Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

FRANZ BOEHOMEFranz boehome was an Austrian army General. And after annexation of Austria by Germany he was made a general in Wehermachdt the German army. He commanded various divisions during WWII and was also cruel during war in which ordered that for every one German soldier wounded fifty natives should be shot and for every one German soldier killed hundred natives should be shot dead. After WW he was captured by allies and put in prison to be tried. Once it became ckear that he woud be extradited to Yugoslavia for trials, he jumped from fourth floor of the prison and died. He thus committed suicide and escaped hanging that was sure by allies.
REINHARD HEYDRICH Reinhard heydrich e was the. Most notorious and evil nazi SS officer who is the master mind for holocaust and hitler termed him as the man with iron heart. He actually drew the plan of achieving a Jew less society in all occupied territories During WW. II.He was killed by a special British trained team of Czechs and Slovaks at the instance of Czech govt in exile during WWII.After his demice, H immler became more powerful. Heydrich was a womanizer and alcoholic too and woman who refused him Was taken up by gestapo never to be seen Again . His glaring sinister look sent shivers down the spine of even senior nazis. Allies considered him to be the most wanted criminal.He was extremely hateful about Jews although there were rumours about his Jewish ancestry. Like hitler he wanted to clean up German race . After his assassination two villages in occupied Czech country were completely destroyed house by house and men above 16 yeras were shot and women except few were sent to concentration camps finally to die.  The villages were extinguished without trace on the map.
JOCHIM MRUGOWSKYJochim Mrugowasky was a medical doctor and senior officer of SS general and waffen. He was involved in experimentation on effects of biological warfare and poisoned bullets on in mates of concentration camp at sacsenhousen. After WWII, He was tried at us military tribunal and sentensed to death and was hanged on 2 June 1948 at lindseberg prison.

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