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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Pate are seen at a road side in Karimnagar. They are standing at a way side tea shop and sipping tea.Gandhi occasionally saying Hare Rama .Hare rama. Rama Rama hare hare. Patel sees some Samosas displayed at the counter.)

Patel. Bhai. Kya ye samosa hai? Itna chota!Asli samosa se ye charguna kam hai. ( What is this samosa. This is four times smaller than the actual one)

Vendor. Yes sir. It is called mini Irani samosa It is only one rupee. Chai ke sath maza aajayega khanese. Ye Telnagana ka special hai heee..heee

Patel. OK, give us three

Gandhi, (eats samosa and sips tea) Bhai. Is chai made out of goats milk?

Vendor ( looks at him strangely).Please do not call names. Sir, how any one can make chai with goats milk?

Gandhi. I used to make. It was called bakri chai. All these guys used to drink.

Vendor. Poor guys chee..cheee..cheee. Must be cursing you. By the by who are you sir. You do not have even a shirt. You appear to be a strange man. I have many shirts. Kindly take one and wear. Please do not go around like this half naked. Many women customers will object.

Patel. Shocking. He is Gandhi. Mk Gandhi, father of nation. (Crazily does jig and sings)

He is the Bapu the great Bapu
And he is known to be always naked by half
He was like this from ages that passed by
He is also fond of cows and a calf

It is not that he can not put on a suit
On his bald head he also can wear English hat
But he wants to be always like this
And goes around with a stick like naked bat

Vendor. heee…heee. OK. Ok Let him drape a shawl whenever he comes here to my shop. The ladies have stopped coming here. I am loosing business

Gandhi. Ok bhai. Give me two more samosa. Maza agaya.

Patel. Bapu. Do not eat more. You will get dysentery.

Vendor. Sir. Please do not say these things. If you do not want to eeat just go away. Please do not spoil my business

Patel. It is Ok.

( In the mean time a convoy of cars approaches them. There are self styled leaders, chamchas, goons, ruffians, stray guys, time pass guys, and an youngster is atop a open vehicle and raises his hands in salutation every now and then )

Gandhi. I have seen this guy somewhere. Where it could be?

Pate Bapu. He is Jagan. The son of late Raj Sakhar Reddy the former CM of AP state

Gandhi. What is he up to?

Patel. Poor guy wanted to become CM immediately after his father’s death. It did not work. Some how he became a MP. He has not lost ambition. Trying all tricks to destabilize the system.

Gandhi. But he has many people with him

Patel. They are all without jobs. Some how want to be in lime light So they play these tricks.They are calling this as Odarpu yatra.. an act ofconsoling him

Nehru. I see..In democracies these things are common.

Gandhi. Why he should go around?

Patel. He wants some publicity He has lost base in AP at present. His mother has become the MLA as usual that happens in democracy , rather dynatic democracy.As an MP he can not play tricks.

Gandhi. I read I s news paper that he was not permitted by Sonia Gandhi to take up yatra in Telangana areas. Already there is a lot of trouble.

Pate. Who bothers Bapu. This is all clumsy administration. We call it democracy. But it is a shit pot democracy

Gandhi. haa..haa.heee…heee

( In the mean time the roadside urchins rush to shake hansd with Jagan and he again raises hands in salutation. Camera men click photos.)

One old lad approached jagan and cries too. She is Narsamma)

Narsamma. Enta kashtamochindi Bidda neeku. ( What difficulties have befallen you my son) Papam, Devudi lanti mee nayan poindu ( God like our father has gone) . Edwaku ( do not cry)bidda ( son). Demudu sallaga soostadu naina ninnu ( God willbe merciful to you). Nakereke. Nuwwu CM outawau ( I know you will become CM one day). Aa musilodu potadu ( That old guy will go away). Inkenni Rozulu Edawaku bidda. ( Not many days ,Do not cry my son)

( Jagan gets down and embraces Narsamma and wipes her tears. Video guys concentrate on the scene)

Gandhi. What a tamasha in Odarpu Yatra….hee..heee

(Suddenly ten women gather and start crying beating their chests and heads)

Women. (Wail in typical Telangana style)

Oh naina.. Enta kashtamochhindiro ( Oh my son how great difficulty has come over you)
Oh Naina..Amma..Oh Naina...naina (Oh my son, Oh mother, Oh father, oh son)
Papam mee naina poindu gade.( poor your father died)
O Naina.enta kashta mohhindira ( oh son how great difficulty has come over you
Oh naina( Oh son)
Aa mayadaari helicopter yadikelli wochhindiro (from where the wretched chopper came?)
Oh Naina ( oh son)
Danla mee ayyakookowalna ( Why your father has to sit in that chopper )
Oh Naina( Oh son)
Sakkaga pokundah oh Naina ( Instead of travelling well Oh son)
Adivila koolindira ( It crashed in jungle )
Oh Naina( Oh son)
Koolte koolindi ga ( Let it crash )
Oh Naina( oh son)
Mee nayana powalna ( Why your father should die )
Oh naina( Oh son
Enta kashtamochhindiro( how much difficulty has come over you my son)
oh naina( oh son)
Nuwwu CM gaka bothiviro( You could not become CM )
Oh Naina( Oh son)
Dhyryanga undu bidda( Be brave son )
Oh naina( Oh son)
Demudu ninnu sallaga soostadu Godshal take care of you)
Oh naina,( oh son )
Musilodu ekwa undadu bidda( Old man shall not stay long)
Oh Naina( oh son)
Neeke rajya mostadi bidda ( you wll get kingdom)
Oh Naina( oh son )
Maa maata nammu ( Believe our words)
Oh Naina( oh son )
Kanneellu tudsuko( wipe tears )
Oh nayana( oh son)

(Some elders come and take them away to a side. Suddenly crying stops. All are seen smiling)

Gandhi. Patel. What is this? They are smiling now. A fraction of second ago they were wailing.

Patel. Bapu. This is all tricks of the trade. Every women has been paid Rs 200 for wailing and a bottle of country liquor. This is odarpu yatra. Publicity stunt. Nothing else

( In the mean time some youths arrive in lorries and they shout Jai Telangana. Jai jai Telangana. They clash with supporters of Jagan. It is free for all now, Lathis are being whirled. heads are cracking Blood is flowing. One Jeep of Jagan is put on fire. In the mean time police force arrives. They resort to lathi charge. There is a great commotion. Police people arrest hundreds of trouble makers and drive them away. Jagan is taken away in police jeep. The are looks like a battle field. Everything is quiet now)

Gnadhi. Haa..haa What a tamasha. Look Patel. These women who wailed now are drinking country liquor and cutting jokes too. What a democracy!.

Patel. Hee..heee

Nehru. True Bapu

Gandhi. Nice show we had to day. Let us relax here today in the close by park

Nehru and Patel. OK Bapu. We are always with you. Did we ever say no to you?( Both sing and do jig)

Bapu we are your servants and slaves
Can not open our mouths even for a while
You may play football with us all the time
Yet we accept all with great smile

(Gandhi looks other way as if he has not heard anything)



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into the past with pain.119

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Field Marshals Sam Manekshaw and Cariappa lie on the ground gasping after some fast crazy steps singing the INA song. Both are struggling to come to feet. Sam is the first one to slowly get up.)

Sam. Yeah. What a crazy way of doing things. He pulls up Cariappa by hand. Cariappa (sits on bed coughing) His legs are trembling.

Cariappa. I do not know what happens to us when we speak to the great Netaji. We are so inspired.

Sam. True. Look Both of us are so old and weak and you were unable to stand even. But look we danced to glory to his tune and for some time forgot that we are 90 years plus.

Cariappa. That is the greatness of Netaji. He made heroes out of mere moles. But to day the dynastic rulers in India make moles and rats out of heroes. Competent guys are thrown in dust bin, side tracked and thrown into oblivion. See the fate of PV Narsimha Rao. What a fate he had finally! How about Gulzarilal Nanda?

Sam. Rather competent guys are castrated now like bulls are castrated

Cariappa. Look. Even now Netaji is so stiff and goose steps so well. I can not even lift my foot by few millimeters, leave aside stamping in IMA style.

Sam. Why not? He lived in Germany and you know German army goose steps

Cariappa. I know. ( Gasps for breath). Now what is our next action? I do not know when Netaji would visit us again.

Sam. We can go to him if we decide

Cariappa. Not this week. I am tired

Sam. Rather retired. And dead too But we can not die again. That is good part of death.

Cariappa. True. While living, army officers are dying every day at the hands of Babus and seniors too. But once they really die they are I think happy. No more dying. In fact Army officers die the moment they are commissioned. Along with presidents parchment of commission they are also given death warrant. Suddenly I remember some thing Sam.

Sam. Sir What is it?

Cariappa. I gave a speech after India was given freedom by the whites in 1947, and you know my Hindi is rather very poor. In fact atrocious. I said “Aaaj ham Muft ho gaye hain”

Sam. Haa.. Haaa.. Hee. . Heee Hi, That means we have become of no value. That is called Phukat in Hindi mostly used in Bombay parlor. Sir You said very right thing although inadvertently. Don’t feel bad sir.

Cariappa. Although I never meant it, my words became true. Indian army to day became Phukat in the eyes of civilians and Babus suitwallahs and Dhotiwallahs, Jodhpur icoatwallahs and pagadiwallahs too and Topiwallahs.

Sam. Yeah. Truth can not be hidden. After independence once the civilian guys tasted power and knowing that army is limited to back benches in democracy, they got a clue. I am sure they went downgrading it with a fixed plan.

Cariappa. The guys may not like that.

Sam. But it is a fact as many feel true

( In the distance a song is played .. “ Watan ke rahe me.. Watanke naujawan Shaheed ho… Pukar te hai ye zamin aasman shahid Ho… Pukar the hain ye zamin aasman shaheed ho… Oh.. ohohooh…) Sam goes to window and peeps)

Cariappa. What is there?

Sam. Some Topiwalahs are singing the song and going around on the street beating drms that too hired.

Cariappa. What does the song mean? Tell me I am very weak in Hindi

Sam. I am also not that good. I wish Kavi Pradeep is here

( Suddenly Kavi Pradeep appears in front of Sam)

Pradeep. Good morning Marshals. Why you thought of my name suddenly? I am in heavens since long. Till today no one remembered me.

Sam. That is very nice of you sir. We wanted to know the meaning of the song being played by the guys on the street

Pradeep .( Listens and wipes tears) They are giving a call to the youth to sacrifice themselves and become martyrs in the cause of nation

Sam. Good that is really good.

Cariappa. What an inspiring song

Sam. True. But not for today’s youth infact

Pradeep. Sir I penned thousands of patriotic songs and sang too. All were hits. Some were banned also for telling truth.

Cariappa. Look Pradeep truth is always disliked

Sam. I remember your famous song, “” Dekh tere sansar ki haalat kya ho gayi Bhagwan.. Kitna badal gaya insane…Oh kitna badal gaya insane.. Suraj na badla chand na badla

Cariappa. You guys know that I am bad at Hindi. Please tell me what you sang.

Sam. It means, “ Oh God look at your creation and its state. Look How much the man has changed… The sun has not changed and the moon has not changed

Pradeep…. Naa badla re aasman .. Oh Kitna badal gayaa insaan

Cariappa.. Really a nice song. I know immediately after gaining independence and having gained power the politicians have ruined the nation within few years. Churchill predicted long ago that India would be doomed by misrule by corrupt and self centered men. What is happening there is a clear reflection now.

Sam. Sir , But India is becoming a super power. That is what people say. We won wars and in IT sector we made name. We have sent a moon rocket and also have nuclear weapons.

Cariappa. Do you call it is all progress

Sam. Then what?

Cariappa. But humans have become heartless, corrupt and misrule goes on. All this will end finally by break up of this great country. Writing on the wall is there. Can’t you read them?

Sam. Probably you are true sir..

Pradeep. ( sings) Aaya samay bada be danga… aaj aadmi bana laphanga ( To day the times have changed and men have become scoundrels…) Kahi pe jhagda kahi pe danga… Nach raha nar hokar nanaga… ( Fights here and fights there and man is dancing naked …)

Cariappa. Please go ahead Mr Pradeep. I enjoy it

Pradeep.. ( Sings) In heenki kaali kartootose hua ye mulk mashan.. Kitna.. ( the country has become a burial ground with the evil doings of these people…. How man has changed ?.) badal gaya insan

Cariappa. ( Cries loud…. Mera Bharath.. Mera Bharat and then wipes tears)

Sam(Goes to Cariappa ) Sir do not feel bad. That is the fate of India. Why have sentiments for such guys?

( suddenly Gandhi and Patel and Nehru enter the room. All get up and wish them respectfully)

Gandhi. What is going on. Cariappa sahib. Please do not get upset over things happening in India. Jo hona hai ho ke rahe gaa ( sings)

Look guys no one can change India
It has become great dirtiest shit pot and it is their fate
Political leaders are swimming in the pot
And they feel happy to be in such state

Let us dance and enjoy and be happy
there is no point crying over the past
Let the shittiest Indians get screwed
They will be finally screwed by al in the last

Cariappa. Very well said sir

Patel. Nice Bapu. At last you are changing

( In the meantime Raj kapoor the cinema actor comes in through a window in his usual comic style. He is donning a crumpled Hollywood hat )

Rajkapoor. Good morning every one here. I Am here. I heard Pradeepji singing and came in

Sam. Hoi Raj . How are you?

Raj.. Fine sir

Cariappa. Hello raj. Give us something from your side. You are greatly talented.

Raj. ( Dances some Bhangra steps smartly… shouts Oh Balle balle balle).. Sings.. Oh sachhe Phansi witche.. Hoo.. hoo.. hooo…..Oh sachhe phansi chad de witche aur jhoote mauj udave…aur jhoote mauj udave
Kya mai Jhoot Boliya.. Koina…. Hai koina…..

Cariappa. What does this mean Pradeep?

Pradeep. Sir it means.. “ All truthful people shall climb gallows while cheats would enjoy. Did I say lies… No.. No …..)

Cariappa, Sam and raj dance Bhangra shouting Aaan huhu.. uh.. uh.. aaanhuhu….. while Pradeep claps


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(In a room Field Marshals Sam Manekshaw and Cariappa are seen conversing)

Cariappa. You said retired army guys are fit to right poetry. But not all are good at English. Then what they will do?

Sam. I know many do not do any thing. I know some Major Generals joined some political parties. Nothing came through. They were not given higher positions.
Then what happens? They fumed and fretted and kept mouths shut.

Cariappa. I know. These guys have lot of ego. Every where they have to be at number one. Once you leave your uniform you are along with every one in a political party. You are not known in public. If you stand independently who would vote for you? You stand in queue everywhere.After retirement army guys become clueless lot not knowing what to do. there may be some exception here and there. Most of them print cards showing that they are consultants here and there. I am sure this is all cock and bull. What consultancy they can give? They slowly disappear unsung and un heard.

Sam. Haa.. Haa. Not even your wife would vote.

Cariappa. Some spend some time as chief guests at some functions. That is also short lived as time goes on.

Sam. Yeah. You can not be at top all the time.

Cariappa. That is possible only in civil politics where certain dynasties rule.

In the mean time some Marshal music is heard. Chod Chalo oh Duniya wallo Hindustan hamara Hai.. … is played at high tone Then walks in Netaji Subhas Chadra Bose in Jack boots and in uniform of INA with a Japanese pistol at the belt.

Subhas. Hello Marshals, Good morning. How are you?

Sam. ( Gets up smartly and salutes) Good morning sir. I am honored.

Subahs. ( Goes to Cariappa who is unable to get up . Places his hand on him and comforts him) Hello Marshal. Do not take trouble. You already had enough with guys in India.

Cariappa. Good morning sir. I am unable to salute you. I am weak. I can not even lift my hand properly. See sir ! My hand is trembling. I remember Prof Colonel Dr Prabhakar Rao’s poem…(Sings):

Life in army is compared to a golden jail
Where finally all are bound to get sick and pale
They go through service of a long cruise
Then come out like a tomato sucked off it’s tasty juice
Thrown off the service at an young age
We expect them to become soon a sage
Outside world that holds them as the great heroes
Now treat them alas! As big blob and zeroes

Netaji. Marshal Just relax. Forget what were you in past Know that you are now just a physical wreck and sick and pale and neglected too. I just now over heard your conversation from the door when I stepped in. You were telling about dynastic rule.

Cariappa. True. I was saying some families always rule in India. Others do only boot licking to be precise.

Sam. Son of a person from some families always are top leaders

Cariappa. That is the psychological degradation in Indian masses. They are more slavish. They live on past glories and give credit accordingly to the sons and daughters.

Netaji. That is perfectly said. Just see the Indian leaders one after the other. There is a chain of succession.

Sam. Yeah.. Mughals died long ago. But soon a new dynasty started off.

Cariappa. It happens only in India. We are more sentimental and slavish too. Look, in America they worship Washington. But Washington’s children did not become Presidents. Kennedy’s kin are not presidents.

Sam. Same is the case with England.

Netaji. (Takes a deep breath) What I can say? I have seen things from very close. I am the witness to the growth of some important persons during freedom movement who are still ruling and getting ready to rule.

Cariappa. Now a days some one is being called Yuv Raj. A practice from kingdoms.

Netaji. Look Marshal. The stooges in the political party want to appease the top guys. It is sad that even senior guys from the party resort to this type of bootlicking to gain favors

Sam. Sir this is the Indian trait

Netaji. Look. Although Winston Churchill led England to victory in World War II he lost the elections. In India guys get elected on some ones name eternally. They hang on till die. They rule lying on stretchers too.Even with Oxygen masks in a hospital they want to rule.

Sam. Although they mucked up Indian security in 1962


Indian army was butchered in the past
At some places they fought to the last
Nehru was sad and atlast gave up his soul
But no one had guts and shouted foul

The dynasty goes on to rule
People in elections become a fool
The same old faces are again on the screen
Although they are sick with damaged spleen

Sam. ( Showing his right up right thumb) Sir well sung. Three cheers to you

Netaji. You guys appear to be good at poetry

Cariappa. What else we can do? No one wants our advice.

Netaji. I heard there is some trouble in army over pay commission reports

Sam. Yes sir. We were discussing that before you came in

Netaji. Nothing new. Days have changed. INA soldiers were different . They were fighters for freedom. Indian army also has laid down many lives during last four wars and internal security commitments

Sam. Thanks for your kind words sir

Netaji. It is OK. It is so sad that Army had to shout and Ex servicemen have to demonstrate for extra coppers. What a shame in India

Sam. It is said Army is under civil control.

Cariappa. But looks like under civilan Babu control as I read in news paper.

Netaji. I know India is heading for trouble soon.

Cariappa. Sir What type of trouble?

Netaji. When army demads higher pay which should have come automatically, it is the last straw. Down fall has already commenced. We have seen How Pakistan suffered and what happens there

Sam. You expect similar things

Netaji. I do not wish. But is inevitable. No one can change fate

Cariappa. What a fate indeed?

Netaji. Thanks guys. Thanks for the company. God bless you.

Sam and Cariapa say Jai Hind and salute as Netaji goose steps and walks off stiffly while song is played…. Chod Chalo Oh Duniya wallo Hindostan Hamarahai…
Cariappa.. A befitting song for the dynastic rulers in India. Hindostan belongs to them eternally. Others just suck own thumbs because they can not suck others thumbs.
Sam. Haa…. Haa… Heee.. Hee
(Cariappa gets up from bed and holds hand of Sam. Then both sing…. Hindostan hamara hai … Naa. Hindostan tumhara hai… Chod Chalo.. Chod Chalo.. They do some crazy steps and get tired. Both slump to the ground)




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

Curtain rises and in the center of a dimly lit room in heavens an old man is lying on a cot. He is bald, tall and thin and frail. He has already crossed 90 years and is unable to move. Next to his bed on a small table some medicines are kept. In a corner to a stand are hung uniform and peak cap. A rusty old fashioned sword hangs at a nail. Dusty Army boots are kept at a corner. The rank badges on uniform have almost become black due to influence of climate. He is seen coughing too…An eerie silence prevails in room.

(Some one knocks at the door and the old man is woken up)

Old man. Hey who is there .. Koyee hay… (Typical British Indian army style).. Ughh.. Ughhh …..(Coughs)

(The door opens and a person walks in. He switches on the light and goes near the bed. He is not very tall, looks shriveled with large moustaches and walks with drooping shoulders.

Old man. Who is there ?.(Looks at the visitor.) Hello. Field Marshal Sam, How are you? Nice to see you here. How is everything?

Sam Manekshaw. Good evening Filed Marshal Cariappa sir. I recently came here after some illness in India.

Cariappa. That is good. It is a good riddance to get out of India. Our blood was sucked out when we lived and in the end we were thrown out on streets. We had enough of it there.

I put on uniform for so long
Then finally I became oblong
My body at the end had only bones
Although while young I was like Indiana zones

Sam. Yeahh. Well said sir,. How are you doing sir?

Cariappa. You can see yourself. I was thoroughly sucked out while in uniform while I was C in C and then COAS.

Sam. Me too. I was given rank of Field Marshal then I was left to winds. Some leaders were not happy with me. Many thought I was a great risk. They thought I would take over India.
Cariappa. Silly guys.. How can we do that? We had so much discipline and were brought up in slavery too. The same thing continues in blood too. I was given the rank when I was unable to walk even.

Sam. That is how things work there.

Cariappa. I heard lot of trouble is going on in respect of pay commission for army. You came recently. Any news?

Sam. I was no way involved. They do not consult us. We are ceremonial. But I know some serious trouble is there

Cariappa. What could be?

Sam. The chiefs at last gathered courage, became manly and refused to implement sixth pay commission’s recommendations

Cariappa. That is strange. Did they have straight and erect spine? How they got courage? I can not imagine. My head is reeling now. This could be one of the wonders of the world
( He swallows a pill of Asprin)

Sam.( Laughs Haa.. Haa.. Hoo. Ho.. Ho.. Hii…Hii Hee) They atlast developed the spunk. Sir! Recently Army used to give in the news paper advertisements for recruitment.. Do you have spunk in you.? If so join army. That was great

Cariappa. Haa… Haaa ( Caughs loudly. He picks up a Glycodin cough syrup bottle from bed side table and takes few drops. Did good guys join after reading?

Sam. I doubt sir. Bright guys run away from army. Left over flunkies and nuts gather at SSB. They are struggling now to get higher pay for every one. They are unhappy that civil babus and police guys are getting more and there is no parity in ranks. A BSF commandant would now draw more pay to army Lt Col. Sirring will be reverse way now. Now guys in army are scared that a day would come when police DGP would become senior to Army chief even. Any thing can happen in India. It is a place for nuts with loose screws.

Cariappa. Do you mean ground nuts?

Sam.. No sir. I do not mean that. They are better. These are wild nuts unfit for any use.

Cariappa. Let BSF guys fight wars for India. We can take care of borders in peace time. Roles would be reversed. Diluting army was always there right from beginning. What was my position when I took over from General Butcher? What were you finally?

Sam. We are junior to even chota mota (Minor) civil servants and side kicks too.

Cariappa. Leave apart some political flunkies

Sam. A stage will come when a Lt Col will be junior to even a police inspector. The day is not far off

Cariappa. It can happen

Sam. As it is some army officers were put in lock up by some police men in UP. They were rescued by a Lt Col later on by taking troops and arms with him

Cariappa. These things have been happening regularly and some times army guys have bashed up police men. I know it happened in Langar houze at Hyderabad, Amritsar and Agra.

Sam. All crap is going on now days

Cariappa. I think there is overall slump in the country

Sam. True

Army guys in India are at receiving end
The country’s ways they are unable to bend
The guys are happy with some tidbits thrown in
And they happily beat an empty mess tin

Cariappa. What a nice poem. When did you learn to write poetry?

Sam. What else can I do after retirement? No one gives me other job.

Cariappa. Haa.. Haa. Hee. Hee. True but now a days the army guys claim that they get top jobs in industry if they go out

Sam. Illusion sir. These guys are already outdated working in army. No one cares for their experience outside. They overestimate themselves and live in false world of their own. Some are no doubt really good. But such guys are rare. They quit service early. Rotten stuff keep hanging till they are wasted out.
Cariappa. But they might be good at man management. See they do so many courses.

Sam. Partly. (Laughs) But many are bad managers also. Civilians think these guys can not adjust and are one tracked. If all are very good managers, why officers get shot by their own men now days? There have been many such incidents.

Cariappa. But not always. Some may be bad.

Sam. But these guys are left only when they turn into dead wood and completely exhausted and rotten. Then they are pushed out with some silver salver.

Cariappa. I learnt it is also not given in time on day of retirement.

Sam. Yes.. I heard one officer from services had to write to a Colonel Commandant to get one silver salver after retirement. Of course, the silver salver after some time came to a local unit where the officer settled after retirement. Then it was sent to his house through a JCO. What a shame? No officer was detailed to hand over the gift at his house.Such are the tricks of trade an spirit de corps on which we keep harping.

Cariappa. What a tragedy indeed? Standards and values have been lowered. But we can not blame others. We have to blame ourselves. Espirit spirit de corps has vanished as you said..

Sam. But that is life sir.

All is not fair with these guys
Who are floating like buoys
They swing left and right
Looking some time bright

Cariappa. Nice poem. You have picked up this art well

Sam ( Laughs).This is what people should do after hanging uniform

( the door opens an Gandhi and Patel walk in, Sam Manekshaw and Cariappa salute them with lot of difficulty)

Gandhi, How are you Marshals? I had no news about you guys. I heard that both of you are in heavens now. You had an eventful life there

Sam. What is the use. When I was sick none bothered. It is strange that no statues have been erected in our memory while the statues are erected for silly guys.

Patel. Ok Sam. These statues have no meaning. They are erected and forgotten. To have statue in Marshals uniform and then neglected it is a shame.

Sam . Very true

Gandhi. You guys had enough Marshals music all these years. Now sing Ramdhun for a while.

Cariappa. I am weak in Hindi sir, I can not sing

Gandhi. Does mot matter. Keep trying sir

Cariappa. Thanks. I shall do

(All of them sing Ramdhun and are lost in ecstasy while Zial ul Haq the former Pak president suddenly appears and opens fire with a carbine

Zia. I am the Pak jihadi. I am here to screw all. None can escape me. To day is my day ( Sings and does jig)

I am zia ul haq the tyrant
And I let loose jihad on India
Indins are screwed eternally
I have no fear of ay media

The Kafirs in India are our slaves
Their throats are to be cut with jihadi knives
Whole India would be finally in our hands
In Delhis redfort we play our band

Patel Come on stop this nonsense.

Gandhi. Look Zia. You can not do anything to us as we are already dead. You are also dead.Al of us are dead. We can only talk.

Zia. Oh I forgot. I am directing pak jihad from here. Insha aalah.We shall succeed. India can never be one. We shall create mini Pakistans in next 10 years.Vexed up with us all Indians would become Muslims.

Patel. That is you fad. Let millions of Zias be let loose on india. All will be destroyed. This is my word. Sab ko dekhloonga

Gandhi. Patel. Ignore that crank

Zia. I shall come again to settle scores

( In the mean time some devils come and drag him away kicking him hard)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( In the center of a well furnished room in heavens a handsome person is sitting. He is in full army uniform with a side cap and is in tunic and wearing the rank of Japanese admiral. He is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose the most charismatic leader of Indian freedom struggle and Commander of India National Army (INA). He wears round glass spectacles and is neatly shaven. There are many letters lying on the table and a Japanese pistol is close by on the table. A slight knock is heard at the door. Two heavily armed guards stand at the door.)

Subhas. Please come in.

(A person walks in and wishes)

Visitor. Hello Mr Subhas. It is long since I met you. How are you?

Subhas. I am fine. How are you Mr. Patel? But feel sad because I had to come here before I could achieve my mission. Damn it. The Japanese surrendered after Americans dropped the atom bomb on Japan. They still had power to continue to fight. In fact many Generals were not willing to surrender and wanted to continue fighting and see the end.

Patel. Yeah. But there is nothing in our hands. It is god’s will.

Subhas. True. All the guys in India feel that India got freedom by Gandhi’s peace marches , fasts and non co operation. There is not even an ounce of credit to the actions of Indian National Army in the freedom struggle. Kids are being taught that all is Gandhi’s work and others just ran and limped. Many times even my photo is missing from textbooks. They do not even mention my name. It is all Nehrus and Gandhis all over. Such things happen. The family of Nehru rules India. Rahul is waiting to sit on the throne. The sycophants are around them and prop up them. How shameful it is indeed.No one is an exception. Even PM feels that Rahul is best suited for the post.

Patel. True. Otherwise there is no existence for them.Next day he will be out. Even my actions and role are much under played in history books. I was responsible for amalgamating all princely states in India including Junagarh in Gujrat and the vexed Hyderabad. The Nizam 7 of Hyderabad Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur Fateh jung Nizam ul mulk asifjah was trying to have independent country in the center of India. It almost materialized but for me.

Subhas. I know that. Jawaharlal dilly-dallied the issue. Up to last minute he was against the military action against Hyderabad. The Nizam played havoc with Hindus in the state. He gave a free hand to Kasim Razvi, the Razakar commander,of course self styled. Police chief Deen yar jung was no less in abetting Razakars.They looted, raped, committed arson, murder dacoities, burning, lootings etc.

Patel. I had to take decision at last and I did it. I taught Nizam a grand lesson. Asfajahi rule ended with a single stroke. ( sings and does jig)

I threw the Nizam out
Like a carrot I cut him to size
He boasted he would fly his flag in Delhi
At last he was made wise

The guys could not last for a week
Of course they boasted very high
Nizam was soon shown the exit door
He had no option except to loudly cry

Subhas. Well done Patel, Or else, Hyderabad would have been another Kashmir to the credit of Nehru. .I am really proud of you.

Patel. True.Thanks subhash.

Subhas. I am happy that I am out of this non sense.

Patel. Me too.

Subhas. Do you know this? Recently some one asked information about me from the Indian Government under the clause of right to information. He was told that no such information was available with the Government. There was none like Subhas Chadra Bose as per their information. How shameful it is?. What a shame really? Are they not Indians.? Who are these jokers?

Patel. Very true. This is because only Nehrus and Gandhis should exist as per the dictums at present. Only information with respect to them should be available. A systematic campaign is going on to erase the memory of all except Gandhis and Nehrus.

( Outside the room some screams and shouts are heard. They are shouting “vote for Rahul. The prince is on way to the throne. He is the next Prime Minister… Vote for him.. Three cheers to the future PM”)

Subhas. Who are these guys? Who is Rahul? He was the son of Buddha as far as I know.

Patel. They are supporters of Rahul Gandhi, son of Rajiv Gandhi and grandson of Indira Gandhi and Feroz Gandhi. Great grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru. Great Great son of Motilal Nehru. Great .. Great… Great… Great… Great.. Great….ttt….ttt..tttt…tttt. ddd..dddd…llla..llllaa..haa..haaa///heeeee

Subhas.. It is ok… Ok.. Ok..Ok..Ok What is so great about him? He must be a kid. How he has become so great? What great actions he has done?

Patel. He is the son of Rajiv and is from Nehru dynasty. That is the first and foremost requirement and he satisfies it.nothing more is required. He can not be blamed either. Every one can become the PM of this country. He also can become. This guy is being projected as the next PM of the country and dynastic succession continues. You know. Indians are the greatest nutty guys with slavish mentality. They are like earthworms. The seat of PM is now given to the safest bet who can vacate at will. He has no self identity. It is strange that some leaders projected him as the next PM when Man mohan Singh was still in chair live kicking.

Subhas. What a shame indeed to a great country like India that produced great Emperors like Ashoka, Chandragupta, Harsha, Samudragupta. Akbar… ( Sings)

What a great shame indeed
Where all are full of only greed
Real heroes are forgotten long ago
As the extinct Australian bird DODO

Patel. Well said Subhas. You hit the nail on the skull. That’s why you were not liked when alive in congress circles. You were hounded out of Congress Presidentship. Probably many might have felt greatly relieved when your death was heard in an air crash
After Japan surrendered in WW II. They must have surely damced and celebrated behind closed doors.

Subhas. I also feel it. Any how, forget about it. Silly affair indeed. Every one has to die one day. I am shocked. Can’t this great country produce a mature leader capable of donning the mantle far away from the present dynasty.

Patel. The problem is that every one is cut to size in the party. The Stalwarts in the party have no voice. They are throttled and necks are squeezed. They are only puppet dancers on the screen. Real hands pulling the strings in this show of puppets are behind. These power seekers hang on for tit bits and bits of bones and morsels of food thrown and party tickets and posts of cabinet ranks. They hang around gasping with tongues hanging. They make hay while the prince shines. They can not win elections without Gandhis tag. Gandhis also know it and exploit it. They can not shine by themselves. You know moon can not shine on its own. It shines only due to sun rays falling on it. But it is useless to call them moons even. If the sun rays do not fall moon will be utterly dark and ugly object. Same is the case is with these guys.

Subhas. Very true.

Patel. Look Subhas. In India at present, dynastic succession is ultimate. If a minister kicks the bucket while in power, immediately his son , wife or daughter gets the party ticket for the bye-election. The son could be anti social, rowdy, thug and might have been involved in kidnap and murder cases too. Ok. Nothing is wrong. That is democracy. Every thing is ok. They make all efforts to ensure his victory. They also request other parties not to contest particular seat. Ultimately some woman who can only raise her finger showing all her teeth in smile comes to power. The son of the demised leader who has police cases against him all of a sudden puts on noble dress and becomes MLA or even MP. There are sores of guys like this in India. Although Kings have vanished kingship remains still in India. I have seen this happening maximum in Andhra Pradesh.

Subhas. What a shame?

Patel. Basically Indians are king oriented and want dynastic rules. They suffer slavish mentality. They work well when some one nicely flogs them. Democracy is just a sham. It is millions miles away from democracies in England and USA. It is ok, the Indian constitution was copied from western sources. But that was only on paper. In practice, it is different. It is Indian style. For many, politics is a family profession. A lawyer’s son becomes lawyer. A doctor wants his son to become a doctor (Remember MBBS not RMP). RMP is a registered medical practitioner or a native doctor. Similarly all politicians groom their sons and daughters in this way. Former PM Jawaharlal Lal Nehru was no different. He prepared his daughter. She became Congress President. Her charm was built up and all gathered around her clapping and singing. Soon she became center figure.

Subhas. But, Lal Bahadur was great.

Patel. It was only Lal Bahadur Shastri former PM who was above the board. The great guy walked off by foot after resigning as railway minister after train accidents and refused official car. But see now. The railway minister refuses to resign after train disasters. Poor Gulzarilal Nanda who was twice PM (Temporary) struggled on bicycle on Delhi roads after loosing his clout.

Subhas. That was disgraceful really.

(In the mean time, the door opens with a creaking sound and Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi enters… Both Patel and Subhash stand and greet him)

Gandhi. Hello. Patel and Subhas. Hope all are fine. What is happening?

Patel. Sir! we were only discussing the fallen values of democracy in India

Gandhi. True. I also heard about it. But this is what happens. When I died after partition within a year in 1948, the guys must have surely felt greatly relieved. Some people must have surely celebrated. I was more stressing on morals and right conduct. The guys knew that they have power in hand now after centuries of despair. Every one was itching for power and authority and money too. They got busy filing their coffers.

Patel. Probably true for some. Many were vexed up when you took up fast for paying Rs 50 crores to Pakistan.

Gandhi. (Looks other way.) Yeah, I know it and finally Nathuram Godse put bullets into me afterwards. I am happy that I left and was saved from seeing the down fall in morals in Indian leaders.

Subhash. Sir, In all countries such things happen. People who taste power will never step down. They shall hang on. Were you not also like that when alive? I was literally forced to resign as Congress President. I can quote hundreds of examples. Joseph Stalin, Mao, Zia ul Haq, Ayub Khan, Shah Pehalwi, Indira Gandhi, and many more. Indira Gandhi declared emergency and did not resign after Allahabad high court judgment. Shame.

Gandhi. Subhas forget past. Look my name has become a catchy slogan for the congress to catch votes. Without my name, they can never get any vote. So my memory has become immortal atlesat for sake of votes.

My name is used for only votes
And all the guys are busy collecting notes
Gandhi’s name is very dear to these clowns and nuts
While poor in India in rains suffer leaking huts

Patel. Sir! well said

Gandhi.Are you not happy with me Subhas?

Subhash. Why I should be unhappy with you sir? I always respect you in high esteem

Gandhi. Thanks dear.

Patel. That was good sir. Let us forget the guys in India who are running after power and mischief making. We have done our job well. History shall always remember our good deeds in golden letters. The present guys will surely vanish in the dark pages of History un sung and unheard.They will be wraped in toilet papers ad dumped in dust bins to be devoured by rabid dogs.uhh. I do not know when that dat comes.

Subhash. Surely. the day is not far off.

Gandhi. Ok Dear Bye… Jai Hind

Patel. OK Subhas. Thanks, see you.

Subhash. Ok Bye, In fact it was my slogan. best of luck to all of you

(In the distance Marshall music is heard while Subhas smartly walks off with Pistol at his belt.


Sunday, May 23, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi and Patel are seen sitting in a park in heavens. Many people are around busy talking to each other, Gandhi occasionally says Ram Ram …)

Gandhi – Look Patel, the park is full of sinners

Patel – Why Bapu? Are we also sinners in that case because we are with them?

Gandhi –True. It is believed that souls that have less good deeds to their credit first come over to heavens enjoy for some time and they are then taken away to hell.

Patel – I see…..

(In the mean time, some commotion is heard in the park. Gandhi and Patel rush to the spot, they see some evil looking demons are trying to drag away three persons from the park)

Gandhi – Mere Bhai, Ye kya Zulum hai (what is this oppression?) why you guys are dragging them.

Devil. Look. We are soldiers from hell. We have been ordered to bring these guys to hell.

Patel. Why? What they have done?

Devil: Their period of enjoyment is over. Now they have to suffer in hell

(The persons who are being dragged away run to Gandhi and fall on his feet; they are Ramnarain, Sitaram, Narayan)

Sitaram (Holding Gandhi’s feet). Please save me from these Devils. I am happy to be here.

Gandhi - But your days here are over. You have to now pay for bad deeds.

Sitaram : eee….eee….. I never knew this will happen to me

Gandhi – What all you have done?

Sitaram – Bhai, I was from Andhra Pradesh state in India and hail from Hyderabad city. I studied in Osmania University and got law degree. While in college and beat a professor because he caught me in exam while I was copying. I was debarred for one year. Later the Professor committed suicide and that sin has tuck to me. I was practicing advocate in the high court where for the next forty years I told lies, cheated my clients, court and earned money. I had a real estate business also. There I cheated my clients in building construction and land sales. I sold the same land several times to different people. In Banjara Hills area I built several houses with that money.

Gandhi – Oh How bad? What next ?

Sitaram – I was married when I was thirty. I had illicit relations with many women in the city. When my wife objected, I killed her and destroyed all evidence. It was shown off to be a suicide. I was a lawyer and I knew all tricks of the game. I joined politics and joined a popular party in the state. There is no crime I have not done as a political leader. You please name any crime in the Indian Penal code and You will be shocked to know that I committed each and every one without getting caught.. I was also a minister for a tenure. I only know what all I have done.

Patel : Other wise how you would become?

Gandhi. Look Sitaram. You narrated all your bad deeds. What are the good deeds you have done?.

Sitaram – Every Saturday I used to go to Saibaba Temple at Dilsukhnagar and pray to the Baba. I have also donated a silver crown to the Baba fro my black money. Every day in the morning I used to light a lamp and pray to the deity at my house.

Patel – That you would be safe and successful in your deeds.

Gandhi – You come to heavens for these dew good deeds. But these are very small ones. You have to suffer in hell because, you committed more sins. Please go away. I cannot help you.

Gandhi – Devil Sahib . How long he will stay there?

Devil – Probably for 3000 as per earth years.

Gandhi – Then what happens to him?

Devil. Most probably he would be reborn as a lizard.

Sitaram – eee ….eee.. chee….chee.. Bacho.. Bachao

(A devil thrashes Sitaram black and blue and drags him away. A dog that accompanys the devil keeps biting Sitaram while he is dragged away)

Patel – Horrible guy. Kutta Kainka ( dog indeed). That guy wants to stay in heavens. He is a crook, cheat and rascal

(In the mean time Ramnarayan runs to Babu)

Ram Narayan – Sir please help me. Save me from the devil.

Gandhi. What you have done Mr Ramnarayan for which you are being dragged away by the devils.

Ramnarayan – Sir I was born in a good family and was good also in studies. In Allopathy medicine I secured a MBBS Degree. I practiced medicine in Hyderabad.

Gandhi – That is very nice. But what went wrong?

Ramnarayan – Sir, I was an expert in illegal abortions and I must have terminated lakhs of pregnancies with my own hand in my clinic. I was also an expert in removing uterus from women on slightest cause and charged heavy fees too. I maintained contact with all labs and prescribed all types of tests to patients even if they were not required. I received commission from the labs for every test. Thus I made plenty of money. I instilled fear in patients when they came to me and ensured that they would always come to me. I used the sample medicines even if they are outdated and charged for them. I prescribed those medicines that were available in my clinic store only.

Gandhi. This is too bad.

Ramnarayan. I also exploited female nurses in my clinic to satisfy myself.

Patel. Have you done any thing good for which you came here?

Ramanarayan. I prayed to God regularly in the morning and lighted a lamp in the clinic. I also recited OM Jagadeesha Hare without fail.

Patel So you collected some good.

Devil. Come on enough of it. Your time is over ( gives a slap to Ramnarayan)

Gandhi. I can not do any thing. You have done all bad things. So please go and suffer

(The devils drag Ramnarayan thrashing him while a dog accompanying him bites Rama Narayan continuously).

Ramnarayan. Eee… Save me.. Save me

( Gandhi and Patel look other way while a devil drags Narayan away who frees himself and falls at the feet of Gandhi)

Narayan. Oh Bhai. Please save me

Gandhi. What you have done?

Narayan. Sir I was an engineer in Municipal Corporation

Patel. What is your story although I can narrate what you have done?

Narayan. I belonged to a middle class family and studied B tech from AP. I always copied and passed my B tech Examination and was not caught single time. I never went to college except for examinations and managed to get attendance by paying money in the last minute. I also submitted a project report in final year that was already done by some one. No one could catch me. I secured a job in Municipal Corporation by recommendation and I know how much money I paid for it. I harassed all my clients for money who approached me for sanction of plans, sanction of lay outs and various approvals. Of course, I had to pay commission from top to bottom. I made tons of money all these years. I divorced my wife and married again. I also have another two illicit wives in the city and I take care of them well.

Gandhi. Any thing good you have done?

Narayan. I took care of my aged mother till she lived.

Devil. You guy. Shut up now. No more discussions. We are getting late. My boss will scold me If I do not take you quickly and put in boiling oil for four hours.

Narayan. Aaa…aa…eee….eee.. Bacho Mujhe is rakshas se

Devil What did you say? Rakhas.. me.. that too me.. then what are you?.. swine take this now from me..

( The devil picks up a knife and cuts the throat of Narayan and he screams. The devil kicks Narayan and drags him to hell)

Gandhi. Look Patel. Have you seen what happened to these guys? Horrible treatment. I do not know when our turn comes. I am scared.

Patel. Why get scared Bapu. One has to pay for his ills. We led India to freedom. But also accepted partition and that is the biggest sin we have done ( sings and does jig)

We have let down the Indians finally
And accepted two nations
People feel they were cheated.
And In India many go without rations

Gandhi. Patel.. But I am getting shivers. Uhh..uhh..uhh.. aaa.

(Patel holds Bapu and comforts him and Gandhi occasionally looks in the direction of devils and screams shivering)


Thursday, May 20, 2010



DR K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi, Nehru, Indira and Rajiv are seen walking on the Delhi streets. They are fuming and fretting. )

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. What a sad state of affairs today!. The present leaders are ditching our principles. I heard now a day the leaders do not contest from their constituencies. They seek some safe constituencies where party is strong.

Nehru. Very true Bapu. What you said is correct. In their original places they will loose deposit. Look Bapu, Narsimha Rao hails from Manthni in Karimnagar area of Andhra Pradesh. He was sure to loose from that place. So his election was arranged at Nandyal and winning was ensured. People talk all types of shitty things. This is the latest trick for the political leaders. Hee.hee..haa ( sings)

The leaders who can not win at their places
Contest from a safer one
Their winning is sure to take place
Morals are in shit pot all said and done

Rajiv. Very well sung Bapu. You are greater than Wordsworth in poetry. I do not know how you missed Nobel prize for Poetry.

Gandhi. Why not.? I am Bapu. The great one. Don’t you know I am a writer, orator, leader, freedom fighter, yoga master, researcher, great scholar, critic, and now poet too.

Nehru. Hear. Hear (Claps )

Indira. May I say some thing?

Gandhi. Not required. You started the drama of contesting from other places. You contested from Medak in AP state. Where was the necessity? You hail from UP. In what way you are concerned abut Medak. These are all tricks and parliamentary cheating tricks.

(After some he looks at Nehru )

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. I want to see Ram janma bhoomi. I am hearing much about it. This is my Ram’s place. Let us go there.

Nehru. Sure Bapu. But Bapu. I heard there is nothing there. All rubble and stones around are found there now.

Gandhi. Does not matter. Whole country is in rubble. Let us go.

( All of them sing Ram dhun and vanish in Delhi and land in Faizabad)

( They are all ghosts and could easily land near the lane leading to Ram janma Bhoomi. There is a barrier at that place and are stopped by security personnel)

Constable. Stop. Where are you going? You are very late. We shall open the gate at 2pm

Gandhi. My son! We have come from a far off place. Please allow us. We are pilgrims and not karsewaks.

Constable. Please listen to me. You can not go. What you are thinking about us? Are we here to keep looking at you when you guys break rules. Take care. I shall give blow on your head with this lathi and you will forget Ram for all the time.

Gandhi. Are you not a Hindu? Why do you want to beat me? I have been beaten by police men that too English police men. I am Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Father of nation too. What do you think of me?

Constable. Nothing doing. Go back.

Gandhi. Baba. Why do you want to be so rigid. What is there to loose.

Indira. What is there to loose and all has already been broken

Gandhi. What is this? In our own country can’t I see my Ram.. Shame indeed.( Looks at sky).Hey Ram. Look what is happening here? In your birth place, I can not see you. I am being stopped by a constable. Can’t you show your power?

Indira. Bapu. This is Kaliyuga. In this Yuga all cheats and worthless guys would flourish. Good people have no chance. Goondas will have nice time. Crooks will rule at al places. Dubious men will get elected to various houses. Money power has no parallel. All shit indeed.

Gandhi. Baby Indira , these good words do not appeal from you atleast.

Rajiv. May I say some thing?

Gandhi. Not required. (Holds head ) Ohfo. These guys have ruined my country. What was my India and what is now? When India was partitioned Babri Maszid issue was not important. Many people even did not hear about it. These nuts have politicized the issue for self gains. (Takes a stone and hammers his head) Kill me.. Kill me , I want to die instead of listening all these things.

Rajiv ( Holds hand of Gandhi) Bapu. Relax. You can not die as you are already dead. True bapu. Communal passions have been built up for vote banks and political gains.

Gandhi. I gave my life for communal harmony in India.

Indira. Sorry Bapu. You did not give life. All very well know that your life was taken by Nathuram Vinayak Godse.

Gandhi. Let them think ( sings)

Raghupathi Raaghava Raaja Raam .. aaain

Pateetha pawana seetha Ram aain.. Bolo.

( In the meantime, LK Advani and Bajpai and Ashok Singhal arrive to see Ram. They look lost when they see Gandhi and others, they bow to Gandhi and pay respects. To others they say just hoi and hello)

Advani. Bapu. How come you are here? Are you seeing the fate of Ram lala. In our country he has no place. You are aware of all these things. Baber demolished Ram temple that was here and built the Maszid. He killed many for constructing this mosque.

Bajpai. Bapu. Mir Baki was the general of Baber. He got the demolition done and built the mosque.

Singhal. The insult to our culture has to be undone.

Gandhi. Look my sons. What will we achieve by demolishing the old mosque except hatred? We can always build a temple close by and still be happy. After all God is there every where. Look, so many have been killed. Karsewaks were shot like cats. What is the gain? Just a temple! I am very un happy. You should have displayed better vision than narrow gains.

Advani. Bapu. This is some thing I did not expect from you. You are Ram Bhakta. And Ram pujari.

(In the distance great actor singer Surendra is heard singing a duet.)

pujaarii, more mandir me.n aao
nai.nno.n kii ga~Ngaa jamunaa me.n, saajan aa_o nahaa_o

prem dev kii karo aaratii, sneh sudhaa barasaa_o
dil ke taaro.n par sajanii tum diipak raag sunaa_o
dono.n: pujaarii, more mandir me.n aao
surendra: pujaarii, more mandir me.n aao

bachapan ruuTh gayo kyuu.N mose, ko_ii ye batalaa_o
joban ruuTh na jaaye baalam, aisii raah bataa_o
dono.n: pujaarii, more mandir me.n aao
bibbo: pujaarii, more mandir me.n aao

chandragrahan hai, chandramukhii tum aa_o yahaa.N chhup jaa_o
ruup-sudhaa kii mast pyaalii pii_o aur pilaa_o
dono.n: pujaarii, more mandir me.n aao
dono.n: pujaarii, more mandir me.n aao

(Gandhi takes a long breath after listening the song)

Gandhi. But first I am a humanist. I can not see humans suffering. See the country is divided on communal lines. I heard some one from south was demanding another Pakistan some time ago. Govt had no guts to try that guy for treason. he got away.

Advani. He is a crack pot. Such guys are also there. They are mad persons..

Bajpai. Do you think we will allow it to happen again? Kya tamasha hai kya ( Is this adram).They have to do it over our dead bodies.

Gandhi. I am happy for your sentiments and patriotism. I wish all were like you.. I am getting worked up by seeing police men around. Kya ( What), these guys have no other work?

Bajpai. This is their work.

Advani. Bapu. police must have some work. Otherwise how they will expand their empire? How many forces are there under ministry of Home affairs? These are CRPF, ITBF, BSF, Assam rifles, GRP, Black cats, Grey hounds, Rapid action force, leave army, air force, navy apart from various state police forces and state armed reserves( SAP)

Singhal. Yet there is no security for a common man. There is no security to the nation. Terrorists can strike at any time any place.

Bajpai. See the leaders of ruling party. They fear to go to their own people. They are heavily escorted. They also use bullet proof cars and, jackets. A district Collector moves only with police escort. He is shot scared.What a shame!

Gandhi. What a shame indeed! Somehow we have side tracked the issues. We were at Babri Maszid..

Bajpai. Bapu. Please do not call it a Maszid. Call it a structure.

Gandhi, Oh , yes. Structure. Both are different. Where no prayers are held, it is not a Maszid.

Gandhi. Do you think you can build Ram temple here? Do you think Muslims would allow.

Singhal. What they will do?

Gandhi. Things would be bad. I personally feel that all of you must live like brothers and not fight for silly things. Our country needs better development works than temples and mosques. (Sings)

Raghupathi Raaghava Raja ram.. aai…aai
Pateetha Pawana seetha Ram.. Bolo..

(In the mean time the barricade is lifted and visitors are allowed to enter a narrow passage leading to a cage like structure.)

Gandhi. eee…eeee.. Advaniji, What is this? Are we some wild animals that we are put in some type of cage?

Bajpai. I think police men consider every one as dangerous person except themselves

Singhal. Hee..heee A nice joke sir.

Bajpai. It is not a joke, A fact indeed.

Gandhi. Funny guys indeed. These guys could not do anything when the structure was razed to rubble. What we can do here? Do they think we are of some danger?

Singhal . Only god knows.

(A police man sees then and enquires)

Constable. Hey Buddhe ( old man) Do you have any weapon, knife, blade, Scissors, pen knife, pin or needle.

Bajpai. We have none of these

Constable. This Buddha (old man ) is holding a long stick. This is as good as a weapon You can not take it. give it to us.

Rajiv. Look Constable. He can not walk without the long stick

Constable. Then let him crawl. 9 he takes away the long stick from the hand of Gandhi)
Gandhi. eee..aaaa. even British police did not take this stick from me.

Nehru. Bapu. Relax. Constableji. I have a small pin. Plesae take it ( he removes a pin from his coat that was used for holding a rose)

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. These guys have made cages for humans. Even the English men have not treated us like this. Hey Ram.. What a sad fate!

Rajiv. Bapu, The Babri Maszid issue has become a boon to UP police men. They have more promotions, police medals, extra perks, what else and what not.

Gandhi. Only God can save this nation.

(In the distance great actor singer Surendranath BALLB is heard singing)

Ab kau hai mera ab kaun hai mera
Faryad hai.faryad hai takdeer ne
loota hai basera..aa..
Ab kaun hai mera

Barbaad hai dil ujada hua ashaunka mela
Hoo jagme akelaa
Ujadi huee basthi me hai..……………………….( Anmol Ghadi.. 1946)

(The haunting melody puts off Gandhi and he sobs. He betas his chest and waves hands. Nehru consoles him)

(They go to Ramlala make shift temple. It is nothing but a tent in which the idols are kept. Heavy police security is present. They are not allowed to stay and watch and they are being driven away by Pujari ( Priest) and the police men. The police men have fixed bayonets to the rifles and two police men aim rifles at on lookers and are ready to fire any moment if required. A light machine gun post is close by and the LMG is aimed at the visitors)

Constable. Hey Buuddha Kahanse aaya re? ( Hey old man . from where you have come?) Hey old man and party. You guys have seen Ram enough. Now start moving. I don’t know what types of jokers are in India. You guys have no work and except doing Bhajans ( prayers). What you guys need is hard kick and you should be made to work

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Let us go from here. Ram is every where. There is no point in wasting time here. Why get Lathi blows? Oh God give some wisdom to these police men.

Constable. What are you talking? Are we not wise?

Nehru. No.. No.. You guys are very wise. In fact you guys should be given Nobel prize for good behavior.

Singhal. Bapu, This is no solution. You are running away from problem. Our temples and values and culture were rubbed down by the invading guys like Baber, Ghori and Ghaznavi, Is it not a national shame that we still continue to bear with these marks of insults. These monuments laugh at us and mock at our helplessness.

Bajpai. What answer Bapu can give?

Gandhi. My sons. Please do not ruin things. I beg you with folded hands.

Advani. Come on guys. Let us not waste time. We have many things to do.

( Advani, Bajpai and Singhal walk back)

( In the distance kavi Pradeep is heard singing)

Dekh tere sansar ki haalat
kya ho gayi Bhagwan
Kitna badal gaya insaan
Sooraj na badla chand na badla
Naa badla re aasman
Kitn badal gaya insaan ( Kavi Pradeep)

( Bapu and Nehru hold their heads and sob. Indira and Rajiv try to console them)

Gandhi (Gets composed) look Jawaharlal. We have seen enough. This place called India is highly polluted by mischief makers. Every one quotes my name, exploits people and gains public sympathy. They claim to be from congress. But it is fraud. They do not belong to any thing. They want money, land, estates, Swiss accounts, power, dynasty and perks. They are all crooks and bent on spoiling my name. The Indian politics are stinking and it is like a dead and stinking horse. The politicians are nothing but vultures feasting at dead bodies. There is no exception. All are like that. I do not think any one can save this nation. Even Englishmen would refuse to return to govern this nation. They are wise and got rid off us.

Nehru. Bapu. What we can do? We are helpless and clueless. We are also nuts of highest order.

(In the distance great singer actor KL Saigal is heard singing)

Andheki laathi tohee hai
Toohi jeevan ujiyaara hai
Toohi aakar sambhaal Prabhu
teraahi ek sahhara hai.. ( KL Saigal )

( Gandhi and Nehru sob uncontrollably while others watch0



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(MK Gandhi, Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi, Indira are seen walking on a street in old Delhi. Actually they are the ghosts)

Gandhi. Actually I am tired of staying in other word. I am missing India much. I wanted to see what is happening in this part of world. That is why I forced all of you to accompany me. Hee..hee..Heee

Nehru. True Bapu. I also feel same. Bapu, The problem of changed values has not changed even after Indira has come to us.

Gandhi. In fact I wanted to discuss many things with many characters in India. But they are still living and I can not call them to heavens.

Nehru. Do you think they deserve heavens? Most of them I feel should go to hell

Gandhi. Do you think we deserve heavens? Jawaharlal. All of us are now in heavens enjoying the fruits of good deeds we have done. Once this is over we have to go to hell to suffer for the sins we have committed. All of us have committed sins and some good things. Usually it is believed that the souls after death go heavens first if their good deeds are less. Similarly those have less bad deeds go to hell first. Be prepared. All of us have to one day go to hell to suffer longer and then be born again in some form. Probably we may not be born as human again.

Nehru. In what form we may be born?

Gandhi. It may be an ass, pig, earth worm, crow, wolf, crocodile, as insect that lives in shit pot

Nehru.. chee…chee….

Gandhi. Why worry about it now on which we have no control? Look Indira. Let us what is happening at Birla Mandir where I used to do Bhajan. I am itching to go there ( He gets sentimental ) sings.

Raghupathi raghava Raja ram…
Pateetha Pawana Seetha ram
Ishwar allah tere naam
Sab ko sanmathi de Bhagwan

Nehru. Good Bapu. You are singing very well even after so many years.

Gandhi. What do you mean? I am a born Bhajan singer. I may not sing Like KL Saigal. But surely can sing a good Bhajan. Now Listen to this. (Sings)

Vaishanva jan ko denere ahi ye pena parayyeeee..jaa ni

Ye…ye…ye.. eee…ee..eee

( Loud Music is heard. Fast beat song s heard over loud speaker

Cholee ke peeche kya hai… Choli ke peeche kya hai

Rajiv gets in to mood and does some steps singing. Kuk…kuk..kuk)

Nehru. Come on Rajiv. What is happening here? Stop this nonsense How can you do these things when bapu is there.

Rajiv. That means I can do this when Bapu is not there.

Nehru. I did not say that.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Leave him alone. Why do you trouble him?

( A Sadhu is seen walking on the road. He is singing)

Baba man ki aankhe khol
Baab man ki aankhe khol
Man ke aaan khe khol baba…aaaa…
Man ki aan khe khol
Duniya kya hai Ek tamasha
Do dino ki jhootee aasha.. (KC Dey from Dhoop chaun.1939)

(Gandhi runs to Sadhu shouting Baba.. please stop.)

Nehru. Bapu come back. What a mad chap he is? Rajiv. Go and catch him and bring him back)

(Rajiv runs on road and catches Gandhi and drags him back)

Nehru. Bapu. Plesae do not run like this on roads. You may be knocked down by a car)

Gandhi. I am already dead. I can not die again. Hee.Heee.Indira . Let us go to rajghat where my grave is there. I have not seen it.

(all of them go there and the sentry stops them)

Sentry. Hey old man. Where are you going. Isthis the time to vist this place. Pack off and come tomorrow.

Gandhi. Look son. Look at me. I am Gandhi. MK Gandhi, Bapu, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Sentry. Don’t call me your son. I have my own dad. No Mohandas is buried here. Go away.

Indira. Can’t you recognize bapu, your Bapu, Our Bapu, He gave you freedom

Sentry. I do not know any one. If each of you pay Rs three I shall allow you.

Nehru. It is shocking. Hey what are you talking? Do you want a bribe from us/ I was the first PM of India

Sentry. I don’t know any one. What I know is money

Indira. Dad . Leave him. Corruption is a world wide phenomenon.

Gandhi. Jawahar. We don’t carry any money. What shall we do

Sentry. Give me that watch hanging at your waist.

( The sentry holds the watch from Gandhi’s waist and pulls it away and pockets it)

Sentry. Now you may going. But come back fast.

Indira. Sentry sahib. What is your name?

Sentry. I am called Cheenlo singh.

Gandhi. come on guys Let us go and see my grave

( all of them go inside and visit the grave of black marble. He gets sentimental and sings Ramdhun)

Sentry. Sir. Here lots of people do Bhajan ( Prayer) every year. Got sick of these guys. The Topiwalah gather here on the day of Gandhi’s death day or birth day and create a big show. They sit down on a carpet and do some charkha spinning. Lot of knee bending. Some leaders can not get up after sitting. They have worn out knees. They have to be pulled up. I do not know what they get by spinning Charkha. This is all a big joke .heee..heee. They want TV coverage and all stretch their necks to get in. haa…haa. Jokers indeed. Once they go back they are at their old tricks and scams and making money. I only asked Rs three each from you. You guys make a mound out of it as if I am a great corrupt man. Those guys make millions every day. The get into all scams and no one gets punished and go to jail. They again get elected. Real tricksters they are. No one catches them. But small people like us are made scape goats and some times dismissed. What goes on here is mere mockery ( sings and does jig)

What goes on here is just mockery
Leaders around know very well the art o treachery
The guys are good and efficient crooks
They rule India at all nooks

Gandhi. I heard about it. I also understand that some of the guys in the evening have drinks too and do al sorts of things after gong back from here.

Nehru. Bapu. Can you stop any one from drinking at his house? It is their wish.

Sentry. What is left? Gandhi nam japna. Paraya ma apna.Ho Paraya maal apna ( Sing Gandhi’s name and swallow others money)

Gandhi. ram.ram… ( closes his ears)

Indira. Bapu and dad. Shall we go to shantivan and shaktisthal I also want to see Sanjays Samadhi.

Bapu. Jawaharlal. We must leave this grave yard at the earliest or else we may loose our clothes. I do not know what types of sentries are here?

Indira (sulking). That may be true. Let us go to some other place.

(They come out of Rajghat and they hear an announcement saying that a public function was to be held at ram Lila Maidan to pay respects to a swami and PM and President ae likely to visit. All are welcome. No ticket will be there.)

Gandhi. Listen all of you. We must go there. It is free.

(All of them rush towards Ramlila Maidan that is close by)


Monday, May 17, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Indira, Rajiv and Nehru are seen entering the Ramlila ground in Delhi to attend a public function. There is lot of rush and commotion and plenty of police men are present controlling the crowd. Police men come across Gandhi and his friends trying to enter the ground)

Police man. Hey old man . Who are you. What are trying to do?

Gandhi, we came to attend the function.

Police man. ( looking at Nehru) Hey Topidas (wearer of cap) Do you have a pass ?

Nehru. Which pass, Is it bus pass?. We do not have any pass. Just now there was an announcement that every one is invited for the function and there is no ticket or pass. Why are you stopping us? What right you have? Please let us go in.

Police man, Who told you that no pass is required? If you guys have to be allowed inside pay Rs 10 each of you.

Nehru. Bapu. See. Again, corruption is here also.

Indira. Why say this again and again dad? Corruption is a world activity. We have to live with this.

( A transistor carried by a guy in crowd plays a song loudly)

Ye duniya me hai sab chor chor
Koi andaa chor aur koyee murgee chor
Ye duniya me hai sab chor chor

Gandhi. How nicely worded by the poet! Jawaharlal !Who is the singer? Any idea?

Nehru. Bapu. I have better things to do than remembering these funny songs.

Gandhi. Why are you getting worked up.?

Nehru. Sorry Bapu.

Indira. Bapu. We worked for so many years here. Now no one cares for us…eeee..

Nehru. That is our fate.
(In the distance great actor singer KL Saigal is heard singing)

Dukh ke. Dukh Ke
Ab dinabeethat naahi
Dukh ke. Dukh ke
Naa mai kisee kaa
Naa koye mera.. aai,,,aii ( from film dev das 1935)

( Gandhi wipes tears)

Police man. Enough of crying by you guys. Now get lost and behave.

(In the mean time many cars pass that way and police men are busy in controlling them and Gandhi and the other guys try to get into the crowd and enter the ground. Once they are in they rush go to the front. On the dais are seen sitting PV Narsimha Rao the PM, Shankar Dayal Sharma the president a Swami in red robes with lot of flowing hair around his head. PV suddenly sees Gandhi and Nehru. He gets up and runs down the platform and falls at the feet of Gandhi and Nehru and Indira and Rajiv one by one)

PV. Bapu. Mere Bapu, Oh Bapu, How are you? Punditji Indiraji, Rajivji. How are you? How lucky I am! All my sins have been washed off by your presence. What a great day for me! No other day can be greater than this. How lucky I am ! Who can be more luckier than me?.

Gandhi. Easy. Take it easy my dear PV. I am impressed with your loyalty. In fact you are like a Hanuman and I am like Ram. I am impressed with you. Ask me some boons.

PV . Bapu I will ask them at a proper moment.

Gandhi That is very nice. You are very humble.,

( Shankar Dayal Sharma the President sitting on dais sees all these things and gets excited. He tries to get up from the chair. But he is trapped tight in it. He shouts)

Sharma. Ho. Bacho. Who is there? Pull me out from this chair.

( He tries to get out of the chair and tumbles down. He he shouts)

Sharma. Koun Hai re. Bacho. Mujhe Uthao.Girgaya hoon.

( Security wallahs arrive and pull up Sharma and in the melee his leg gets pulled. Sharma shrieks loudly. TV crew covers the incident and all the time security guys are more worried to ensure that they are shown on TV)

Sharma. Haye.. Margaya re.. Kya Kardiya tum logone..Mera taang Thod diya naa.. hayee. Guards Where are you?

(He tries to get up and falls , Does two front rolls. Security guys run to him and lift him up. Sharma is seen gasping)

Indira. What a sad state of affairs here! Why have such guys who are not physically fit?

Gandhi. Poor guy. Why blame him. Every one has ambition to become some thing. Sharma is no ordinary man. He is an intellectual.

Indira. But he should be able to walk atleast.

Nehru. President can be an old man. He must be acceptable to ruling party and should not be a trouble maker. He has to put his stamp wherever is required without much trouble. Once in a while he may ask some questions. But every one knows that finally he would sign the papers Asking questions and returning papers is a pure show.. heee…heee. Even if President can not walk it is ok. He should sign papers quickly. Haa..haaa…haaa

Gandhi. well said the truth. Indira, in fact the Presidents made during your rule use to run for by pass surgeries. They were not physically fit.

Sharma. Bapu. Mujhe maaf karo. I can not get up. This is such a position that I can not refuse. After all I also have ambitions. Don’t you know Mohammed ali Jinnah suffered from TB and he hid it. Finally he died with it.

Nehru. Sharma sahib . Why dig graves now?

PV. Bapu. Please be relaxed and make yourself very comfortable. You may occupy the front row sofas meant for VVIP. I can not call you to dais, There is no place. You are already dead any how.

Gandhi. Never mind we shall sit down here.

They settle down in VVIP seats while PM and Shankar dayal sharma go to dais and the function begins. PM gets up from chair and goes to podium)

PV. My dear friends, leaders, Respected elders, mothers and sisters, We have assempled here to pay respects to the great swamiji who spared his valuable time to be with us . He is a great spiritual leader of excellence and in fact he is the incarnation of God. He has super natural powers. He can get many things out of nothing and out of blue. Nothing extra I can say. Most of you have seen his power for the last many years.

Some one from Crowd. Yeah.. His magic.. No one can produce any thing out of nothing. It is against the law of conservation of energy. Don’t you know this. This is an age of science. We can not be foled.

PV ( To security man) Ask him to shut up. Take care of that guy.

Security guy. How dare you. Speak in front of the PM. I shall chew your ba….

( The security guy takes a lathi swings it and hammers on the head of the guy who spoke. He screams and collapses)

Spectator. Oh maa. Margaya.. Is saalene mar diya mujhe. Is kuttene mar diya…

Gandhi. Oh poor child. What type of rudeness? Such a behavior? How can I tolerate? Mr. Rao. What is this going on? You got this fellow hammered just because he spoke and differed with you. I can not imagine that congress party is ruling now.

PV. Bapu. It is surely congress. Not yours. It is Indira congress.

Gandhi. It is no more my congress.

PV. Sir. Your congress died long ago. The flag of your congress carried two bullocks.
Gandhi. true. They have een eaten by your congress.

PV.Bapu. forget about them. This is a public function. We have come to say few good words about the swami. ( looking at swami) Sorry Guruji. We are sorry. You have been a great soul. You are god . why god ? More than that. You are the deliverer of sins. Forgive us for our sins, Give us salvation. Give us deliverance ( he prostrates in front of Swami)

(President Sharma also tries to bow down and he tumbles. Does two front rolls.he screams loudly)

Sharma. Bacho. Save me. I am done

( He wildly waves hands. Security guys run to him and lift him up)

Gandhi. Mr. Rao. What is this going on? I am very unhappy. You are the PM and not he. What all you are talking? In a public function can you prostrate like this? Is he god? How can he be God? Can a human be God? Tell me. I am sorry for everything you are doing

PV. Bapu. This is a new world. Every one has guru. You know even Madam had a guru, The flying type. Then why tell me?

Rajiv. Mr. Rao. I am very much upset. You are replying Bapu. Our Bapu. I can not dream even. You never opened your mouth when I was alive. The God has been kind to you.

Indira, You could not even dream of becoming a PM when my son was alive. Just because he died you became PM. Otherwise where was the chance for you?

PV> Madam . every one has fate and own luck.

Rajiv. I learnt that you were reluctant to become the PM and used to say.. Mera Kya hai. Boodha ho gay hoon..But yu became very strong now. Now a days you do not even go and see our family. Earlier you used to make many trips.

PV it is my luck. Who will not be ambitious to become PM ?

Rajiv. That si alright. Thee si no point wasting time . Bapu. This is no place to stay.

Sharma.bapu. Plesea stay. Do not get angry. Forgive us.

Nehru. I am much upset after seeing India. The leaders e running after Gurus. They are wasting time running after the shrines everywhere. Where is the governing now?

Gandhi. Afterwards they will not get chance. Now it is free trips and VVIP treatments al over. Ram. Ra,, What type of people are these. What a world to live? Rajiv . Let us go

( Gandhi, Nehru, and Rajiv walk out of the function and none goes to see them off)

(In the distance KC Dey is heard singing )

Tterii gaTharii me.n laagaa chor, musaafir jaag zaraa
jaag zaraa, terii gaTharii me.n laagaa chor musaafir jaag zaraa
musaafir jaag zaraa
terii gaTharii ...

aaja zaraa saa fitanaa hai ye, tuu kahataa hai kitanaa hai ye
do din me.n ye ba.Dhakara hogaa, mu.Nh_phaT aur mu.Nh_zor
musaafir jaag zaraa
terii gaTharii ...

nii.nda me.n maala ga.Nvaa baiThegaa
apanaa aapa luTaa baiThegaa
phira piichhe kuchh nahii.n banegaa
laakh machaaye shor
musaafir jaag zaraa
terii gaTharii ... ( from old film Dhoop chaon KC dey 1935)

( Gandhi gets sentimental and wipes tears)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Ever since the man has started living as a social animal with congregation of tribes, he has always identified himself with some beliefs and customs. As civilization progressed their beliefs have taken the shape of religions and since then the man kind has been engulfed by various religions, faiths, beliefs, and rituals. It is known that a religion is n order of life for human beings where individuals are guided towards a goal, good behavior, and orderly life and for a disciplined social life. All the religions preach and define association of human soul with a divine power. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Sikhism and many other faiths glorify the greatness of God and all the religions aim at salvation by an orderly life and by good deeds. No religion preaches hatred, violence and human suffering. Yet the ma has deviated from the true path, interpreted the texts in a different form, and twisted the versions to advantage causing human suffering.

All the religions have some type of rituals and practices aimed at controlling the minds of individuals and to bring in some type of concentration and discipline among people. Over a period of time, these practices and rituals have become more important than the religion itself and real teachings faded into background. Some individuals who could master the rituals by virtue of their education, intelligence, social status over a period of time developed vested interests in the system and tried to be powerful religious leaders. Priests in temples, clergy in Christian churches, Mullahs and Maulvis in mosques belong to this category. Great preachers of religions never give importance to the rituals for union with god. The story of Bhakta (devotee) Kannappa is a solid proof for this. It is a clear example where uneducated forest dweller Kannappa spent a cold night on a tree in a forest and through out the night he was plucking leaves and dropping down unable to sleep. The leaves were falling over a Siva Lingam that was under the tree. The tree was a bilwa tree the most liked one by Shiva. Lord Shiva much pleased at the devotion of Kannappa granted him salvation although the dropping of leaves was unintentional. There are plenty of examples to quote throughout the world in all religions where people are said to have attained salvation by good deeds. Sadly in modern days religion has been used more for political gains and creating disorder in the society.

Before independence was gained Hindus , Muslims, Sikhs , Christians and all others fought side by side shoulder to shoulder against the invaders. In 1857 war every one fought under the banner of Bahadur Shah Zafar the last Nominal Mughal emperor at Delhi. There were many Muslim commanders in Hindu kingdoms and vice versa. Vikramaditya, ( Hemu) was the commander in Chief and led the Afghan army against Akbar in Panipat war II long ago. Similarly Akbar had innumerable Rajput officers and commanders in Mughal army occupying very important position. Raja Man singh was the commander in chief of Akbar’s army. They never betrayed him even while fighting Hindu armies. Vijay nagar forced from the time of Proudha deva Raya had Muslim troops. However the Muslim troops and the generals betrayed Aliya Rama raya at tallikota and joined Jihad and this is probably the major betrayal in Indian history. Rani of Jhansi had general Ghulam Ghouse Khan as head topchi (Artillery commander) in her forces. Ghulam Ghouse Khan was a great patriot and died fighting the company troops at Jhansi in 1857 and the Rani of Jhansi was his side when he breathed his last after he was badly wounded by a musket shot. Thus there are ample proofs top conclude that Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony in Past for many years. Unfortunately in the last part of 19 and beginning of 20 century the seeds of hate were sown and the credit must go to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan the founder of Aligarh Muslim University and later to Poet Iqbal. They clearly recommended that in free India Muslims will be marginalized and could not live. They did not rise above narrow religious sentiments and were fathers for wrecking the nation. Indian Muslim league that represented Muslims in India practically were responsible for the partition and subsequent holocaust. Partition was the unwise decision of last century.

As a matter fact every religion has fundamentalists and every individual has some craze for his religion although the fact many may not concede. In many it is dormant and much vigorous. Some display openly. The dormant one is more dangerous and is displayed whenever occasion demands and at appropriate times resulting in abnormal group behavior resulting in clashes with others and release their religious frenzy. Some are crazy about religion and exploit sentiments while anti social elements that have nothing to do with religion fish in troubled waters to gain politically. In our country both methods are used to gain politically and these activities result in building up of passions during festivals celebrated by Muslims and Hindus such as Muharram and Ganesh processions, Durga pooja etc. by and large al communities lived in peace for most of the them. Even today Hindis take part in Tazia processions ( Peerla Pandaga) while Muslims also take part in Dusserah and Diwali festivals and wish their brethren in other communities. On the day of Id Hindus make it a point to wish Muslim friends. It is only a section of trouble makers in both the communities who want to exploit sentiments and want to create tensions.
India is state where Hindus are in majority. Yet the Hindus agreed to make India a secular state inspite of creation of Pakistan. Even today, sizeable portion of this minority community sing songs for Pakistan and display it. During cricket matches they waved Pak flags and applauded when Pak cricketers scored runs and booed when Indian cricketers had upper hand. Unfortunately, a minority leader from Hyderabad even threatened another partition and got away scot free. The government had no guts to book him. Thanks to the pseudo secularists in India. Thus message had gone that Indian leaders have weak knees. The leaders turned their faces other way and were showing their dirty smile. The Indian political parties have divided the nation clearly on religion, caste, and regional and language basis. For creating vote banks they rake up fundamentalism. The Muslim fundamentalism and creation of Pakistan has also resulted in Hindutva lobby and respective political wings have come up in India such as Bajrang dal, Vishwa Hindu Perished, Shiv Sena etc. Similarly, many Islamic outfits have surfaced such as Darga e shahdat, Deendar anjuman and Student Islamic movement of India, etc. The problems have been further aggravated by the annual festivals and processions such as Ganesh and Durga processions, Tazia procession, Muharram processions etc. These processions have become a night mare as fingers are kept crossed for these events and entire police force is kept busy for these activities. When they pass off the administration takes long breath and prays to gods. As years passed the tensions have not subsided. Mischief makers wait for these days to create unrest. Some even display the portraits of Jinnah, Iqbalinstead of Subhash, Gandhi and Patel and Nehru. The Saudi Arabian insignia is also fixed in front of jeeps by these men.

Hindus and Muslims lived reasonably in peace in Hyderabad state under Nizams. But as the chances of granting independence became brighter Nizam 7 harbored the idea of remaining independent after the departure of the English men. He was inspired the fundamentalist and devil incarnate Kasim Razvi, the leader of majlis e Ittehad ul Muslimeen ( MIM) and Laikali the Pm and Deen yar Jung the Director General of Police of Hyderabad State. They gave him false hopes of defending the state even if Inian army invaded. They were in league with Pakistan and additional arms were collected. On the other front a systematic persecution of Hindus was launched by the Razakar bands under the command of Self styled Field Marshal Kasim Razvi. The atrocities committed by these thugs on Hindu subjects in state can not be even penned. The committed lootings, dacoities, mass rapes, killings, torture, burning of villages, destruction of property etc. . At last the Nizam succumbed to the police action ( A limited military action) in Sept 1948 ordered by Sardar Patel although Nehru the PM was against it. Hyderabad forces surrendered after insignificant resistance under the command of Major General El Edruoos. Hyderabad was merged with Indian union and Military government under Major Gen Chaudhry was formed. Communist rebellion too was suppressed in the state. Unfortunately Nizam did not pay for his misdeeds and it was projected that Nizam was innocent and was misguided by Kasim Razvi and Laik ali. The PM. But it is a fact that Nizam abdicated his responsibility as ruler for protecting his Hindu subjects from official terrorism. The saddest part was that he was made the Rajpramukh meaning governor. The Indian government developed cold feet for punishing the Nizam for his role in the atrocities on Hindu subjects and he was pardoned as a policy of appeasement of Muslims in state. More over Nizam enjoyed reputation in the eyes of the king of England. These events prove that the Nizam exploited the religious sentiments in Muslim subjects and collected large force of Razakars. He even brought in pathans, Afghans, Punjabi Mussalman from Pakistan and other parts to terrorize Hindus.


Friday, May 7, 2010


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Your goodness is seen to be weak
But your wits are at the end of the peak
Worthless humans are at the helm of affairs
In business they say every thing is fine and fair

Human values now are down in gutter
Ethics have slipped down without a flutter
Making money is the order of the day
Those who matter from dust bin eat hay

You wait for the day of deliverance
While life has lost its fragrance
In a murky commercial world today
Songs of asses are praised although they bray

Dual faced people are found to exhibit
While skills they have are few and tidbits
Never mind oh brother dear
Do not give up your mighty quiver

Choose the path that you feel is true
Stick to true values as permanent glue
Some could say you are a crank pot
But I am sure you would soon hit a jack pot

Thursday, May 6, 2010



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (retired)

It is well known that one of the most important inputs for any military operation or to take effective counter measures against terrorists is the timely and effective information about the enemy. We call it as intelligence inputs. Many battles around the world have been lost due to this lacuna. Most of the nations are lethargic in this aspect and inputs are not timely and effective. India is no exception in this aspect. India is a well established democracy (In its own typical way while some call it an apology for democracy) and has exhaustive administration organizations. Yet examples of severe lapses can be quoted. One of the most important action was Kargil undeclared war. This is a classic example of intelligence failure in a highly sensitive area that resulted in great loss of lives, money, time and reputation too. It is a different matter that Pakistani intruders were forced out after prolonged operations. They were allowed to withdraw instead of annihilating them. This beleaguered nation that has displayed apathy from time to time at the hands of inefficient leaders towards the national security and well being has paid very dearly with lives of young officers and men from army and air force. Such failures are not new to Indians.
Failure to detect crossing of River Jhelum by Alexander the great and his troops in past by King Porus of Taxila cost him very dearly. He lost the battle although he had great army. Chivalry of Alexander no more exists today. The vanquished would be butchered simply by the enemy. Any thing you win has to be grabbed. One may say that these are all ancient failures. How about the recent 26/11 in which a group of militants with weapons walked into the star hotels at Bombay and created mayhem for more than 24 hours? This has happened inspite of India fighting terrorists for the last 20 years and getting battle hardened..
Failure to know and anticipate the intentions of Mir Jafar by Nawab Sirazuddaula of Bengal cost him dearly at battle of Plassey in 1757 and he lost his life and the Englishmen gained control of Bengal. It has changed history of India. Enslavement of India commenced. Failure to know about the artillery in the army of Baber ( which he used for first time in India) by the Sultan Ibrahim Lodi of Delhi cost him the battle of Panipat -I and his life in 1527. Mughals established supremacy in India. Aliya Rama raya of Vijaynagar Empire could not anticipate that Muslim generals in his army would betray him in the war at Tallikota in 1565 and it cost him his life apart from a crushing defeat at the hands of Muslim armies. Indian history is full of such failures. Yet, India has not learnt the lesson and has not read writing on the wall. We were surprised by a comparatively small neighbor. Lessons must be learnt from Israel that is surviving in the midst of blood thirsty thugs in the Middle East each waiting to annihilate the small country. This reveals that there is surely some thing wrong with this nation. Why we are always caught unawares by the enemy and cut a sorry figure? A point to ponder over indeed.

Probably India is a peace loving nation if not a coward, scared and impotent. It is surely a negligent nation in respect of national security as events have proved from time to time. Our heritage, moral values, ancient teachings, culture, teaching of dharma, ahimsa, and universal brotherhood, Buddhist teachings and the recent fad of Gandhian non violence probably has made the nation dormant and it’s marshal spirit has been sapped and dissipated. There is a saying that a sword has to be kept always sharp and trim. If it is always kept in a scabbard it is likely to catch rust and prove ineffective when needed.. As a result, this nation has been enslaved from time to time, by Hoons, Greeks, Sakas, Partthians and Kushans before Islam ventured in to this land. Finally Englishmen, Dutch, Portuguese and French dominated us. Every time, India was defeated and others ruled over this nation.
Our nation failed to foresee the danger to the country and consequently was enslaved by Muslims in 13 th century. Our past kings granted certain trade rights and even permission to build forts to the Europeans on Indian soil. Sri Ranga raya of Chadragiri of Vijaynagr empire gave permission to the European to settle at Chenna patnam ( Now Madras or Chennai).They were soon allowed to build fort Saint George. They took advantage of these grants and soon interfered in internal matters of local kingdoms. Failure to foresee dangers by such grants resulted in enslaving of India subsequently.

In modern times, Sri Jawaharlal Nehru much glorified first PM of India miserably failed to anticipate threat to India from the Chinese and rubbed shoulders with them. They down graded Indian defense forces systematically and even thought of dispensing with these large establishments. He believed that India was a peace loving nation and hence no one would attack her. It was a mirage. But when Chinese struck, he declared that Chinese would be thrown out. Alas! In fact we were thrown out from our own territory. India received a very shameful defeat the hands of Peoples liberation army. Nehru died heart broken. Yet we have not learnt the lessons. On all occasions, Pakistan surprised us with initial attacks by armor or air force. Sadly while PM Atal Bihari Bajpai was busy with the bus diplomacy with Pakistan, the enemy intruded into our areas and occupied vantage peaks. The army guys were busy gulping liquor in officer’s messes with chicken sandwiches in Srinagar division while Kargil operation was prepared by Pakistanis. What a sorry state of affairs? The top bras had no clue about the range and depth of penetration, their intentions, motives, determination, strength, morale, fire power and depth of logistics. The situation was akin to 1962 and army top brass declared that the intruders would be thrown out in a couple of days. Alas! It was not to be. It took few months not before the nation paid very dearly with precious lives of men and officers. Scores lost limbs that are now in streets unsung and un heard.

India has many agencies to gather information at central and state levels. Every state has its own intelligence net work such as IB and CID mostly for internal security. There are intelligence wings of BSF, CRPF, ITBF, Assam Rifles, Rashtriya Rifles apart from Research and analysis Wing (RAW).there is a military intelligence wings for each defense service. The agencies such as BSF, Assam rifles, Rashtriya rifles, and ITBF and CRPF, when employed at the borders concentrate on external intelligence. The defense services and RAW too concentrate on external intelligence and espionage.. In most of the cases, there is no coordination among these agencies and it is also believed that there are severe service prejudices among them and they do not share or part with the information. It is also known that civilian agencies scorn at defense agencies due to service rivalries. There is always a tussle going on between Army officers and IAS and IPS officers over rank structure, equivalence and status etc. this has been a never ending affair in India and lot of bad blood has been generated over these issues. In recent times BSF has claimed equivalence to army. In turn, the coordination suffers. Forces such as ITBF, CRPF, and BSF are controlled by Home Ministry while Defense forces come under Defense ministry. Thus lack of co ordination surely exists. In a democracy defense services occupy a back bench and IAS AND IPS services receive higher priority. This is very much resented by Defense services. More over civilian agencies gather intelligence across the border and army is at disadvantage when this information is not shared in time. More over army itself has its own internal problems and personality conflicts. This was evident when Brigade Commander and divisional commanders in Kargil sector were at logger heads. What can we expect is such situation except more of Kargils, Rajouris, Poonchs and Bramulahs in future. This was very much evident in case of failure of intelligence when terrorists struck at Bombay’s hotels.

There is surely a necessity of revamping and revitalizing these agencies with the aim of timely gathering of information and analysis and effective sharing by the concerned. There should be only central agency in civilian control to monitor the activities that facilitates sharing of intelligence from Home ministry with Defense forces. There was a move to establish Defense intelligence organization. Some of the central agencies who always try to maintain their monopoly would surely scuttle any such moves and want to maintain upper hand. No one wants to loose control even if it adversely influences national well being. The government must take effective steps by rolling some heads when necessary. Interest of the nation should be at the top than the individuals if more of Kargils and Bombay strikes are to be avoided.