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CORONATION OF SHIVAJI MAHARAJ AT RAIGARH FORT ( Drawn in water colors by Dr K Prabhakar Rao)
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CHATRAPTHI RajadhiRaj SHIVAJI MAHARAJ ( Drawn in wtaer colors by Dr K Prabhakar Rao)
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Tanaji malsure attacking Kondana Fort in the night ( Drawn by Dr K Prabhakar Rao)
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Tanaji Malsure taking an oath that he would capture Kondana Fort in front of Shivaji Maharaj and royal mother Jijabai ( Drawn in water colors by Dr K Prabhakar Rao )
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Tanaji Malsure in duel with Udaya bhan commander of Kondana fort ( Later named as )Sinhgarh fort. Both died in the duel. Tanaji died due to bleeding wounds after killing Udayabhan). the fort was captured after a dare devil operation in the night ( Drawn in water colors by Dr K Prabhakar Rao
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Shivaji Maharaj attacking Shaista khan at pune in the night.( Drawn in water colors by Dr K Prabhakar Rao)
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Razxakars at Head quarters in Hyderabad
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Razakars at Head quarters..( Razvi is also probably in this picture)
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Woman Razkars at a Parade
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Hyderabad troops in cremonial uniform
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Women Razakars are seen practicing at a rifle range
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The person in this photograph is Bahadur yar Jung who was the President of Majlis Ittehad ul Mulsimeen (MIM) and after his death, Villain Kasim Razvi took over and organised Razkar force as a part of this organization.They committed greatest crimes and atrocities on people of Hyderabad state.
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Here a woman Razakar is seen practicing at a firing range holdinga rifle
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Here Razakars are seen at a station waiting
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In this photo Razkars are seen parading and doing march past probably at Head Quarters
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In this photo women Razkars are seen on parade
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In this photos Razakars are seen in uniform and asrmed on parade probably at their Headquarters
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In this Photo Razakars are seen torturing Hindus before they are killed
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Sunday, September 25, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The battle of Bobbili fought on 23 January 1757 was an historical local event that took place just 260 years ago in the present state of Andhra Pradesh.. It has assumed very great importance in the AP history although politically it did not make much dent. The valor and sacrifices of Bobbili Stalwarts who fought till the last man against enemies have inspired people of AP very greatly. The event has been glorified as ballad, stories, drama and of course as movies. Bobbili was once a principality ( Samsthan) in the coastal district of Vijaynagaram in Andhra Pradesh ruled by Rao Gopala krishna Ranga Rayudu a Velam scion. He was very Brave and noble too. Earlier these districts were called circar districts. In 18 th century during the rule of Salabat Jung ( the defacto Nizam of Hyderabad) these areas were under the rule of Raja Poosapati Vijyaramarja Gajapathi who ruled from Vijayanagarm and he was a vassal of the Nizam.. He was also called Manne Sultan owing to the vast areas on which he wielded power and rule. He was a man of letters and patronized arts , literature and poetry.

Hyderabad state was under the rule of Asifjahi dynasty founded by Qamruddin Chin Khiljkhan, Deecan subedar of Mughal emperor and he was titled Nizamul mulk ASAF Kha Nizam I. He died in 1748 after an eventful long rule. There was a tussle for power among his son, Nasar Jung, and grandson Muzaffar Jung who was the son of his daughter.. The English supported Nasar Jung whereas Muzaffar Jung got support from the French. These two heirs were subsequently killed by Nawabs of Kurnool and Cuddapah, one after another, in A.D.1750 and AD.1751 respectively. The third son of Nizam I, Salabat Jung became the ruler under the support of the French in 1751. . Salbat jung though ruled for 10 years is not entitled to the title of Nizam of Hyderabad .General Bussey was the most important French personality in those times and wielded great power with Salabatjung. As a gratitude towards the military help, Salabat Jung gave powers to General Bussey to collect taxes from the coastal circar districts. It was the time when East India Company and the French were struggling for superiority in India and were fully involved in the local feuds of regional rulers particularly in southern India.
The coastal areas of present AP state were under the rule of Nizam as stated earlier. Bobbili a small kingdom was ruled by the Velama scion Rao Gopala Krishna Ranga Rao ( Rayudu) ably supported by his younger brother Vengala Rao and brother in law General Tandra Papayya and warriors like Dhrama Rayudu and Narsa naika. Initially the relations between Bobbili and Vijayanagaram were cordial. Many reasons are quoted for the rise of passions between the two kingdoms. Bobbi;I rulers were Velama bycaste while the Gajapthi rulers of Vijayanaram were Kshatriya by caste. Ranga Raya the ruler of Bobbili was great nationalist and did not like the overlordship of foreigners. He never liked the idea of paying Taxes to a French Commander. It is also opined that there were some disputes owing to differences in the question of sharing waters by them. It is also learnt that some French soldiers were killed while they were passing through territory of Bobbbili on an occasion although real killers could not be identified.

With arrival of General Bussey into the provinces the political equations were disturbed. Pressure was built up on Bobbili to pay taxes along with accumulated arrears. The defiant attitude of ruers of Bobili was also hurting the ego of Raja of Vijaynagaram who was a ruler of the largest province in the region. He made plans to crush Bobbili. He connived with General Bussey for conducting military conquest of Bobbili.Efforts made by Bobbili for peace failed. Raja of Vijaynagaram was also aided by Hyderjung the Commander of Nizam in the province. At this point, Bobbili fort was being defended by mere 250 soldiers while the Vijaynagaram forces were of 10,000 strength such as infantry and cavalry apart from French forces aided by forces of Hyderjung. French artillery was also brought to attack the fort. The valiant General of Bobbili, Tandra Papayya was away to Rajam with some forces to keep a watch and check on the invading troops of enemy. However, the troops of General Busssey along with forces of Vijayanagaram and Hyderjung invaded Bobbili through another route surprising the defenders. The Bobbili warriors defended the fort with great valor. The Mud fort was soon blasted off by the French artillery and the walls were breached and the enemy invaded the fort. The defenders fought hand to hand very bravely to the last man. Each and every warrior including commanders Vengal rao, Dharma rayudu, Narsa Naika fell fighting. The ruler of Bobbili, Raja Gopala Krishna Ranaga Rao ( Rayudu ) too fell on the battle field fighting the enemy and became a martyr. Thus all the warriors fell. The queen Mallamma and the ladies of the palace committed suicide as they preferred death to dishonor at the hands of enemy. However a young son of the ruler of Bobbili was earlier sent away from the fort fearing the calamity and reportedly he fell into hands of the enemy. He was not harmed and was taken care of General Bussey. Bobbili became a devastated area with hundred of dead martyrs and women lying every where. There was no single soul left. It was a gruesome scene.

Tandra Papayya , the General of Bobbili was unaware of these happenings and when he arrived. he was horrified at the scene. He was speechless and furious. He took an vow that he would kill the traitor the ruler of Vijayanagaram . General Papayya along with some of his followers sneaked into the tent of the Vijayaramaraju in dead of night and assassinated him. He was soon surrounded by the soldiers of Bussey . Papayya preferred death to surrender and committed suicide by stabbing himself with a dagger and became a Martyr.Thus he avenged the destruction of Bobbili. Bussey was aghast at these developments and he soon ensured that the Bobbili kindom was restored to the young surviving son of late Ranga Rayudu the ruler of Bobbili.In course of time the fort was rebuilt and the dynasty continued to rule Bobbili till India gained freedom and all princes acceded to the Indian union. How many of us would really stand upright in case of crisis to uphold honor of the nation and our much cherished dharma? The answer would be surely negative/. A sorry state indeed.

The present generation leaders shamefully buckled under terrorist attack by Jihadis in Bombay on 26/11 and are still showing their darkened faces to the world as apostles of peace hiding behind incompetence, fear, lack of spirit to defend national honor, timidity and impotence for action. But men of Bobbili were made of different material. Ranga raya of Bobbili knew his hopeless position against a much superior enemy in strength and equipment. He sued for peace and understanding with honor realizing the effects of war on his state and its people. He was a peace lover. However the jealousy, passions and action of treason by Vijayaramraja had upper hand.He wanted to swallow Bobbili at any cost. Thus Bobbili heroes had no option except to defend their state to the last men. Death was glorious than shame and dishonor. King Ranga Raya, Tandra Ppayya, Mallamma, Vengal Rao ( Brother of Ranga Raya) and many warriors have faded into golden pages of history of India while Vijayaramraja faded into dark pages of history as a treacherous villain. All his scholarly qualities are of no use and are darkened by his actions. Such traitors are required to be eliminated in the way Papayya did.

Sadly we are still holding to Afzal Guru the villain of attack on Indian parliament and are buying time to free him ultimately. Same is the case with Kasab the lone survivor of 26/11. What answer we can give to future generations about our incompetence and betrayal of national honor and cause? What answer we can give for our shameful defeat at the hands of Chinese in 1962? The architects of Chinese defeat have disappeared without being punished in a befitting manner. How shall we defend our apathy towards terrorists who dared to attack our precious temples at Akshar dham and Raghunath Mandir etc. The history in future would hold head in shame at our incompetence. We boast of victory in 1965 against Pakistan, But remember they celebrate 1965 war as victory parade day. They claim it was a victory. Lal Bahadur shastris death remains a mystery. Did the poor guy die of shock after betraying India s cause at Thashkent or was it a suicide by swallowing overdoze of sleeping pills? Who will answer this? But remember even after 260 years of Bobbili war, we are proudly saying about Bobbili heroes. What a glory! They found glory in death than in shameful compromise and surrender. We are doing exactly opposite to what Rangaraya and his men did. Shame indeed. What we need is Ranga Raya and his men and surely not men like Vijayaramaraja and sadly most of the people who are ruling the nation appear to be followers of Vijaya rama Raja full of deceipt

Sunday, September 18, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The sun was shining fiercely on a hot sunny day and wind blew hot as a man was riding a horse on a dusty track. He was alone. The man riding the horse was dressed in the attire of a Muslim noble. He has crossed his forties and with a flowing beard had ceremonial appearance full of determination. A long sword at his side confirmed that he was a warrior of repute. As the sun grew hotter he stopped at a nearby tree, unmounted the horse and tied it to a tree. He spread a cloth on the ground removed his shoes unbuckled his sword and settled to relax. After few minutes he removed from his bag a packet containing Chapattis and a bottle of water. He leaned against the tree and took a deep sigh and closed his eyes for a while. He opened his eyes when he heard deep voice Baba…. Baba. He saw a fakir in tattered clothes with a begging bowl standing in front of him. My son! Plesae give me some food I am very hungry and I did not have food since two days. God bless you, the fakir prayed. The traveler got up and went to the Fakir and said, Come Baba it is too hot in the sun. Come and sit on this cloth under the shade and relax for a while. He escorted the Fakir to the tree and made him comfortable. He spread the rotis in front of the Fakir and placed a bottle of water he was carrying. The fakir hungrily consumed all the rotis and gulped water from the bottle. He took a deep sigh and leaned against the tree.
“Son I am highly grateful to you for saving me from the hunger and thirst. Tell me who are you? You appear to be from a noble and reputed family and why are you traveling alone in this hot sun?” the fakir asked. “I am Qamruddin Chinkhilji Khan son of General Ghaziuddin Feroz Jung; I am Subedar of this area appointed by the great Mughal emperor at Delhi. I am travelling alone because I sent my escort away earlier and there is nothing to fear for me”, the noble replied in all humilities. “That is very good my son, To day you saved a Fakir from hunger and thirst and without caring for yourself you gave away everything you had for your self, god bless you, I proclaim that you would soon rule this land as a king and I have consumed all your seven rotis and seven generations of you would surely rule this land in all glory. May Allah bestow his divine blessings on you and your future generations”, the Fakir spoke looking at the sky. Soon the fakir took leave of the noble and walked away. Chinkhiljkhan rested for some time and as the hot sun reduced it’s ferocity, dressed up and rode away.
Chinkhilij Khan became the Subedar of Deccan in 1713 under the orders of Farukhsiyar the Mughal emperor in Deccan. The last great Mughal Aurangzeb passed away in 1707 after a long reign and his cruel short sighted policies resulted in vanishing of the empire soon in a course of time.. The Mughal Empire started struggling on its deathbed with worthless rulers ascending throne one after the other after Bahadur Shah I, son of Aurangzeb who died in 1712. Sayyad Brothers the court nobles played dirty politics at Delhi and were king makers. Farooqsiyar followed Zahandar Shah who was killed in 1713.Farook siyar was murdered in 1719. Rafi-ud-daula and Rafi-ud-darajat one after the other ascended the throne and were murdered in 1719. Mohammed Shah (Rangila) ascended the throne and ruled till 1748. After the death of Faruqsiyar, Chinkhiljkhan had to go back to Malwa where he had to defend his position with arms against the Sayyad brothers. He made himself master of Deccan affairs in 1720. But was summoned back to Delhi to be a Wazir in 1722. He was fed up with palace intrigues and left for Deccan without permission. He fought Mubariz khan sent by Delhi to check him at Sakhar Kheda in Berar on 11 Oct 1724 and slew him.
He became very strong and Mohammed Shah ( rangila) the weak and useless Mughal emperor had to bestow on him the title of Asif Jah and recognize him as the Viceroy of South. With this, he virtually became the ruler of Deccan and literally independent. He ruled with absolute authority, however as Mughal governor and died on 21 May 1748. Soon the war of succession broke in Asifjahi dynasty. Nasir Jung a son and Muzaffar Jung son of his daughter ( of late Nizam )quarreled like cats and dogs for the throne and were supported by the English and French respectively. They were soon killed in the battles that followed the quarrel, Salabat Jung, another son of late Nizam was elevated as the ruler with French support and he ruled for ten years. He however is not recognized as a Nizam. He was overthrown by Nizam Ali khan another Son of late Nizam and was crowned as Nizam II. Salabat jung was confinedat Bidar fort and it is believed that he was killed there later. With this, the dynasty settled and there were successive rulers such as Sikandar Jhah, Nasiruddaula, Afzaluddaula, Mir Mahbbob Alikhan (Pasha) and the last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali khan. Although there was a gap of 10 years after the death of Nizam I, Only Nizam Ali Khan was recognized as Nizam II. The in - between rulers such as Nasir Jung, Muzaffar Jung and Salabat Jung are not recognized as the Nizams and there was no generation gap between them. It is worthwhile to remind that the war of Bobbili took place during the reign of Salabat jung who gave powers to French General Bussey to collect taxes in the coastal Andhra areas.
The dynasty produced seven generations of recognized Nizams till the last Nizam 7 was deposed after Police action by the Indian Armed forces on 17 Sept 1948. Unfortunately, the last Nizam although was a good builder and a man of tastes tried his best to remain independent in a changed scenario when India was granted independence on 15 Aug 1947. He was grossly misled and he abetted the formation of armed Razakar force of thugs, goondas and rapists under the fundamentalist, self-styled Field Marshal Kasim Razvi.He took over the political party Majlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen ( MIM ) after the death of Bahadur yar Jung. The Razakar force that was armed committed grave crimes on Hindu population in the Hyderabad State with the connivances of Prime Minister Layak Ali, Police Chief Deenyar Jung and the Hyderabad Army. There were mass murders, lootings, dacoities, innumerable mass and gang rapes of Hindu women, public killings, burning of trains with the intention of subduing and terrorizing Hindu population. Shoibulla Khan the editor of Imroz daily was brutally murdered by the Razakars as the editor opposed the atrocities of Razakars and the policy of Nizam 7. The Nizam 7 remained a mute spectator to all these inhuman happenings and destiny played its card. Kasim Razvi the villain was the real brain behind the Nizams policy, suppression of Hindus in state.Kasim Razvi boasted loudly that Afifia flag would fly over Red fort in Delhi and that waters of Bay of Bengal would wash the feet of Osman ali Khan. Nizam 7 believed all this trash and was much inspired. He became puppet in the hands of Razvi who in fact became a defacto ruler.Nizam tried to upgrade his army and strengthen by importing arms and ammunition.

He finally had to pay and loose his kingship after the police action by Indian Union Govt. Hyderabad State was merged with Indian Union and with this, the seven-generation rule of dynasty of Nizam I collapsed and ended Thus the great dynasty established by a valiant, able and efficient Qamruddin Chihinkhiljikhan, Nizam-ul-Mulk Asifjah in 1724 collapsed unceremoniously after police action during the rule of Mir Osman Ali khan Bahadur, Nizam-ul—Mulk Asifjah- 7 on 17 Sept 1948 after seven generation rule as professed by the Fakir. The yellow Flag of Asifjahis displays 7 rotis that the Fakir ate offered by Nizam I. No one can change the destiny in this world, however great he may be.

Osman Ali the Nizam was although great
Could not escape the destiny and his fate
The Fakir’s word had the final say
And the Nizam by his misrule had to at last pay
The Nizam abetted the Razakars the criminals
Who killed and raped women folk
Razvi was the greatest thug of modern times
And Hindu children failed to sing nursery rhymes
The cruel Nizam brought Arabs and Pathans into state
They killed Hindus with greatest hate
Dirtiest deeds the Razakars committed in the State
And the Nizam paid by the fate and its stroke
Indian army marched in from different sides
Nizam however displayed thick hide
Razakars were slaughtered at all fronts without remoarse
The fell at the feet of brave Indian force
The Asifia flag was soon lowered down the post
While the tricolor went up fluttering over the mast
Hindus in the state were saved by army that didn’t fail
While Razvi the thug was put behind iron bars of a jail
Hyderabad state became a free from the thugs
Who were crushed like mere bed bugs

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tuesday, September 6, 2011




Terrorism is no more a new phenomenon and it has engulfed many parts of the world for the last many decades. Palestine guerillas (No better than terrorists) have been fighting against Israel ever since it was formed after World war II. In India, terrorism is fully entrenched to the hilt. Terrorists have always been ruthless and cruel with their victims. Beheadings by Taliban was a regular affair to inflict fear. Zarqawi of Al Qaeda in Iraq was killed by American air strikes who committed many crimes including beheadings. Talibans are staunch blood thirsty fundamentalists, sadists and cruel too. They measured beards with scale ( If not with a vernier or micrometer) , cut off noses of women and banned woman’s education. Barbaric customs prevail in ( NWFP) North West Frontier Provinces of Pakistan inhabited by cruel and medieval tribes now dominated by Taliban. Infact killing by beheading was a most popular method for all Muslim rulers and invaders who ruled India for nearly five centuries. There are scores of examples in bye gone Indian history to prove the point. Invader Baber ruler of Kabul from Afghanistan in 1527 attacked India taking advantage of the local feuds between Lodi rulers in Delhi and other chieftains and waged wars with Ibrahim Lodi, the ruler of Delhi and local princes. He established Mughal dynasty that ruled India effectively upto 1707 and the later emperors who were ineffective, lecherous and pleasure seeking lasted up to 1857. The last nominal Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah II Zafar was arrested and tried for his complicity and for leading the Indian Sepoy (soldiers) rebellion and Mutiny in 1857 and deported to Rangoon in Burma by East India Company where he died in detention. This struggle is very fondly termed as the first war of Independence by the Indian historians and the government while the Englishmen dubbed it as a mere mutiny. In all countries and societies that wage struggles against foreign domination interpretation of conflicts are varied. The victors call the resistance as rebellions or mutinies while oppressed claim as struggle for independence. In Indian context too this is correct.
Baber constructed tower of heads ( skulls) from the heads cut off in battle field and he sat on the tower on a throne after the victory at battle of Kanwa near Agra with Rana Sangram Singh, the valiant ruler of Mewar in Rajasthan. He assumed the title Ghazi (Protector of faith) (1). Banda Singh Bahadur and nearly 700 of his Sikh followers were beheaded by Mughals after their capture during the reign of Mughal emperor Faukh Siyar in 18 th century.Banda singh Bahadur took over from where Guru Gobind Singh left. Even Saddam Hussein is believed to have beheaded his Minister Ibrahim, one of his advisors in 1991 war and sent the head as a gift to his wife. Ibrahim advised him on request to step down and call for a truce during the eight year war with Iran (2). Saddam’s fascination for summary killings of his aides is well known. Thus cruelty of Islamic terrorists including the rulers stands proved undoubtedly.History is the living example.
Terrorism is an act of perverted inhuman sadists who aim at creating fear, terror, dejection and demoralization among innocent population. Their intention is to create disorder, religious hatred, sectarian conflicts, frustration and turmoil in the society that could result in loss of confidence in the prevailing governing system. They mostly aim at attacking innocents and unarmed persons or groups who easily fall victims to their attacks. Terrorists may have political aims at times and work in co operation with standing army and intelligence agencies of a country that is at conflicts with another country (3). Pakistan is the best example on this account that is abetting all terrorist operations in India apart from revitalizing Taliban in its lawless Waziristan and supporting resurgence of Taliban inspired terrorist actions in Afghanistan against Hamid Karzai Government (4) (5). Another example is Iran that has created Hezbollah in Lebanon and shouts at the pitch of voice that it would destroy Israel with its nuclear weapons that it has not acquired yet (6). At present, terrorism and Guerilla actions have become synonymous with each other. Guerilla actions were mostly hit and run attacks of militia in various countries (including present Taliban) that had some political aims such as liberation from an oppressed foreign rule, to throw out occupational armies or waging an underground war against existing regime based on ideological conflicts or other factors. They had some definite aims for their actions. Movements such as those of Red Army in China during liberation struggle, Cuban movement under Castro and Cheguara, actions of Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eeelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka and Maoist actions in Nepal and Indian States are some of the examples. Although terrorist outfits worldwide are claiming some political ambitions, their actions are to create disorder and confusion and wearing out of governing forces in the country against which the terrorist actions are being conducted. In principle, Guerilla actions and Terrorism are distinct in character, aims and conduct. In military tactical terminology, ambush of an army Patrol in a jungle, sudden attack on a small military unit caught unawares, lightning attack in cover of darkness on an army convoy are some of the examples of guerilla actions. Placing bombs in crowded places, In railway compartments, hospitals, schools, market yards, blowing off the passenger buses by placing bombs, explosion of car bombs, blowing off soldiers barracks by explosives, hijacking aero planes and crashing them, blowing off aero planes in mid air, exploding oil installations, disrupting railway traffic by blowing off bridges and causing casualties, suicide bombings are the typical terrorist actions that have evolved in modern perverted times.
In terrorist actions, there is no definite target to be achieved except to create panic, fear and frustration. At times a prominent leader could be killed in a terrorist planned attack using a suicide bomber (Like assassination of Rajeev Gandhi, former Prime minister of India by militants of Lankan Tigers of Tamil Eeelam near Madras ), sniper or with a time bomb. Terrorism is invariably is not well defined to one place or area that makes it difficult to be countered with complete success. This could happen any where, any time and any moment. Therefore, this is very difficult to be tackled (7). Last century has witnessed many terrorist actions in various parts of the world. The most important region for these activities has been the Middle East Palestine region. Yaser Arafat who masterminded and led the struggle for creating a sovereign Palestine State (This is not yet a reality) can be considered as the architect and father of modern terrorism in the world. However Yasser Arafat enjoyed grand rapport with India and shared common platforms with Indira Gandhi, the former slain Prime Minister of India. Arafat formed Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and conducted continuous terrorist actions against Israeli targets (8). The terrorist actions conducted by PLO were considered as the genuine war for attaining sovereign Palestine State by the third world countries. Thus the word terrorism is used as per one’s convenience in today’s world. Hamas in Palestine area that is now at the fore front is also involved in many terrorist actions. The Lebanon based new outfit Hezbollah although claiming to be a pious Muslim organization with noble aims of fighting American hegemony is a terrorist outfit created by Iran. It is claimed by some third world writers that the speeches of chief of Nasrallah of Hezbollah since the last Israeli conflict did not speak of Jihad. He is projected by determined pro Arab writers and their sympathizers as the Messiah for people of Lebanon and as a man of word and it is propagated that people of Lebanon have great trust in him(9). Such writers overtaken in their over enthusiasm of projecting the Arab cause in the world forget that he is a head of terrorist outfit. Al Qaeda which has been accorded super terrorist star image in the terrorist world has taken over the mantle as liberators for Muslim world and saviors of Middle East from westernization. It has taken away the initiative from the sane Muslim governments. Such cynical critics are glorifying terrorism as the noble duty of Hezbollah and other criminal outfits and the acts of terrorism are perceived as the true nationalist actions and liberation movements and justified acts by suppressed nations. These critics are taken over by the fad that Islam was wronged by West and therefore they need to be set right. Nasrallah is almost being projected as the noblest, humane, polished and innocent, but determined leader for liberating Muslims from American domination and attempted and ill perceived westernization of Middle East. Such persons view every thing that West does as something grossly undesirable and sinful and anti Muslim.
The militant’s strategic objective is not directed only against Americans, Englishmen and Israelis, but also against Indians (Brown sahibs). Indians interestingly still walk in the discarded worn out shoes of the Englishmen although the stiff lipped Englishmen left Indians to their fate long ago to suffer eternally at the hands of corrupt politicians.Sir Winston Churchill predicted long ago at the dawn of independence that poor India would be handed over to a bunch of rascals and crooks wherea glass of water and a piece of bread would be taxed. His predictions have come out to be true and present Indian state reveals it. Anna Hazare the 74 year old Gandhian is leading a very strong movement to root out corruption at all levels. The unearthing of multiple scams by the leaders have left country with no prestige left.Sir Churchill is having a last laugh in heavens. The world has suddenly woken up with Annajis agitation against corruption recently that has taken the country as a storm. The people of India who have been taken for a camel ride and wild goose chase and leaher hunt by the politicians for the last six decades have woken up with Annajis call. The ruling govt became defensive after its coercive methods failed and sensing public participation. Scores of scams have been unearthed recently.

Infact leading terrorist leader Zarqawi who was killed by US forces in Iraq planned sinister terrorist acts against Jordon, a Muslim nation and unleashed beheading against Shiites. Thus, terrorists need not attack only non believers. They are out to kill any one that does not suit them. Thus, Terrorists are enemies to all including believers and non believers to put in the language of Muslims. Their strategy has global reach and application as events in New York, London, Madrid, Bali and Mumbai have shown. Although USA and allied forces have launched the massive war against Terrorism, while some were dillydallying and sulking, the terrorism has not been rooted out. Although the most wanted criminal of AlQaeda , Bin Laden was killed by the American commandos in Pakistan, terrorism is still active. Probably this would take some more time before it is rooted out. The cynics, arm chaired self styled analysts on strategic studies, professional paid critics of journals and news papers are generally happy and derive pleasure that coalition forces are yet unable to wipe off the terrorists seeing only negative aspects (10). These critics feel that terrorism is a desired and unavoidable evil to check American imperialism and Western hegemony on weaker nations and Arab world as perceived by them. USA accompanied by very few nations is fighting it’s battle with terrorists in Afghanistan and also in Iraq that are the centers of terrorism. The terrorists have made good and strong base in US mainland too and it has been reported that they have many sympathizers and great amounts of funds are siphoned off to these terrorist outfits for conducting nefarious activities. America has a great task ahead of them to free the world of these thugs who are killing innocents in the name of Jihad and religion (11). The terrorists also have made strong base in Canada, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, Somalia, Libya, Jordon, Yemen, Bosnia, Albania, Algeria, Mauritania, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Syria, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan Chechnya, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Thus the terrorists are dominant wherever Muslim population flourishes. This also gives a flip to argument that Islam is propagating violence. It is a fact that all Muslims are not terrorists although the terrorists involved in the actions are fundamentalist Muslims who have deviated from the true path of Islam.
In India, Islamic terrorism has taken very strong roots and there are innumerable outfits that are conducting terrorist operations. Jaish E Mohammed (JEM), Lashkar- E- Toiba (LET), Deendar Anjuman, Dargah- E- shahdat, Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), Harkat ul Mujahideen, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Pasban I Ahelehdis and Indian Mujahideen are some of the important fundamentalist and terrorist Islamic organizations apart from many splinter groups and other fundamentalist organizations that spread religious hatred. Most of these are abetted by Pakistan and Bangladesh which act as lances in both sides of India (12). The State of Jammu and Kashmir has been facing the problem of terrorism since almost two decades and Indian security forces are battling them without great success. It has become a pain in the neck for India. The terrorists have attacked religious places, railway stations, public places as Shopping centers, Crowded streets, Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, Military residential areas, small military and police units including the Parliament House of India that was successfully spoiled by the security forces. However some policemen died in the operation. These attacks were not confined to only the State of Jammu and Kashmir, but also were widely spread in India. Major attacks took place in Delhi, Jammu, Srinagar, Gujarat, Benares, and Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Coimbatore in South India. Thus, terrorist operations are wide spread in India and there is a concentrated effort going-on from these outfits to destabilize India and engineer communal riots and chaos. The terrorist operations that are being conducted outside Jammu and Kashmir are fundamentally to create hatred between Hindus and Muslims. Although both communities have not fallen a prey to such intentions, there is a growing mistrust in India between the communities and in certain States; the situation is tense, if not explosive. Pakistan has been desperately trying to destabilize India. It is abetting present terrorism.Attacks on Bomaby hotels ( 26/11) were the great disasters exposing incompetence of Indian government agencies in preventing such events. In past, it abetted Khalistan Sikh terrorist actions and provided shelters to them apart from training and supplying arms. It’s terrorists intruded into Kargil sector of Jammu and Kashmir State and this resulted in severe armed conflict with India even calling for Indian Air force actions on the intruders. The terrorists were allowed to withdraw into Pakistan instead of annihilating them in Kargil. This is viewed as a weak kneed policy of the State in dealing with terrorists. There was no firm resolve to deal with terrorists and exterminate them. There is a general belief in India that centuries of Buddhist influence and Gandhian philosophy in the country has sapped the nation of energy, vigor and fighting spirit.
Apart from the foreign inspired Islamic terrorism, India is also battling home grown violence from the Armed Communist cadres called Maoists. Earlier, these cadres were called Naxalites bearing the name from village Naxalbari in West Bengal State where violent armed uprising took place against the land lords in 1967. Since then the violent armed Communist cadres have spread along entire eastern States and the Eastern coastal belt in India linking Tamilnadu to Nepal. These cadres can not be called terrorists although some of their actions are similar in nature occasionally. These actions are based on outdated Maoist Communist ideology of achieving power through barrel of a gun as propagated by China’s former Chairman Mao tse Tung. These Maoist cadres have already established effective areas of influence in the States such as Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal, Orissa, Maharshtra, Andhra Pradesh and seriously influencing Tamilnadu and all these States are on the Eastern wing of India. India has a longway to go in elimination of these Communist armed cares from society and lacking of any definite plan and concentrated inter State co- ordination are the reasons for the failure of the State Governments in tackling the problem. However in Andhra Pradesh, some success has been achieved in curtailing the problem under the stewardship of former Director General of Police Swaranjit Sen of Indian Police Service. (13) (14) (15).
India has also been struggling to fight armed insurgencies spread across in North Eastern States such as Nagaland, Manipur, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. These States being very close to Bangladesh and China are easily influenced by foreign powers like China, Bangladesh, and Nepal, Bhutan and Burma and the north Eastern States are like Achilles ’ heel to India. No immediate solution is foreseen although India is struggling to tide over the situation with adhoc measures. Indian Army has been engaged in these areas ever since 1947 fighting guerilla war of insurgents. There are no major terrorist actions and the insurgents indulge in mostly guerilla attacks and occasional activities similar to terrorist operations.
On the American front, coalition forces hunted for the world’s most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden and his coterie apart from the Taliban leaders. Taliban terrorists such as Mullah Dadullah (The former Taliban intelligence chief), Mullah Omar(Founder of the movement), Maulvi Obaidullah(Former Defense Minister), Jalaluddin Haqani( Former minister of tribal affairs) escaped from the US forces and are reportedly hiding in Pakistan. Al Qaeda’s deputy Ayman Al Zawahiri one of the most wanted criminal after Bin Laden and number two on the list of wanted of Federal Bueau of Investigation (FBI), USA is also reportedly hiding in Pakistan. All these offenders are hiding in Pakistan in the mountainous region of North West Frontier Areas that are known as lawless areas. Some of the captured Al Qaeda leaders and men have been kept in US prison and are facing trials. Al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui faces death penalty for complicity in 9/11 attack on WTC in New York (16). There have been incidents of ill treatment of prisoners in these prisons and wanton killings by a Marine (An isolated incident) (17).US has initiated actions against it’s soldiers wherever they were found guilty.At last Bin Laden was killed by American commandos right under the nose of Pak army after locating his hide out close to a military training school.
In Iraq, Saddam Hussein, the former President of Iraq who was arrested after war in Iraq has been tried for ordering the execution in 1982 of his enemies in the small town Dujail in Iraq which is the strong hold of anti Saddam Dawa Party. These men were Shiites. An attempt was made on the life of Saddam Hussein on July 8, 1982 in Dujail. Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death by the trial court on November 05, 2006 for executing 148 of them. Saddam is also facing trial on his use of chemical weapons on Kurds at Halabja on March 16, 1980 killing 5000 of them. This operation was called Anfal in which gas attack on Kurds was a part of it. Human rights groups consider the Halabja attack on the Kurds was the worst genocide conducted on humanity by Saddam Hussein (18). Certain quarters pleaded that Saddam Hussein should be pardoned.Does he deserve to be pardoned for ordering genocide against humanity? The cynical critics of West and the propagators of Arab cause must ponder over and find answers. They should keep themselves in the shoes of sufferers at village Halabja and decide whether Saddam Hussein deserved to be given a lenient punishment or hanged. They will get the answer by themselves.Any how Saddam Hussein was hanged by the Govt of Iraq.
As usual, the Arab sympathizers and some self styled custodians of virtue, sympathy, nobility and fairness have been making hue and cry in the press that the trial was just a farce and it was not fair (19) (20). Saddam Hussein after the verdict claimed that the 148 persons of Dujail were tried and given death penalty for the murderous attack on him. He claimed that It was a legal punishment. Can it be called a legal punishment? It was only a massacre. Probably, he believed in justice in the medieval pattern when Muslim victorious leaders ordered general massacre of population. It happened when Nadir shah of Persia attacked Delhi in February 1739 during the rule of Mohammed Shah Rangila (Rangila meaning pleasure seeker). After the fall of Delhi, there was a rumor that Nadir Shah was killed and some of the Persian soldiers were slain. This infuriated the Persian King and he ordered massacre of Delhi’s population and it was carried out with glee by his troops till the Mughal emperor fell on the feet of Nadir Shah and begged him to stop the killings. By this time, innumerable men, women and children were killed and their houses were looted and thousands were taken as slaves. Delhi looked like a ghost city. In the present modern times, such punishments by Saddam Hussein can not be justified as legal and fair. He deserved punishment for the massacre of 148 persons in Dujail that was claimed to be just.
Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq for two decades with iron hand and he waged wars with Iran, Kurds of his own country and Kuwait. As a consequence, Iraq was attacked in 1991 by USA and allies and Kuwait was liberated. He was the ruthless dictator after only Hitler of Germany and Mussolini of Italy who tormented the world during the World War II. Hitler committed suicide to escape arrest when Berlin fell to allied troops and Mussolini was hanged by his own Italian country men. History repeats. All tyrants have to go most unceremoniously from this world. It happened to General Idi Amin (Famed as a Cannibal) of Uganda. He escaped arrest and lived in obscurity in a foreign country where he finally died unsung and unheard. Pakistani dictators Field Marshal Ayub Khan, General Yahya Khan, General Zia ul Haq too disappeared; former abdicated while the later was blown up in air crash. Some of their leaders after the surrender of Germany and Japan in World War II, were tried for war crimes and were executed by the Nuremberg International military courts. They were hanged as war criminals. Some of the convicts committed suicide before hanging. Dictators and authoritative rulers invariably at the end were put to death, jailed for life or assassinated. Very rarely they had happy and successful end. Indira Gandhi former Prime Minister of India who declared emergency in 1975 aftera court verdict against her election and unleashed a reign of terror in India along with her son Sanjay Gandhi are also typical examples. Indira Gandhi was shot dead in 1984 by her own Sikh body guards in her house as a revenge for ordering Army operation on Sikhs’s most respected Golden Temple in Amritsar. Sanjay Gandhi by destiny crashed and met his end while piloting an aero plane over Delhi. Destiny takes care of many things.
India has been soft pedaling the terrorist problem and could not prevent Pakistan in abetting these activities from it’s land. At Kargil it missed golden chance of eliminating maximum number of these militants and they were allowed to withdraw into Pakistan. Does Pakistan reciprocate in a similar way if it gets a chance? Even a tiny nation like Bangladesh has been brow beating India and its Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) men clashed with Indian Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers and kidnapped sixteen Indian security personnel and inhumanly butchered them. Many of them were shot through eyes, strangulated and tortured by pouring boiling water. India swallowed the episode with a smile and lacked strong will to deal firmly with Bangladesh (21). As a consequence, Bangladesh has also joined the club of Pakistan in abetting terrorism in India. The culprits of July 11, 2006 Mumbai train blasts were believed to have run away to Pakistan after engineering the blasts (22). It is also a fact that, many suspects arrested were Indian Muslims and it is required to establish the source of sophisticated time bombs that were used. Even if it is assumed that Pakistan has not directly engineered the blasts, the culprits could have obtained training and motivation across the borders. As suggested by noted writer Kushwant Singh, it would be best to jointly get rid off all the terrorist hideouts and training grounds in Pakistan, A real wishful thinking with Pakistan. (23). Indian leaders are content with issuing strongly worded warnings in vague and twisted language and the matter ends there. The other country that is the neighbor also understands and issues a similar statement in vague language. India goes back to slumber till something else happens.The honourable Prime Minister and Home Minister Mr Chidambaram declared that he would take very strong actions against terrorism in future if the acts are repeated. But nothing happened and terrorists attacked Bombay with impunity several times. Pakistan’s involvement in abetting terrorism has been amply proved by it’s involvement in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian misgivings about Islamabad’s sincerity were only strengthened with exposure of the terrorist plot on August 10, 2006 by London Police where the criminals plotted to hijack and blow Trans- Atlantic fights to USA. Out of 24 culprits arrested most of them were of Pakistan origin. Although Pakistan is taking credit for tipping the London Police for the plot, Pakistan is always involved in terrorist operations in one way or other. It’s involvement in revitalizing Taliban is amply proved by Indian Intelligence agencies. But, USA is also demanding substantial and concrete proof of involvement of Pakistan in Mumbai train blasts. Sadly America is placing greatest faith in Pakistan while it is doing maximum damage to American interests (24).Recent killing of Lafen in Pakistan by American commandos has become an eye opener to USA. Although relations became tense, USA did not leave Pakistan from its embrace and came to terms wing to strategic needs in the region. They have to keep a check on India and due to interests in Afghanistan.
It has been established that terrorists have been resorting to wanton violence in Middle East region, India, Afghanistan, some areas of Pakistan, SriLanka and other smaller countries world wide.In sri Lanka however LTTE has been annihilated and its Chief Prabhakaran was killed by Lankan army. However Islamic terrorism has become wide spread in the world. On the Middle East front, Saddam Hussein was hanged to death. However the third world is blaming USA for engineering the verdict and the verdict has been dubbed as that of a victor (18). Does he deserve pardon for doing all types of gravest crimes while in power? He is responsible for wanton killing of Kurds and executing 148 citizens from the town of Dujail because a citizen opened fire on his car. What about the charges for killing thousands of Kurds in chemical attacks? Why should Saddam be spared inspite of all these inhuman cruelties against humanity? Why convicts were not spared at Nuremberg trials after World War II. Why Nathuram Godse was not spared for killing MK Gandhi? Samar Fatany Jeddah based Radio journalist writing in Indian Press claims that the retaliation attack by Israel on Lebanon is an act of Terrorism (25). Then, how one must describe actions of Hezbollah? Are they to be praised and worshipped? There is no doubt that world press is always divided. The sympathizers of Arab cause would always write anti American views. However truth would be always judged by the sane persons. If Saddam Hussein was pardoned or given a life sentence or sent to gallows it was the verdict of court in Iraq. Others have no role to play except to beat their chests cursing USA.
In this context, it is also essential to discuss the case of Mohammed Afzal Guru the conspirator who conspired with Pakistani Terrorists to engineer an attack on Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001 while it was in session at New Delhi. All the terrorists from Lashkar E Toiba based in Pakistan were shot dead in the encounter with security forces. Afzal helped them in getting them hide outs in Delhi, in procuring explosives, mobile phones, and old car of “Ambassador” make (Ambassador car is made by Hindustan Motors at Calcutta and is the licensed version of Morris Oxford of 1958 vintage of British make by Morris motors), an old motor cycle, sticker of Home Ministry and fake identity cards for the terrorists to enable them to enter premises of Parliament while in session. Afzal was once a Kashmiri militant since 1988-89 motivated by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). With other militants, he received training at Muzaffarabad in occupied Kashmir area held by Pakistan and returned to India. However he surrendered to BSF along with arms and ammunition in 1993-94. He was later released as surrendered militant. He however was again motivated by one active militant Tariq of outfit Jaish E Mohammed (JEM) to join Jihad and Afzal conspired to engineer attack on Indian Parliament while it was in session (26).
Although the attack was repulsed killing the terrorists, the incident sent shivers down the spines of every Indian politician and the world was shocked. But this was to happen due to the prolonged weak national policies in dealing with terrorists by Indian administration. Generally Muslims countries are of opinion that India is not strong in action and it can do only saber rattling. India is the land of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of nation who preached peace even under great provocation at the time of partition while countless Hindus were being slain by Muslims and women were abducted and raped. Train loads of corpses arrived from Pakistan day after day. Those were the darkest days in the history of India. It is a tragedy that the old man was shot dead at point blank range by his own countryman Nathuram Vinayak Godse within a short time after gaining independence on January 30, 1948. Nathuram Godse was tried and convicted and he was sentenced to death by hanging along with Narayan Apte , the co conspirator. Nathuram did not plead for mercy and pleaded his own case. Neither any one pleaded for mercy for him. Infact Nathuram requested that no one should plead mercy for him. The events that led to the murder of Gandhi and the truths of partition are still shrouded in mystery. Lot of skeletons are believed to be buried in shelves and lockers denying real truth to the Indians. Trial of Nathuram Godse and his statement in the court are still touchy subjects to the Indian leaders.Veer Savarkar was also implicated in Gandhi murder case , but he was acquitted. But the tag still is attached to the memory of Veer savarkar in the minds of Congressmen. Another example is of Kasab the lone survicor from the gropu of terrorists from Pakistan who attacked Bomaby that si called 26/11. The terrorists could land at Bombay ina small boat with sophisticated arms and ammunition, grenades and walked on the streets of Bomaby killing people. They targeted Taj hotel and took hostages and killed many occupants includind foreigners. In belated action by army commandos after police failure, except Kasab all were slain. Kasab was tried and sentenced to death, but still he is not hanged. The pseudio secularist government with week knees has no courage to execute these criminals fearing dent in vote banks.
The Gandhian ideology still haunts the Indian leaders and Parliament and they are unable to take strong actions against those who are committing crimes and doing great damage to the nation. In turn, the nation has been reduced to shambles and has been brought to today’s pass. It is not to condemn Gandhian philosophy, but anything done to extremities is bad and would be counter productive.
India has been dubbed as meek, wavering and docile nation devoid of fighting spirit than can preach only sermons of peace. India although was highly advanced culturally and being the oldest civilization surviving, fell to foreign invaders and slipped into miserable slavery for 800 long years under Muslim and European rules. All the foreign invaders right from the days of Alexander the great to Ahmed shah Abdali Durrani, the ruler of Afghanistan who invaded India in 1761, vanquished Indian rulers and committed grave atrocities and killings. This is something difficult to digest for an Indian who really cares for his country and national honor. The pseudo secularists do not bother and shrug their soldiers claiming that it was all past history. The progress made by India in Information Technology sector, the recent economic progress and exodus of Indian professionals to US in search of greener pastures in IT field are different things. Probably, the country would have further progressed had the Government taken firm actions to prevent violence, terrorism, indiscipline, crimes, corruption and disturbances more effectively than the present day piecemeal half hearted efforts along with chaotic multiparty and horse trading democracy that flourishes in the country, claiming to be world’s largest democracy. Islamic terrorism is posing very grave threat to India threatening its stability and another partition stares into eyes. Pakistan and Jahangir University in Bangladesh are already planning to create Moghalistan linking Bangladesh through Assam and northern states to Pakistan.
India has never been firm in handling terrorism. Earlier, few Islamic terrorists hijacked an Indian aero plane with passengers to Taliban ruled Afghanistan and negotiated release of terrorists who were in Indian prison. Indian Government buckled on to it’s knees and the terrorists held in Indian prisons were ceremoniously handed over in Kandahar in Afghanistan by a Indian central cabinet Minister and the passenger air craft was released. These terrorists were facing trials in Indian courts and the process of law in India is never ending and terrorists gained advantage of the Indian weakness and laxity in the Indian judicial system and are bleeding the nation unending.
Afzal Guru, the accused for the attack on Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001 was tried and sentenced to death by hanging and the highest court in the country approved the verdct. He was to be executed. Unfortunately, politics have crept into the path of justice that is very usual in Indian political scene. Farukh Abdullah former chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and son of Sheikh Abdullah the controversial Kashmiri leader who was jailed by Indian Government for sedition demanded that the life of Afzal be spared. His contention is that by hanging the terrorist, the gap between Hindus and Muslims would widen further and would badly disturb situation in the J and K State and the terrorists would exploit the situation to their benefit (27).It is projected that India would go up in flames as a consequence of executing Afzal. Ghulm Nabi Azad, former Chief Minister of J and K State and a member of ruling Congress party also has joined the chorus to spare Afzal played to the band, but had no support in his party. AICC senior leader Digvijay Singh supported the death sentence and hastily added that it was his personal view (28). India has not abolished death penalty although some of the world countries have abolished it. Even USA, the world’s premier democracy has not abolished the death penalty. The Jammu and Kashmir congress unit is split on the issue and Mr Mangat Ram Sharma, a senior congress party leader made it clear that Afzal should be hanged and there was no case for clemency for him. Afzal has petitioned to Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam when he submitted his 102 page clemency petition. Afzal claimed that corrupt officials had implicated him in the case (29). The petition was sent to President with comments from different ministries such as Home and Law. There are many such petitions pending in the line and in all probabilities the matter would be delayed (30).The president too changed and cases are still to be see the light of the day to the end. The public opinion in India is very strong against clemency to Afzal and Kasab.
Kamalesh Kumari, The brave lady constable of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) was sprayed with 12 bullets by the terrorists during their attack at Parliament House and during retaliation by Indian security force at Parliament in which many other armed guards too died. The lady constable was awarded posthumously Ashok chakra, highest gallantry award in peace time. Her daughter reacted very sharply on October 5, 2006. Talking to reporters at her residence, she said “We lost our mother because she tried to protect parliament. Had she not alerted the security personnel in time, the terrorists would have probably managed to enter parliament. Can any one imagine the consequences if the terrorists had managed to get inside? Would still these people be clamoring for mercy to Afzal Guru?” Reacting against appeal of Ghulam Nabi Azad, now the former chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir for clemency to Afzal, she retorted “ Would he have pardoned such offenders if one of his family members had been killed in a terrorist attack, Are these people demanding pardon for the convict only because it is politically right for their own State?”(31). The family of Kamlesh Kumari, the valiant lady constable of CRPF is ready to return the Arjuna gallantry award to the Indian government in case Afzal escapes gallows. It will be a big shame and slap on the face. It is being questioned “Why any security force person must die for the nation, if the culprits are pardoned?” Security forces would be demoralized. Afzal’s fate and Kasab’s fate are still not determined. It is a tragedy that Muslim leaders of Jammu and Kashmir have not risen above their narrow religious leanings and have not kept the national interests above partisan and sectarian politics.
Should Afzal and Kasab be considered for clemency like any normal killer who would have committed murder in fit of passion or utter ignorance? Was he insane? There are many incidences when such criminals were shown clemency and death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment. The higher courts reduced the punishments to life imprisonment when the criminal was very young. But the case of Afzal who engineered the attack on Indian parliament is unpardonable. He has challenged the Indian authority and sovereignty. These are the fit cases to be hanged. Appeals by the Muslim leaders of Jammu and Kashmir are only to derive political advantage for themselves and pseudo secular political leaders find this as an opportunity to derive benefit for catching Muslim votes in future elections. The opinions expressed by prominent leaders of Jammu and Kashmir such as Chief Muslim cleric and leader of his faction of Hurryat conference Miwaiz Umar, Chairman of the rival faction of the separatist alliance Syed Ali Gelani, Ruling peoples Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti are in favor of showing mercy to Afzal and such sentiments are obvious. Opinion expressed by State Bharateeya Janta Party President (BJP) Nirmal Singh was in favor of execution of Afzal.(32)

In nutshell, the general opinion is that the appeal should be rejected without an iota of thought. It can be concluded that the terrorists should not be shown any leniency and should be severely punished. They kill innocents in a most gruesome manner. Terrorists are threat to mankind and human civilization. Therefore, they should not be spared. If USA succeeded in catching Osama Bin Laden from Pakistan alive, Arab sympathizers and the so-called humanists and self styled propagators of compassion and love would have called for clemency to Bin Laden too expecting that he would repent for the attack on WTC and Pentagon and causing loss of thousands of innocent lives. There must be some heart searching. There must be difference between awarding justice and being lenient and considerate. Or else, one can not govern a country. Afzal and Kasab committed the gravest crime against the country i.e Afzal committed treason and in most of the countries the punishment for treason is only death; nothing less than death and it will be implemented.Kasab has waged war against India. India has already damaged itself with practice of pseudo secularism, inconsistent policies and poor handling of terrorist threat. The weak policy on terrorism has also resulted in establishing of Al Qaeda unit in J and K as per the report of Yusuf Jameel in Indian press some time ago. It is not sure whether this was set up by Bin Laden as one of its wing. Reportedly the unit was announced after two days of Mumbai Train blasts. Abu Abdel Rehman has been appointed as chief of the unit (33). If the unit is really established by Original Al Qaeda, the matter is very serious. In such dangerous situation in the country, if India does not change even now, only disaster awaits it around the corner. Distinguished Indian Lawyer and outspoken Statesman Mr Ram Jethmalani writing in Indian press said “Terrorism has to be faced by massive reprisals and not by delivering terrorists to their accomplices in Kandahar” (34). Country must demonstrate that it does not accept non-sense and is firm in handling these issues. Terrorists in the world should be shown the place which they deserve. The same policy applies to Iraqis, Englishmen, Israelis and Americans who are waging bitter war against terrorism.


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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

Key words. Mujahideen, Terrorism, Madrasa, fundamentalism, Islam, Jihad, Martyr

What is Mujahideen? The actual meaning of Mujahideen is a struggler. However in practice, it has been identified with such men who are fighting Jihad (in their own way) for self glorified Islamic cause. Now, it is always related to religious and Islamic connection. The word is also used as some sort of title to Islamic names. Many names of Muslims proudly carry the word Mujahid because the acts of those who fight for the religion are glorified in Islamic scriptures. As it is, Holy Qoran prescribes that those who die in the cause of Islam and become martyrs attain paradise directly to enjoy all comforts such as company of many virgins. Thus, the word Mujahideen has come to stand for a religious fighter although in real sense the word is not connected to religion. In the late 20th century and early 21st century, the term "Mujahideen" became the name of various armed fighters who subscribe to militant Islamic ideologies and identify themselves as Mujahideen, although there is not always an explicit "holy" or "warrior" meaning of the word. Indian Mujahideen are a recent terror outfit active in India, that has claimed the responsibility for several attacks on unarmed unsuspecting civilians in India (1). Indian Mujahideen are no special men. They are motivated fundamentalists, blood thirsty and misguided men who aim at Islamizing India at all costs. They are motivated by the false propaganda that India belonged to Muslims as they ruled for many years. They of course forget that Islam is only 1500 years old while Hinduism is very old and was ruled by Hindu kings. Thus it no way belongs to Muslims. It is not necessary that these men are not educated in modern way and Madrasa ( religious school) bred always like Taliban now hiding desperately in Pakistan saving their skins. Even highly educated youth and even professionals join Mujahideen and indulge in murderous acts and nefarious anti national activities amounting to sedition. All Islamic terrorists claim themselves as Mujahideen. Therefore, most of the terrorist outfits name themselves including the word Mujahideen as a title and glorification and falsely feel elated and proud about themselves.

Indian intelligence agencies described that the Indian Mujahideen are terror activists who have been banned in the country; such as the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HuJI) a Bangladesh based organization and Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). Several bombings in past (July 25, 2008 in Bangalore and July 26th, 2008 in Ahmedabad) have been attributed to this little known organization. Several different militant groups have since taken root in Kashmir. Most noticeable of these groups are Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM). A 1996 report by Human Rights Watch estimated the number of active militants at 3,200. The Delhi bomb blasts of 2008 were claimed by this organization. The group has distributed a pamphlet in connection with Delhi Bomb blasts. The text of the pamphlet is given at Appendix A to this paper (3).

The email received during Jaipur blasts claimed that Indian Mujahideen had formed three wings -- Shahbuddin Ghouri Brigade (for South India), Mahmood Gaznavi Brigade (for North India) and Shaheed Al-Zarqawi Brigade (suicide attackers) -- to target various cities in the country. The names of Shabuddin Ghori and Mohammed Ghaznavi are from the medieval period. Now they are glorifying the Al Qaeda terrorist Zarqavi killed in Iraq in an American air raid. Mohammed Ghori and Mohammed Ghaznavi were rulers of Kabul who led expeditions against India during 12 century and finally managed to establish Muslim rule at Delhi in 1192 that was called slave sultanate. Ghaznavi is glorified for looting and pillaging Somanath temple several times in Gujarat (1001-1026) apart from many other shrines in India. These men are worshipped by Muslims as great warriors who subdued Hindustan in bye gone ages. Pakistan has also named their missiles by their names. They however forget that Ghori was defeated several times by Prithviraj Chauhan the king of Thaneswar before he was defeated by treachery and killed in the battle of Tarain. Shabuddin Ghori was mean and did not reciprocate in the same way as Prithviraj Chauhan acted when Ghori was captured in earlier battles. Conduct as gentle man cost Chauhan his life and kingdom. The Mujahideen derive inspiration from the names of Ghaznavi and Ghori as Hindus derive the same from Rajput warrior king Maha Rana Pratap (1572-1597) and Maratha King and warrior Chatrapathi Rajadhi Raj Shivaji Maharaj (1630-1680) and Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi ( Of 1857 war fame). The pamphlet distributed by the Indian Mujahideen reveal following. These are highly objectionable too:

1.Allah is the only one to be believed and there is none who can be equated to him. Naturally all others who believe other Gods are Kafirs and are to be dealt with sternly including conversion or put to sword.

2.All Hindus must accept Allah and save themselves from annihilation. This means conversion to Islam.

3.The Hindu Gods such as Ram, Krishna and Hanuman and other thousands of Gods made by clay are not going to save Hindus from getting killed by Mujahideen.

4.Hindus who believe in monkeys, pigs and naked statues would be destroyed at the hands of Mujahideen. Basically Mujahideen are critical of idol worship by Hindus that is very much opposed by Muslims.

5.It is claimed that Hindus are persecuting and suppressing Muslims in India and therefore would be slaughtered on the streets.

6.Victories of Mohammed Bin Qasim, Mohammed Ghaznavi and Mohammed Ghori are recalled to instil fear in the hearts of Hindus

7. The Mujahideen display great hatred towards Hindus of Gujarat who are held responsible for the attacks on Muslims after Godhra rail carnage some years ago. They vouch to kill the Hindus in Gujarat by conducting Jihad.

8. They are abusive of Narendra Modi who is the Chief Minister of Gujarat and give a challenge to him

9.They are critical of Police and Military in India and claim that they are Pro Hindu and watched when Muslims were killed.

10. They claim that various commissions that were formed to enquire into Gujarat riots were bogus and they did no justice.

11. Mujahidden gave a call to all Muslims in Gujarat to rise and fight Hindus and take revenge. To inspire Muslims highlight Qoranic quotes are quoted from time to time.

12. The Mujahideen are critical of Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) for their alleged complicity in Gujarat riots and swear to kill them each and take revenge for the killings of Muslims.

13. The terms Democracy, secularism, equality, integrity, peace, freedom, voting, elections are hated by them and claim these words to be another fraud with Mujahideen. They do not believe in them.

14. Mujahideen have warned the governments of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka and claimed that innocent Muslim youth are arrested and harassed in these states on the pretext of being members of SIMI. Unless this is stopped they warn that mayhem would be let loose in these states.

15.News papers such as Times of India are also warned for their columns on Islamic terrorism and for one sided articles

16.Ambanis are also warned not to construct a temple on a waqf land or else serious actions would be taken on them

17.Vilasrao Deashmukh of Maharashtra also has been warned to mend his ways

18.Special warning has been given to Hyderabad Police and AP Government for arresting and harassing Muslim youth.

In nutshell, Indian Mujahideen appear to have the agenda for taking revenge for the Gujarat riots. They harbor a grudge that the Hindu forces systematically killed Muslims in Gujarat and the government has done nothing to bring culprits to justice. They have no faith in the law enforcing agencies in India and see them as abettors of Hindu forces. They are clouded with anti Hindu tirade and try to inspire Muslims in the cause of Islam. Qoranic verses are quoted to inspire Muslims to join Jihad and save Islam. Following are relevant:-

1. “Fight them (the disbelievers), Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and give you victory over them and He will heal the hearts of those who believe.” (Qur’an 9:14).

2. “O you who believe! Fight those disbelievers who are near you and let them find harshness in you and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty unto Him. (Qur’an 9: 123)

3.“Go forth light armed or heavy armed and fight with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah, that is better for you if you but knew.[(Qu’ran 9: 41).

4.The hosts (of the kafireen) will all be routed and will turn and flee. [Qur’an 54: 45].

It is very unfortunate that in modern times too, they are seeing Islam as the only religion that should stay around and rest all have no place in this world. The philosophy of Indian Mujahideen is no different from that of Al Qaeda and Wahabi Philosophy. The language used to exhort Muslims to wage Jihad is forceful like used by other terrorist outfits and Muslim youth naturally feel inspired at Qoranic verses that are quoted ( Given above) (4).

No doubt, Terrorism has taken deep roots in India. Now it is home bred and inspired. Deendar Anjuman, Dargah e shahdat, SIMI are the other front line active terrorist oufits in the country apart from the Kashmir based outfits. It is generally believed that government policies of appeasement and pseudo secularism practiced for creating vote banks right from the days of partition of sub continent in 1947 has done the greatest damage to the society. A section of Muslims feel alienated and Babri Maszid demolition and Gujarat riots have added fuel to the fire. Inability of Government to deal sternly with the terrorists and sympathizers and the present delay in judicial proceedings have contributed greatly to today’s quagmire in which nation is stuck. .Unfortunately those who are responsible to guide and protect national interests are busy in never ending scams, witch huntig, desperate acts to protect those amassing wealth abroad, ensure dynastic succession and other dilly dallying activities. Inability to hang condemned Afzal Guru the terrorist who master minded attack on Indian Parliament while in session and that of Kasab who took part in attack on Bomaby hotels ( 26/11) are the live examples and reveals the helplessness and inability of the rulers in the country. The misguided youth among Muslims fully know the weakness of the government and thus some of them are walking into terrorist activities for attaining glorification. Many are clueless and do not know that there is no coming back from it except death.

Terrorist outfits such as Lashkar- e- Toiba (LET), Jaish e Mohammed (JEM), Harkat ul Mujahideen ( HUM) Jammu and Kashmir ( J & K) Liberation front are mostly concentrating their activities in Jammu and Kashmir while organizations such as SIMI and the present Indian Mujahideen have fanned out in the entire country. There is a saying that it is very difficult even for God to catch a thief from within household. The sizable Muslim population in various Indian cities has also aided to spreading of these nefarious outfits. The problem becomes more complex when these terrorists look same as any normal person in India. It becomes very difficult to identify or suspect even. One never knows that the neighbor with whom he is interacting every day could be a sympathizer or directly involved in these outlawed activities. On the other hand, government is forced to go slow in investigations and follow up due to vote bank politics apart from political interference in the function of law enforcing agencies (5) (6) (7) (8). On the whole, the scene in India appears very gloomy and unless very hard decisions are taken in this regard, situation would slip out of hand. The government occasionally repeats that a new law would be made soon to deal with terrorism. In fact Indian Penal Code is exhaustive and the provisions in the code are sufficient to deal sternly with such outfits. Most of the crimes would be treason and waging war against the country. Why go slow on such criminals? What is required is the will to enforce it truly with determination that is lacking today in the country (9). What we require to day is people like Sardar Vallabhai Patel the iron man of India and the first and former Deputy Prime Minister and Lal Bahadur Shastri the former Prime Minister of India and not the vacillating and color changing, wealth amassing and power hungry leaders who go around masquerading as true patriots serving the country.



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Here is the text of a pamphlet released by “Indian Mujahideen in the land of Hind,” an Islamist group which takes credit for the strings of bombing in India during 2008. It is entitled: THE RISE OF JIHAD, REVENGE OF GUJARAT. Few Koran quotes could have been omitted at the beginning. It makes chilling reading:

Here we are back - the Mujahideen of India - the terrorists on the disbelievers - the radicals of Islam - after our triumphant and successful assault at Jaipur, once again calling you all, who disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) to accept Islam and bear witness that there is none to be worshipped except Allah, and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah. Accept Islam and save yourselves.O Hindus! O disbelieving faithless Indians! Haven’t you still realized that the falsehood of your 33 crore dirty mud idols and the blasphemy of your deaf, dumb, mute and naked idols of ram, krishna and hanuman are not at all going to save your necks, Insha-Allah, from being slaughtered by our hands? Nor is your fictitious faith in monkeys, pigs and nude statues going to save you from the Wrath of Allah and His Humiliating Punishment. Know that it is only the true confession of the Oneness of Allah Alone, with no associates, that can save your blood from being spilled on the streets of your own cities.

We call you, O Hindus, O enemies of Allah, to take an honest stance with yourselves lest another attack of Ibn-e-Qasim sends shivers down your spines, lest another Ghauri shakes your foundations, and lest another Ghaznawi massacres you, proving your blood to be the cheapest of all mankind! Have you forgotten your history full of subjugation, humiliation, and insult? Or do you want us to repeat it again? Take heed before it is too late!

Yes! We - the terrorists of India – THE INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN, - the militia of Islam whose each and every Mujahid belongs to this very soil of India - have returned, to execute the compulsion of Allah:

“Fight them (the disbelievers), Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and give you victory over them and He will heal the hearts of those who believe.” (Qur’an 9:14).

Here we begin the answer to your tyranny and oppression, raising the illustrious banner of Jihad against the Hindus and all those who fight and resist us, and here we begin our revenge with the Help and Permission of Allah, - A terrifying revenge of our blood, our lives, and our honor that will Insha-Allah terminate your survival on this land.

Remember, O you Gujarati Hindus! O you filthy, shameless and foul creatures! O you Gujarati Hindus, most immoral and the most gutless cowards! Remember whom you have fought against! You have fought against the inheritors of a Messenger of Allah, of a Prophet of Allah whose terror was cast on the enemy from a distance of a month’s journey.

You have fought against the warriors who love death more than you love life, who fight for a cause that makes them enter a never-ending Paradise, who fight for an absolute purpose - the purpose of making Islam superior over all religions.

So wait! ……………. Await now……….! Wait only for five minutes from now! …. Wait for the Mujahideen and Fidayeen of Islam and stop them if you can - who will make you feel the terror of Jihad. Feel the havoc cast into your hearts by Allah, the Almighty, face His Dreadful Punishment, and suffer the results of fighting the Muslims and the Mujahideen. Await the anguish, agony, sorrow and pain. Await, only for 5 minutes, to feel the fear of death.

All Praise and Glory be to Allah, Who Alone Helps His slaves, Who Alone Fulfils His Promise, and Who Alone Defeats the enemy.

O leader of disbelieving cowards and eunuchs, Narendra Modi!

O you base-born of illegitimate birth!

O you spineless coward!

You boast of the pride of Gujarat and pride of Gujaratis. You brag of your filthy faith and conviction in Hindutva. You are the one who claims to be committed and devoted to Gujarat. You sick politician who used Hinduism to complete your evil desires. Look! We are back with the Will of Allah, striking in your own land. With the Will of Allah, assaulting and ruining your own cities, raiding and ravaging your own territory! Show us where has all your Gujarati asmita (pride) gone? Look, you have incurred Allah’s Wrath, You have provoked the Mujahideen to massacre you and your five and a half crore multitude of pathetic infidels who tortured us in the post- Godhra riots asking “where is your Allah”? Here He Is, The Most Supreme, The Most Sublime, with His Punishment to chastise you by our hands. We swear by Allah in Whose Hands are our lives, we will make you, O Modi, an example and a lesson, that the enemies of Islam should learn from. This is our beginning! Our commencement! Our Opening Launch! To burn you alive in your own Hell - your own Gujarat.

O You sick criminals of the Hindu Parishad! You nasty dogs of the RSS! Yes! We know you, we identify you by your ugly faces! We will not be satisfied until we make each and every criminal pay for every drop of blood you spilled and for each and every cry of the oppressed women and children. Our swords are ready to cut off your veins and to push you into the Hell Fire. This is our assurance to you, a promise to you, a pledge to you, which Allah Alone, The Most Exalted with His Will shall fulfill.

This is our Qisaas - our revenge, and in it lies our life. In the light of the injustice and wrongs on the Muslims of Gujarat, we advance our Jihad and call all our brethren under it to unite and answer these irresolute kafireen of India. We call you, O Muslims of Gujarat, to elevate yourselves from the fear of these wretched hindus, to unify all your courage and bravery that you have in your hearts. Come! Move forward and grasp the hold of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace be upon him). Get stimulated and reinforce all your strength to revive the same valor and daring as that of the Sahaabah (companions) of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) had. Show these weak-willed hindu cowards the onslaught of Khalid bin Waleed, the determination of Ali bin Abi Talib, the bravery of Saad bin Abi Waqqas, the heroism of Abu Bakr and Umar, and the guts of Talhah and Zubair. Let these spineless Hindus know that you inherit fearless courage of Salahuddin Ayyubi, Tariq bin Ziyad and Muhammad bin Qasim.

O Muslims of Gujarat! Inspire yourselves from the Qur’anic chapters of ‘Anfal’ and ‘Taubah’ and from the events of ‘Badr’ and ‘Uhud’. I ask you: Do you still hesitate to fight these hindus? Just think how much you and we have suffered during and after the riots. Think of the fraud perpetrated on us in the name of the Nanavati Commission. Remember the blasphemy of the Government in the name of judiciary and the fast-track courts. O my brethren! I ask you and make you witness over yourself. I ask you what good these bastard police and military have ever done for us? They all are one, and they unite for only one purpose - the annihilation of Muslims.

The terms Democracy, secularism, equality, integrity, peace, freedom, voting, elections are yet another fraud with us. Have you forgotten what the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “The believer is not stung twice by the same hole”. I ask you, who has healed your wounds so far? Congress, or BJP? Do you still want the media and agencies like “Tehelka” to expose your torture and make money in return of your burnt dead bodies and present all this in front of the judiciary so that they can watch this ‘drama’ of your killing and laugh at you, seeing you cry and beg for justice. By Allah! This is much more humiliating for us than being killed by their hands.

O Muslim youth of Gujarat! O you force of Islam! Stand up and rise! Fulfill your duty towards Allah:

“O you who believe! Fight those disbelievers who are near you and let them find harshness in you and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty unto Him. (Qur’an 9: 123)

“Go forth light armed or heavy armed and fight with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah, that is better for you if you but knew.[(Qu’ran 9: 41).

Come, O Muslim Youth! Make your preparations with whatever you have. Join our ranks and help us – the ranks of Indian Mujahideen to strengthen the Jihad against the Hindus. Get ready with all the weapons you have. Plan and organize your moves. Select your targets. Target these evil politicians and leaders of BJP, RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal, who provoke the masses against you. Target and kill the wicked police force who were watching the “fun” of your bloodshed and who handed you to the rioting sinful culprits. Target their hired

With these triumphant attacks, we send our message to all those faithless infidels and their hypocrite allies from amongst the so called Muslims like Arshad Madni & Mehmood Madni who have bartered their faith in return of just one seat in the Parliament and we hereby declare an ultimatum to all the state governments of India, especially to those of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra to stop harassing the Muslims and keep a check on their killing, expulsion, and encounters. We warn you of your foolish plots that you plan against us, thinking that you can curb our missions and foil our targets. Here are our demands that you must fulfill if you hope for your well being.

a) You agitated our sentiments and disturbed us by arresting, imprisoning, and torturing our brothers in the name of SIMI and the other outfits in Indore, Ujjain, Mumbai, and in other cities of Karnataka. We hereby notify you, especially the ATS and the STF and the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, to release them all, lest you become our next targets and victims of our next attack. Don’t consider us heedless about the crimes you have committed in recent Indore riots and all this will be, Insha-Allah brought to account very soon.

b) We warn the Andhra Pradesh government, specifically the Hyderabad Police, to release the imprisoned Muslim youth immediately, and to be wise with yourselves. We are watching you, and our ground-work to gun you down has already begun. Insha-Allah, we will be rid of you very soon.
c) To the Maharashtra government and the rascals like Vilasrao Deshmukh and R.R. Patil, we announce the deadline to take heed before it is too late. Don’t think we informers and spies even if they are the disloyal and betraying munafiqeen (hypocrites) of our Ummah. O Muslims of Gujarat! If a petty population of Rajasthani Gujjars can use force for fulfilling their needs, then are we even more subjugated than these backwards? are unaware of the SRPF attacks on our Masjids and our homes, the insult of our Qur’an and your enmity with the Muslims in Digras and the nearby areas in Yavatmal and of the burning alive of three Muslims in Jalna with the backing of police. Yes! It is all being recorded and you will face the ill consequences thereof. And also the troubles faced by the Madrasa students and Muslim women in Mumbai Western Railways. We wonder at your memory. Have you forgotten the evening of 7/11/2006 so quickly and so easily?

d.)You try to fool us in the name of fast-track courts made for ’93 riot cases, through which you wish to free the actual Hindu culprits like Madhukar Sarpotdar who was caught red-handed with illegal firearms while the innocent Muslims arrested in the bomb blast case are being tried in the courts for years and years. Is this the hellish justice you speak of? I urge all the Muslims of Maharashtra to denounce those Muslim MLA’s who prove themselves to be the loyal dogs of Congress and NCP. Beware! O you criminals! you are already on our hit-list and our cross-hair now! We also alert Mukesh Ambani to think twice before usurping and building a citadel on a land in Mumbai that belongs to the Waqf Board, lest it turns into horrifying memories for you which you will never ever forget.
e) The news of the lawyers of the Bar Council in UP denying to fight the cases of our Muslim brethren has already reached us. Remember, you are provoking us to repeat the same blasts in civil courts that blew up your bodies into pieces.
f) Lastly, we intimidate and threaten the Media and the News channels, especially the TIMES OF INDIA and the TIMES NOW to be extra cautious in their propaganda war against the Muslims. Your biased and impartial approach to the news and the noise and the politics you make of ‘Islamic Terrorism’ indicates your hostility, hatred and fear that you grudge against Muslims and your loyal allegiance to the cunning ones who call themselves the “Intelligence Bureau”. You become dumb when it comes to the oppression and torture of the Muslims, faced in riots, firing, encounters, police custodies, remand homes and civil courts and your propaganda turns violent to project the ‘brutality’ of ‘Islamic terrorists’ and their ‘ruthlessness’ and their ‘merciless mentality’ and so on. We warn you to end this hypocrisy or get ready for a bloody slaughter.

The Indian Mujahideen hereby claim the sole responsibility of the Gujarat serial blasts, planned and executed by Indians only and it is our request to Lashkar-e-Toiba and other organizations, for the sake of Allah, not to claim the responsibility for these attacks.

This message is a declaration of hostility towards all those who fight Allah, His Messenger, and His Religion. While hoping for the Help and Victory from Allah we declare that such and more severe attacks shall continue irrespective of what the blamers blame us for.

The hosts (of the kafireen) will all be routed and will turn and flee. [Qur’an 54: 45].
We ask Allah to forgive us and Have Mercy on us and Aid us to conquer the unbelievers and Guide us to raise His Word and degrade His enemies with His Will Alone.

And peace be upon His Messenger, and all those who follow the Guidance.

Signed in script by Al Arbi and AmenAlhindi