Friday, March 18, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazi personnel by Dr K Prabhakar rao

 Heinrich Himmler. One Of the most important Nazi this is a pencil sketch of Himmler who took over Gestapo from Gorring which is a secret police organization. Himmler controlled all police organizations and was a close confidant of Hitler. He was responsible for setting up and organizing concentration camps in which captured Russians and polish men were held. Throughout Germany many such camps were opened and Jews in very large numbers were held and sent to death through gas chambers. many were shot dead and such shootings became cumbersome and pecticide gas was used to kill Jews? It is estimated that nearly 10 to 12 millions were disposed off That included Russians and poles. Himmler personally supervised many gassings. he was firm believer in Arayan race and superiority of German race. He selected a large group of men with pure Arayan blood and advised them to marry and produce Atleast four kids. In his language no impure blood has to live on earth, and believed in Hitlers Book Mein komf. Although he had no military experience, he was made the commander for forces at a front where Germans were failing. But was again replaced as there was no improvement.As Germany faced defeat and allies pushed into B erlin he tried to escape but he was captured at a check point. He committed suicide even before he was tried By swallowing cyanide capsule.Probably he took pride in killing Jews and other captured men. If captured alive he would have been hanged surely.
 HANS MICHEL FRANK Hans Michael frank was the lawyer of nazi party and later he became personal lawyer of Hitler. Once Hitler assumed power frank was inducted into cabinet. He was appointed Governor General of occupied Poland. Nearly ten million poles perished in various concentration camps butchered by frank.E very family of poles had Atleast a member who perished in these camps.After fall of germany in WWII he was arrested and tried at Nuremberg fir war crimes and was found guilty of war crimes like extermination of Jews and poles on large scale. He was sentensed to death and was hanged along with other Nazi leaders of cabinet in 1946. heb walked to the gallows with a smile on his face Without any remorse
OSWALD POHL He was a civilian nazi officer and was given SS generals rank . As senior officer he ensured mass killing of Jews in concentration camp.He was tried at Nuremberg By a special court us tribunal not imt and sentensed to death and was hanged in 1951 after his repeated appeals were rejected.He appealed to be innocent and not guilty. It was rejected and he went to gallows
ROBERT LEY Robert Ley was a SS officer as head of labor force dept . During WW I he served as arty fire spotter and was directing arty fire from a plane when his aeoro plane was shot down by a French fighter plane.He was injured badly with a brain injury. it is said that he became arrogant! with unpredictable behavior later? After war , he went to university and earned a doctorate. He was attracted by Hitler and became his ardent fan. he was inducted into Hitlers cabinet soon. He had socialist views.Although Some of his colleagues complained about him ,hitler favoured and protected him.He was alcoholic and a womaniser too. At times, his behavior was unworthy of his position and his subordinates too followed him. After fall of Germany , he was accused for war crimes and arrested. However he committed suicide by hanging in his cell before the trial by IMT began.He escaped thus hanging by Allies.

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