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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

Indians talk more and do least. Everything ends in desperation and chaos and mockery too. It is most unlikely that present leadership with weak knees (probably with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Gout) would be able to stand up against the efficient calculated onslaught of Pakistan either diplomatically or militarily (1). The euphoria of long Indian statements carefully worded by civil servants of ministry of external affairs or defense ministry would not end and occasionally the army chief and other services Chiefs also give statements that they are fully prepared and would do needful at the request of Babus ( Civil servants) who are their pay masters. India is really scared to get into war with Pakistan due to resource crunch and the set back it will have economically. Then why have Defence forces if national safety can not be ensured? India would be more happy doing saber rattling. But rattling of a saber is possible with only thin straight swords and not with curved Maratha ( General Vaidya’s fancy) ceremonial swords that our army guys carry now that can not cut even a tomato or an apple or piece of butter.Police and Para Military senior officers who want to imitate army in every thing are atleast wise in not imitatiing on the issue of sword and they carry old British pattern straight swords. So they can do better rattling.Let them do because they are better paid than army guys as per the recent pay commisssion. The curved sword was introduced by the former army Chief General Vaidya who was slain by Khalistan terrorists after retirement at Pune while travelling in a car with a armed Guard like a sitting duck as a revenge for operation blue star.The armed guard was incapable to anticipate and even fire in retalliation. Indians only do this Saber rattling frequently and nothing concrete while Pakistan would make merry out of Indians’s inability to take action and be assertive.
Indian army chief General Deepak Kapoor recently said that surgical strikes were possible. He said, “whether you would like to look at doing it( Carrying out such strikes) by air, or Artillery or by another means or physically there” . (2). But he must know that Pak terror camps would have already moved out into deeper zones of Pakistan and Waziristan where Pak has no hold and Al Qaeda and Taliban rule. One should know that these camps will not be on plain grounds exposed and calling Indian forces and aircraft to strike them. The word physically there indicates physical presence of Indian forces. This would be possible if the camps are close by. History has seen pathetic Indian actions with LTTE and the backlash too.LTTE hs driven wind out of Indian army. Taliban and LET are determined fighters and fighting them on their own soil within Pak territory as a commando operation is probably out of question. It would be surely suicidal. The recent defeat of Pak army in SWAT valley should be an eye opener to Indian forces too. These actions are not possible without all out war for which India is obviously under prepared and wants to avoid. It was also said that India could strike them with artillery. How far? All these camps will be out of longest arty range very much safe in mountain ranges. Does India have arty guns that can fire from our borders into Swat valley or Waziristan? If India can do some surgical strikes, Pak also can drop some fishy things on Bombay next door. They are not going to keep quiet with bangles on their hands. It can also do same to Delhi without mercy. With one more determined strike on Bombay that is next door, one can imagine the confusion in Indian ranks. It is not that India would take up surgical strikes and Pak would enjoy watching over a glass of beer. Their air force is equally powerful and able and can strike back. If surgical strikes are taken up by India, it must be prepared for all out war. Any war with Pakistan will be seen as life and death by them. They can blackmail with nukes. Does India have guts to nuke Pakistan in case required? It is greatly doubtful.India would soon back track.Pakistan has nothing to loose. It is a failed state. Soon it will be ruled by Taliban ( Alqaida from behind). At the word of nukes India gets shit scared trembling in pants and resorts to Gandhian sermons and Ramdhun. India would be scared that the economic progress would be greatly affected. Indians have seen their leaders in the past and present too. So Indians have to lump it and be happy with pseudo saber rattling occasionally and then keep playing politics for the chair of PM. Old horses who can not get any thing on their own, would try to pull down Dr Man Mohan Singh and install the Congress prince in chair so that some bits of morsels are thrown to them. The Prince favorably called and addressed by the sycophant aged (awaiting graves) party leaders is wise hopefully and would keep away from the dirty game. This is what only Indian leaders can do. Nothing more they are capable of doing (3).
Of course there are people who condemn very thought of nuking Pakistan. They claim that nuking Pakistan is not like exploding some diwali crackers. The solution they suggest is to strengthen the civil society and democratic govt. in Pakistan to rein in the radical elements there and to bring in a new tolerant, civilized Pakistan generation who believe in the ideals of democracy, liberty, rule of law and human rights. A good proposition indeed with good motives. A liberal civilian democratic govt. in Pakistan free from the clutches of armed forces is the biggest need of the hour as per them and is in regional as well as global interests. This can only be done through having a negotiated civilized approach to the issues (backed by hard options) at hand rather than talking to use nuclear weapons (4). But when other guy is completely hell bent on destruction of India, why one should commit Japanese type hara-kiri and Seppaku? Gandhian fad has to have a limit too. If some one slaps now, it is not possible to show other cheek. He would slap on the other cheek too with much greater force. Therefore, it is necessary to see what is actually wrong with Indian way of handling problems.
There are always some guys who get worked up and spit venom if some one suggests nuking Pakistan as all efforts have failed to put them in their place and when India is seriously threatened. If India does not do they would soon do (5). These ill informed and pseudo moralists in India are much worked up at the suggestions for the necessity of acting tough. Indians have seen how they attacked Bombay. It was done by handful of thugs from Pakistan without any mercy.Where these moralists have gone when they were slicing throats of innocent foreigners and Indians? India remained saber rattling and singing Ramdhun and Gandhi sermons. It was the most incompetent and impotent demonstration of national will in all times of Indian history. There is a great talk every where including Mr Zardari that Pakistan is under serious threat of take over by Taliban and Al Qaida.Poor guy genuinely accepted the fact. But we are not even brave enough to accept the fact that We are a bunch of incompetent people. What happened in Iran in 1979 is happening in Pakistan. Rather it is all most over. One should not be surprised if Laden ( If alive still) or Zawahari becomes the President of Talibanised Pakistan with all moderate leaders going to gallows. Iranian army has become stooge of Mullahs. Pak army is no different. It has no love lost to democracy. Soon we find all cheats, crooks and thugs and Islamic fundamentalists with long white turbans occupying positions of power in Pakistan and will have hold on nukes every one trying to press button. It will be a government by the thugs, of the thugs and for the thugs in a Wahhabi state. Army becomes part of it doing a devils dance. How can India save itself if these cheats decide to pass off a nuke to a motivated state sponsored terrorist squad and conduct an operation again in Bombay? Can the guys preaching sermons save India? They will be the first guys to run away. They may not live to do that even because the bomb could be on their place. How does such guy bring transformation in Pak people? Is it by going and falling on their feet, licking their boots and converting to Islam and performing Sunnat on self? Whole generations of Pakistanis have grown with anti Indian grinding in schools with minds full of venom. What is Iran doing? It is feverishly running after a nuke and threatens to erase Israel from the world. How Pak would be different? Pakistan has now become safe haven to these terrorists and general fundamentalists. If you want to survive, even a small snake has to be hammered with a long and stout stick. Pakistan would soon become a serious threat to India in particular and existence of Pakistan is based on hatred towards India. It was created as a result of hatred towards Hindus in particular. Can these sermon preachers deny this fact? How can they transform them to see reason? Even Gandhi could not prevent the partition and the consequent holocaust. These preachers do not realize the sufferings our elders went through. These arm chair advisers and pseudo strategists and self glorified moralists can only preach sermons. Nothing more. If India has to survive Pakistan must go or seriously disciplined. Unless India acts like Israel, there is no salvation. If international terrorism has to go, Pakistan must be disintegrated at the earliest. There is no solution next to it. Truth is very stiff and not palatable. So arm chair preachers of humanity should wake up and uphold national honor and make efforts to protect the country than promoting another partition of this country and final disintegration. God save this country from such pseudo guys with false notions criticizing all. Rather it is other way. They are doing more damage to the nation than the Professor or Bharat Karnad who wrote on Pragmatic Euphony as claimed who infact was practical with a final solution. Such guys do more damge to India than HUJI, Al Qaida, Taliban, SIMI, LET and JEM (6).
In fact, Indian foreign policy fundamentally suffers due to Gandhian back drop. We claim that India achieved independence through non violence and MK Gandhi is credited for that act. No one denies his greatness and achievement in those days. But things have greatly changed now. Pakistan fundamentally is hateful of India and Kashmir is the focal point. It was denied the state of Kashmir and ever since they lost it, it became the focal point for their hatred towards India. Entire generations have grown with hatred towards Hindus and India. Each and every Pak child grows with hatred towards India. The leaders can stay in power as long as they keep this tempo up. All policies of Pakistan are based on anti Indian strategies and plans. They have built up vast military fearing India as a big brother and consider themselves as a check mate to India in Indian Sub continent. The cold war period too contributed to this philosophy. With growth and emergence of Al Qaeda and Taliban, Pakistan’s philosophy has grown stronger and Al Qaeda is now calling the shots from Waziristan. Taliban stated it was ready to fight along with Pak army in case of a war with India. Thus all Muslim international outfits have united to wage war against India. India of course is alone in this fight.
India has failed to project itself as a strong state although India boasts of great military forces and committed soldiers, airmen and sailors and demonstrating our might every year on republic day parade with much arms swinging by the colorfully dressed soldiers (7).
India never confronted enemies with planning in past and all invaders across the western front defeated Indian forces all over the centuries and established their rules after screwing Indians very well. There could be few victories. But these were soon overcome by the determined enemy who believed in mayhem and murder to consolidate victories. These acts, Indians can never do by virtue of their heritage. All Islamic invaders were cruel and after every victory killed, raped, converted and carried away slaves leaving a trail of destruction. It has left despair and helplessness across the country. Present is no different from past. A small nation like Pakistan or even Bangladesh is dictating to us and our leaders develop cold feet for taking strong actions. In the world, really India has no friend in actual terms. All are lip sympathizers. All the Arabs for whom India shouts around were cats on the walls in all wars with Pakistan. To day Taliban and Al Qaeda are ready to fight for Pakistan if India confronts. All Arabs as usual keep away or side with Pakistan that is on Islamic card. Hindu is isolated from outside and from inside too. All our cities are harboring anti Indian pak sympathizers and terrorists too. Hyderabad tops the list. Next comes Azam garh. Subhas in the past said, “you give me blood I shall give you freedom”. All were not prepared to give blood. Although we got freedom after WW II due to incapacity of UK to rule from distance, Indians are unable to defend it decisively and we are being challenged even by Bangladesh. We can only show our teeth and smile. The nation is scared and indecisive. The leaders are too scared that world would condemn India if it attacked Pakistan. India is scared of Pak nukes. Pak takes advantage of the weakness. The pyre thus keeps burning. Hindu kingdoms never ventured to conquer except few south Indian kings in the past who invaded Malayan countries (8). They are not aggressive and remained passive spending more time in pleasure seeking, dance, drama and literature and building temples and of course with mutual fights. Automatically other guy who was aggressive and smart scored over Indians. The situation to day is no different. The nation is in the hands of some incompetent people who can not protect the freedom and honor. As you sow so you reap. There are many Gandhi worshippers and guys who get worked up on the talk of nuking Pakistan when situation demands.
Such Clouded and immature minds can not comprehend real threat to India that is lurking around the corner. Recently there was an article in a news paper published on likely nuclear threat from Pakistan through sea accepted by naval senior brass (9). Such guys at least should wake up after reading such news. Ostrich buries its head in sand and hopes that it is safe from enemy. This makes it clear about their perceptions about threat to India. Nehru did in 1962 and India lost till Kargil peaks were occupied by Pakistanis. Remember Pakistan will always show off as if it extends hand of friendship and from behind plans evil action against India while the guys with clouded minds accept these as truth. Also one should know that Pak army shall never allow civil government to function. Just imagine reverse roles in case of 1971 war. If Pakistan captured a lakh of Indian soldiers they would have not have let them off? They would have taken away Kashmir and India would have given away surely meekly as it handed over terrorists in Kabul. Some guys live in a false world with pseudo hopes of a better behaved Pakistan and it would be a mirage. Pakistan finds its glory in destruction of India. There is nothing more than that .
Indian foreign policies practiced from time immemorial have left no friend around and even tiny nations around India are with drawn swords. Outwardly they show their smiling teeth. But they will celebrate on India’s decay and fall. Who is to be blamed for this situation? No one else. India’s leaders are to be blamed for bringing the country to today’s pass. India has not demonstrated its will to resist all attempts of destabilization. Previous wars were defensive and India never attacked Pakistan. There were no preemptive actions. All these actions are the result of philosophy that Indians follow. Indian leaders are more worried about Gandhian legacy than national honor and security. Action after Bombay attacks is the lone example and this is enough to state truth. It was the acid test for Indian strength to defend itself. It is said that it is enough to check a single grain of rice from a pot to judge whether food is cooked or not. Bombay fall out is the clear and glaring example of Indian impotence in tackling Pakistan. Pakistan has grown bolder day by day and this has resulted in Bombay attack which is a national shame infact. India must wage war with Pakistan and demonstrate that we mean business (10). The present drama that goes on is a shame indeed and Indian masses are being fooled. Nothing will come out of the present actions and Pakistan has escaped the noose and India has lost the initiative. India must learn from Israel and that is the only way to survive in present environment. Pakistan is too weak economically and with one war it will collapse to ocean depths and this war has to be decisive and not like earlier ones where one captures one lakh soldiers and then hands over them after feeding them for months without bargaining and then say you scratch my back and I shall scratch yours. This was done because some one wanted to go down in Indian and world history with glory. Thus certain past actions have done more damage to the nation than any glory they brought.

This is not to recommend nuking Pakistan where many will die. In fact nothing much is known about Pak nukes. Probably much is made about them. Pakistan too would be shit scared to use nuke in a war as it knows that it could be the end of Pakistan after that. It probably prefers conventional war occasionally repeating nuclear threat. Pakistan is being pressurized by American President Obama to act against Taliban and Al Qaida. This is the best time to act against Pakistan and teach them a life long lesson. It will not listen to goody- goody sermons of Gandhi. It is time we put Gandhian philosophy aside and save our country. Gandhi worshippers will naturally rise with a sword. Even Gandhi could not prevent Partition and 1948 Kashmir war. His philosophy is fine up to some point. National security is more important than idealizing Gandhian thought and applying to every situation. Yet there are genuine people who are worried for peace and friendship with Pakistan and India sincerely wishes that relations with Pakistan improve and both nations live in peace with each other. Sadly Kashmir has become the greatest hurdle between the countries and entire confrontation is related to it. On the other hand partition riots have left bitter memories in India. Muslims who voted for Islamic party Muslim league favoring Pakistan to a tune of 90 % have not gone back to Pakistan and scores of them remained in India and Patel told in very clear terms that such men can not maintain dual loyalties. Sadly many of the Muslims maintained dual loyalties and a section of them has also been abetting terrorism in India that is not easily digestible to the people. After independence Muslims in general withdrew from main stream and isolated themselves into groups in order to maintain identity displaying in dress and habits. Muslims in general in India are worried of loosing their identity in a Hindu dominated society. They fear that they would be engulfed by the major religion. The slow rise of Hindu fundamentalism along with practice of Pseudo secularism in India has also caused division in society. Pakistan wars have added further mistrust. In all cases Pakistan has attacked India initially and India had to retaliate. 1971 debacle is the greatest insult to Pakistan and they are seething with rage and craving for revenge. By any means they want to bifurcate India. This is truth in fact. Of course Vajpayee and Morarjee improved relations slightly and basis hatred has not been removed. Pakistan thrives on hatred towards India and Army abetted the policy. Therefore relation with Pakistan can not be hoped to improve. Let us hope that in future some magic would occur and this mistrust would vanish and we live like brothers there is nothing wrong in hoping. But terrorist actions such as Bombay attacks surely frustrate people who crave for revenge. This can not be avoided. Gandhi sermons will not work all the time. It is of limited value. So please wait in hope and pray to God that better sense would prevail on people. As per the latest developments Pakistan is going Taliban way. Taliban was created by USA abetted Pakistan and it ruled Afghanistan till they were dethroned. It was a mad uncivilized rule trying to live times of the Prophet in changed times. The lunatic rulers were brought down by US after 9/11. The Taliban got entrenched in Waziristan along with Al Qaida and managed to swallow the Swat valley and Taliban almost spread in entire Pakistan. These are Pak Taliban. Even Pak President Zardari claimed that Pak would soon fall to Taliban (11). Entire thing depends on it’s Army. It is no doubt fundamentalist in view. General former President Zia ul Haq was a great fundamentalist who started terrorism on Pakistan soil. General Musharraf was also anti Indian and he ventured into Kargil war. He once called Indian as Kafirs. There is no doubt that Taliban would take over Pakistan and India would be face to face with Al Qaida 24 hours in a day. Guys who favor goody-goody behavior with Pakistan will wake up at least then when Taliban puts sword on India’s neck. Till then these guys will not stop Ostrich attitude. India thus has to take strong steps in countering Pak threat as Al-Qaida and Taliban are now next door to it. It no more would be Pakistan, but Talibanistan. India would be on knife edge with nukes in the hands of fundamentalist jihadis (12). If India can not wake up even now, there is no salvation for them and a swan song awaits India.

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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

(It is Bangladesh border and Border Security Force (BSF) post is very alert. Across the fence, the Jawans of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) are very active and there is great movement among them. BSF Jawans Narayan and Laxman are manning the machine gun post)

Narayan. Laxman look! Today we find BDR Jawans very active. They are listening to the radio very frequently. There must be some problem

Laxman. I heard in Indian news that there is great trouble in Bangladesh. BDR Jawans have mutinied. They have taken their officers mostly their commanders as captives and killed many of them. Most of these officers are from army.

Narayan. Raam. Raam.. What a tragedy indeed? Why they have done?

Laxman. I think there is a problem on pay hikes. The Jawans feel that officers did not bother to fight for the pay and perks of the Jawans. The officers are allegedly selfish

Narayan. I think the BRD is undisciplined too. Some time ago they captured Indian BSF Jawans and killed them in very cruel manner.

Laxman. I know. They gouged out eyes and they were put in boiling water. The dead bodies were suspended to poles like they carry dead cows. Very sad indeed! If Gandhi is alive today he must surely feel sad for creating Bangladesh by us in 1971. It is better they were hammered by Pakistanis as done earlier.

(Suddenly there is a flash of light and Gandhi appears on the scene with his usual gait and stick.. In the back ground Ramdhun Raghupathi raaghava raja Ram is heard.)

Gandhi.. Hello Boys! What is the matter? You remembered me. So I am here

Narayan. Sir! Who are you? Why are you in this funny and strange dress?

Gandhi. I am Bapu, MK Gandhi. Your Father of Nation. ( sings doing fast jig)

I am the great Gandhi and Bapu
And I get worked up at the word Babu
I was very popular once up on a time
Now my memory is faded like rotten lime

My name is used for catching only votes
Rest of the time the leaders are busy with currency notes
After the elections god cares for my statues
While the leaders make cock and bull statutes

Laxman. Nice to see you sir. Look in Bangladesh BDR Jawans have mutinied. They killed their own officers.

Gandhi. Why so ? Are they so undisciplined? Any how in most of the Islamic countries discipline in army is poor. There are many mutinies and coups too.

Laxman. Haa….haa.. Well said. It is rather truth.

Gandhi. India is lucky in this regard. Indian army and other paramilitary forces are much better. I was told that there was so much unhappiness over recent pay commission and other anomalies compared to civil services and paramilitary forces. But they swallowed everything. They are all good disciplined people believing that army guys should lump it down the throat all the injustices done to them all these years

Laxman. Bapu. One can not generalize. I was told that before independence was granted to us, naval ratings mutinied in Bomabay.That put Englishmen in jitters.

Narayn. Look Bapu. Even the troops which joined Indian National Army (INA) of Subhas Chandra Bose in Japan were looked up on with suspicion. They were considered probably as mutineers by English men. So Bapu ! Do not come to hasty conclusion. There is much ahead in India to be seen.

( Suddenly there is a great flash and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in full INA uniform appears while the marshal music of INA is heard in the back ground. Subhas goose steps)

(Laxman Jumps out of the machine gun pit looking astonished)

Laxman. Sir ! who are you? I never saw you earlier. I think I saw your photographs in books.

Gandhi. Hello. Subhas. Welcome. How are you? I am seeing you after long time.

Subhas. Yes Bapu. Once I left India and went to Germany I had no contact with Indian leaders like you and Nehru. Any how you guys never liked my ways and my going to Germany and joining axis powers.

Gandhi. But I appreciate your love for motherland and the sacrifices you made for the country.

Subhas. Thanks Bapu. But some senior guys must have felt relieved when my death was reported immediately after WW II. For them a great Rival has gone away.

Bapu. No comments Subhas

Subhas. Look Mr Narayan. I do not know what you are at? You are trying to project INA soldiers as mutineers. Better keep quiet. What you know about history and freedom movement? You have not seen perils of British rule in India. You are just kids. Better behave.

Narayan. I only gave my opinion.

Subhas. It is better to keep your opinion to yourself and do not malign others.

Gandhi. Forget guys. Subhas leave him. After all he is a kid.

( In the mean time few shots are heard in BDR post and after some time the soldiers throw out the bodies of officers out of the post. Some of the Jawans run out and gouge out eyes of the victims.)

Laxman. Look! Bapu! They have killed their officers. See ! How cruel they are? There is a mutiny here also

Narayan. (Listens to radio) Bapu. BDR has revolted in all districts of Bangladesh. Probably they killed most of the officers. What a crime! Can we call it a force really? Very bad indeed.

Gandhi. You guys are very lucky in India. We are more disciplined.

Subhas. All is not that simple. Some years ago CRPF battalion revolted in India too. Army had to disarm them subsequently. One major was also killed in action. Army has also has sown its fangs on some occasions in Agra and Navy in Vizag. All is not that well. It is a boiling cauldron.

Bapu. I know it. It is just bad handing that resulted in such unlawful acts.

Subhas. True.

Gandhi. Probably I may help Bangladeshis a bit. Better I go there and do some counseling

Subhas. Haa..haaa. … Bapu. Who will listen to you now? They did not listen to you even when country was partitioned. There were scores of riots and killings in Bengal. Any how it is your headache. I am off. You have your own fad. Do whatever you like as usual as done before partition of Indian sub continent. There is no point in advising you.

( Subhas walks off goose stepping while marshal music is heard)

Gandhi. Boys. It is time I go to Bangladesh and make them see reason

( Gandhi vanishes and lands up in Dhaka the capital of Bangla desh. On the road Tanks are seen roaming. Army Jawans are seen patrolling. Some firing is also heard. They see Gandhi)

Jawan. Hey old man. Who are you? What are you roaming for? Do not know that curfew has been imposed in city?

Gandhi. I am not aware. I do not belong to this place. I am from India

Jawan. Do you have valid documents for travel like Visa and pass port

Gandhi. No. I do not need one

Jawan. Then you need to be arrested ( He calls his officer)

Gandhi. Call him. I am not scared

( In the mean time an army officer arrives)

Officer. What is the matter? Who are you old man?

Jawan. Sir ! He has entered our country without any valid papers.

Officer. Eee…eee. .. Are you a smuggler or spy.? Come on tell me! ( He tried to handcuff Gandhi. He is unable to touch Gandhi)

Gandhi. ( Laughs) Haa….haa… You are a Stupid man. You can not touch me. I am already dead. Mine is a divine body

Officer. Nonsense .( within himself…Any ho I must keep away from this guy)

Gandhi. Look Officer! Your BDR Jawans revolted and killed their officers that were mostly army officers including a Major General. How strange is that your Prime Minister declared general amnesty for the revolting men if the gave up arms and withdrew to barracks.

Officer. I know. At that time these killings were not known

Gandhi. Now what will happen? Will these murders be condoned? If in India probably they would have been also given some Ashok Chakra

Officer. How can it be? The killers have to be punished. But there was great delay in deploying army to disarm the BDR Jawans.

Gandhi. Look. So many of your officers were killed. Will you accept this if the Jawans are left off?

Officer. We have to see what happens?

Gandhi. Why the situation has come to that level? Does BDR think it is supreme? Does it think it can get away from your law?

Officer. Hope if there is some law in this country. Remember How Mujib Ur Rehman was killed by our people

Gandhi. Heee….heee…..haa…haa.. At last you have realized. I feel bad for Mujib.

Officer. Your country appears more organized and disciplined. Your paramilitary forces appear to be unlike BDR

Gandhi. Thank God for a good compliment. Hope it continues to be.
( In the mean time a Tank rolls bye, firing with a machine gun… People start running this way and that way while some fall dead.. Gandhi hides behind a tree.)

Gandhi. Officer! What happened now? Why the tank is firing?

Officer. I think now there is a mutiny by army. There has been a coup

(A jeep passes- by announcing. From loud speaker a voice blares out,

“There has been an army coup and Present government has been dismissed. Constitution has been scrapped. Army Chief has taken over the country and all people should remain calm. Marshal Law has been enforced. All BDR Jawans have been rounded. The force BDR has been disarmed and the entire force has been scrapped and all members of it have been dismissed. In future there will not be any BDR. All the killings will be investigated and the killers will be hanged. All International airports have been closed. Al people should remain at indoors. President and Prime Minister and cabinet ministers have been put behind bars. Be careful. Rumor mongers will be summarily shot”

Officer. Thank God! Atlast, the army has become bold. What nonsense indeed? A Paramilitary force kills scores of army officers commanding them and the government watches them giving amnesty?

Gandhi. Eee…eeee… I am very unhappy at army rule in the country. It will not solve the problem. I must raise my voice.. ( Shouts) down…down… Army rule down… down…

Officer. Hey old man! Shut up. In what way you are concerned? Go back to your country.( Sings)

Go back dirty ill clad man
You appear black and dark tan
What we do is none of your business
Although we may finally do great mess

Gandhi. Haa…haaa. No. I shall do dharna ( Protest sitting) here right now

( Gandhi squats on the road spreading his legs. Some soldiers come that way. They see Gandhi)

Soldier. Hey ! Get up from here

Gandhi. No.. I am protesting over army take over

Soldier. You are a nut. Who will bother for you? Go away or I have to but a bullet in you.

( Gandhi laughs and gets up and does a fast jig and sings)

Look Oh! Dear rifleman
You look like a China man
I shall not go from here
You may hang yourself, Oh my dear!

You guys have no rule of law
Some how are living with many a flaw
Look! your troops go berserk
What they need is a mighty kick

(The soldiers get annoyed with Gandhis song and try to kick him. Gandhi looks at them and gestures with anger like Mandrake the magician and the soldiers are thrown off the ground like feathers. They fly and fall in a heap at a distance of ten feet. All of them are incapacitated by fractures.)

Gandhi. Look guys. You people appear to be mad. Maintain some discipline and run the country or soon you will all vanish.

(Gandhi vanishes and reaches Indian border post where he is welcomed)

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Sunday, February 22, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

(It is Waugha border post on India Pakistan border and the road runs through the border and on each side, the border posts are present with ceremonial guards and flags flying. Lot of ceremonial drill goes at these posts. On Indian side, suddenly MK Gandhi, Patel and Nehru appear and the Indian guards stop them.)

Guard. Stop sir. Who are you? Why have you come so close to us. Watch from a distance.

MK Gandhi. Hello Mr. Guard. I am Bapu. Your father of nation. These are my friends

Guard. I know none

Gandhi. I am very sorry for your ignorance. We have come here to conduct Dharna against Pakistan for abetting terrorist attacks on India.

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel shout..” Down with Pakistan, down with terrorism, Pakistan murdabad)

Guard (gets upset) No.. No. You guys do not shout like that. We maintain cordial relations here

Gandhi. Please do the same.

(In the mean time some more Guards arrive and they physically try to drag out Bapu, Nehru and Patel. They are unable to pull Patel not even a millimeter. They are surprised)

Guard. How come this guy is so heavy? He does not move a bit

Gandhi. He is the iron man of India. He is made of solid iron.

( A Pakistani ranger from their post approaches Indian post and signals to the Guard)

Ranger. Look. Bhai. Please tell those three men to keep quiet. They are shouting anti Pakistani slogans. That is just not on. Otherwise we have to act.

Guard. Please sir. I shall control them. Kindly do not do any thing now

( Guard approaches the trio and begs them to go and Gandhi refuses)

Gandhi. Look. We have come to express our displeasure to Pakistan.

Guard. In that case we have to arrest you

Nehru. Please do. We are not scared. We were arrested many times earlier

Guard. Come on other guards. Catch hold of these guys and put them in a cell. We shall sort them out later

Ranger. Haa….haaaa. That is really good

(The guards approach and fall on the trio and Gandhi gestures like Mandrake the magician and all the guards fall one over the other and the Pak ranger is buried under them. Gandhi laughs.)

Gandhi. Heee….heee…….haa…haa

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel cross the border and shout ... Down with Pakistan. Down with Zardari.. Down with Kayani.. In the mean time other rangers run towards Gandhi with their rifles and open fire indiscriminately. Patel catches all bullets and being iron man all the bullets are smashed. Rangers fall on them and when the fall on Patel their limbs are broken as he is made of steel. They shout.. Hoi Allah.. Mar Gaya.. Bacho… Bachao..)

Nehru… Haa…haa. Haa. You silly guys.. You are good only to put on long turbans and do some drill. Nothing more

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru run into Pak territory and disappear while the fallen rangers get up limping and speak on wireless sets)

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel land up in Rawalpindi and are found roaming on the streets. They are spotted by Pak police. Two constables rafiq and Razak along with Sub Inspector Gilani go to them )

Gilani. Hello Bhai. Who are yop. You look Indians. What are you doing here. D you have pass ports and show me valid visas

Gandhi. True We are Indians. You can make out. What is the visa. Our Pass ports became invalid long ago.

Gilani. How. Then How you have come

Nehru. We died long ago. So one renewed our documents

Gilano. If you are dead how are you talking?

Patel. You can not understand that. Look ! This old man is MK Gandhi. Father of nation India. The other one with cap is Nehru the first PM of India. I am Sardar Patel the iron man of India and Ist Dy PM of India.

Gilani. I know none

Gandhi. Bad luck

Gilani. You are under arrest for being here without valid documents. How did you enter Pakistan

Patel. Through Wagah border

Gilani. Come on constables. Arrest them and hand cuff them.

( The constables fall on the trio and Patel falls on them. All the police men are crushed under weight of Patel and they vomit blood. Gilani tries to punch Patel with his fist. His fist is smashed and all fingers are broken into pulp. Gilani faints in pain)

(Gandhi and his friends now walk towards Presidential palace. On the way they find some Talibans with long beards and loose pyjamas and long shirt and turbans. They hold rifles. One of them has a steel tape hanging at his waist. Taliban stop them)

Gandhi. Hello Bhai. Who are you?

Taliban. We are Taliban

Gandhi. Are you Afghan Taliban who ran away from Tora Bora?

Taliban. No. We are Pak Taliban. Local Taliban

Gandhi. Why are you here. You may be arrested by Pak police

Taliban. Just not on. How dare they are. We roam freely throughout Pakistan. Pak has no control over Swat valley in Waziristan. Now we local Taliban are spreading through out Pakistan

Patel. What will you do?

Taliban. We shall not allow women to study. They can only produce kids. All Pakistans have to marry off their girls to Taliban only. All men have to grow beards. We shall measure them with this tape. Otherwise we shall whip them publicly.

Gandhi. Look ! Some men can not grow beards. What they have to do.

Taliban. They should seek sex change or become she males by taking hormone injections.

Patel ( Laughs).. Haa…haa.. Good idea

Taliban. You guys appear to be Indians. Why are you here?

Nehru. We are tourists from India

Taliban. What is there to see here?

Patel. True. But you are there. That is the latest attraction. We all in India here that Pakistan is falling to you. Even Zardarai says that Taliban soon would take over Pakistan

Taliban. True. Recently Pakistan has handed over Swat valley completely to Taliban That is Paki Taliban. Now we are literally independent. Taliban has now spraed every where. Soon the country would fall to us.

Gandhi. But army is there. How can you fight such large force on plains. Swat valley is different

Taliban. Army is no different from us. N fact every guy in army is a Taliban. Soon they will turn into our way. No more western dress and that type of ceremonies. They will change to army of Prophet Mohammed( PBUH). Shouts.. Yaa…. Allah ho Akbar. Instead of horses we shall now ride tanks and conquer world and impose Shariat law. We shall close schools for girls.

Nehru ( taken back) That means we will be in danger of Talibanization.

Taliban. Yeah.. We shall not spare India. We shall first attack India and conquer it as done by Mohammed Ghori and Ghaznavi in the past.

( Gandhi and his friends get scared and want to avoid the Taliban)

Gandhi. OK Bhai. We shall go ahead and see things.

Taliban. How can you go? You have to take Islam having come to our land. Now you are stuck. Of course we shall give you few months time to grow beard. Do not worry for that. Look Islam is the only way of life. Listen to me.

Patel. This is pure nonsense. You can not force us to take Islam.

Taliban. Look. This is the law. No one other than a Muslim is allowed to breath on this land. (He points the rifle at Gandhi and friends and calls other Taliban)
Look. Catch hold of these characters and whip them till they accept Islam. Under threat of death make them accept Islam. Finally if they do not listen cut their throats.

( Gandhi gives a sharp look at the Taliban)

Gandhi. You guys appear to be lunatics. What George Bush was doing was correct! Long live Bush. You appear to be mad persons. If you have guts look into my eyes

( All Taliban stare into Gandhi’s eyes and suddenly Gandhi gestures like Mandrake the magician and twists his palm and all the Talibans whirl around and fall in a heap)

Gandhi. Come on! Take their guns. Fire on these jokers

( Nehru, and Patel open fire with the rifles AK 47 of the fallen Taliban and Taliban get killed

Gandhi. Run now. Let us escape from here

( Gandhi and the other two vanish from Rawalpindi and cross wagah border in darkness and return to India)

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

( M K Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru are seen sitting in a room that is poorly lit and furnished. Atmosphere is grim and both appear to be serious. In the corner of the room a she goat is tied and it is found bleating occasionally)

Jawaharlal. Bapu. Why have you tied the goat here?

Gandhi. Look! I need goat’s milk in the morning. I milk it myself. So it is here.

Jawaharlal. Ohf. What type person you are!

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. Leave the goat now. You know! Last week I met General Washington in New York. He was telling that Pakistan was likely to fall to Taliban and AlQaeda.

Jawaharlal. Oh God Great Scots! The inevitable is finally happening

Gandhi. How sad and how dangerous now for India!

Jawaharlal. True

Gandhi. See. These Pakis have abetted and turned their lakhs of Madrasaa for mass producing Taliban and now the ghost is trying to devour them

Jawahar. True.. heee…heee…heee. As you sow so you reap

Gandhi. Do not laugh. It would be dangerous to India.All types of thugs are harbored in Pakistan. Although some cocky democracy goes on there, AlQaeda is calling shots. Recently Zardari, the Pak president claimed that Taliban was trying to take over Pakistan and but for army it would have fallen long ago.

Jawaharlal. How one can trust Pak army? They are the most fundamentalists in Pakistan. I am sure soon they will play song of Taliban and AlQaeda with Mullahs in backdrop.

( Suddenly there is a flash and Bin Laden appears in the room. He is in military fatigues and is holding an AK 47 rifle)

Gandhi. Eee…eeee.. Who are you? What do you want here?

Laden. I am Laden, Bin Laden, the most feared man on the earth ( He swings the rifle in air?

Jawaharlal. Why are you here?

Laden. People think I am alive and hiding in Waziristan. In fact I died long ago. There are many versions about me. Some say I am dead. Some state I am very sick and about to die. Some say that I died at Tora Bora bombings and I was cremated and the location is not known to any one. They fear if it is located by Americans they would unearth the skeleton and would hang it after a trial.

Gandhi. Are you really dead or alive?

Laden. I do not know myself. Come and pinch me.

Gandhi. That we can not do. We are already dead. That will not work

Laden. Look Americans want my memory alive so that they keep screwing other countries ( Sings and does fast jig. While he dances his flowing beard flies around)

Haa…haa. I am the thug from Pakistan
Look I am also with weapons heavily laden
I am the hated and dreaded terrorist on the earth
And I am known as king of thugs called Osama bin Laden

(Laden fires few shots into air in the room. Gandhi and Jawaharlal are scared and hide under the cot)

Laden. Come on you guys. Why are you so scared?. I fired in air. I will not harm you. You are already dead. I can not kill you again. Look! I have come to tell you that the days of Pakistan are over. It will be soon called AlQaedastan or Talibanistan. As it is Waziristan does not belong to Pakistan. There is a long time conflict with Afghans on this account.

Gandhi. Look Mr. Laden . What will you get by terrorizing the world?

Laden. Who told you that I am terrorizing the world?

Gandhi. Every one says

Laden, They are nuts. We are fighting for a cause. We are conducting Jihad. So others call us as terrorists. The world was created by Allah and so only Muslims should remain in the world. All others have to get converted to Islam if they have to live in peace. This is what I told Americans.

Gandhi. That is unfair. How can you say that? Our BhagwatGita was proclaimed much before holy Quran was revealed to Mohammed ( PBUH)

Laden. ( looks other way) I need not answer. Better behave with me. No questions are to be asked. Islam is supreme and Quran is supreme.
(Jawaharlal and Gandhi slowly crawl out from under the cot)

Gandhi. Can you really take over Pakistan? It has a strong army

Laden. Now Army is keeping away from politics. Even otherwise Army guys are Islamists. They will be too happy for Shariat rule and complete Islamisation. It is not like Turkey. All civilians will become Talibans. They will win elections too. Then no one can prevent Talibanization. Otherwise we shall fight Pak army guys too. Once we Talibanise Pakistan nukes will be with us. Then see what happens?

Gandhi. Will you blackmail world?

Laden. First I shall start with you and sort you guys out. You have harassed Pakistan like any thing. Once nukes are with us all will tremble.I shall nuke all your major cities starting from Bombay. I shall make others to dance to my tune, that is Laden’s tune. Better hand over Kashmir to Pakistan

Gandhi. That will never happen. Will you nuke America?

Laden. Insha Allah, Surely if they do not behave. We shall nuke even England and every European nation. I may nuke Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Egypt too.

Gandhi. Oh No. You can not do this. Finally all will nuke you guys

Laden. Let them. We shall go down but along with them. All Ho Akbar..If Islam can not remain , no one can stay on this planet

Gandhi. I shall not allow this to happen

Laden. What you can do old man? You are half naked with a stick.

Gandhi. You will know soon. Do not under estimate me

( Gandhi looks into Laden’s eyes and gestures like Mandrake the magician. Laden suddenly throws out his AK 47 gun and start doing a jig pulling his long beard occasionally.. He goes round in a circle)

Jawaharlal. ( Picks up the AK 47 gun and cocks it and aims at Laden)

Gandhi. Come on Jawaharlal. Shoot. Do not delay

Jawaharlal. Bapu. It is violence. How can we do that?

Gandhi. It is Ok. For guys like Laden, violence could be the answer..It is no crime.. Shoot man shoot fast

( Jawaharlal Shoots AK 47 from the hip. The gun crackles and stream of bullets hit Laden all over. There is blood all over.)

Laden. Hoi Allah.. Finally I am dead( Mar Gaya) really now. I did not die at Tora Bora. Now this is Tora Bora. ( He falls down and his soul departs)

Gandhi. Come on Jawahar! More Bullets into him. Shoot

( Jawaharlal empties complete magazine into Laden)

( Suddenly George Bush arrives along with some Marines and NATO commander after a flash)

Bush. Well done Mr Gandhi and Jawaharlal. I am obliged to you guys. You have achieved what NATO guys could not achieve. You have killed Laden. My promise to Americans has been fulfilled at last. The perpetuator of WTC 9/11 is dead. Let us hang his body now publicly. I shall hang it at the same place of former WTC towers.

Gandhi. Mr Bush. It may not be proper to do that. Dead body needs to be respected.

( In the distance KL Saigal is heard singing with Harmonium. The song is from film Lagan)

Koyee bhi manush kitnahi buraho
Hothi hai thodi si bhalaayee
Iswar ka ek gun yahee..
katon me phool khila denai.. aain…

Saath manush ke gayee burayee
Rahgayi uski bhalaayee
Tumbhi man meyprem ko rakhna
Aur katonko hasaa denain…aain..

(Irrespective of many bad qualities in a man
There will be always some good ones too
God has this special quality
That flowers blossom among thorns in one and two
With death mans bad qualities vanish
And only good ones are remembered
One must therefore harbor love in hearts
And Make thorns to laugh)

Bush. It is OK Mr Gandhi. But this man was an evil and devil. He killed thousands innocents.

Gandhi. OK Sir , As you wish. I have nothing to say

Bush. Thanks Mr Gandhi

( Some smart American marines arrive and drag the body of Laden out of the room. George Bush stiffly walks off with large smile on his face while American national anthem is played.. Gandhi and Jawaharlaal wave hands and see Bush off.. Indian national Anthem is played too)

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, February 16, 2009


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (retired)

In fact Indian foreign policy fundamentally suffers due to Gandhian back drop. We claim that India achieved independence through non violence and MK Gandhi is credited for that act. No one denies his greatness and achievement in those days. But things have greatly changed now. Pakistan fundamentally is hateful of India and Kashmir is the focal point. It was denied the state of Kashmir and ever since they lost it, it became the focal point for their hatred towards India. Entire generations have grown with hatred towards Hindus and India. Each and every Pak child grows with hatred towards India. The leaders can stay in power as long as they keep this tempo up. All policies of Pakistan are based on anti Indian policies. They have built up vast military fearing India as a big brother and consider themselves as a check mate to India in Indian Sub continent. The cold war period too contributed to this philosophy. With growth and emergence of Al Qaeda and Taliban, Pakistans philosophy has grown stronger and Al Qaeda is now calling the shots from Waziristan. Taliban is ready to fight along with Pak army in case of a war with India. Thus all Muslim international outfits have united to wage war against India. India of course is alone in this fight.
India has failed to project itself as a strong state although we boast of great military forces and committed soldiers, airmen and sailors. But we have not demonstrated our will to resist all attempts of destabilization. Our previous wars were defensive and we never attacked Pakistan. There were no preemptive actions. All these actions are the result of philosophy that we follow. Our leaders are more worried about Gandhian legacy than national honor and security. Action after Bombay attacks is the lone example and this is enough to state truth. It is said that it is enough to check a single grain of rice from a pot to judge whether food is cooked or not. Bombay fall out is the clear and glaring example of India impotence in tackling Pakistan. Pakistan has grown bolder day by day and this has resulted in Bombay attack which is a national shame infact. India must wage war with Pakistan and demonstrate that we mean business. The present drama that goes on is a shame indeed and Indian masses are being fooled. Nothing will come out of the present actions and Pakistan has escaped the noose and India has lost the initiative. India must learn from Israel and that is the only way to survive in present environment. Pakistan is too weak economically and with one war it will collapse to ocean depths and this war has to be decisive and not like earlier ones where one captures one lakhs soldiers and then hands over them after feeding them for months without bargaining and then say you scratch my back and I shall scratch yours.
This is not to recommend Nuking Pakistan where many will die. In fact nothing much is known about Pak nukes. Probably much is made about them. Pakistan too would be shit scared to use nuke in a war as it knows that it could be the end of Pakistan after that. It probably prefers conventional war occasionally repeating nuclear threat. Pakistan is being pressurized by Obama to act against Taliban and Al Qaida. This is the best time to act against Pakistan and teach them a life long lesson. It will not listen to Goody goody sermons of Gandhi. It is time we put Gandhian philosophy aside and save our country. Gandhi worshippers will naturally rise with a sword. Even Gandhi could not prevent Partition and 1948 Kashmir war. His philosophy is OK up to some point. National security is more important than idealizing Gandhian thought and applying to every situation.

It is said, police men dealing with any type of violence are least prepared to deal such situations. In fact police teams are not trained to take on terrorists. Any sane person will ask why so many police officers particularly senior guys were travelling in one vehicle. Were they going to some Baraat? They knew that they were facing the terrorist threat. But the whole act appears to be from some cranky Hindi cinema where team of police men and hero travel in an open jeep, with Inspectors firing from sundry revolvers. These police teams are in no position to tackle terrorists. We do feel sorry for their deaths and also for the bravery where they did not run away from the scene. Can the police expect to fight and meet the fire power of enemy with their 0.38 or 9mm or 0.32 pistols? A very sad preparedness by them. They thought it was a simple affair of catching some thieves and did not realize the gravity of situation. Result was that all the senior guys were shot like ducks sadly. In fact combating enemy in built up areas need special training and countering ambushes itself is an art and military training is required. Police is no match for such activities. It is beyond their present capability. The deaths were due to inability in comprehending the situation and taking appropriate measures. Simply rushing into the scene cost them lives. Of course they got the awards because they died and because they were IPS senior guys. Others got because they got. The government wanted to assuage the feelings of families and awarded the chakras although the act of bravery committed did not warrant the highest award. They could have been given some other award. Consider hundreds of other martyrs who have died in Nagaland, Assam, Jand K, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa fighting all types of enemies of nation who did not get any thing. They were left unsung and were cremated in silence. Their families must be surely suffering in despair. Although sacrifices of these police men have to be glorified, the awards have been simply diluted. These have become like Padma sri and other padma awards that are dished out to all sundry. So that is how the country is governed and hence sucks thumbs and be happy.
In the present context following poem is most appropriate

Cat…cat…cat , Oh, my dear cat
Kindly come and scratch me
I am sure to get the Ashok Chakra
Whatever the act it might be

Mickey mouse, oh Mickey mouse
Please come and kindly scratch me hard
I will surely get the Ashok Chakra for the bravery
That is nation’s highest peacetime award

Oh Dirty bed bug, dirty bed bug
Come fast and please bite me deep
I am sure to get the Ashok Chakra
And also money in a big heap

Honey bee oh honey bee
Please come and sting me on my cheek
I am sure to get Ashok chakra the bravery award
Although as past time I smuggle at Bombay’s creek

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, February 14, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

(American President Obama and Washington are seen strolling on the lawns in the evening hours. They are discussing some thing.)

Washington. Look Obama, I know that you are taking some tough stand with Pakistan. Recently I learnt that you gave a warning to them that you would not allow Al-Qaida to operate from it’s soil.

Obama. True, I did. I know that since many years Pakistan is harboring Al Qaeda and Taliban on its soil. They are entrenched in Waziristan on which Pakistan has no control.
In fact Pakistan has fooled us all these years. Bush gave them long rope

Washington. What a sad state!.

Obama. But they have to eliminate them. It is their soil.

Washington. Look Obama, Till now Al-Qaida has no land for itself. Slowly it has entrenched itself in Waziristan. I am sure Waziristan if not today, tomorrow will declare independence as AlQaedaistan. It will be a land of Terrorists, cheats and thugs. Surely there will be some jokers who will recognize it. Iran will be the first one to have diplomatic relations with them.China may also do .

Obama. How can they survive? What can be their revenue?

Washington. Supply of terror materials and know how, Suicide bombers amle and female, Narcotics, Guns and ammunition . They may also export other bacterial weapons. They may even take up operations for some countries against money. There are ample number of countries, rogue nations who want such services.

Obama. How serious it is?

Washington. Mr Obama . Please be careful. Your honeymoon after victory is over. Get into some serious business. Of course, American economy is the first priority. But safety of USA is no less. How can you sustain economy when your country is not safe?

Obama. True sir. ( He raises his fist and Sings)

I have to work hard now
Day and night some how
Terrorists would soon be done
They have to beg in world for bread and bun

( A sentry steps in and salutes the gentlemen)

Sentry. God evening sir. I have come to report that Mr MK Gandhi from India has arrived. Shall I send him?)

Washington. Please ( He holds his head)

( MK Gandhi steps in. He is in full suit with Hollywood hat and black shoes. But he is holding his long stick)

Gandhi. Good evening Mr Washington and Obama.What happened Washington sir. You are holding head. Are you suffering migrane?

Washington. No nothing like that

Gandhi. Do not worry sir. Plesae take a cup of hot milk of goat. You shall be soon fine

Washington. eee... Goat milk? Oh .. n.. I can not even stand the smell of goat.
Please leave me alone to my fate

Obama. Welcome sir, the man of non violence. Sir! we are surprised to see you in new western dress. This stick will not go with the dress.

Washington. Mr Gandhi. We are honored with your presence here.

Gandhi. Thank you sir for the kind words. What is the serious discussion going on? Can I share your views?

Washington. Surely. We were discussing Al-Qaida and Pakistan.

Gandhi. Ohf. That is the vexed subject no doubt. But we can not neglect.

Washington. I was warning Obama that very soon Al Qaeda will have its own place on the world map and in all surety Waziristan would turn into AlQaedaistan with Al Zawahari as the dictator. There can not be democracy there.

Gandhi. Will that nation be allowed to exist?

Obama. We should not, by all means

Gandhi. Sorry sir. Every one on this earth has right to live.

Obama. That is when he respects some accepted norms of life and does not become danger to others. Look Mr Gandhi. If Dinosaurs like T Rex re emerge in thousands all over will we accept?

Washington. Yes. As long as they do not eat away every one

Obama. How it is possible? They are flesh eaters and have to be destroyed when they turn into man eaters.

Gandhi. You mean Al-Qaida would be like T Rex

Obama. Yes… by all means yes. May be more dangerous than T Rex. T Rex eats away all living beings as it is their nature. But those from Al-Qaida are human beings without any sense of civilization and only know Jihad. Thus they will be more dangerous than T Rex.

Gandhi. I think I might try my non violence means with Osama bin Laden. I plan to go to Waziristan and meet them and spread love and peace there

Washington( Laughs) Haa…haa..heee

Obama. Hee…hee….hee

Gandhi. What is there to laugh?

Obama. I am laughing at your innocence, Dear Mr Gandhi

Gandhi. Why?

Obama. Look Mr Gandhi. World has changed greatly. You were alive when Hitler unleashed World War II along with Mussolini of Italy. Could you prevent it?

Gandhi. No. I could not prevent it. I co operated with Britain in war period.

Washington. Things have very greatly changed. Some followers of Islam have taken a different path . They view that whole world belongs to Allah and all have to be Muslims, or they have to be converted to Islam or killed. Al Qaeda has this manifesto. Now they are considering you guys as the great villains. Recently they threatened India that they would launch more attacks if they do not stop pestering Pakistan

Gandhi. Ho.. How serious! Our guys must have got shit scared surely

Obama. But Indians say they are prepared to face threats.

Gandhi. That is slightly better. I thought they would go and beg Al Qaeda not to do any thing and would say sorry to Pakistan.( Sings)

I now hear that Indians have some guts
Although they have been big nuts
They appear shit scared of mayhem and murder
And I feel now in India there is no law and order

Obama. Well sung Mr Gandhi. You appear to be a poet too

Gandhi. Thanks. I write occasionally

Washington. We have gone off track slightly. Mr Obama what are your plans for Pak if they fail to listen to you. They have no control over Waziristan where AlQaeda is there and entrenched. Pak may raise their hands and say we are helpless. Literally they are doing now

Obama. We are left with no alternative except to invade Waziristan by our NATO forces and annihilate them.
Gandhi. Look Mr. Obama. I learnt that in the past no one could completely subdue Waziristan. Even British army fought wars in North Western Frontier Provinces and had part success.

Obama. Those are old days. Look at our fire power. English men fought with conventional weapons and they were fought before WW II and even before WW I

Gandhi. Probably you are hinting of nuking them and crush the area for all times to come.

Obama,. No comments now Mr. Gandhi. This is very sensitive issue. One should not disclose plans prematurely

Gandhi. Probably my visit to Waziristan could yield some results and bring transformation in Al-Qaida

Obama. Haa…haa….haa. What a fallacy indeed?

Washington. It is up to you Mr Gandhi.

Obama. I already warned Pakistan very seriously that they have to act aginstAl Qaeda or face our wrath

Washington. But Pakistan reacted and trying to show thumb. I think they are counting on China for help against USA

Obama. Sir. Pakistan literally is a gone case. It is a failed State. There is no doubt in that. If we stop aid the country would collapse. China can not support Pakistan. Pkaistan has no industrial base and no economic potential for self survival. Finally it would disintegrate like Yugoslavia and resembles dust bin where all street dogs fight for bits and few morsels

Washington. What a pity.

Gandhi. I feel sad. I pleaded with Jinnah ( Qaid e Azam i.e father of nation) not to press for Pakistan before 1947. He did not listen. He was fanatically after creating Pakistan.

Obama. It has based itself on Islamic ideology and hatred towards all Kafirs. Terrorists finally made it their home ground. Unless Pakistan is sorted out terrorism will not be controlled

Washington. True

Gandhi. I am getting worried for Pak people. I must play my part to bring sanity in them

Washington. Hee…heee.hee

Obama.. Hooo….hooo..hooo. Please try sir. Finally you get tired and come back to us

Washington. Mr Gandhi. Please take care of yourself. They are very dangerous. They may hold you hostage and bargain Kashmir

Gandhi. I am already dead. What they can do to me? I can also walk through walls.

( Gandhi gestures like Mandrake the magician and disappears )


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired

(It is the market of jama Maszid in Delhi. Gandhi and Patel are seen walking on the route. Nehru is just behind them. The area is crowded and filthy with all rubbish thrown around)

Gandhi. Oh Shit. How dirty this area is? Where is the broom? I shall start cleaning. Jawahar please get me the bucket and broom. Patel You get some water from some where

Patel. Bapu there is no water here. All public taps are dry. There is some dirty water in the small pond close by.

Jawahar. Bapu. I got hold of a broom. But it is not thick.

Bapu. That is fine. That will do

( Jawahar hands over the broom to Bapu and Patel goes to fetch water from the nearby pond)

( Bapu starts cleaning the roadside with broom while the on lookers gather around. Bapu does cleaning and also sings..)

I am the Bapu the father of nation
Where people starve without ration
Running after west is now a fashion
While scores of whores sleep in railway station

(Gandhi does jig singing holding a broom in the hand while onlookers clap and sing in chorus. Patel at the pond tries to fill bucket and slips and falls into the pond. There is less of water and more of slush. He sinks into the pond and with great effort rises up and some how drags himself to the shore with bucket full of dirty water. He runs to Gandhi with the bucket)

Gandhi. Patel where are you. Who brought this bucket full of water?

Patel. That is me

Gandhi. Sir Thanks. But who are you?

Patel. Bapu. I am Patel. Your Patel. Iron man of India.

Jawahar.( Laughs ) Haa…haa.. What happened Patel, We cannot recognize you

Patel. I slipped and fell in the pond

Gandhi. Great Gods. You are safe. Now how do we clean you. This water is too dirty. Any how you please sit down under this tree for some time. Take this cloth and wipe your face, hand and feet

(Gandhi completes cleaning part of the roadside while onlookers appreciate. They clap. One of them Ramesh finds a small injury on Gandhi’s hand)

Ramesh. Sir you have a injured finger

Gandhi. Yes. One of my finger struck a small nail in broom and slight blood came out

Jawaharlal. Oh , Bapu, Are you heart? I did not notice. Bapu. Please stop doing these things. We already got independence. Such things are no more required.

Patel. Bapu. All this shit and dirt are enemies to India. These are bigger threat to India than Pakistan. You have been thus fighting enemy during the last half an hour by cleaning all this muck around. In the process you were injured also risking your well being. You could have got tetanus fever from which there is no escape. You surely deserve Ashok Chakra the highest peace time award in India.

Jawaharlal. Sure. I agree. Bapu must be given. In fact you also must get Patel While bringing water from pond to assist Bapu you fell into waters. You could have been drowned. You fought and came out. Look Patel see a small red scratch on your cheek

Patel. Yea. A small thorn pricked me in the pond

Jawaharlal. Then surely you must get Ashok Chakra for bravery in peace time along with Bapu

(Suddenly Jawaharlal limps and he removes his shoe and finds a small sharp stone in it. He suffers a small cut at the toe and blood slightly oozes out. Gandhi runs to him)

Gandhi. What happened Jawaharlal? You are limping. I have seen

Patel. Yeah. He suffered a small injury

Gandhi. He suffered it while motivating me and helping. He must get Ashok Chakra.

( Gandhi, Patel and Jawaharlal shout in chorus )

Gandhi, Patel and Jawaharlal. We want Ashok Chakra for peace time gallantry ( they hold hands and do jig and dance in circle shouting we want Chakra… Ashok Chakra…. Hoo…hooo. Haa…haa. On lookers clap and shout in Chorus. Suddenly a police van arrives there and a dozen constables and two inspectors of Delhi police get down. They are armed with weapons)

Inspector. What is happening here? Why this Tamasha and halla gulla?

Gandhi. We are just enjoying lighter moments

Inspector. I heard some guys shouting.. We want Shok chakras

Patel. Yes sir. You heard incorrectly. We shouted Ashok Chakras… not Shok chakras

Inspector. What is this Shok Chakra

Patel. It is given to those who can not get Ashok Chakras. They keep crying. So they are given Shok Chakras

Inspector. That is fine. But who are you? You are dressed like Gandhi. He looks like Nehru.

Gandhi. We are not looking like them. We are they

Inspector. What is this? How can be thus? Who are they? They died long ago.

Gandhi. Great men do not die . Physically they may die. But they still live like us

Inspector. Oh! Nuts. I am getting nuts ( He shrieks and pulls his hair in disgust) Come on guys. Enough of it. Do not fool around. You can not be Gandhi and Nehru. Do not play tricks. Come to police station. I shall sort out there

Gandhi. You can not arrest us. We have not done any thing. More over we cleaned all this shit here.

Inspector. Constables. Catch these three guys and put them in jeep

(The constables rush at Gandhi. Suddenly Gandhi gestures like Mandrake the magician with his hand and Police men fall one over the other and inspectors are buried underneath the falling police men. They shout…Bachao… bacho..)

Gandhi. Come on guys run. Let us go from here

( They runaway from there and reach Presidential palace on Rashtrapathi road shouting .. Ashok Chakra for us…Down with police guys.. Down with every one). At the entrance they are stopped by security guys)

Security inspector. Hey . Who are you guys. Why are you shouting? This is a non shouting zone. Go away from here

Patel. We shall not go. We want Chakras.. Ashok Chakras

Inspector. What for? What bravery you have shown? Show me your injuries. Republic day parade is already over recently. Wait for next year

Gandhi. We want Ashok Chakras. We are no less than Bombay police men. If they get we should also get

Inspector. Why not us? Look! I cut my chin in the morning while shaving. I was in hurry to get dressed

Constable. Me too sir. Last night one rat scratched my arm with its nails when I was sleeping in guard room.

Gandhi.. Haa…haa. Then it is fine. Let all of us go to the President and demand Chakras

( In the mean time The President is seen strolling on top balcony of palace and he sees all these guys and some commotion. He calls his personal secretary and tells him to get all the guys to him. Secretary gets all assembled in the waiting hall)

President. Come on guys. What is troubling all of you?

Gandhi. Sir we want Ashok Chakras. We have shown bravery of exceptional order in face of enemy in peace time

Secretary. What bravery you have shown?

Gandhi. Me, Patel and Jawahar suffered injuries while cleaning shit in old Delhi. The shit is a greater enemy than Pakistan. So we must get the award. These police men from Delhi claim that one of them cut his chin with razor while shaving and a rat scratched the other one in the night in guard room. They also must get Ashok Chakras

Secretary. That is fine. I spoke to the President. He has awarded Ashok Chakras to all of you. Three cheers

Patel. Long live the President, Cheers

Gandhi. Jai Ho.. Siya Ram ki

Jawahar. What a nice chance. I should have added names of members of all my dynasty for the award. A great chance has been lost. Never mind. Better luck next time.

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel shout President Zindabad and dance in circle while police men clap)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Sunday, February 8, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

( General Washington is seen playing Golf at a Golf course at Dallas, Texas and John F Kennedy and Harry Truman are giving him company. It is cool morning with little sun shine and slight breeze is blowing A Golf cart is close by. Bu Washington prefers Horse that is also close by)

Washington. Look John. The weather is nice indeed today

Kennedy. That is true sir

Truman. You are correct sir. Every thing is so silent outside. It reminds me of Hiroshima after the nuclear attack by us. I was told there was dead silence there for years.

Washington. What a comparison Mr Truman! I feel sad for all that happened on that day

Truman. But that was required to bring war to an end.

Kennedy. But I learnt that Japanese still wanted to continue war to the end and were not willing to bow down

Truman. True. They thought that their king would be harmed by allies after surrender

Washington. They surrendered only when emperor’s honor and safety were guaranteed. What patriotism indeed!

Truman. True

Kennedy. Look What is happening to us in this country. Our Past president George Bush was insulted by an Iraqi journalist at a press briefing in Iraq while he was on an official visit. He threw shoes at him. Back at home his opponents celebrated the event and the video clips were flashed recently that too repeatedly particularly in India too which have been supporting much in recent times. I know there are many anti Bush elements . They forgot and had no concern for American honor. Insult to Bush was insult to USA and its citizens. Can’t this simple truth be realized?

Washington. How sad and what a fall in values in our country! Sir, In India they hanged effigy of Bush when Saddam Hussein was hanged. What a fallacy!

Truman. Sir, Now a days what is happening is street politics. The great American values have probably diminishing. Our democratic values are also becoming like any other third rate democracy in the world where in the name of democracy dynastic rules flourish. There is no end to family rules. No Names.

Washington. True.

John. Sir, Look some one is coming to meet us.

( MK Gandhi arrives in another Golf cart, but he is dressed in his usual dress with stick. The cart stops in front of Washington and his friends.)

Gandhi. Hello Gentle men. Nice to see you all here. I feel envy. No such thing happens in India.

Washington. Why Mr Gandhi?

Gandhi. In India there are many parties and it is unlike USA where only two parties are there. There is no cohesion in India. Except those who were from Nehru family there is no bond among them. The cut each others throats with swords. How can they have get together.

Washington. Hee….heee…heee. True

John. Mr Gandhi. We are surprised, how your country is working? We are surprised to note the great economic progress made by you in recent times. How was that possible?

Gandhi. That is a miracle. That is why people believe in God. When a country like India can progress with so many castes, creeds, factions, leaders, political parties, corruption, scams, swindling, filth around, un happiness, lawlessness, faction fights, crimes like rapes, thefts, chain snatchings, murders, acid throwing on girls,… what else and what not, There must be god who takes care of the nation. Otherwise it is impossible. Look India has remained intact for the last 60 years while many nations have broken up

John.. True. I appreciate.. Hooo…hooo..hooo.. Haaa. Haa

Washington. Mr Gandhi. What happened to your Bombay problem? Has Pakistan listened to you?

Gandhi. No sir. Now they say they are passing a law to punish the guys who while staying on their soil commit crimes on others soil.

John. So what? Does it help you?

Gandhi . God knows

Washington. I heard Pakistan is trying some guys for terrorism

Gandhi. True . But there is none among them who are involved in Bombay attacks.

John. Haa…. Haa.. They have fooled Indians greatly

Washington. I told Mr Gandhi when he came to us last time that you have wasted time and lost the initiative. Now it is too late to take any action. Now you have to lump it down the throat. Sings..

You Indian guys can not act in time
But are experts in eating beetle leaf with nuts and lime
The whole episode better lump down your throat
You can never cross the deep terrorist moat

John. Haaa….haaa… Sir! well said

Gandhi. Sir What we should do now? Our Mukherjee still says options are still open

John. What options. Can you guys attack Pak camps of terrorists? They must have already moved to Waziristan. You just can not do any thing. Be hapy what you have and done. Next time they attack do some thing if you can. Do not shout again that you shall not make war with Pakistan. What are you trying to show off. No one will give you Nobel Prize. That is very much sure.

Indian guys are crazy of peace prize
Although destiny cut their leaders to size
Yet they run with teachings of Mohandas
And his teachings have already done great loss

Gandhi. Sir Mr Kennedy. I am not that bad

John. I am not saying you are bad or words to that effect. I only say that your guys are not practical. Just look. Will any government hand over its citizens? Why did you demand Pakistan that way? Do you think they will listen to you? They are least bothered. Whose idea it was?

Gandhi. It was collective idea out of desperation and inability to be strong

John. Exactly Mr Gandhi. Now you have come to my point. The fact is that you guys have no convictions. You guys are vacillating and indecisive. You expect that America would fight your war. Why should we fight your war that too with our ally? Did you fight our war with Taliban in the past after 9/11. We only do some hotch potch and some white wash here and there.. It is OK Mr Obama said he would not object if India took any drastic actions. It meant some military actions. But you developed cold feet. Now you can not do any thing. Your external minister said that India would retaliate strongly if something happens next time. That means you guys expect similar things to happen again. Look Pakistan was our ally while you were followers of USSR. You were never friendly to us. You were scared of communists.

Washington. I mean camp followers

John. True. Just remember Chinese war of 1962. How it ended?

Gandhi. I know. Those are past things. Any how I was dead at that time. I had no influence. Nehru was taking care of things

John. Yes. But look at your country. There are millions and millions of guys with you who hate America. They hanged effigy of Bush in Hyderabad. They took processions. Editorials in your news papers were anti American to the core. Even to day not a single line is written in favor of America or our leaders. But you guys want our dollars. Your students want H1 Visas. Study in our universities and never want to leave USA. We do not know what you guys really want? Your Communists are with drawn swords against us.

Gandhi. What can I say? I am speechless.

I am poor Gandhi devoid of power
I already fell down from top of tower
No one cares for my word now
You must tell me to improve when how

Washington. OK Dear Mr Gandhi. Please do not be desperate. Tell your guys to be practical. Let them not live in a fools paradise. You guys can never discipline Pakistan with kind words

Gandhi. That means violence is the answer

Washington. I did not say that you must be violent. You must protect yourself. There is a lot of difference between being violent and using force against injustice and terror

Gandhi. Oh!

John. Sir ! Very well said.

Washington. Dear Mr Gandhi. You guys had no policy after the Bombay attack. Of course you claim that irrespective political ideology every leader condemned Pak action. What is the use? Your Government did not retaliate immediately and wasted time begging Pak to hand over guys. Pakistanis are very smart. They know that you are damne scared of their nukes and that is why every time they keep uttering that they have no reservations on using them in war if their existence is threatened. Ian any war with Pakistan for them it is life or death. Your country is very large and they is thus inferior. You guys are shit scared about their nuclear attack. There is no doubt that after their attack they will not be there. That is why they say, “We shall sink, but we will take you also with us?”. Did you understand now the logic?

Gandhi. Sir understood. I am of no use if I do not understand even now.

Washington. Well and very good. Tell your guys to be strong, assertive and bold. Many sacrifices have to be made for the sake of country. Look at us. Our country men made so many sacrifices all these years. We are not war mongers. We know how to defend our freedom and ourselves. Others can not show teeth to us. We shall break their teeth. You guys have apparently no courage to act even if it means war and some deaths. It is better to die once instead of apparent daily deaths. Pkaistan knows that you have no courage to fight them. As John said you are scared of their nukes. How long you would be scared. They will again attack you, this time may be more devastating. You woyuld be singinf Ramdhun and Hanuman Chalisa to get courage. I am sorry, Mr Gandhi . Your entire handling was an apology after Bombay attack. Your own country men see you guys as in efficient, spiritless and gutless and no more trust that your leaders would be able to defend the nation. Your Chiefs however would keep assuring that they would do the things required if the civilian leadership what them to do. That is good.

Gandhi. Enough.. Enough Mr Washington.. I can take no more… True our guys have failed to deliver.

Washington. Better do some thing concrete. Please do not feel bad that I was straight forward. I have to tell the truth

Truman. Gandhi. Ask your people to be bold and defend your nations. Or else others would consider you as cowards. Firmness is different from sluggishness and inaction. The leaders who do not protect the nation have no place in the world history. They would be discarded and their names would be written in black letters. Be bold and save your country. Do not run after advises. God will take care of you guys if you take correct actions. Begging around is no action. As per the actions being done by you guys, I should have begged Japanese to be quiet and hand over the war criminals to us for trial. I took a strong action. I agree many died. That will happen. I have no regrets. I had to stop war finally. Other guy was mad.

Gandhi. Thanks Sir. .. Thanks Mr Kennedy for all the advice

( Gandhi departs with his stick while Washington and Kennedy see him off )

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Thursday, February 5, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

Revenge is a trait and a common human phenomenon. The person taken over by the urge for revenge develops hatred, anger, intolerance. He looses humility. His pride overtakes him. He loses peaceful sleep and all the time craves for retaliation. Revenge is the result of some perceived harm or actually done by other person. A defeat in a battle with another one causes revenge. When ego is hurt, a person craves for revenge. This was the most common cause for revenge in bye gone days not only in India, but also everywhere. Although hatred can lead to revenge, it is also not always necessary that a person tries to take revenge against a person whom he hates. At times he neglects and avoids the person that he hates. But if an opportunity arrives most of the people try to plan revenge. The revenge usually has cascading effect as the other guy too plans his revenge. This we find that these acts are passed down over generations. History is replete of such incidents. Craving for revenge completely clouds ones mind. He is overtaken by passion completely.
Hiranyaksha a very powerful demon was killed in yore by Lord Vishnu by assuming the form of a boar when the demon tried to drown the earth in seas. Hiranyakasipa the elder brother seethed with anger and craved for revenge. He performed great penance and obtained boon from Lord Brahma that he could not be killed by humans, Gods, devils animals, birds , snakes and celestial beings and that he would be invincible on earth, in sky and in all worlds apart from that he could not be killed by any type of weapon and in neither day or night. Thus he became invincible and became a great tormentor. He conquered entire universe. He craved for revenge day and night against Vishnu and finally he was slain by Lord Vishnu assuming the form of Narasimha, lion man ( He was neither a beast nor a man). Although Hiranyakasipa was a learned and accomplished person, his senses were completely clouded and he was atlast slain.
In contemporary Indian history, King Jaichand of Kanouj in North India invited Shahbuddin Ghori of Kabul to defeat Prithviraj Chauhan the ruler of Thaneswar near Delhi in 1192. This is because Prithviraj carried away his daughter Samyukta from an assembly where all princes assembled and samyukta was to choose her mate. In fact, Samyukta and Prithviraj loved each other greatly. Thus India was finally enslaved by Muslim rulers till Europeans gained power. Thus the result of revenge on the part of Jaichand was loss of freedom for India for nearly 700 years. Jaichand has gone down the history as the traitor. Another example can be quoted. Thousands of un armed Indians were killed in Jalianwallah massacre in Punjab on 13 April 1919 during freedom struggle when General Dyer of British army ordered firing in Jalianwallah bagh in Amritsar on an unarmed crowd and there were no escape routes. Shaheed Uddham Singh who was a child at that time grew up and craved for revenge. He went all the way to England, stayed for some time, planned and shot dead Michel O Dyer the governor of Punjab at the time of Jalianwallah massacre. He shot them on 13 March 1940 at a meeting in Coxton hall. Lord Jutland was seriously wounded. He was however arrested, tried and hanged. These incidents and many more indicate and prove that Revenge is a human trait that can not be avoided as long as human beings exist on the planet.
Any amount of Gandhian thought of showing the other cheek when slapped does not work. As long as passions remain in human beings, revenge also would remain. Buddhist teachings although are highly vocal on forgiveness and love, revenge continues to dominate the world. In recent times American forces destroyed Taliban in Afghanistan immediately after 9/11, Entire America craved for revenge. Iranians are craving for revenge against America for the coup in fifties. They shout death to America. Rajiv Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister was assassinated as an act of revenge by LTTE of Sri Lanka for the alleged atrocities committed by Indian peace keeping Force in Lanka. Thousands of Sikhs were done to death in and around Delhi after Indira Gandhi; the Indian Prime minister was assassinated by her Sikh body guards in 1984. This was an act of revenge against the army operation on the most respected Sikh shrine Golden Temple in Amritsar in Punjab. Scores of people are killed in Indian states as acts of revenge in faction politics. Shaheed Bhagat Singh killed police officer Saunders as an act of revenge against the lathi charge in which Punjab lion Lala Lajpat Rai died due to lathi blows. The lathi charge took place when Rai was leading a demonstration against Simon commission. Emperor Akbar ordered general massacre after the fall of Chittorgarh in 1567 as an act of revenge against Hindus. Nadir Shah the Persian King ordered sack of Delhi in 18 century and general massacre after he occupied Delhi defeating Mughal armies during the reign of Muhammad Shah. The East India Company troops carried out mass murders in Delhi as acts of revenge after the occupation of Delhi in 1857.Thus we note that history is full of revengeful actions while acts of peace and love are very few.
Yet, apostles of peace such as Lord Jesus and Lord Buddha preached non violence and love and forgiveness and they are always remembered for these great noble qualities which they practiced. The perpetuators of crime as acts of revenge are also remembered as villains. Martyrs such as Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Shaheed Uddham Singh are remembered by Indians for the sacrifices they made although they killed some Europeans who are considered as the villains by Indians. However these men were tried as simple criminals by Europeans and were hanged. Thus it is seen that a prescribed definition for revenge can not be easily given. An act of revenge may be glorified by a community while others could see it as a criminal act needing punishment. Thus revenge and punishments are debatable words.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

(It is the outskirt of Mangalore city in Karnataka State in India. It is dark and roads are dimly lit. A Roadside Pub has glittering Board at the entrance. Its name is JING BANG PUB. Many cars are parked in the parking lot and there are hundreds of two wheelers at one side of the parking joint. Drums are heard at loud pitch. Youngsters are screaming and yelling. Colored lights are also seen flashing. Trumpets are being heard. Boys and girls are dancing hugging each other. Liquor is flowing like torrent. MK Gandhi is seen at the gate and he is accompanied by Saigal and Surendra, Saigal is carrying Harmonium)

Gandhi. Oh Bhai. Sentry baba. We want to go inside. My name is MK Gandhi. These are our tickets. These men are my close friends

Sentry. (Looks at Gandhi) Baba. What will you do there? You are so old. Can you dance? You are not dressed properly too. We will not allow any one in Dhoti and kurta and Chappals. You do not have even kurta. You are half naked

Saigal. Bhai. He is known as half naked fakir. I am called Saigal.

Sentry. Out of all of you, only one is correctly dressed.( He points to Surendra) He is very smartly dressed. Saigal sahib You are in kurta and Pajama. Better change and come. I can allow only this man in suit

Surendra. What shall we do? Should you go back?

Gandhi. Wait ( He quickly gestures like Mandrake the magician looking at himself and Saigal and immediately they get transformed into European outfit complete in Suits and with Hollywood hats and dark shoes)

Saigal. Oh Bhai Sentry sahib. Is it OK? Are we looking fine now?

Sentry. ( Looking lost)That is fine. You may go in, ( He collects the tickets)

( The trio step in and Saigal is seen playing his harmonium and singing

Babul mora…..Aaa….aaa..Naihar hi chhota hi joy
Ye… babul mora… aa…aaaa. Aain… Char kaha… aaain…More duniya….aain

(Suddenly he finds many youngsters around him doing some slow jig to his tune holding glasses of whisky.. Even girls are among them with wine glasses..Saigal does slow jig while playing on harmonium and at times whirling too)

Surendra ( Laughing) That is good Saigal Sahib. A great feat. English dance to Babul mora the Bhairavi tune.. haa… haaaa. Fine

Gandhi.( looking lost) Let me sit down at this table

( Saigal and Surendra return to the table and give company to Gandhi)

In the mean time a bar Attender arrives )

Attender. Sir. Good evening. Welcome sir. What do you like to have? Martini, Manhattan, simple red whine or Rum and hard whisky?

Saigal. Get me some Vat 69 with Soda

Surendra. I do not mind Manhattan

Gandhi. You guys know I do not drink. I want jaljeera

Attender. Sir we don’t serve it. You are the first guy who asked it. I can give you Coke

Gandhi. That is OK

(Attender vanishes and after some time returns with drinks and snacks like Kajoo and chips. Dance continues at great tempo. Boys and girls are jumping and dancing wildly holding glasses. Bobbed hair is seen flying. Mostly girls are dressed in skirts while boys are in jeans and slacks. Some elderly women are seen in saris and are also seen doing slow jig as they are unable to respond to fast beat. Boys are girls are seen hugging, pulling each other and gyrating violently)

Gandhi. What a place to come! Is this the enjoyment now days. They would get salvation if they do same thing with concentration on Rama and Krishna.

Saigal. Come on Bapu. Can we do Jig on Ramdhun? Long ago Thespian Devanand did a movie Hare Rama Hare Krishna with Zeenat Ammaan. There was a song scene with hippies singing Hare Rama hare Krishna.. It was great hit

Gandhi. Why can not they do now?

Surendra. Bapu. Times have changed. Now it is day of fast music and beat of drums. We sang songs with simple Harmonium, piano and Tabla. We gave many hits too

Gandhi. All that is not impossible. Some time ago I heard a song in which gayatri mantra was sang in a fast beat. It became popular. It is time we popularize our Hindu mantras to English tunes and even rock and roll music. We must change with time.

Surendra. True Bapu. CH Atma could sing some of his old time songs with fast beats and with guitar.( sings)

Badle Rang zamaana.. pal me hasaye.. pal me rulaye

Nahi kiska..aa…nahi kiska.. Koi tikana re…Badle

Sou sou jatan kare kyo moorakh oonche Mahal banaye

Par kismet kee ek thokar se sab mathi me mil jaayen ge… Badle

Gandhi ( Claps) That is too good. ( He finds many youngsters dancing to the tune of Surendras song)

( In the mean time there is sudden noise and many guys barge in shouting loudly and shrieking. They are Narendra, Vivek and Swamy)

Narendra .. You swine.. Sons of Bitches. Is this your culture? Are you not Indians?

Swine. Come on kick these guys. Teach them a lesson. Did you think this is America? I shall tear apart you. Bloody swine. Where is the pub guy? Show him what we are

( Some youth dancing are caught and roughed up by the intruders. Girls are seen running away from the entrance. At Entrance they are stopped by the intruders)

Narendra . You . Bitch, You want to be an Angrez. Go to England or New York. He hits the girl on the face and the girl cries loudly.

( Dozens of girls are beaten black and blue by the intruders. In the mean time a police siren is heard.. Some intruders come to Gandhi’s table)

Swami . Who are you? I have seen you some where. Yeah . Now I remember. You are looking like MK Gandhi.Are you real Gandhi? Why are you here? Is it a place to be visited by guys like you? Don’t you have some shame?

Gandhi. We came to see what happens here. We were discussing how to stop this practice

Surendra. In fact we were making the youngsters to sing our old songs and were making them to dance to our songs of course with change in music to fuse with beat

Saigal. That is true. In fact they danced to my song Babul mora… aaain…

Intruder. That is good. Keep it up. In fact in future we shall ensure that in pubs they sing Saigals or Surendras songs and Talat mahmoods Gazaals too.

Saigal Thank you very much.

( some one shouts that police was coming and all the intruders run away from there shouting Bharat Maata ki jai and down with foreign culture)

In the mean times dozens of police men barge into the pub and trying to look for the trouble makers. But they had already vanished. Police men go away taking the injured girls to the hospital in their vans. May girls have swollen faces)

Gandhi. Thank God. We are safe. Saigal and Surendra. Luckily you were not dancing with youngsters. Who are these guys disturbing the pub?

Surendra. True. These guys are some type of moral police. Some type of Indian Taliban

Saigal. Bapu. Roz Roz darke jeenese marn achha ( It is better to die than living daily under fear)..He lifts his whisky glass and gulps it all in one go and sings…

Piye ja… aur piye ja…
Zindagika ye hi hai mudda
Bothal utha.. Aur piye jaa
Socha taa hai kya… aur piyae jaa.

Gandhi ( Holds his head) Ohf, What a guy indeed. Let us go

( Surendra and Gandhi hold Saigal by hand and take him away from the pub while Saigal clings to his harmonium … singing

Aye dile bekaraar jhoom … Aye dile bekaraar jhoom …

Ab ye bahar aa gaya daure fiza chala gaya
Ishk puraad paagaya.. Husn ke mach rahee hai kyoon.. Oin

Dr K Prabhakar Rao