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Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

HEINRICH MULLER.. He was the chief of Gestapo During WW II and held senior rank between himmlers and Adolf eichmann. He was responsible for planning and execution of holocaust. He was patronised by Reinhard heidrich one of the most powerful nazi. He was present. At Hitlers bunker in the last days of hitler on 2 may 1945 and after war he vanished. No trace of him has been ever found. there are many speculations about him. some believe that he was killed in early may 1945 during the fall of Berlin While many also are sure that he escaped to some safe place and lived undetected till he died and his death was also was not revealed? Few are apprehensive that he was employed in Russia after war, but the fact remains that his where abouts are not known Till date.
Franz Josef huber was a SS brigade fuehrer and major general of police. He was the police officer in Weimar Republic too before N axis took over power. He was. With Gestapo and after annexation of Austria he. Was posted to Vienna and areas above and below Danube. he was in position till the end of war in 1945, he was not arrested nor tried at any point of time. And he lived and died in Munich in 1975 at the age of 73
ERICH FUCHS..Erich F uchs was a SS Sargent , scharfuhrer, and took part in T 4 euthanasia programme and then in Reinhard programme of holocaust. After war, he lived comfortably for twenty years. He was arrested and was tried at belzec trials in 63..1964 but was acquitted. he was re arrested as more evidence was collected and tried at sobibor trials.He was found guilty of aiding in the murder of 79000 Jews and was given four yeras prison On 20 dec 1966. After release , he lived peaceful life and died on july 25 , 1980 at the age of 78

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

FRANZ SUCHOMEL.. Franz Suchomel was a nazi junior sergent in SS. he initially took part in battle of France during WW II and later he was posted to action T 4 programme euthanasia, operation Reinhard, einsatxgruppen in A driatic operation zone. he was arrested almost 20 yeras after the war on 11 July 1963 and the West German govt collected evidence against many nazis at the camps. The trial started on 12 oct 1964 to 3 sept 1965 against ten members in the treblinka trials. he was found guilty of taking part in the massacre of Jews in gas chambers and was sentensed to 6. Yeras in jail. He was released on 20 dec 1967. Thus spending four years in jail. He died on 18 dec 1979. he acted in the film Shoah directed by Claude Lozmann and released in 1985 On the relevanpt subject.He even sang the camp song

was a SS officer   who rose to the rank of SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer during World War II. Betz served as Adolf Hitler's personal co-pilot and Hans Baur's substitute. Betz was present in the F├╝hrerbunker in Berlin in late April 1945. On 1 May 1945, Betz took part in the break-out from the Reich Chancellery in Berlin. Early on 2 May 1945, Betz was wounded and died while crossing the Weidendammer Bridge which was under heavy fire from Soviet troops

HILDEGARD LACHARET.. She was a notorious SS female guard. She worked at many camps including Ravenbruck, majadek and Aushwitz berkenan camps where Jews were exterminated in very large numbers. She was a sadist, cruel and ill treated the inmates. After war she was arrested and tried at polish court at krakow. she spent total 27 years in prison before she was let off. She died in Berlin at the age if 75 years in 1995
AUGUST MIETE. He was an SS sergent and worked at Grafenale and had ajar euthanasia centers. he was posted to T rebel inka extermination centres.He freely killed people at Larentz in the camp by shooting the victims at the nape of the neck with a 9 mm pistol while they were made to stand at the edge of deep ditch in which already corpses were smouldering.,and it was regular affair for him. The dead after shooting fell into the ditch. This was as per his own testomony at the trial. . When the Treblinka camp was closed he was sent to Trieste in Italy to kill Jews which he did probably happily. .After war he was arrested by US troops but was soon released. He was again arrested in 1960 and tried in 1965 and sentenced to life for participating in killing of 300000 persons. He was released in mind eighties. And he retired to his house at osnabruck Purchased from the loot of Treblinka camp. date of death s not known.

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Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

ROLF GUNTHER. Rolf Gunther was a German major in SA organization. He was deputy to Adolf eichmann the notorious nazi. Rolf was responsible for sending Jews to Auschwiz concentration camp from Salonika .After war he was arrested by American troops and he was kept at E bensee prison awaiting trial Where he committed suicide by swallowing poison In Aug 1945.
ALOIS BRUNER.  He was Austrian nazi SS captain and was asst to Adolf Eichmann. He was responsible for gassing of more than one lakh Jews and another 25000 French Jews from Paris camp . He was commander of Drancy internment camp outside Paris from J an 43 to aug 44.After war, he escaped to Egypt in 1954 and then to Syria where he lived under false name till the last. All efforts to trace him and extradite him failed. he lived probably up to 98 years and would have died in 2010 as per Nazi hunters .He lost an eye and fingers of left hand when he opened letter bombs sent to him In 1961 and 1980. At one time, President Hafez Al Assad of Syria wanted to extradite Nazi Brunner to East Germany. but fall of Berlin Wall in 1989 changed his plans. Nazi hunters and Mossad of Israel failed to nab him although they had sure proof that he was in Syria. He was given assylum and also worked as an adviser to Baath party and the govt of Syria on torturing methods of Nazis and was also handsomely paid along with police protection to lead a comfortable life. After death he was reportedly buried in Damascus and where abouts of his grave and date of death are not known due to Civil war in which Syria is engulfed now

IRMFRIED EBERL . Irmfried Eberl was a psychiatrist from Austria in Nazi service. He was initially at euthanasia institute in Bradenberg and begnberg as Medical director. He was the first commandant of Treblinika concentration and extermination camp to hold Jews and others and to kill them enmasse.He was posted in 11july 1942 to 26 aug 1942.However he was dismissed from the Position owing to incompetence and he joined Wehrmacht I.e German army for remaining period of war. He could not meet the targets of killing people and disposing bodies quickly. Ad the rotting corpses piled up as mountains all over the camp. The smell and stench could be felt at a distance of nearly seven to eight Km from camp. Nazis were worried that the smell Would draw attention of civian local population about the mass killings at the camp.He was also involved in sending the seized money valuables jewellery to cohorts at Hitlers chancellery while Himmler wanted it for war effort.A fter the war, he practiced in blaubcuren. As a doctor and was arrested in Jan 1948. He however committed suicide by hanging in February 1948 to avoid trial.

ARTHUR LIEBEHEN SCHEL. Arthur liebehen schel W as the concentration camp commandant at Auschwitz in Poland during WW IIAnd later at Majdanek camp that was vacated as soviet army entered polish territories. He made some reforms for the camp inmates while he was at Auschwitz. He replaced rudolf hob in 1942 at Auschwitz. In 1943 Rudolf hob agin was posted to Aushwitz and Arather was sent to maidek replacing Martin go fried wiess. Later he was sent to Italy at Trieste under odilo Globcnic. After war he was arrested by US troops and. Extradited him to Poland where he was tried for war crimes at Krakow and was executed on 24 J une 1948, He was of the rank of SS obursturmbonn fuehrer.

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Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

 LORENZ HACKENHOLT Lorenz hackenholt   was a nazi sergeant and he was posted at beltzec concentration camp in occupied Poland and development of gas chambers for killing Jews was entrusted to him. He accordingly enveloped and in the course killed hundreds of thousad of Jews.he was also associated with operation T4 the forced Euthanasia extermination programme and Operation rein hard the deadliest phase. In all these he was associated with mass killings. He was sent to Italy at Trieste to kill remaining Jews there.After the war he vanished and was never traced. It was believed that he was executed in Italy for selling arms to partisans. But there was no confirmation.He was declared dead by the West German court at the request of his wife on 31 dec 1945. However Hermann Erich Bauer who was traced in 1961 claimed that he met hackenholt after war and the element of his death remains very doubtful. A Sobibor guard too claimed that he met hackenholt . Afte war and he lived on false identity of a dead soldier.He must have escaped and lived in fakes identity.
AUGUST BECKERAugust Becker was a SS officer of the rank of lt col. Ad chemist.He was a gas van specialist in murdering scores of Jews, political dissidents, during action T 4 programme , mobile nazi death squads of Einsatz gruppen in nazi occupied. European countries. He gave mostly tech support but Atleast once he gassed 20 people. Invalids, physically handicapped Were freely murdered.He was with Central Riech office RSHA. after war, he was tried and jailed for three years and Released. He worked as a sales man in a seed company. And later at a precision machines industry and in 1959 he was tried again. He was awarded ten yeras prison term. he suffered a stroke and was admitted to a nursing home in upper hessin. He was shifted to another nursing home and the police had to issuea search warrant for him. However he died on 31 dec 1967 in the nursing home.
 FRANZ NOVAKFranz Novak the SS member was the railway time table expert for Adolf eichmann for transporting the Jews to concentration camps and extermination camps? after war he lived under a false name and came out only when the special law was withdrawnin 1957 in resect of nazis. But when Eichmann was caught and brought to Israel, arrest warrants were issued in 1961 against all the members who worked under Eichmann . Nova was arrested in Vienna at his work place where he managed a printing shop. His conviction and sentenses had to be reconsidered again and again due to technical flaws and finally Supreme Court of Austria sentensed him for seven years on 13 April 1972. He already served five years in custody. He was pardoned by the hon president rudolf kirsch lage of Austria and he was set free. He died on 21 October 1983 at the age of seventy years. ,
THERESE BRANDLShe was a woman nazi and was member of SS. She was posted to ravers brack concentration camp where she was trained by J khnanna langefeld. She was sent to auschwiz concentration camp in March 1942.she soon became E rstaufseherin (. Ist guard ) under M ania mandl and Margot Dreschel. She was responsible for selecting women and children to be sent to gas chambers. She was noted for abusing prisoners and children in particular.. in 1944. She was sent to Muhldorf forest sub camp of D achau along with M andal In view of Soviet approach during the war. She fled on 27 April 1945 but was arrested on 29 August 1945. She was tried by Polish court and was sentensed to death and was hanged on 28 J an 1946

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

BLUME  WALTERBlume water was an SS officer of colonels rank and he was associated with the terrible Gestapo too. he was responsible for massacre of. Jews in Russian territory. Ad later in Greece. He deported more than 45000 Jews from Greece to Auschwiz camp. he was captured by American troops. At the end of war and was tried on April 10, 1948. And sentensed to 25 yeras. But he was released in 1955. He was re arrested in 1968 and tried for atrocities in Greece. Although considerable evidence was produced he was set free. he diedp in 1974 at the age of 68 yers.
 AMON GOETH He was the SS captain. And the camp commandant at Krakow.. plaszow in Poland where he murdered scores of inmates and personally killed many. he was arrested after war and tried in Polnad and sentensed I to death for war crimes, homicide and hanged near plaszow. On 13 sept 1946
WILHELM STUCKARTHe was from judicial field originally and became legal advisor for nazi administration and he was drawn into the field? He was given the very senior rank of gruppen fuherer in SS organisation. He was the architect of nazi nuremberg laws that were anti semetic laws meant for protecting purity of German blood and German honor.He recommended forced sterilization of couples of mixed blood..T he entire theory finally ended in extermination of jews in occupied countries. He also Made laws. To get rid off new borns with disorders who would be a burden to society and weaken the race.Sfter war he was convicted for war crimes in respect of drafting. And legalising anti Semitic laws, but was sentensed to a period up to 1949 which was the same as his detention period. He was killed in a car accident ay Hanover a day before his 51. Birth day. It has been widely believed that the car accident was engineered by Mossad of Israel to kill stuckart.

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Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

PAUL WERNER HOPPE Paul werner hoppe was anSS obersturmbann and was the camp commandant of stuthoff. He married the daughter of a camp commandant Herman Baranowski. After the war he was arrested ny British army at holstein in Apr 1946. he was sent to a prison camp in scotland. But he was later sent to falling bostel prison camp in british occupied west germany. He escpaed while he was Awaiting extridition to poland in 1953 and entered switzerland. he worked as gardner there and after three yeras later returned to west germany. he was again arrested and tried in 1955.the district court in 1957 sentensed him to 9 yeras in jail. He was released in 1960. he passed away in july 1974 In germany.
JOST HEINZHans Heinge was basically a lawyer and a SS brigade fuehrer and G en major of police.He was mostly involved with espionage activities in security serices and was section chief of office VI of R eich ministry security office.H e was responsible for genocide during his command of Einsatzgruppe A in 1942" He was arrested at gardelegenin April 1945 and was tried for war crimes.He was sentensed to life but was released after six years in 1951 from landsberg prison.he claimed that genocide if done was before he took command of the group. But this was not accepted by trial court which stated that as a leader he knew the purpose of the organization.He became a real estate agent later and died. At the age of 60 years in 1964 at Benshem in west Germany.
HEIRICH MATTES Heinrich Mattes was a SS sergeant and worked in once concentration camps before he was sent to the infamous SOBIBOR camp for extermination of Jews and others. He had a fad of cleanliness and even shot the persons who did not do the cleaning job to his satisfaction.He thus shot dead several inmates at his will. He had expressionless face and was responsible for many deaths in the camp. After the war he was tried in 1965 trials and sentensed to life. Details are not known about his death. After the war and till 1965 where he was is yet to be ascertained. like many nazis he must have escaped  and worked under false names. but he paid for evil deeds. should have been hanged as he shot Jews at his will for fancy.
KURT FRANZKurt Franz was a SS officer during WW II. After Joining SS at low level he was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp as a cook where he became a corporal. In 1939 , he was sent to T 4 programme euthanasia and went to Lublin. later he was sent to infamous camp at treblinka in Poland. He became dy commandant soon . Franz. Had a baby like innocent face but he was the most cruel Nazi going around. He looked after movement Of Prisoners from undressing rooms to gas chambers, Work commanders etc. he frequently shot few among new arrivals while they were still in wagons or Trucks For fun. usually he selected bearded guys. He even killed babies in mothers arms. when few prisoners tried to escape he took themto lazarett and shot Them. He took part in killing. About 300000 camp inmates mostly Jews. There were several murders committed for fun and play And for repression. After the war he merged in society and did Some odd jobs as cook. H e was arrested in 1959 and was tried in 1965 for war crimes and sentensed for life. He was released in 1993 due to poor health. He died in 1998 at the age of 84 years.

Pencol sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

FRANZ WALTER STAHLECKER He was a member of SS. And police and rose to the rank of B rigadier in SS and as major general in police. He took control of some of soviet areas captured after invasion of USSR. his killing units killed thousands of Jews and soviets. He was killed during a fight with soviet partisans In 1942.
WERNER NAUMANNnaumann was an SS officer with the office of G obbels in the ministry of propaganda and public relations. Originally he was an state secretary and He was made Head of the propaganda department when Goebbels was promoted. he was in the hitlers bunker in late April 1945 when he committed suicide along with his wife. He was in the breakout group 3 along with Bormann! Axmann, D r Ludwig Stumpfegger , Hitlers surgeo, artur Axmann and Werner Naumann were the only two escaped to west Germany breaking through soviet encirclement While others committed suicide on the way. Naumann lived under false names for four years and surfaced when. General amnesty was declared in 1950. however he was taken into custody by British police charging that he was trying to form a neo nazi group with an intention to infiltrate west German political class. He was later released after one and half year and he took up emplpayment in the factory of goebbals cousin as a director. Naumann passed away at the age of 73 In 1982. He wrote his experiences as a book.
 FRITZ TODTFritz todt was a senior SS officer and was a reich minister for Armaments and ammunitions before Albert spree took over. He was the organizer of Todt organization that won Hitlers admiration. he however distanced himself from Herman goerring commander in chief of L uftwaffe the German airforce and German army commanders.The Todt organization he found combined the efforts of govt organizations, private organizations and govt labour to build a west wall I.e Siegfried line for defense of rErich territory.He died in an air crash accident after the plane took off from an airfield at Rastenburg during war on 8 Feb 1942 and it was suspected that the plane was sabotaged. But there was no evidence to prove it.
RICHRD GLUCKS Richard glucks was an high ranking SS officer and he was of the rank of gruppen fuhrer.. ( major G eneral ). He was the highest ranking inspector of concentration camps and was close to Heinrich himmlers. He was directly responsible for forced labour, Human experimentation in the camps, medical atrocities and mass murders. He was directly responsible for total extermination of Jews from nazi occupied countries. When Germany lost war and was defeated he consumed capsule of potassium cyanide and committed suicide To avoid capture.If caught alive He would have Ben surely hanged by the trial court.

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Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

KARL BOLENDERHe was the staff sergent of SS organization and was posted at Sobibor camp where he personally killed 360 Jews and took part in killing another 86000 Jews . He lived in Germany under false identity and was recognised in 1961 at a night club where he was working as a doorman. He was arrested and tried . In 1965.the trail was to be completed, but kurt Bolender committed suicide in jail two moths before sentencing.
ARTUR AXMANNArtur axmann was a leader of youth who reached the rank of SS reichfuhrer and was the only officer with such high rank to survive after war and live long to see the aftermaths of WW II. During the war he fought along with G reman army. And was seriously wounded. And lost his right arm and survived. He was one if the close aides of H itler and was At the bunker of hitler before hitler committed suicide. Before shooting himself. hitler declared that the officers should break out of the enemy ring. Consequently Martin borman! a doctor Ludwig stumpfeger , Werner Neumann and Axmann tried to escape from the place. By crossing river spree, Axmann picked up the pistol of Walther PP make with which hitler shot himself dead in the bunker. At some point on the way Axmann proceeded in opposite direction of Bormann . When he saw a Russian patrol He doubled back and saw Bormann and the doctor lying dead near the bridge invalided star be . He had no time to investigate and disappered quickly escaping from the enemy. he lived with false names but He was arrested in 1945 dec at lubeck and tried and sentensed to 3 yeras of prison which he served. In 1958 a German de nazifiaction  court  fined him 35000 marks. After release he tried his hand in business with some success. He also left Germany in 1971 and lived on an island Gran canaria And later returned in 1976 . And When he passed away the family did not disclose the reasons for his death. He passed away on 24 October 1996 at the age of 83 years.
HEINZE LINGEHeinz Linge was Hitlers valet and a nazi officer who spent many hours with Hitler on the day of his suicide.He was an SS officer.Hitler told his plan that he would commit suicide in his private room in the bunker and gave instructions how the bodies of he and his wife should be disposed off. They were to be burnt in the backyard of chancellery. hitler addressed all his aides , had meals with them and gave instructions for a breakout.Soviets were closing on Berlin and Hitler never wanted fall in their hands. A s planned he committed suicide along with his wife EVA Braun whom he married few hours ago. After disposing bodies of hitler and his wife Heinz Linge escaped but was arrested by soviets at seestrasse on 02 ' may 1945 and once they found his identity they sent him to the notorious Russian prison labjanka. he spent ten years in the prison. He was interrogated by Russian agencies NKVD and later MVD not KGB. He was released in 1955. Linge wrote his memoirs that were published bY Front liner books in 2009 called ...with hitler to end .Linze died in 1980 in Germany . ..
HERBERT FLOSS Herbert floss joined SS in 1935 and was master sergent.. He was the acting commander at sobibor Extermination camp in1942 before gustav Wagner took over from him.He carried out cremation of murdered Jews by mass burning by placing them as stacks over specially made devices. rails were kept over concrete blocks. And the corpses were stacked over them. Below the corpses gasoline soaked brush wood was stacked and they were burnt. A fter revolt at the camp in 1943, he was escorting some prisoners by train to Lublin and at chelm he was overpowered by the prisoners and was shot dead by his own service machine pistol at Chelms. his evil life came to an End

paintings by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


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Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 KARL HOLZHe was a SA Gruppenfuhrer. He was nazi Gauleiters of gau Franconia. He joined the party in 1922 and grew. He had close relation ship with Streitcher, A prominent nazi. When streitcher was involved in a corruption charge, holz also lost his office, but soon was again in the run. He was made leader of Gaul by H itler although strietcher was still there. When allied troops captured nuremberg he holed up himself with a small group in a bunker at police camp and resisted the US troops without surrendering. With him was the mayor willy Liebel with  whom  he had many differences earlier over control of Nuremberg.. It is believed that Holz shot dead the mayor in the bunker as he was trying to surrender the city to US troops to stop fighting. Some also are of opinion that the mayor died in fighting the U.S. Troops. at last HoLz also met his end in the bunker fighting the allies on 20 April 1945 which happens to be the birth day of Hitler who  in fact awarded holz for bravery for defending Nuremberg very boldly and stubbornly.
KARL STEUBL Karl Steubl was a male nurse at camp alkoven in Austria initially before 1942 and saw the massacre of nearly 15000 handicapped Jews sent as part of T. 4 programme. he was an expert in gassing. Later he was shifted to Sobibor camp where his expertise was used .Jews sent to clean up near by camp treblinka after destruction were later gassed in very large numbers. After war he was arrested and he committed suicide at Lintz prison in Austria Before the trial began.
RUDOLF BECKMANN Rudolf Beckmann was an Oberscharfuhrer in SS organization and was initially posted at Grafenec castle and hardamar the killing places of Jews during T4 euthanasia programme. Later ,he was shifted to Sobibor concentratin camp. He was mostly on the duties concerned about sorting out the belongings of inmates before
 they were gassed and preparing for cremation. He was stabbed to death along with ten more German gurads and few more Ukranian gurads during uprising at the camp by inmates on 10 October 1943.

Pencil sketches of Nazis byDr K Prabhakar Rao

KARL FRENZEL He was a master sergeant in SS organization and served at Sobibor concentration camp in One of the section. He was personally responsible for killing 43 persons and taking part in the massacre of more than three lakh inmates. he was very cruel and killed people at will by shooting and took own decision to kill prisoners when two of them escaped.From the camp. After the war he was arrested and released but again arrested and tried for war crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment. he served sixteen years and was released due to bad health. He passed away in 1996

 GUSTAV WAGNERGustav Wagner was from Austria. ( Vienna). He was a master sergent of SS organization and he worked in programme t 4 In extermination camp . In 1940 he was in camps hardamar and hearthien where lakhs of Jews were gassed. As he gained lot of experience in killing, he was sent to sobibor to set up the camp. he was the starter deputy commandant of concentration camp at sobibor. His official designation was quarter master Sargent. He was active in the operation Reinhard of eliminating Jews from Germany and occupied countries’ e was blond handsome but was a beast. He at times pulled babies from the hands of moms and tore them apart and laughed..He regularly beat up some body or other to his fill and finally shoot him on the spot. He selected those who could be made to work in camp , outside the camp and those who are required to be gassed. He was on leave when there was an uprising at the camp when few inmates escaped. W hen the camp was to be destroyed to erase evidence he got it dismantled by the inmates and later he shot them dead. After the war he escaped to Syria along with Franz stagl probably with the help of Vatican and escaped to Brazil further in 1950. he lived there under pseudo name with a pass port. However he was tracked by the nazi hunter and arrested in 1978. All requests from Poland, Israel and Austria were rejected to extradite him. Supreme Court of Brazil rejected such demands in 1979. He also gave a TV interview to BBC and he never felt regret for his deeds and said it was one of the jobs he had to do. Wagner was found dead in 1980 in his room at sao Paulo with a knife in his chest and his lawyer confirmed that he committed suicide.thus he escaped trials by allies.T here is however an event of doubt about his nature of death .. Whether it was suicide or a murder by an agency.I t is very very rare that some one can stab himself in chest with a knife.An action by Mossad can not be ruled out as they were hunting for Nazis.
ERICH BAUERHe was a SS staff sergeant and he worked in T4 Extemination programme. And operation Reinhard in which Jews were killed in great numbers. He worked as the operator for gas chambers and also took part in shooting the victims. At camp sobibor he was directly responsible for mass deaths. After war he was arrested by American troops in Austria  and  held till 1946 and released .He reached Berlin where he worked in odd jobs. He was identified by some former inmates of the camp and was soon   arrested in 1949 and his trial commenced. He was convicted based on testimony of the inmates and sentenced to death. on May 8. Q1950. But as death sentence was not applicable in 1950 in West Germany, ,he was sentenced to life. he spent 21 years in prison and died in prison.
FRANZ WOLF  Franz wolf was master sergeant in SS and had taken part in t4 extermination programme and later he was in camp at Sobibor under operation reinhard under which laks of Jews were killed in gas chambers. Josef wolf the brother of franz was also in the same camp! During uprising at the Sobibor camp Josef was stabbed by the inmates who revolted. Franz who saw his brother dead and finding two inmates near him shot them dead. After war, franz lived comfortably for twenty years in Germany like many others who were protected by the first West German chancellor. However he was identified in 1964 and tried by the court and in 1966 was sentenced to 8 years in prison for killing inmates and abetting murder en masse. Probably he served part of the prison term and was free again and lived in Bavaria. Nothing much is known about him in subsequent life.