Thursday, March 31, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at Delhi at a park and are seated on benches. They appear to be cool.)

Gandhi. Patel, What are the news? Of late, we are not in news.

Patel. Yeah. We must do something and be active.

Nehru. There are news. Yesterday in a stiffly fought match India defeated Pakistan in World cup semi finals at Mohali.

Gandhi. That is good, but…..

Patel. Bapu., why you have stopped? What is after but ?

Gnadhi. There is nothing important.

Patel. Bapu, You wanted to say something, but you have stopped.

Gandhi. Whao all are out of this tournament?

Patel. All much glorified teams like South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies are out of the game now. Other smaller teams like Netherlands, Bangladesh, Kenya, Canada, Zimbabwe are also out. Hee..hee

Nehru. What is there to laugh?

Patel. Nothing much.

Gandhi. Why Pakistan failed in this match? I thought they were doing well.

Patel. It is also a good team. Initially India won toss and selected to bat. Sehwag smashed Pak bowlers well and scored rapidly., the way he was hammering all thought that the sscore would touch not less than 350 atleast.

Gnadhi. Then what happened?

Patel. What will happen. As usual Sehwag fell to LBW and Sachin had to take the responsibility. He stabilized. He was also lucky to get few lives through dropped c taches. He sailed to 85 runs and suddenly gave a catch and was out. Yuvaraj earlier went for a duck. Gambhir also fell early and Kohli too was out cheaply. All thought that It would be a very difficult day. Dhoni played for some time and was out for 25 runs. It was only by Rainas efforts the score reached respectable 260 runs.

Gandhi. Was it not a good score.

Patel. Surely not. Pakistan is capable of chasing it. People kept fingers crossed.

Gandhi. then what happened?

Patel. When Pakistan batted. Run rate was very low due to tight fielding and good bowling by Indians. Pak wickets fell at regular intervals and soon they found themselves in spin. Finally Pakistan lost by 29 runs although they made some efforts to chase.

Gandhi. Poor guys. I feel sorry for them.

Patel. What d o you mean Bapu. You wanted them to win, I am sure.

Gandhi. Better I do not say anything. You guy will misunderstand me.

Patel. Bapu. You know, Pak PM came to India to witness the match.

Gandhi. That was good. I appreciate Dr Man Mohan singh for inviting them to India.

Patel. Bapu, There were rumors that Indian team would be asked to loose the match.

Gandhi, Why they should loose?

Patel. To appease them and a section of guys in India

Gandhi. I do not think this was true.

Patel. We do not know. It could be false rumors. Are Indian cricketers so low? They are great Patriots much more than the political leaders of today. They played so well. But when wickets fell cheaply, there was commotion. Yuv Raj who scored many 50 runs in this game, fell for zero.

Gandhi. Such things happen in cricket. I was told the pitch was bad soon and ball did not rise.

Patel. That also could be true.

Nehru. Hee..hee

Patel. Why are you giggling?

Nehru. Then what I should do? Should I cry?

Patel. Plesae cry because Pakistan has lost.

Nehru. Iam a patriot.

Patel. If so Iam happy. Bapu are you happy?

Gandhi. Iam also happy.

Patel. People generally think that you were for appeasement of Muslims.Even Godse in his statement during his trial said the same thing and he shot you plumb like Yiuvarj fell for LBW for a duck.

Gandhi. Iam not that bad as Godse said.

Patel. You know it better. Why dig past graves. More skeletons will roll down from cup boards. As long as Congress party is there these skeletons will be hidden in these cupboards. May be on some good day some guy will un earth these skeletons.

Gandhi. Then what will happen?

Patel. You know what happened to Lenin when USSR broke up.

Gandhi. Will my title Mahatma be taken away?

Patel. How do I know?

Gandhi. Any how Indian team bet Pak team convincingly. Iam also happy.

Patel. That is good and that is the spirit. In India every one wants India to defeat Pakistan. It is more important than winning world cup.

Gandhi. It is like wishing that my enemy should loose two eyes even if I loose one eye.

Patel. You may think so. Such is the situation. These guys harbored all terrorists and let loose jihad against India. They were involved in Bombay attack. We act as if we are ignorant. Our guys bend before them repeatedly again and again. We have no back bone and stiff spine. Our PM wants cricket diplomacy. What they are going ton achieve? They will go back and stray planning against us. There is no let up. They will not change. Upper stories of our guys are empty and the guys are clueless. You do any amount of favors to them Pakistanis will not change. They will continue anti Indian tirade. This is a naked truth.

Gandhi. Patel. Plesae do not spill so much venom.

Patel Bapu. Iam telling truth. Change atlesat now or else history will not forgive us.

Gandhi. Pate. Enough for today. Iam having head ache.

Patel Head ache will be there when heads are there. I know that you get head ache whenever I speak against Pakistan.

Gandhi. You may think so. Better we call it a day.

Patel. OK. Let us go.

( The trio walks away to the tune of ramdhun)


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are in the parliament lobby and are watching the proceedings. Patel is seen laughing. Nehru does not appreciate it and looks angrily at him)

Nehru. Look Patel. This is not any place of comics. This is parliament. The respected one too. Better behave.

Patel. Oh You are speaking out today. What a surprise it is?

Nehru. What is wrong in it? Can’t I speak?

Gandhi. You are most welcome.

Patel. Iam only laughing at the proceedings here.

Nehru. What is there to giggle?

Patel. It is everything.

( In the house opposition members are seen shouting at pitch of voice denouncing the PM Dr Man Mohan singh. He appears least bothered. He reads from a text as usual)

Gandhi. Look guys. He is not even lifting hi eyes from the papers and continues to read.

Patel. If he looks up he forgets everything..

Gandhi. Will he be able to tell his name without looking into his papers?

Patel. I doubt seriously. Hee..heee,,haa

Gandhi. The guy says they are not to be blamed. He says previous house was given full confidence by winning elections. More over the gained the trust of the house.

Patel. Issue is about the way they gained confidence

Gandhi. He says WIKI can not be believed.

Patel. It is a matter of convenience. Earlier Rahul was also put into trouble by WIKI leaks. What happened to him. There was some shouting in the house. Then all forgot about it. Even RSS is cool now. In love and politics all is fair. No one is eternal enemy or eternal friend. Every guy is an opportunist . hee..hee

Gandhi. Very well said patel. Haa,,hhaa..haa (sings)

All the guys in politics are big nuts
No one has some real guts
They play band to the situation
While they shout out of frustration

These are games of mere tricks
None is serious of this nation
The leaders are busy in looting spree
Everything they want only free

Patel. Hear . hear Well sung Bapu. How correctly you summed up the character of these guys!

Gandhi. That I do and I am an expert at it.

(In the mean time there is a melee in House and some members rush to the well and shout and dance too. Marshals are called and the respected members are forcibly taken out. They shout Down with PM.. hoo..hoo..hoo)

Gandhi. Tamasha for today is over. There will be again a show tomorrow.

Patel. True. Bapu. Let us go. Enough for today.

Nehru. Let us go.

( The trio slowly walks out of the house and get on to the road)

Patel. Bapu. How long this tamasha will go on?

Gandhi. How do I know. I know as much you guys know.

Patel. But this tamasha has been going on since long.

Gandhi. In democracy this is the only past time for the respected members of house. Fault finding is the main job. For those who are in power saving themselves is the main job. This is like a cricket match. Opposition tries to bowl out the ruling party members in different ways. It can be LBW, run out , stump out, catch out, clean bowled, Hit wicket or retired hurt. Most of the members try to cover up so that LBW decisions are in their favor. PM is an umpire. Speaker is another umpire. There will be another unknown third umpire. LBW decisions are always manipulated. Poor opposition again can not see wickets and keep bowling. There are very few clean bowled cases. Rather they are none.

Patel. Now they are trying to bowl out PM on wiki leak case and he is trying to cover up wickets.

Gandhi. Haa..haaa.. well said. Dr Man Mohan singh is a seasoned cricketer. He knows well to cover up his wickets.

Patel. Why not. The guy got so much practice in this murky games.Some guy has recommended him for national Chipko award too.

Gandhi. I know that.

Patel. If the award was Instituted when Jawaharlal lived, he was the most suitable candidate for it. I think now we must v award Chipko Ratna like Bharat Ratna.

Gandhi. That is very good and most befitting. You may alos include lesser grades as Chipko rattan, Chipkoram, Chipko nandan, Chipko hari that may be awarded to lesser should as we have Padma awards.

Patel. Very true. Bapu. Now some AP guys are demanding Bharat Ratna posthumously to NT Rama Rao. Like wise we must give Chipko Ratna to this Jawaharlal. He really deserved it.

Nehru. I do not need any award like that.

Patel. It is not that you are liking it and you are being given. In fact It is an honor for you,. Plesae take it Chipko sahib. Who can be most befitting than you when awarded to the guys who are no more on earth?

Gandhi. True. You deserve it. Even after Chinese debacle you did not resign. You hung on like Chipkali.

Nehru. You guys are insulting me in fact.

Gandhi. No .. No.. In fact if we take opinion of people you shall surely get.

Ptael. Ha..haa.. Bapu. Enough for today. This guy is getting worked up much. Let us leave him.

Gandhi. True Haa..haaa

( The trio walks away. )



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel in Delhi are seen conversing near Red fort. They are dressed in usual dress and not in high spirits. )

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. You seem to be very quiet these days. What worries you always?

Nehru. What can I say?

Gandhi. Why. You are free man top talk and not under any binding.

Nehru. That is fine, but I am unhappy about the way you give lift to this Patel.

Gandhi. I never gave any lift to him.

Nehru. But it is so.

Gandhi. What made you think so?

Nehru. You always appreciate him. Mostly you agree with him and clap to his words

Patel. From now onwards we shall clap to whatever you utter.

Nehru. I never wanted like that.

Patel. Then why always give a constipated look?

Gandhi. Patel. Better use some good words for him.

Patel. I always truth.

Nehru. Eeee…eeee…aa… You guys make joke of me always. ( Sings in Saigal’s style)

You make mostly fool of me
Although I am not at all one
Always together are we
But you guys against me make fun

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Please do not cry. We shall take care of it in future. (sings)

Cry not dear oh my cry baby
I shall sing to you few rhymes
Wipe your tears at once oh my young one
You shall be soon and enjoy the real fun

Patel. Hee. Hee.. That was great one.

(Nehru looks other way)

( They suddenly find Dr Manmohan singh walking on the road. Patel waves to Singh)

Patel. Hoi dear Singh Sahib. Namste. How are you?

( Man Mohan singh stops seeing Patel wishing him. He goes to the trio)

Man Mohan singh. Namaste sir. How are you all.

Patel. We are fine. How are you Mr singh in the second term as PM.

Singh. You are seeing things. Iam surviving daily.

Patel. I know that.

Singh. Not a single day passes without opposition making claims on my inefficiency.

Patel. Look Mr. Patel. Every guy reaches limit of efficiency at some time. You have already reached

Singh. Uh.. It is a curse to be the PM of this nation.

Gandhi, Iam happy you have realized.

Patel. On first count why you have accepted this thankless job.

Singh. Some one has to do this. If I do not do other guy will do. Pranab is in fact itching to be in my place. That guy can not speak Hindi properly. He also accepted it.

Gandhi. But Deve Gowda, the sleeping beauty was also a non Hindi speaking PM. But he was PM.

Singh. Hee.. He used to sleep while talking also. He was an expert in that art. He was happy like that. These are only excuses in fact.

Patel. Mr Singh. Now people are demanding your head after exposure by Wiki leaks.

Singh. Wiki is not bible. It si not Koran. It si not Geetha. That is all trash. How can we accept.

Patel. But these is some inner conciousness also.

Singh. Political leaders should not have any thing like that.

Patel. Ha..haa.. well said ( sings)

Political leaders after all are nuts
They are like dumb deaf and mute
They have to put a stone like face
Although some look very innocent and cute

Singh. Sir you are very strong in words. You were also such leaders at some time in past.

Patel. Leaders are today’s are different. These can not be compared. It is
like comparing an ass with horse.

Singh. Does it mean we are asses.

Patel. I did not say all. There are some ( sings)

Horse and ass are from same class
But they are of different make
An horse is agile and smart
While an ass looks like an horse that is fake.

Singh. So to t which class we must belong?

Patel. You know yourself.

Gandhi. Mr singh. Generally people say you are clean and honest. But you are surrounded by all murky men including those who run the show.

Singh. What can I say?

Gandhi. Look Mr Singh. You are highly educated. You are an outstanding economist. Then, why are you selling yourself. What for you are running?. What you want you toachieve? Are you heading for Nobel Prize? That will not come your way.

Singh. Sir Plesae do not curse me..…aa..aa..
Gandhi. I am not cursing you. I am trying to enlighten you. I am trying to awaken you from sleep. You are like brown bear in winter that has gone into hibernation. Know your inner strengths. Probably you are like Hanuman and you are unable to recognize your own personality and strength.

Patel. What Bapu has said is very true. Know your self and act. The nations is passing through a very difficult phase and do not be carried away in the torrent of selfishness and dynastic sycophancy. You are already at the fag end of your career and probably life too as you is getting aged too. What else you want to achieve and attain accomplishments?

Singh. This has been very difficult for me. I know my weakness and have limitations.

Gandhi. Plesae recall the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and the great Gurus. Remember great Gobind singh Maharaj and his accomplishments against Aurangzeb. Remember his Zafar Nama. ( sings)

Oh Mr. Lion as your name says
Be a real lion and not a mere pussy cat
Be bold and uphold values in this state
And drive away all the corrupt rats

Patel. Hip.. Hip hurray. Great singing bapu, hats off to you. ( Claps loudly)

Gandhi. Plesae remember what I said. Do not vanish into dark pages of history. Be a man. That is expected out of you.

Singh ( Murmurs as usual in his own typical style as generally seen on TV shows)

Gandhi( Beats his fore head) Ohfo. What happened to all my preaching for the last one hour. This guys is not responding at al.

Patel. Bapu. He is a robot merely. Probably remote controlled. Our talk have flown over his turban unable to enter into it.

Gandhi. OK Singh sahib. Do as best as you could. Remember my words. You will not be remembered by Jee Hazzoori. You have to act that too forcefully. Plesae do not say that your parliament can not act over the past parliament actions. Men are the same in both parliaments. If a govt servant retires is he not pursued even after retirement if some thing fishy is found in his actions. Is Musharraf past Pak President not being pursued even after he hung his uniform and laid down duties as President? .

Singh. Our country is different. Our actions are different. More over Wiki leaks are not authentic. How can we believe?

Patel. Only god can save this nation

Singh. Probably it is true. What did Lord Krishna say in Geetha? One should do Karma and not bother for actions. We are doing our Karma.

Gandhi ( Beats his fore head) This is our Kharma ( Fate in Telugu). God save us from these guys.

Patel. True Bapu. Let us go from here. Iam getting mad too.

Nehru. You guys must relax and know that politics is not that simple as you think.

Singh. OK Bapu and Patelji and Panditji. Bye Relax. I am going. After all I have to earn my bread. I have to be loyal. Mujhe kahanse kahan tak banadiya I Iam elevated from no where to this position). History will take its own beating. I am going. Bye

Gandhi. May god give you some good thoughts and useful wisdom.

( singh goes away)

Gandhi. Patel. Let us leave. Iam having head ache.

(The trio walks away)

Friday, March 18, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in heavens and they are walking on a street. They see an old man lying on roadside. He is stocky, plump and appears to be a Brahmin. The trio goes to him)

Gandhi. Whoa re you sir? Why are you in this pathetic conditions.

Old man. Sir. Iam Adi kavi Nannayya. I hail from Rajhamundry. I was in the court of Chalukya king Raja Raja Narendra in 12 th century.

Gandhi. I heard about you sir. You are credited to have started translating Maha Bharatham from Sanskrit into Telugu on request by your king. I learnt that Narayana Bhatt helped you in your task.

Nannayya. Very true sir.

Patel. Sir . Why are you in this pathetic state? Why you are dumped at roadside? Who has done that?

Nannayya. I died long ago sir all of a sudden without completing my task and came here centuries ago. My statue was erected by NT Rama Rao on tank bund to honor me. Thanks to him.

Gandhi. That was really good. But recently some mad persons demolished the statue during an agitation for Telangana state..

Nannayya. What is my mistake sir? Is it because I was from coastal Andhra?

Gandhi. I feel sorry for it. Some miscreants and misguided persons have done it. I do not think all Telanganites subscribe to this type of vandalism.

Nannayya. Hope so sir.

Gnadhi. Soon your statue will be reerected at the same place.

Nannayya. Thank you sir for confidence building.

( The trio reassures Nannayya and he slowly walks away to his room. They start walking on the lane and they come across another person badly injured and lying on roadside. They rush to him and lift him up)

Patel. Who are you sir and why are you in this horrible state ?

Jashua. Sir My name is Gurram Jashua. I was a Telugu poet of past and belonged to 20 th century. My great work was Gabbilam. I am dalit earlier called Harijan by MK Gandhi.

Gandhi. That is me.

Patel. We heard about you sir. I also know that you went through great discrimination on caste basis.

Jashua. True sir. That was past. I have forgotten it. Sir My statue was demolished on Tank bund.aa…aa…aaa… ( sings)

My heart aches with great pain these days
I cry over peoples ways
I am sure I carry no blame
While my statue has become totally lame

Patel We are very sorry to know that and this was the work by some foolish and crank guys. They do not know your value sir. They are carried away by Telangana sentiments.

Jashua. Does it call for insulting us like this?

Patel. We are very sorry for it.

Jashua. I went through great humiliations throughout my life because I was a Dalit. Now I am persecuted because I am an Andhrite. How sad?

Patel. Hope God gives these guys some sense.

Jashua. I was no way concerned about Telangana or Andhra. I was dead long ago. How I am responsible for this agitation?

Gandhi. True sir. We have all sympathy. Your statue will be again erected there.

Joshua. I do not want that, It will be demolished now and then. Better Iam left like this. These statues make no sense at all. Thanks sir for all the good words.

( Joshua gets up and slowly leaves and Gandhi wipes his tears. They start walking and reach Parkside and they see many people thrown as a heap. They rush to them. There they find CR Reddy, Raghupathi Venkat ratnam naidu, Sri Sri, Kandukuri Veeresha lingam, Gurajada Appa rao, Krishna deva raya, Annamcharya, Tyagayya, Erranna, Tikkanna, Kshetrayya, Ballari raghava, Shalivahana, Tripura neni, Mutnuri Krishan rao, and many more. All are seen crying loudly. They are badly disfigured, with broken legs and feet)

Gandhi. Patel and Jawaharlal. Please help them to their feet. They are lying one over the other. Some are badly bruised.

Patel. True Bapu.

( The guys are helped. Patel from a nearby pond gets them water and they drink and feel a bit better.)

Krishna Deva Raya. Is this the way these guys behave with us? I was a Telugu Emperor. Can they behave like this as we are dead. If I was alive I would have skinned the insane men who did this. ( He gets very angry and draws his sword and others prevent him and party to him to cool down).

Appa Rao. Strange indeed. What we have done to meet this fate. Did we ask NTR to erect our statues? Now they have shown the true colors right in front of Government. The present govt has no back pone to act strongly. They are just on lookers. Entire police force watched while we were insulted. Is this the way the deal law and order?

Patel. Sir. Every one knows about them. This is the state where police academy for IPS trainees is there. Hee..hee.. What training they can give to them?

Gandhi. Hee..hee..haa..haa

Appa Rao. Very true sir. You are correct.

Raghava. I was only an actor of drama and in no way concerned. In Hyderabad cinema most of the actors are from Andhra. Will they be driven out NTR and AKKINENI are from Andhra. Will they have no place in Hyderabad?

Patel. As per latest ideology that is the spirit.

(All the fallen leaders shout down with govt .. down with govt as it failed to contain the trouble makers.)

Gandhi. Please cool down guys. Iam MK Gandhi. The father of nation.

Mutnuri. From where you have come now? You were dead long ago.

Gandhi. True. I died. But I have power to appear again and again.

Mutnuri. Why. In what way you are useful?

Gandhi. Iam much pained at your words.

Mutnuri. Iam least bothered . Look at our fate. Can you stop this agitation that si going on

Gandhi. Probably I can not. All have rights to express grievances in democracy.

Mutnuri. But this is no way.

Patel. It is the new method . Old methods have vanished.

Appa Rao. Shame on you guys.

Krishna deva raya. If I come to power again I shall teach each guy a lesson for life time.

Patel. You will not get a chance again.

Deva Raya. They have to pay for ill deeds.

Patel. They think these are great deeds.

Gandhi. Why boil blood sir. Kindly forgive these guys. Jesus said. Oh father forgive them as they do not know what they are doing.

Appa Rao. It is easy to say. However you have quoted Jesus the great. We respect him. We forgive this vandalism. Plesae go and leave us here.

Gandhi. Thank you sir. You guys are very great.

Appa Rao. That’s I why our statues were erected.

Patel. Thanks guys. Thanks again. Bye

( The trio walk away to their rooms)


Monday, March 14, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

We are here to screw this beleaguered nation
And deny poor of the country simple rations
We always stick to chairs with fevicol like glue
At the call of elections we get immediate flue

We made great promises at elections
Spent crores of rupees and won the selections
We run for influential posts and berths
And without any work we want all perks

We promote daughters, concubines sons and wives
Under our clothes we have hidden sharp knives
We do not hesitate to stab friends in the back
And in all types of morals we surely lack

Once elected we care for hoots
To our fans we show our worn out dirty boots
The electorate keeps sucking their thumb
While our mental faculties get always dud and numb

We tour our areas to show our shady presence
Although we lack mere commonsense
At these places we are fed with chicken and booze
While terrorists with our help escape the noose

In day time we speak morals without stop in spate
While in dark hours the plans are made to loot the state
Tons of money is stacked away from the mother land
And in all types of scams one can find our dirty hand

Let the nation go to dogs and hogs
And most of us become dead logs
The world laughs at us for our miserable conduct
While our senses have become dull from the closed ducts

Like nuts we try to show off to the visiting heads of state
They surely laugh at our country’s fate
We bend and brush shoes of the party bosses
Although many feel they are mere simple asses

Once in an year to Gandhis greaveyard we go to spin yarn
In the evening all are busy munching pop corn
The nights are spent in drinking dancing and booze
While we are all busy with our heads gone loose

Foolish Indians vote for us again and again
They are like simple clowns dancing in rain
Indians can be fooled eternally by guys like we
They can be purchased at a price whatever it be

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are in Nagpur and are seen walking on the road. There is some tension on the road. Some guys aree seen shouting slogans Down with Dhoni.. Down…… Down Dhoni…)

Gandhi. Patel. What happened? Who is this Dhoni? What he has done?

Patel. Bapu. Dhoni is Indians Cricket Captain.

Gandhi. Why down with him? Is he involved in any scam? As it is every where guys are involved in scams.

Patel. No Bapu. He is not that type. A poor guy and he is a good guy. The team has lost to South Africa in yesterday's world cup match.

Gandhi. What is so big about it? Loosing and winning is part of any game. Why get upset about it?

Patel. Bapu. In India, Cricket is the most popular game. Indians want Indian team to win always.

Gandhi. How this is possible? Even best teams have lost some time or other.

Patel. I agree. But this time the match was very much in the hands of Indian team. India won the toss and elected to bat. The opening batsmen Sehwag and Sachin played great game and gave India a flying start. Sehwag made dashing 64 runs while Sachin blasted a century his 48 the hundred in ODI matches. India was 261 for one wicket and everything was going in India’s favor. Gambhir also made half century and were going strong. Every one expected a very great score from Indians.

Gandhi. Then what happened?

Patel. Indian team suddenly slumped from 261 for one wicket to 296 all out. 9 wickets fell for mere 35 runs. A big shame.

Gandhi. Strange indeed. How such things happen. There were many good batsmen even after Sachin and Gambhir. Have they not played?

Nehru. They also played.

Patel. What is this word also?

Nehru. I mean they also went into bat with a bat and gloves. They went to crease stood there, danced for some time made mockery of themselves and the nation and threw their wickets.

Patel. True. There were good batsmen such as Kohli, Raina, Yuvraj and dhoni too apart from Harbhajan and few hitters.

Gandhi, Did they not hit runs?

Patel. They tried to hit air instead of cricket ball. They only swung wildly as if in hurry the bat into air.

Gandhi. this is bad. I can not believe this that 9 wickets fell for 35 runs.

Patel. In the end only Dhoni was sucking his thumb while players known for batting failed miserably. One should feel sorry for Harbhajan who swing wildly and was bowled. I failed to know what for they were there?

Gandhi. I am sure these guys are much pampered.We have to know wheteher ther was any scam in thsi show? Indians over expect from them.

Patel. I really ascam has taken place in thsi match. But people doubt. Bapu. In their last two matches they struggled to win against second rate teams.

Nehru. Naturally irked up fans curse the batsmen who let down the team. So they are justified in shouting Dhini down.. down

Patel. Hats off to Sachin, the greatest batsman of all times. He hit his hundred with such masterly art and determination. Other nuts except Gambhir and Sehwag were smothered by the South Africans. These nuts have let us down this time.

Nehru. India lost by 3 wickets. If these guys have made another twenty runs India would have won the match. 291 runs is not a score to defend against South Africa. The match was close but the result favored them. India did not deserve to win.

Gandhi. the better team won. Dhoni and his men have to do introspection. Where was the hurry for them to get out. Even if they have taken singles they would have built huge score and India would have won. Every one wants to hit six out of every ball. That is the problem with Indian team. They have not applied themselves, dhoni failed to guide and advise his men. It was his failure. Failures should be taken instride and should learn from them. These should not be repeated.

Patel. Hope these nuts will learn a lesson.

Nehru. Invariably Indian team will not learn.

Gandhi Then writing on the wall should be read. World cup can not be won by dreaming and playing like this.

Patel. I agree.

Gandhi. May god give them some sense and wisdom. If guys do not want to learn no one can help them. Indians should not play fancy shots and get out. This is what they did. The same thing Gawaskar said in his remarks.

Patel. Hee..hee. OK Bapu. Let us go. People are much irked up. Better to go home.

Gandhi. OK Bye

(The trio quickly walks off singing Ramdhun)


Friday, March 11, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen approaching Tank bund in Hyderabad when they are stopped by Rapid action force personnel heavily armed. Gandhi gets irked up )

Gandhi. Bhai what is the matter now? Why we are not being allowed? Why this trouble every day?

Inspector. To day there are serious restrictions every where. You just can not go on to Tank bund.

Patel. Look brother. Are we appearing to be miscreants. We are simple old men.

Inspector. That I know. But I am helpless. We will not allow even a cat on to this road.

Patel. Can we sit some where here and watch things.

Inspector. Better do not do that. You may get hurt. We expect some trouble from agitators. But if you get screwed up we have no objection.

Patel. Hee..hee

( In the mean time hundreds of agitators climb the tank bund using all types of ladders and reach to of the bund. Police men are taken by surprise. They try to chase away the crowd while the agitators throw stones at police.)

Gandhi. Patel. Look. Now the tamasha for the day has started. These are Telangana agitators. Read the banner. It says they are on million- march.

Patel. Bapu.. Day by day things are getting worst. I do not know why Govt is delaying Telangana issue.

Gandhi. There is saying that if we neglect the problem it will die its natural death.

Patel. Bu this is not applicable every time. The mutual hated is spreading like wild fire. Some trouble makers are spreading hatred too.

Gandhi. I know it is there. Patel . Look . Police are firing tear gas shells. Cover your eyes with wet cloth. Jawaharlal Plesae you also do that.

Nehru. Bapu. Thanks.

( In the mean time some students pick up the tear gas shell and throw at the police. It lands very close to Nehru. He cries loudly.)

Nehru. Bapu. Let us go from here. Things are getting hot.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Do not get scared. We have faced any such things. Have you forgotten our days.

Nehru. Now we are old.

Gandhi. True.

( In the mean time some agitators collect near statues on tank bund. Some are Narsimha , Yadiah, Ramu, Laxman, Raja, Maisayya. They are throwing stones at the statue.)

Maisayya. Come on. Look at this statue. He is not from Telangana. Pull it down. Break it. Hoo..hoo. This is the only way the guys will learn to leave Telangana

Raja. What we will get by breaking the statue. They were dead long ago.

Maisayya. Their memory is still there. Break it.

Ramu. Correct. Break it and throw it in lake

Maisayya. Hoo..hoo..Haa..haa..

( The agitators pull down the statue and kick it. They use hammers and sickles to break the pedestal. The statue falls down with great sound. The police guys watch helplessly. )

Maisayya. Now lift up the statue guys and throw it in lake. Hoo..hooo

Raja. Hoo..Ho.ho.ho Jor laga ke haisso… Jorse Uthho Haiosso.

Raja. Uthake phenko Haisso. Pani me phenko Haisso..

( The guys lift the statue and throw in water)

Gandhi. What nonsense is going on here. They have broken nearly 18 statues and defaced many. All these statues of Andhra guys erected by NT Rama Rao. How sad!

Patel. Telangana sentiment is very high now. Some guys are spreading hatred. Govt has to act.

Gandhi. Govt will again erect statues. But this will cost money and it will be public money.

Patel. Poor guys do not realize that. Hee..Hee

Nehru. Bapu. The Tamasha has gone off long. There is nothing left on Tank bund now. It looks like a battle field. Let us go Bapu from this shit place.

( ( Gandhi goes to a police officer and takks )

Gandhi. Sir. You appear to be an honest man. They guys have been breaking statues. You have not done any thing to stop that.

Officer. Let them. If we strike at them they may jump into lake and some could die. They are breaking only statues. They can be rebuilt easily.

Gandhi. But this is an insult to those great men

Officer. They are already dead and have seen many such insults in their life time. Gurram Jashua the Dalit Poet suffered great humiliation when he was alive. This is not greater than that.

Gandhi. You appear to be a wise man in police force.

Officer. Even singer Annamayya suffere at the hands of King Achutha Raya and was imprisoned an d humiliated. This is noit agreater insult. Brahmanna was humiliated by Nagamma many times. Thuis is nota greater humiliation. Krishan Deva Raya was also insulted several times and was called son of a Dasi. He did not care and became a great emperor. He is least bothered by this Tamasha.

Patel. Sir Probably you are a misfit in this force. You appear to be learned too.

Officer. Iam an IPS officer.

Patel But all IPS guys are not as intelligent as you are. Many are made from Mill.

Officer. If we take strong action there will be serious actions. We will be suspended from Job. Some could be transferred and might loose promotions. Bad remarks will be written in our confidential reports. Why we should spoil our careers.

Gandhi. It is also true. Why you should you risk your necks. These Tamasha will be always there. Best of luck to you officer. Take care of yourself.

Officer. In fact I must say this word to you. Now it is other way. What a fate!

Gandhi. OK officer. We are happy that we are not hurt. Now we go.

( The trio walks away while the police is still is seen firing tear gas shells at the crowd and chaos continues without a stop)



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is a heavily guarded building with many weapon wielding guards around I Tripoli, the capital of Libya That is trouble torn. Gandhi , Nehru and patel land up at The gate .Some tanks are also seen parked near the building in which soldiers are seen aiming machine guns They are stopped by sentries)

Sentry. Who are you. What do you want?

Patel. We came from India. We want to see Mr Gaddafi the Libyan ruler.

Sentry. You can not see him. He is highly busy and this is highly secured place. Plesae go away. This is not the time to see him.

Patel. We came from such far off place. For us there is no place to go here. Plesae tell Gaddafi that we came from India and want to see him..

Sentry. Do you have appointment to see him?

Gandhi. Invariably we do not seek pass and we do not believe in taking prior appointments.

Sentry. You are very strange indeed. Any how I shall ask the security officer

( In the mean time the Security officer arrives and enquires)

Security officer. What is the matter? Who are these guys? They look like Beggars. What do they want? Why they are waiting here?

Sentry. They want to see the President immediately.

Gandhi. We are not beggars. In fact I am father of Indian nation.

Security officer. It is strange indeed. You claim to be a father of nation. Why are you in this pathetic state. You do not have even shoes. Are you so poor?

Patel. It is not that he is poor or rich. He represents India where poverty is maximum.

Security officer. We can not permit you to see the President of Libya when you are in this dress.

Gandhi. Plesae allow us in.

Security officer. I shall arrange some suits for you guys . Plesae wear them. In the mean time I shall get permission from the president

Patel. This is not a bad idea.

( In the mean time the trio are given dark suits and hats and shoes. They wear and sit in the lounge and keep waiting and the officer goes in to see Colonel Muammar Gaddafi )

Gaddafi. What is the matter? Is there any problem? Is there any risk for me immediately?

Officer. No sir. It is not that. There is a guy called MK Gandhi and claims that he is father of India. He along with his two friends is waiting to see you. Shall I get him here.

Gaddafi. Is that essential?. Hope they are not some revolutionaries trying to topple me. They may kill me.

Officer. We have taken all precautions

Gaddafi. Please allow him in. .

(After some time the security officer sends the trio and they arrive into the hall where Gaddafi is seated in a posh Sofa. Heavily armed security personnel are seen at important places guarding Gaddafi. Gaddafi receives Gandhi and his friends)

Gaddafi. Welcome Mr Gandhi. It is nice to see you. I know you died long ago. I can not believe that you came alive. What is this magic?

Gandhi. Sir. This is a strange phenomenon and probably you can not understand.

Gaddafi. What is so big about it that I can not understand?

Gandhi. Sir. It is correct that I died in 1948. But I Due to my good deeds I am still in heavens and probably I shall be there for many years further. In Hindu philosophy things are different. After death Hindu souls reach heavens or hell to suffer or enjoy depending on their deeds before they take re birth.

Gaddafi. In Islam things are different. Dead Muslims are buried and they rise at the time of Kayamat ( day of judgement) and their destiny is decided then. Either they remain with Allah in heavens or eternally go to hell. There is an exception. Muslims who die in the cause of religions will go to Heavens directly to enjoy all perks.

Patel. That means the Jihadis who claim that they are dying for Islam will go to heavens.

Gaddafi. I am sure they will. By the by why are you here? What d o you want?

Gandhi. I learnt that your country is in chaos now. After eruption in Egypt the Arab countries are having trouble. People are revolting against dictators.

Gaddafi. Very correct. These jokers have been instigated by vested interests. Iam sure West is to be blamed .

Gandhi. Look Mr Gaddafi. These countries were under dictatorships since decades and ambition for democracy has been suppressed all these years. How long one can suppress them. Therefore there is trouble.

Patel. Mr Gaddafi. We learnt that you have been killing your people using tanks, air craft as if they are enemy soldiers.

Gaddafi. True. Some soldiers too have joined them and they are armed. So they have to be fought. I am fighting for my survival.

Gandhi. But that is not good. One day you have to go. Why don’t you step down gracefully? Then people may forgive you.

Gaddafi. Am I that weak. I shall screw these guys. What they think of me. I am Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the supreme authority.

Gandhi. But I advice you to see reason. Every where in world democracy is thriving except in Middle East. Plesae exclude Turkey.

Gaddafi. Look Mr Gandhi. Islamic law is autocratic. Islam and Democracy do not go together. It has to be dictatorship. Turkey is. strange nation. Can Saudi Arabia and Iran be democratic places? It will never happen.

Gandhi. entire world is condemning your military action against your own people. One day US will attack you and free your people. You will become like Saddam Hussein.

Gaddafi. I shall fight to last drop of blood.

Patel. Please do not be rigid. Listen to us.

Gaddafi. I may think of stepping down if no cases are booked against me and if my money is not touched. There were reports in pres that such negotiations are being made.

Gandhi. People may not accept your conditions. Better you flee the country like Shah of Iran .

Gaddafi. Mr Gandhi. why are you condemning me. Plesae look at your own country. Your govt is killing people in Kashmir who are revolting against authority. Mine is a legitimate govt. I have all the rights to put down lawlessness.

Patel. Mr Gaddafi. Please do not compare Kashmir ad Libya. Yours is dictatorship. In Kashmir too there is democratically elected state govt and some miscreants want secession from India. The have to be fought any way. In Kashmir all people have all democratic rights. It is not like Libya.

Gaddafi. Still I maintain that Iam right.

Gandhi. Plesae think over it gain before it is too late. We are your well wishers. It si time for you step down and install democratic govt.

Gaddafi. Sorry gentlemen. You have wasted your time coming all the way here.

Gandhi. It is OK. It is our duty to advise you correctly.

Gaddafi. OK Guys thanks for the visit

( Gandhi and his friends take leave of Gaddafi and walk out of the room. They are escorted out of the building not before they change over to their original dresses)

Security officer. OK Guys. Thank s for the visit. You are free to go now. I hope you kept your pass ports safely.

Patel. We do not need passports any way

Security Officer. Why and how?

Patel. You shall not understand this. We can go wherever we like.

Security.Officer. It is strange. Some where some one will put you behind bars.

Patel Please do not worry about us. Here we go

( The trio walks away singing Ramdhun)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen walking on parliament street in Delhi in the evening hours. They see some guys singing a song and playing band too. They listen carefully)

Gandhi. Patel. Listen to that song carefully.

Patel. Yes Bapu. I am at it.

(Singers sing the song…)

Ham layen hai toofan se kashti nikaal ke
Is deshko rakhna mere Bachho sambhaalke
Tum hee Bhavishya ho mere Bharat vishaal ke
Is desh ko rakhan mere Bachho smabhal ke

(We have brought the boat out of the great tempest to safety
Oh Children now take care of the country and manage it safe and well
It is you who are the future of this great and big nation
Oh Children now take care of the country and manage it and that we tell )

Gandhi. That was a great song indeed. We really gave the Indians the befitting freedom at that time, that is in 1947.

Patel. Bapu, the present nuts leaders and guys in India have screwed up everything.

Gandhi. The song should be changed now. It should be:

Ham laye hai toofan se kashti nikal ke
Is deshko dubodi Bachho usse khoob lootke
Tumhee Lutere ho iss deshke mere Bachho suno
Is deshko dubodia mere Bachho usse khoob lootke

Patel. Hee..hee

Nehru. Bapu. This is too much insulting to our present generation and leaders.

Gandhi. Why? What wrong I have said. Has I not spoken truth. Iss Deshko loot liya janata ne.. Leadero ne.. sabhee badmaashone.

Nehru. Bapu. This is not befitting from you.

Gandhi. What I said is hundred percent true. You guy is part of it as you failed to arrest degradation. You promoted your daughter too. Soon she rose and screwed up every Institution.

Patel. She imposed emergency and did not resign after Allahabad court verdict.All democratic process was thoroughly screwed up. Complete collapse started from then onwards.

Gandhi. True.hee..hee

Patel. Hoo…hooo.hooo

Nehru. I am much upset with your talk. Better I go from here.

Patel. Where you will go? Why do you want to run away from truth? How far you will run?

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. See what happens in Parliament and state assemblies now. Is it of some respect? They fight like urchins at garbage dump. See how many scams have taken place. In the present government every day some scam is being revealed. That too of the order of millions of rupees. Some run into billions. This looks like scamsters glory. Better we call it as crooks galore.

Patel. Hee. Hee Well said Bapu. Mere (My) Bapu.

Gandhi. And the funniest part is that PM does not know any thing. What is the use if he is honest by himself? He personally may be above the board. But he has failed to contain and administer. His ministers have made billions and siphoned off money somewhere. He also says the names of such crooks can not be revealed due to international agreements. What fun this is. These strange investigations will go on eternally. Every one knows the outcome and the end result.

Patel. Very true. ( sings and does jig)

Look at the scamsters around
And the investigators shall go round and round
Nothing will come out by dear friend
This is the only and usual trend

Gandhi ( Claps) Hear ..Hear. Very well sung dear. Iam impressed

Patel. Bapu, Bapu I am no match to you.

Nehru. Yu guys keep praising each other. It is I scratch your back and you scratch mine

Patel. Please do not get worked up. Truth is always painful.

( In the mean time the group playing the song change the song and sing)

Dekh tere sansaar ki haalat kya ho gayee Bhagawan
Kitna badal gaya insaan
Aaya samay bada be danga..
Aaj aadmi bana lafanga
Kahi pe Jhagda Kaheen pe danga
Naach raha nar hokar nanga
Chal our kapat ke hatho apna
Bech rahaa eeman
Kitna badal gaya insaan

(Look at the world that you created Oh God
How the man has changed
The bad times have come
The man has become a rogue
Fights here and there and riots too
The man is dancing naked
Crookery and mischief is the order of the day
And he sells his self respect
How the man has changed )

( Patel gets inspired and does fast jig while Gandhi Claps. The singers get inspired and the too dance in the usual filmi style. Nehru hold his head and sits on a roadside stone. The dance goes on vigorously and every one gets tired)

Patel. Bapu. Now we are tired. Better we take rest

Gandhi. That is fine.

( Patel and Gandhi sit on roadside rocks and relax. The singers too walk away. In the mean time a police van arrives and an Inspector approaches them.)

Inspector. Hey. Who are you guys? Why are you sitting here? This is a secured zone. VIPs stay here. Better go from here

Gandhi. Look Inspector. We are harmless. See us. What harm can we do to them? Most of these VIPs are crooks themselves. Most of them are involved in scams, land grabbing and in some kidnappings and rapes too.

Inspector. Shut up. You are speaking too much. Are you so great that you talk like this?

Patel. Whole nation knows about them

Inspector . What they know?

Patel. Think of the land scams, Mining deals, Stamp scams in past, Mafia deals, and many more. Every where they are involved.

Inspector. Enough of this talk. Now go away from here.

Patel. What will you do if we stay here?

Inspector. You will know it soon.

Patel. OK. Please see. We are staying here.

( Inspector gets a message over Walkie Talkie that he is required at Head Quarters.)

Inspector. I have to rush urgently. I shall take care of you soon. Better learn to behave. You might have escaped from me know. You will not get second chance.

Patel. Thanks. Take care of your self first. Hee..hee

( The desperate inspector goes away in patrolling car looking backwards repeatedly)

Patel. Bapu. That guy was stubborn too.

Gandhi. They are always like that. Otherwise they will not make good police men

( Suddenly they see a large group of people rushing from a side lane and they assemble on road. They shout Jai Telangana..Jai Jai Telangana. Few leaders in the group are seen arguing. Tension is building up. Leaders are naganna, Chandranna, Reddayya, Yadgiri, Maisanna and Mallesham The trio goes to them)

Gandhi. You guys appear to be Telangana agitators.

Mallesham.. Yes. We are leaders. We have some differences over some issues.

Patel. How can you lead agitation if there is no unity among you?

Reddayya. Unity can never be there.

Patel. Why?

Reddayya. If unity is there only one or two guys get into lime light. Rest will be suckers

Gandhi. This is strange.

Reddayya. What is so strange in this?

Patel. Every thing is strange. Look. I am Patel. This guy is Gandhi, MK Gandhi, Father of India,. During our time no one differed with Gandhiji. He was the undisputed leader.

Mallesham. We know everything. Subhas Bose surely differed.

Gandhi. You know what happened to him.

Mallesham. We learnt that he was hounded out of congress after he won as Congress president defeating PattabhiRamayya, Gandhis Candidate.

Gandhi. I am happy that you know history backwards.

Mallesham. I have done MA in history from Osmania University.

Patel So some study goes on in Osmania University. In recent times I learnt that there are no studies there.

Reddayya. Osmania was always like that. It is known for that.

Patel. God bless that university and poor students.

Gandhi. By the by , why you guys are fighting over some thing or other.

Naganna. If everything is quiet how we get publicity? We have to get some coverage in news and Tv channels

Patel. That is good too.

Nehru. What is good in this?

Patel. Every guy wants to get into fame. If all follow one guy, only that guy gets into lime light. Rest will be in darkness. They will be treated as.. they also ran..

Gandhi. well said.

Mallesham. Oh fo.. In our talk with these guys we forgot to fight it out.

Gnadhi. Better we stay at a distance. Patel. Let us watch from a distance.

Patel. That is fine Bapu.

( The trio walk to some distance while the leaders argue violently and then get to blows. The crowd splits into three groups. Some shout Nangana ki Jai.. Jai.. Others shout Chandranna ki Jai.. Some also shout Yadgiri ki jai.. There is great pell mell. Every one forgets Telangana slogan. There is free for all. Shirts are torn, slippers are thrown all-around. People fight each other tearing clothes.)

Gandhi. Good Joke. How can they win their battle when they can not struggle together. May god bless them. Let us go. We have better things to do.

( Gandhi and Patel start walking away and Nehru too joins them limping)


Sunday, March 6, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are relaxing in a park in Hyderabad near Tank Bund and The park is known as Indira Park a joint for lovers. It is right in the centre of Hyderabad city right close to the secretariat where so called leaders, thinkers and administrators of the State waste their time throughout the day producing nothing but creating just chaos and financial crisis in the state.)

Gandhi. This park is really cool while the state is burning with Telangana agitation and crisis.

Patel. True Bapu, You aid very correctly. Now Andhra and Seemites are taking up the cudgels after seeing the Telanganites scoring runs.

Gandhi. Is it cricket match? Nehru. Probably this is like a Cricket match while people are watching Tamasha.

Patel. Hee..Hee..heee.. well said Jawaharlal for a change.

Nehru. Thanks dear for compliments for a change.

Patel. I am not that bad as you think.

Gandhi. Guy!. Better stop fighting. Patel. I learnt that state govt employees have withdrawn the agitation and non co operation movement.

Patel. Govt knows how to twist their tails. They linked their pay to some twist. Bapu, You know , How difficult for thee guys to prolong the agitation. They were like fish out of water. They were really struggling. Every guy has some loans, Credit card bills up to their necks. They were desperate that some how Govt would accept their demands. They got a chance and they withdrew. Next time they will think thousand times before doing such things again. These activities are like India and pak wars. Each country after fighting war for few days keep looking for some country to call for peace talks and cease fire and these countries will take a long breath and declare cease fire.

Gandhi. Hee. Hee.. Haaa.haaa. Well said Patel.

Patel. Thanks Bapu for appreciation. Bapu, There is some strange award to be implemented soon.

Gandhi. What is that? Already Bharat Ratna, Seva Medals of all types and Padma awards are there are there

Patel. Bapu. This is the national Chipko award declared by some Gum manufacturers in India.

Gandhi. What is so great about it. The best gum manufacturer will surely get it.

Patel. It is not like that. It will be given to a guy who Chipkos to his seat of power

Nehru. What nonsense is this?

Patel. Why are you getting cut up? In fact you chipkoed ( as of stuck by glue) yourself to seat of PM for 17 long years right from 1947 to 1964 till you breathed your last.

Nehru. What nonsense is this? Did I Chipkoed myself? I won elections after every five years and my party came to power and formed govt at Delhi and every time I was made PM by my party MsP.

Patel. Did at any point of time in your life you thought of giving power to any other guy>

Nehru. No one does like that.

Patel. I am sorry. You claim to be a great Historian. Please know that great emperor Chandragupta Maurya of Magadha in past ( before BC) handed over power to his son in old age and he retired to forests. It is learnt that he went to Sravanabelagola in Karnataka, a great Jain center even now. If he wanted he would have continued till he died.

Nehru. That was long time ago. Now no one does. Look Patel. Karunanidhi the CM of Tamil nadu is continuing as CM in wheel chair even now. NTR continued although he was old and was pushed out by Naidu in AP state. In medieval times even Akbar the great reigned till he died. All Mughal emperors did it. No one sacrificed in favor of sons. So why should I do it?

Patel. Therefore you would have won this award surely if it was instituted during your tenure. The greatest Chipkoer you would have been.

Nehru. You may say anything.

Gandhi. Patel. Please say you will win this award now. Who could be the most suitable candidate?

Patel. Bapu. I think there is only one guy who can qualify very well for this award. He has these qualifications. Please accept this as a puzzle.

( Patel reads out from a paper)
1. He can not win elections on his own as he has no mass appeal
2,He can not inspire people with his address either directly or over TV. He is a very poor orator. He can only read through text without lifting eyes. What goes on is a mockery.
3. He is a mere specialist in ( So called) economics as generally agreed, but has no administrative skills.
4. He is not strong in administration or team and confidence building
5. He carries on his government not by his ability but by the high command fear
6. He has not been able to monitor his ministers and their ill doings all these years and turned other way.
7. He himself declared that by virtue of his alliance with other parties he had to adjust to situation.
8. His ministers knew that they are being led by a misfit in the chair. They took him for a ride.
9. He is a safe bet for the high command who can keep PMs seat warm for prince Rahul.
10. At calling by a bell he will hand over his PM chair to a guy from Popular dynasty even in midnight and would be ready to work under the chota Raja till now.
11.He has recently accepted that he would take responsibility for appointing CVC chairman who is believed to be a guy with disrepute.
12. In no other party, he would have become a PM and therefore he is Yes master to high command. He will dace to the tune of high command. He is always ready with a stamp and stamp pad.
13. He has more time attending meetings abroad, in conferences and time pass activities than real governing. In fact there is no governing. Country runs by gods blessing.
14. He is leading the most corrupt government and the most inefficient ministers manning various posts.
15. He is being gloried as the only second PM to have the longest tenure. There is no great achievement in this because he is the safe bet for passage to Rahul. Pranab will not be trusted in PM seat by high command.
16. He has miserably failed to contain terrorism and the Bombay attack and failed to react to uphold national pride and glory. He was meek and inefficient and has lack lustre disposition to occupy such a place in the nation. The only and the only plus point that he is academically was probably brilliant. It is not relevant to PMs Position. Deve Gowda, Chandra Sakhar, Gujral, Charan singh ( Aya Ram and Gaya Ram PMs) were much better as PM.
Nehru. I know whom you are hinting at.
Gandhi. I also can make out.
( In the mean time a Bird jumps down from a tree and goes to the trio hopping. It speaks in human voice)
Bird. Good morning gentlemen. Iam Firki the sparrow. I live on this tree. I herad your conversation.
Gandhi. it is very surprising. You are able to speak in human voice.
Firki. That I do.
Patel. What you have to say?
Firki. I heard there is puzzle for the national Chipko award.Hee..heee
( A monkey from a tree top laughs loudly. It is sitting with some of his friends. All the monkeys jump from the branches and go to Gandhi and sit very comfortably)
Gandhi. You monkeys appear to be highly disciplined.
Monkey. Sir, my name is Hanuman. In previous birth, we were party workers from your party.
Gandhi. That is fine. I am happy to hear that. We were disciplined. So you atleast were born as monkeys after your death. I can not say in which form the present guys will be born.
Hanuman. I am sure they will be garden lizards and chameleons.
Patel. Hee..heee. Well said.
Firki. Bapu Can I say the answer to your Puzzle.
Gandhi. Plesae go ahead.
Firki.The Chipko award has to go to the present Pm of the country. No one can be a better Chipkoer than him.
Gandhi. Haa..haaa.. ( Claps loudly)
Patel. Hip Hip Hurry ( Claps loudly)
( Firki the bird and Monkeys dance while the Gandhi and patel claps loudly. Nehru gets upset and walks away)
Gandhi. Jawaharlal appears to be annoyed.
Patel. He can not be sportive.
Gandhi. True Bapu. Enough Bapu for to day. Let us go.
Gandhi. OK. Hello Firki and Hanuman Thanks for your visit and solving the puzzle.
( Firki and Hanuman and other monkeys go away chattering )
(Gandhi and Patel also walk off while Nehru slowly follows them dejected)

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Dr Manmohan singh very greatly deserves this prestigiously maligned and shameful award. Reasons are :-
1. He can not win elections on his own as he has no mass appeal
2,He can not inspire people with his address either directly or over TV. He is a very poor orator. He can only read through text without lifting eyes. What goes on is a mockery.
3. He is a mere specialist in ( So called) economics as generally agreed, but has no administartive skills.
4. He is not strong in administration or team and confidence building
5. He carries on his governmnet not by his ability but by the high command fear
6.He has not been able to monitor his ministers and their ill doings all these years and turned other way.
7. He himself declared that by virtue of his alliance with other parties he had to adjust to situation.
8. His ministers knew that they are being led by a misfit in the chair. They took him for a ride.
9. He is a safe bet for the high command who can keep PMs seat warm for prince Rahul.
10. At calling by a bell he will hand over his PM chair to Rahul even in midnight and would be ready to work under the chota Raja till now.
11.He has recently accepted that he would take responsibilty for appointing CVC chairman who is believed to be a guy with disrepute.
12. In no other party, he would have become a PM and therefore he is Yes master to high command.He will dace to the tune of high command. He is always ready with a stamp and stamp pad.
13. He has more time attending meetings abroad, in conferences and time pass activities than real governing.In fcat there is no governing. Country runs by gods blessing.
14. He is leading the most corrupt governmnet and the most inefficient ministers manning various posts.
15. He is being gloried as the only second PM to have the longest tenure. There is no great achievement in this because he is the safe bet for passage to Rahul. Pranab will not be trusted in PM seat by high command.
16. He has miserably failed to contain terrorism and the Bombay attack and failed to react to uphold national pride and glory. He was meek and inefficient and has lack lustre disposition to occupy such a place in the nation. The only and the only plus point that he is academically was probably brilliant.It is not relevant to PMs position. Deve Gowda, Chandra sekhar, Gujral, Charan singh ( Aya Ram and Gaya Ram PMs) were much better as PM.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in Libyan streets roaming freely. They are confronted by somemen.They are armed. They are Shahariyar, Munawwar, and Suleiman.)

Suleiman.Hey oldman.Who are you? You do not appear to be a Libyan. You look like an Indian.

Gandhi. I am an Indian. Is it a crime to be an Indian?

Suleiman. Did I say that? You are imagining. Why are you roaming around? You may get shot.

Gandhi. Bullets will not kill us.

Munawwar.That is something great. Are you wearing a bulletproof jacket? You guys are poorly dressed.

Patel. That you can not understand. By the by why are you creating trouble here? Gaddafi was in chair since long. Why this sudden upsurge.

Suleiman. There is no democracy here
Gandhi. Do you know meaning of democracy? Why do you want it?

Suleiman. Is it something great that you only know it. You appear to be a proud guy like any Indian.

Patel. It is fine we are Indians. But democracy has many perils. You know we gave democracy to India in 1947.

Gandhi. We are feeling sorry for it now.

Suleiman. Why? The guys must be happy.

Patel. In India democracy has been mis understood. They think it is free for all. ( sings and does jig)

Indian nuts practice democracy
They feel it is free for all
Indians are the greatest hypocrites
And however they make claims very tall

Clowns now rule India at every corner
And they feel on top of the tower
They are mere nuts of first order
And always they are after money and power

Suleiman. This is some thing we did not know.

Nehru. Better know it now.


Nehru. Bapu. What is there to laugh.

Patel. My dear friend. There is everything to laugh.

Nehru. In fact you guys are making mockery of Indian democracy in a foreign country.

Gandhi.We are not doing anything. Whole world is laughing at us. The way our Members of Parliament and Members of legislature act in Parliament and the way the ministers behave is atrocious. Is there anything to feel proud about them?

Nehru. But they are our men only.

Gandhi. Who said they are not ours? They are our own nuts of first order and of infinite degree.

Suleiman. Here we are fighting for democracy after throwing out Gaddafi. But you guys already have democracy and you are not happy with it.

Patel. Dear friend What we have in India is One family democracy. The family of Nehru only will rule. People are crazy. The party members of ruling party have no voice. They are like sheep and shout sheep every minute. Chief ministers are appointed by high command and they are not elected by members of legislature. They are like a big bunch of sheep and shout ..we authorize high command to choose the CM and the high command chooses a nut and yes master without any backbone. They are like earth worms and always struggle to sit. They are thrown out if they speak. The leaders are clueless and at all costs want to retain power. Our PM does not know how scams are taking place right under his nose. He says he had to adjust. I do not know what is the compulsion for him to hang on. After all he is a great economist. Why should he bow down? Strange indeed. .

Suleiman.Ha..haaa..hee..hee.. So this is your democracy.


Gandhi.hee..hee Dear friend Still do you want democracy in your country.

Suleiman.Never..never..Our Gaddafi was far better. Thanks for enlightening us Thanks. Long live Gaddafi.

Gandhi. Thanks dear .Here we go. We may come again after sometime.

( The trio walks away)