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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi , Nehru and patel are seen at a public meeting organized at Nizam college grounds in Hyderabad. They are watching the people with great interest. Some leaders arrive in cars along with their coterie. Slogans are raised Jai Telangana ..Jai Jai Telangana.. Hoo..Hoo. Long live Telangana… Long live peoples struggle.. Hoo..Hoo..)

Gandhi. Patel. It looks today’s proceeding will be of great interest.

Patel. Sure Bapu. Day by day things are getting interesting too. Last week the VIPs in assembly disrupted proceedings and governors address. It was a great thing in democracy. In fact I watched things on TV. It was so interesting to watch. It was a great fun indeed. There was sucha great pell mell. It was a great chaos. Some VIP went as if it was free for all. Poor Governor was watching with disgust. Yet he completed his speech. He had great grit and determination.

Gandhi. Why not? He was after all a police officer from IPS cadre.

Patel. Heee..heee .. Yes. Bapu. In fcat I felt greatly ashamed to be there watching the entire thing.

Gandhi. You should take things in stride.

Patel Are you telling things to me. Every time you used to break your head with stone or chappal ( foot wear) recently and crying I do not want to live.. I am surprised.

Gandhi. It was momentary reaction. Later on I adjust to things. Look. Now I am very happy. It is a great past time to us.

Nehru. Bapu. Bapu. Some time your behavior is strange rather. We do not understand you.

Gandhi. You better be like that.

( In the mean time the leaders climb the dais and go to the mike. The people hysterically shout Jai Telangana…Jai ..Jai Telangana.)

Gandhi. Can we expect some fun today?

Nehru. Why not? It is all fun now a days.

( A leader speaks at mike)

Leader. Listen guys. Listen..Listen..Listen.. Be silent. I am your leader. Recently our Bands for two days were successful. Not a education Institution worked. No office functioned. No shop was opened. No business was made. No bus plied. No Lorry moved on road. No Auto plied. It was great success.

Patel. May people suffered greatly. I wanted to go to doctor. There was no vehicle. No auto obliged.

Leader. Telangana demands suffering and sacrifice.

Patel. What can I say?

Leader. Now we have to make things more difficult to government.

Gandhi. Better it is for people

Leader. Who are you. Why you are speaking in between. Are you from Andhra.

Gandhi. Iam from no where. I am from India

Leader. I see.

Patel. There is nothing to see here . Plesae speak up.

Leader. We have many programs ahead. In next action we shall stop all trains. Nothing can move.

Patel. Last time too some guys burnt MMTS coaches. What good they have done. At Osmania University buses were burnt. Is it good for society. It is all our money.

Leader. Such things happen in agitations. Some anti social elements join stir. They can not be stopped..

Patel. How sad! Police will surely book cases against such men

Leader. Let them do. Later they will withdraw cases as they have done now. It is all fun . In our next action trains will be stopped.. Some stations could be burnt as usual. All cell towers would be made dysfunctional.

Gandhi. That is bad. You can not use your cell phones. It will affect your agitation.

Leader. We shall not do that in that case. We shall encircle Collector and Mandal offices. Every thing will stop.

Gandhi. will ther govt allow it. Will they keep lookoing like fools.

Leader. What they can do.?

Patel. They shall fire on guys. Innocents will die

Leader. Some guys have to die. That I said earlier.

Patel. That could be you too.

Leader. I shall be at different places.

Patel. That means you push innocents to the front and hide somewhere.

Leader. Leaders have top be saved at all costs. It is a strategy of war. In past too leaders were saved by troops. Or else the agitation will die. Do you know in Haldighat battle a Rajput warrior dressed himself as Ran Pratap and carried his flag and Mughals were after him while Rana escaped after the defeat at Haldighat.

Patel. Plesae note that Shivaji Maharaj led his troops from Front. Don’t you know how he slew Afzal Kahn at Pratap Gad. Did he hide in his fort while Bijapur troops created crimes against Women and children and temples?

Leader. I was not there at that time to see what Shivaji maharaj did?

Patel. This is not the answer by you. You are absolutely clueless about leadership. Don’t you know Gandhiji led all actions from front.

Leader. Iam not Gandhi nor Shivaji.

Patel. Then why are you there?

Leader. Please do not waste my time. Please take this guy out from here.

(Some people rush at Patel and try to catch him. But they can not do as Patel does not have physical body. They get perplexed.)

Leader. Plesae leave him there. Listen.. We under any case will make life difficult to government. Let students loose the academic year. Telangana requires sacrifices.

People.. Hera ..hear.. ( all clap loudly)

Gandhi. patel. These guys are bent up on disturbing academic year.

Patel. Bapu. Education in AP has no meaning. There are so many Engineering colleges in AP particularly in city and you know the standards there. It does not make any difference. University would make all adjustments. No one will be detained for attendance. As it is they are granting degrees to students who do not pass in two subjects. You will not be surprise if they promote every one without exams and grant degrees to all final years without passing the exams. After all it is their powers.

Gandhi.. That is great..haaa..haa.

Patel. Hoo..hoo..hoo..Bapu. Now no one is bothering for Osmania Degree. Similar thing happened in 1969.

Nehru.. Hee..Hee..Hee

Leader. OK Guys. It was a good function. I am happy to be here although these jokers tried to disturb me. After all they are not from this state. They do not know our problems. I am pardoning them. After all they are old men at the gate of death.

Patel. One day every one has to be at the gate of death. You , me and every one.

Leader. I know that. But before that I want to become CM of this state. Or else I shall not a get a chance top become CM. In this big AP state how I can become CM. Small states are must so that many become CM, MsLA and ministers, Corporation chairmen, Vice Chancellors, secretaries, IGPs, this and that..hoo..hoo..hoo

Patel .That means you are not interested in common men.

Leader. They will be like that always whichever government comes to power. Common men are like gun fodder.

Gandhi. Shame on you guys. Better pack up from here.

Leader. Who are you to tell me?

Gandhi. You will not understand me. You could not know Shivaji Maharaj even. You do not lead from front. Students are pushed to the front and they are loosing lives. T here is no point speaking to you. You are a nut. Patel. Let us go. They shall cook their own goose.

Patel. Better relax Bapu. We have many good things to do. Look guys . Please understand your leaders. Think of Local leaders. No one is resigning. They are scared of the future. They are like cats on walls. Plesae be careful. Hope 1969 will not be repeated like Chenna Reddy did with Telangana agitation. He ditched all guys and joined Congress. It looks as if same thing will happen soon. We are going. Bye.

( The trio vanishes singing Ramdhun)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( A public function is going on in Hyderabad at Ravindra Bharathi and there is a large gathering. Plenty of Police guys are also present wielding all types of small arms. Special armed police is also deployed with fixed bayonets everywhere. Gandhi and his friends Nehru and Patel are also seen in the crowd)

Gandhi. Look Patel. There is great rush here. What is the matter? What is this function?

Patel. Bapu, It is very common in Hyderabad to hold function at this central place on various occasions. Let me see the banner too.

Gandhi. That’s O.K. Go and read it.

( Patel goes near the gate to read the banner and looks at it)

Patel (Looking at the banner reads) Public function to facilitate the leaders who disturbed Parliament proceedings and created chaos recently)

( Patel goes to Gandhi and clarifies)

Patel. Bapu. Mere Bapu. This function is being held to facilitate all the leaders who disturbed Parliament proceedings.

Gandhi. Is it so? I heard that such facilitations are held when the guy said some good things

Patel. Bapu. It is relative to people. When some crank threw a shoe at President Bush of USA in Iraq at a meeting it was greatly condemned in US press. However some guys in USA also celebrated the incident. In Iraq some supporters felt great at the incident and glorified the show thrower. Hey,,hey..

Gandhi. True. Well said.

Patel. Look Bapu. Recently A fool killed the governor of Pak state because he differed with him over his statement over Islam. He was his security guard. He was arrested. But he was glorified by the clergy. When Godse killed you, many Indians surely sympathized with him. But he was hanged. Life is like that.

Gandhi. Ohfo. It is still paining for me. Godse has put solid bullets into me.…eee…eeee

Nehru. Bapu. Relax. Godse is dead long ago. Now the people are honoring some nuts that disturbed parliament proceedings.

Gandhi. What they did?

Patel. Bapu. All of them interrupted address by the President. They threw papers at him. Some gathered around him. Some pulled his hair while some broke the mikes. One guy threw the chair down while another guy threw down the podium.

Gandhi. That was real nonsense. Are such things expected from elected representatives?

Patel. In India everything is accepted. It is Indian democracy.

Gandhi. Ohfo. I can not bear this

(Gandhi takes out his slipper and hammers his own bald head shouting kill me.. kill me guys. Quickly kill me. I do not want to see this tamasha. Aa..aa… The on lookers gather and pull away the slipper from his hand. Gandhi is seen bleeding. Nehru rushes and wipes blood from his head. )

Nehru. Patel. What types of guys are there in houses now! They take pride in doing such things. Are there are no parliamentary regulations for conduct in houses.

Patel. They are there. But what is the use. Rules are to be broken. If a common man does such things he would have been behind bars. But these are bigwigs.

Nehru. I understand.

Gandhi. aaa..aa…aaa eee… I do not want to live more to see such things.

Patel. Bapu. You are already dead. You can not die again.

( In the mean time the VIPs arrive and they are taken a procession into the building while well dressed females ( Ladies) shower flower petals on them. Some women show Arthi to them while some sprinkle scented water on to them. The guys look haughty) Gandhi, Nehru and Patel also enter the hall along with others. There is not much restrictions on entry in to the hall. The trio is seated in the front rows. By looking at them people give respect. In the hall the VIPs are seated on the dais and the announcer shouts silence .. silence. His name is Chamcha ( Close follower or bootlicker) ram. The chief guest of the function is a noted educationist going around in the city. He is very old and gives a famished look with white hair)

Chamcha ram.. Hear me please. That is fine now. Please maintain silence and dignity here. That is fine. To day we have gathered to felicitate the great sons of this state who have distinguished themselves by showing extraordinary courage in showing their feelings in the greatest house of the land in front of the greatest personality. They are the true sons of soil and they need glorification. They were bold, bright, chivalrous, took initiative and we very proud at them and their achievements. The first part of the programme is Jyothi Prajwalan by the chief guest and the VIPs present on the dais. Now I request them to proceed to the lamp for the activity.

(The guys gather around the lamp and there are only five wicks in the lamp while there are ten members. The chief guest lights the lamp and the next four guys light the remaining four wicks. Still there are five VIP are left. One of them blows air and puts off all glowing Vicks. They then light all the wicks one by one. Every one claps loudly)

Gandhi. Patel. What is this nonsense going on here? Does any one put off glowing lamps?

Patel. Bapu. What is wrong in this for them? They are capable of putting lives off people. Haa..haa..

Gandhi. Hee..heee

Nehru ( Angrily looks at them)

Chamcha Ram. Hello Guys. Listen. Now I request the senior leader from the VIPs to express his feelings.

Senior VIP. Good evening friends. I am amazed at the feelings of people and for the honor being given to us. In fact we have not done any thing great. That was our sacred duty on such occasions. Otherwise what for we were elected? We had to act when required. More over we had to show our presence to every one. No one gets publicity by simple and straight means. I shall tell one thing to you. In this world it is not possible to collect wealth by fair means. By only unfair means people collect wealth. In war and love all is fair. Politics is nothing but war. Our adjustments in politics is like love. Every thing is very fair in it.. We did all type of things in house. We were finally thrown out. What happened to us? Simply nothing happened to us.. We got publicity. Now we are being honored too. Haa..haa.

Gandhi. (Stands up) Hey shut up you clown. What are you talking? Is this the way you speak? What for you were elected by people. Is it for such things? Better know your duties.

Chamcha singh. You old man. Keep quiet and sit down.

Gandhi. Why should I keep quiet? Why are you honoring guys for such acts?

Chamcha ram. They are great men. Who are you to object?

Patel. He is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi and father of India

Chamcha Ram. Hee..heee. Hope you have not gone crazy.

Patel. No We are perfectly fine. It is and you have gone mad in fact

Chamcha Ram. Behave you swine. Son of a Bitc… You bloody Bast…

Patel. Mind your language. Or else you will have from me.

VIP. What is this commotion here? Who is he? Kindly send him out.

( Some security guys come closer to Gandhi and try to lift him out of the place. They do not feel him. They move their hands in air. They are perplexed and run away shouting ghost…ghost...)

Gandhi. Look guys. Iam MK Gandhi. Listen to me. I got you freedom so that you guys behave and govern well. But you have brought bad name to every one.

VIP. Do not call yourself Gandhi. He died long ago. You appear to be a fake Gandhi posted by opposition parties. Better shut up and sit down.

Gandhi. You shut up first. You clown of first order..

( The VIP gets angry and throws a paper weight at Gandhi. Gandhi ducks and the weight hits an elderly woman on her mouth. She looses her two teeth. Her name is Jamuna Bai)

Jamuna Bai. Haye Margaya.. Is saale ne.. Is haraam zaadene mujhe mar diya.. Haye Mein Kahoo Jawoon. Mera moh toot gaya. Haye. Mein Mar zawan.. haye..

( Some women volunteers arrive and try to escort her out while she abuses the VIP)

Jamuna Bai. Arre Kutte. Gadhe ka puttar.. Suwwar ke aulad. Gande naali ke keeda.. Kya samajha tha hai apne aap ko.. Mere oopar Patthar pekhta hai. Teri ki aaisee tho waissee. Tera sir phahatjawa. Tera moon me kutta thooke.. kya samjh tha hai apne aap ko.

( She is forcibly taken out)

VIP. Look . all this crap has been arranged by opposition parties and our enemies. They do not want to see our glory. Maaf Karna ( excuse me). We have wasted our time. I am again thanking you for this occasion. Namasthe ( He sits down )

Chamcha Ram. Thank you sir. For your good words.. Now I request our Chief guest to address the gathering)

Chief Guest. Good evening every one. Iam honored to be the chief guest to day. However I feel sorry for the sad happening in the great house. But these things are part of democracy in prevailing situation. No one really understands what democracy is.

Patel (Stands up) Hello sir. Better define democracy as free for all. That is what happening to day.

Chief guest. Probably it is correct.

Patel. ( sings and does jig)

Know that democracy is practiced by fools like us
Who are clueless of all values and conduct
Guys can do whatever they want today
Still they are honored as we do now to all’s disgust

Gandhi. Hear ..hear .. this is the truth

( Gandhi Claps loudly and all the guys in hall shout hip hip hurray)

Chamcha Ram. You guys. Shut up. Enough of this shit going on here from you.

Patel. Better behave. You are shit. Your words are shit. Your ancestors are shit. Your policy is shit and your thoughts are shit. Your company is shit. Your actions are shit and your friends are shit.

Chamchga Ram. Chief guest sir. Please proceed with your address..

Chief guest. Iam very happy that they guys are being honored for their commitment. But this honor is not sufficient. They need to be given Bharat Ratna surely. I take this opportunity to congratulate them for their achievements. Thanks again

( He sits down. All the guys on dais clap along with their sycophants)

Patel. Shame..shame

Chamcha Ram. Now I declare the function closed. We are not presenting them any mementoes because our demand for Barat Ratna it self is a great gift to them. I also demand that the Chief guest be given Bharat Ratna. Thanks.

( All the guys get down from the dais and walk out while Gandhi and his friends walk through another door .Some goons follow them)

(The trio vanishes while goons desperately search for them)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Osmania university campus in Hyderabad city and it looks like a police seized bastion. Everywhere police men are found. All of them are dressed as if they are roman warriors wielding weapons, helmets, armor. Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are also seen on the road side watching the scene with others.)

Gandhi. Patel. We came here some months ago. Situation was then also was like this.

Patel. True Bapu. At that time the Telangana movement was at its peak. Then Krishna committee was declared and the violence reduced waiting for the report.

Gandhi. Now the report has come.

Patel. It is a joke on people now. The guys have realized the joke.

Gandhi. Hee..hee.. haa..haa..huu.

Patel. Hey..hey..heyy

Nehru.. hoo…hoo..hoo.

( Patel suddenly breaks into a jig and sings)

These guys have been fooled
The nuts do not know where they are
These guys have no unity
While each and every one wants to ride in a car

They have no direction to the core
And are groping like bats in day light
Finally Telangana will be ditched
While many goons become leaders in street fights

Gandhi. Very nice Patel. Very well composed and sung

Nehru. What is so great about this shit poetry?

Patel. Is this nonsense a poetry

Nehru. Then what?

Patel. Then what all you wrote in your life time is nothing but a shit writings.

Gnadhi. Haa..haa..haaa

Nehru. Bapu. Why do you laugh. Earlier you praised me much. Now you are supporting Patel.

Gandhi, What to do. I derive fun from your fights. Hee..hee..hee

( In the mean time many students try to come out of the gate of campus and are stopped by police men. Students throw stones at them. Police retaliate with stones. Inspector Zalim singh with constables, khoonkar, Kumbh karna, Akshya, Rakta beeja, Rakta daha are facing the students)

Zalim singh. Look students. Go away to your rooms. Go and study there.

Sudent Naresh. Haa..haa..haaa..hoo..hoo. Police go back.. go back.. Jo hamse takraye ga wo mittee me miljayega..hoo..hooo

Student Yadgiri. Hee..haa..haa.. hoo. Jai Telnagana…Jai Jai Telangana ,,hoo..hooo

Student ramu. Take this you guys. ( He throw s a stone at Zalim singh)

Zalim singh. Ye Baaaat hai.. Dekh loonga. Tereko. Chamdee utar doonga.. Kya samjha mujhe.. Arre Kutte. Sabak sikhatahun.. tete ko Badmash. Apne aap ko student kahatahai. Vidyarthi banta hai.

Patel. Bapu. What is the real meaning of Vidyarthi

Gandhi. Vidya means knowledge and education. Arthhi means one who is seeking it. Vidyartyhi seeks knowledge. Word is very great.

Patel. Are they seeking knowledge? I doubt it.

Gandhi. Hee,,hee You know better. They are seeking Telangana now. Education has now disappeared.

Patel. Knowledge seeking has stopped long ago in educational institutions. The students are now caught in traps laid by the dirty politicians. Some guys want to become leaders through student politics. We have many guys like that in Parliament. Some are central ministers. Jai pal Reddy at center was a student of Osmania University and he actively participated in all politics and now also playing politics.

Gandhi. But we do not hear him much on Telangana issue.

Patel. They are cats on wall. They are playing safe. They are guarding chairs. They play opportunistic politics. At an opportunistic moment they would try to join the issue to grab some thing.

Gandhi. This is also true for Congress leaders from Telanagana.

Patel. None is prepared to resign their posts. They want the tag with them. At times they act as if they are with moment. Where are these guys. They have pushed students to front to face police and seeing tamasha.

Gandhi. Leaders now lead from back.

Patel. But you always led from front.

Gandhi. haa..haa. Those days are over now. It is the day for opportunists and fence sitters and cats on wall.

Patel. Mew..mew

Gandhi. haa..haaa..haa..heee.heeee

( In the mean time police fire tear gas shells at students. Many run to distance. They again group up. Some tear gas also envelops Gandhi and Patel when the students throw back the canister of tear gas)

Gandhi. Ohfo. What a gas? But the gas is not powerful as it used to be.

Patel. Bapu. The canisters are also adulterated like any thing.

Zalim singh. Haa..haa.. Is it a joke you guys. Tear gas shells are original. There are no fake ones.

Gandhi. Bhai , You know it better.

Zalim singh. I always know better.

Patel. Look Bapu . Many students have gone back from gate. I think trouble has been averted.

Zalim singh. We handled the crisis well. Thank god. We were not forced to fire bullets.

Patel. Plesae do not get worried. You will get many opportunities. This movement will not die soon. That means many promotion chances for you. Relax sir.

Zalim singh. Sure .. Sue.. You guys appear to be sensible.

Patel. That we are.

Zalim sing. Who are you guys?

Patel. We are Gandhi, Nehru and Patel.

Zalim singh. That is good. You have good names.

Patel. These are not mere names. We are they and they are we. We can not be others and others can not be we. We and they are same, Same are they and we. We are not like them and in fact they and we are same.

Zalim singh.…eeee.. What is this? Not one word has been understood.

Patel. Better think coolly and understand. We are going. Bapu. Let us go before this guy gets into senses

Gandhi. So be it.

( The trio walks away )

Monday, February 21, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen near Assembly hall of Andhra Pradesh. There are many police men guarding the gate. Scores of people are around)

Gandhi. Patel. What is going on here? I find many guys along with police men.

Patel. What can be there? Usual trouble will be there here. Ever since Telangana issue came up everything is chaos here.

Nehru. Such things go on in all states.

Patel. But this is a special place. There is no rule here. It is free for all now.

Gandhi. I think Krishna committee gave its report

Patel. That was another joke of highest order. The government has just fooled the guys in state

Nehru. How? You always think negative.

Patel. I am not negative. I only tell facts. You feel bad because you were a party to the rulers. You were PM for many years screwing this country.

Nehru. Have you seen Patel, Mere Bapu? How he is talking. He feels I did not really work and only screwed up.

Gandhi. Take it sportively Jawaharlal. You can also tell him something about his failures.

Nehru. I can hardly find any thing

Gandhi. Then better keep quiet.

Patel. I was talking about Krishna committee report. Where was the need for this report? What new things they have given in this report? It is a joke on people. They were given literally an year. There is saying in Urdu, “ Pahad khod kar chooha pakda”: That means they caught a rat after digging a mountain. There is nothing new they gave. All was known to every one. It was only fooling around the people. Hee..hee..

Gandhi. Hee..heee.. That was a point really

Nehru. Some how government wanted to buy time. They did. After the report is out the guys have realized that they were fooled.

Gandhi. Does it mean that now Telangana issue is dead now?

Nehru. Nothing can be said now. The police have restricted TV publicity. Osmania University as volatile as ever. But nothing is leaked out. After everything is over,, there will be small news item in a daily and that is end. So people think that all is peaceful around. But all is not well

Gandhi. After all govt will have a strategy. They have to control situation some how even if fundamental rights are to be restricted.

Patel. But people’s rights are violated.

Gandhi. But it is OK when such freedom is misused by media.

Patel. Bapu. It appears there is no rule here. The CM Kiran went around with his Rachha banada programme.

Gandhi. What is this Rachha Banda. A strange word for me.

Patel. Raccha Banda in Telugu means .. a place in a village usually around a tree in the village center where the village elders solve and listen peoples problems. Rachha also means nuisance in Telugu. Banda means a very flat stone

Gandhi. Hee..hee.. I think late CM YSR started the scheme. In fact he died while proceeding for such a programme.

Patel. True Bapu. You are very

Nehru. What is so great about it.

Patel. At all places Telangana people disturbed these meetings and CM had to retrace his steps. Some places Shoes were also thrown..haa.hhaa..

Gandhi. Shoe throwing is the latest scheme.

( In the mean time there is a great commotion. Some White clad men were thrown out on the road by the security staff of the assembly. They appear to be leaders. They shout slogans against the government)

Gandhi. What is going on here? These guys appear to be MsLA. Why they were sent out. Find out Patel?

( Patel goes to a security guy)

Patel. Namaste sarkar. What happened to these men. Why theya re thrown out?

Security man. They were disturbing governors address. They broke mikes, pulled chairs and tore away papers and some of them beat up another legislator.

Patel. Very good sir.

Security man. Is this good sir?

Patel. What else they can do?

( Patel returns to Bapu)

Patel. Bapu. They were thrown out because they disturbed Governors speech.

Gnadhi. Very good democracy indeed. Is the assembly hall a boxing ring.

Patel. Soon it will become. In the last election a candidate bnamed Karate Raja contested
And lost. On an earlier occasion Kotta das anotorious guy contested and lost. He had MIM ticket if I m not mistaken. In next elctions only Pahilwans, Boxers, and weight lifters will contest. Their requirement will be surely there. People like you and me will not have any place.

Gandhi. Under any case we will not be there. But my name will be used for Ahimsa that is non violence. But future election slogan will be Ram nam japna Paraya mal apna.

Patel. Why Bapu.

Gandhi. Why means what ? I think you know that Dr Man Mohan singh refused to reveal the names of guys who kept money in Swiss banks.

Patel. I know that, he also said that he had to adjust due to coalition government he is heading.

Gandhi. Is it right to say. That means he is supporting the bad guys knowing that they at scams. He has closed eyes.

Patel. I think what you say is correct.

Gandhi. What else that man can do? He has no choice. Either he has to quit or adjust.

Patel. He cleverly agreed to adjust to head the government instead of choosing a right path of quitting instead of leading a scamsters government.

Gandhi. Hee, Hee. Well said Patel.

Patel. Bapu , I always say well.. Haaa.haaa

Gandhi. Hee..hee..heee

Nehru. You are talking all trash.

Patel. This appears trash to guy like you. But this is truth, Naked truth, Asli baath hai. Samjho mere bhai ( Brother know the naked truth) Plesae do not close eyes from realities. hee..hee

(suddenly the police men start lathi charging the people around and all run hither and thither. Nehru runs away from the place while Bapu and Patel slowly walk away from the place although police swing lathis at them unable to hit them)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Recently, it has come to light that the erstwhile Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Akbar has been included in the list of great political achievers by TIME Magazine. This has been done on the occasion of 100 th birth day of Ronald Reagan the former US President. Along with him are the great stalwarts such as Chi Guevara, Alexander, Mai Tse tung, Kim ul sung, Hitler, Mussolini, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Franklin Roosvelt, Dalailama, Queen Victoria, Lenin, , Margaret Thatcher, Simson Bolevar, Kwin Hishuyang, Charles Degaul, Louis 14, Emperor Hail selesse of Ethiopia, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Chenghiz Khan, Nelson Mandela and King Richards. Akbar has been given the credit for unifying most of the small states in India in forming the Mughal Empire ( 1). The question arises whether he really achieved this for which he has been honored in these modern times nearly after 500 years of his death? Let us have a look at it. In fact many of the men and women listed in the list are persons surrounded by controversies.

Emperor Jalaluddin Akbar took over the reigns of the empire when he was hardly a boy of 14 years and was under the close supervision of General Bairam Khan a close associate and faithful commander of his indecisive father Emperor Humayun (2). Humayun lost his throne to Sher Shah Sur an Afghan warrior and was wandering for 14 years. Humayun suddenly died after falling from the stair case of his library in old Delhi fort. Thus he passed away before he consolidated his empire that he won back from Sikandar sur at battle of Sirhind in 1555. Shersha sur earlier died in an ammunition dump explosion at Kalinjhar fort that was besieged by him in 1545. Akbar won the battle against Hemu titled Vikramaditya who was leading an Afghan army at Second battle of Panipat in 1556. Once he took over the reigns, he was under the guidance of General Bairam khan and this did not last very long. As time passed, Akbar did not relish Bairam khan’s constant interference and guidance. Palace politics from harem added to this. Akbar’s mother Hamida Banu, Maham Anaga ( Akbar’s foster mother), Adham Khan and Shahbuddin Ahmed ( Governor of Delhi) played all tricks to sideline Bairam Khan. Akbar advised him to retire and proceed to Mecca. These activities resulted in the revolt of Bairam khan and he was defeated and brought in front of Akbar as a prisoner. Akbar however pardoned him with grace showing all respects and the dejected and humiliated Bairam khan retired and proceeded to Mecca in 1556. Enroute, he was assassinated by his Afghan enemies ( 3). There is a finger of suspicion against Akbar in this act although historians try to give clean chit to Akbar to appease a section in India. Once Bairam khan faded away, Akbar was completely independent in all his actions. Continued Influence of women from the palace on him however can not be ruled out. The government was correctly called a petty coat government.

Akbar is mostly glorified as a very tolerant ruler and in his court Hindus and Muslims had equal opportunities. His tolerance towards Hindus is doubtful. Akbar in his Fateh Nama issued after the victory over Chittorgarh is amply clear. Akbar ordered summary massacre of 30,000 Rajput inhabitants of Chittorgarh and destruction of temples too. So called Akbar the great ordered Rajput chieftain Fateh Singh to be trampled under the feet of elephant and execution of 30,000 non-combatants after the capture of Chittorgarh in 1568. Eight thousand women immolated themselves. Akbar Retorted ( 4):-

“I am in no mood to listen to the sound of good words.My ears are at present attuned to enjoy the clang of sword. Leave me alone. I am in communication with Amir ( Timur). Send me a good reciter. Let him read to me in oud voice chapters seven to twelve of shahnama… Blood, not nectar, holds the key to the success of a sovereign. Give me war. Peace is of no avail to me….”

“The omnipotent one who enjoined the task of destroying the wicked infidels on the dutiful mujahids through the blows of their thunder like scimitars laid down…. Fight them, Allah will chastise them at your hands and he will lay them low and give you victory over them….”

“We spend our precious time to the best of our ability in war and jihad and with the the help of allah.. we are busy in subjugating the localities, habitations, forts, and towns, which are under the possession of infidels. May eternalAllah forsake and annihilate all of them, and thus raising the standard of Islam everywhere and removing the darkness of polytheism. by the use of sword. We destroy the places of worship of idols in those places and other parts of India….”

Does this not reflect on his religious tolerance ? Why he is being glorified ? Was he not a mass murderer? Is there any evidence that Hindu kings did such things after victory over Muslims? How Akbar was different from Chenghiz Khan or Nadir shah of later date who ordered Kathle aam (General massacre) in Delhi after victory over Delhi’s forces during the rule of Mohammed Shah Rangila in 18 century? It has also been learnt that Akbar ordered to throw a low level employee ( Lamp lighter) in his place from the ramparts of the fort to his death because he was found sleeping on duty ( 5). His action against Adham Khan the General was very brutal. Adam Khan was the son of his foster mother. Adham Khan stabbed Shamsuddin, the minister of Akbar in the palace. On hearing this, Akbar rushed to the place and hit Adham Khan in the face with his fist and knocked him down. He was then thrown down the ramparts of the Palace to his death ( 6). There is no doubt that Akbar was a man of abnormal and violent behavior at times. All was not completely well with him. He no doubt suffered from some serious deficiency. The usual notion of he being a man of compassion thus stands violated and violated. The present glory conferred on him by Times magazine is no way justified.

On the aspect of religious tolerance, It may be said that Akbar at a later date realized that he could not run his administration and his empire without the support of Hindus and therefore stalwarts such as Raja Birbal and Raja Man singh, Todarmal etc were given high positions. Yet, his PM was Abul Fazal, a respected noble from his own community apart from Faizi another scholar who was his close associate and advisor.

On the aspect of womanizing which was the usual vice in nobility in those days, less said is better. No doubt Jodha Bai, the Rajput princess and sister of Raja Man singh was the Queen who gave him a son Prince Salim who later became the Emperor titled Jahangir. It is learnt that Akbar married the young Salim Sultana Begum, wife of Bairam khan after his death without wasting much time. She was related to Akbar, Where was the hurry to marry her ( 7)? That Akbar remained monogamous throughout his life is indeed history falsified myth. Again quoting V.Smith (pp.47),".. Akbar, throughout his life, allowed himself ample latitude in the matter of wives and concubines!" and further, " Akbar had introduced a whole host of Hindu the daughters of eminent Hindu Rajah's into his harem." (pp.212). An account of how the Jaipur rulers were coerced into sending their daughters to the Mogul harem is found in Dr. Srivastava's book Akbar - The Mogul (Vol.1). Shelat notes (p.90)," (after the "Jauhar" that followed the killing of Rani Durgawati) the two women left alive, Kamalavati (sister of Rani Durgawati) and the daughter of the Raja of Purangad (daughter-in-law of the deceased queen) were sent to Agra to enter Akbar's harem." It should also be observed that admittance into Akbar's harem was available mainly to virgins and others' were "disqualified". Inspite of such disgusting and lewd personal affairs, inducting women of abducted or killed Hindu warriors into his harem as slaves and prostitutes, it is bewildering that Akbar is hailed as a righteous and noble emperor (8).

Akbar faced the might of Rajputs several times. His crusade to subdue the Hindu kingdoms in Rajasthan and in Gondwana in north India had mixed results. Smaller kingdoms in Rajasthan mostly stood behind Chittor and Rana Pratap singh no doubt greatly resisted Akbar’s efforts to subdue him . He lost power and wandered for many years, but did not submit to the Mughal. Many efforts of some fellow Rajputs to bring Rana Pratap into fold of Mughal control did not succeed. Pratap singh waged lone battle throughout his life and regained most of his kingdom from Mughal occupation except Chittorgarh. Thus Akbar failed to Subdue or win over Rana Pratap singh. It was a failure. Akbar sent his armies against widowed Queen of Gondwana, Rani Durgawathi, the wife of Dalpat Shah who ruled at Garh Mandla in today’s Madhya Pradesh. She was very brave, nationalistic and resisted all efforts of Akbar. She defeated Mughal armies several times and she finally died on battle field trying to repulse the Mughal invasion that was far superior in arms and strength. Her son Veer Narayan too resisted later, but he too gave up his life fighting for honor. Gondwana was thus taken over by only military superiority and not by any peaceful diplomacy. It was more a blood bath and the victor needs no honor. It was a pure lust for supremacy than political wisdom. In the words of V A Smith, “Akbar’s attack on the princess ( Durgavathi queen of Gondwana ruling from Mandla) of character so noble was mere aggression, wholly unprovoked and devoid of all justification other than mere lust for conquest and plunder (9).

Akbar's life has been full of acts of cruelties, barbaric behavior, lust for women and wine. Considering the background in which Akbar was brought up and the environment in which he lived, it was indeed a surprise that he would develop qualities of compassion and love. Even assuming that such miracles can occur, unfortunately, Akbar's reign and state of administration contradict such an assumption and one is compelled to conclude that Akbar was no better a monarch than his forefathers. Akbar needs no glorification of Uniting India.”


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao
I am the new political star now
And I shall soon sit on the rickety Andhra throne
Good old guys will vanish into air
And people will throw at them many eggs and stones
Look at my style of filmdom
Where I did many stunning roles
Now I shall play a new character
In politics of this state I shall make many holes
People thought I was finished
Now I shall see that the jokers will be sunk deep
I shall rise like a sphinx from ashes
While the critics will soon have to loudly weep
I have been called to Delhi now
Where I should play my cards
The guys would surely speak in nice tone
While I have to act as a diehard

My guys are all waiting for the real show
All are waiting to grab the crumbs
I shall act very smartly
Or else I have to eat tree stubs

In politics I burnt my hands
I have grown very fat now
My cinema career is also in trouble
I have to fool public on screen somehow

I am not sure how long the government would last
I have to some how take some risks
God will help those who act fast
Or else my guys will give me many kicks

Make hay while the sun shines
Or else one is left behind
This is not a like a cinema game
And I have to grab one that I find

Some may laugh at me at my back
Let them dance, weep, laugh or cry
I have to do what I like and not what you like
At various games I have to afterall try

Note.. Chranjeevi ( Chiru) i sthe President of Parjarajyam Party in AP assembly with 17 MsLA

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are strolling at a park in Hyderabad in the morning hours. Their spirits appear to be high. They see a guy approaching them from opposite direction. The guy is heavily built with great bulk and two body guards are also walking with him. They are Lallu and Panju. One guy is armed with a carbine.)

Gandhi. Look Patel. That guy appears familiar to me.

Patel. True Bapu. I also saw him..

Gandhi. Where could be?

Patel. Yeah. I saw his movies. He is Chiranjeevi. He is a mega star.

Gandhi. I see.

Nehru. What is there to be excited? He is a mere film star. There are thousands like him on streets.

Gandhi. Come on Jawaharlal. He is an accomplished star in movies. His movie Mutta mastry was great hit.

Patel. Bapu. He is a MLA now from Praja Rajyam Party meaning peoples state Party

( In the mean time, Chiranjeevi approaches the trio and stops.)

Chiru. You guys appear familiar. You are exactly dressed as Gandhi, Nehru and Patel. This is nice. I feel like giving you some tip.

Patel. My dear friend. We are not dressed like them. Actually we are they and they are we. We do not need any tip. We are not beggars.

Chiru. This is strange. Howe can it be? They died long ago.

Bapu. This you shall not understand in your life time.

Nehru. It is beyond your comprehension.

Patel. You can never understand ( sings and does jig)

We are in fact they
They and we are same alike
They and we are same
This is true whether you like or dislike

Look at them
And also stare at us
We are the same good old guys
Plesae do not make much fuss.

Chiru. This is great indeed. You are a poet cum dancer too.

Patel. Thanks for it.

Chiru. I am an MLA and also a mega star. I think I must give you a chance in my movie.

Patel. No Thanks. I have no time.

Chiru. Are you so busy?

Patel. This is not my business.

Chiru. By the by, where do you stay?

Patel How does this help you? We do not belong to one place.

Chiru. Do you know I am shortly going to become the deputy CM of this state? (Does break dance and sings)

I am the new political star now
And I shall soon sit on the rickety Andhra throne
Good old guys will vanish into air
And people will throw at them many eggs and stones

Look at my style of filmdom
Where I did many stunning roles
Now I shall play a new character
In politics of this state I shall make many holes

People thought I was finished
Now I shall see that the jokers will be sunk deep
I shall rise like a sphinx from ashes
While the critics will soon have to loudly weep

Patel. I think you were aiming to become CM of this state at the time of last elections.

Chiru. Yeah. I think every one has ambitions.

Nehru. But you got only 17 seats in the assembly.

Chiru. But see. Now I have turned to be a king maker.

Gandhi. How?

Chiru. Look Old man. Fortunes have smiled on me. The congress party is now in jitters with Jagan opening his fangs. Many Congress MsLA are openly siding with him. Many are cats on wall. They are watching situation. No one can be trusted. Many can be purchased through money. In politics wine, women and wealth play great role. I can mange everything. They are taking part in his games. High command is shit scared with all this. The present CM has no sleep. Poor guys days will be numbered, if I do not go for help.

Gandhi. So you are playing the opportunistic politics.

Chiru. In politics opportunities have to be grabbed. No one is friend and foe.

Gandhi. Are you joining the Congress party? I am hearing that you are trying to give support as alliance. You may get many cabinet berths.

Chiru. True. All my MLA would get some post.

Patel. Are you going to get so many?

Chiru. They have to. Or they will be doomed. I shall ditch them if they do not.

Patel. You may be constant pain in the neck and sore in the wrong place for them after some time.

Chiru. How sir?

Patel. Usually, people in similar situation blackmail the guys on top.

Chiru. I am not that type. I am not a black mailer.

Patel. Time only will tell. Our past experience is full of such things. Look, during independence movement Jinnah black mailed us. After partition, Gandhi was blackmailed by a guy and I was not made the PM. There was no end to black mails. Charan singh lost the place as PM after he refused to yield for such tactics by Indira Gandhi. Now every one is black mailing every one. Hee..heee..haa..haaa

Nehru.. hee..heee..Gandhi. This state has become miserable one really. There is no peace in this place. Every day some Bandh is going on. This is a state of Bandhs and strikes. The guys have goofed up entire thing.

Chiru. Look Guys. I have many things to do. I can not waste time here.

Patel. No one has asked to waste the time. You only stopped here and got into conversation.

Gandhi. Hee..hee

Nehru. Kindly do not embarrass him. After all he is going to become CM one day.

Gandhi. Yes. Surely. Mr Chiruji. Kindly do not waste your time. Run and take care of your plans to grab power.

Chiru. Am I that impatient?

Patel. You know better.

Chiru. I have many things to do. I have to convince my followers that I am not ditching them.

Patel. Look Mr Chiru. You have no much choice in politics. You can never win on your own to gain majority either in Andhra Seema if Telangana is created or in the present state. Telugu Desam is big threat to you. Congress under any case will be trounced soon. Jagan is surely going to cause sensation. Congress party will be like a fish out water. It will struggle to survive. Bihar would be enacted here. This is the only opportunity for you. Grab or perish.

Chiru. I am doing that. Iam only worried if inspite of this new marriage with Congress if the party looses majority what would happen to me. I can not again form Praja Rajyam party. People will hammer me then. With this politics I also lost acting days and money too.

Patel. You must have made plenty of money in cinemas.

Chiru. That I did.

Patel. So Congress is going to use you against Jagan. They may at a later date ditch you. The present love for you is only temporary and would vanish if they find safer. The Telangana stir has caused them nightmares. They already lost many states. Next will be this state. They will ill then go for camel riding.

Gandhi. Soon guys have to ride camels and bulls as Petrol and disesel will become very dear. Hee..hee

Chiru. Look Guys. I am getting jittery with your words. Better I levae.

Gandhi. Please run soon before congress changes its mind and you are ditched.

Chiru.… I shall run

( Chiru and his guards run from the place while the trio laugh loudly)