Saturday, April 30, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

People of Hyderabad have suddenly were woken up from slumber when trouble erupted in old walled city ( Although no wall exists today). Mr Akbaruddin Owaissi MLA from local strong AMIM party was fired up on and stabbed at Chandrayan gutta, a notorious locality known for communal trouble in the old city on 30 April 2011. Sri Akbaruddin along with his followers went to the place in connection with a problem over a dispute over wall of a cremation ground. He had some serious differences with local strong man Mohammed Pahilwan over the site in dispute. He was reportedly attacked by some awaiting supporters of the Pahilwan and trouble broke out. The gun men of the MLA too reportedly opened fire killing One Mr Ibrahim relative of the Pahilwan. Few more were seriously injured and battling for life at a local hospital Mr Owaiisi was admitted to Owaissi hospital and was operated up on .Reportedly he was out of danger. Hyderabad is the strong hold of AMIM. The party was dominated by Owaissi family , first by the Salauddin Owaissi father of Mr Akbaruddin Owaissi who was a vetern of olitics. He played important role in city and state politics for many decades after the departure of his father Wahab Owaissi who took over reigns of the party from Erstwhile Kasim Razvi infamous for Razakar trouble in Ex princely Hyderabad state. Kasim Razvi left for Pakistan after handing over the party to thelocal leader. He then went to Pakistan as per agreement with Govt of India.He was released from Pune Jail under the condition that he would leave for Pakistan within 48 hours.Since then Owaissi family dominated the party in Hyderabad. The name MIM was changed to AMIM at a later date. Things went on smoothly for Owaisi for a long time till MajlisBachao Tehrik MBT was formed by Mr Amanullah Khan another stalwart from the party. He parted ways with Salauddin Owaissi over many party issues and the never ending domination of the faily over the party. MBT became strong in Chandrayan gutta areas and Amanullah Khan commanded wide following in old city in many corners and was a strong opponent to Owaissis. After the demise of Mr Amanullah Khan MBT lost its clout and sons of Salauddin Owaissi rose up. They were Asaduddin Owaissi the elder one a barrister from UK and he became a MP later on after a stint in state politics. His younger brother Akbaruddin Owaissi became MIM MLA from city. The party is fully dominated by the brothers and became very strong in old city.In the last elections they also spread the influence in Malakpet area too which is away from old city.
Old city in Hyderabad is still backward with narrow lanes and rampaging poverty. Although some roads have been widened and some face lift was given to some areas much is still required to be done. It still remains the sore point. The ancient city can not be modernized all of a sudden as there is no scope for further improvement. Lack of education, narrow sectarian politics, feelings, influence of some jihadi out fts from Pakistan and Bangladesh have been the important factors.In past there wewre several incidents when some terror outfits based in old city fired on police posts and patrolling police teams. Such incidents happened at Falaknuma and Saidabad colonies. The miscreants caped after shooting and killing police men and escaped comfortably. The culprits are yet to be brought to justice. Owaisssi Hospital is a major Institution in old city and the family is also runninga Medical College apart from an Engineering college at Dar us salam near Nampally area. Thus the party has also contributed towards education and some charity trusts too. However mistrust and local criminal polics in old city thrive without check. Shooting the MIM MLA is the culmination of Iinter party rivelries and rising frustrations in the old city over domination by AMIM.The MLA was very seriously injured and reportedly out of danger. But the incident caused great concern in law enforcing agencies in the city and with in hours 25000 police men have been deployed to control the rising passions in the city. Trouble is not yet over. The accused Pahilwan has gone on record stating that the shooting was the result of cross fire between factions and that were attacked by MIM men and they had to retaliate. It will be extremely difficult to prove facts for police as no proper witness will be available and none will come out openly for the fear of danger from the parties. It is unlikely that the culprits will be quickly brought to justice by our system and its loop holes. Both parties are raising fingers at each other. Time is the answer for this. Hyderabad as a notorious city has lived up to its expectations.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao


The painting is in water colors on A3 size paper drawn by Dr K Prabhakar Rao ( self) and is in his collection

Saturday, April 23, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Anna Hazare is walking on the street of parliament along with some of his followers when he is suddenly confronted by a strange looking person. The person is dark, very tall and has bat like disposition. He looks more like a batman of US comics.)

Hazare. Bhai. Who are you? Why you have blocked the way?

Stranger. Do you want to know who I am?

Hazare. Surely. You can not block my way. We are living in a democracy.

Stranger. Hee..Hee. Yeah.. Yeah.. We are living in democracy.. sure..sure.. hoo..hoo..

Hazare. What is there to laugh? I told truth.

Stranger. Your words made me laugh. From where you are coming? Which part of the country you belong?

Hazare. Iam Anna Hazare. I am a social worker from Maharashtra state.

Stranger. Oh! So , you are Mr. Hazare, the one who went on fast at Jantar Mantar and made news recently.

Hazare. True. Any objection you have?

Stranger. No. no.. Why I should have any objection? After all, this is democracy and free for all. Any one can do anything. Whatever one wants he can do. (Sings and dances)

We are in this land called India
Where simple nuts rules everywhere
Scams are the order of the day
While the crooks make money in a big fanfare

There are many laws of the land
And none of the law is of any use
The thieves continue to rule all the times
And from the law they removed the entire fuse

Laws in the land are to be broken
And the cheats roam in very costly cars
They store the ill gotten money abroad
While many innocents struggle behind jail bars

Hazare. You are not correct. It is not like that. Any one can not do any thing which he wants. It has to be with in law.

Stranger. Sorry. I need to be corrected. But there is no law here. It is only on paper.

Hazare. Thanks dear. I do not want to argue and get confused further. Please clear our way.

Stranger. I have still some thing with you.

Hazare. What is that you want from me?

Stranger. It is better I tell who I am. I am devil of corruption and brother of Satan. All the thieves and crooked political leaders worship me everyday. They sing “OM Jay Jagdeesh Hare” in front of me.. I heard you are out to erase me out of India. I have my men in each house in India. Can you go against me? I shall see you. Till now no one could erase corruption from any country. Be careful about me. I am very dangerous. No one has escaped my wrath till day. You appear to be physically weak. Can you withstand my onslaught? It will be deadly too.

Hazare. Sure. I am at it.

Devil. How can you do it? Are you confident about it?

Hazare. Sure. I am very confident. I just started my work.

Devil . Even MK Gandhi could not do it.

Hazare. MK Gandhi never tried it. He was busy getting us freedom from the Englishmen. He was also busy making experiments with truth. He had no time.

Devil.I read his book ( My experiments wit truth. No one wants to talk about it.They look other way as if they have not read it. Hee.heee. He tried to introduce Prohibition. But he failed. Now every one drinks like fish in India. In his own state where prohibition is on paper guys drink like hell.

Hazare. I am not sure about it. We are not at prohibition now. At a later date, we may think about it.

Devil. Prohibition and corruption go hand in hand. I can write an equation linking them.

( Suddenly MK Gandhi, Nehru and Patel appear at the scene)

Hazare. Namaste Bapu.. Namste Bapu. Mere Bapu. What a surprise to day! I am honored

Devil. Who is this old man and other flunkies with him. Why are you bowing to him

Hazare. He is father of nation, MK Gandhi, Mahatmaji.

Devil. How I am bothered? I do not make friendship with such guys. My friends are of different type. I have friends like spectrum Raja, Charles Shobh Raj, Anderson from USA of carbide fame, Afzal Guru, Kasab, Taliban leaders from Pakistan, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Qatrochi of Bofors fame, Ramalingaraju of Satyam Computers, Al Zawahari of Al Qaida, and many more, some names I can not say openly.

Hazare. Why? Why are you scared to reveal.

Devil. It is like Indian govt revealing names of cheats who have stored money in Swiss banks. They have not revealed. They say they can not reveal, They are obliged not to reveal.

Hazare. One of my next step is to ensure that they reveal such names, They can not escape from me.

Devil. Keep imagining and day dreaming too.

Hazare. ( sings)

Look Oh devil and know what I am
World has seen me already and my deeds
The cheats in India can not escape me
I shall pick them as rats in field pick up the weeds.

Gandhi. ( Claps) Hear . Hear. Hazareji. Great poem it is . I appreciate.

Hazare ( Bows) Thanks bapu. Iam honored by your remarks.

Gandhi. How do you think that your LOK Pal bill will erase corruption?

Hazare. I am sure the corruption has to be tackled at highest level first. The political leaders in fact are getting elected to parliament and assemblies by spending plenty of money. Without money no one will get elected. Therefore, once they get elected they keep running to make money. They not only aim at making up the immediate expenditure, but also they start piling up for next election and then for their kith and kin and for many generations. Greed will not stop. They find ways and means to save and take away money from country. The Swiss bank accounts are opened. Such things are possible for only top guys in politics and industries. Ordinary guys can not venture in to such dealings.

Patel. Hazareji. You are wise .

Gandhi. Don’t you think what we need electoral reforms first than Lok Pal bill. I feel the elected representatives should be recalled if they do not perform and are found shady.

Patel. Bapu. Do you think Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will allow such bill to be passed? They will fight tooth and nail to prevent it. If such bill is passed no MP nor MLA will feel safe.

Gandhi. But such fear is most required. Now they are absolutely fearless. They think once elected they can do any thing and take people for a camel ride till next elections.

Patel. Our Constitution is made like that. It is more pro politician type than pro people. On paper, it says it is for the people by the people and of the people.

Gandhi. Hee..Hee.. I died before Constitution was finalized. Guys must have got great relief when I was packed off. Or else constitution might have been influenced by me.

Patel. Very surely.

Hazare. Why dig old graves?

Patel. Some times graves are also dug. Don’t you know that grave of Emperor Akbar/s grave at Fatehpur Sikri was dug up by the Jats once Mughals became weak and they took away the silver gates.

Hazare. How it is related to our problem?.

Gandhi. I feel you are paying more emphasis on LOK Pal bill that will be greatly resisted even by the MsP as it will be digging their own grave. Who will do that. Even opposition parties may not favor it as at some point of time they might come to power. No one wants to risk. If PM is to be brought into its fold, it will be highly dangerous, they feel.

Hazare. Does it mean that a PM can get away being corrupt?

Gandhi. I did not say that. Our PMs were above board by and large. Bofors was the beginning. But Rajiv was absolved after his death. The courts know better about it. Now the Italian guy Qatrochi too escaped. Govt has already spent more money on investigation than what was eaten away in scam. A good joke. If we speak about Bofors, it will become bigger than Mahbharatha epic. There is no end.

Hazare. I am unhappy because the Bhooshan affair is becoming more complex. The central ministers are also commenting unnecessarily irrelevant things, Look at Mr. Sibal, How is commenting? He comments and then says press has misquoted him. This is the standard trick by VIPs. This is not first time. They throw stone first and then say they did not throw and some one did from behind them. Hee..heee

Gandhi. This is life in India. You are new to this drama in politics. All these years you did social work selflessly and your reputation got built up. Politics is not simple and for righteous people. It is only for crooks who can twist words, play games, hood wink others and do all sort of things.

Hazare. I know that but it was late. This is a jungle indeed in which we have to tread aimlessly. Paths are undefined. I am of opinion that first corruption at highest level should be tackled. Now there is no fear in them. The present law enforcing agencies feel powerless against them. But at state and district level there are agencies that can tackle corruption. In some places they are doing too. But actions are very limited. These things we are reading in news papers from time to time.They did mountains and catch rats.

Gandhi. You may be correct partly. But corruption has gone into genes now in India. It is considered now as a right by most of the govt employees right from attenders level to the district administration. Some central services are given many safeguards with respect to prosecution.

Hazare. These are the usual perils in administration. All things can not be set right overnight. We have started the crusade. It has to be fought through.

Patel. But most of the crusades did not get expected results. They slowly died.

Hazare. We have to make efforts. If all the guys feel that it is not their job, then who will do it?

Gandhi. A good question. Look Mr Hazare, I think now you are commanding great respect in society and it is first time that people responded like this after Jaya Prakash Narain before emergency.

Hazare. You know it better sir. I am a simple man and no match to you or JP.

Gandhi. Best of luck to you Hazare. I am happy that you gave a thought to it. I am only feel upset why the rulers have not thought about it. Will they react only when some one puts a knife over their neck?.

Hazare. They know it better Bapu.

Patel. If a guy lesser popular than Hazare had started this agitation I am sure he would have been arrested long ago. Now they are shit scared about public response.

Gandhi. You also know that Baba Ramdev has been much vocal on similar issues. I do not know why he has not started a fast as you have done?

Hazare. He knows better. Already he has started a Bharat Swabhiman party and has gone to people. There is wide following. In next election it makes great difference.

Patel. But I am sure some vested interests will try to implicate him in something.

Gandhi. Let us wait and see. Hazare has different image. He has more of Gandhian image apart from his honest look with Gandhi cap. I think it worked much. Any how Mr Hazareji, the path is not smooth and you have started on a thorny path and enroute you will find ample wolves, panthers, bears, lions, Hyenas, tigers, snakes, pythons, werewolves and all these will be from political fields and some could be from industry who support some shady leaders. You have to be bold and brave.

Hazare. That I am. There is nothing I will loose. I do not have any property and neither I have interest in it. You know me and people know me. I am a self less man.

Patel. But already some guys are after digging out some thing against you.

Hazare. Let them. Iam not scared. Time will answer. My fight against corruption will go on. Even if I am no more, it will go on. Some other person will take on. People are awakened. Youth are my strength

Gandhi. May god bless you in your fight. But still I feel, only Lok Pal bill will not free society from corruption. It is basically human down fall morally. The various taxes imposed by govt on people have made this phenomenon.The license Raj has corrupted society. The present Constitution needs a complete change. Political reforms are must. Accountability of politicians and central civil servants to people is a must . At present they are enjoying all powers and perks without having peoples support. This is a great murky shit pot and needs cleaning from scratch. May god bless you

Patel. Bapu. Shall we go. Jawaharlal is feeling sleepy, Rather he has already slept.Look, He is snoring..hee..heee

Gandhi. Let us go.

( The trio walks away singing Ramdhun )


Thursday, April 21, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru and patel seen conversing some where is remote Maharashtra village. )

Gandhi. We are finally here, the land of Hazare,

Patel. Do you mean Vijay Hazare, the famous Cricketer of yester years?

Gandhi. No .. No.. Who is bothered about him now? He has been forgotten long ago. People used to talk about him in 1947. Tendulkar has now eclipsed every one in Cricket field. In fact I was referring to our present Hazare, Anna Hazare.

Patel. Oh.. Annaji. What is there now? The matter is cold now.

Gandhi. Initial euphoria is over now. Skeletons are rolling now out of cup board.

Patel. True. Congress guys are after Bhooshans. Any how it looks a good plan to destabilize everything. Anna Hazare in fact forced every thing on govt.

Gandhi. Where was forcing? Govt had no alternative. They never expected such overwhelming support from middle class people everywhere. In fact this class is dormant and cats on wall. They play safe.

Patel. Hee..Hee..Hoo..Hoo.. Haa.. Haa

Nehru. Why are you making joke of Bapu?

Patel Why should I make a joke of him?

Gandhi. Does it mean that I am already a joker?

Patel. Bapu. Did I say that? You are twisting the language.

Gandhi. Now relax. Talk some thing constructive.

Patel. BJP does not want Bhooshans in the set up.

Gandhi. Why? Is it because there is some controversy of CDs?

Pate. True. But initially the CDs were confirmed as fake ones.

Gandhi. Now another agency confirmed that they were genuine.
Patel. Which will be correct?

Gandhi. Obviously the one which govt puts up. Others are asked to shut up.

Patel. It is a good tamasha. The rights in democracy and facility to go to courts on small things has made all this tamasha. In fact nothing can be achieved in this country. Any one can go to court on any matter., The matter is kept pending till the matter is settled. If court strikes off they will go to higher court and another bench, full bench etc. Where is the end? If the highest court option also is over, they pass a bill in parliament. Or else they will just keep quiet doing nothing. Courts will shout hoarse and nothing will happen. That is what happening in India. Great Tamasha indeed. Hee,, Hee,, Hee ,, Haa,,haaa huu huu

( Patel gets excited and does break dance shouting haa..haaa..haa)

Gandhi. There is a Tamasha. I was told that one leader from Assembly went to court to ensure that his neighbor’s black cat did not cross his way everyday in the morning. He pleaded that he was not getting berth in the ministry as a result. The judge was helpless. He had to give orders to the guy and the cat was caged in the morning hours. But the MLA soon got entangled in some scam and was asked to quit the party. That settle the matter. Now the MLA is counting jail bars. Hoo..hoo..hooo..haa..hhaa.. How great is destiny!

Patel. Haa..haaa..haaa.. Hee..heee

Nehru. What is there to laugh so loudly?

Patel. It is my way of laughing. I do like that only. Plesae keep your ears shut if you can not hear.

Gandhi. We were discussing Anna Hazare. Poor guy’s plan is going hay wire. In this way, can some thing come out of his plan. If similar things go on, how can the LOK pal bill get through?

Patel. That is the real thing. It looks some characters do not want it. They are going all out to scuttle it some how. Anna may have to again go for fast.

Gandhi. Some guy also has gone to court contesting that general public can not be members of legislative bodies. Then what will happen?

Patel. That means the bill will go for could storage. Hee..hee. Aim is achieved.

Gandhi. The tamasha is that Annaji wroteto Soniaji and she replied that she was committed to wipe out corruption.

Patel. Can it be true? If it is so, why parliament could not get on with JPC after 2 G spectrum was revealed. Entire sessions were wiped out. Pranab Mukherjee was very critical and was shouting at pitch of voice in parliament that JPC could not be given. If they are committed against corruption why this tamasha was going on?

Gandhi. That is why it is called tamasha. Politicians twist their words every day.They try to scuttle things as much as possible. Whene it becomes inevitable and dangerous to their existence they change words. Haa.haa..aa. They have no consistency. Anna has to see many tamashas in his remaining life.

Patel. Poor guy indeed. He has taken up cudgel at much later years of his life.

Gandhi. If he has taken up earlier probably he would have gone unnoticed.. You know how many years I took to become popular. Same is case with him.

Patel. True. Now what will happen to his ideas

Gandhi. He says he will not stop . the fight is not over. It will be continued with vigor.

Patel. I think he is fighting a lone battle and loosing battle too. Govt is stronger. They have everything with them, lawyers, money, police. Press, radio, TV and everything. They can always divert public attention by doing some thing like Pakistan being used as a bogey

Gandhi. It can happen. They can do any thing to remain in power. Hazare can not go on fast every second day. After all he is old and not very healthy too. Blackmailing with fasts also will become a joke in public eye.

Patel. Then what will happen?

Gandhi. Whole problem will die d own. Corruption will win and have last laugh.

Patel. Haa..haa..haa

Gandhi. Hee..heee..

( Gandhi and Patel hold hands and do jig while Nehru looks other way)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen boarding train for puttaparthi at Kachiguda station in Hyderabad )

Gandhi. Patel. I think we must see satya sai baba at the earliest at Puttaparthi.

Patel. True Bapu. Iam also itching to see him. In fcat we should have gone there earlier.

Gandhi. Why so.

Patel We could be late

Gnadhi. Plesae do not say that. We wish Baba lives long.

Patel. That is not in your hand.

Gandhi. Let us wish best. Ohfo this train has not even started.

Patel. Bapu. It will start at its own time. It will not start because we are inside.

Nehru. A joke indeed. Hee..hee

Gandhi. I hope you guys are not pulling my leg,

Patel. What we will get by pulling your leg?

( In the mean time a chaiwallah of railways arrives shouting Chai.. CVhai.. Coffee..Coffee)

Gandhi. Iam sure you will like a cup of tea

Patel. Sure..sure. Hello Chai wallah. Give us three cups tea

( The vendor pours tea and hands over three cups)

Gnadhi. Ohfo. Is this tea? Why this is so cold as if it is out of fridge.

Vendor. Sir I brought tea very hot. How it can be cold?

Patel. That you should know better. We shall not give money for tea. Get lost

( the tea vendor goes away cursing them)

Gandhi. Patel. You should have paid them.

Patel. Why should we? This is very common in railways. These jokers always give cold tea or coffee. I experienced several times. I lost many rupees too.

Gandhi. Patel. Plesae get in. the train is about to move.

Patel. OK , By all means…

( The trains steams out off Kachiguda station like a pregnant duck. )

Gandhi. Thank god we have started off for puttaparthi.

( The next day they get down at Puttaparthi and go out of station. There are many police personnel at the station.)

Patel. Why there are so many police guys here. We do not find so many men even in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. They must be waiting to travel by trains. Is there any police training school here?

Patel. Why bother. Let us go to babas place.

( they call an auto guy)

Gandhi. Bhai. We want to go to Babas place

Auto driver. You can not go there.

Patel. Why?

Driver. Police guys are not allowing any one to see him

Gandhi. Why?

Driver. Baba is very serious. His condition is very critical.

Gandhi. He was like that since many days. Recently they said he had improved.

Patel. We are reading all types of news in papers. Reality no one knows.

Driver. Bhai. We also do not know. The town is full of devotees. Now Police personnel are more than devotees. For each devotee there are two police men.

Gandhi. Why so? Why this drama and tamasha.? .

Patel. Many people are suspecting some foul play in all this tamasha. Some guys have gone to court demanding that real condition of Baba should be told to people.

Gandhi. Naturally. they are distressed much with this drama. The doctors are giving all types of bulletins.

( In the mean time a Fakir also arrives from somewhere. )

Gandhi. Baba . from where you have come now.

Fakir. Sab ka malik ek. I am a Fakir.

Patel. Namste Babaji. You appear a different baba.

Fakir. Iam a Fakir from shirdi.

Gandhi. It is the place of Shirdi Sai baba.

Fakir. Let us go and See Sata sai baba

(They start walking on the road when they are stopped by police people)

Inspector. You guys. Go back. You can not go any where. Go back to railway station

Gandhi. We came from Hyderabad to see Sai Baba.

Fakir. I came from Shirdi

Inspector. We are least bothered. Yu just can not go to see Baba .

Gandhi. How long like this?

Inspector. Only Baba knows

Fakir. You keep looking at us. We go from here.

Inspector. How can you do that?

Fakir. Keep looking at us

( Inspector calls a dozen of police men and get the trio and Fakir into custody. They put a big blanket over their heads and tie them up with ropes and are taken away in a vehicle to a dungeon some where in the town)

Gandhi. What happened? We are in a black hole of Calcutta.

Fakir. Ab kya Hoga. How do we escape from here?

Gandhi. I am surprised why the police and govt is keeping Babas health so secret? There must be some thing in it.

Patel. They made Puttaparthi a garrison and virtually a prison. Is this much security required. Are all the devotees criminals? Why so much of police bado bust? There must be surely some thing fishy here.

Gandhi. Even govt officials and CM and officers are making bee line here. One minister who is a doctor by herself is camping here.

Patel . After all he is Satya Sai Baba and not an ordinary man. He is very rich person. He is running a very big trust and managing billions of rupees activities. Naturally every one is interested to know what happens next.

Gandhi. Pchhh… Baba is baba. All can not be like him.

Fakir. I stay in Shirdi. That baab at Shirdi lives like a real Fakir. He had nothing with him, not even a pair of clean cothes and proper food to eat and a decent place to live. He lived in a broken Maszid. He begged around and ate. He had nothing of his own. He was a Fakir Baba . He used to say Sab ka Malik Ek.

Patel. All can not be Shridi Sai baba . He will be only one.

Fakir. Iam getting bored here. I want to go.

Patel. We are locked in a room. We can not escape. We do not have water and something to eat.

Fakir. I shall get some thing for you.

Patel. How

Fakir . Keep watching.

( Fakir walks through the iron grilled door as if he has no body and returns after some time with some food and water)

Gandhi. Oh.. … what a magic! He has walked through the door. Are you a real man.

Fakir. Are you a real man?Iam also like you.

Patel. Bhai. You are not an ordinary man. Are you sai baba of Shirdi.

Fakir. You know it better.

( In the mean time some police constables arrive and they see the trio and Fakir eating some eatables. They get upset.)

Constable. You guys. How you got food inside? Tell us

Fakir. God has given us.

Patel. Baba has given us.

Constables. Shut up guys. You appear to be crooks. I shall show you.

Patel Please show us quick if you can.

( Constables open the door and get in. The trio over power them and go out locking the police guys inside)

Patel. Let us go fast from this shady place.

Gandhi. True..

Fakir. Please do not be worried.

( They slowly escape from the place and land up at the hospital where satya sai baba is undergoing treatment. There are lakhs of police men at the hospital).

Gandhi. I think entire APO Police force is here. I think they called many battalions of Karnataka and Tamil nadu police too.

Patel. This is an over reaction from the government. They shoud have taken things normal and all things would have been normal. They are not going to achieve anything by hiding Babas condition from Public. If some thing inevitable has to happen it can not be hidden. How long they will do. They do not gain any thing. Baba I was told is kept alive by artificial means like machines. Some are saying he is clinically over. May god bless him.

Gandhi. Let us wish best for him. Mountain is being made out of mole.

Fakir. Sab ka Malik ek ( he vanishes suddenly)

Gandhi. Where is this fakir Baba? Where he has gone?

Patel. He was surely shirdi Sai baba . We are lucky to be with him.

Patel. True

Gandhi. patel. Now let us go back. The govt has made mockery of Satya Sai Baba . Time will reveal every thing. How long this tamasha will go on?

Patel. Let us go back. Enough of this drama

Gandhi. Let us not go by train.

(They suddenly vanish from the scene)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen conversing in heavens in Gandhi’s poorly furnished room. They are seen sipping tea. Gandhi insists on drinking goat’s milk. At Gandhi’s insistence Patel holds his head)

Gandhi. Patel. It is long since we visited some historical place in India. After drinking goats milk I feel greatly energetic.

Patel. What is the problem Bapu? We shall go. Iam also itching to see them

Nehru. What is there to see there? All are in rubble. They are poorly maintained.

Gandhi. It is govt fault that they are neglected. Leaders are busy swindling public money. From where money will come for maintaining the old forts. At many places locals dig at old forts in search of treasures. Some shift and steal stones for building their houses. All are to be blames.

Nehru. What govt can do? There is no money in India to feed people properly. How can they maintain thousands of historical places?

Gandhi. Look. They are neither feeding the poor. Recently the PM refused to distribute food grains from the godowns and preferred them to go rotting., Such are our leadewrs. Haa..haa..heee..hee. It is also true that they are spending lot of money to maintain cremation grounds along Yamuna in Delhi where former leaders were cremated..

Patel. Hee..hee You hit the bull.

Nehru. I am sure you are hinting at the cremation grounds of members of my dynasty.

Gandhi. Did I say that? You are imagining everything.

Nehru. I always see some sarcasm in your talk.

Patel. That is your fad and imagination. Why do you associate your dynasty always? You have guilty consciousness. Hee.heee

Gandhi. Patel. Plesae leave him. We were discussing about a visit.

Patel. True. You wanted to go to a place of historical importance.

Gandhi. Shall we go to Raigarh, It was the capital of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj. I am fed up of Delhi and see Humayun tomb, Old fort, Red fort, Jama Maszid, Tughlaqabad, They are stale. They hold no interest to me. Delhi reminds me of Godse and his shooting me at Birla Mandir.

Patel. That would be great. Bapu you must now forget Godse and his shooting. After all it happened decades ago.

Nehru. Pune will be a good place. Let us go.

Patel. Please do not cry after going there. It is Chatrapathi Shivaji maharajas’ place.

( The trio lands up near Raigarh)

Gandhi. Ohfo, How dense is the forest! It is a great place and difficult place too.

Patel. Bapu. Therefore Maharaj Shivaji has made this his capital.

(The trio start walking up the steep slopes to reach the fort. With great difficulty they reach the top of the slopes and reach the fort. They feel amazed at the appearance of fort. Great bastions are imposing. The walls are very high and look menacing)

Gandhi. What a place! We must appreciate Marathas for building this edifice.

Patel. True. It is amazing that they built such massive structures in those days when modern heavy machines and cranes were not available. It was mostly bull work and determination.

Gandhi. True. In present times dams and heavy structures built by our Engineers are collapsing like pack of cards within no time.

Patel. Bapu. There is so much corruption and adulteration every where now. The contractors and engineers work hand in glove and swindle money without stop. Ledaers look other way after having their share and percentage. Some people claim that instead of cement many add ash in great amounts.

Gandhi. True. In rice bags also white polished small pebbles are added. One can find. In all walks of life this problem. . Some say that most of the medicines and tablets are made by white clay and chalk and they add some sugar.

Patel. Hee..hee

Gandhi. Let us go up and see

( They enter the fort and reach the throne of Shivaji maharaj. The Chatrapathi is seated on a throne. Shivaji maharaj has elderly appearance in regal attire with his Bhavani sword next to him. He is imposing. The trio bow to him with respect and offer flowers at his feet. Suddenly Shivaji maharaj is seen smiling at them. The statue comes to life suddenly)

Shivaji. Welcome friends. Who are you. From where you have come? You are old and have taken all the trouble of reaching this difficult place

Gandhi. Namaste Maharaj. I am MK Gandhi , i.e Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi., These guys are Vallabh bhai Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Shivaji. Iam sure they are your fans and followers.

Gandhi. Sir . You may call so. I am also called Mahatma and father of nation of India

Shivaji (Looks amazed) Are you the father of India? How? Are you sure India was not there earlier before you fathered it. Are you joking with me the great Chatrapathi.?

Gandhi. India was there earlier also.

Shivaji. Then what great acts you have done to get the title?

Gandhi. I led freedom struggle and liberated India from the Englishmen

Shivaji. Did you win any wars fought with them?

Patel. Sir there were no military wars. It was peaceful freedom struggle of non cooperation.

Shivaji. Strange indeed! Did they leave India with your movement?

Gandhi. They went away vexed up with our tactics.

Shivaji. I can not believe that they left only by your actions.

Gandhi. Sir, whether you like it or not, it is like that only. There was no blood bath .

Shivaji. OK. How I am bothered? Your title Mahatma appears strange. Buddha had this title. That means every one in India is getting this title now a days.

Patel. Not all. Only a few get it. It is not that easy sir.

Shivaji. It is fine. No explanations please. You guys are having a nice time now while we struggled with our swords. We were persecuted by Aurangzeb, Bijapur sultans and many evil men like Afzal Khan of Bijapur. He was responsible for my father and brothers deaths.

Patel. We know sir. But you succeeded in establishing Hindu kingdom in Maharshtra region.

Shivaji. It was not easy. We had to fight many wars and won. I killed that wretch Afzal Khan.

Patel We know it.

Shivaji. I had to kill him in self defense. That wretch tried to kill me after embracing me with open arms. I was lucky that I was putting armor under my dress. He stabled me with his dagger that was hidden. I had my own plans for my defense. I used Bagh nakhs ( Tiger steel claws) and bichwa ( Small dagger) to rip open his bowels.

Patel I learnt that Afzal khan hit you on head with a sword.

Shivaji. He in fact hit me. But I was putting on a steel cap under my turban. I was saved. I killed his secretary who charged at me while my associate killed syed banda an expert swords man. Rest is history.

Gnadhi. We did no such things in freedom struggle. We sang Ramdhun and bhajans during marches

Shivaji. These are changed times. Aurangzeb was there. Cruel Bijapu sultan was there. If we also sang Ram dhun we would have been hanged.

Patel. True. The English men were more civilized and were not like Aurangzeb.

Shivaji. If Aurangzeb was there, you could have been sent to gallows in no time.

Patel. Aurangzeb was dead long ago.

Shivaji. But similar guy could be there. But by that time Mughals were over powered. They vanished. You were lucky.

Gandhi. If Englishmen were not in power, why we should fight for independence? We would have been happy under Islamic rule. They are after all our brothers. Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai after all.

Patel. Bapu. You are again at it. You did so much of Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai and even then failed to prevent creation of Pakistan.

Shivaji. What is this Pakistan?

Patel. It is an Islamic country consisting of Western Punjab provinces, Sindh, Baluchistan and western borders. Our Sindhu river is now in Pakistan

Shivaji. That means India is not true full India as we had. It is truncated.

Patel. True, It is moth eaten.

Shivaji ( angrily ) Iam very un happy with this. You have damaged India for all the time.( He gets up angrily and draws his mighty sword . Looks at sky and sings)

Oh Bhavani my mighty sword
Look these guys have broken this land
I feel greatly upset at their deeds
And I want to teach them a lesson with this hand

Gandhi ( trembles in fear) Oh Mighty Magharaj. Plesae forgive us. We have not done any thing. We never wanted it. It just happened. Mohammed Ali Jinnah aws not co operating with us. He wanted to create Pakistan and said Muslims can not stay in majority Hindu India.

Shivaji. So you have accepted it.

Gandhi. we were helpless.

Patel. Maharaj. Some guys wanted to enjoy power at the earliest and wanted transfer of power.

Shivaji. Therefore you guys have wrecked mother India. We struggled in our times to save Hindus from the butcher Aurangzeb and I succeeded. My son Sambhaji gave up his life for us. He preferred death to dishonor. He became Dharma veer. You guys have simply bartered the nation to gain power.

Patel. Maharaj. Kindly forgive us. We are scared. When Pakistan was formed it has Eastern wing also from Bengal provinces, It was called East Pakistan. Later after 1971 war, it got separated from west Pakistan and now is termed as Bangla desh.

Shivaji. Is it part of moth eaten India now?

Patel. No Maharaj. It is an independent Islamic country.

Shivaji. That means you have now two spears on your side. You guys deserve this now.

Patel. Very correctly said Maharaj.

Shivaji. Shame on you guys. You have damaged India permanently. Still you call yourself Father of Nation. I am very un happy.

Gandhi. Maharaj. Iam not calling myself. Others are calling me.

Shivaji. Then you must politely refuse it. .

Patel. All have some weakness.

Shivaji. This is disgusting. What can be done now. I learnt that you guys had no courage to take Azad Kashmir from Pakistan in 1948 when they occupied it.

Patel Maharaj. We are about to capture it while Nehruji took it to world body. That was the end. Till today it has not been solved.

Shivaji. Who is to be blamed now?

Patel. Surely Nehruji. We call him Panditji

Nehru. Situation at that time demanded it.

Shivaji. You guys have no fore thought and courage. You must strike iron when it is hot.

Patel. Maharaj. We fought three major wars with Pakistan and gained every time. But we did not bargain Kashmir.

Shivaji. What gains you had?

Patel. In 1971 war we captured one lakh Pak prisoners and we again handed them to Pakistan foolishly.

Shivaji. Naturally you were fools.

Patel . Where is the doubt Maharaj.

Shivaji. You appear to be more practical.

Patel. Thanks Maharaj. Iam honored. ( He bows to Shivaji maharaj and Shivaji blesses him)

Gandhi. Maharaj. You feel that we are at fault for breaking the mother land. I told we could not do any thing. Times had changed. It was not your times. At any cost we wanted freedom

Shivaji. It is gods wish I think. But you guys should have shown more wisdom than helplessness. Any how it is all over. I learnt that you also paid dearly with your life in the end.

Patel. He was shot dead by Nathuram Godse from Pune city.

Shivaji. Oh . Poona city ! Strange. It is Maharashtrian city. I spent my Child hood there. I also attacked Shaistakhan in Poona. That clown narrowly escaped death at my hands. He lost his fingers. His son and few wives were also killed in the night attack. It was long ago. It is also not necessarily that every Indian appreciates your work and there ill be always many critics too. Godse was one like them and he could not swallow partition of mother land. So he acted it. No doubt he was hanged by the law prevalent at that time. But I learnt that he had no remorse.
Patel. How do you this Maharaj.

Shivaji. After all Iam dead person and Nathuram is also dead. He happened to meet me in heavens and he told me the details.

Gandhi. Maharaj. All these care very old happenings. Why dig past graves.

Shivaji. Some graves are always open pits.

Gandhiji. Maharaj. Kindly excuse us. We want to see the fort before sunset

Shivaji. Oh sure. I unnecessarily held you up. Please go and see things. There are many interesting things to see here. My Samadhi is there. There are great Ramparts and bastions. Plesae also see the bastions from where criminals and traitors were thrown down to their final journey. Such punishments are not given in free India.

Patel. True . we are lenient now.

Shivaji. It is very clear to me. I know every thing. You have not hanged Afzal Guru and Kasab sentensed to death by courts. If I was there I would got them pushed over Raigarh fort bastions or blown by cannons kept over the bastions. You guys have handed over thugs to Kabul some years ago in exchange for some passengers of an hijacked aircraft. National well being was sacrificed for few lives. How can you guys neglect national honor and interests? You guys are treading a dangerous path all these years, You have already suffered in 1947 and not learnt a lesson.Shame on you guys.

Patel. Maharaj. That is the latest policy. The policy of appeasement is going- on in exchange for national safety and well being and honor too. We also made Nizam 7 the rajpramukh who unleashed a reign of terror through Razakars in Hyderabad in 1948. Razvi trhe criminal was however let off with smaller punishment.

Shivaji. I know every thing. This is very dangerous. You will land in same situation as in 1947.

Gandhi. No one can stop inevitable.

Shivaji. That is true. But no one commits hara-kiri unless he is mad. Mother land is being led to destruction by your rulers. If behaved in similar way with Afzal Khan I would have been killed.

Gandhi. If I was in your place, I would have sang Ramdhun in front of Afzal Khan and he would have much appreciated my action.He would have given me a Jagir too.

Patel ( holds his head) Ohfo , Bapu stop this talk. You are in front of the great Chatrapathi, the great Maratha nationalist. Please behave.

Gandhi. did I say anything wrong?

Patel You know it better.

Shivaji. Let him say.

Gandhi. Maharaj. Please forgive us. Kindly allow us to go.

Shivaji. Ok . Please go. No one can change destiny. If India is to be destroyed in days to come, who can stop it? Let it happen. It is god's will.

( The trio bows to Chatrapathi and hastily walk away while Shivaji again turns into the statue. Gandhi looks back repeatedly occasionally shivering and getting worried.Nehru sticks to Gandhi closely all the time.)


Sunday, April 17, 2011




Degradation of culture is the root cause of corruption in India. There is a moral down fall everywhere in Indian society and all are running to catch wood duck by hook or crook. All are running for riches to day. This is the main cause for corruption in all walks of society. If an attender in a govt office is happy by allowing a visitor by receiving Rs 10 for each guy, the central ministers and other dignitaries are happy grabbing thousands of Crores of rupees in scams as we have seen in recent scams. It is not new that these things have happened recently. The magnitude and consistancy of scams have been high under present Dr singh's govt as he has no control over his ministers. He is leading a bunch of scamsters and selfish men and he had to adjust as admitted by him.He has no way out. He is a sorry figure, probably helpless too. What are the compulsions on a distinguished man like him to sell himself is not understood.Although Mr Hazare has succeeded in drawing nation's attention towards corrupotion, Lok Pal bill alone will not solve the problem. It has gone into blood of all Indians. Will Lok Pal or Lok Ayukt change society overnight? Fear of severe punishmnet that too quickly irrespcive of position is one method of controlling this evil or Dracula. But in India, with such large network of corruption dealing daily millions of cases will not be possible. They may catch some fish here and there and try. But in present context, law in India is very weak and loose.It is an apology for justice. Judicial process itself is long drawn and never ending. Think of case of Mr Sen who has been recently given some relief by the Hon supreme court by giving him bail. He was imprisoned for life for sedition for abetting Naxals. Finally, the guy will be let off as usual. Afzal Guru and Kasab's cases are best exmaples.Can we compare hanging of Bhagat singh and Guru. The engishmen hanged Bhagat singh promptly to have an effect.Even if the court punishes the guilty men, the judgement and sentense are not carried out. There is nothing to feel elated by Hazare's success recently. It is just a temportry success or euphoria ( Rather a variety) to be clouded in darkness very soon. The satan will succeed as all powers are with govt and these leaders are bent up on retaining power at all costs and they are not going to allow to cut their own wings by any new laws and legislations.The first salvo was fired by the ever talking Sibal the minister. He retraced his steps as usual.It is all crooks galore. As simple as that.In ancient days Kings were supreme. They could punish summarily and there was no appeal. If the king was honest, he punished corrupt ruthlessly by chopping off their hands legs and even necks.They were sent to gallows and were spiked over. If King was corrupt all were corrupt. At times, King was corrupt , but he ensured that others were not corrupt. Now there are no kings. Every one is a king now,. all can be corrupt.Some how it is better to have one top guy corrupt and rest honest. It is better than having all corrupt. Total honesty is not possible in any place. Honesty in India has gone to winds.It is free for all as stated.It is a chor Bazar in fact. Thus unless there is an upliftment of society morally, there is no solution to India. It will whither away in course of time under the rule of present misfits elected through ballot and sadly the people have no power to kick them hard and brutally immediately.That is the evils of democracy in a country. Democracy has been mis interpreted and misundertood in this country. Democracy in India amounts to free for all.Poor Hazareji will suck his thumb soon and will fade out as another JP.Writing on the wall has to be read.

Saturday, April 16, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen at tank bund in Hyderabad. There are many broken statues on the tank bund and the damaged pedestals are shabbily looking at them.)

Gandhi. What is this? Last time when we visited this place this was beautiful. It looks as if some battle has taken place.

Patel. True Bapu. There was an agitation recently by Telanganites. Some miscreants from the agitation broke all these statues.

Gandhi. That is bad. What these statues have done?

Patel. They know it better. Most of the statues belonging to Andhra and Seema region have been defaced and broken.

Gandhi. Iam unhappy with this shameful act.

Patel. Bapu. Your feeling ashamed has no meaning. Who is bothered for you know? You are still living in some false world./ The Indians have already forgotten Gandhi. They know only Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and more so Sonia Gandhi.

Gandhi. This is my misfortune that Iam still around.eee..e.e…e…eeee…

Patel. Bapu. Relax. Take things easy

( Bapu looks at a statue and the statue winks at him. Bapu goes to statue.)

Gandhi. Bhai. Why are you winking at me. Who are you? You appear to be a king from your dress.

Statue. True. Iam Abul Hasan Kutubshah, the last ruler of Golconda kingdom. Iam also called Tanasha meaning nice sultan.

Gandhi. That is fine sir. You are spared in the agitation.

Tanasha. Iam from Telangana and more over I am from Hyderabad city and also from minority community. I am safe.

Gandhi. Now I understand. The statues of Maqdoom Mohiuddin, the urdu poet and merry going Mahboob Ali Pasha, the 6 th Nizam of Hyderabbad are also safe from the hands of mad crowd.

Tanasha. If Andhrites hold agitation at Tank bund in, future I am sure my statue will be thrown into this dirty pond.

Patel. I doubt that can happen. No where in Andhra region your statue is erected. You have local influence. So You are safe. So also with others.

Gandhi. You became more popular with your PM Madanna and his brother Akkanna.

Tanasha. True. They were good administrators.

Patel. If they were so popular, why their statues were not erected on this tank bund.

Tanasha. There are some politics in this issue. Akkanna and Madanna brothers are although claimed to be Telugu nobles, there is also an argument that they were in fact Maharashtrian Brahamans. Secondly they were assassinated on the streets of Golconda and their death was very cruel and their bodies were dragged on streets and their heads were cut off and sent to the son of Aurangzeb who in turn sent them to Aurangzeb at Ahmed nagar or Aurangabad. The heads were crushed under the feet of an elephant in front of his troops. Thus they vanished into history unsung and the modern telugus guys do not pay much attention to them except paying some lip sympathy to them. I became famous by Bhadrachalam Ramdass episode.

Gandhi. I heard so. You are lucky to have a statue here.

Tanasha. What is so great about it? The dirty lake is infront of us and whole day and night dirty smell surrounds us. In the night we find whores, prostitues and pimps squat around my statue.

Patel. Some variety is there. Hee..hee..

Gandhi. Patel. Please do not talk to the sultan in this way. We must respect him. He was nice king unlike mad guy Aurangzeb

Patel. Bapu. How come you are critical of Aurangzeb?

Gandhi. Some of his qualities were not good.

Patel. This is strange from you. Any how it is up to you.

( They are suddenly confronted by some police guys)

Constable. Who are you guys? I am Seetha Ram. Why are you staring at this statue? I have been watching you guys for the last fifteen minutes.Are you planning something dirty with the statue?

Gandhi. Can’t we look at him?

Seetha Ram. What is there to look at him so long?

Patel. We were talking to sultan.

Seetha Ram. Are you mad guys? How can you talk to a statue?

Gandhi. You will not believe. The statue spoke to us.

Seetha ram. You guys must be cranks. Better go from here. We are here to safeguard the remaining statues after destruction.

Gandhi. You guys are not required now. The remaining statues are of Telanganites. Who will touch them? You guys looked at the destruction without any action..

Seetha Ram . Andhrites or Seemites might do something to them.

Patel They have better things to do. They are busy building real estates around Hyderabad and making money.

Gandhi. It will be difficult to give Hyderabad to Telangana now.

Patel. True Andhrites and Seemites have great stake in Hyderabad. They poured money in real estate in twin cities. Will they leave it?

Gandhi. Never. That is why Telangana issue is being delayed. Government thinks that if decision is delayed the demand will die automatically.

Patel. I am surprised now. The Telangana issue appears to be dead. No one is talking about it. It is generally believed that Telugu guys are good starters, but bad finishers. This is evident from the Telangan agitation. It took off so well and now it has become a damp squib. Hee..heee.. Haa..haaa . There are no Bandhs and Hartal. All looks quiet. I think the guys have reconciled to their fate.

Gandhi. It is not like that. I alos heard that sufficient money has changed hands at various places. All political parties are divided on the issue. The MsLA and MsP from Telangana belonging to various political parties are divided. No one want to lead and take initiative. They are playing safe. Local Telangana MsLA from Congress party are without voice. They have been cut to size and their throats have been squeezed. MsLA from TDP from Telangana are playing safe. They are cats on wall. They can not resign and show a common front to achieve Telangana . Every one is playing safe and no doubt is selfish. If Telangana is formed TDP has no existence. If they resign and lead they know that they will be on the roads if Telangana is not formed.

Patel. They will be on streets where they should belong in fact.

Gandhi. They have to jump into other parties like TRS. They will be third rate leaders there. They can never become ministers there. Their dreams of getting berths in Telangana will be thrown into dust. The govt has played all dirty tricks. After all this is a murky game. Why they should not play? There is saying that Ravana was all the time worried about Ram. Similarly, Congress party is all the time worried about Jagan. The Jagan issue is thus also there troubling them. He has become a nightmare. They are shit scared of him although they pose brave. He has money and can buy any one at appropriate moment. If Telangana is formed, congress will have no face in Andhra and Seema and they will be thrown out in next elections.

Patel. Any how it is a good past time for Hyderabadis. A good Tamasha for the locals.

Gandhi. Politics itself is good past time for crooks. There may be fistful of good people in politics also. Most of them are opportunists and cats on wall.

(Suddenly a cat jumps over the shoulder of Gandhi mewing .It kisses Gandhi on Cheeks and jumps off. He laughs loudly)

Seetha Ram. OK Guys. You have discussed enough. It is getting late. You can not stay here for long. Better go home or come to police station for night stay.

Patel. No Thanks. We shall go home. Bye

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru walks off singing Ramdhun)


Thursday, April 14, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are on a trek near Pune near Sinhgarh fort. They are simply dressed and are carrying some water, snacks and are slowly climbing the slopes)

Gandhi. Patel. We have already climbed fairly high.

Patel. No Bapu. We have just started. It will take long time to climb these hills.

Gandhi, Why you selected this site for trekking?

Patel. Bapu. It must be worthy of exploring. There are other areas like Lonavala like Visapur, Loh Garh, Tikona and Tung forts that are extremely difficult to negotiate for us. We are old too.

Gandhi. If it is so difficult why those forts were built?

Patel. These forts were purposefully made difficult to reach. You know Chatrapathi Shivaji was an expert warrior and was very clever too.

Gandhi. What is the greatness of this fort Sinhgarh?

Patel. Bapu. Originally this was known as Kondhana. This fort was won over by Tanaji Malsure the General of Shivaji ina daring night operation from it’s commander Uday bhan. Uday bhan was killed by Tanaji in a duel and Tanaji was too badly injured in the fight and gave up his life. Shivaji later named this fort as Sinhgarh.

Gandhi. Tanaji must be a very rave man.

Patel. Surely.Shivaji maharaj was very sad to loose him in the operation.

Gandhi. True. He was a very great king, Guerilla war specialist, very brave and a very great patriot.

Patel. He is unlike today’s leaders.

Gandhi. Our present leaders want comforts of AC rooms, special and cozy beds, five star culture, Costly cars and VVIP treatment every where.

Patel. Shivajis ministers and Generals were very brave and intelligent and highly patriotic unlike our present leaders.

Gandhi. Yes. Look at our present guy Dr singh. He says he has no knowledge of any thing about the scams in which his ministers were involved. If he does not know why he should be there as their head.

Patel. This is the tamasha of modern times. The guys are given free hand to do loot mar,

Gandhi, Chee..chee.. How sad! In no way we can compare them to Shivajis times.

Patel They can be compared Bijapur sultans times. They were wretched and cruel sultans. They wanted to kill Shivaji maharaj.

Gandhi. Patel. Iam feeling slightly tired. We shall rest for some time here.

Patel. OK fine Bapu.

( They halt at a large stine on the way side and sit down. They drink water and munch few biscuits . They see a smart guy approaching them and he is accompanied by few men. When they come close they find that they are stragely dressed in medieval costumes.)

Nehru. Namste Bhai. Who are you? Why are you strangely dressed and carrying swords too. Is there any drama program around?

Stranger. Look. We are not from ant drama party. I am Shivaji Bhonsle and these are my men.

Nehru. That is good. Bhonsle family is well known in Maharshtra. They also ruled at Nagpur before English men took that state. Bhonsles also ruled at Kolhapur.

Stranger. Iam sure you have not recognized me. These are my men Tanaji and Angre and Ghorpade

Nehru. How and why I should recognize? There are thousands of Bhonsles in India.

Stranger. He is not normal Bhonsle

Nehru. This is strange. Why I should know?

Stranger. Please do not be like that. You appear to be elderly and learned but also to be a crank.

Nehru. Iam titled as Pundit

Tanaji. But you do not appear so. You are unable to recognize the great Rajadhi Raj Chatrapathi Shivaji Bhonsle Maharaj.

Gandhi. Pranam maharaj. We are sorry. We could not recognize you.

Patel. Namste Chatrapathiji. It is nice to see you here. We are on trekking
mission to Sinhgarh fort

Shivaji. That’s good. You shall go though some physical exercise. That is good for health too. How many of todays youth can withstand the struggles taken up by Generals like Tanaji.

Patel. Probably nil .

Gandhi. We know how Tanaji Malsure captured Sinhgarah fort Rather Kondhana in those days.

Shivaji. I am happy you guys are aware of such daring exploits of Tanaji.

Paatel. We know that Tanaji left the marriage of his son when he was called by you sir at Raigarh.

Shivaji. I know that. Without any hesitation he took up the mission to capture Kondhana fort the next day. How many of you guys can take up such challenges.

Patel. We are sorry sir. We are not that committed.We are good for nothing guys.

Gandhi. The present Indian leaders are selfish and want to hang on to chairs of power. Maharaj you know what type of leaders are ruling at Delhi.

Tanaji. I learnt that there some guys who do only boot licking, rather you guys call chamchagiri in your present terminology. They were exposed in the recent scam called 2 G spectrum. These are technical terms not known to us..

Gandhi. True Tanaji sahib. PM tried his best to save his men. They were so adamant that complete parluamnmetary session was lost where opposition demanded JPC ( Joint parliamentary committee).

Shivaji. You know I had Ashta pradhans ( 8 ministers) and ruled very effectively. I learn that the present prime minister Dr singh has dozens of Pradhans and doing nothing. Every one is playing tricks and looting while the main person does not know what is happening around him.His ears are tightly wrapped in turban and he can not hear any thing.

Gandhi. Hee..hee. Correctly said Maharaj... That is why he is called clueless Maha Pradhan.

Shivaji. How sad! We struggled in our days to establish Hindu Empire right under the nose of wretched Aurangzeb and succeeded. You guys have everything in hand now. There is no Aurangzeb or Bijapur sultan on top of you.

Patel. We have Pakistan now and many mini Auranagzebs and Afzal khans in the country. Things like SIMI ( Student Islamic Movement of India) comprises of many Aurangzebs and they want to Islamise the nation. They claim India belonged to Aurangzeb. So it has to be ruled by Muslims only.

Shivaji. What non sense these guys are talking.Are there still Afzal khans now in India. Where they are. Show me. I shall cut them to pieces. ( He gets annoyed and draws his mighty sword Bhavani from scabbard and raises the sword in to sky) ( excalims)

Let this sword Bhavani speak what I mean
I shall cut the guys like bunch of carrot and bean
Their brains are full of ideas unclean
And I shall cut their bowels and pull out spleen

This sword has cut many heads in past
And Afzal khans head was severed with this mighty blade
I shall soon cut such guys into a bloody pulp
And their souls will soon disappear over Kondhana and fade

Patel. Maharaj. Plesae cool down.You are very brave and Iam sure you can still do such things. But we are now in different age. Nearly 350years have passed since you left this world for heavens. India got independence from the Englishmen in 1947 and now we have parliamentary democracy in the country. Actions as enumerated by you can not be taken up now.

Shivaji. Why? Will the government keep looking at things when lawlessness is there. How Afzal khans are allowed to live.Why Aurangzebs are allowed to roam around free.

Patel. Laws are there and governments are also there.

Shivaji. Then what is the problem?

Patel. What is going on now is namke vasthe rule is going on. i.e namesake rule goes on.

Shivaji. Why. Are they impotent?

Patel. Of course physically they may not be. But mentally, psychologically and morally they are. They have no commitment to rule.

Shivaji. Then what they do all the time in this parliamentary democracy in this country as you stated?

Patel. They waste time. They appease minorities all the time.

Gandhi. Very true Maharaj. Your days of action were over long ago. If some thing was left that was over in 1857 war. A bit was left and it was over with me in 1947.

Shivaji. This is very bad.

Patel. Maharaj. Is shall give an example.

Shivaji. Plesae tell me.

Patel. Indian parliament was attacked in past and the terrorists were slain by the security forces present there. Some conspiratiors were arrested and tried. Afzal guru was sentenced to hanging by the supreme court of India and many years have passed nad still that guy is not hanged. He is enjoying the jail room with all comforts.

Shivaji. Why he is still there?

Gandhi. The government is scared that Muslims might get offended. As policy of appeasement his hanging is kept pending. I am sure some leaders from minority group are blackmailing the govt.

Shivaji. This is very unbecoming. If I was there I would have skinned such guys and thrown them down the ramparts of Raigarh fort. ( Draws his sword in anger)

Patel Maharah . Plesae cool down. We are sorry. We are putting you into great inconvenience.

Shivaji. Never mind friend. Iam an open man. I care for this land and not for individuals.

Patel. Maharaj. Each and every one in India I praying daily that time has come now for you to appear on the scene and set things right.

Shivaji. I wish this is possible. My Raigarh ramparts will not be sufficient to get rid of all the useless guys in one go. Probably I have to use Daulatabad ramparts in addition.

Tanaji. Maharaj. There are many places with steep slopes like Tung, Tikona, Visapur and , Bhamer
Shivaji. I know that .OK Mr Gandhi and Patel we are happy to meet guys like you today. We shall meet again.
Gandhi. Thank you Maharaj.
Patel. Thank you Maharaj. We shall take leave. We have to climb all the way up.
Shivaji. Bye , Best of luck. Jai Bhavani
Patel. Jai Bhavani. B harat Matta ki Jai
( Shivaji and his friends vanish while the trio start climbing the Sinhgarh fort with inspiration)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are walking along Rajghat at Delhi. They are in usual dress. In the distance they see a crowd shouting slogans Gandhi gets perturbed.)

Gandhi. Patel. Look some guys are agitating, See what is there?

( Patel walks to the crowd and enquires)

Patel. Mere Bhai, What is going on? Why are you agitating? What worries you in this hit sun of April?

( An agitator Ram Narayan replies )

Ram narain. Look brother. We are citizens of Delhi.

Patel. That I understand. Otherwise why you should be here?

Ram narain. Being here does not guarantee that he is a citizen of Delhi. There are many guys coming from various states to Delhi and agitating here. In recent times many AP guys came from Hyderabad and held demonstrations in favor of Telangana .

Patel. True. What you said is correct. Now tell me what is your problem?

Ram Narayan. We are agitating against corruption in all quarters.

Patel.Hee..hee..heee.. Look. It is not that corruption was not there earlier in India. In all walks of life it is there. It is not that it has come all of a sudden. We have been bribing all govt babus at all offices for various things. I can list them out. In fact I have a paper on which I have written these things. If you have time, I can read them out.

Ramnarayan...You may do so.

( Many on lookers from the crowd collect around Patel. Patel takes out a note book from his pocket and reads)

Patel. Listen guys…

1.We ribe clerk to accept an application for a ration card in revenue offices

2.We bribe babus again while submitting any certificate after receiving any queries

3. We bribe Babus while collecting ration card from the office.

4. we bribe Babus in Municiapl office while submitting plan sanction for a house

5. We bribe babus while collecting sanctioned plan for the house

6. We bribe babus in metropolitan water works for water connections

7. We bribe babus for electricity connections in distribution offices

8. We bribe babus who come for reading water meters.

9. We bribe babus who demand money at the site while constructing our house.

10. We bribe babus for drainage connections.

11. We bribe babus for repairing choked drainage connections when we have to dig the road

12.We bribe babus for paying road tax for our vehicles

13. We bribe Babus in Insurance offices through agents when we have to pay Insurance for vehicles

14. We bribe Babus in RTA when we have to reregister our old vehicles for 5 years.

15. We bribe babus in RTA office when we want endorsement of change of address in Books

16. We bribe Babus in RTA office when we require NOC for a vehicle and also bribe when we submit an NOC

17. We bribe Babu in RTA when we want a selected number for the vehicle

18. We bribe Babu in RTA when we require a road permit.

19. We bribe Babu in RTA when we produce vehicle for fitness test.

20. We bribe babu in RTA when approach for engine change in a vehicle

21. We bribe babu in Municipal office when we require birth certificates

21. We bribe babu in Municipality when we need death certificate

22. We bribe Babu in Municipality when ask for dog token

23. We bribe babu in Municipality when we need spraying of mosquito repellant in our areas.

24. We bribe police Constables to avoid challan when we are caught:
a. Triple riding,

b. Helmetetless driving,

c. When number plates are wrongly written,

d. When over speeding,

e When driving without license,

f. When we do not have proper documents of vehicle,

g. For wring parking.

25. We bribe police in all matters of litigations

26. We bribe constable for pass port verification.

27. We bribe police when auto meters are checked for tampering

28. We bribe police to ensure that autos are overloaded and run

Rama Narayan. Bapre bap.. So many! Are still there any?.

Patel. Please wait. I read only two pages.

( In the mean time, Gandhi approaches them)

Gandhi. Patel. You have taken so much of time. I was getting worried.

Patel. Bapu. I was reading a list to them.

Gandhi. What are you reading to them?

Patel. It is the list of corrupt practices in which every one is engaged in all states from Srinagar to Kanyakumari and Dibugarh to pathankot.

Gandhi. Please go ahead. You are doing a great service to our nation. Why don’t you publish an encyclopedia of corrupt practices in India

Patel. Bapu, my service is not greater than what you have done to this nation.Any how, Iam on the job. I am writing following books:

a.Treatise of corrupt practices

b.Encyclopedia of corrupt practices at state and district levels

c. A text book of Corrupt practices at every level

d. International mischief making

e. How to be corrupt and hoodwink all.

Gandhi.Good effort indeed. Nation will be grateful to you. You think that I did so much for this nation.. But many think that I ruined the nation. Ee..eee ( cries)

( Patel again turns the page and starts reading)

27.We bribe a guy to get tickets in black market for a cinema

28.We bribe some one to have quick Darshan of lord at temples

29. We bribe babus to get a room in guest houses at big temple sites like Tirupathi for stay.

30.We bribe babus to get and renew arms licences at collectorate

31.We bribe doctors to get a certificates at hospitals.

32. We bribe ward boys at hospitals for various things

33. We bribe persons at morturies.

34.We bribe ticket collectors in railways to get berths in trains

35.We bribe babus in education offices for various certificates.

36. We bribe babus to get court orders at various courts

37. We bribe managements of various Institutions to get seats in Engineering and medicines. They are called donations in other terms for which there is no receipt.

38.We purchase fake certificates from shady persons including various degrees and even doctorates.

39.Some manage various things in universities by bribing lower staff.

40. We bribe officials of various top Institutions for granting permissions for engineering colleges. Recently many were caught red handed too.AICTE is a example. Even Medical council was there.

Patel. Guys . Look There are still may things. Are you interested to know more?

Ram Narayan. Sir, for present, this is sufficient. You have done great service to us ( sings and does jig)

This nation is completely corrupt
Where all and sundry are the shady men
Each and every department is a rotten place
Where all thieves are together as one

Patel. ( Claps) Very good dear.What a good poem. Each letter deserves one million dollars ( In Telugu we call it Akshara Lakshalu). You are brave too.

Ramnarayan. The list of activities of corruption at lower levels up to district and state administration have been covered in the list mostly. Still there are many. When we come to national level they will be at high level

Patel. These will be involving crores of rupees as it happned in Bofors, and 2 G spectrum issues.

Gandhi. You guys have forgotten political corruption at every level. At parliament level the Ruling party top leaders try to buy opposition members. It happened in past. PV Narsimha Rao faced the charge. Even Dr Man mohansinghs govt has faced charges from wikileaks recently. Then Tehelca scam was also there in which Bangaru Laxman was sacked when it was exposed.

Patel. Invariably in all defense deals and contracts money changes hands. This is high level corruption. Some times s senior officers are lured by pretty women into their beds. Will Hazare be tackle all these high level corruption? Then there will be guys who sell national secrets to foreign agencies for coppers. How about them? Will one Lok pal solve these multidimensional national and international corruption? The way the investigation goes on, no case can be solved. Each high level case will take years to investigate. When the corruption is at all levels, how Lok pal will solve it. It is a mere fallacy.

Gandhi. The guys have been celebrating now as if great victory has been achieved because govt has accepted to appoint Lok pal with suggested powers and it has to get parliamentary approval. Will the political leaders accept their throats to be cut. It will not come so easily. Hazare says he will repeat the agitation and hunger strike. How many times he can do. He is already very old and he can not sustain such hard ships for long. Writing on the wall has to be seen. After Hazare the second level leaders have no such charisma as Hazare and movement will die soon. Govt will wait for this situation. Then we are back to square.

Patel. These guys will think that you area a pessimist.

Gandhi. Let them think. I have to tell them reality. Ramnarayan. Let it be. We have started the movement. Let it go. Even if we achieve a fraction. our aim is achieved.

Gandhi. Good spirit

( In the mean time some police constables arrive and object to the demonstration.)

Constable. Look guys. This is not a place to hold Dharnas and meetings. Plesae disperse.

Ramnarayan. We shall not go. We shall continue with this.

Constable. In that case our SI shall arrest you.

Ramnarayan. Look. Plesae do not cause us trouble. How much money you require.

Constable. This is not simple matter. It costs high.

Ramnarayan. I have to ask our leaders. Ishall come just now.

Constable. Come back quickly.

( Ramnarayan returns after few miniutes0 He puts a thick bundle covered in news paper in constables hand and he gives a smile.)

Constable. Ok Guys . you may go ahead now. Plesae do not create any disturbance. It has to peaceful. You may shout slogans.

Ramnarayan. Thanks for all that you have done for us.

Constables. Please do not worry. This is our daily job. OK Go ahead.

( Constables go away. Gandhi and Patel look aghast)

Gandhi. Look Patel. These guys have bribed the constables. Where is the agitation against corruption?

Patel. This is life Bapu. May god bless them

Patel. Bapu. Let us leave this place. Let them hang themselves.

Gandhi. OK. Where is Jawaharlal. That guy must be sulking somewhere. Get him. We shall go.

( After some time Nehru arrives and the trio walks off singing Ramdhun)


Friday, April 8, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Out of blue, the bolt has fallen on the most corrupt and shady govt that has come into power ever since gaining independence in 1947. Scores of scams have been unearthed in past involving the present govt and the reaction of the govt has always been luke worm and the PM has made all efforts to save his men. Entire parliament session was wasted where opposition demanded formation of JPC. The PM has no locus stand on the issue and has been caught on wrong foot repeatedly. At some stage opposition demanded his resignation. He has in fact cut a sorry figure everytime searching a new answer. His answers varied from Iam innocent to I do not know and the lower guys have misguided me. He also said he had to adjust being heading a coalition rule. Does this call for promoting corruption by colleagues? He knows the answer. But inspite of being cornered very badly he is still sticking to his chair like a Chipkali as stated by a blogger recently. Some one suggested national Chipko award for him in this context. This is not the case only in center. Each and every state is sailing in similar boat inspite of the various parties at different states.

Gali brothers story in Karnataka is world famous. The chaos in Maharashtra in Adarsh scam is widely known. Lalu is well known for his animal fodder scam. No one was punished for Bofors scam. Some divine hands also punished some people in course of time. YSRs action in AP are surfacing one after the other.He and his son have grabbed lands and contractors as per disclosures. Thousands of YSR staues have been erected everywhere. People have to emulate him seeing him. DMK is also stuck neck deep in these controversies. It is disgusting to see even Municipal cooperators in cities flaunting costly cars such as Innovas, Skodas, BMW etc while they are insignificant guys in this system. The corruption and misuse of power is starting from bottom to top. Some may argue that it is starting from top to bottom. These silly corporators use words as Honorable in front of their names while we know that such titles are reserved for ministers. We call them honorable inspite of knowing that they are shadiest men on earth. Now youth in the country have thrown towel behind Sri Hazare. The LOK pal bill that is being demanded with certain conditions from sri Hazare is expected to achieve results. Will it do. Time only will tell. There are N number of status and laws in this country to curb corruption. All these provisons become ineffective in the hands of shady govt leaders.

The problem is that these agitations are spontaneous movements and soon would loose glory as the movement can not be sustained for long time.. Once sri Hazare withdraws his fast, slowly things will return to normal and everytime he can not go on fast and govt will not take things lying down when their existence is threatened. Power hungry political leaders are the most dangerous men ( Women are also included) in any country. Indira Gandhi in past has imposed emergency when her position was threatened, where scores of intellectuals were detained. Lok Nayak JayaPrakash Narayan died soon as a sequence to his sufferings in detention. There has to be a sustained movement for overhaul of the system including recalling the shady characters from the assemblies and parliament. What is now going on is a sudden rise of anger and helplessness among people. Unless second line leadership is developed to continue the movement this movement will die soon like a flaming torch. We know after Gandhis death deterioration was very rapid and dynastic rule has come to stay in India. It is going on now in India. The present parliamentary party system that is being practiced itself is to be blamed for the present chaos in the country. The leaders get elected to the state assemblies and parliament want to hang on to their seats shamelessly even when they become controversial. Many leaders are not sure whether they would get ticket next time. Make hay while sun shines is the answer for them. Opposition guys want some popularity and masala to be in lime light while those in power are after money and perks. These leaders have got their salaries doubled running into lakhs with many perks as if they are there only for this. Gandhijis simplicity is thrown to winds. Shastri is forgotten. Rajen babu is not required. Subhas is not remembered except on his birth day. The multi party system that is prevalent in our nation that has fallen down morally is the real culprit. There is no fear among legislators and members of parliament. Thy see these as hazards of service. The country is unable to unearth names of cheats who have stocked black money abroad and the govt says it can not vilate international laws and undestandings.Under such provisons guys are making fast money. To pacify they find a scape goat as happening now.
Sri Hazare is very old and can not sustain severe hardships like arrest and detention without trials which are the usual tactics of all governments to curb the uprising and this will be used if not now very soon in future.But govt woiuld resort to these tricks of harassement hwn they are cornered. Sri Hazare is least bothered about govt threats. He is in the fag end of his life. He is sincere and honest.. There is not a single national leader of Hazare’s status who is blemishless in this country. The film stars who have made millions or billions of Rupees also are flocking to the movement. This may add some color to the demonstrations, but will not change the system.They are not blemish less. These stars are only a small fraction. Their involvement has no meaning and no one will be impressed. Swamis like Baba ramdev and Ravisankar may not be the complete answer for him at some stage. They can still follow his footsteps and guide the movement. When elections arrive it is very unlikely that the guys will vote for such reformations. Our elections are fought on issues of caste creed, religions and minority appeasement. In AP sri jayapraksh narain the lone legislator from lok Satta Party as founder is the lone ranger. He is honest, sincere and wants the system to be cleaned. But no one has voted for his party. He is the lone straggler. Similar thing will happen if the movement loose tempo as the elections are far off. The movment has to be sustained for next few years and political parties should be kept away from it as they will try to derive benefit. Let us wish sri Hazare good luck

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Thursday, April 7, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at a park in Delhi and are seen discussing some issues. They appear to be tense.)

Gandhi. Patel. There appears to be some trouble to the Delhi govt.

Patel. Why Bapu? What happened?

Gandhi. A guy called Anna Hazaare of Maharashtra has become a problem to them

Patel. I also heard about this.

Gandhi. This shows that Gandhism is still being practiced in India.

Patel. Yes, occasionally of course.

Gandhi. Why so.

Patel. There are not many Anna Hazare in the country. He commands very great respect in public. He is a selfless social worker and Gandhian too. Poor guy has to take struggle on his head

Gandhi. What to do. All these days people thought that the govt will do something to eradicate corruption.

Patel. But Bapu, How long such struggle by lone Hazare will last? Every Indian has to rise like a Hazare.

Gandhi. But average Indian has no time. There is no proper leader in the country to lead people. There are many so called leaders everywhere in India. But all these men are opportunists and shady men. They are after making money and swindle nation to the maximum. Recent scams in Dr Manmohansinghs govt speak all this. He has no apparent courage to remove them and expose them. He acted only when inevitable and became a compulsion. He also accepted that he had to adjust at times. Thus there have been great failings at highest authority. He acts as if he has no responsibility for the crimes committed by his men. Here the leadership has failed to act. Sadly people forgot what is leadership is.

Patel. Bapu. You were a great leader.

Gandhi. You too were.

Nehru. Was I not a leader?

Gandhi. You too were there. Who said you were not a leader?

Nehru. You guys are praising each other. It is like you scratch my back and I shall do for you.

Gandhi. Come on Jawaharlal; please do not get cut up. Now Hazare is acting with firmness. He should not loosen the grip and also should not trust the leaders who some how want to end his fast. They will do some tricks to satisfy him and see that he ends his fast.

Patel. True. These political leaders can do any thing for their glory.

Gandhi. Can Hazare alone fight such large scale corruption and chors (Thieves) who go around? Some one can catch a thief if he is like a normal thief like chain snatcher; pick pocket, house breaker, vehicle lifter, bank robber, wayside robber etc. How can some one can catch a thief within the house? There is a saying that even god can not catch a thief if he is within house.

Patel. Very true Bapu. That means we have more of thieves from within.

Gandhi. Very correctly said. What do all these scams mean? All these scamsters who have been exposed from time to time were thieves within house and all these years were not detected. Even after detection there were many efforts to save them. Some guys who were their stooges also probably would be done to death to erase evidence. Telecom Raja is in Jail now. Recently his stooge committed suicide as I learnt. Many have suspicions on this account. Guys from Bofors scams escaped all punishments. Who will recover lost money? From whom it will be recovered? Once the scam becomes old guys loose interest as new scam will be discovered. India is a nation for scams, by the scams and by the scams.

Nehru. Hee..hee , You guys have nothing to talk concrete except blaming others.

Patel. Why? Is this talk not concrete? Is this not relevant?

Nehru. Did I say that it is irrelevant?

Gnadhi. Hazare wants a committee in which General public also will be members.

Patel. That minister Sibbal says why people should be included?

Gandhi. I feel sorry for that man. He feels ministers and other members can be fully trusted and general public are not important. That guy has forgotten that he is there to serve people a nd he was elected by them.

Patel. That is the sad part of it. These characters feel that once elected they can shoe people. They forget that the same people will kick them into dark pages of history. He has forgotten many guys who were kicked out by people at polls.

Gandhi. He thinks too much of himself and very clever too.

Patel. Recently he was trying to justify that there was no telecom scam and there was no loss. He was critical of CAG report.

Gandhi. He thinks very clever about himself and wants to draw some sympathy from top guys.

Patel. Hee..hee.. hoo..hoo

Gandhi. Any how Mr. Hazare started something to tame the horses. It should be taken ahead by others.

Patel. Mr Sharad Pawar resigned from the committee of ministers to monitor corruption.

Gandhi. That was another joke. What can happen if he resigns? He has not resigned from cabinet for the cabinet failings to curb corruption. These are just tamasha going on. If ministers form the group to monitor corruption , it will be a joke. It will be like Chor being a Kotwal. How can they do justice to the job. These are jokes and Tamasha.

Patel. Hazare said the same thing. He ridiculed Pawars actions. He said these are no meaning to him. Will Hazare be able to turn the tide as done by Jaya Prakash Narain past? Indira Gandhi imposed emergency then. The present govt has been exposed so badly about their ineffectiveness to curb scams and corruption and the way the scams are exposed, who world is laughing at us. The time is rip for action taken by Jaiprakash Narainji. Hazaree should do similar thing to wash this govt thoroughly like a washerman who washes the dirty clothes by banging on a stone. Similar treatment is required now.

Gandhi. Hee..hee.. Very well said and I wish your words would come out true.

Patel. Thanks Bapu.( sings)

The leaders are now like germs in dirty clothes
And they are to be treated in the befitting way
The clothes are hammered on a stone at riverside
Then only through the noses the leaders have to pay

Gandhi. Very good Patel. I am impressed with your song

Patel. Thanks Bapu

Gandhi. Patel. Let us go now. It is getting dark. It is not safe to say here after darkness.

Patel. Let us go Bapu. Iam with you.

( the trio walks away singing Ramdhun)


Monday, April 4, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, patel and Nehru are at a roadside park in Bombay. They are in high spirits.)

Gandhi. Whole Bombay is in high spirits. Cricket fever is over.

Patel. True Bapu. What a chase it was!

Gandhi. We were lucky to witness the match. It was a life time thrill.

Patel. True Bapu. What a national spirit it was. It looked as if entire nation turned up for the show. I am sure such big crowd never turned up for your shows when you were alive.

Gandhi. I was not a cricketer. It was life or death match for Indians and Lankans..

Patel. The nation waited for 28 years to lift the cup.

Gandhi. It was a great team effort. Masters dream has been fulfilled.

Patel. In the past, Master brought the team to the final. But the team failed to stand in the final once Tendulkar fell cheaply. This time it was not like that, the team fought like a wounded tiger.

Patel. True Bapu. You made a great comparison comparing Indian team to a tiger . Iam getting inspired. ( He shouts) Grr..Grr..Grr

Gandhi. Hee..Heee, Lankans are lions. Indians have to be tigers. Tigers are more aggressive than lions. Some times lions keep watching when antelopes graze very close to them.

Patel. Hee..Hee True Bapu.

Gandhi. I am unhappy with Sehwag. Except his 175 score in past once in the tournament, he hardly made any score. In the match with Pakistani he made few quick runs and then fell as if he was in hurry to go some where. It was Tendulkar who played with great determination and scored 85 although he got some chances. Raina needs mentioning who scored invaluable 38 in the end. Bowlers need praising in that match. Every one got two wickets. It was a combined show. In this match also Sehwag fell cheaply. He puts entire team in to jitters by his wayward batting. What required is consistency in game. He flashes at everything as if he wants sixes and boundaries. Better we limit him to 20..20 game.

Patel. There was great pressure again on Master. Poor guy never gets a chance to play coolly. Every time Sehwag falls cheaply which is mostly occurring, Master is put to great pressure. I think Sehwag has to play a step down.

Gandhi. Any how the cup has been won. Dhoni has shown great commitment as a captain and won the cup. It was a life’s achievement. It was 28 years ago that we won the cup and Kapil was the captain.

Patel Bapu. Have you noticed? There were not great responses from Gawaskar and Kapil after this victory. We have not seen those guys much in the spectators or box. Have you seen them?

Nehru. I do not remember seeing them.

Gandhi. After victory too we have not seen them any where. Why?

Patel. They know it better. Their record has been broken by the present team.

Gandhi. Look at the way the nation has gone crazy.

Patel. Bapu. There was more craze when Pakistan was defeated.

Gandhi. True. But why people feel happy when we are one up against Pakistan.

Patel. The venom has gone into blood in both countries. They have not forgotten the partition and the subsequent actions of Pakistan. Generation after generation in India and Pakistan have grown with mutual suspicion and hatred. It will never go.

Gandhi. I feel sad .

Patel. Your feeling sad has no meaning. In fact you are blamed for all the mess up in 1947 and before that.

Gandhi. Am I to be blamed? Eee…eee…aa…aaa… ( Cries)

Patel. Why are you crying now after all things have been done?

Gandhi. I did so much for this thankless nation. Iam being called Mahatma. But behind the doors most of the guys hate me.

Patel. Plesae do not cry Bapu. As you sow so you reap. (Does jig and sings)

India has won the world cup
It was not a simple lolly pop
They guys have sweated fumed and fretted
At last they have been with world cup crested
Gandhi. Haa..haaa. ( gets up and also does jig holding his long stick)

(Suddenly they find the entire Indian world cup team at the park and they see Gandhi and patel and Nehru. They rush to them)

Dhoni. Bapu… We have won the cup. We defeated Pak in Semifinals. We ousted Australians from the tournament. Ponting became pale in the end. We have wiped off all our previous failings.

Tendulkar. Bapu. It was a great day.

Gandhi. Yes. You guys have made the nation very proud. We are proud of you.

Tendulkar. Thanks Bapu. In all world cups we defeated Pakistan.

Patel. That was great indeed. World cup is not the criteria. Defeating Pakistan team is the ultimate.

Gandhi. Iam not happy with this attitude.

Patel. Why Bapu?. Please do not forget realities.

Gandhi. I shall try. But my policies remain same.

POatel. No one can change you.

Tendulkar. Bapu. Forget past. Let us celebrate.

(He opens champagne bottle. Foam gushes out and is sprayed all over. The guys drink from the bottle and dance and shout… Chakde India.. Gumaake.. Jor lagake.. Lahgake.. Chakde India. All dance wildly pulling Gandhi. Nehru and Patel to dance. Gandhi does fast jig with his stick while Patel does break dance. Nehru does foxtrot holding Dhoni. All laugh loudly. In the distance on Red Fort Indian flag is seen fluttering proudly)