Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazi personnel by Dr K Prabahakar Rao

WOLFRAM SIEVERSWolfram sievers was the director of a research organization under Ahnanerbe part of SS organization under nazi govt That carried out studies onEXTERNSTEINE IN TEUTOBERGER which are natural rock formation steep in height standing vertically amidst dense vegetation near a pond. These rocks are peculiar and attracted many tourists. Nazis of course carried out studies on these rocks with respect to nazi philosophy.They carried out reserach on jews by collecting the skulls and skeletons of jews who were specially selected after thoroughly examining and taking anthropological dimensions from them at concentration camps. Such personnel were gassed and killed. their remains were then sent to the research organization Directorate of Military scientific studies By Augusthirt.The activities at the unit were sickening and violated all ethics of humanity. Wolfram sievers was arrested after fall of Germany and convicted for war crimes by US military tribunal at Nurrmberg and was sentensed to death and later executed.
RUDOLF BRANDT   He was a civilian Naz i. Officer who joined SS organization of Nazi govt. He was the personal secretary to H enrich Himmler the top aide of Hitler and senior officer of SS. Brandt was very good in drafting, short hand etc and was. Very hardworking. He rose to the rank of Colonel in SS, and Being in SS and with Himmler he took part in collecting samples of Jews skeletons and skulls for research at the military scientific and research Institute.He surrendered to British troops along with few while Himmler was arrested while trying to escape.Brandt was convicted for crimes by US military tribunal for being the member of criminal organization and for war crimes and was hanged In 1948 at lands berg prison
KARL BRANDTKarl BRANDT was the personal physician of Adolf hitler. He was the commissioner of health and care in NazI government of Germany. He was close to hitler and was part of SS. He was convicted for war crimes as a member of criminal organization SS at special US military tribunal at Nuremberg and was sentensed to death and was hanged In 1948.Before hanging he charged the court that they were only taking revenge and he has no shame of standing at the gallows
OTTO OHLENDORF  He was a SS officer   and He was the DGO of economic affairs of Reich ministry in 1943. He was also the head of inland security and intelligence within Germany. He. Was appointed as CO Einsatzgruppe D. And his organization committed mass murders mostly of Jews in Moldova, South Ukraine, Crimea and Caucasus . Nearly 93000 were murdered. Which he testified at the trials  and he a did not feel Sorry. With himmlers he planned economic revival in militarily defeated Germany assuming that Germany would be defeated and hoped that after war they would take part in rebuilding Germany. However it was not to be.. Mercy petitions to the tribunal by many people to be lenient to him were rejected and he was sentenced to death by US military tribunal and he was hanged in June 8. 1951 at lands berg prison.

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