Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

ERNST KALTEN BRUNNER....ERNST KARLTENBRUNNER   occupied very important position in Nazi Germany. He was an Austrian by birth and was educated there and earned his doctorate. He joined Nazi party and rose up the ladder.In SS organization he was of the rank of Lt gen of army. He was the chief of intelligence and controlled Gestapo too. He visited concentration camps and was a party to the holocaust. In fact at a concentration. Camp 17 inmates of the camp were selected and a demonstration was held in methods of killing, one by shooting at neck, gassing etc while Kaltenbrunner watched and appreciated. .He was arrested at end of war. And tried at Nurem berg and was sentensed to death and was hanged In 1946 . He was 6ft 4 inch tall with facial scars and intimidating. He became very powerful and had direct access to Adolf Hitler.
WILHELM FLICKfrick was a Nazi politician who rose to be an interior minister in Hitlers cabinet. later himmlers was made the police chief and thus SS and police were effectively united and Frick was sent to protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia as the governor. He used. Very harsh methods to suppress dissent. He also contributed to concentration camps and holocausrt and at the end of war was tried at Nuremberg by IMT and was hanged after awarding death sentensed.
ALFRED ROSENBERG.     AlfredRosenberg was in the Hitlers cabinet as commissar of intellectual and ideological studies and he was the main person for the spreading nazi theories In occupied countries and Germany.the studies are anti Jewish in nature and purification of German society from Jewish influence Was aimed at. Extermination of Jews in all occupied countries and Germany are aimed , if they can not be thrown out. accordingly Jews were done with In concentration camps. He was arrested at end of the war and tried at Nuremberg for war crimes and sentensed to death and executed on 16 nov 1946.

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