Thursday, January 29, 2009


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

( Gandhi is seen sitting in a room and resting on a pillow on the bed. Next to the bed there is a transistor radio and it is playing a song by great singer Surendra in soft voice.)

Bhoola jaa….Bhoola jaaa..
Bhoola jaa jo dekh taa hai…
Jo hai dekhaa bhoola jaaa.
Yaad rakh kar kyaa karega
Ye Tamasha bhoola jaa…

(Gandhi gets up and goes to the window staring into distance with a blank look. He wipes tears with his dhoti. )

In the distance, Surendra BA LLB is seen sitting on a bench in a close- by park and singing with harmonium. Gandhi waves at him

Gandhi. Yeah.. Surendra BA LLB… How are you?

Surendra. Fine Bapu. How are you? Hope your health is fine.

Gandhi. Surendra BA LLB. I understand republic parade this year would be a grand one. Shall we go and see?

Surendra. Bapu. We do not have passes. They will not allow us inside. Sir Please do not address BA LLB when you call me.

Gandhi. Thanks. Do not worry. I shall take care of things

Surendra. That is fine Bapu. Shall I get Saigal also? He was also here just now.

Gandhi. OK. But less his Vat 69 bottle

Surendra. (Laughs in his typical and famous style).. Huh…hua …hua

(Gandhi gets up and gets ready and moves out of the room along with his stick and he is met by Surendra and Saigal. Surendra as usual is dressed in suit while Saigal is dressed in Kurta and pajama. He is carrying harmonium with him. He has a scarf around his head like in movie street singer)

Gandhi. Mr Kundan lal Saigal sahib. Why harmonium now?

Saigal. Bapu. It is part of me.

Surendra. I shall get mine also

Saigal. One is enough. You too can use this

( All of them land up in Delhi and at the entrance to the enclosures, they are stopped by the security staff. There are more police men than visitors.)

Staff. Pass please. Sir Pass please

Gnadhi. Bhai ( Brother) I am father of nation. Bapu. Great Bapu, MK Gandhi . Do I also need pass?

Staff. Sir. Every one

Surendra. Look sir. We do not live on earth. How can we get passes?

Staff. What does it mean? If not on earth, where do you live?

Saigal. In Heavens sir

Staff .( Getting irked up) Please show pass. Others in the line are getting late. If you do not have pass please move to one side

Surendra. Sir. We are dead people. Came from heavens. Wants to see the parade

Staff. If you are dead how are you alive now? You appear to be some funny guys

( The security staff signals others to come there immediately)

Staff. Look These guys are acting funny. Please take care of them

( Gandhi and his friends are taken aside and a fat senior police inspector talks to them)

Inspector. Sir! You appear to be gentle men and old too. Why putting us in discomfort? Understand sir. Without passes, we can let any one enter inside.

Gandhi. Look Inspector. This is our country and our parade by our own men. Why so much fuss?

Inspector. What can we do sir? Terrorists have made life difficult to us.

Gandhi. You appear to be a good police man with good upbringing. Your polite dealing indicates it. I am inspired. May god bless you with many promotions.

Inspector. Thank you very much sir for your compliments and blessings. I am honored sir. But show us passes. Otherwise how can we allow you?

Surendra. Sir. There must be some method of issuing instant passes here

Inspector. Yeah. It is there. But you have to produce some identity. A pass port, ration card, driving license, voters card, PAN card, Electricity bill, Water bill or Telephone bill, or Gun license,

Saigal. How can we have them? We are already dead

Inspector. Sir You are repeating same thing. I am not in a position to help you. If any one can identify you, it is OK

Gandhi. What a fate? All VIPs are already inside. Can you send a word to Man Mohan Singh that I am waiting here to be identified. Inspector . Can’t you identify me? I am your Bapu

Inspector. Police man’s witness is not accepted by law such as evidence act. Sir! He is in hospital and has undergone heart surgery. He is battling for life.

Gandhi Ohf.. Chidambaram must be there along with Mukherjee.

Inspector. Sir they are all big people. We will not be in a position to contact them.

( In the mean time, Field Marshall Cariappa and Sam Manekshaw arrive in a grand cars escorted by security staff. They see Gandhi. They run to him)

Cariappa. Bapu. How are you? What happened? Got stuck!.

Inspector. Sir. You know them so well. Thank god. Problem is solved. Sir You can go inside. But leave the stick here (He takes away the stick and harmoniums)

(Cariappa, Sam Manekshaw, Surendra and Saigal enter the enclosure for guests and are seated. In the mean time they hear the marching tune of Indian army….)

Saare jahhanse atchha Hindosthan hamaara… hamaaaraa…saare..
Ham bulbule hai jiske.. Oh gulsitha hamara… Hamara… Saare jahan se achha.

( They now find Army tanks rolling down Raj path and they lower the guns when they pass Presidential dais without turrets turning towards the dais)

Gandhi. What is this? The turrets are not turning. Do the tanks have fixed turrets now a days?

Sam.. No Bapu. They are not allowing the turrets to aim towards the dais for saluting after President Anwar Sadat of Egypt was killed during the parade by a gunner in a turret.

Surendra. Oh.. That is good.

Saigal. Bapu. Some tanks look so huge. What are these? Are they pill boxes?

Sam. Surendra. They are called Arjun Tanks made by DRDO after three decades of hectic search and research

Gandhi. Hee…heee…hee… Good research by the guys. Look! Guys have to be employed. They need some thing to shout around and tinker around too. Otherwise how can they prove their existence?

Saigal. Bapu. I heard these tanks are good only for parades and keeping in garages and for polishing. They have not faced enemy till date and unlikely to face in future too.

Surendra. Probably never. I heard people call them DODO

Gandhi. What is this DODO?

Surendra. It is a duck looking like Australian land bird that became extinct. A bird without luck too.

Saigal.. Hee…heee….hee

Gnadhi. Then why army must have that duck? Pakistan would shoot them happily with their Al Khalid tanks. I was told they are far superior.

Sam. I have lost touch with army now a days. Army has no much choice. The Tank is literally being forced on them by guys because they have to exist. Who cares for nation?

Surendra. Sir! God helps only those who help themselves

Saigal. How true you said Surendra? Army can only now sing my famous song..

Jab dil hee tootagaya
Ham jeeke kya karenge

Jab dil hee tootgaya

(Gandhi and Surendra sing in chorus )

Cariappa. Sir please quiet sir. This is a parade. One can not sing here

Saigal.. Oh! Sorry sir

( He tightens his scarf over his head. In the mean time, some missiles pass loaded on a truck and trailer. Suddenly the towing tractor ( Actually it is heavy hauling Eight wheeled army truck) gives out black smoke and entire area becomes dark.. There is some confusion around. Suddenly hundreds of commandoes surround the Presidential dias and aim guns in all directions)

Gandhi. I am sure now the EME guys who maintain this tractor would be sacked

Surendra. What is this EME Bapu?

Gandhi. They are Electrical and Mechanical engineers of Army. In Hindi we call them mistries. The Commanding officer of station workshop and the CO of the regiment would be surely sacked for not taking care of their vehicles. Now a days they can never become Brigadiers. Earlier they could never become Colonels.

Saigal. Bapu. You have good knowledge of army. How sad? What they can do? Some thing can go wrong suddenly. Now a days the quality of diesel fuel is so bad. After all they are machines and they are mistries and not Gods. They have to retire and sing..

Dukh ke… Dukh ke
Ab dina beethat naahee..
Dukh ke… Dukh ke…
Naa my kisi kaaa.
Naa koyee meraa…. Aaaain..aain.
Ab kucha soojhata naaahin…

Sam. Dear Saigal. Please be quiet. You can sing later on.

Saigal.. Ohf.. sorry sir

Sam. That is OK

(Now they find infantry regiments marching to the tunes of song. The soldiers swing arms to and fro lifting to shoulder height)

Gandhi. That is good swinging indeed. They have practiced well.

( Now they find the group of decorated soldiers like Param veer chakras standing on Army jeeps and passing through saluting)

Surendra. Bapu. These are highest decorated soldiers in services

Gandhi. Soon there will be hundreds like this. You know, Now Government gives Ashok Chakras to every guy even if he gets killed without firing a single shot.

Surendra. Then soon even civilians who get killed in various terrorist actions must get that Chakra

Saigal. Soon there will be thousands Ashok Chakras and they need thousands of Jeeps in the parade

Gandhi. No.. NO. All of them may stand on long trailers and would be pulled along.

Surendra. Hee…heee. They may have double Decker trailers.

Cariappa.. Haa.. haa. Good Joke sir. Well said. After some time there is no requirement of infantry regiments parading. Only Chakra holders would be sufficient.

Gandhi.. Haa…haa.haaa.. Heee. Heeee

( Suddenly the first jeep carrying the gallantry award winners breaks down. Its one of the wheel comes off and it topples. All the gallantry award winners fall down. Some are unable to stand up as they sustained fractures. They shout Bachao… Bacho…( Save us) Margaya ( died))

Gandhi. What a sad state? These brave guys are shouting Bachao… bacho… Strange indeed. I now doubt they really did some brave deeds.

Surendra. Bapu. Less said is better. There is no bravery required.

Sam. That is true. I heard there is less of bravery and more of politicking.

Cariappa. Haa…haa. Heee. Hee

Gandhi. Hoo…. Hoo…Look! . There is a crane coming up and trying to lift the jeep

( Suddenly the rope on the crane boom breaks and entire boom falls down with a big thud on the road right across the path of parade. It is a 40 Tonne crane and entire thing gets blocked. The crane boom bends into U shape

(Gandhi. What now? What happens to parade now?)

Sam. Let us see. A good Tamasha

( In the mean time an Army recovery tracked vehicle arrives from some where and as it comes on the road at the middle, its track snaps and as the tank rolls it gets free of the track and stands on bogie wheels. )

Cariappa. Now nothing can be done. EME guys will take hours to join the track and clear the road. I think the parade would be cancelled. How sad?

( There is utter chaos on the parade ground. VIP start leaving. PM and President are taken away in helicopters for safety reasons. All others are left to winds. Suddenly lights go off as power fails in Delhi. There is utter darkness around and no one knows who is next to him)

Gandhi. Is this could be the work of terrorists?

Saigal. No Bapu. It is our failure only.

( In the mean time army fires very light pistol flares into sky to illuminate area and people think that some fighting with terrorists is going on)

Gandhi. Better leave from this place

Sam. How can we go?

Saigal. How about my harmonium? It is with security guys. I have to collect it

Surendra. Come on. Let us run from here

Cariappa. We are too old to run even.

( In the mean time there is a great push of crowd and all of them fall down and people start running over them in great confusion)

Gandhi. Ohf. Mar gaya ( Oh died)

Surendra. Me too. Bapu

Sam. Hai… Where are you Cariappa sir?

Saigal. Bapu. I am here. Please hold my hand.

( All of them some how run out of the enclosure and Saigal tumbles on his harmonium and he lifts it up)

Saigal.. Mil gaya ( Got it). He presses the bellows and starts playing some tune to test it.

Gandhi. Saigal. Come on. Is it time to play the harmonium. I shall never come for such parade in future

Saigal. Me too

Surendra. Me too.

Sam. My Bhi ( Me too)

Cariappa. Neither me

( All of them gather and walk away from the scene holding hands and cursing the parade and the organizers)

Dr K Prabhkar Rao

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

(Gandhi is seen at Rajghat in Delhi, his own grave yard. He is strolling on the lawns with his stick. He is in his usual dress of loin cloth and lathi and chappals and is occasionally coughing. The black marble is clean and on it, the lamp is seen burning. Some children are also there. They were seen playing football on the lawns. A boy Suresh kicks the ball hard and it lands on the black marble. The boy runs to get it. A security guard rushes there)

Guard. Hey what are you doing here? This is no play ground. You have to maintain silence and decorum at this place. ..And pray too… At least act as if praying.

Suresh. Bhai… Please give me the ball. It is near the burning lamp

Guard. Please wait. I shall get a long stick to take out the ball..(He searches here and there and finds none. He sees Gandhi strolling with a stick at a distance and goes to him)

Gandhi.. Sir. What can I do for you?

Guard. Hey. You ill clad Old man looking like Gandhi! Give me this stick. I want it

Gandhi. What for? I can not walk without it

Guard. That is none of your or my business. Just I want it.

Gandhi You can not get like that.. Are you a guard here or a tyrant?

Guard. What… What did you say? Repeat again

Gandhi. I said , “are you a tyrant or a security person?”

(Guard gets upset with defiance of Gandhi and pounces on Gandhi and tries to take away the stick. He gives some blows to Gandhi. Gandhi is no less. He wards off all blows and holding his long stick at the middle whirls it around at amazing speed and also does some rare acrobats. In the mean time, some onlookers gather there and they cheer up Gandhi with loud clapping)

Raina (Onlooker). Come on sir. Kick that guy hard never to get up again. A big Joker. Has no respect to elders. He misbehaves like this always. We have been suffering from that guys for so many years. Come On sir!

(Gandhi whirls the stick at such a great speed that a great whining sound emanates from it and it resembles an air craft zooming past… Gandhi continues to do while the guard falls unconscious.. Gandhi gets into mood and does more whirling and sings)

Gandhi.. ( Sings)

I am the Gandhi the great and bold
And can whirl stick at infinite speed
I shall show the guys what I am?
And smash the guys who are full of greed

( Few miles away at Palam air base the air force pilots scramble as a siren is heard and they run to MIG fighter air craft feverishly while a pilot Rajesh speaks to other)

Rajesh. Ravinder. Looks like Pak air craft are already there on Delhi. Have you heard the sound? But I have not seen the plane. What type of plane it could be ?

Ravinder. No idea at all. Some strange plane could be and not seen on Radar.. Ok over.. The plane is making continuous sound.. It is scary. The jokers may be carrying a nuke.

(The MIG fighter planes scream loudly and take off after a short run . In the command room, the station commander speaks to higher ups)

Commander. Sir. Sir, Sir, This is station commander speaking sir. Two of our Migs are already up in skies sir. They will chase away Pak planes sir. They are not yet seen sir. Our lads will be in skies for some more time sir.

( At Rajghat Gandhi watches the guard unconscious and cools down. He slowly slows down the stick and finally the stick comes to halt)

On lookers. Well done sir. You are great. It is a miracle

Gandhi. That is ok. Thanks for the compliments. Please bring and sprinkle water on this guy fallen down.

( Some people bring water and sprinkle on the guard’s face. He shivers and gets up...)

Guard. Where I am.? What happened to me? Where is the old man with stick?

Gandhi. I am here. Relax now. Do you want stick now.

Guard. No sir. Thanks. Learnt lesson for life time

(Gandhi smiles and pats the guard who goes away completely shaken up)

(At Palam airport, the station commander is busy. He looks at his second in command. Ashok.)

Commander. Look! What happened to that aircraft? Now there is now sound. Probably Pakis have developed cold feet and ran away

Ashok. Sure sir. Sir looks! Our MIGs have returned. They just landed now

( After some time the pilots of Migs Ravinder and Rajesh arrive)

Commander. Well done my sons. You are very brave

Rajesh. Sir we have driven away the enemy aircraft

Ravinder. Sir. That plane was invisible. Not seen on Radar also. That must be the latest air craft they got from USA. The guy never exposed himself. Must be shit scared.

Commander. Heee…heee. Hee. Any how well done bys. I shall recommend you for Ashok Chakra a peace time highest gallantry award

Rajjesh. Thank you sir

Ravinder. Sir. I am astonished. Are we eligible for this award? We have never fired a single shot at enemy not even with our pistil

Commander. Where is the requirement? You boldly went up in the air at cal of duty. That is enough. Look now a day some guys get Ahok Chakras after getting shot by enemy while travelling too.

Rajesh. Then it is OK sir. Please do it fast sir. Before government frames some rules for gallantry award.

Commander. To morrow it will surely go by FAX. ( Within himself.. Hope some one will recommend me too for Ashok Chakra.. Cries and wipes his eyes with kerchief)

Ravi and Rajesh.. Thank you sirrrr… sirrr… sirrr

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Sunday, January 25, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India suddenly needed heart operation. As per the latest news, the gentleman has undergone a successful bypass surgery at the best hospital and by the best team of doctors at the best point of time. Every one in the country is very happy about it.When he fell sick and needed the operation, the problem of taking care of the government was a most important consideration. He would be indisposed for some time and would need rest. It may take a month or two even, to enable him to return to the job. The question was who would be the safe bet for these crucial days. There are some senior leaders in the cabinet that could be entrusted with the duties of acting PM in the absence of Dr Singh. The name of Pranab Mukherjee automatically comes out for such position. He is the most able and competent person and has proven capabilities. Even at the time of death of Indira Gandhi his name was heard as a most possible candidate for the post of Prime Ministership. But somehow that could not happen? Rajiv Gandhi was already there as the rightful candidate to the throne for a dynastic succession. How can any other person out of dynasty of Nehru could become the Prime minister when some one was there even when he is a suckling. Mukherjee was kept at a distance and Rajiv was pushed- in who was a member of parliament at that time. Mukherjee had to sulk in despair and for some time he went into oblivion.
Present top brass of congress party is very much hesitant to designate Mukherjee as acting PM in the absence of Dr Singh. They gave him additional duties and gave the authority of running the show to the cabinet and vice President. Finance ministry would be taken care- of by Mr Mukherjee. Credentials of Mukherjee are well known and he is very much respected as a very seasoned leader with proven abilities and maturity. It is sad that luck was not with him and in the melee of dynastic succession at the time of Mrs Gandhi’s death and he missed the train. The leadership is scared that if Mukherjee proves himself as a stop gap acting PM, which he would surely do, he would be projected as a serious contender for the throne after next elections if congress returns to power. The chances of Rahul Gandhi who is being prepared to take over as PM would be thus be jeopardized. What a sad state of affairs indeed in a democracy titled as for the people, by the people and of the people by the peers who could not imagine that such things could happen in India.Their souls must be surely crying and beating their chests and crying".... Mera Bharat.. Mera Bharat..nahee rahaa mahaan." It is worthwhile to recall the role of Late Mr Gulzarilal Nanda a true Gandhian as acting PM on two occasions. He came on the scene as a care taker PM and handed over to the real one and vanished unsung and un heard. Only such guys are needed in present politics. Poor guy was forgotten and was also seen going on bicycle on the streets of Delhi pushed from pillar to post and lived in miserable conditions. Probably many of his colleagues and juniors would have passed him on motorcades in Delhi not even paying glance at him. If he was in the cabinet now, surely he would have achieved the hat trick.

Rahul Gandhi was systematically inducted into politics step by step and who would refuse such offer when one knows that the country is being offered to be ruled in a silver plate. Dynastic card over rules everything in India. Efficiency, education, maturity and worthiness are no criteria when one has the card and stamp of dynasty and some one is there to pull one up. In democracy, every one has equal opportunity to contest, win and achieve positions. But this is not a straight game. Few souls control the party and everything whirls round the dynastic succession. In this murky game of politics even matured and highly experienced stalwarts of the party make statements that the prince is eligible to become PM and it is time he is introduced while the real PM is already in the chair alive and kicking. It is also too sad when such statements are made when the actual Singh is going to operation theater where he had to battle with life. There is no dearth for such sycophants in every party. Finally Mukherjee also would realize the naked facts and reconcile to his future and hopes to become Vice President or President at some point of time if he continues to be a yes man. Good luck to him. It was also reported that if Rahul is reluctant to climb the throne being a wise man, Priyanka should be inducted to keep the dynastic rule in process. Every one knows that Congress party gets votes based on Gandhis name and not on credentials and work. Therefore all the guys who want to taste power as some minister, highlight the dynasty so that they are given some spoils after victory. Or else they can never reach saddle of power. In nutshell Indian democracy has become solely for some, by some and of some people. God bless the nation.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, January 24, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

It is well known that world economy is directly influenced by the Economic stability of USA. The recent financial crisis in USA has caused slump in various countries too and resulted in unemployment world wide. In US too, it is pronounced. But how such things could happen in America causing great crisis? Is it linked to the Iraq war? Many die hard anti Bush critics of course would like to connect it that way although it may not be entirely true. President Obama however was highly hopeful to bail out the country from the crisis.He is optimistic, Rather one should be that way. On assuming the office as the 44 th and first black African American President he said, “To day I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and too many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this; America- They will be met. The nation must choose hope over fear. Unity of purpose over conflict and discord” He said,” Starting from today e must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking America. Referring to the terrorists he warned, you can not outlast us, and we will defeat you (1).”

The new President's swearing- in has been widely welcomed in the third world countries. In India too the occasion was widely acclaimed as the victory of oppressed classes against the oppressors. Some even compared the African black Americans as equivalent to scheduled castes and tribes in India who claim that they have been discriminated in the society over centuries. This euphoria would soon disappear within few days and the President has to face challenges and has to deliver.Soon every Tom., Dick, Harry would start evaluating him. His policies and progress will be naturally scrutinized closely by the critics all over the world.This happens when the old gurad changes after a long pause and in critical conditions. Mr Obama fundamentally has to tackle (2):
a. Homeland security
b. Threat from Iran by virtue of it’s pursuing of nuclear expertise
with ntention of making Atomic bombs
c. Threat to the country from the international terrorists
d. Iraq war
e. War in Afghanistan against Al Qaida and Taliban
f. Inability of Pakistan in containing terrorism from its soil and turning into
a failed state.
g. Security of Israel and continued threat from Arab neighbors
h. Rising unemployment in his country and creation of avenues to unemployed
i. Economic crisis in America
j. Literal collapse of certain automobile giants in the industry

These are great challenges in front of him and it is not a cake walk for him and he knows it too. These are examined.

It is a known fact that after 9/11 USA was shaken up thoroughly. Aleeping nation was woken up. Till then, it was perceived that USA was a impregnable fortress, but the security was breached. In fact, the earlier US policies with respect to various organizations that were sheltered in American main land dug ground and some of them used the opportunities of freedom of speech and actions to work against the country and successfully executed the 9/11 that was the greatest attack on America after Pearl harbor during World War II. President George Bush no doubt rallied the country behind him and dislodged Taliban from Afghanistan that sheltered Al Qaiada who were the master planners for the 9/11.George Bush can not be held accountable to 9/11 as it was the outcome of various US policies on international scene by his predessors. It has been always considered that America was the soul behind Israel and is considered as the greatest enemy of the Muslim world .In spite of he using his Muslim origin in the name as Barack Hussein Obama. Islam considers all non Muslims as Kafirs ( Non believers). This situation is not going to change overnight with Obama taking over. The most important factor to note is that the actions taken by George Bush with regard to homeland security has prevented any further attack on America in the main land and there is no element of doubt about it.People may cry hoarse on this issue but naked truth can not be hidden. Credit must go to Presidnt George Bush. The new President can not afford to make any sudden changes in the measures taken by Bush or loosen the system as that would dilute internal security in USA and would encourage the terrorists to strike again. He has to choose between a safe American nation free of terrorist threat or loosened internal security in the face of realities and various freedoms guaranteed under constitution That owuld call trouble soon. In any democracy, all liberties are OK as long as they do not undermine national security. When threat exists, certain restrictions are essential to prevent unlawful activities. Few strikes on America like 9/11 is not going to destroy American power. However this would damage the prestige of the country greatly in international arena and it is the aim of the terrorists. It is very unlikely that Obama would make it free for all thereby undermining internal security. In any country internal trouble makers are the greatest threat than the outsiders (3). Outsiders can not achieve their nefarious aims without the connivance of internal moles.9/11 could not have been done without connivance of some moles within America.Obama surely knows this as a seasoned man.


Iran has been the greatest enemy of America after the fall of Shah PehelwiI and taking over by the fanatic Mullahs initially led by Ayotullah Khomeini. Its leaders have been spitting venom towards America and shouting death to America from time to time. On the occasion of ceremonial parades, they do shout death to America and exhibit open defiance and hatred to America.Even women commandos parade with assault rifles in hijab. It’s stubborn quest for nuclear technology has been the worrying factor and although there was a great speculation that Iran would be militarily forced to abandon the programme, America did not carry out the threat of attacking Iran. Probably the term of President Bush was coming to an end and it may be possible that this action has been left to Obama to accomplish. Setting aside the sentiments of poll speeches and promises, Obama has the noble duty of protecting his country from external threat.Any loosening of security Iran once acquires nuclear weapons would stand out as the great challenger to American interests in Middle East and Gulf. The threat of its president Ahmed inejad echoes in the ears when he said, he would wipe out Israel from the map of the world. It may be noted that Obama kept aloof from the Gaza operations in very recent times. This has been also criticized in the press. One fact is clear. Israel will never be abandoned by America. Israel would continue to receive arms and military hardware as bunker busters from US arsenal in future too.Certain quarters say that Isreal is the soul of America. Such powerful weapons were used in recent Gaza conflict too. No special concessions to Arabs can be foreseen under Obama jeopardizing Israeli interests. Obama has two options in front of him to contain Iran, the potential greatest threat to America in very near future. One is the diplomatic offensive by world community to force Iran to abandon the it's bomb making exercise. George Bush was trying this option all these years and Iran has been resisting and is continuing its programme.In facr the President bush has clubbed Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the evil axis. Obviously this method has not yielded results. Bush was also at a disadvantage of fighting in Iraq apart from Afghanistan. He could probably not open third front in Iran apart from the public resistance towards the long drawn wars and inability to unearth WMD from Iraq after fall of Iraq.His commanders too were averse to military conflict with Iran due to continued Iraq and Afghan wars. American and NATO forces could not also eliminate Laden from the scene ( Thanks to Pakistan). Thus Iran continued to be a great eye sore and a great threat to America in coming years. Alternatively the economic blockade and the naval blockade of Iran to prevent its imports of petroleum products that would cripple the country ppears a good possibility. Obama in his pre poll speeches also hinted clearly about nuclear proliferation and the need to prevent Iran going nuclear. In such scenario Obama would be compelled to use force against Iran to enhance security of USA from external enemies. This would be a great challenge to Obama in coming years.Same Obama would be blamed if Security of America is seriously threatned by loosened policies.


Al Qaida is the main threat to America that has taken over the mantle of Jihad on the behalf of Muslim world who consider America as the biggest crusader. Taliban that harbored Al-Qaida in Afghanistan is hand in glove with Al Qaida and are now safe in the lawless Waziristan of Pakistan. Al-Qaida considers America as the representative of all unbelievers in the world and as the closest ally of Israel and also as a greatest bottle neck for solving Palestine problem. Pakistan has no control over this region and the war against the terrorists is continuing. Al Qaeda has spread its tentacles in various countries around the world such as Sudan, Yemen, Kenya, Lebanon, Iraq, Chechnya, Somalia, Tunisia, Sahara, Algeria, Morocco, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan (Headquarters). American embassies and naval ship, and other properties were attacked in past by the terrorists and Administration of George Bush was fighting all these thugs around the world with the help of native governments. It is always good to fight the terrorists away from your mainland than allowing them to get into your land and then try to fight.Will Americans prefer fighting Bin Laden and his men on the streets of New York and Brooklyn, in the vast ranches and plains of Texas and Deep deserts of Nevda. Surely not. In every country, there will be sympathizers and moles for the help of terrorists and America can not be an exception in this regard. This was exactly done by George Bush during his term. He faced the terrorists outside the country and did not allow them to make a strong base on American main land. If this policy is reversed, terrorists would surely infiltrate the main land and it would be extremely difficult to fight them. America has land border with Mexico and there are regular attempts by the Mexicans to cross over into America in search of livelihood and this is one of the greatest problem USA faces to day. In future, Terrorists could cross over into America along this route when neighbors are not friendly. There is no love lost between USA and Latin American countries. Thus Obama has to exercise great caution in keeping the terrorists away from main land via latin America and Mexico. He has to maintain friendly relations with the governments where Al-Qaida units are operating and fight and eliminate them in those countries. This would be a continuous task and can not isolate himself from this task. He would be forced to continue the policy of Georg Bush in this regard.
However Obama has suspended Gitmo trials for 120 days as per poll promise. 21 persons are facing charges for war crimes. Khalid Sheikh Mahmood the confessed organizer of 9/11 is facing trial along with others for war crimes.He promised that the controversial detention center in Guantanamo bay in Cuba would be closed. It has to be seen how these criminals would be punished.Crminals who undermine American security can not be spared and must pay for crimes. There can not be any universal pardon to win sympathy from masses and Arab world.


One of the greatest criticisms against George Bush was Iraq war and inability in unearthing WMD. The long drawn Iraq war and the mounting American casualties have resulted in the poll debacles in both houses for Republicans in the past elections. Many tried to compare Iraq war as another Vietnam. But this is not true. America from the beginning has interests in the Middle East region and is maintaining military bases of strategic importance. It has strong ally in Saudi Arabia and Israel. Iraq that was once a friend turned a foe with Iraq-Kuwait war during the term of Senior Bush. Iraq was no doubt a balancing power in the region against Iran that was browbeating the region. The long drawn war between Iran and Iraq literally crippled Iran. The wisdom of attacking Iraq and eliminating it’s power base by Bush regime is debatable and no hard conclusions can be drawn. The great surge by Bush in Iraq has no doubt yielded results and it is time to withdraw. The growing casualties in Iraq war and the expenditure incurred resulting in public unhappiness has been no doubt cashed by Obama for winning the elections. Iraq has now its own government and as promised Obama has already instructed his military commanders to work out a strategy to pull out of Iraq at the earliest. He should be careful not to fritter away the gains Americans have after Iraq war to win laurels from the people. There is a truth that a hole vacated by a snake would soon be occupied by another snake. If America withdraws lock stock and barrel from Iraq, it will not be surprising to find terrorists making a strong base in Iraq with help of Iran that is the staunch enemy of America. Obama thus would be forced to maintain sizeable force in Iraq for several years to keep a watch over the region and protect American interests. It was already planned earlier that America shall maintain training teams in Iraq that also go on patrols along with Iraqi soldiers and in situations have to actively participate in skirmishes with unlawful elements. Of late, we do find that Iraq has reasonably stabilized and Obama would be able to withdraw sufficient forces out of Iraq. He however can not completely shut down the front. The pyre in Iraq would continue to burn for many years to come and American forces in some strength have to be maintained in Iraq.


After 9/11, America has gone against Taliban in Afghanistan with full force and dislodged them and most of the terrorists leaders and cadres ran away to Waziristan of Pakistan, the next door neighbor. Although War against the terrorists holed in Pakistan is going- on, the results have not been encouraging. Pakistan the most important friend in the region due to strategic importance has been entrusted with the task of eliminating terrorists from its soil. Sadly, this has not been accomplished. Pakistan has failed to deliver goods and billions of dollars given as aid to this country to fight terrorists appear to be frittered away and Pakistan remains exposed to the world as a failed state, unable to control its own regions and emerge as a progressive nation. Pakistan itself is suffering terrorism internally and Pakistani Taliban is trying to take over the country at the earliest. The name sake democracy in the country is brow beaten by Pak army and Army Chief General Kayani calls the shots today. One will not be surprised in army stages a come back with Kayani in the saddle. This is most dangerous in view of Pakistan being a nuclear state and falling in the hands of Taliban or Al-Qaida would soon spell disaster to the world as the bombs would be like a stones in a lunatic’s hand. One of the most important agenda in front of Obama would be, how to make Pakistan act. He has already warned Pakistan that aid would be subject to its performance against terrorism emanating from its soil. Obama in his address warned Pakistan “There were no free lunches-US non military aid to it would go up, but all of it depends on its performance in the fight against terror.” Pakistan of course was rattled and reacted.” If Obama did not adopt a positive policy towards it, Islamabad would review all options”. This a thinly guarded warning to USA that it could even pull out of the fight against AlQaida and Taliban in its own country and in Afghanistan. Pak ambassador to US Hussein Haqani said, “We hope that Obama will be more patient while dealing with Pakistan. We will review all options, if Obama does not adopt positive policy towards us. Bush was more inclined to Pakistan (4).
American unmanned delivery systems are already attacking targets well with in Pakistani regions and destroying terrorists. Afghan war has already reached Pak soil. Obama has realized that Pakistan is the nerve centre of international terrorism much before he became the president and now he has a challenging task ahead of him to discipline Pakistan. He is already planning to escalate and strengthen the war efforts against Taliban and AlQaida and bring it to close soon. He already said he would catch or destroy Laden who has killed 3000 innocent Americans in 9/11 attack. Pakistan on its own surely will not be able to catch or kill the culprits and keeping alive the terrorism on its soil helps its actions against its strong neighbor that is India. Thus Obama would face the unhappy situation of forcing Pakistan to do some thing or launch NATO troops into Pak soil to destroy terrorists. The chances of Pakistan soon emerging as a failed state are very high and also it would be dangerous in view of presence of nuclear weapons. This would be a very serious challenge to Obama. Waziristan is a very difficult terrain where no one in past has won a war. If any success was achieved it was temporary and lawlessness soon remerged. Afghanistan war is the main agenda for Obama and if he can catch or destroy Laden and the leaders it would be a feather in the cap. It would be however very unfair to disallow any credit to George W Bush in fighting Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorism at a most crucial hour in American history and keeping them away from main land all these years.
The statements made by Pak leaders that they kept all options open if Obama was not sympathetic to him need careful consideration. What are these options? One is to not to co operate with US in the war against terror or even withdraw from the task. That means terrorists will have free hand in Pakistan particularly in Waziristan. That means Pakistan would soon become like Taliban ruled Afghanistan before US attack.Situation would be same as it was then except locations would change. US then will have no options except to repeat Afghanistan in Pakistan. That would be disastrous to the region and the country. In view of the nuclear weapons held by Pakistan, it could do some saber rattling, but Pakistan is in no position to oppose a full fledged US forces if it happens. Irts delivery systems can not reach US targets to threaten them. His second option is to embrace China. China although helped Pakistan in developing nuclear technology and in other areas has distanced itself during Bombay attack and it made it clear to Pakistan that it was better to control LET when discussions came up in UN. China under any case would not risk a war with USA and damage its economy. Thus Pakistan would be left high and dry if Pakistan decides to confront America. It would be forced to follow US guidelines and fall in line or has to face music. With Pressure building from India Pakistan would be sandwiched and results could be disastrous. Obama has to relentlessly press on Pakistan to deliver in order to achieve his aim.


America has been the staunch ally of Israel in Middle East and it makes no bones about it. In fact Israel’s survival in the Middle East has been a function of American support. Israel has also emerged as a strong military nuclear state over the years. It has successfully warded off the hostile neighbors all these years who were hell bent on destroying it. The recent Gaza conflict has caused concern in Arab nations when there was no response from Obama. Many children died in the air attacks on Gaza. Obama would have no great choices with respect to Israel and the policy of supporting it. Israel is under threat from Iran who declared that it would wipe it off the world map once it acquires a nuclear bomb. Israel naturally has all the right to defend itself. As Iran stubbornly inches towards its goal, Israel too is getting more concerned. There have been many speculations in the past that attack on Iran’s nuclear centers was on the cards and preparations were on the way. In the past Israel
Israel attacked and destroyed Iraq’s nuclear centers in preemptive strikes in the past. And it was comparatively easy affair Iraq being close to it. However Iran is far away and the task is not that easy without the help of America. With Hezbollah safely entrenched in Lebanon and duly supported by Iran, Israel would be at constant threat and it can lower its guard. It is unlikely that any solution can be found in very near future to the Palestine problem and Obama has to live through his tenure as his predecessors have lived. He can not break off from Isreal and thus hostiliy with a section of Arabs would remain, so the evil of terrorism would contune along with hostility towards USA.


The most important challenge ahead of him is the current economic crisis. Scores of people have lost jobs. Automotive giants are facing greatest crisis threatening their survival. Every one in USA is expecting Obama to lead the country out of the present economic crisis. He has to create many jobs for the unemployed. It is a fact that unemployment leads to crimes too. He has to bail out the banks with a stimulus package of US $ 775 billion and auto giants from the crisis. Will he get money that he recommends? As per an Indian an Indian critic, most of the US citizens invest in house as security and also in shares. There are no great restrictions on loans towards buying Houses ad automobiles and sadly many do not pay back the loans. The banks seriously suffer by the defaulters and the real estate business has literally collapsed causing great down sliding in economy. America consumes maximum petroleum products and the guzzling cars racing at breakneck speed on the roads cause very heavy drain on the economy. If the small cars are used with lower speeds say 50 to 60 kmph there would be tremendous savings on the fuel sector and this would greatly revive the economy. But will Americans listen to this sane suggestion? The gas guzzling Hummers, Fords SUV, Dodge trucks running at beakneck speeds cause heavy drain on economy. This is one aspect. Iraq war has reportedly cost US $ 597 Billions. Thus Obama would be facing serious challenges in his first year and obviously reviving economy would be his first choice. The first year would indicate his success rate.

Entire America and world is expecting much from Obama ad obviously he can not do miracles. He also can not suddenly deviate from important international commitments involving security and the gains received at some sectors have to be stabilized. Witch hunting would be too bad. In some quarters some critics even suggested trial of previous leaders for waging wars and such insane demands better be ignored an laughed off. Frustration can drive people to crazy heights. Hope Obma would usher new era in a atmosphere of serious challenges, Giod bless him with long reign and health


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4. day one: Obama tells Pak to rein in terror, Times of India, Hyderabad, AP, India,
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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, January 16, 2009


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

(Gandhi is seen lying in bed coughing vigorously. The room is simple with barest necessities… On the wall, a painting of Lord Rama is displayed. Ram is holding a bow that is stretched with arrow.. He is in a war mood )

Gandhi. Ohf. The winter is just bad. Whole body is aching. He swallows tablet from the bottle. These strikes, agitations are taking life out of me. I must find some time for relaxation and entertainment. I shall become fresh too.

( Suddenly Raj kapoor appears after a flash)

Raj. Namaste Bapu. Nice that you remembered some entertainment. I am here. Where shall we go?

Gandhi. Please take me to some good place

( Raj and Gandhi drive to a pub at the outskirts of the city. Gandhi is in his usual dress)

Gandhi. Which is this place?

Raj. This is called a Jing bang pub

Gandhi. The name is funny. Name sound like bear cub

Raj. Hee…heee..haaa.huu.huu. This is special in city

( They enter the pub after paying at the counter. At entrance lot of security check is there. Inside they see Mukesh, Surendra BA LLB, KL Saigal, Pahadi sanyal, KaviPradeep,Talat mahmood, Rafi, Hemant dada and KC dey.Jagmohan,Mannadey, Zahur Raja, Comedian sunder, Bhagwan and Mukri They also see Ashok kumar, Kishore,Motilal,KN Singh,Gope,C ramachandra, Kalyanji, Anil Biswas, Pankaj Mullick, Prihviraj kapoor, RC Boral, Naushad, Jaikishan, Pandit Indra, Ram ganguly, Madan mohan, at another table. They all stand up and wish Gandhi with great respect.Gandhi is escorted to a table and he is seated in a special chair. Saigal, Surendra BA LL B, Sanyal, Prithviraj kappor and Pradeep are seated with him. Raj kapoor stands behind Gandhi)

Saigal. Bapu. Nice to see you here. He picks up his glass and gulps few drops of whisky while Gandhi looks other way

Bapu. Mr Kundanlal you have not changed much

Mukesh. Bapu. Why change ? No.. We are already dead. Not going to die again.
Let us enjoy ( Sings).

Dil Jalta Hai tho Jalne do
Aasoo na baha faryad na kar dil
Jalta hai tho jalne do

Gandhi. Come on Mukesh. Try to be happy

Mukesh. Bapu. If the mood has to develop one must have few drops of liquor down the throat.

Gnadhi. That I can not do

( In the mean time color lights are flashed and orchestra comes alive on the stage. Two scantily dressed good looking girls come on to the stage and start dancing. As the beats of the drums get more pronounced the dance also gets more faster. Whistle and shrieks are heard. Some crazy guys get up and start dancing wildly)

Rafi. ( Gets into mood) Yeah… yeah.. Ayyayyo karu my kya suku.. sooku…sooku( he gets up and does some fast jig)

Mukhesh. ( Sings)

Patli kamar hai Tirchi nazar hai
Khile phool si teri jawani.. Kaha ka dar hai
Patili kamar hai…hai…

( He gets up and dances singing the song)

Gandhi.Ohf.. What type of guys here.( looks at them helplessly while Raj kapoor offers him a soft drink)

Gandhi. What is this?

Rajkapoor. Bapu. It is soft drink. Coca-Cola of Indian make

Gandhi. It is ok for a change. I would have preferred Jaljeera.Hope nothing is mixed in it

Saigal. Bapu. How can we do that? You are our Bapu, Great bapu

( In the mean time, the dancing girls come very close to the table where Gandhi and others are sitting. It is a cabaret dance going on. One of the dancer tickles the cheek of Mukhesh, still dancing)

Dancing Girl. Hoi. handsome

Mukhesh . Fine. Gets up and dances with her

( Saigal, Rafi, Pradeep, Surendra BA LLB and others clap while Gandhi watches. In the mean time waiter brings snacks monkey- nuts, chips, wafers, kaju fried and mini samosas. He brings drinks to all. The dancing girl comes now close to Gandhi and winks at him She asks him to dance with her )

Gandhi. Eeee… Raj..Rajj come. Go away.. How can I dance with you? I am very old of 79 years.

Girl. That is fine. Age is no bar here. Just enjoy sir. It will be a new experience. You have wasted all your life like this.

Raj kapoor. Hello madam. Leave him alone.

( The dancer goes away dancing to some other table taking SurendraBALLB with her )

Gandhi . These snacks are fine. I like them. ( He accepts the snacks)

( The music tempo builds up and the compeer at mike shouts in big voice that all are requested to join)

(Most of the guys and girls get up and start dancing to the beat of the drums. There is a great amount of cigarette smoke. Lights are being flashed. The drums are beat crazily. The partners are dancing with great craze. Shouts, shrieks, cat calls, and all types of screams are heard at pitch of the voice,, There is a great commotion. Mukesh, Rafi, Pradeep, Rajkapoor, Hemant kumar, Kishore kumar are also on the floor doing their bit.)

Saigal. Bapu. This does not suit us.

Surendra. True. Times have changed.

Pankaj mullick. Entire music has changed. Very great western influence is there in music

Anil Biswas. Ohf ( Holds head)

Saigal. We can not fit in

( In the mean time the organizer Ashok come to Gandhi and bow to him and they wish all great singers sitting with him)

Gandhi. Thanks for recognizing me. I am not fake Gandhi. The real one

Ashok. Saigal sahib. You must give a song, Surendraji BA LL B .. You also must give a song.. It is great occasion for us.

( They escort all singers, Rajkapoor and Gandhi to the stage)

Rajkapoor ( In his typical style) Hello. Namaste. We have Gandhiji amongst us. You are very lucky. We also have great singers like Saigal, Surendra, Atma, Pankaj mullick, Rafi, Mukesh, Pradeep, Kishore… Let us welcome them . Give a big hand

( All clap loudly while Saigal adjusts the mike and tunes harmonium)

Saigal. Friends. I shall give a light song from film My sister (Sings)

Chupo na chupo na…chuponaa..
Chupona chupona oh pyari sajaniya
Hamse chupona chupona…Baaki rasseelee..
Baaki rasseeli Hamaari sajaniya
Hamse chupona chupona……

( All listen in pin drop silence and clapin appreciation )

Saigal. Surendra. Please come here. It is your turn

Surendra.. I shall also give a light happy song from movie Elan

Ek baar phirse aaja
Dilme mere samaaja..Ek
Aya Zindagiki rahat,
Aai Jannath ki jannat
Ek bar muskaraja..
Dil me mere samaajaa

( The song is accompanied by brass band and all clap loudly)

(Every one wants now CH Atma to give a song and he obliges.)

Atma. I shall give the most famous song from film Nagina
( Every one claps)

Atma. (Sings with his usual deep voice)

(Rowumai.. saagar ke kinare… sagar hasee udaye
Jag mere chanchal lahre. Maibhi aaj chupaa….

(All clap loudly and request Pamkaj dada to give anice song)

Pankaj mullick. ( Sings)

Piyaa milam ko jaaana. Haa… Piya Milan ko jaana

(All the people now want Gandhi to give something and Gandhi appreciates the deamd. He goes to mike and sings Ramdhun

Gandhi ( sings)

Raghupathi Raaghava raja raam
Pateetha pavan seethe raam
Iswar allah tere nSab ko sanmathi de bhagwan,,

( entire crowd sings Ramdhun most sincerely and Gandhi wipes tears)

Saigal. Bapu . What happened. Any dirt in the eye

Gandhi. Not in the eye. Dirt is in the country. See How nie these bioys and girls are. They are still singing Ramdhun at my request. They are all good. But only got on to a wrong path by western culture. Soon they would realize and come back to noble path

Surendra. Yes Bapu. I am sure they will some day.

( The orchestra accompanies Ramdhun and entire atmosphere becomes noble and pious.Gandhi thanks all and he departs along with Raj kapoor)

Gandhi. Raj. That was the nice evening

Raj. True sir. Hope you are relaxed now

Gandhi. Sure. But one should not go there regularly. One can get habituated

Raj. True Bapu. I very rarely go there

Gandhi. That is good. Thanks for accompanying me. Bye

( Gandhi gets down and goes to the room while Raj drives away in his car)

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Thursday, January 15, 2009




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

(In the center of a posh room John Kennedy and General Washington are seen sitting. They are having drinks. Both are serious and appear highly involved. In the mean time the sentry gets in)

Sentry. Sir! There is a guy outside and he calls himself MK Gandhi, He is poorly dressed. Shall I allow him in?

Washington. By all means. He has great convictions. He feels most of the poor in India can not afford good clothes. So he dresses up like this. I know him. He is a great guy.

Kennedy. Yeah. That is true

(Gandhi walks in with his drape , dhoti and stick.)

Gandhi. Dear friends, Sorry to disturb you. I came to USA yesterday and thought I must meet you

Washington. That is fine sir. Kindly be seated. How about some drink?

Gandhi. Thanks sir, I do not drink I do not mind if some goat milk is brought. How are things here? The term of George Bush is coming to an end. Soon Obama would be in white house. Every one is highly expecting

Kennedy. Hello. Who is there? Get some goat’s milk

( After few minutes a she Goat is brought there. It is milked then and there by the sentry and warm milk is served to Gandhi.. Goat shouts meh…mehh..mehh and is taken away.)

Gandhi. Thanks. ( He sips milk and with Dhoti cleans lips). Yeah we were discussing some change in America with Obama getting in to white house.

Kennedy. Yeah. That always happens. But with every president, some problems would come up. Some challenging and some self made things

Washington. Look! Nixon had water gate scandal. Reagan was shot at , but he survived.

Kennedy. Clinton had some sex scandals. Senior Bush had Iraq-Kuwait war. Now Junior Bush has terrorist headache. Obama can not come out of Afghanistan unless he destroys Pakistan. He is sure to induct more troops into that place. It is not Afghanistan. It is Pakistan which is the problem. It has to be taken over or nuke some places.

Gandhi. But there are no scandals with Bush. It was only Iraq war that people did not accept. But the guy has reacted very sharply to Al-Qaida attack. That must be appreciated

Washington. Look Mr Gandhi! People’s memory is very short. They forget soon. Imagine the instant when WTC happened. The nation was in shambles. There was great shock. This man rallied every one around him. That itself is very great. What is the duty of the president ? He inspired every one. He has also shown what America means to the crooks.

Kennedy. Even during Cuban crisis I was prepared for war. If I had not acted tough the missiles would have been kept in Cuba permanently. How can I allow them?

Washington. True. You did correctly and it was expected out of the President.

Gandhi. Look ! There are so many guys craving for blood of Bush.

Washington. Public opinion changes over a time. White appears black for some and black appears white for some again, That is the game that goes on eternally in democracy

Gandhi. So Democracy can be defined as the process by which at times majority of fools can bring in change in the system even if it was good earlier.

Washington. That was a very good definition indeed. I define democracy as :

Democracy is of nuts, by the nuts and for the nuts.. that is when people loose direction

Kennedy. It can be also termed as

It is for the fools, by the fools and of the fools

Gandhi. This may be a bit very strong Sir. I would say Democracy is for the jokers, of the jokers and by the jokers particularly in reference to my place now a days when all types of inaction and mischief takes place.

Washington. Aaahaa…haaaa…haa. But everywhere it is same. No one is great.

Gandhi. Sir what is going on in Gaza? How long Israel would bomb the helpless guys

Kennedy. But why those Hamas guys should fire rockets unnecessarily. Then why cry now?

Gandhi. True. But it is seen as over reaction

Kennedy. That you may think. But Israel does not think. There is a saying that even a small snake must be hit with a strong stick. That is what Israel doing.

Gandhi. Poor innocent kids are also getting killed in bombings

Washington. What can be done?

Gandhi. I feel sad the Palestine problem is going on eternally. Sir! can’t we find some solution?

Washington. Look The Arabs are very adamant. They do not want Israel there. Where they will go? Why should they go?

Kennedy. No one can solve their problem. Time only should solve it. Could you solve Kashmir problem?

Gandhi.. No..

Kennedy. Same is the case here. Bye the bye what happened to Pakistan and handing over of criminals to you?

Gandhi, Do you think they will hand over?

Kennedy. No one will hand over. Americans only made some noise because some Americans were killed at Bombay.

Gandhi. Now all are keeping quiet. Indians have become fools finally.

Washington. ( within himself… As if they were not) Hee.. hee. You should have taken your own actions. You delayed things

Gandhi. We really thought that Americans would make sure that they would hand over criminals

Kennedy. How naïve you are Mr Gandhi? Look your war has to be fought by yourself. Not by any one. When are you going to learn things Mr Gandhi?

Gandhi. True.

Kennedy. Look Mr Gndhi. You have to be bold. Do not practice what is not possible. Your days are over. Let India come out of your hold and influence. Then only it will be taking strong actions. Look ! No one will give Nobel prize to Indians. You did not get. Nehru did not get. I am sure Dr Man Mohan Singh will not get even if he has avoided war. That is more because of fear and incapability.

Washington. MrKennedy kindly spare him. Let him realize himself. India suffers basically by Gandhi syndrome. Unless it comes out of it, its enemies would play merry hell with it. They have to learn hard way. Why preach? It is no use

Kennedy. True

Gandhi. Thanks sir. Probably you are true. Our people have misunderstood Gandhism. They take Gandhi for inaction and laziness and dilly dallying

Washington. True. You know it better.

Gandhi. OK sir! Thanks, see you again.

( Gandhi departs along with his stick)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

(Some people are looking at the statue of Gandhi on the street center in Secunderabad in AP state of India. The Road is called James Street. The statue is dilapidated and painted black. The face has streak of crow droppings. At the base of the statue, few guys are found sleeping fully drunk. some are found gambling. A lady is found soliciting customers. In the mean time suddenly Gandhi’s statue comes to life)

Gandhi.( Waving ) Oh.. Hey.. Oh..Hey guys! Please bring me down. I can not jump from this height

( The on- lookers help Gandhi to get down)

Gandhi. Thanks Bhai. I have worn out knees and can not jump from the pedestal

( The people are thrilled to see Gandhi alive among them and surround him)

Raju ( Onlooker) Bapuji. I am happy you are back. Look Bapu. We are struggling at the hands of present leaders and rulers.

Gandhi. Please do not call them leaders. They are pack of opportunists. They are like wolves to devour you once you elect them.(Gandhi does a jig singing)

I am Gandhi now see I am back
And I have come with an empty sack
I shall catch all such guys now
But till now I do not know how

The present guys feel I was a fool
Yet I am always very cool
I shall twist the tails of all these nuts
And drive them to live in their huts

I gave them freedom to rule the land well
I know they made this nation a big hell
Guys have swindled the nation in many scams
And I feel sorry that Madras has removed its trams

Do not worry now I have come to sort them out
All these guys have eaten well and become very stout
Cash is being found in tons in their bathrooms
Be sure I shall make them sweep the floors with brooms

( Others also do jig and break dance singing and they shout Gandhiji ki jai..)

Raju. Bapu since three days there is no petrol or diesel available in the bunks. Transporters and oil companies are on strike. Guys are openly selling Petrol in black right in front of assembly hall and police headquarters.

Gandhi. Why this situation? What is the government doing?

Raju. Bapu. There is no government in the country.

Bapu. I was told that coalition rulers are there at center

Narsimha( Another onlooker). Bapu! If the government is there in the country, how the Paki thugs can strike at Bombay? Biggest joke is that the government has swallowed the thing and smiling. Some nuts give statement after statement that they kept options open and I feel like breaking my TV set when hear them. A bunch of wasteful guys.

Gandhi. Pakistan appears have taken India for a camel ride and have fooled them. What is the new guy doing now who replaced Patil

Raju. Less is said better it is. Every day they repeat that options were open. Then another guy says we shall see them next time. Suddenly a guy gets a brain wave and gives a statement that Pakistan should not underestimate India and they could go any length

Narsimha. Then Pakistan gives a statement that they will not hesitate to use Atom bomb to save the nation and India develops cold feet. Home minister then states that India will not go for war and would try all other options. Great joke indeed

Gandhi. (Laughs loudly ) What type of nuts are these?

Raju.. Bapu, Let us go and see what is happening in the city

( All of them start walking towards Tank Bund. On the tank bund Gandhi sees many statues lined up and all statues stare in to the distant dirty waters of lake. At some places police constables suspiciously watch them and they are seen talking on wireless sets.)

Gandhi. What are these statues? Why they are all lined up as if facing a firing squad?


Narsimha. Bapu. These are all great Telugu stalwarts from past. Some were kings, queens, Nawabs, poets, social reformers, singers and dancers, actors from dramas,

Gandhi. Thank god, there are no politician among them. They have no time to stand in leisure. They are always busy making money and move around all the time.

Raju. Of course. They may be planning on another place around the lake. There is a necklace road on the other side of lake

Gandhi. In future all dubious politicians of past and present generation could find place there. There is also a road called ministers road adjacent to the lake. The road is the filthiest of all the city roads. Most befitting name.

Raju..Hee..hee..haaa..huu..huu.. True bapu. I wish I do not live to see it

Gandhi. Are they so bad?

Narsimha. None was good. They were all manipulators and selfish guys. There may be one odd guy good among them

Gandhi. Like a swan among crows.

Narsimha. Crow is a good bird. They were like vultures and still shittiest than the vultures..

( Gandhi and his followers cross tank bund and get close to secretariat. They are stopped by a strong team of police men. They are armed with Light machine guns, grenade launchers and some rocket launchers are also seen. A jeep with RCL gun 106 mm manned by army men is also seen.)

Gandhi. What is this? Such big weapons are seen with police.

Raju. Bapu. Now a days they are calling army for assistance every time

Gandhiji. Are they going to war? With whom? Our own people are there as agitators. We are not even agitating

Narsimha. That is the joke of the day

( Police Inspector announces in mike that Gandhi and his followers must stop and disperse or else they will take strong action)

Gandhi. Look. We have come in peace. We want to discuss why people are being troubled. There is no petrol for last three days. Prices have sky rocketed. We want CM to come out and talk to us.

Inspector. Hey old man, who are you. Look like a buffoon in the dress of Gandhi. Is CM so cheap that he would come out speak to beggars like you.

Gandhi. I am real Gandhi. Not a fake one. Neither a beggar.

Inspector. Haa…haa. You can not fool us. Gandhi was shot dead 60 years ago by Nathuram Godse. My father told me

Gandhi. That is fine. But I have come back. Great men do not die

Inspector. You may be anything. How much money has been paid to you to get dressed like this?

Gandhi. Keep quiet. Behave Inspector. Even English police Inspectors were well behaved. Your father was also not born when I was facing the English police men. You… you.. behave…. Do not think that Gandhi is like today’s politician who can be sold . Gandhi becomes very angry and sways violently with anger.

I am the Gandhi above all this shit
I also know all this a big bullshit
You may use rifle and I may be hit
Know that it would affect me least bit

( Gandhi and his followers go further close and without warning the police open fire with rifle. First rifle does not fire and second rifle is also dead. A bullet from third rifle comes sizzling towards Gandhi with slow speed and he catches it with hand. Gandhi asks all his followers to stand behind him in a line. The police men fire again and Gandhi laughs and catches the bullets and shows them)

Gandhi. Look inspector. Your bullets are of no use. You know I am already dead. Nothing can happen to me.

Inspector. Then I shall take care of the guys behind you. I shall see how they escape?

( Gandhi turns back and casts a spell like Mandrake the magician. In a gesture he shows his palm with vigour. Every one appears like Gandhi )

(All Gandhi are now seen holding sticks and do jig laughing at the helpless police men)
Gandhi again looks at the police men and casts a spell. The police men feel that wild animals like Tigers and lions and panthers and a T rex are falling on them. They scream wildly and run away from there leaving weapons too..)

Gandhi. Heee.. heee. Hee. You a bunch of nuts.. you were challenging father of nation..

Gandhi and his followers go ahead and reach the gates of assembly hall. In the gate they find a statue of Gandhi in sitting and meditating position. In front of the statue many leaders are seen standing and taking photographs. In fact they were also protesting against the government that did not permit them from chwing pan in the aseembly premises. As a protest they were chewing pan and were spitting around the statue. The whole area became filth. Gandhi sees them and hold head

Gandhi. Ohf. What type of guys these are. In the mean time a leader Dasanna comes to Gandhi and asks who he was

Das. Hoi. Old man. You really look like Gandhi. How about a fag yar. He takes out a Wills cigarette and asks for a match box from Gandhi.

Gandhi. Bhai. I do not smoke and also I do not eat pan

Das. Gutka khaate ho ( Do you eat Gutka)

Gandhi. What is that?

Das. It is some type of tobacco product

Gandhi.. Chee.. cheee.. No never

Das, Then how you can be a leader? You do not eat pan, neither eat Gutka nor drink rum. What sort of guy you are?

Gandhi. Bhai is it a must do all these?

Das. Look friend. Unless you do all these things, no use in this country. More over you must be arrested at least once for anti social activities, like land grabbing, molesting some woman, Chain snatching, Vehicle lifting, holding illegal arms, Illicit liquor brewing. Bigamy, Kidnapping, Lifting of vehicles, bank frauds, Chit fund frauds, attempted robbery, attempted murder, any fraud and counterfeit note printing and any thing that is anti social. Nothing happens to you. In jail you will be treated with all respects and facilities. Every one knows soon you will be great leader.

Gandhi. Ohf. .. What a state of affairs in India?

Das. More you get arrested more clout you will have. Parties shall grab you offer tickets to you. Jails are gateways to success and power

Gandhi. Bahia. I am not interested in elections now.

Das. Then why this dress you are putting on? Even if Gandhi stands for elections, no one will vote for him. Congress party also shall not give ticket to him.

Gandhi. Let them be happy.

All the guys are big fraud
Like asses head they nod
It is better one is in grave
Than posing to be very brave

Das. Bye the bye to which party you are seeking ticket. Or contesting as independent?

Gandhi. I have no party.

Das. You look like a mad guy. Better start Gandhi party. You will be alone in that party….heee..heee.. The pseudo Gandhis also will not join your party.

Narsimha.. Bapu. Let us go from here. We cannot meet CM now. He just left in chopper. He has ditched us.

Gandhi. That is good. That is not new.

( In the mean time police Inspector and some constables run towards them and shouting)

Inspector. Catch the guys. This Gandhi is here. Catch him.. Beat him.. If you can not catch him shoot him….Make an example out of him. They are here.. You… bloody..

(Police men come close. Gandhi looks at them and gestures like Mandrake the magician with the twist of his hand. The police men fall one over another and Inspector beneath all of them. He shouts ..)

Inspector. Margaya.. bachao ( save )

Gandhi ( Laughs) heee… heee.. That is enough for the day. Are these guys to protect India? Bunch of fun characters. Nut cases really.

( Gandhi, Narsimha and many others like Kareem, Rahmat, Krishna, Rama, Ramesh, yadgiri, Sudhir, Nayak, , Jagadeesh, Vikram walk away singing and waving hands along with others on the main road... some are whistling and booing too)

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, January 12, 2009




M K Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru are seen at the pass port verification counter at Delhi international air port. They are enroute to New York. Gandhi is dressed in his normal dress while Jawaharlal is in full suit with a holly wood hat )

Gandhi. Hey .Jawahar. You look Angrez completely. What a change after so many years?

Jawahar. Bapu, I was dressed on full suit with Hollywood hat when I visited USA first time after independence. You know I was looking very handsome out of all

Gandhi. That is good. Why not? You were always handsome. But after that visit you switched over to Sherwani ( Achkan) and Chudidar with a flower at button

Jawahar. ( Blushing ) True. I wanted to look different from all world leaders who put on suits. You must always do some thing different from others. Otherwise what is special about you. See there is always a joker among clowns, He is special.

( They submit pass ports at the counter and the official queerly looks at them)

Officer. Gentleman. I think your name is Gandhi as per the pass port. You are also boarding the plane for New York. Sir, Can’t you put on some good dress covering your body? What the other country men will think of Indians? Have a heart sir. At least when you abroad care for this nation. As it is we are being laughed at. Whites think we are nuts.

Gandhi.Plesae Do not call me just Gandhi. Call me MK Gandhi. There are many pseudo Gandhis in India. That too in politics there are many. They use my name to get votes and fool public. What is wrong with my dress? Am I ugly looking? Look ,my clothes are spotless white. I use Tinopal while washing ( Sings doing some jig holding the long stick)

Kapdo ki raksha karta hai Tinopal
Gandagi bhagaye deta mera Tino pal….TinoSir call me MK Gandhi.pal.. Tinopal
Paani me dallow thoda neeli and Tinopal
Kapda hojayega poora sufed dekho mera Tinopal.. Tinopal

(Tinopal takes care of clothes
Dirt is also driven off by my Tinopal)
Put some blue aquamarine and Tinopal in water
The cloth would get white and look at my Tinopal)

Officer. That is OK. I only told you because I was worried for our nation. It is up to you

Gandhi. But where do I get a suit now?.

Jawahar. Bapu. I am carrying some extra suits in my cabin bag. You may use one with a tie

( Gandhi takes the suit from the bag and goes to a change room and quickly comes back, however with his usual slippers.)

Jawahar. Bapu. That is bad. Slippers do not go with suit. I shall get a shoe set. I think no.8 will suit you

( He goes and purchases one black oxford shoe set from a nearby show room near the counter. Gandhi puts on them. The old clothes and slippers are put in the bag. He is still holding the stick)

Officer, That is nice sir. You are looking great. Sir there is one deficiency. That is a
Hat. He goes to near by shop and purchases a Hollywood hat and gives to Gandhi. Sir this is a compliment from us. Thank you sir. Have a nice journey. Plesae hand over your stick to the cabin crew.

( Gandhi and Nehru thank the officer and take the boarding passes. They then stand in the queue for security clearance)

Gandhi. What we have to do here? Why this test for me? Am I terrorist? I am father of nation. How shameful it is?

Security officer. Every one has to go through this test. How do we know you are father of nation? If you are such a great guy where is the junta with you? You are alone along with this guy. Either go through this test or go home.

Jawaharlal. Bapu, Why create problem to yourself. Go through the test. Look I am also going through. I was the PM of India.

Officer ( Laughs) You appear to be a sane guy. This old man is cranky. I can’t believe he was the father of nation. See how is he dressed. He does not look like Gandhi.

( He asks Gandhi to remove hat and looks for any explosive hidden inside. He finds nothing. Gandhi gets irked up.)

Gandhi. Come on officer. What is the use? 11 guys entered Bombay all with police patrolling and Tamasha and smashed hotels and killed hundreds of guys. What type of security we have here. Then you are asking a man like me take off hat and show my bald head. Please look at my head. It is so shining. You can play sliding game on it.

Officer. Sir . we are doing our bit. We are not responsible for their goofing up. Ok You are cleared. Now you can go and wait in lobby till you are allowed to board the plane

Gandhi. Thanks God bless you..

Officer. I do not believe in God.

Gandhi. You must believe. Otherwise how India is surviving all these years? Is it because of our kleaders? Heee….heee. It is only because of God.

Jawahar. With so many castes, creeds, religions, languages, political parties, independents.. Oh.. What not. All must believe in God after seeing India..

(Gandhi and Jawaharlal walk from there and wait in the lobby. In the mean time announcement is made for boarding and both enter the plane and take up seats)

Gandhi. Thank god. We are in

Jawahar. True Bapu.

( The plane goes to the end of runway, turns around and races to break neck speed and takes off with thundering roar)

Gandhi.( Looking through the window) Jawahar. Look. India also looks like America when seen through the window. Only clouds are seen at this height

Jawaharlal. Bapu. Everywhere same scene will be there above the clouds. Only we get down we know whether we are in hell or heavens. , In clean waters or shitpot,

Gandhi. Heee…heee.heee

( In the mean time drinks trolley arrives and the stewardess offers drink to Gnadhi. It being a German airlines the girls are smart, fair, well dressed in skirts and beautiful)

Gandhi. Drinks….eeee….eee. no drinks. I want some goat milk

Stewardess. ( Looking lost) What.? How can we serve goats milk in air craft? Strange guy! Are you sure sir you want goats milk? Thank god you did’nt demand bears milk. But why so?

Jawahar. He is Bapu. Great Bapu, Mahatma Gandhi the father of India. He is fond of goat’s milk.

( the cabin crew go to the end and keep laughing at Jawahar and Gandhi. Both get upset)

Jawahar. Look girls. You can not make fun of us. It is our wish. If you have please serve or say thanks

Stewardess. Sorry sir. Please do not get upset. He airlines could not imagine some one could ask for such milk. Next time we shall cater for you guys. We will keep milk of ass and bear too

Gandhi. OK that’s alright. Relax. Now do not pull fast one on us.

( Gandhi looks around and finds George Washington and Kennedy too travelling in same plane and seated few seats away. He gets excited and stands up)

Gandhi. Washington sir. Kennedy sir, Good evening. How come here? Nice to see you in the same plane. In the same boat. How nice it is.

Washington. Hello. Yeah… Now days India wants to be what America is.. We had boms. You also have.We went moon. You almost went there. We had 9/11. Now you have26/11

Kennedy. Hoi, cheers,( lifts his beer glass)

( Others look queerly at Gandhi. Jawahar pulls down Gandhi in to his seat )

Jawahar. Bapu. Please sit down . All are looking at us. It is embarrassing

Gandhi. I am not doing any sin. Only wishing the General and Kennedy, My friend.

(In the mean time Two guys in the middle row suddenly get up and shout. One guy Muqtar zalim is holding some round object. Another guy Nazir Mujahid rushes into the cock pit with a pistol. They shout that they were terrorists. Shout Allah Ho Akbar…Long live Islam.. Down with unbelievers.

Mujahid. Look every one. Be cool. We shall not harm any one. We are holding a small atom bomb pocket type. If I leave the bomb it will explode and all will be killed in second including me. Behave. We have hijacked the plane.)

Gandhi. eeee…eee… Hijacking? Why? What do you guys want?

Mujahid . We are from AlQaida. We want India to be ruled by Muslims

Jawaharlal. Look India is a democracy. Whichever party wins, it will rule

Mujahid . Muslims are in minorities in India. How can they win in elections?

Gandhi. So, Adjust with some parties and make coalitions
Mujahid . That is all nonsense. It has to be forced up on India by this method. Convert all by force or kill all non believers

Jawaharlal. You can not do that. Do you think others would watch the fun?

Mujahid . Look back few hundred years. Who ruled India? We. We defeated Hindus and ruled over them

Gandhi. Those days are over

Mujahid.. They will return. Insha Allah Allah Ho Akbar. Come on old man enough of stupid discussion. Sit down and shut up. Or shall I put a bullet in you

Gandhi. That you can not do

Mujahid. I shall show you if you do some mischief. Now keep shut and sit down.

( Gandhi and Nehru sit down sheepishly)

( Every one in the air craft is tense and seen praying. Gandhi is seen murmuring Ramdhun ( ram..ramm) while Jawaharlal is seen meditating.. after some time….Gandhi looks at Jawahar)

Gandhi. Look Jawahar. We are already dead . These guys cannot do anything to us. We can over power this guy. My worry is about the bomb in his hand. He may let it go. Let us give a try.Any how thes guys and passengers are desined to die, if not now after some years. No one is permanent in this world. He knows that we are weak physically and can not do anything.
Jawahar. OK Bapu. Let us go ahead

Gnadhi ( Gets up from Chair) Oh Bhai. Please pay attention
Mujahid . Sit down

Gandhi. I want to go to toilet

( terrorist thinks for few seconds )

Mujahid. Go. I am watching you. You keep your friend with me till you return . If you do any thing I shall cut his throat.. Now go.. He grabs Nehru close to him

Gandhi. That is fine

( He goes to toilet and returns after some time. When both of them are very close to terrorist, Nehru suddenly pounces on the terrorist and takes away the bomb while Gandhi gives a punch in boxing style. The terrorist stabs Gandhi with knife. Nothing happens to Gandhi. Jawahar runs away with the bomb.)

Gandhi. See nothing happened. Gandhi falls on the terrorist and closes his mouth. In the mean time Washington runs to them and with one blow makes the guy unconscious. Washington takes out a dagger and stabs the terrorist and silences him. Kennedy also joins and to make sure, cuts his throat with the dagger and blood gushes out like fountain

Washington . Well done John

John. This swine was telling that no one can stay in this world. What nonsense he speaks? Bloody baas… he himself is dead

Gandhi. Well done sir. Jawahar. Hold the bomb tight. Do not drop.

( All of them quickly goes near the cock pit and hide behind the door. Inside, a guy is seen with a pistol at the back of a the pilot. Gandhi imitates a cat )

Gandhi… mew.. mew

( The terrorist turns around and finds nothing.. He slowly tries to look into the plane keeping the pistol still directed at the pilots. Gandhi suddenly strikes the terrorist hand with his stick that is close by and the pistol falls down. Washington quickly picks up the weapon and shoots the terrorist) between eyes. He drops dead without a word. Pilot quickly takes control. He hands over to co pilot and looks at Gandhi and others)

Pilot. Thank you sir. All of you have done great service to us. We are very grateful to you

Washington. Hope you know all of us

( Pilot smartly salutes the General)

Pilot. I know you sir.Who does not know you! I saw your life history book. I was in USA for some time. You are the great General GeorgeWashington, Father of America

( Washington smiles and appears much more taller than what he is with chest uo and standing erect).

Jawahar. Hello Mr Pilot. He is Bapu, MK Gandhi, the father of India. You must have heard about him. A man of great achievements.

Pilot. Yeah. He is from India. Man of peace and non violence too. I read about him in history books.

Jawahar. I am Jawahar lal Nehru, the former PM of India

Pilot. Yes, heard about you sir. Again I thank you. Dear Mr Gandhi . Sorry there has to be violence to day. Otherwise all of us would have been dead

Gandhi. True. At times violence is also needed. I agree with you.

Washington. Mr Gandhi. You are very brave and clever too. You were able to overpower that bas….. son of a bit……. I like your mewing too to fool that guy

Jawaharlal.. True. You were no less. That stabbing could not be done by us. Our hands would shake

Washington.( Laughs ) haa…haaa. Heee. Hee. I am an army man that too an American. We use bayonets to kill in close Quarter battle. It is not new to us

Kennedy. The operation was quick and smart too. Mr Gandhi . You are great really

Gandhi. Thanks sir, But I can not do the stabbing and cutting throats. After all I a am civilian

( In the mean time pilot announces that the aircraft was approaching Heathrow airport enroute to New York and requests all to sit down and clamp seat belts.. All the passengers in air craft say long live Gandhi.. Nehru and General Washington and Kennedy)
The aircraft slowly lands and comes to the halt and immediately is surrounded by a dozens of army commandos and armored cars. General Washington , Kennedy and Gandhi Emerge out of air craft and entire commando unit is seen presenting arms to the heroes. The band is seen playing national anthems of UK , USA and India and all the three flags of the nation are seen fluttering at the airport. Gandhi is seen wiping tears)

Washington. Why are you crying Mr Gandhi now?

Gandhi. Sir, I feel sad for the guys who were killed in the plane

Jawaharlal. Bapu. It is part of game. Let us go. Pray for their souls.

Washington. They were on wrong path and misinterpreted their religion and scriptures. God has punished them that way.

Gandhi. True

( All the three are escorted by the security officials into the airport)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, January 9, 2009



Prof Dr K Prabhkar rao ( retired)


( MK Gandhi is seen walking on the street in Hyderabad accompanied by Jawaharlal Nehru, They are at Koti ( Residency ) and near Bapu smarak ( Memorial) Mandir near book shops. The road is very busy with all sorts of people walking pell mell. All types of vehicles including horse drwan carts, bullock carts, cycle rikshaws, farm tillers are snaking way through on the road. People are conglamation of guys dressed in full suit, dhotis, half clad sadhus, mendicats, half naked beggars and som lepers to. Some are putting western caps while few are in Gandhi caps, turbans, muslim skull caps, roomi caps, Fez caps, and no end. Gandhi and Nehru are trying to cross over to otherside of road)

Gandhi. Jawahar . Let us go to otherside. I am tired seeing this side.

( They are about to cross over and suddenly a three wheeler auto rikshaw climbs almost over them)

Jawahar eeee…eeee.. (shouting loudly) You fool cant you see us

Auto driver. Kay bolta hai buddhe ( What are you talking oh.. old man).Zaban zyada chala raha hai ( your lashing your tongue more)

Gandhi. Bhai ( Brother). What is wrong?. You were almost about to kill us. Is this way you drive?

Auto driver. Tho kya ( So what)?. We drive like this only

( He gets down from the vehicle and takes out a knife and brandishes at Gandhi)

Driver,. You guys! get lost or else have you seen this?( He swings knife in air) Kya samjhe hamko ( What have you thought of me)

Gandhi (Taken back for some time) Bhai. Chakkoo ( Knife) Apne pas rakho. Hath kat Jayagaa( Oh Brother Keep the knife with you. You may cut your hand). Hame chakoo kuch nahi karta ( Knife cannot do any thing to us)

Driver I will show just now
( He plunges his knife into Gandhi)

Gandhi ( Waves hands in air) Haa…haa. Dekho, kuch nahi hua ( Nothing happened) You can not do any thing. We are above death.

Driver. Oh. This guy is a bhoot. Better run from here

(Jawaharlal pounces on the driver and catches him at waist and shouts )

Jawahar. Come on guys … catch this guy.. police. police

( In the mean time a police van is seen passing that way and Gandhi stops it_.

Gandhi. Bhai.. Police bhai. Please help us. This guy threatened us with a knife. Please catch him and put him behind bars

Police man, Look sir. We are off duty now. We are going home. More over this area does not cover our route Please look for some one or ring up Crime branch Head quarters ( The vehicle goes away)

Jawahar. Ohf.. What a place and what type of guys are there? (He still holds the driver)Is this the same India that I ruled for 16 years

Driver. (struggling) You can not do any thing to me. That too to an auto driver. All our guys will go on strike tomorrow and city can not afford it. At best I will be inside for few hours and I will come out on bail

Jawahar. I shall show. You how dare!

Driver. Heee… Heee

( In the mean time a beat constable comes that way and he sees the scene. He apperoaches Jawahar

Constable. What is the problem?

Jawahar. This guy is misbehaving and showing knife to us

Conctavble.. Knife…eeee.. Knife.. How dare ( He catches the driver)

( the driver is well built and the constable is weak and famished although he carries a Enfield .303 bolt action rifle that appears unoiled for atleast 50 years )

Driver. Laughs. Heee. Hee. Is this guy catching me?

Constable . Look. Police is very strong. Have you seen the emblem on my cap? This is very strong. It is not my physical personality that catches you. But this emblem that gives me power

Driver. Sorry sir. Kindly leave me. I am sorry. I shall not repeat

Constable. But why did you show knife?

Driver. This is only for cutting fruits. This is only 4 inches long

Constable. That is OK. But how about showing it to others and trying to stab

Driver. I was joking

Constable. Is this a joke? ( He calls police van over mobile and within few minutes a van arrives and a team of police patrol catch the culprit and they thank Jawaharlal for apprehending him)

Sub Inspector (SI). Thank you sir. You have done great favor to us. We will arrest him and charge sheet him. Please give your address and you have to give witness in a court. You have to also give complaint at Police station

Jawaharlal. Please take our address. Please note, MK Gandhi. Suit no 2, Gandhi bhawan. Martyrs districts, Swargam, State of Vaikuntham, Heavens

SI. Address looks strange. Sir where is this district? Which state?

Gandhi. Bhai. It is in heavens. You have to cross river Waitarni and you can reach there

SI. I never heard it.( Getting confused) Sir. Are you from this country? But there is a river of that name near Orissa border.

Gandhi. Very much. We are Indians no doubt, You could not recognize us. I am MK Gandhi, father of nation. He is Jawaharlal Nehru, Former Prime minister of this nation.

SI. They were dead long ago before I was born. I am not aware of you. e are so busy that we are unable to remember our Prime ministers name. How can we remember you guys? Any how, I shall see you later on. sir again thanks.

( The police van drives off with the driver while the constable takes away the auto to police station. The passengers in the auto go away abusing every one saying these ba....have wasted our time. Shitty ba....)

Gandhi. Look Jawahar. One must fight injustice. See How we have handled the situation. These gys in India at the top have bungled everything after Bomaby incident

Jawahar. True. The country in the view of all including foreigners has gone down very low. Do you think Tourism will pick up in India? Will Taj be same as earlier. Hope taj hotel does not turn into Taj mahal aroyal grave yard. All are scared. No one trusts India

Gandhi. That means Pak has achieved the aim

Jawahar. True

Gandhi.They are also our brothers. Let them have nice time

Jawahar. Bapu! What are you talking? Why have sympathy for Pakis? The crooked ones.

Gandhi. I am wishing well on the new year day

Jawahar. Then OK Bapu

In the mean time Gandhi purchases a pomegranate from a vendor. He is impressed with the red seeds from the cut fruits. They go few yards away and Gandhi cuts the fruit with a knife that he carries in his Dhoti. It is a small pocket knife.

Gandhi. Eee…eeee… Rotten. Jawahar look, this fruit is so rotten. That guy has cheated me

Jawahar. Laughs…. Heeee. heee, Bapu that is very common. My daughter Indira declared Corruption is world phenomenon. Why worry about it? This is a tip of ice berg. Whole country is engulfed in it. It is a crooks galore( Sings)

India, Oh Bapu is in a shit pot
Where each issue is a difficult knot
None can change this land
All have to fall in line of band.

Look at the great Ramlinga Raju of an IT joint
The guy has cheated the nation and made it a point
World confidence has been shaken through
While the cheats are busy gulping coffee and bru

Gandhi. Cries Mera Bharat.. Mera Bharat.. ee…. Eee….. ee. Ee.( He bangs his chest crying)

Jawahar.. Bapu . Please control. You have to see many things.

Gandhi. What is left for me now? Did I get freedom to India for all these cheats?

Jawahar. Probabaly true. Winston Churchill said long ago that India would be handed over to a bunch of cheats

Gandhi. I know. Then we cursed him. What he said was true. I want to say sorry to Mr Winston

( Suddenly there is a flash and Winston Churchill dressed in dark suit with a pipe in mouth stands in front of them)

Winston. Hello guys. How are you?

Gandhi. Welcome sir.

Winston. Mr Gandhi what is the matter? You guys appear upset. Can I help you?

Jawaharlal. Sir! We are sorry sir. We have misunderstood you

Winston. What is the matter? Why should you? Why you are apologizing? What for ?

Gandhi. In 1947 you stated that poor India would be handed over to some cheats and crooks where even a piece of bread and glass of water would be taxed. Then we condemned you sir. We are very sorry sir. What you said is true. We have realized.

Winston. Come on guys! Do not become sentimental. I never meant any harm to you guys. Please be calm. I am your friend. Look at that time when you were not mature to administer the country. Look! Corruption and inefficiency everywhere now! With independence Pakistan was created. You could not prevent it. In a hurry you accepted it. You did not want to delay independence. For every thing you have to pay a price.

Gandhi ( Wipes tears) (Sobbing). Sir , I can not see the things in India the way they are. Please save us from this shit pot.

Winston. Sir Who asked you to be here? You were happy in heavens

Gandhi. Sir there also the dead Pak leaders are visiting us and troubling us. They want to form a Pakistan in heavens for dead guys and Jinnah would lead them there

Winston. What a craze?

Gandhi. Kindly take care there. See How the guys have brought down the national prestige after the recent Bombay attacks. A spineless show. We don’t want any independence in heavens at least. We shall be with you.

Winston. OK . By all means. Ok Bye Guys . see you. Bye ( within himself) That is good. The guys have atlast learnt a lesson. They will never forget. Heee..heeee..Hii

( Gandhi and Jawahar hold hands and sing doing a break dance)

Mujhe tumse kuch bhi naa chahiye

Mujhe mere haal pe chod dou…

( I do not want any thing from you
And leave me alone to my fate)

( Both walk off )

Dr K Prabhakar Rao