Thursday, March 24, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel in Delhi are seen conversing near Red fort. They are dressed in usual dress and not in high spirits. )

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. You seem to be very quiet these days. What worries you always?

Nehru. What can I say?

Gandhi. Why. You are free man top talk and not under any binding.

Nehru. That is fine, but I am unhappy about the way you give lift to this Patel.

Gandhi. I never gave any lift to him.

Nehru. But it is so.

Gandhi. What made you think so?

Nehru. You always appreciate him. Mostly you agree with him and clap to his words

Patel. From now onwards we shall clap to whatever you utter.

Nehru. I never wanted like that.

Patel. Then why always give a constipated look?

Gandhi. Patel. Better use some good words for him.

Patel. I always truth.

Nehru. Eeee…eeee…aa… You guys make joke of me always. ( Sings in Saigal’s style)

You make mostly fool of me
Although I am not at all one
Always together are we
But you guys against me make fun

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Please do not cry. We shall take care of it in future. (sings)

Cry not dear oh my cry baby
I shall sing to you few rhymes
Wipe your tears at once oh my young one
You shall be soon and enjoy the real fun

Patel. Hee. Hee.. That was great one.

(Nehru looks other way)

( They suddenly find Dr Manmohan singh walking on the road. Patel waves to Singh)

Patel. Hoi dear Singh Sahib. Namste. How are you?

( Man Mohan singh stops seeing Patel wishing him. He goes to the trio)

Man Mohan singh. Namaste sir. How are you all.

Patel. We are fine. How are you Mr singh in the second term as PM.

Singh. You are seeing things. Iam surviving daily.

Patel. I know that.

Singh. Not a single day passes without opposition making claims on my inefficiency.

Patel. Look Mr. Patel. Every guy reaches limit of efficiency at some time. You have already reached

Singh. Uh.. It is a curse to be the PM of this nation.

Gandhi, Iam happy you have realized.

Patel. On first count why you have accepted this thankless job.

Singh. Some one has to do this. If I do not do other guy will do. Pranab is in fact itching to be in my place. That guy can not speak Hindi properly. He also accepted it.

Gandhi. But Deve Gowda, the sleeping beauty was also a non Hindi speaking PM. But he was PM.

Singh. Hee.. He used to sleep while talking also. He was an expert in that art. He was happy like that. These are only excuses in fact.

Patel. Mr Singh. Now people are demanding your head after exposure by Wiki leaks.

Singh. Wiki is not bible. It si not Koran. It si not Geetha. That is all trash. How can we accept.

Patel. But these is some inner conciousness also.

Singh. Political leaders should not have any thing like that.

Patel. Ha..haa.. well said ( sings)

Political leaders after all are nuts
They are like dumb deaf and mute
They have to put a stone like face
Although some look very innocent and cute

Singh. Sir you are very strong in words. You were also such leaders at some time in past.

Patel. Leaders are today’s are different. These can not be compared. It is
like comparing an ass with horse.

Singh. Does it mean we are asses.

Patel. I did not say all. There are some ( sings)

Horse and ass are from same class
But they are of different make
An horse is agile and smart
While an ass looks like an horse that is fake.

Singh. So to t which class we must belong?

Patel. You know yourself.

Gandhi. Mr singh. Generally people say you are clean and honest. But you are surrounded by all murky men including those who run the show.

Singh. What can I say?

Gandhi. Look Mr Singh. You are highly educated. You are an outstanding economist. Then, why are you selling yourself. What for you are running?. What you want you toachieve? Are you heading for Nobel Prize? That will not come your way.

Singh. Sir Plesae do not curse me..…aa..aa..
Gandhi. I am not cursing you. I am trying to enlighten you. I am trying to awaken you from sleep. You are like brown bear in winter that has gone into hibernation. Know your inner strengths. Probably you are like Hanuman and you are unable to recognize your own personality and strength.

Patel. What Bapu has said is very true. Know your self and act. The nations is passing through a very difficult phase and do not be carried away in the torrent of selfishness and dynastic sycophancy. You are already at the fag end of your career and probably life too as you is getting aged too. What else you want to achieve and attain accomplishments?

Singh. This has been very difficult for me. I know my weakness and have limitations.

Gandhi. Plesae recall the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and the great Gurus. Remember great Gobind singh Maharaj and his accomplishments against Aurangzeb. Remember his Zafar Nama. ( sings)

Oh Mr. Lion as your name says
Be a real lion and not a mere pussy cat
Be bold and uphold values in this state
And drive away all the corrupt rats

Patel. Hip.. Hip hurray. Great singing bapu, hats off to you. ( Claps loudly)

Gandhi. Plesae remember what I said. Do not vanish into dark pages of history. Be a man. That is expected out of you.

Singh ( Murmurs as usual in his own typical style as generally seen on TV shows)

Gandhi( Beats his fore head) Ohfo. What happened to all my preaching for the last one hour. This guys is not responding at al.

Patel. Bapu. He is a robot merely. Probably remote controlled. Our talk have flown over his turban unable to enter into it.

Gandhi. OK Singh sahib. Do as best as you could. Remember my words. You will not be remembered by Jee Hazzoori. You have to act that too forcefully. Plesae do not say that your parliament can not act over the past parliament actions. Men are the same in both parliaments. If a govt servant retires is he not pursued even after retirement if some thing fishy is found in his actions. Is Musharraf past Pak President not being pursued even after he hung his uniform and laid down duties as President? .

Singh. Our country is different. Our actions are different. More over Wiki leaks are not authentic. How can we believe?

Patel. Only god can save this nation

Singh. Probably it is true. What did Lord Krishna say in Geetha? One should do Karma and not bother for actions. We are doing our Karma.

Gandhi ( Beats his fore head) This is our Kharma ( Fate in Telugu). God save us from these guys.

Patel. True Bapu. Let us go from here. Iam getting mad too.

Nehru. You guys must relax and know that politics is not that simple as you think.

Singh. OK Bapu and Patelji and Panditji. Bye Relax. I am going. After all I have to earn my bread. I have to be loyal. Mujhe kahanse kahan tak banadiya I Iam elevated from no where to this position). History will take its own beating. I am going. Bye

Gandhi. May god give you some good thoughts and useful wisdom.

( singh goes away)

Gandhi. Patel. Let us leave. Iam having head ache.

(The trio walks away)

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