Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

FRANZ SUCHOMEL.. Franz Suchomel was a nazi junior sergent in SS. he initially took part in battle of France during WW II and later he was posted to action T 4 programme euthanasia, operation Reinhard, einsatxgruppen in A driatic operation zone. he was arrested almost 20 yeras after the war on 11 July 1963 and the West German govt collected evidence against many nazis at the camps. The trial started on 12 oct 1964 to 3 sept 1965 against ten members in the treblinka trials. he was found guilty of taking part in the massacre of Jews in gas chambers and was sentensed to 6. Yeras in jail. He was released on 20 dec 1967. Thus spending four years in jail. He died on 18 dec 1979. he acted in the film Shoah directed by Claude Lozmann and released in 1985 On the relevanpt subject.He even sang the camp song

was a SS officer   who rose to the rank of SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer during World War II. Betz served as Adolf Hitler's personal co-pilot and Hans Baur's substitute. Betz was present in the Führerbunker in Berlin in late April 1945. On 1 May 1945, Betz took part in the break-out from the Reich Chancellery in Berlin. Early on 2 May 1945, Betz was wounded and died while crossing the Weidendammer Bridge which was under heavy fire from Soviet troops

HILDEGARD LACHARET.. She was a notorious SS female guard. She worked at many camps including Ravenbruck, majadek and Aushwitz berkenan camps where Jews were exterminated in very large numbers. She was a sadist, cruel and ill treated the inmates. After war she was arrested and tried at polish court at krakow. she spent total 27 years in prison before she was let off. She died in Berlin at the age if 75 years in 1995
AUGUST MIETE. He was an SS sergent and worked at Grafenale and had ajar euthanasia centers. he was posted to T rebel inka extermination centres.He freely killed people at Larentz in the camp by shooting the victims at the nape of the neck with a 9 mm pistol while they were made to stand at the edge of deep ditch in which already corpses were smouldering.,and it was regular affair for him. The dead after shooting fell into the ditch. This was as per his own testomony at the trial. . When the Treblinka camp was closed he was sent to Trieste in Italy to kill Jews which he did probably happily. .After war he was arrested by US troops but was soon released. He was again arrested in 1960 and tried in 1965 and sentenced to life for participating in killing of 300000 persons. He was released in mind eighties. And he retired to his house at osnabruck Purchased from the loot of Treblinka camp. date of death s not known.

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