Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis byDr K Prabhakar Rao

KARL FRENZEL He was a master sergeant in SS organization and served at Sobibor concentration camp in One of the section. He was personally responsible for killing 43 persons and taking part in the massacre of more than three lakh inmates. he was very cruel and killed people at will by shooting and took own decision to kill prisoners when two of them escaped.From the camp. After the war he was arrested and released but again arrested and tried for war crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment. he served sixteen years and was released due to bad health. He passed away in 1996

 GUSTAV WAGNERGustav Wagner was from Austria. ( Vienna). He was a master sergent of SS organization and he worked in programme t 4 In extermination camp . In 1940 he was in camps hardamar and hearthien where lakhs of Jews were gassed. As he gained lot of experience in killing, he was sent to sobibor to set up the camp. he was the starter deputy commandant of concentration camp at sobibor. His official designation was quarter master Sargent. He was active in the operation Reinhard of eliminating Jews from Germany and occupied countries’ e was blond handsome but was a beast. He at times pulled babies from the hands of moms and tore them apart and laughed..He regularly beat up some body or other to his fill and finally shoot him on the spot. He selected those who could be made to work in camp , outside the camp and those who are required to be gassed. He was on leave when there was an uprising at the camp when few inmates escaped. W hen the camp was to be destroyed to erase evidence he got it dismantled by the inmates and later he shot them dead. After the war he escaped to Syria along with Franz stagl probably with the help of Vatican and escaped to Brazil further in 1950. he lived there under pseudo name with a pass port. However he was tracked by the nazi hunter and arrested in 1978. All requests from Poland, Israel and Austria were rejected to extradite him. Supreme Court of Brazil rejected such demands in 1979. He also gave a TV interview to BBC and he never felt regret for his deeds and said it was one of the jobs he had to do. Wagner was found dead in 1980 in his room at sao Paulo with a knife in his chest and his lawyer confirmed that he committed suicide.thus he escaped trials by allies.T here is however an event of doubt about his nature of death .. Whether it was suicide or a murder by an agency.I t is very very rare that some one can stab himself in chest with a knife.An action by Mossad can not be ruled out as they were hunting for Nazis.
ERICH BAUERHe was a SS staff sergeant and he worked in T4 Extemination programme. And operation Reinhard in which Jews were killed in great numbers. He worked as the operator for gas chambers and also took part in shooting the victims. At camp sobibor he was directly responsible for mass deaths. After war he was arrested by American troops in Austria  and  held till 1946 and released .He reached Berlin where he worked in odd jobs. He was identified by some former inmates of the camp and was soon   arrested in 1949 and his trial commenced. He was convicted based on testimony of the inmates and sentenced to death. on May 8. Q1950. But as death sentence was not applicable in 1950 in West Germany, ,he was sentenced to life. he spent 21 years in prison and died in prison.
FRANZ WOLF  Franz wolf was master sergeant in SS and had taken part in t4 extermination programme and later he was in camp at Sobibor under operation reinhard under which laks of Jews were killed in gas chambers. Josef wolf the brother of franz was also in the same camp! During uprising at the Sobibor camp Josef was stabbed by the inmates who revolted. Franz who saw his brother dead and finding two inmates near him shot them dead. After war, franz lived comfortably for twenty years in Germany like many others who were protected by the first West German chancellor. However he was identified in 1964 and tried by the court and in 1966 was sentenced to 8 years in prison for killing inmates and abetting murder en masse. Probably he served part of the prison term and was free again and lived in Bavaria. Nothing much is known about him in subsequent life.

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