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Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Ph D ( Engineering), Ph D ( Political Science), Ph D ( strategic studies)

After emergence of Al Qaeda in the world and WTC 9/11, a new threat has emerged on the scene. It is Euro Islam. The charge of Alqaeda’s slain chief terrorist Osama bin laden released as written document before attack on USA ( 9/11), blames American hegemony and for maintaining military presence in Middle East. He blamed USA for the present ills plaguing the Islamic society. The consequent network of AlQaeda and it’s inspired terrorists have spread world wide with AlQaeda centers operating clandestinely in various countries including USA.

Islamic societies world wide are plagued by fundamentalism and the clergy leaves no stone unturned in stoking the embers in the Friday speeches at congregations for Namaz and Muslim youth greatly are inspired by the Wahaabi inspired Jihadi talk and tread on wrong track of flaming embers. They are unable to realize that only death, destruction, shame, social hatred, humiliation, failure, annihilation and complete disaster awaits them at every inch on this path. However, many are inspired by the religious talk of martyrdom and consequent assured attainment of paradise where they would enjoy all pleasures in the company of hordes of virgins awaiting them in heavens offering all types of heavenly pleasures that they probably could not dream of while alive. For Muslims, religion is the most important and ultimate out of everything in the world and politics and religion are twisted and twined together like a Manila rope and can not exist separately. Turkey is the only exception in the world. Yet, it is not out of internal troubles and is condemned by the fundamentalist Muslim States in Middle East who can not digest liberal western style governing in Turkey. The mullah dominated and juhadi inspired other Islamic countries world wide are surely daggers drawn at Turkey that was transformed into Western style functioning by Ata Turk also called Mustafa Kemal. Europe has sizeable strength of Muslims. Islam initially invaded Spain in Europe from Morocco that is separated by narrow Mediterranean straits of Gibraltar and occupied the country. Many Spaniards were converted to Islam. Churches were demolished and mosques were erected. However the tide reversed and Muslims were driven out by Francs in bitter wars. The eight centuries of Moorish rule ended in 1492. Mosques were reconverted into Churches and some demolished. Bitterness however remained. In recent times, notorious international criminal and mastermind of WTC 9/11, Bin Laden also gave a call for reoccupation of Spain calling it an Islamic land. The Jihadi fundamentalist Muslims suffer with severe heart burn for the loss of Spain that was once occupied by Muslims nearly 1300 years ago. Other Muslims in subcontinent are also not happy that Mughal rule in India was terminated by the East India Company long ago. In recent times, Spain was subjected to acts of terrorism. Madrid bombings in trains are examples in which many innocents died. There is a strong concentrated effort by the terrorists to create problems to Spain. Islam recommends Jihad as religious sanction for liberation of all Muslim lands occupied by Kafirs (All those who are not Muslims). Infact, Student Islamic movement of India (SIMI) an outlawed organization claims India to be a land of Muslims as it was ruled by Muslims till Europeans took over. Therefore, they justify Jihad in India. Unfortunately, Muslims forget that their religion is only 1500 years old while Hinduism and Christianity and an offshoot of Judaism are much older and the corresponding lands were ruled by those who practiced these religions. Muslims thus have no locus standi.They can not claim to me masters of these lands. Fundamentalist Muslims are making concentrated effort to re occupy Spain.
Muslims are found in sizeable numbers in Europe. Following are highlighted (1):-

STRENGTHOF MUSLIMS IN EUROPE _______________________________________________________________________
Country Total population in Millions Muslims in Millions
Albania 3.1 2.2
Austria 8.2 0.34
Belgium 10.3 0.4
Bosnia 3.8 1.5
Denmark 5.4 0.27
France 62.3 5-6
Germany 82.5 3
Italy 58.4 0.825
Macedonia 2.1 0.63
Netherlands 16.3 0.945
Serbia (With Kosovo) 10.8 0.405
Serbia (Excl Kosovo) 8.1 1.8 (Kosovo)
Spain 43.1 1
Sweden 9 0.3
Switzerland 7.4 0.310
Turkey 68.7 68
UK 58.8 1.6
As per Robert Leiken writing in Foreign affairs, Radical Islam is spreading across Europe among descendants of Muslim immigrants. Disenfranchised and disillusioned by the failure of integration, some European Muslims have taken up jihad against the West. They are dangerous and committed -- and can enter the United States without a visa. The mass immigration of Muslims to Europe was an unintended consequence of post-World War II guest-worker programs. Backed by friendly politicians and sympathetic judges, foreign workers, who were supposed to stay temporarily, benefited from family reunification programs and became permanent. Successive waves of immigrants formed a sea of descendants. Today, Muslims constitute the majority of immigrants in most western European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, and the largest single component of the immigrant population in the United Kingdom. Exact numbers are hard to come by because Western censuses rarely ask respondents about their faith. But it is estimated that between 15 and 20 million Muslims now call Europe home and make up four to five percent of its total population (2).Many are probably not loyal and are inspired by Jihadi philosophy.
The involvement of a growing number of African nationals particularly from Algeria in terrorist activities in North America and Europe has raised questions about their exact motivations and objectives. On balance, their activities do not represent a straightforward externalization of the long-running dispute between the Islamist opposition and the military-backed .government in their native country Algiers, in which violence is used in pursuit of specific political demands. Many Algerians persecuted by their government have taken asylum in west such as in UK and Canada. Some have been brought up there. Rather, the Algerian nationals in West involved appear to be inspired by a set of broader, more vague but also more absolute grievances against the West and its perceived attacks on Islam that are shared by organizations such as al-Qaeda (1). Thus involvement of Algerians abroad is due to inspiration by Al Qaeda. They appear to have fallen into the trap of anti west hatred. The acts of terrorism appears to be more inspired by the theological misguided cause, of- late abetted and much more dangerous to the society and world peace than an organized internal resistance by radicals and fundamentalists through terrorism against Government at home seeking a change.
Prominent French analysts regard the links between the struggle in Algeria and Algerian terrorism overseas as rather loose. They argue that the terrorist phenomenon represented by Algerian nationals – and European citizens of Algerian descent – arises out of these individuals' fraught interactions with European societies and their consequent radicalization in Europe, the US and Canada, rather than from more traditional 'Diaspora' concerns that concentrate on conditions in the homeland. This has been described as a kind of 'Euro Islam' – namely, the growth of a utopian, 'universalized' Islamist vision not confined to recognizable borders but based on an aspirational urge to create an Islamic order wherever Muslims are oppressed or subjected to western strategic interests, most immediately defined as those of the US. European Muslims are increasingly getting motivated by fundamentalist ideology and seek Islamisation of Europe. There is a beeline of Muslims from UK to visit Pakistan and other African Nations from where they could easily go to Terrorist centers. The arrest of European nationals of Pakistani origin in the conspiracy to blow up the America bound air crafts a year ago in London is akin to this phenomenon. Of late many Pakistani nationals settled in UK have turned hostile to the country and have been arrested for plotting terrorist activities in UK. There are two particularly illustrative examples as quoted by International Institute for strategic studies (3). Ahmed Ressam, an Algerian national, was arrested on the Canadian border in mid-1999 driving a car carrying explosives intended for use in an attack on Los Angeles International Airport on 31 December 1999. As a junior member of the Algerian Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) who left Algeria soon after the military crackdown against the FIS in 1992, he fled first to Europe and then Canada. There he was indoctrinated by Islamist circles in Montreal and sent to a training camp in Afghanistan. Djamel Beghal, a French citizen of Algerian descent who was arrested in France in July 2001, was identified after a return flight from Afghanistan. Under interrogation, he made statements – later partly retracted – confessing to having coordinated an al-Qaeda cell in the Paris region with the aim of blowing up the US embassy in Paris – the same plot for which Algerians Baghdad Meziane and Brahim Merzouga, arrested prior to 11 September in Leicester, were sentenced to 11 years' imprisonment in the UK in April 2003. Recently terrorists of Pakistani origin tried for London blasts have been sentenced to forty years of imprisonment.
The recent attack at Glasgow air port in which a burning Cherokee jeep was crashed into the airport terminal has come as bolt from blue to the Indians who were basking in the self glorified secular practices and mutual brotherhood. Some of the accused who were arrested are Indian doctors and Engineers. Kafeel Ahmed who studied Engineering at Bangalore in India masterminded the plot, rigged up the explosives and initiating devices and drove the Cherokee Jeep in to the air port terminal. The computer hard discs recovered by police at his house revealed that he was constantly browsing the internet for the techniques of making bombs and to cause explosions. He was developing the syringe type of initiating the explosion in vehicles. The device used in the Cherokee jeep on the fateful day did not explode and the vehicle got engulfed in flames and he was burnt 90 % in the vehicle when he was arrested. His accomplice and brother, an Indian Doctor practicing in London was arrested who ran out of the jeep with intention of preventing police. They have studied higher education in India and were pursuing further higher studies and profession abroad. Hanif Ahmed another Indian Doctor and a cousin of Kafeel Ahmed practicing in Australia is at present under custody and has been charged for abetting the Glasgow terrorists. Sympathy wave is built up for this person in India. He has been charged by Australian police for handing over the SIM card of his cell phone to the terrorist brothers. Can we believe that he had no clue of things happening? There is a great sympathy in India for this person and it is being widely argued that he is being detained without filing any charge sheet. There are numerous guys in Indian prisons who are being held without filing a charge sheet. What about them? Why this great sympathy for a guy who was accused of abetting terrorism internationally? Many are of the opinion that this is an appeasement tactic to pacify local Muslim population in India. The guy was finally released and sent to India. Probably he would not be return to Australia for the job. Although he has been released he would be under watch for many years to come.
These persons were misguided Muslim youth and are being linked to AlQaeda organization. What a disaster and disgrace? (4) At various forums Indian leaders declared thumping their chests or bosoms like Tarzan (Comics hero by Edgar rice Burroughs) that Indian Muslims were not suspect and were akin to holy cows. To be more liberal, now although all the Muslims are not suspect, a section has already brought disgrace and shame to the nation internationally by resorting to terrorist actions in UK identifying with Euro Islam. Probably, India would be seen as the exporter of terrorism a new credit in international arena. Who will believe now Indian Muslims without suspicion? There will be always a probing eye on them. All these years, India has been considered as the exporter of technical man power to west and also a country targeted western targets in India that is much easier with the type of security and loose that has been suffering terrorism.. This sympathy now would vanish. Indians were considered brainy. What a fall now? Now it would be seen as the exporters of educated terrorists from professional field too to practice Euro Islam in the present context (5).
What made these educated Indians such as Muslim Doctors and Engineers to target western establishments in far off land from India? Why they have not attacked western interests in India with a lack luster administrative chaotic set up in the country, which could have been much easier? Obviously, the section of Muslims in India too is inspired by the clergy and believes that they should do some thing to destroy west that is seen as the biggest villain and enemy of Islam. Any terrorist act done in United Kingdom and America would draw world attention and be seen as a significant achievement. India is a country with limited global interests. It has no global intentions and capabilities either and by and large plays safe like a cat on wall with Islamic causes. At all world forums India backed Muslims as the country has sizeable Muslims. Yasser Arafat who can be called the father of terrorism that he unleashed during his struggle for Palestine shared common platform with Mrs Indira Gandhi the former PM of India during certain summit. His actions of terrorism was overlooked nd aws probably appreciated as freedom struggle against Israel. India was never a dominant, assertive and global power. It was always vacillating; indecisive and meek in its approach in dealing with terrorism and confronting neighbors. They have submitted meekly to foreign invaders and suffered subjugation. It’s people are more interested in doing jobs in other countries, take part in drama, dance and music than holding a sword to colonize other lands.
India is the most worried country in the world when it comes to deal with Muslims whether its own or from other countries. It does more chest beating and propagates self proclaimed missions and MK Gandhi inspired sermons of peace. It has been unable to take tough decisions against this community even when national security was at stake and country was disintegrated in 1947. Certain people of this community made comments amounting to treason that were against national policy and interests of the country. In any other country such persons would have been tried for treason and sent to long term prison or even gallows summarily. In India, secularism is generally believed to be identified with persecution of majority community and endless appeasement of minorities. India has sizeable Muslim population whose elders chose to stay in India after voting for Pakistan in 1947 and India does not want to do any thing that could hurt sentiments of Muslims and that would probably hurt the peaceless ever wandering and and eternal restless hovering soul of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Father of nation) deprived of life by Nathuram Godse many years ago immediately after partition. It is unable to hang the anti national terrorist Afzal who engineered the attack on Indian Parliament few years ago (6). It has let off some Muslim terrorists on the pretext of good conduct in Andhra Pradesh obviously after having been influenced and to be goody and nice to minority community who was imprisoned after court verdicts and they again were involved in terrorist activities. These men were responsible for killing a Police officer of IPS (Indian Police Service) cadre in a shoot out in Hyderabad city. In a country like England, the punishment for killing a police officer is always death and is implemented ruthlessly while in India the offender got Scot free. These Muslims who have global terrorist interests have no interests in India to attack western interests and find it safe haven for their nefarious activities. They prefer to target bigger fish like England and USA in their own lands while being calm in India and making it a good base for nefarious activities. Euro Islam thus too has found a base in India. The myth of terrorism emanating out of poverty has been thrown out and educated youth and professionals too are inspired by the clergy and they see Islam to be in danger and consider America, England and other Western countries as the greatest villains on the earth and attribute all causes to West. Thus Euro Islam has become greater threat in the world.
The point to note is that wherever Muslims are present in sizeable numbers (even in Europe) there is a strong scope for trouble as they are much more vulnerable to propaganda, inspirational speeches, intolerance and rise of fundamentalism. They identify themselves as separate identity by sporting beards, Taliban type turbans, Pathan kurtas, achkans, Chudidar (tight) pyjamas, loose short pajamas, long loose shirts, Burqas, veils, chadars ( Shawls), Sherwanis ( Long tight collarless coat) Fez caps, Turkey caps and white laced skull caps. They prefer not to mix up with general society by and large and withdraw into their fox holes. Religious closeness results in rise of inevitable fundamentalism and bigotry in such communities and present world events are the real proofs (7). Although many European and American Muslims are reportedly peace loving and do not subscribe to the views of Osama Bin Laden, there are many who do subscribe to such extreme views and larger peace loving community is always disturbed by such short sighted fundamentalists till they are put to rest. Euro Islam drifting towards terrorism has become a greater threat particularly in Europe and needs to be curbed with iron hand. The liberal policies of west have been misused by the immigrant Muslims and their offspring. On the contrary, Islamic nations are closed to outsiders and do not extend same liberties or facilities to those from outside. In some of these nations, either one has to convert or die. They are not tolerant to other religions in their lands but expect that others should tolerate them. Infact Wahhabi thought propagates that others have no place in the world.
There is a definite need by European nations to make immigration more difficult and fool proof to prevent entry of unwanted characters and fraudulent people, even if they are highly qualified being professionals in to their countries in search of education, jobs, research, business and other activities where they indulge in nefarious activities and spread religious hatred. Myth is now blown up that highly educated and professionals would not subscribe to terrorism. They could be from India, Pakistan, Banglkladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Middle East and many more countries. Many would be home grown in Europe indoctrinated by the Muslim clergy and suffering mental aberrations and hallucinations towards achieving world Islamic State. However these provisions would cause heart burning to third world countries where every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jack, Jill, Bob and Simson wants to run to UK or America to earn dollars or pounds sterling and get green card, be among whites, marry an innocent white woman ignorant of their real intentions and identity and settle there. Out of these, some surely turn anti west and indulge in nefarious activities and bite the hand that feeds them. Such people should be identified and punished and examples should be made out of them. No other examples are necessary than Kafeel Ahmed and his doctor brother from India who indulged in terrorist acts at Glasgow air port. These men are in no way less than those who piloted the planes and crashed into twin towers in New York killing scores of innocent people. There may be many in pipe line to repeat the acts of Kafeel Ahmed. Who knows? Such people and their accomplices should not be shown any mercy as they are the enemies of mankind. They look sophisticated, stylish, well dressed and posh looking with black hearts.
1. Muslims in Europe, Country guide, BBC news,
dressed in western style, speak English with European or American accent and yet remain fundamentalist in the heart to core and plan death to west.

2. Robert S Lei ken, Europe’s angry Muslims, Foreign affairs, July August 2005, http://www.foreignaffairs.org/20050701faessay84409/robert-s-leiken/europe-s-angry-muslims.html
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Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hindu society is being eaten away from with in than the damage done by outside agencies today. It is like white ants destroying clothes in an almirah. The existing caste system in Hinduism no doubt is being exploited by the minority communities for conversion of Hindus into their fold. Particularly Dalits have fallen a prey due to the evil of caste that has become a part of Hinduism. Secondly, certain selfish political parties are thriving on hatred towards upper castes. Emergence of Bahujan party in North India is an example apart from similar agencies in other states. Some national parties thrive on dividing the society playing caste and religious card to capture votes and it is their pastime and time honored tradition and manifesto too. . The members of society no doubt aggrieved, vote for such parties blindly out of hated towards other castes and the parties come to political power and divide the society further. Reservations in the country has not removed social division and in fact has got further strengthened .The provision of reservation is being renewed again and again and merit has been buried miles deep long ago in this country.

The party that thrives on appeasement of minorities purely for vote bank turns a Nelson’s eye to clandestine immigration of Muslims in to Eastern India damaging the social structure. It is almost true that these states would finally lead to demand of greater Bangladesh if not checked even to day. It is known that Bangladesh based Jahangir University and Pak intelligence agencies such as ISI are working together to carve out Moghalistan by linking Pakistan and Bangldesh through north Indian states running through Assam, UP, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. This is seen as a major step towards Islamization of India. Marriages with local Muslims also are complicating the issue. Many Bangladeshis clandestinely settle In Hyderabad in the state of AP and eastern states, get married to local girls, multiply and merge with the society. On the whole, the society is seriously damaged from within. Why blame outsiders? We have to blame ourselves. It is sad that our Hindu religious heads of various Institutions ( Peethams) even do not have a common view and platform and unity while Muslim religious heads converge. Forces that converge add up vectorially and become strong and forces that diverge get weak and loose identity. This is the law of statics in nature.The situation in north Eastern states such as Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura etc is no good and intense efforts are made by Christian missionaries to woo Hindus into their religion.
It is also said when an Hindu converts, the question is not loosing one Hindu, but that one Hindu hater has increased. Islam does not give any credit to ancestors of those who convert into Islam. They are considered as dwellers of hell. The convertees are prohibited from praying to their ancestors. The story of Kalapahad in the service of Bengal Nawabs who attacked Orissa during the times of Emperor Akbar in 16 century stands as testimony to a fact that when a Hindu converts to other religion opposition strength is increased. Kalapahad was a Hindu Kayasth ( Some claim him to a Brahmin)named Rajiv Lochan Roy and he converted to Islam on certain issues on which he clashed with Brahmins of Orissa. Rajiv Lochan Ray was the General in the service of a Orissa Hindu king and he was lured into a love affair by Sultan of Bengal involving his daughter. TheSultan realized that unless the brave Rajiv Lochan was pulled away from the Hindu king, he would not be able to defeat him. So he made plans. Initially he refused to convert to Islam when sultan offered his daughter and suggested that his daughter be admitted to Hinduism. His proposal was rejected by the Hindu king and Brahmins too. In anger, the youth converted to Islam and married sultan”s daughter. He harbored deep hatred towards Hindus and particularly Brahmins. Subsequently, he took service with the Nawab of Bengal and became a General. He invaded Orissa with his army and destroyed most of Hindu temples and sculpture and idols. He developed great hatred towards the Hindus in Orissa. The destruction of Kalinga temples all over the sate and defacing of grand Kalinga sculptures including the damage to great Konark temple is attributed to him. Very important shrines such as Jagannath temple, Lingaraja temple, Raja rani temple were the main targets. Nothing was left unvandalisded by Kalapahad. He became a Hindu hater to the core and was probably more cruel than Muslims who invade India in the past.
Holy Koran is very clear on this aspect. It states that a converted Muslim can not have any loyalty or love to his ancestors as they were infidels and dwellers of hell. Hindus are lured by minorities into their religions by inducements, financial help and jobs. Constant anti Hindu propaganda against Hinduism is doing great damage. In medieval times during Muslim invasions, no doubt many helpless Hindus were forced to embrace Islam by threat and inducements. Now there is no such threat. But conversions go on by inducements and highlighting social discrimination in society. However some scholars claim that in past, conversions were due to acceptance of Islam as a superior one and those were attracted to it. Their contentions are again disputed by others. Naturally who go out of Hinduism have grudge against their parent religion . Opposition to Hinduism increases on all fronts. This is exactly happening in India. As conversions go on , Hindu society is getting weakened day by day. We are killing ourselves rather rapidly by our own foolishness and ill conceived policies of selfish leaders devoid of any vision and Grey matter in the empty skulls with an aim to stay in power all the time..

Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Annaji has fallen prey to the mischivous machinations of the rulers who gave a vague promise that his demands would be referred to a standing committee. In past many laws were passed without referring to standing committee.Who would man this committee. God knows it. Again it will be stage managed. Every one no doubt was worried about Annas health and it was time for him to call off the fast. General Patton said that there was no point dying for the country and no one has won a war by dying for his country.. One must make others to die for their country. The message has gone home by the great pubic reaction. Anna should not sacrifice his life. But he must throw the corrupt and incompetent leaders out into wilderness. If he can do ninety percent of the present shit will be removed and flushed into the toilets.. Parliamnet is supreme no doubt in any democracy. But does Democracy exist in India?If some giy feels happy that he is living in a place where democracy is being practiced he is a fool. Where is the democracy in Congress party? Every one knows what happens there. All are great puppets, strings being pulled by some one. Other parties are no different. They may be a shade better. The leaders who are in parliament are not being trusted at present by any one. The way they made attempts to do character assassination of Hazare is noteworthy to be recorded in black ink in black Indian history. There could be some honest men there too in the houses. In yore, there were some good Rakhasas too like Prahlada the son of Hiranya Kasipa. Marcicha was also a good Rakshasa who advised Ravana correctly, but was forced to play his game and was killed in the process. Trijata was a good Rakshasi who took care of Sita mata.Bali also was a good asura. Vibheeshana was no doubt a very good Rakshasa. Thus in parlaiment also there would be some good and honest persons. But such persons are very few and as stated by Anna too, there are scores of members who are facing criminal proceedings. Then how one can expect fair play in these houses? Rajya sabha gets members for whom it is refugee camp and resttlement place. It is a place for politically invalid men ( Not necessarily physically invalid). Probably Anna soon would realize that he has been hoodwinked ( taken on camel ride) to break his fast. He will be a sad person after that and all these leaders and rulers would enjoy doing more and more scams in next few years this time being careful trying not to get caught.. Anna can not repeat the trick again and again. It becomes joke then. Under any case, they will be thrown out in next elections to go on leather hunt..


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The elected representatives in India whether they are elected to parliament or State assemblies do not want any accountability.Once they get elected after hood winking the voters with many promises, they turn Nelsons eyes to the peoples woes. Their first priority invariably would be make up the money they invested for elections and then amass wealth for future.The political process is vitiated highly in this nation and the present conflict with people is the result of years of misgoverning by the rulers.The situation is same at all levels whether we consider the local municipal bodies or parliament.Corruption has become a part of the daily life and is a routine matter in the present days.Gone are the days of MK Gandhi when he preached morals and to great extent practiced too.He was also after all a human being and also suffered some deficiencies that no one wants to highlight.The agitation of Annaji has become great irksome to the rulers. They are very badly caught on wrong foot. In fact they tried to convert into a law and order problem and partly succeeded with Ramdev Baba's fast. Anna took over where Baba left and the peoples reaction and participation was beyond expectation and govt got into jitters. In fact they know that their days are numbered.But they are taking shelter under the rights of parliament and superiority of the Parliament.They are scared that the agitation is anti democratic and dictatorial.To a great extent the agitation became successful in view of Annaji'ss credibility. After him there is none to lead such protests. Probably after MK Gandhi, This is the first time that people participated in such great numbers and world reacted in favor of Anna. The point of contention is that Annaji is already old and can not sustain these sufferings for long time. After him what will happen.Another important person of equal credibility is Bab Amte. He has different programmes and was silent during this struggle. Rest of the leaders who move around with Anna may have some credibility as honest men, but can not inspire the nation as Anna did.The political parties are wolves to grab something that comes across for their rise. Political parties can not lead such agitations as members of these parties are of doubtful nature and people have no confidence in them. They are seen as opportunists.There may be an isolated exceptions making no impact. Thus we see that the question would be what next after Anna?



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The fort of Golconda lay seized for ten long months
Alamgir the emperor led the mighty Mughal force
The sultan drew the wrath of Emperor although he was a Muslim
As Alamgir wanted to erase Shiites without remorse

Sultan Tanasha was a popular ruler in Deccan
For whom Muslims and Hindus were alike
The state was on the path of prosperity and peace
Yet entire thing was to emperor’s dislike

Madanna was the popular Prime Minister of the state
While his brother was the General of the force
Palace intrigues were many that led to treason
And Akkanna and Madanna were killed without remorse

Some say Tanasha had a hand in these killings
History of course blames the queens for the treacherous deed
Mighty fort held on for many months after the deaths
Yet the fort held on till a guy was traced full of greed

Abdulla Pani was a small time commander in the fort
Who fell for the riches the emperor offered him
Treachery was in his blood flowing in his veins
At an odd hour in the night he opened a door in light that was dim

Mughals sneaked into the fort through small door
Fought their way to the main gate of massive fort
The gates were swung open by Mughal soldiers
While the mighty Mughal army flooded entrance and sally port

Abdul Razak Lari was the commander of Golconda army
He fought tooth and nail at gate and fell with hundred wounds
He bled for the master and to save the fort and was duty bound
The fort fell to Mughals with treachery while valor failed

Razak was treated with respect and given medical aid by the emperor
Alamgir offered him service in his force as commander of repute
The true son of Golconda politely refused the offer
And spent rest of his life in peace and his devotion is beyond dispute

NOTE.. Golconda (Very Near to Present Hyderabad) under the rule of Abul Hasan Kutubshah ( Tanasha) was invaded by Aurangzeb the Mughal emperor in 1686 and after it’s fall was annexed to his empire. Golconda fought very bitterly and bravely and did not surrender. Inspite of the assassination of Akkanna ( General) and Madanna ( PM) in the fort by the conspirators, the fort held on for many months. The fort was betrayed by a small time commander Abdullah pani. The Sultan was interned at Daulatabad fort for rest of his life. He died in confinement. With arrest of Tanasha, Kutubshahi dynasty was extinguished. Alamgir extinguished Deccani kingdoms and Marathas were his main enemies for rest of his life. Deccan became his waterloo. Aurangzeb died in 1707 as a failed emperor, tired, exhausted, ashamed, friendless, under remorse and unable to defeat Maratahas. The country was saved from a wretched soul who killed his own brothers, arrested aged father, played all tricks throughout his life, practiced cruelty and fundamentalism. No tear was probably shed for him.

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are at Delhi and are near Ramlila Maidan)

Gandhi. Patel. We have to go fast and see Hazare as early as possible.

Patel. OK Bapu, Jawaharlal, please hurry up.

Nehru. Ok. I am also keen.

Gandhi. I am happy that after me, there is a guy again in the news who has stirred the nation like I have done.

Patel. True.

Nehru. But he is almost blackmailing the govt.

Gandhi. How it is black mailing? He is raising voice against corruption.

Patel. Till date, no one has done like this. Every time a scam was revealed, it was brushed under carpet with some enquiry as they have done with Bofors. They could not punish any one. Katrochi has been let off and all cases are now withdrawn. Guys who made money escaped.

Gandhi. Will it be same for the 2 G scam now?

Patel. We have to see. At present, some guys like Raja and daughter of Karunanidhi are cooling heels in jail. But I am doubtful some thing will come out of these things. They are giving very long rope to all these scamsters.

Gandhi. I am also getting worried.

Patel. Bapu. You know Justice Sen has been recommended for impeachment by Rajya Sabha. Now it has to pass thorough Lok sabha. Once it is done, he will be impeached.

Gandhi. I think this is the first time that a guy has been impeached at the house of elders.

Patel. That was possible because he was not a political leader. If he was a political leader no one could have touched him. Could any thing be done to political leaders in past. At best they resigned. If he threatened to break party with many other MLA or MPs with him things were swallowed.

Gandhi. It is very true. The present scams have occurred due to this situation. Even Dr Manmohan singh once said that due to coalition politics, he kept quiet. That means many things were allowed to be overlooked to keep govt going. Scams were allowed too. Many things were over looked. Free loot went on for years at all levels. People in power made money left right and center.

Patel. What a shame!

Gandhi. At last some guy has come up to teach things to the corrupt guys. Even I could not do that in my time.

Nehru. Where was the time for you? You kicked bucket before any governing started.

Gandhi. True. I was sure that you would guide the country correctly.

Nehru. I did best.

Patel. Every one in this country knows what you did.

Nehru. Are you sarcastic? It sounds like that.

Patel. You know it better.

(The trio now enters the Ramlila Maidan ( wide ground). Surging crowds are present at the ground. Most of them are donning Gandhi caps with letters… Anna we are with you.. Long live Anna. Every where Ramdhun is being played. They are shouting Annaji ki jai.. Vande mataram, Bharat mata ki jai, Jo hamse takrayega.. mitti mein miljayega.

Gandhi. Oh! What a scene! It looks as if freedom struggle is again going on.

Patel. Anna already declared that the second freedom struggle has been launched. He said that the country has to be freed from corrupt governing. The Englishmen have left us. But still worst guys are ruling us at every corner of the country. The Englishmen were alien. They looted our country for few centuries and then left. Of course they streamlined the country and established governing methods. For them, nothing was left to loot in this country. But, the present guys in power are looting everything being the country men. These guys are experts in looting. It is called chorakala in Telugu.

Gandhi. Patel. You are correct and great.

Patel. Bapu. I am not that great. I am only after you.

Nehru. Will you stop praising each other? I am getting vexed up.

Patel. Why are you getting upset? Please do not worry. I will ask Bapu to praise you too.

Gandhi. Please find out Patel. How is Anna? He is an old guy.

( Patel goes to some guys and finds out about Anna’s health. He returns.)

Patel. Bapu. Anna Has become weak. Doctors have advised him to be hospitalized. He is refusing. Recently some religious leaders like Ravi shankar met him too.

Gandhi. What will happen if he becomes serious?

Patel. Probably govt will forcefully feed him.

Gandhi. Will they do it? They are scared guys now.

Patel. This is a final battle. If Hazare breaks fast, it becomes a problem. The tempo will die. It will be again difficult to build up the tempo.

Gandhi. But the old man has to be saved some how,. He has to live to fight further.

Patel. It is also true.

Gandhi. Shall we go to him?

Patel. We may not be allowed.

Gandhi. Why? Tell them that I am father of nation waiting to see him.

Patel. Bapu. No one will believe us. They think that we are from a drama party and we are dressed like them. Any how I shall try.

( Patel goes to the place close to Anna and he is stopped by few volunteers. They are Ramu, Laxman, and Bharat, Shatrghan and Bajrang)

Ramu. Hey. Where are you going?

Patel. I am Patel the iron man of India. Bapu and Jawaharlal are waiting to see Annaji.

Laxman. We never heard such names. Who is this new Gandhi?

Patel. Look at your cap. What it is called?

Bharat. It is called Gandhi Cap.

Patel. The one who invented this cap was original Gandhi. He has come now.

Bajrang. I heard that the original Gandhi died long ago after partition in 1948. He was slain by Nathuram Godse.

Patel. Very correctly said. The same Gandhi has come now. We are his friends. We want to see Annaji.

Laxman. Be careful. These guys could be tricksters. They may harm Annaji. Please do not allow them.

Patel. Why should we harm him? We are also like him.

(Hearing the commotion some senior organizers arrive and enquire .They are Hari and Sarangi )

Hari. Look brothers. Annaji is very weak. It is better not to disturb him.

Patel. We shall see him for a minute and then go.

Sarangi. Look Hari, Let us take these guys to Annaji. They are very old guys.

Hari. OK.

( The trio is taken to Annaji who is lying on a bed fasting. He is surrounded by many aides and some doctors too. Hari leads the trio to Annaji and introduces them to him)

Annaji (In weak tone with half open eyes). Namaste . Who is there? Looks like Bapu. Are you Bapu?

Gandhi. Yes. I am Bapu. Your Bapu. But do not belong to any one today.

Annaji. Iam happy to see you. Namste Patelji and Panditji. Look at me.

Gandhi. You are leading a bold struggle against a corrupt regime.

Annaji. Some one has to do. I am at it. The nation is behind me.

Patel. There must be many crooks in this country in powerful positions who want your struggle to fail.

Annaji. Such guys will always be there. Such men were there in your time too. Now also they are there. They want to make money. They want to sell away the country. Scores of Guys stored money in Swiss banks. Govt knows it. But says it can not do any thing.

Patel. Surely many top guys are involved in it. If the list is exposed, heavens will fall. All efforts are made to hide things.

Annaji. Baba Ramdev tried his best by fighting against it. But he did not succeed. He did not get much response from people when he was forcibly arrested and the sleeping crowd was dispersed in the middle of night.

Gandhi. Failures are stepping stones to success. There is no point dying. General Patton said once, No bast… has won a war by dying for his country, but has won it by making the enemy guys dying for their country. Annaji, remember one thing. You must live to see that your wish is succeeded.You must make your enemies tremble. If a corrupt guy dies lakhs of corrupt guys will emerge. If you die many Hazares will not be born immediately. You are very old and weak too. There could be some uprising immediately and that will die soon as no immediate leader of your caliber is present to day. Your advisors have limited popularity and can not stir the nation as you have done. The masses will become leaderless. The movement will whither away. During First Independence movement that we took up, there were many stalwarts who were very popular and each one of them could lead in my absence. Patel, Jawaharlal, Rajaji, Rajen bapu, Azad, Subhas, Satyamoorthi and many more were there. I am calling our movement as first freedom movement as you have started another movment to free this nation from looters, scamsters, cheats, crooks and thieves who are in the garb of administrators, leaders of all types. None of your immediate followers are of your caliber. They are mediocre. The people do not know them. They can be only led. They can not lead the nation. Therefore, it is very essential that you survive and not sacrifice your life now. If you become very weak you may not recover soon. After all, you are already 74 years old. Therefore do not pull the thread till it breaks. Try to adjust a bit and build continuous pressure over them. Let them not have sleep all their lives. Make them shit in their pants.

Annaji. Thanks Bapu for your advice. I shall try.

Hari. Brothers. It is time we leave Annaji to relax. He is tired.

Patel. Ok Annaji. Please take care of your health. Health is wealth also. Please remember that. Remember what General Patton of America said during World War II. We are leaving.

( The trio walks out singing Ramdhun while a guy presents them Gandhi caps. )


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption has taken the country by storm and is shaking the foundations of the ruling party. A social activist who has struggled all his time after leaving army in developing the society has nothing to loose in this movement. He is not after power and position and this has been amply demonstrated over the years by his selfless work in society. The usual practice in Indian politics is to take up some activity in society affiliated to some political party and rise from a Galli leader ( Street leader) to the position of power through ballot. Of course, there are some exceptions in case of children of well known persons who automatically rise to political power by inheritance. In present political scenario, such men are many and day by day the figure is rising. While the committed workers remain only workers and bearers of flags and banners all their life, these lucky children of influential people become leaders overnight to capture power in political scene. The issue of sentiment is used by the party to win the seat when a leader kicks the bucket. Invariably a leader does not voluntarily retire and he likes to stick on to his position till he falls from grace or is taken away by destiny by the god of death. The Indian democracy has thus turned into a filthy rotten dynastic democracy. Some of the examples are :
Rajesh pilot, Madhav Rao Sindhia died in accidents and Indira Gandhi was assassinated and were succeeded buy their sons. Chaudhry Charan singh after death was succeeded to his clout by Ajit singh his son. Pandit Nehru was succeeded by his daughter Indira Gandhi who became PM. Marri seshidhar reddy became an MLA after the death of his father Marri Chenna Reddy former CM of AP. The son of sleeping PM Deve Gowda also became very strong political person in Karnataka. There are scores of MsLA in the country in different states with where wives or children have inherited the position. Now Rahul Gandhi is waiting in his wings to climb the throne at appropriate moment and all leaders in Congress party are singing his song. Very senior leaders of Congress party give statements that he was the most able and suited person to lead the country. Thus the political cup board in this country is full of skeletons and they are rotten and insect ridden. Of late, the corruption at high levels has taken such a monstrous dimension that even international communities are aghast at the turn of events in India.There has been great support in USA and UK too. Even Pakistan has been inspired by this movement. This is the shameful situation in this country. Anna Hazareji has stimulated the nation with his call for fight against corruption. People from all walks of life including school children who are inspired by his slogan. The response was most unexpected for the government. Every one is asking, “ What is wrong if voice is raised against corruption?”.The government came heavily on Ramdev Babas fast at Delhi citing threat to Baba. He was arrested and taken away to Haridwar. His supporters were dispersed at late night while sleeping using brutal repression. All this was covered by police under law and order control and sadly there was no great uprising from general public. Some how saffron flag was linked to the Baba. However, in case of Hazareji govt was a bit careful and whisked him away to a jail before the fast started. However after sensing danger and public reaction and loss of credibility that they hardly possesses, it softened up and released him with some agreements as a face saving measure. This was no doubt a victory for Hazareji and he is already fasting at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.
Suppression of such voices in fact amounts to abetting the evil. The govt is trying to defend its actions under the garb of law and order issues and to prevent lawlessness in society. It claims that it is at the job of controlling the evil and is trying to pass a self proclaimed bill in Parliament that Anna Hazareji and team resent and rejected it. They want a jan lok pal bill that gives a wider power to the body. Secondly, stand taken by the govt was that it was the responsibility of the elected representatives to tackle this menace of corruption and control it and the civil society representatives could not dictate terms to it. Although in principle it is correct, the credibility of actions by the government and elected representatives are suspect in the prevailing conditions. Civil society in fact has no faith in the government and its leaders as leaders are suspect. The govt has failed to unearth black money at Swiss banks and cites some excuses from time to time. People suspect that all big and influential people masquerading as patriots from politics and industry would be exposed in such revelations. The govt has got serious dubbing with the exposure of scams one after the other and every day some new thing is being exposed. It is but natural that there would be reaction from society when things go out of control and there is no faith left in sincere efforts of those who have been entrusted with the task of governing. In the present situation, the confidence in official machinery has been literally lost in the minds of people. Each and every citizen in India has been living in a society where corruption has been promoted, nurtured and it has thrived at all levels for which the political leaders are mostly responsible. The entire political system has become highly corrupt and the process of elections after five years to state legislatures and parliament is completely submerged in money spinning and it’s changing of hands. Even elections to local bodies like Panchayats, municipaities etc are thriving on corruption. Coming to general administration, each and every Departmnet having public dealings, welfare measures and , law enforcing thrive on corruption. In fact no work can be got done in any govt office with out vetting hands. Officers arrange their postings by bribing. It is believed that important offices and posts are auctioned to the bidders. In all these situations, giver and taker both are to be blamed. There has been a great moral down fall at every level in society. There could be an occasional exception like a white a crow in the flock of black crows. There is an atmosphere of helplessness in society and this is the reason for the spontaneous support from all sections of society to Anna Hazares call for fight against corruption as a second freedom movement.The movent is against an evil and in India every person irrespective of caste creed or religions is seriously affected by it.
In such situation, call of Shahi Imam of Delhi to all Muslims is an unwarranted on and is misguiding. Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari's appeal to Muslims to keep off Anna Hazare's anti-corruption campaign because his supporters were raising chants of "Vande Mataram" is unwarranted, ill thought, ill inspired and ill conceivedBetter sense has prevailed on many Mulsim scholors and prominent Maulanas and Islamic scholars of Uttar Pradesh have reacted strongly to Delhi's Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari's appeal to Muslims. Leading Sunni cleric Maulana Abul Irfan Mian Firangi Mahli and well known Shia scholar and cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawaad said that since Hazare was not forcing Vande Mataram on anyone, there was nothing wrong if Muslims joined the campaign launched by the social activist He said that the issue was not about Vande Mataram but corruption. Absolutely there was no reason why Muslims should be dissuaded from joining this campaign when every one knew how corruption was eating into the system and making the lives of people miserable. He also cited that slogan was also used by MK Gandhi where every rallied around him irrespective of faith. He was the opinion that it was high time that the youth rose against the evil and thus extended support to Hazareji. Thus the narrow mindedness of Imam Buhari has been exposed. He also said that Anna Hazareji has not forced any one to shout Vande mataram and if Muslims joined the protest they might shout Allah o Akbar or they might remain silent. But they must extend support in the fight against corruption.
Thus there is an awakening too in other faiths to support Anna in his fight against corruption and all wise Muslims should therefore summarily reject call of Imam Bukhari who is trying to fish in troubled waters. They must rise to occasion and extend hand to their brethren in society in this important hour for nation building and cleansing of the system. It will be now or never. Hazares are not born every day. There is no difference between a Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian, Buddhist, Parsi or Jain in this fight against corruption and repressive attitude of the government.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
India is ruled by spineless men
Their evil deeds are difficult to even pen
The shady guys are sunk in scams to the brim
While these crooks try to be happy and trim
Kasabs and Afzals enjoy in an Indian jail
They committed gravest crimes while their women wail
Crores of rupees have been already spent
While some nuts in India to save them are hell bent
The rulers sunk in dark deeds are in spin
Although outside they shout and make big din
They lost the moral right to rule this land
While many clowns are busy playing to their band
The shady leaders erase all others rights
And they pose themselves as great knights
They float in an aimless leaky boat
That is ready any moment to sink in a moat
A guy is busy warming his seat
Ready to be given to a kid devoid of any meat
He is like a fowl siting on its eggs
And all know that he is with weak knees and legs
A guy can not speak a word on his own
And this weakness to all is very well known
He has no clue to hang the criminals where and when
Yet he leads a bunch of inefficient and useless men


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen outside Secunderabad railway station. They are near statue of Subhas Chandra Bose. It is already dark and cold. )

Gandhi. Look Patel. This is the statue of Netaji Bose.

Patel. Yes Bapu.

Gandhi. But why he is in this dress? He is wearing a Congress dress with Gandhi cap.

Patel. True. Bose was originally a congress man. He was your great admirer too.

Gandhi. True. But he became more famous after he left India and raised Indian National Army ( INA) first in Germany and then in Japan. He became supreme commander of INA. People are happy to see him in Military Uniform of INA rather in congress dress.

Patel. Bapu. After we got independence Boses memory has been down played. Ever one knows about it.

( In the mean time there is big flash in sky and lights go off. The trio gets close to the statue. They suddenly find the statue moving and waving at them. The trio slowly go the statue. Subhas has become alive on pedestal. He gets down from Pedestal)

Subhas. Hello Bapu and Jawaharlal and Patel Bhai. Welcome to this place.

Gandhi. Hello Subhas. How are you? We are meeting after decades

Subhas. True. There was no occasion. In heavens I stay in a separate army colony reserved for uniformed men . We are busy there. I stay with my wife there.

Patel. You look different in this dress. How you accepted this attire?

Subhas. This statue was erected by a Congress government in state. They could not digest erecting my statue in Japanese Admirals uniform. They could not over come their bias. Therefore they made my statue with this congress dress.

Patel. Are you comfortable with this.

Subhas. Surely not. I am unhappy with this Dhoti and cap.

Gandhi. We know that. You parted ways with us long ago after you resigned as Congress President.
Subhas. But I am fine. But feel sad because I had to come here before I could achieve my mission. Damn it. The Japanese surrendered after Americans dropped the atom bomb on Japan. They still had power to continue to fight. In fact many Generals were not willing to surrender and wanted to continue fighting and see the end.

Patel. Yeah. But there is nothing in our hands. It is god’s will.

Subhas. True. All the guys in India feel that India got freedom by your peace marches , , fasts and non co operation of course with Bhajans. There is not even an ounce of credit to the actions of Indian National Army in the freedom struggle. Kids are being taught that all is Gandhi’s work and others just ran and limped. Many times even my photo is missing from textbooks. They do not even mention my name. It is all Nehrus and Gandhis all over.Even Patel is sidelined. He is in the list of .. They also ran. Such things happen. The family of Jawharlal rules India. The sycophants are around them and prop up them. How shameful it is indeed!.

Patel. True. Otherwise, there is no existence for them. Even my actions and role are much under played in history books. I was responsible for amalgamating all princely states in India including Junagarh in Gujrat and the vexed Hyderabad. The Nizam of Hyderabad was trying to have independent country in the center of India. It almost materialized but for me.

Subhas. I know that. Jawaharlal, Jawaharlal dilly-dallied the issue. He was against the military action against Hyderabad. The Nizam played havoc with Hindus in the state. He gave a free hand to Kasim Razvi, the Razakar commander and a thug, of course self styled Field Marshal. Police chief Deen yar jung was no less in abetting Razakars.

Patel. I had to take decision at last and I did it. I taught Nizam a grand lesson. Asfajahi rule ended with a single stroke. He boasted that Waters of Bay of Bengal would wash Nizams feet. He yelled that Asafjahi flag will fly on Red fort in Delhi. I think he was a mad guy. He stated in Delhi that it would be better to die with sword in hand than dying with a stroke of pen. This he stated after he had discussions with me.He had no courage to become a martyr during Police action and he was arrested.He did not fire a single bullet. He was very dangerous character.

Subhas. Well done Patel, Or else, Hyderabad would have been another Kashmir to the credit of Nehru. I am proud of your actions. You saved India from having a central Pakistan in India.

Patel. True.But I am very happy with Indian Army. They did a quick work of Razakars and Nizams state army. They were rubbed over the ground with in no time.

Subhas. I am happy that I am out of this shit that is going on in this country. .

Patel. Me too.

Subhas. Do you know this? Recently some one asked information about me from the Indian Government under the clause of right to information. He was told that no such information was available with the Government. There was none like Subhas Chadra Bose. What a shame really? Govt has no information about me. That was disgraceful indeed.

Patel. Very true. This is because only Nehrus and Gandhis should exist as per the present dictums. Only information with respect to them should be available. Rest all should be thrown in Arabian sea.

( They suddenly find a group of peope at distance shouting “vote for Rahul. The prince is on way to the throne. He is the next Prime Minister… Vote for him.. Three cheers to the future PM”)

Subhas. Who are these guys? Who is Rahul? He was the son of LordBuddha.

Patel. They are supporters of Rahul Gandhi, son of Rajiv Gandhi and grandson of Indira Gandhi and Feroz Gandhi. Great grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru.Great Great grand son of Motilal Nehru. Great .. Great… Great… grand son of Motilals father, Great, Great, Great , Great Grand son of Motilals Grand father.…..

Subhas.. It is ok… Ok.. Ok. Ok.. Ok..Ok. What is so great about him?

Patel. He is the son of Rajiv and is from Nehru dynasty. That is the first and foremost requirement and he satisfies it. He can not be blamed either. Every one can become the PM of this country. He also can become. This guy is being projected as the next PM of the country and dynastic succession would continue . You know . Indians are the greatest guys with slavish mentality. They wee initially slaves to various tribes of outsiders, then to Muslims, Then to English men and now to Gandhis and Nehrus. The seat of PM is now given to the safest bet who can vacate at will. It is strange that some leaders projected him as the next PM when Man mohan Singh was still in chair. Recently Dr Man Mohan Singh declared that he would vacate his place for Rahul whenever desired. He is a great loyalist to Nehru dynasty. Otherwise who will make him the PM? He can not win elections on his own.

Subhas. What a shame indeed to a great country like India that produced great Emperors like Ashoka, Chandragupta, Harsha, Samudragupta. Akbar… ( Sings)

What a great shame indeed
Where all are full of only greed
Real heroes are forgotten long ago
As the extinct Australian bird DODO

Patel. Well said Subhas. You hit the nail on the skull. That’s why you were not liked when alive in congress circles. You were hounded out of Congress Presidentship. Probably many might have felt greatly relieved when your death was heard in an air crash
After Japan surrendered in WW II.

Subhas. I also feel it. Any how, forget about it. Silly affair indeed. I am shocked. Can’t this great country produce a mature leader capable of donning the mantle far away from the present dynasty.

Patel. The problem is that every one is cut to size in the party. The Stalwarts in the party have no voice. They are throttled and necks are squeezed. They have belts around their necks and all belts are held by the shadow PM. Please know not the real PM. They are only puppet dancers on the screen. Real hands pulling the strings in this show of puppets are behind. These power seekers hang on for tidbits and bits of bones and crumbs and morsels of food thrown at them as party tickets and posts of cabinet ranks. They make hay while the prince shines. They can not shine by themselves. They are not stars. They are dead planets. They can not glow by themselves. Light has to fall on them. You know moon can not shine on its own. It shines only due to sun rays falling on it. If the sun rays do not fall moon will be utterly dark and ugly object. Same is the case is with these guys in Congress party.

Subhas. Haaa..Haaa..Haa .Very true.

Patel. Look Subhas. In India at present, dynastic succession is ultimate. If a minister kicks the bucket while in power, immediately his son , wife or daughter gets the party ticket for the bye-election. The son could be anti social, rowdy, thug and might have been involved in kidnap and murder cases too. Ok. Nothing is wrong. That is democracy. Every thing is ok. They make all efforts to ensure his victory. They also request other parties not to contest particular seat. Ultimately some woman who can only raise her finger comes to power. The son of the demised leader who has police cases against him all of a sudden puts on noble dress and becomes MLA or even MP.He puts on white clothes with black heart with a party coloured towel around his neck.There are scores of guys like this in India. Although Kings have vanished kingship remains still in India.

Subhas. What a shame?

Patel. In fact the word shame has to feel ashamed of it. Basically Indians are king oriented and want dynastic rules. They suffer slavish mentality. They work well when some one nicely flogs them. Democracy is just a sham. It is millions miles away from democracies in England and USA. It is ok, the Indian constitution was copied from western sources. But that was only on paper. In practice, it is different. It is Indian style. For many, politics is a family profession. A lawyer’s son becomes lawyer. A doctor wants his son to become a doctor (Remember MBBS not RMP). RMP is a registered medical practitioner or a native doctor. Similarly all politicians groom their sons and daughters in this way. Even Jawaharlal Lal no different. He prepared his daughter. She became Congress President. Her charm was built up and all gathered around her clapping and singing. Soon she became center figure and leaders of the party fell at her feet.

Subhas. But, Lal Bahadur was great.

Patel. It was only Lal Bahadur Shastri former PM who was above the board. The great guy walked off on foot after resigning as railway minister after train accidents and refused official car. But see now. The railway minister refuses to resign after train disasters. Poor Gulzarilal Nanda who was twice PM (Temporary) struggled on bicycle on Delhi roads after loosing his clout.

Subhas. That was disgraceful really.

Gandhi. Hello. Patel and Subhas. I have something to say

Patel. Fine Bapu. Please go ahead.

Gandhi. I did not promote my sons. They died unsung and un herad. When I died after partition within a year in 1948, the guys must have surely felt greatly relieved. Some people must have surely celebrated. I was more stressing on morals and right conduct. The guys knew that they had power in hand now after centuries of despair. Every one was itching for power and authority and money too.

Patel. Probably true for some. Many were vexed up when you took up fast for paying Rs 50 crores to Pakistan.

Gandhi. (Looks other way.) Yeah, I know it and finally Nathuram Godse put bullets into me afterwards. He did a quick work of me. I had no chance to escape. I am happy that I left and was saved from seeing the down fall in morals in Indian leaders.

Subhash. Sir, In all countries such things happen. People who taste power will never step down. They shall hang on. Were you not also like that when alive? I was literally forced to resign as Congress President. I can quote hundreds of examples. Joseph Stalin, Mao, Zia ul Haq, Ayub Khan, Shah Pehalwi, Indira Gandhi, and many more.

Gandhi. Subhas, forget past. Look my name has become a catchy slogan for the congress to catch votes. Without my name, they can never get any vote. So my memory has become immortal atlesat for sake of votes.

My name is used for only votes
And all the guys are busy collecting notes
Gandhi’s name is very dear to these clowns and nuts
While poor in India in rains suffer leaking huts

Patel. Sir! well said

Gandhi.Are you not happy with me Subhas?

Subhash. Why I should be unhappy with you sir? I always respect you in high esteem

Gandhi. Thanks dear.

Patel. That was good sir. Let us forget the guys in India who are running after power and mischief making. We have done our job well. History shall always remember our good deeds in golden letters. The present guys will surely vanish in the dark pages of History un sung and unheard.

Subhash. Surely

Gandhi. Ok Dear Bye… Jai Hind

Patel. OK Subhas. Thanks, see you.

Subhash. Ok Bye, In fact it was my slogan. best of luck to all of you

(In the distance Marshall music is heard while Subhas smartly climbs pedestal and turns into statue)

Gandhi. Come on Patel and Jawahar. We have to go fast. Anna Hazare has started fast at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. We have to go and see him. Hurry up

( The trio vanishes from the place)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is the entrance of Hell and it is guarded by the Yamadoots (soldiers) of Lord Yama the god of death. They are weird in appearance with huge built, pot bellies with canine teeth and twin horns on their heads.Their names are Rudraroopa, Vikataroopa and vichitrasura They hold very big swords of strange shapes and look like demons. They look very cruel and fearsome too. Suddenly they find three persons Ekambram, Taja and Appa escorted by few Yamdoots. The leader of the yamadoots who brought the persons is Vikararoopa ( One with ugly looks). He speaks to the guards at the gate. )

Vikararoopa. Look Brother, Vikatasura. We have brought three guys from Earth and these guys belong to India.

Vikatasura. That is fine. But have you gone on your own or some one has sent you?

Vikararoopa. Brother. You know that we can not bring any one here on our own. The death god decides and we get orders from Chitragupta , the record assistant of Hell in turn to get the guys.

Vikatasura.. Oh I forgot about it. To which city these guys belong?

Vikararoopa. All these guys are from Hasthinapura. It is now called Delhi.

Vikatasura. Good. Look, All these guys are over weight and appear to be well fed.

Vikararoopa. Why not? These guys made lot of money in India. All these guys were leaders of political parties. They made tons of money, ate like pigs throughout their lives, drank like fish and slept like hogs. Naturally they get overweight and grow like pigs.

( In the mean time Chitraguta arrives with a a big register. He looks at the people waiting at the gate)

Chitragupta. So, You brought these guys finally. I am happy. Lord Yama will be too happy now.

Appam. Sir. What we have done to be brought to this place? This place looks very fearsome.

Chitragupta. This is hell not a pleasant place to live.

Appa. Eee..eeee.. Please leave me. I am scared.

Ekambram. Sir. All my life I prayed three times to God Shiva. Performed all Pujas and gave donations too.

Chitragupta. But you were highly corrupt and made tons of money.

Ekambram. That every one does in India now. I am not alone.

Chitragupta. All will have their turn too.

Taja. I am innocent. By mistake I am brought here. I am sure .

Chitragupta. No such mistakes are committed here. Your dossier is here. Do you want to see? Every action of individuals are recorded. We have a divine soft ware that records everything every second for all types of creatures. You also made lot of money by corrupt means.

Taja. But I gave lot of money to temples although I do not believe in them, fed poor, gave them clothes.

Chitragupta. Look. You have to suffer. There is no escape. You guys think that no one bothers for your actions. But sadly you are mistaken. You are being watched all the time by some one.

( In the mean time Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen passing close by. They are seen singing Ram Bhajan… Ramji Karega beda par.. Udaasi mun kaheko dure….) They come out of gates of heavens that are close to Hell gate. They look at the people at the gates of hell. Gandhi gets interested.)

Gandhi. Patel. There appears to be some problem here. These guys appear to be from India. Some argument is going on here. Shall we help them?

Nehru. Bapu. We are dwellers of heavens. Why get involved here.?

Gandhi. Come on Jawahar. Learn to take care of those who are in trouble.

Patel. Bapu. Better we leave this place and enter gate of heavens.

Gandhi. Do not be a scared crow. We shall see. Move now.

(The trio slowly approaches the gate of hell)

Yamadoot. Look guys. Please do not come very close. Do not make mistake of entering hell gate. You can not go out. That is law.

Gandhi. We shall stay away. What is the problem here? Why argument is going on here?

Chitragupta. I know you guys. You are Mr Gandhi, Nehru and Patel from India. These guys are great sinners and so they were brought to hell. They are not entering the gate and arguing.

Patel. Why waste time with them? You have formula no I.

Nehru. What is that Patel?

Patel. Yamadoots will kick these sinners black and blue and drag them inside. That is normal way. I do not know why they are playing kind with these guys.

Nehru. They were political leaders in India. So they are getting some respect.

Chitragupta. They were pleading with us.

Patel. Look guys. This is no more India where the political leaders could do anything and get away. You have enjoyed enough there. Now get ready for kicks here.

Chitragupta. What is this sir? Do you mean that in India there is no law to punish corrupt guys.

Patel. Laws are there surely. But who will implement? Top to bottom corruption prevails in India. Then who will catch whom? Law makers, law enforcers are also in this ring. That is the problem.

Chitragupta. Is that so bad there? We never knew. Is there no govt there?..

Patel. It is there for namesake. Spineless and timid too. They are trying to save their seats all the time. They are posing as if they are after curbing corruption. But actions are different. They are throttling protest voices by force, by character assassination, use of police force ,withch hunting and probes and enquiries. What else what not?

Chitragupta. This is very bad. I have to tell Yamraj soon. Under any case, all these will be automatically recorded in their life history automatically by our super divine computer.You guys claim that you are advanced in IT and Computers. But you guys are no match to us. You can never overtake us. When some one’s time comes, we get feed back automatically and Yamadoots are ready for action. By the by, what are these seats. Are they special leather seats? Are they like kings thrones?

Patel. Yeah. They are almost like that. They have great power once they sit on the seats. They become autocratic with dictatorial actions. The brains get distorted once some one sits on them.

Chitragupta. Can’t you pull them down? It is in your hands. If you break chairs leg he will immediately fall down.

Gandhi. Look sir. In India we have a system of governing called democracy. People elect some guys to state assemblies and also to parliament that is a higher body. People make groups called parties and contest. Out of these elected guys, some one will become Prime Minister depending up on the majority of any one group. They are called birds of same feather. He is like a swan in a group of crows.

Chitragupta. That means that guy must be most admired guy by every one in that group.

Gandhi. Not necessarily. Some time, the guys is selected by some influential persons who run the party from behind. They are shadow leaders. It is like a Puppet show. In Puppet show, the guy controlling the puppets from behind a curtain operates strings attached to limbs of puppets and they dance in front public watching the show.Puppet show is a great fun.They will select a guy who is ready to act like a puppet.

Chitragupta. That is great indeed. We are absolutely ignorant about this.

( In the mean time, Yamraj arrives holding his great mace. He shouts in thundering voice)

Yama. What is going on here?

Nehru. Bhai. You are a new guy here. Who are you? I am shit scared to look at you.

Yama. Iam Yamunda… Yama.. the lord of death

Nehru. Eee..ee..eeee.

(Nehru closes his eyes and runs and hides behind Gandhi. Patel giggles )

Yama. Who is this scared guy? By the by, who are these guys in funny dresses?

Chitragupta. Sir. They belong to heavens. They happened to come here and are watching us at the gate.

Yama. I see. Now what is the problem? Why this commotion at the gate of Hell?

( Some Yamadoots run and bring a throne for Yama. He sits happily on the throne. He keeps his mace next to him. The mace slips and rolls on to Nehru’s foot. He cries loudly)

Nehru.. ee..eee.. bachao ( Save me) I am hurt. Ee..ee

Yama. I am sorry. I should have been careful.

( Some Yamadoots pick up the mace carefully and keeps it aside this time with great care.)

Gandhi. Never mind sir. These things keep happening. You were not intentional.

Yama. You appear to be a good guy. So you are in heavens. Relax and be at ease. What was the discussion going on here? I heard something from behind.

Gandhi. Once these guys form a government they will continue for five years. Whether it is a rule or misrule people have to suffer. There is no way out. They can not be pulled down. They enjoy majority and if opposition tries a no confidence motion, all ruling guys will vote against the motion. So they continue. It is a crooks galore.

Chitragupta. That is a great joke. In that case, people suffer like in hell.

Gandhi. Hell I think is better. Atleast we suffer in front of Yamraj. We get cleansed of sins. There it is not like that.

Chitragupta. You must be having a king too.

Patel. We do no have a king, but have President.

Yamaraj. What does he do?

Patel. He sits calm cool and enjoys his time and tenure. He passes time visiting places around the country and at times goes for Medical operations that are free of cost.He is busy celebrating mmariage days, birth days etc.All these guys are very old ready to come to you sir. This is a rehabilitation camp for such guys.

Yamaraj. What? Then why is there?

Gandhi. His job is to sign wherever he has to sign on papers duly marked and sent by the ruling party boss. He keeps his pen ready. When required, he sits on decisions for ages. He has no choice. He is like a Rubber stamp along with an Ink pad. He has no choice. He closes his eyes most of the time and enjoys bliss.

Yamraj. What is this rubber stamp?

Gandhi. It is a seal of authority used by kings. It is a royal seal. Haa..Haa..Haa..

Yamraj. When he will go away?

Gandhi. That is when the ruling party wants him to go. They do not want stiff guys. They want ..yes.. men or women. That is the criteria.

Yamaraj. Ha..Haa.. After all you are human beings. Upper story is empty.

Chitraguta. We were discussing misrule if I remember correctly.

Gandhi. There is no way out for this misrule. They have to wait for elections to arrive. Invariably it is after five years.

Yamraj. Oh .No. The period is very long. Any how, in past demons enjoyed power till they reached climax of committing sins. Then Lord Vishnu incarnated himself and killed the demons along with the leader. It happened in all his manifestations.

Gandhi. Sir does it mean that Lord Vishnu will appear again to get rid off these guys I India?

Yamraj. It has to be. Probably their time has not arrived yet.

Patel. ( Cries) How long sir, this suffering?

Yamraj. Have patience. All will be OK soon.

Patel. Sir Thanks and with your assurance, I am relieved much.

Chitragupta. Sir. We were involved in some discussion for long time and I am sorry I forgot to tell you about the three persons who were brought by Yamdoots to hell ( He shows them to Lord of death. The three persons appear cool and calm)

Ekambram ( in low tome) Bhai Taja. What to do now? We are cornered.

Taja. Do not get panicky.

Appa. What is that?

Taja. It is very simple. All guys fall for something. Let us offer some thing to them and bargain for heavens. Appaji, You are also an expert in this game.

Ekambram. Please try. We are with you.

( Taja Calls Chitragupta to side and talks to him)

Taja. Look brother, Please help us. What is your requirement? We are ready for that.

Chitragupta. I can not understand what you say.

Taja. Please do not act. Tell me the figure.

Chitragupta. Which figure? It does not make sense to me.

Taja. I offer Rs three Lakh gold and send us to heavens

Chitagupta. Are you trying to bribe me?

Taja. It is not bribe. It is called Mamool, a Token of presentation for your services.

Yama. What is going on there?

Chitragupta. Sir, these guys are trying to bribe us. They think this is India.

( Yama gets wild and gets up from his throne. He lifts up his mace with great vigor. He yells…..

How dare are these guys!
Who try to bribe us with gold
Hang these guys up side down
And kick them hard for being so bold

What they think of this great Hell
I shall show them life very soon
I shall chew their muscles and bones
And scatter them over sun and moon

They think it is India the corrupt
And ready to buy one and all
Skin these guys now itself in front of me
And hang their heads in hall of infame

I shall smash their heads with this mace
And cut them to pieces with this great knife
These crooks will forget what they were once
And that they enjoyed all their life

Chitragupta. Sir Cool down. We shall tackle them soon.

( He looks at yamadoots and gives orders)

Chitragupta. These guys do not deserve any mercy. They tried to bribe us thinking that this is India where they could do all. Drag them inside, kick them hard with boots, Spear them all along the route. Once they are inside these punishments should be given every day.
Day 1. Trample them under the feet of asses and sink them in shit and Urine pots

Day 2. Cut them with saws limb by limb and apply salt and pepper

Day 3. Skin them limb by limb and fry them in oil

Day 4. Beat them with whips after making cuts on bodies. Drive nails everywhere in their bodies

Day 5 Let lions devour them

Day 6. Throw them down the hill over onto spikes

Day 7. All day long boil them in hot water.

Ekambram, Raja and Appa ( cry loudly). Sir. Please excuse us. We never knew that you are honest unlike Indians. Please save us. We were not alone there in India. There were many guys.

Yama. Nothing doing. I shall bring them soon here.

Gandhi. May I say some thing sir?

Yama. Please go ahead.

Gandhi. Are the punishments justified? Is their any appeal with Lord Vishnu or Shiva?

Yama. This is not earth. My verdict is final. There is no appeal. They do not interfere.

Gandhi. In case of Markandeya your vedict was overruled by Lord Shiva.

Yama. You have good knowledge of scriptures. I am slightly happy with you. These sinners are not like Markandeya. These guys are thieves, Corrupt and big crooks. They have no case.

Patel. Good sir. We have no case to plead for them.

Nehru. Will we land up here some time?

Patel. Yes, Depending on our stay in heavens. Once the time is over, we have to reach here too.

Nehru. Eee..eeee..aa…aaa.. (faints )

Gandhi. Patel. Lift this guy. We shall take him home

( Patel and Gandhi pick up Nehru and walk away after bowing to Yamraj. He smiles)

( Yamraj gets up, takes his mace and walks away while the Yamdoots drag the condemned guys into hell kicking them hard . Other yamdoots laugh)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at Rajghat in Delhi. They are sitting on a cement bench at the gate and singing Ramdhun. A police party approaches them. The party is led by an SI and four constables. All are armed with AK 47 rifles)

SI. Who are you guys? Why are you sitting here?

Patel. We are tired. That is why we are relaxing here. Is sitting here a crime or taboo?

SI. This is not a picnic spot. This is not a place to relax either.

Patel. Then why bench is here?

( SI scratches his bald head removing his cap)

SI. Whatever it is, you can not sit here. This is Delhi police law.

Patel. Then a board should be displayed accordingly.Where is it? How do we know?

SI. Look old man. Why do you argue with us?We are on patrolling duty. We have orders that no one should be allowed to gather here.

Patel. Look SI sahib. We are old guys. Look at us. Are we looking like mischief makers? We are simple, ill fed and very old guys almost dead. We have not gathered here. We are relaxing.

Nehru. Why say almost? We are already dead.

SI. Come on guys. No jokes apart. Leave this place.

Patel. We have no place to go.

SI. Where do you stay?

Patel. We keep roaming everywhere as we have no place.

SI. Look. I am again warning you. This is a trouble some spot. Yesterday Hazare addressed very large gathering here on corruption. Whole Delhi police was on high alert.

Gandhi. Was there any trouble? Were they carrying arms like Rifles, cannons, spears, swords?

SI. No. No . There was nothing like that. Poor guys did not carry a pin. But we have orders not allow even a bird to come here.

Gandhi. If it is so, we shall go. We do not want to put you in trouble.

SI. You appear to be wise. But these two guys appear to be difficult guys. They argue always.They need to be hammered.

Patel.Hee..Hee ( within himself… your IQ is only that much)

SI. What is there to laugh? You are also murmuring.Please go. By the by, you guys appear familiar. I have seen you guys some where.

Patel. You have seen the guy’s photo on Indian currency notes. He is MK Gandhi.

SI. Yeah. Correctly said. Are you Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi?

.Gandhi. No . I am Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi. Mahatma is my title suggested by Tagore.

SI. Oh Sharmila Tagore!

Patel. Come on SI Sahib. You do not know even this? It was Rabindranath Tagore and not the film actress of yester years.

SI. You can not be. He died long ago. I read in school. You are dressed up like him. I must appreciate for your talent. Do you also take part in some dramas.?

Gandhi. Do you recognize these two guys?

SI.I am not sure. There was one guy with white topi and was called Pandit Nehru. He always had a rose on his coat button.

Nehru. That is me.

Patel. You can never know me. I am Patel. There is hardly a statue of me.

SI. OK. OK. Keep feeling that you are Gandhi, Patel and Nehru. Be happy like that. If you delay I have to send you to Tihar jail to stay with Hazare.

Gandhi. What? Is Hazare in jail?

SI. Yes. He is put in jail. He has been put behind bars for violating orders of Delhi Police. Come on. Leave now.

(The trio gets up and starts walking into distance and the police party drives away. Once the police van disappears the trio returns and sit again on the bench)

Gandhi. It is good that the guys have gone. Patel. I am much upset with arrest of Hazare.

Patel. It was expected. I have no surprise. The govt broke Ramdev Baba’s fast too with great violence un leashed on sleeping guys at late night. It was like Aswaddhama attacking camp of Pandavas after Mahabharatha war in the night under stealth. He killed five sons of Pandavas assuming them to be Pandava princes.

Nehru. Oh! You know scriptures so well.

Patel. Do you think it is only you who knows everything?

Nehru. I never said that.

Gandhi. I am not that much read to remember these things. Patel. Why he had to kill the poor guys?

Patel. Bapu. Bheema broke thighs of Duryodhana in duel with mace and the dying Kaurava prince took an oath from Ashwatthama that he would slay pandavas and bring their heads. In fact Aswatthama went to see the fallen Prince on battle field.

Gandhi. How sad? So these police guys are like the warrior Aswatthama.

Patel. I only compared. But this time Hazare was taken away by simply arresting him. They say it is for violating orders. But people will not keep quiet.

Nehru. Why? Police has to do its duty. All are equal in front of law.

Gandhi. But Anna was leading a peaceful protest of fasting. How Govt can stop it? That means no one can protest in India.

Nehru. Probably Annas fast would have caused law and order problem.

Gandhi. Why. Or they terrorists? We are not able to do any thing against terrorists. They are able to create problem whenever they want and wherever they want. Why Poor Hazare should be targeted? They should use energies against anti national and anti social elements.

Patel. True.

Nehru. How govt can bow to a person from society? How they can govern?

Gandhi. Are they governing? Do you believe it? If they are governing why so many scams have taken place? In history of India, this is the worst time. We hear that Nadir Shah looted Delhi and Mughal’s treasure that was collected for nearly 200 years. But now these leaders and their stooges have become a Nadir shah each. Hazare is fighting these guys now. Is it a crime?

Nehru. This is not the way to fight.

Patel. Please tell us the way. We shall tell Hazareji.

Nehru. He has to leave the problem to elected representatives in Parliament to sort out the issue.

Patel. Well said. If those could solve where was the issue? Why this nation could become corrupt to this level? You were the PM for nearly two decades. Could you solve it? Did you make efforts atleast?

Nehru. My rule was far better.I had many things to do. This much corruption was not there.

Gandhi. Instead of acting tough with the scamsters and bring back Swiss money showing all types of reasons this Govt has embarked on this show of force.

( In the mean time very large crowd marches on the road shouting slogans against govt. They shout Hazareji Zindabad… Down with PM… Mukherjee.. Chidambaram )

Gandhi. Now things are working well. People have woken up.I am very happy now.

Patel. Sure. Govt will be surely shaken up..How can they act like that? ( shouts). Hazare.. Jindabad.. Long live Peoples rights..

Gandhi. Let us also join them

Nehru. It will be bad to do that.

Nehru. What people will think of us?

Gandhi. They will feel happy.

Nehru. I will join , but I shall not shout slogans. I will stay hidden.

Patel. Hee..Heee.. Be happy like that.

( The trio also joins the crowd and shout slogans along with them. People are happy watching them. Gandhi sings………

Kadam Kadam Badhaye jaa..
Khushi ke geet gaye ja
Luteronko is deshse
Dhoor Dhoor Bhagaye jaa
Kadam Kadam Badhaye jaa..
Khushi ke geet gaye ja

Patel does fast jig singing the song )



DR K Prabhakar Rao

Power in India will go to the hands of dirty rascals
While all will be rogues,robbers freebooters and jackals
The leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw
And they hide their dirty hearts as if in a woman's bra.

They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts
While in mischief making they find ways of all sorts
They will fight among themselves for position and power
And the nation would fall down the high and steep tower

India in political squabbles would be eternally lost
And the day is not far off and it would occur very fast
Day would come when taxed would be water and air
While for these leaders in India all would be seen as fair


Sir Winston Churchill is having the last laugh in heavens
As India is in the hands of looters and criminals to the core
What the old man said years ago is perfectly true
These guys to nation have become puss filled oozing dirty sore