Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

ROLF GUNTHER. Rolf Gunther was a German major in SA organization. He was deputy to Adolf eichmann the notorious nazi. Rolf was responsible for sending Jews to Auschwiz concentration camp from Salonika .After war he was arrested by American troops and he was kept at E bensee prison awaiting trial Where he committed suicide by swallowing poison In Aug 1945.
ALOIS BRUNER.  He was Austrian nazi SS captain and was asst to Adolf Eichmann. He was responsible for gassing of more than one lakh Jews and another 25000 French Jews from Paris camp . He was commander of Drancy internment camp outside Paris from J an 43 to aug 44.After war, he escaped to Egypt in 1954 and then to Syria where he lived under false name till the last. All efforts to trace him and extradite him failed. he lived probably up to 98 years and would have died in 2010 as per Nazi hunters .He lost an eye and fingers of left hand when he opened letter bombs sent to him In 1961 and 1980. At one time, President Hafez Al Assad of Syria wanted to extradite Nazi Brunner to East Germany. but fall of Berlin Wall in 1989 changed his plans. Nazi hunters and Mossad of Israel failed to nab him although they had sure proof that he was in Syria. He was given assylum and also worked as an adviser to Baath party and the govt of Syria on torturing methods of Nazis and was also handsomely paid along with police protection to lead a comfortable life. After death he was reportedly buried in Damascus and where abouts of his grave and date of death are not known due to Civil war in which Syria is engulfed now

IRMFRIED EBERL . Irmfried Eberl was a psychiatrist from Austria in Nazi service. He was initially at euthanasia institute in Bradenberg and begnberg as Medical director. He was the first commandant of Treblinika concentration and extermination camp to hold Jews and others and to kill them enmasse.He was posted in 11july 1942 to 26 aug 1942.However he was dismissed from the Position owing to incompetence and he joined Wehrmacht I.e German army for remaining period of war. He could not meet the targets of killing people and disposing bodies quickly. Ad the rotting corpses piled up as mountains all over the camp. The smell and stench could be felt at a distance of nearly seven to eight Km from camp. Nazis were worried that the smell Would draw attention of civian local population about the mass killings at the camp.He was also involved in sending the seized money valuables jewellery to cohorts at Hitlers chancellery while Himmler wanted it for war effort.A fter the war, he practiced in blaubcuren. As a doctor and was arrested in Jan 1948. He however committed suicide by hanging in February 1948 to avoid trial.

ARTHUR LIEBEHEN SCHEL. Arthur liebehen schel W as the concentration camp commandant at Auschwitz in Poland during WW IIAnd later at Majdanek camp that was vacated as soviet army entered polish territories. He made some reforms for the camp inmates while he was at Auschwitz. He replaced rudolf hob in 1942 at Auschwitz. In 1943 Rudolf hob agin was posted to Aushwitz and Arather was sent to maidek replacing Martin go fried wiess. Later he was sent to Italy at Trieste under odilo Globcnic. After war he was arrested by US troops and. Extradited him to Poland where he was tried for war crimes at Krakow and was executed on 24 J une 1948, He was of the rank of SS obursturmbonn fuehrer.

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