Sunday, March 13, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are in Nagpur and are seen walking on the road. There is some tension on the road. Some guys aree seen shouting slogans Down with Dhoni.. Down…… Down Dhoni…)

Gandhi. Patel. What happened? Who is this Dhoni? What he has done?

Patel. Bapu. Dhoni is Indians Cricket Captain.

Gandhi. Why down with him? Is he involved in any scam? As it is every where guys are involved in scams.

Patel. No Bapu. He is not that type. A poor guy and he is a good guy. The team has lost to South Africa in yesterday's world cup match.

Gandhi. What is so big about it? Loosing and winning is part of any game. Why get upset about it?

Patel. Bapu. In India, Cricket is the most popular game. Indians want Indian team to win always.

Gandhi. How this is possible? Even best teams have lost some time or other.

Patel. I agree. But this time the match was very much in the hands of Indian team. India won the toss and elected to bat. The opening batsmen Sehwag and Sachin played great game and gave India a flying start. Sehwag made dashing 64 runs while Sachin blasted a century his 48 the hundred in ODI matches. India was 261 for one wicket and everything was going in India’s favor. Gambhir also made half century and were going strong. Every one expected a very great score from Indians.

Gandhi. Then what happened?

Patel. Indian team suddenly slumped from 261 for one wicket to 296 all out. 9 wickets fell for mere 35 runs. A big shame.

Gandhi. Strange indeed. How such things happen. There were many good batsmen even after Sachin and Gambhir. Have they not played?

Nehru. They also played.

Patel. What is this word also?

Nehru. I mean they also went into bat with a bat and gloves. They went to crease stood there, danced for some time made mockery of themselves and the nation and threw their wickets.

Patel. True. There were good batsmen such as Kohli, Raina, Yuvraj and dhoni too apart from Harbhajan and few hitters.

Gandhi, Did they not hit runs?

Patel. They tried to hit air instead of cricket ball. They only swung wildly as if in hurry the bat into air.

Gandhi. this is bad. I can not believe this that 9 wickets fell for 35 runs.

Patel. In the end only Dhoni was sucking his thumb while players known for batting failed miserably. One should feel sorry for Harbhajan who swing wildly and was bowled. I failed to know what for they were there?

Gandhi. I am sure these guys are much pampered.We have to know wheteher ther was any scam in thsi show? Indians over expect from them.

Patel. I really ascam has taken place in thsi match. But people doubt. Bapu. In their last two matches they struggled to win against second rate teams.

Nehru. Naturally irked up fans curse the batsmen who let down the team. So they are justified in shouting Dhini down.. down

Patel. Hats off to Sachin, the greatest batsman of all times. He hit his hundred with such masterly art and determination. Other nuts except Gambhir and Sehwag were smothered by the South Africans. These nuts have let us down this time.

Nehru. India lost by 3 wickets. If these guys have made another twenty runs India would have won the match. 291 runs is not a score to defend against South Africa. The match was close but the result favored them. India did not deserve to win.

Gandhi. the better team won. Dhoni and his men have to do introspection. Where was the hurry for them to get out. Even if they have taken singles they would have built huge score and India would have won. Every one wants to hit six out of every ball. That is the problem with Indian team. They have not applied themselves, dhoni failed to guide and advise his men. It was his failure. Failures should be taken instride and should learn from them. These should not be repeated.

Patel. Hope these nuts will learn a lesson.

Nehru. Invariably Indian team will not learn.

Gandhi Then writing on the wall should be read. World cup can not be won by dreaming and playing like this.

Patel. I agree.

Gandhi. May god give them some sense and wisdom. If guys do not want to learn no one can help them. Indians should not play fancy shots and get out. This is what they did. The same thing Gawaskar said in his remarks.

Patel. Hee..hee. OK Bapu. Let us go. People are much irked up. Better to go home.

Gandhi. OK Bye

(The trio quickly walks off singing Ramdhun)


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