norway. After the war he was arrested and imprisoned at Neumunste camp awaiting trial by soviets. He committed suicide in prison. In Jan 1946

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Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


 He was a SS officer Obersturmfuhrer who succeeded Amon Goth as commandant of camp krakow ..plaszow In 1944 and continued till 1945 till the camp fell to allies. Earlier to this , he worked at Flossenburg, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen and Neuengamme camps. He resisted the efforts of Oscar Schindler to get 300 Jewish women called Schindler juden as the work force for his new factory at Brunlitz. He insisted that these women be sent to Auschwitz camp I and separate work force be given from Auschwitz camp. Finally, Oscar Schindler was given the workforce of 300 Jewish women from Auschwitz after payment. Büscher was arrested at the end of war and was tried in Poland. He was sentenced to death for war crimes and was hanged on 2 August 1949.

Pencil sketch of a Nazi by DrK Prabhakar Rao


Edmund vesenmeyer was a Brigade fuehrer in SS waffen during WW II and he was responsible for pushing out Jews from Croatia and Hungary during war For elimination. he was deeply associated with Adolf Eichmmann in this work. After the war he was arrested and was tried in ministries trial at Nuremberg and was sentenced to 20 years jail term for war crimes. It was later reduced to 10 years and he was released in 1951

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Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


 Arnold Strippel was a SS first lieut and he served in many concentration camps and Neuengame was the last camp he served where he took part in the murder of many innocent school children for medical experiments by Kurt Heissmeyer , their four caretakers and dozens of soviet POWs in the basement of the school. Elders were hanged by cross beams under roof  while kids were hanged on wall hooks. Strippel was tried in majdanek trialsls  III during 1975...81 and was sentenced to only three and half yeses in jail. He was also given 125000 marks as compensation. After release , he purchased huge property and lived a wealthy man and died later at the age of 81 years. it is very strange that a criminal who was involved in thousands of murders was let off with small jail term and should have been hanged at gallows immediately after the war. it is believed that he was spared due to His service at v2rocket production and rocket launching in the final stages of war. Surely Americans must have spared him and gained valuable information On V2 rockets.justice was not fair thus. The criminal who was to hang at gallows was allowed to live so long and was also made wealthy by paying him huge sum of money by the govt. How unfair it was. All is fair in love and war.

Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


He was a Civilian employee in the service of Nazi govt at concentration camp Sachsenhausen. He was the inspector of Shoe fitting at the camp.After the war he was arrested by the allies and was tried at Berlin by the soviet military tribunal in the trial known as sachsenhausen trial or Berlin trial.He was sentenced to 15 years jail term . He was sent to work in coal mines in USSR on polar sea to serve the sentence Along with other 15 defendants.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Pencil sketch of a Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


 He was a SS Nazi functionary at Sachsen hausen camp as guard. he was arrested by allies at the end of WW II. he was tried by do soviet Military T tribunal at Berlin in Sachsenhausen trials also called Berlin trials and was sentenced to life term. he was sent to work in coal mines on polar sea in USSR to serve the term.There were 16 defendants in this trail where Anton kaindl was the commandant and one of the defendant.

Pencil sketch of a Nazi by dr K Prabhakar Rao


He was a Nazi SS functionary at Sachsenhausen concentration camp . he was arrested after the world war when the camp was liberated by allies. he was tried at sachsenhausen trials at Berlin also called Berlin trials By A Soviet military court. He was found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to life term in prison with force labor. He was sent to a coal mine in USSR on polar sea to work along with other defendants.He was released in 1956 by soviets as amnesty was granted and he went to West Germany. arrested and put on trial Sept 1960 by a West German court at Düsseldorf on charges of executing at least 200 Soviet POWs subjected to "special treatment" ('Sonderbehandlung'), of shooting 27 prisoners in the crematorium, of participating in the shooting of 82 prisoners on the night of 31 Jan-1 Feb 1945, of killing 2,000 ill prisoners during the course of the evacuation of KL Sachsenhausen in Apr 1945, and shooting 230 Jewish prisoners who had been evacuated from KL Lieberose   convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment (lebenslänglich) 15 Oct 1960