Friday, October 28, 2016

Pencil sketch of a Nazi by dr K Prabhakar Rao


He was a Nazi SS functionary at Sachsenhausen concentration camp . he was arrested after the world war when the camp was liberated by allies. he was tried at sachsenhausen trials at Berlin also called Berlin trials By A Soviet military court. He was found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to life term in prison with force labor. He was sent to a coal mine in USSR on polar sea to work along with other defendants.He was released in 1956 by soviets as amnesty was granted and he went to West Germany. arrested and put on trial Sept 1960 by a West German court at DĂĽsseldorf on charges of executing at least 200 Soviet POWs subjected to "special treatment" ('Sonderbehandlung'), of shooting 27 prisoners in the crematorium, of participating in the shooting of 82 prisoners on the night of 31 Jan-1 Feb 1945, of killing 2,000 ill prisoners during the course of the evacuation of KL Sachsenhausen in Apr 1945, and shooting 230 Jewish prisoners who had been evacuated from KL Lieberose   convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment (lebenslänglich) 15 Oct 1960  

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