Sunday, May 31, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

I am the ugly duck the extinct Australian DODO

Can sit at one place and only quack

My size is so huge and large

That all the guys would come and simply whack

I was born in Avadi yard of Madras

Where my sisters and aunts too were born

I stayed in mother’s womb for thirty years

At last came out as an owl coming out of a barn

I am like an aged fatty matron with lumps of flesh

That has crossed the youth, vigor and prime

I lumber around with sagging plump breasts

While my supporters happily sing the nursery rhymes

I slog around with defective tracks

That can snap at any point of time while on run

I shall crawl for few yards when tracks give way

For watchers that will be great and real fun

I spend most of the time in the army sheds

While guys rub my shining Armour and steel

Once in a while move my gun left and right

That gives me solace and some confidence I do some times feel

I at times moved down the Road at India gate

While soldiers in groups marched past

The driver in the seat crossed his fingers

I always thought this ride would be the first and last in life

The army has not fought a tank war after the last Indo pak war

The guns have worn out in the usual cleaning and rubbing spree

Three decades have passed without firing the gun at the foe

While many officers simply climbed the promotion tree

Al Khalid Pakistan tanks are roaring across the borders

Ready to crossover in bulk when said “Go ahead”

The army now displays blunt out Armour claws

While Arjun is struggling in army that is fighting for its bread

I am the heavy matron struggling to survive

While the Generals simply look other way

The research guys had nice time for four decades at my cost

And took the nation on rough camel ride with all in the fray

@ Arjun is the name of the battle tank that is in army to day. Recently more tanks were handed over to India army and DRDO took nation for a camel ride reseraching these tanks, God bless Indian army with these tanks.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao

India and Pakistan have become nuclear states, but not nuclear powers. Both the nations can not sustain long war and would economically collapse soon. The effects of war on both countries would be disastrous and their growth would be pushed by decades. This happened in the past. Although India claims to be advanced, yet it is a third world country plagued by poverty, unemployment, corruption and disease. Pakistan is no different and stands next to India. Yet both countries have spent very heavily on military strength and arsenal. India developed nuclear arsenal while poverty remained greatly in the country. Countering Pakistan was more important to India than improving economic conditions of people. Both the countries are highly dependent on other nations for oil. Oil dictates the outcome of war and both countries can not sustain long war and would collapse if the war continues over few months. This happened in past too. Pakistan became worried after India’s first nuclear explosion during Mrs. Gandhi’s period as Prime Minister and desperately tried and achieved the status of a nuclear state. It is believed that China helped it to build the expertise under the very nose of USA. In spite of the American vigilance, probably the American aid received by Pakistan was diverted for the clandestine building of the weapons and to day it is a fait accompli. It has achieved the required aim of brow beating India now and then with nuclear threat. Pakistan has kept nuclear options open while India as a self styled true apostle of peace ( A Gandhian fad) proclaimed that it will not be the first to use the weapon. India too has become defensive now in view of the weapon that is surely like a stone in the hands of a lunatic. With the weapon in store Pakistan has become further bold and abetting terrorism in Kashmir and in other parts of the Country. Its complicity in Bombay attack by the Pak based terrorists is well proven and India looked- on helplessly. India had no will to fight Pakistan and in fact had no proper plans too. It only clamored as a wronged nation expecting America to bring pressure on Pakistan with repeated requests to hand over the criminals. Even a small child in primary school will know that this strategy will not work and the culprits will not own up. It has been a great let down of the people by the Indian government. Indian prestige and honor have been eroded at the hands of the leaders who were in power at that time. In spite of four major wars Indian leaders have not learnt lessons and still grope in darkness clueless of any policy and plan to counter Pak adventurism.
Some arm chair strategists and pseudo experts in India claim that there is nothing to get worried about Pak nukes. They have their own theory ( Lop sided?) to support their claims. They hide their heads like ostriches hoping that all would be well.
Pakistan at present in great turmoil and is facing stiff challenges from Pak Taliban and al Qaeda and its army is fighting bitterly in North west. In spite of the grave situation, Pak is likely to consider India as a serious threat and would do all to maintain tensions with India. A top US military official recently said Pakistan is unlikely to lose focus on India, even as it has begun to realize the serious danger by the terrorists within the country. "It's my view they are not going to lose their focus on India”. Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Congressional hearing recently ( 1) President Barrack Obama says that Pakistan's 'large' nuclear arsenal is a worry for India and the U.S especially at a time when terror outfits like Al Qaeda and Taliban are trying to get such weapons. The President's comments coincided with the release of the latest satellite photos which revealed that Pakistan is multiplying its nuclear arsenal much beyond its present stable of 60 to 100 weapons and increasing their destructive power and deliverability system. He also said, “"We do not want a world of continued nuclear proliferation and that in order for us to meet the security challenges in the future America has to take the leadership in this area," he added. Thus there is no doubt that India faces serious threat from Pak on the nuclear front while our pseudo strategists with Ostrich attitude think other way. The attitude was similar during the reign of Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and he did not expect any threat from China and rubbed shoulders with China vigorously and the rest is history. Indian army suffered the most shameful defeat at the hands of Chinese army that still haunts them.
On the other front, US is preparing to fund billions of dollars to Pakistan and infact this aid will be used to bolster the Pak nuke programme. Thus US is indirectly boosting Pak nuclear arsenal while Obama assures that Pak nukes would not fall into Taliban’s hands. News of Islamabad’s accelerated nuclear weapons program, was exposed by US satellite imagery and reported in the news , is being scrutinized in the light of the administration-backed Congress move to pump billions of dollars of US aid into Pakistan. . Confirmation by US’ highest military official, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, that Pakistan is indeed ramping up its weapons program, had added a sense of urgency to the review, particularly since the aid package is being finalized this week. Thus US is embarking on a dangerous path and in the end it might find itself at a precarious end unable to do any thing.
New York Times reported that members of Congress have been told in confidential briefings that Pakistan is rapidly adding to its nuclear arsenal, ''raising questions on Capitol Hill about whether billions of dollars in proposed military aid might be diverted to Pakistan’s nuclear program.’ (3)
How safe it is now to abet Pak nuclear program in present situation. US knows it best. Can this be seen as a serious threat to India as an attempt to cut India to size as a global policy by America? In all probabilities it is sure. India is fast growing internationally economically, militarily and industrially. Recently it has succeeded in its mission to moon. India has successfully tested all types of missiles and is emerging as a major power in the region. The global economic depression has not affected very seriously although tremors are felt in India. In fact there is no nuclear threat to Pak from India. Rather Pak waged many wars with India over Kashmir and Indian actions were only in defense. The breakup of greater Pakistan is its own doing.
In this context Roger Chaplin’s comment is very illustrative that states:-
: ''In exchange for a hefty aid package, (Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea) should allow the internationally supervised destruction of any and all nuclear weapons and facilities, along with ongoing foolproof inspections, or we will destroy them together with any retaliatory capabilities we deem necessary,'' was the message Conservative commentator Roger Chapin of the organization Make America Safe, wanted Washington to send out.

''Respecting the so-called sovereign rights of nations cannot even be a consideration when they pose a menace to our national security. Nor can Pakistan's professed need to be able to counter India's nuclear capabilities, especially since India threatens no one.''

Thus it is noticed that Obama is playing double game. On one front he assures that Pak nukes will not fall to Taliban and he has all confidence in Pak army’s ability in guarding them. On the other front he is allowing them to build more such weapons. What for? Can he perceive that India is a major threat to Pak? What is the basis? Billons of dollars aid that is likely to be pumped into Pakistan will allow Pakistan to divert its own money or a major portion of aid for further building the nuclear weapons. In fact USA must tell Pakistan in no uncertain terms that destroying its nukes is the first requirement for any aid to Pak. unless this is done USA would be digging its own grave in the region. It is also necessary for India to take note of the latest development an plan its own course of action to counter the treat. Singing Ramdhun will surely not help India.
It will be worth drawing the attention of all about attack on Somanth by Mahmood Ghaznavi in past. When the raider arrived with his fast and active army, the priests believed that Lord Shiva would surely destroy them with his third eye , but nothing of that sort happened. The raiders massacred the Pandits and looted the temple and broke the lingam and took away the stones to be spread on the steps at a Kabul mosque where every day Muslims stepped on them. The stone God was mutely looking at them.

God helps only those who help themselves. Indians still bask in past glory of 1971 victory and are not seeing the approaching danger that is lurking around the corner.


1.Pak nuke arsenal worry for India, Obama, Hindustan times , May 25, 2009,

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3.Is the US unwittingly helping Pak's nuke’s programme? Times of India, May 2009, 1358 hrs IST, Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, May 29, 2009




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen sitting on a bench in the Public Gardens in Hyderabad city. There are many visitors around and hot summer has made lives miserable to every one)

Gandhi. Look Patel. Life is miserable in this city. There are no limits to power cuts. To day I had no power in my room for a long time.

Patel. I also had same problem Bapu. Life is hell here.

Nehru. What we can do? This is a global problem. Recession has affected every thing in the world.

Patel. But there should be some thing that is systematic. The government has gone in for modernization of Andhra Pradesh Electricity sector and privatized Generation.

Gandhi. I learnt they made many power purchase agreements (PPA) with many guys. They goofed up everything. Still there is power shortage. Some thing drastically is wrong with these guys. It is shameful that after 60 years of independence we do not have proper power to customers .All these PPA could be just sham to make money.

Patel. True. Bapu To day was taking bath in my room and suddenly power went off. At the same time water also was exhausted. Pipes went dry. I came out and wiped off the body off the soap. Just now I cleaned my self in this garden at that pond.

Gandhi. But that water is very dirty in that small pond. I saw buffaloes squatting there half an hour ago.

Patel. What to do? Some thing is better than nothing.

Nehru. I am lucky. I have not taken bath to day because there was no power and no water in my room too..hee..hee

Gandhi.. heee…heeee..haa..haaa

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel hold hands and do jig singing)

We are Gandhi, Nehru and Patel
And we are the past great heroes
Although many years have passed
And even now we are not zeroes

It is fine we have not bathed today
And there was no power and water in our room
The local rulers claim they have plenty of power
They say just lies and be brushed off with a broom

( Some on- lookers gather around hearing the trio and clap in appreciation. In the mean time a Chowkidar of the garden arrives)

Chowkidar. What is happening here? Why so many guys are here? Who are these dancing?

Gandhi. We are Gandhi, Nehru and Patel.

Chowkidar. Why are you half naked here? It does not look good. Many ladies also come here. They would get offended.

Patel. We are not naked. Look we are putting on Dhothi and drape

Chowkidar. But why are you dancing and criticizing rulers? That is not good.

Patel. But what to do? Did you have power in your house?

Chowkidar. No.

Patel. Are you happy?

Chowkidar. No. But I have to lump it. I am a government worker. What I can do?

Patel. That is why country is like this. You accept everything of the rulers. So have to suffer like this..haa..haaa. you also vote for them.

( In the mean time a water tanker arrives there and water is splashing out of the lid continuously. The rear valve is badly leaking and water is gushing out of the rear pipe. The driver is happily driving the vehicle and least bothered. Gandhi gets worked up seeing the wastage of water)

Gandhi. Hey driver! Is this way you take care of your vehicle?

Driver. What is wrong? What I have done? Who are you to ask me? Why should you bother?

Patel. We are surely bothered. You are wasting water while at many places there is no water. Don’t you feel ashamed?

Driver. Come on. Behave yourself. You can not question me. Are you my boss?

Chowkidar. Oh Bahia. Better go away from here and pour water to the garden.

( Driver goes away and starts pouring water to the lawns. In the mean timea herd of buffaloes arrive on the scene seeing plenty of water. The main gate is open and they rush in at breakneck speed pushing aside some on lookers and some parked scooters fall down in heap. The buffaloes a dozen in number roll on the watered lawns to get relief from heat. They are very happy in that state. The Chowkidar tries to drive them away and the buffaloes do not bother and give angry look at him and he backs out. He picks up his mobile and rings up some one. After ten minutes the care taker of the garden arrives there with some security staff. In the mean time another fifty buffaloes arrive from the gate seeing the ones already rolling there)

Care taker. Shh…Shh.. from where these buffaloes have come?

Chowkidar. I do not know sir

Patel. I shall tell you. Some time ago there was some procession by some men outside on the road and they were protesting against injustice being done to buffaloes by government and they were taking hundreds of buffaloes in procession to chief ministers office that is close by. These animals came from there seeing water.

Care taker. Who are you? Why are you dressed like Sardar Patel

Patel. What do you mean I am the real Patel. Have you seen my statue near Public garden

Care taker. But he died long ago. You are a joker. I am sure.

(The care taker by mistake steps on a buffalo and it kicks him hard and he falls far off with a broken leg)

Care taker. Bacho.. aa.. margaya… ayyo…ammo.

( Some sentries take a stick and beat the animal and it is annoyed. The buffalo goes to him close and urinates . The guy is fully drenched, Seeing this Gandhi and his friends laugh loudly. Seeing this more people gather there and the crowd swells in strength. Seeing the commotion a police patrol jeep arrives with some police men. From it emerges a fat police inspector with a lathi.)

Inspector. What is the problem? Why this commotion close to secretariat and assembly?

Chowkidar. Sir These three guys looking like Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are trouble makers. They are abusing the CM too. In the mean time these animals have come. I am sure these men are behind this trouble.

Inspector.( Looking at Trio) Who are you and what is the problem? Why are you abusing the CM? Are you from opposition parties? I shall show you what I am.

Gandhi ( sings and does jig)

Soon you will know what I am
I am the one that you are not aware
I am Gandhi the great leader of India
And am least bothered and do not care

Chowkidar. Look Inspector Sahib. Have you heard? He behaves like this.

Inspector. I shall sort him out. Wait.

( Inspector lifts his lathi and tries to hit Gandhi. A buffalo that is close to Gandhi rises up and angrily looks at Inspector. It draws its front leg on the ground. It hisses loudly and crashes into the police inspector and the guy is tossed up into air and falls into pool. All the buffaloes get up and form a front in front of Gandhi, Patel and Nehru and show their strength. They pretend as if they rush at them and police men are shit scared and they drive away in jeep. Chowkidar climbs a near by tree. The care taker is nowhere seen.)

Gandhi. That is good. There is plenty of water left in the truck. Let us take bath and go

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru take bath at the truck and after some go out of the garden along with buffaloes singing Ramdhun.)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Thursday, May 28, 2009




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao

( It is hot sun and Gandhi Patel and Nehru are seen walking at Masab Tank on the main road and they suddenly come across a huge crowd at a gate. There is a commotion and the people are looking agitated. Some women and girls are seen crying while few are hurling abuses at the sentries. Some gents are seen pleading with the sentries while some police men are seen trying to control the crowd. Gandhi and his friends run to the crowd)

Gandhi. Oh Bahia. What is the problem here? Why the ladies are crying? Have any one misbehaved with them. Why the girls are sobbing? There must be some thing.

Member of the crowd. Look Old man. My name is Lallu panju. We are all parents and we have come here with our wards. To day is EAMCET examination.

Gandhi. What is this examination?

Lallu. Don’t you know this? Strange. Are you new to this place

Patel. We are new to this world at present

Lallu. What does that mean? Any how EAMCET means Engineering and Medicine common Entrance test. Heee…heee. Better know it

Bapu. Then what happened?

Lallu. We are just late at the gate by two minutes and they have closed the gate. Look There are so many problems. Many of did not get three wheelers. Some autos failed on the way. There was some road blocks enroute. Some roads were blocked by Dharnas and political processions. What to do. Some of us even walked. They are not opening the gates.

Gandhi ( scratches head). They are right as per rules. Otherwise there is no limit. Guys keep coming even after one hour.

Lallu. But we were only two minutes late.

Gandhi. Why this craze for this course? What all these guys will do after getting degrees?

Patel. Bapu. The local government has no control on Technical education. They are permitting hundreds of Engineeringg Colleges. Most of them are in City and even district colleges are shifting to city. Earlier some colleges shifted to city under the bogey of Naxalite threat. They have minted money. There are no standards in these colleges. There are no teachers and there are no proper Heads of Institutions too. It is utter chaos.In some colleges there are no labs even. Library is an apology. Some never get journals. In some places mass copying goes on and is also encouraged to get better results. Very soon the number of colleges will go into thousand. Then the affiliating University will be again broken into another fifty universities. Another 50 guys will become vice chancellors. Heee…heee. A day may come when for every three colleges there will be a VC . Nice Isn’t it? More the merrier.For every one there is only one slogan. Make hay while sun shines. All roadside guys will join Engineering. Even the guys who do not pass inter will be surely given seat with a condition that they must pass inter before they clear 2 nd year B tech. There will not be detention and all will go to final year even if they do not pass single subject and attendance can be zero. All these youth will vote for the party that gives them these concessions as they did now. The present 8 year limit will be made 20 years soon to pass the degree.For every one there is only one slogan. Make hay while sun shines.hee..heee..haaa.. ou..ou..ou

Gandhi. Oh What a shit? Is this the present technical education?

Patel. At some places teachers submit fake certificates to get job and keep working till they are detected. It is atrocious.This is great way. ( Sings doing jig)

These colleges are nothing but shit
Shit shit and shit and only bull shit
Making money is the aim
But none wants to get blame

Nehru. Haa…haa..haaa ( does jig)

( In the mean time two girls faint down and collapse. One boy tears his shirt and violently screams and it appears that he has lost balance and become mad. Their parents are abusing the EAMCET authorities in filthiest language that is unprintable and cursing them. Some police men run and get a doctor and they pour water on the girl’s faces. Nothing happens. A person tries to pour kerosene on himself and tries to immolate himself while others are trying to stop him. There is a great commotion. The passers too stop their vehicles and join the crowd shouting.. Down…down…Commissioner Higher education down… down…Police suddenly become active. Truck load of armed police arrives wielding rifles with bayonets and wearing steel helmets as if they are going to war at Pak border. Even Army will not be dressed like this. More over these police men goose step. There is an additional SP (ASP) also with the team of police. Every time he keeps looking at his rank badge and IPS shoulder title. Some guys boo the police and throw stones too.)

Inspector. You guys. Disperse from here and enough of it. I shall give five minutes to disperse.In a movie style he spins his revolver with left hand.

Lallu. If we do not go, what will you do? Will you kill us. Kill. Kill. It is better we die than living in this country and in this state particular. ( He bears chest and shouts kill…kill.. me. Sings doing a jig)

You kill me kill me kill me
I shall be happy to die soon
What is the use of living in this state?
Soon I want to die and go to moon

Jeevan. What else you can do? You can kill your own country men. You are a bunch of useless guys and nuts. Show these rifles to terrorists and kill them, Not to us..

Naveen. Lallu Bhayya. Their rifles remain silent in front of terrorists. They run away. On innocents they show rifles. Without firing a shot they can get Ashok Chakra. Do you remember what happened at Bombay?

Lallu. Haa..haa.. True.. Police go back.. go back. Better fight goondas and terrorists. Not us.(He does jig mocking at Police)

( The whole crowd shouts Go back.. Go back.. Gandhi suddenly emerges from crowd and confronts police. With him are Nehru and Patel)

Gandhi. Oh Police Bhai. Are you showing your valor on these innocents who are unarmed? Are you going for war against them? Shame…shame

Inspector. Who are you? Are you the leader? Why are you dressed like Gandhi? Do you think we take pity? Better vanish or you had it. We shall make you sleep here.

ASP. Look Inspector. Be patient. Let us wait for some time

Gandhi. Officer, You appear to be some sane person and educated too although in uniform. Just think of situation. So many children came for the examination and they were late by just two minutes and these authorities have closed the gates. They were victims of circumstances. Is this city free of traffic jams? Is the government providing proper roads and transport to people? Wherever you go you find processions. If a minister goes some where, roads get blocked. Do you think people came purposely late for the examination? You have to be practical in your approach. Now you are showing rifles to these people. Are these enemies of nation? Are these weapons given to you for killing your citizens? Shame… shame. Why do these jobs? Better resign.

ASP. Enough of lecture and posing as Gandhi

Nehru. What do you mean officer? Show respect to the father of nation.

Patel. Better learn to behave with elders. You have put on uniform . It does not mean you have become a god.

(ASP gets annoyed and draws his pistol and aims at Patel in movies style.)

Patel. Look Officer. We have seen such guns many times pointing towards us. Then you were not even born. Probably your father was also no born.

ASP. I am different. You guys are acting smart as if you are real past leaders of this country.

Nehru. What do you mean? We are real leaders. Have you forgotten Gandhi, Nehru and Patel the iron man? Without us probably you guys would have been polishing the shoes of Englishmen. Hyderabad would have been in Pakistan. Razakars would have been ruling you.You would have been bending and saying salaams to Nizam sircar.

ASP. Come on, shut up, enough of it. Better behave and go away or I shall open fire.

Gandhi. You can not do any thing to three of us.

Inspector. I shall show.( looks at ASP) Sir. Give me orders. I shall whack these three guys.

ASP. I shall count ten from now and you guys must run away or I shall shoot.

Gandhi. Hee…heee

Nehru. Haa..haa…haa

Patel. Hoo..hoo..hoo ( Does jig )

( The time is up and ASP shouts fire pointing towards the trio. ASP himself fires 6 rounds with his 9mm pistol while Inspector opens fires three rounds with his 0.38 Smith and wesson revolver. Gandhi, Patel and Nehru wave hands and shout haa…haa..haa. Nothing happens to them. The crowd behind the trio run and hide behind the bridge that is close by. ASP fires again and the magazine is emptied. Inspector empties his revolver. ASP orders six rifle men to fire on the trio. They raise their 7.62 SLR rifles and fire complete magazines at the trio. Gandhi and Nehru and Patel laugh loudly. ASP picks up a machine gun from a constable and shoots from his hip. Complete magazine is emptied. Nothing happens. The trio does jig and laughs.)

Gandhi. Look officer and your stooges. You can not kill us. We are real Gandhi and Nehru and Patel. Now I shall show you what we can do.

ASP. What you can do? I shall call full police battalion with medium machine gun from army. I shall show you then

Gandhi. heee…heee

( Gandhi looks at the police men with fire in his eyes and gestures like Mandrake the magician and twists his hand violently. All the police men along with ASP and Inspector are thrown into winds and fall pell mell in Hussein Sagar lake. They shout… bacho..bacho.. arre bhai margaya… aaa…eee….eeee.. The crowd returns jubiliant and sing praises of the trio. They shout Gandhi ki jai.. Nehru ki Jai.. Patel ki Jai..)

Gandhi. Ok guys, Be brave and fight injustice. I am always with you, Bye

( In the distance song is heard)

Ham laaye hai toofanse kishtee nikalke
Is desh ko rakna mere bacho sambhalke
Tum hee bhavishy ho mere Bharat vishal ke
Is desh ko rakna mere bacho sambhalke

( In the mean time some armoured cars from local army garrison with Medium Machine guns and belt ammunition arrive along with many police vans. NBut they can not find any one there. They are confused and finally go back)

( The trio walk away slowly singing Ramdhun at a far off distance)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

(Patel, Nehru and Bapu are strolling on Tank bund in Hyderabad. The sun has set and night is setting too .The city of Hyderabad is about to dazzle with glittering lights. The trio are standing at the railings on the Tank bund and staring at the distant Buddha statue standing erect in the midst of dirty water that abound in the lake. The smell is stinking. But they have no go and appear to enjoy the smell.)

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. This lake is so stinking. It is terrible. What types of these people are Hyderabadis? They are devoid of basis sense of sanitation. They are accepting all this filth in center of city, strange indeed.They appaer to be just nuts.

Patel. Bapu. When some thing is inevitable and can not be escaped better enjoy. There is another way of expressing it, but it is unparliamentarily and I should not speak such words.

Gandhi. Better do not say. I know what it is.It can not be printed...

Patel. Hee…hee. Hee. Bap.. You are smart too.?
( In the mean time some women approach them. They are Maya, Haseena, and Latha)

Latha ( looking at Patel) Sahib. How is every thing? Kya mia Chalega….?.

Patel. Where?

Latha.Do not act innocent. You know all. Hee. Hee. I am not very expensive. Just a couple of hundred.

Patel.. shh.. shut up....Behave yourself

Haseena (Looking at Bapu) Koyee baat nahin. Chalega. Hoi. Old man. Mood me hain kya?

Bapu. What is this Jawaharlal? What she wants?

Jawaharlal. She wants you.

Bapu. Chee…chee. I am above these things. Go away. What a place? Patel. Let us go from here. I am practicing celibacy since long. You know everything.

Patel. Bapu. Let us move fast. Some police constables are coming this side. They may doubt us.

( The trio quickly move out with long steps from that place. Gandhi gets tired)

Bapu. Ohfo. What a place? We were about to be fixed. Patel. Is this the regular affair here?

Patel. How do I know? Do you think I come here alone?

Bapu. No. No... I do not mean it . Generally I find you are well informed on all things.

Jawaharlal. Haa…haa…haa. That was good.

Patel. What is there to laugh Jawahar? These are very common things in world. It is the most ancient profession. We must feel pity. I hope local government is yet to legalize this type of soliciting. Very soon they would do. They have all good plans. They have many schemes named after Rajeev. They may find new schemes to rehabilitate such women and name the scheme after some favorite guy. They may even open a corporation to regulate this profession and put some senor political leaders as Chairman. Look Bapu. There are many old ministers who lost the recent elections. Many are after the CM Reddy to give them some ministry or chairmanship. I am sure there will be good competition for this position. Heeee…hee

Bapu.. Haa…Haa. Haa…Jawaharlal you were laughing loudly what is the matter?

Jawaharlal. Nothing. I felt like laughing. But the scheme will surely not be linked to us.

Gandhi. Enough of it you guys. In a distance, I find a big boat where people are boarding Let us go there. Let us have boat ride.

(The trio goes to the ticket counter and purchases three tickets for the boat ride and stand in queue)

Bapu. Hope the boat is safe and will not sink. I am bad at swimming

Patel Bapu. Do not be scared. There are some life boats. You shall not drown soon.

Jawaharlal. The water is so dirty that we might die by the stink.

( In the mean time a boy comes and gives every one a gadget that is required to be covering the noses. Every one ties it over the nose. The trio along with others boards the boat and it gives a big hoot and enters water. All guys shout loudly..Haa…Haa……ho…)

Bapu. What a sight! It is really thrilling.( Sings doing a jig)

This is a great thrill
Traveling on this boat
The water is dirty and stinking
And smells like milk of a goat

Look at the filth in waters
That is covering the entire lake
All are yet enjoying the cruise
Smile on their faces is just a fake.

Hyderabadi guys are lucky
That they have this cess pool
They enjoy the stench and filth here
Yet they are happy and highly cool

Even America has no such pool
And we are proud to have one
This pool must get the world record
When we can enjoy and have much fun

Patel. Nice poems Bapu. You are great indeed. You are as good as Keats..

Bapu. Thanks. Look Jawahar. You did not compliment me. Was the poem bad?

Jawaharlal. Bapu. not like that. It was good. In fact I did not hear it.

( In the mean time the boat approaches the Buddha statue and all look at the statue.)

Bapu. Look. How big the statue is? But it is not the standard Buddha style usually found seated and in yoga pose with eyes closed and serene face.

Patel. This is Nagarjuna konda style. There is a big story about this Buddha.

Bapu. What was that?

Patel. The statue sunk in water when it was being transported in ferry some years ago and it was under water for many years. It was full of filth and slush.

Bapu. Then what happened?

Patel. Finally the engineers removed it and erected it with great difficulty.

Bapu. I see. So this can be called filth covered Buddha

Patel. Not exactly. But when we come here it stinks more. It is the stinking pride of twin cities.

( The boat slowly moves out and sways side ways while people shout loudly)

Gandhi. What is this happening? Will it sink?

Patel . Can’t say anything

( In the mean time the boat topples due to people shifting over to one side. All the guys fall in water. There are shouts, cries and great chaos. There is darkness and great commotion.. Gandhi , Patel and Nehru cling to each other holding to some plank. Most of the guys are holding on to some thing while many are afloat holding life boats. In the mean time another boat is seen approaching flashing lights)

Gandhi. Patel. Hope they see us and will save us

Patel. Hope so…Jawaharlal please hold hard.

Nehru. OK . I am fine.

( Suddenly they find that they are sunk in knee deep waters only. They all stand in waters and leave the plank. They laugh loudly and shout hurrah…hurrah)

(The boat approaches the place and rescues the guys afloat. Gandhi and Patel and Nehru refuse to climb)

Boat man. Hey guys. Please climb the boat. I shall take you ashore.

Patel. Not required. We are safe. We shall walk back

( the trio stats walking back and Gandhi is injured by a steel rod hidden in water)

Gandhi. Aaa… margaya. The rod has struck me…eeee….eee

Patel. Bapu. Be brave ( does jig in water and sings)

Bapu Hoi Bapu Hoi Bapu be brave
Do not cry like a boy and stop your weep
You withstood many police blows in past
Know the rod has not pierced you very deep

( They with difficulty carry Bapu ashore and he is laid on ground)

Bapu. How come there are iron rods under water in this lake?

Patel. Bapu. Every year people immerse Ganesh idols in this lake and these rods belong to such idols.

Bapu. Ohfo. What type of guys these are? Haa…haa.. Margaya ( cries in pain)

(Hearing the shouts, some people gather and among them there is a doctor too. The doctor brings a hammer and drives the rod out from the opposite end. In the end he keeps his leg on Gandhi and pulls out the rod.)

Gandhi. Ohh… Margaya…ee.eee… Bachao.. Are you a doctor or blacksmith?

Doctor. Look old man. I was really a black smith earlier. Recently I acquired an RMP certificate and practicing surgery. We are lucky in India. Any one can practice any thing. There is no check and all are doctors. This is my eleventh one. Look I have done so easily. If you were taken to some corporate Hospital just imagine what could have happened to you. They would have kept you waiting for hours. Then they will send you for all types of tests and keep you in observation. They have to collect blood samples and arrange blood. They may consult special surgeons. The operation would have taken some hours and they would have split open your leg all the time saying that the operation would cost so many lakhs of rupees. Instead of one leg they may operate two. Here I have done for no cost. Just humanity basis I have done. You do not need any post operative care. The lake water is so dirty that it has many antiseptic values. You will be instantly cured…heee…..heee.

Patel. You guy must get Bharat ratna really. Why not? When all types of nuts can get Bharat Ratna and Ashok Chakra in India why not you?

Nehru. Yeah. You must also get .

Bapu. True. Three cheers to RMP doctor. We shall demand Bharat Ratna for him.

(Gandhi gets up with lot of energy and does fast jig singing)

I am the Gandhi who led this nation
And just now injured by an iron rod
This doctor has treated me so well
Who has come and rescued me like a god

This guy surely needs a Bharat Ratna
That must be surely given to him for his act
All nuts around the nation gets this award now
His achievements are the greatest facts

( Many people gather there listening to doctors feat and praise him. The crowd swells slowly and reaches a magic figure of 3 lakhs. All the roads get jammed and all cars are caught in traffic jams and there is a great commotion every where.. The governors’ residence is very close to the area near Somajiguda. He listens to the chaos and the flashes on TVscrolls)

Governor ( Looking at the aide Capt Museebat singh) What is going on at Tank bund. Have you seen the scrolls?

Singh. Seen sir. What you have seen , I have also seen ( sings)

You have seen some thing
I have also seen same
Both are on the same scene
While some one is struggling for a name

Governor. I think the guy is demanding Bharat Ratna.

Singh. True sir. Unless we act the situation may change. There is a danger of law and order going out of control

Governor. True. Let me speak to the President.

( He picks up his hot line and speaks to President)

Governor. Hello Madam. This is governor here. There is urgency here. Please announce award Bharat Ratna immediately to RMP doctor Chau Chau Ram of Hyderabad who performed a magical operation at tank bund. I shall send details later.

President. ( Over hot line. )Ok Sanctioned. Please announce. Awards are there for giving. More the merrier. Do you also want one?)

Governor. Look Singh. Announce to TV flash news about Presidents decision that Bharat ratna has been awarded to Doctor Chau Chau Ram of Hyderabad for greatest surgery of this century)

Singh. Sure sir and goes out quickly

( In seconds flash news appear on TV and there is a great jubilation at Tank bund and all are trying to congratulate Chau Chau Ram.

Gandhi. Thank god. Congratulations Mr Ram. The nation is proud of you

( Nehru and Patel too congratulate Ram. After some time the crowd melts away and Ram and some of his friends are left)

( Bapu and his friends hold hands and walk off into distance singing Ramdhun)



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Sunday, May 24, 2009




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

( It is White House in Washington and in the lawn General George Washington is seated on an easy chair. Along with him are seated Mr Obama the American President with some aides at a distance. Armed sentries stand Guard at vantage points. The atmosphere look serious and grim)

Obama. Good Evening Sir ( Looking at Washington) Welcome to white house. You are coming after many months. How are you ? How is your health?

Washington. I am fine . Thanks Mr President. How are the things? I learnt you applied lot of pressure on those Pak guys

Obama. True. What to do? They are big nuts. I was shocked when I learnt that Taliban were just 100 km away from Rawalpindi the Pak capital.

Washington. What they were doing till then?

Obama. I can not make out any thing. They are simply useless guys .They can not look after their own country. It looks their army can swing hands, but can not do anything.

Washington. Look President. They were no different even General Pervez Musharraf was ruling. At least Taliban did not come so close. What is wrong really there?

Obama. Things are not clear. But sure there are some guys in power who are abetting Taliban.

Washington. May be police and even army guys too would be siding with them clandestinely. They need to taken to task.

Obama. Could be. There could be many traitors in army. But Zaradari boasts of 7 lakh army and its loyalty.

Washington. It could be soon 7 lakh Taliban plus existing medieval Taliban in Pakistan. Zardari would be fooled till Taliban puts a sword on his neck.

Obama. Haa…haaa…haa. He would then join them and become Talba. After all they belong to same flock. If it is not now it will happen tomorrow.

Washington. What are your plans now?

Obama. I put intense pressure on Zardari. I told them to act or US special forces would land in Pakistan. It could be another Iraq. I am shit scared of Pak nukes.

Washington. Can these nuts look after nukes and protect them from falling into Taliban?

Obama. I doubt they can. Pak leaders only boast. They can neither rule themselves nor co exist. They talk big and do least. A bunch of failed guys in the stylish western suits and achkans.( sings waving hands)

Look my dear sir
These Pak leaders are just goofy nuts
They can not check Taliban now
And in the aid now I have to make many cuts

Pak would soon fall to Taliban
Then all would be Mullahs and crooks
They will do dance of devil
Once they capture some nukes

My first aim to day is very clear
I have to some how save all their nukes
I have to prevent now at this crucial time
That Taliban can not steal a single nuke by even fluke

Washington. Great poetry Mr Obama. Excellent. I am proud of you.

Obama. ( Gets up and bows) Thanks sir. Thanks.( sits down)

( In the mean time,the sentry arrives and reports that Mr Gandhi arrived from India)

Obama. Plesae bring him with all respects.

Washington. The old man has not come to us since long. There must be some problem

( Gandhi walks in along with the escort and the sentry goes away after Gandhi greets all)

Gandhi. Good evening to all. Good evening Mr Washington sir.

Washington,.( Gets up) Welcome Mr Gandhi . Why special salutations for me?

Gandhi. Sir! You are very special not only to Americans , but also to all of us. You are a very distinguished personality in the history and surely deserve all respects and special recognition

Washington. Thanks Mr Gandhi for your concern for us. I am moved and obliged. How are you now? I have not seen you since many months.

Gandhi. True. There were many issues in India and I was actually tackling them along with my friends Nehru and Patel.

Washington. I see.. How are they?

Gandhi. They are fine although they are unhappy with each other at times. I came specially to warn you and with a request that you have to be very careful about Pak nukes that are likely to fall into the hands of Taliban and Al Qaeda very soon if you do not act.

Obama. Welcome Mr Gandhi. I heard great about you. We were discussing the issue now. We are equally worried. I am making plans for such eventualities. We shall take care of things.

Gandhi. I want to draw your attention to Iran’s history. You know how Shah of Iran vanished and Khomeini came up. Shah had strong army too. Finally he had to go. What America could do?

Obama. ( Gets uncomfortable) Look Mr Gandhi. That was long ago. This time we shall not allow it to happen

Gandhi. How you are going to prevent? India is very much scared now. If Pakistan becomes Talibanistan first thing they will do is to attack India with aim of making it into Dar ul Islam. They are harping on it. Al the Islamic fundamentalist outfits in India will abet Taliban.

Obama. Mr Gandhi. Military plans can not be revealed. I can not even reveal to General Washington now.

Washington. Truly said.

Gandhi. I know. But make sure that the plans are concrete and succeed. Last minute there should not be any fait accompli. If you can not act you can never act. ( sings doing a jig)

Look Mr President Obama
Please act now and be brave
If you fail now in your mission
The whole world would turn into a grave
Taliban are trying to grab Pak nukes
And they shall make all efforts soon
Pak army is thoroughly incompetent
What they can do is to pray looking at sun and moon
Pak has many nukes stocked
They do not know what to do with these
Their hands are getting itchy
And they are restless like quacking geese
It is high time the nukes are removed
Or else the Taliban would steal
You and me have to suck the thumbs
And our wounds would never heel

Washington. Well said ( Claps) hee..hee ( gets up and does jig)

Obama. Mr Gandhi. I am moved by your serious concern. I am hereby making promise.( He gets up and looking at Sky and raising his hand sings while Washington also rises drawing is sword. He raises his sword high and looks into sky. He is stiff in uniform)

Look Mr Gandhi. This is my Promise
The word from an American President
I shall save Pak nukes very soon from the crooks and thugs
And shall ensure that surely there is no accident

The sun may rise in West and moon in East
The word of Obama will always be true
I shall ensure Taliban are extinguished soon
And I shall whack them through and through

(Obama does fast jig while singing and cools down and sits in the chair and is seen gasping for air. An aide quickly gets him a coke and Obama sips the coke and calms down soon. Washington swings sword in air several times as if fighting enemy and puts back the sword in scabbard and sits down)

Washington. Well Mr President. That was great conviction from you. I am proud of you. You are living to the expectations.

Obama. Thanks sir. You are no less. We are motivated by you eternally. I was very much upset with pak guys in recent times. Look sir. These guys took George Bush my senior on leather hunt promising that they will fight terrorists and Al Qaeda. They swindled us all these years and did nothing. They spent money here and there and Al Qaeda and Taliban became stronger. How can we accept it? We were thinking all these years that Pakistan is our friend. But that is not true. In fact India is a mature nation, although they can not take strong actions and are indecisive. But they are better than these Pak nuts.

Gandhi Mr president You appear to have some wrong notions about us.

Obama What is truth has been told. What is wrong in this? Is it not true that you guys are indecisive . and also lack spine? Could you take any strong action after Pak terrorists attacked Bombay? Who stopped you? You were all the time looking at us? Then you were begging Pak to hand over the criminals. Do you think they will hand over? What a fallacy? Finally you sucked thumbs. In fact you guys are still sucking thumbs till bones come out. Till today nothing happened. Finally your new Defense Minister said “we shall act if they do such things again”. So better wait for another incident to wake up. Your own country me are laughing at you. Why be angry with us? Then you were busy glorifying those policeguys who fell without even drawing their weapons sitting in vehicles like ducks. Awards are more important for you guys than real action. What a bunch of people you are? How can you dominate your neighbour. A small nation like Nepal and Lanka also brow beats you. Could you prevent Nepal going Communist way? It is next door to you. ( Laughs) heee…heeee

Gandhi. . ( Looks other way and wipes sweat with Dhithi))

Washington. Mr. Gandhi. Please reply. Did Obama say any thing wrong? You guys can not act. Cabn sing Ramdhun and patriotic songs. How Israel is surviving? Is it not a tiny nation?

Gandhi. True sir. What you said is true. That is why I am more worried now with Taliban next door waiting to attack India. I am sure we can not do any thing against Taliban if they are really after us. We could not protect ourselves when Ghaznavi attacked us and Ghori attacked us from Kabul. Nadirsha attacked us and then Abdali butchered us. Every second guy from West has screwed India well. Soon Taliban could attack us and I am sure they would repeat what Ghazni did..

Washington. Mr Gandhi. Be brave. Tell your people be brave and to act and defend the country. Tell them not to be busy with politicking all the time. Capturing power is not the only thing for leaders in a democracy. They have top prove that they are worthy sons of the nation and also have strong back bone. Look. In recent elections, Communists were rolled down. Now they are falling at your Madams feet begging that they should be allowed to support the government. What they want is some share in power. Are they communists in real? They are just power mongers. Marx would hang himself if he sees these guys. Less said is better about your regional opportunistic parties. Better govern yourselves well and do not depend on others. Why some other should fight your war? Will you fight for others? Did you join Afghan war and join Nato forces against Al Qaeda to help Americans? You guys are shit scared. You are good at giving lip sympathy. Your communist guys black mailed UPA government for the last 5 years. You have shown only lip sympathy for Americans after 9/11. You did not allow your troops to join Afghan war. You want every one to help you, but you do not want too be with them. Your non alignment was a greatest joke of all times. You want to be non aligned, then why beg others? Better get well prepared for a Taliban attack from West. We are also worried and we shall do ours. You do yours.Did youUderstand?

Gandhi. Very well sir.My mission is over. I shall take leave

Washington. Thanks for the visit sir

Obama. Thanks sir. We are happy that you are concerned about peace in the world. Bye

( Gandhi picks up his stick and walks away and Washington and Obama see him off )

r K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, May 22, 2009


Prof DR Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

Ever since Pakistan is involved in terrorism, the only question in every ones mind is, “ How safe are Paks nukes”. Will Pakistan be able to guard it's nukes from falling into hands of crazy and lunatic Taliban? Will Iran be able to smuggle out some nukes out of Pakistan in this crucial hour? Is Pak army capable of protecting its nukes and how loyal it is for the nation? Will Pak army toe the line of Taliban in future. These are the most important questions troubling the world leaders and strategists to day. Although USA the sole international police man expressed its fear about safety of Paks nukes, the Pak rulers have been telling the world that they are safe and its army is capable of guarding them. Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has claimed that his country's nuclear weapons are safe, rejecting US concerns that some of these weapons are at risk of being acquired by members of the Taliban. "They are in safe hands," Zardari told CNN in an interview recently (1). This reaction came from Zardari after doubts were expressed by New York Times. He also rejected that Taliban sympathizers in Pak army could betray the country. "There aren't any, sir, sympathizers for them," he said. "There is a mindset in the local area maybe who feel they are akin to the same religion, God, etc, etc. But nothing that should concern anybody as far as the nuclear arsenal or other instruments of such sort."
Can we trust Pak rulers in their capabilities? Many doubt them and their sincerity in protecting nukes. Just think of recent Taliban actions in Pakistan and Taliban penetrated Pak country and reached to places that were just less than 100 km from national capital. How they could come close- by and why they could not be prevented from over running the areas? What was army doing? Suddenly Pak government woke up and with American warnings indulged in a military operation in Swat and Buner and has been pushing Taliban back and they also claimed that more than 750 Taliban were slain by Pak army. Why this operation could not be taken up earlier? Will Pakistan require some ones goading and American threats of invasion to act strongly? Probably the second one is true. What was the reason for allowing Taliban to become so strong and reemerge after Afghan debacle in 2001? Answers have to be found to these questions.
The most worried nation on the aspect of safety of Pak nukes is obviously USA and Israel too. Ever since Iran threatened Israel that it would use Nuclear weapon and destroy it from the face of earth, Israel and its ally USA are spending sleepless nights and considering all options. Loss of control in Pakistan has pushed the crisis further with the possibility of Iran acquiring nukes from clandestine sources like Taliban. Taliban while in power in Afghanistan were known to promote illegal trade of Narcotics, drugs and arms to make quick money and it was probably the national trade. For them trading in nukes can not be a new illegal activity now.It is a degenerated organiation devoid of any ivilized thinking.

The worry and anxiety of USA are reflected in the statements that are(2):-

“Recently CIA director Leon Panetta, said the US does not know where all the Pakistani nuclear weapons are being kept.

Defense department spokesman, Geoff Morrell, told reporters that they are "comfortable with the protocols, the Pakistani military has in place to ensure the security of their nuclear arsenal".

"I am sure that our planners take whatever requisite action is required to ensure the arsenal in a country that is obviously in the midst of a great deal -- that finds itself with a great deal of challenges right now, that they have some visibility on where such weapons arelocated,"Morrell said.

Such a statement as above from the Pentagon came a day after, they wer asked
When asked about news reports that the Special Operations forces have a contingency plan to go in and secure Pakistan's nuclear weapons if the need be, Morrell said the US is comfortable with the security measures of the Pakistan.It was said,"The last thing we want is to have the Taliban have access to the nuclear weapons in Pakistan. We're fighting, obviously, that potential in Iran. The last thing we would want is to give al-Qaeda that potential. So we continue to watch that very closely."
It is learnt that The United States has developed contingency plans to safeguard Pakistani nuclear weapons if they find nukes falling into the wrong hands, but US officials worry that their limited knowledge about the location of the arsenal could pose a problem. It is feared that the operation could be difficult if they venture without knowing the precise location of the nukes ( 4). Will Pakistan co operate to share information with US in the eventuality of Taliban getting closer and laying hands on them? It may be imagined that Pak army would help USA to retrieve nukes from falling into Taliban hands and that could be a wishful thinking. The Pakistan Foreign Office recently rubbished reports that Islamabad has shared information about its nukes with US authorities. Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit told reporters here that information about Pakistan's nukes is sacrosanct and could not be shared with any other country. Inspite of all talk going on and Pakistan being pushed to wall the Pak ledars put a brave face that they are a sovereign nation and its rights are supreme and can not be violated by even USA. Theya re living in a fools paradise. Pakistan is simply an American stooge and is surviving on American dole from time to time. Strangulation of funds and aid by USA will make Pakistan to reel and would soon fall at the feet of west.Its 7 lak army much glorified and would break off as a pack of cards. The actual plans of contingency plans of USA can not be known as they are not revealed. Although there are other countries in the world where nuclear weapons are stock piled, the most dangerous country to day is Pakistan because there is no proper control by government and Pakistan has become a failed state. It has no control over its own people and provinces.They have no plan and live on day to day basis.
Republican Senator Richard Lugar has asked the Obama admisitration to apply Nunn-Lugar Bill to Pakistan, like it did with the former Soviet Union, to safeguard Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Lugar, who is now co-sponsoring a financial aid bill for Pakistan, recommended that cooperation with Pakistan under the program could also include its biological weapons. Lugar is known to have said, “Pakistan has many dangerous diseases and pathogens under its control. The Nunn-Lugar program can help secure the pathogen strains to ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands,” he added. The Nunn-Lugar Act, initiated in 1991, established the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program to provide US funding and expertise in assisting safeguarding and dismantling nuclear, chemical and biological weapons stockpiles in Soviet Union. Under the act, more than 7,500 nuclear warheads, 2,000 missiles, and over 1,100 missile launchers in the former Soviet Republics of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus have been deactivated till now. (ANI) Lugar declined to approve of Zardari’s assurance and has been pushing the Obama administration to act under the provisions of the Nunn-Lugar Act. How can any one accept Zardaris assurances?

The whole country is under the threat of crazy Taliban and they came close to 100 km to Rawalpindi the national capital while government looked on. In such state which sane person would be assured? If the world nations relax at such situation, very soon they will face fait accompli. Therefore USA must never assume that Pak nukes would be safe and prepare itself with contingency plans to take over the nukes and save the world from the fanatic mullah led Taliban who are hell bent on destruction of world and treading the path of Islamic fundamentalism. USA is the only country that is capable of saving Pak nukes from falling into the hands of thugs like Taliban, AlQaeda and Iran too joining them in frustration out of hatred towards USA. Since 1989 Iranians have been shouting “Death to America.. Death to America”, goose stepping in parades including Burka clad women.It is the hall mark of fundamentalism and hatred. No other country like has that capability of saving nukes.. The battle in Pakistan is raging between Pak army and Taliban and it is unlikely that the operations would be decisive and destruction of Taliban would result under conventional war fare. Pakistan is a land locked country except the sea coast in South west. Taliban would surely lure and drag pak army into most dangerous and difficult Waziristan province where victory would be a mirage and it will be the killing field. Resembling Karbala for pak army. Pak army failed earlier in these areas and finally came to terms and declared cease fire. Will the present operation would be different? There is always a religious sympathy for Jihadis in Pakistan. The Taliban attired in the medieval type dress with black Turbans demonstrating that the they are religious fighters would soon attract sympathy from Pak army. Time is running out from hands. It is high time USA acts and set aside Zardari’s assurances and his promises of keeping Taliban under control. It must be remembered that wick lamps that burn oil, at the time of getting off will burn with bright light for the last time and suddenly go off. Pakistan too is demonstrating its fire power against Taliban with tempo and very soon its tempo would be extinguished. Thus Pakistan falling into the hands of Taliban is inevitable and soon would disintegrate like a wick lamp . Before that happens nukes must be saved even if it is an unpleasant task.


1.Pak nukes safe Taliban cant get them. Zardari,
2. Pak nukes safe but will take action if Taliban tries hand. US
3. 'US to safeguard Pakistan nukes', Washington, The Brunei Times, Monday November, 12, 2007.
4 US senator urges Obama to safe gurad Pk nukes, Gaea news, Ani , May 9 th 2009,

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Thursday, May 21, 2009




Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen walking on the road in Hyderabad city at Bashirbagh and that is area is also now known as Babukhan Estate.. The road is busy with all types of strange vehicles and autos moving pell mell. Even farm tillers are snaking through traffic with grass in the body. Small kids are seen running on the road trying to clean wind shields of parked cars at signal posts and demanding money. Some one is selling sunshades for the cars. Some handicapped beggars are also seen pushing themselves along side the cars and asking money. It is a pathetic sight and actual India is reflected there. There is no traffic police around and none is bothered for walkers on the road. A cop is seen at a distance writing challan against a motorcyclist. Suddenly the sky gets over cast and there are sudden flashes with cracking explosions of thunder following. People run here and there and within moments there is a down pour and hell breaks loose. Gandhi and his friends run to a small tea stall at a corner)

Gandhi. What a relief from the terrible heat? I was getting mad indeed. In 1948 it was not like this any where in India.

Patel. Bapu! Now sin has increased in entire world. India is no different. With increase of sin, gods punishments also would increase. These climatic changes are punishments of God.

Gandhi. But the local chief minister Reddy says he is giving the state the rule of God. There are rains due to his rule that he claims and during Naidu’s rule there were no rains and famine was regular affair. Very soon he would claim that people are breathing air by virtue of his rule. Hee…hee.. strange guys indeed.

Nehru. ( Laughs) Haa..Haaaa..heee….heeee.. hooo..hooo. ( Does jig singing)

Haa..haa..haa.. It is a nice show by my congress
Others however failed to win and impress
Reddy would again would climb the coveted throne
While Americans bomb Pak with their Drones

Hee….heee..heee….It is only congress
And hooo…hooo,,,,hooo… others are only mess
Haaa…haaa..haaa ..Others did not impress
And ou…ou….ou They lost their even dress

Patel. Why are you laughing and singing funny songs Jawaharlal? Did Bapu say any thing funny? Why are you getting excited? What is so big if congress won?

Nehru. No,,,no.. Reddy is from Congress party. He has done a god job. It is my party. See what happened in these elections? He got many seats. He is again forming government. Next five years see what happens? ( Does jig)

Patel. What can happen? Leaders will simply make money and make up expenditure of this election. What you said is not true.They shall swallow and swindle with both hands.Making money would be the main business for them now. There will not be any check on them. In fact, Congress lost many seats and Naidu came up with 90 seats much more than what he had after the last poll debacle. Congress just scraped through. If that funny TRS and Communists were kept away by Naidu , he would have made it. Just a bad luck. TRS and Communists let him down. Reddy got good seats for parliament.Infact it is not the victory for congress in state. They scraped through. Next time they would be thrown out lock stock and barrel.

Gandhi. Naidu must learn a lesson from these elections. He does better if he keeps away from these squirrel and Madagascar Lemur like unsteady TRS and Communists and has his own manifesto and good candidates.He should stop abusing other leaders. People still have great faith in him and in his abilities. Only thing is he has to rise above cheap political gimmicks and abuses and finding faults with others and make concrete contributions. The cinema tricks will no more work. See what happened to Chiranjeevi the mega star. He has been road rolled. Only break dances and twists of hips and groins will not get votes. The word Maha kootami itself was sounding evil. Usually kootami word is used for evil groups of people. Generally it is not used for good organizations. People were not impressed. They should have used Maha Sanghatan instead of Kootami that indicated evil men. I do not know who advised them. There are strange men in Naidu’s party.

Patel. Good. The TRS and communists are finished with these elections. TRS is however a local sore on ass and is a trouble. Now TRS has no place to go. Before election results were out, the TRS chief ran to BJP rally in Punjab and bowed to Adwani. Now Adwani is in back in his own seat and where he will go? Has he face to go to Congress? They will not allow him to come close and would shoe him off at the word of TRS. Now Telangana demand will be shelved for next five years. Look! Communists did bad everywhere.Now TRS surely would disintegrate...haaa....haa

Bapu. What could be the reason Patel for communist’s failure? (scratches his bald head) Look Patel! Now a days I am scratching my head much and severely. The local water supply is very bad.

Patel. Bapu. Scratching is the birth right of bald men every where. See I am also bald. These communists, if you ask me are no communists. They have diluted the theory of Communism. Marx and Lenin must be beating their chests in heavens desperately and crying for these failures and cursing these men. Like any opportunists in politics they change their policies and are trying to topple those who rule. It is their manifesto. It looks like that. Even in Bengal, they fared so bad. Take a look at the way Communists faced agitation against Tata Nano plant. Look at the way they withdrew from the government at center. Look. Now they are running after them. They are begging that they would support the congress. Once they said their candidate could be the PM too after elections thinking that Congress would collapse. They are also in musical chairs for PM post. Look Bapu, How Somanath Chatterjee stuck to his chair inspite of being a staunch communist for decades. Chair is very important. With chair also one gets perks and money. Why should he loose all the pomp and show. At that time Communists did a good thing by packing him off. Who does not like that? Like any party, they are running after chairs. People are completely fed up of them. They are no more red. They have been taught a good lesson.. hee…hee…heee.. hoo..hoo…haaa..haaa..ou..ouu..ou ( Does jig)

Communists are over now
They like to survive some how
They are like any nut in the murky game
By any means they want some fame and name

Bapu.. hee..heee..hee.. Well said Patel. I am impressed by your talk. Infact you should have been the PM of India after independence. I made a mistake then

Patel What is the use Bapu, by all this talk? At that time you ditched me and made Nehru the PM. It is over and history now. You have started dynastic rule. You are responsible for all the present ills. Don’t you think.

Bapu. True( Wipes tears with Dhoti)( He takes a stone from foot path and hammers his own head crying) Why I gave freedom to these guys? Why I gave freedo to these guys?…aaa…aaa..eee…eee..

Nehru). Bapu. Plesae do not cry. Why this talk now and generate bad blood? Did I ask you to make me PM?

Bapu. No. But I thought you would make a better one.

Patel. That means was I bad? What is this Bapu? How could you do this and say too?

Bapu. I have no words. All was over long ago. It can not be undone.

Nehru. Bapu. I am having serious head ache. I want to go back to the room

Bapu. Are you so weak Jawaharlal? You must be thick skinned if you want to be a political leader. Look at our present congress leaders. Earlier during our time, with little criticism guys used to resign. Look now. They keep hanging to the chairs and positions without shame. That is what required now ( sings loudly doing a jig)

Leaders should be completely shameless
And also must have thick and rough hide
They must laugh off everything and giggle
To mount the power horse and ride

Patel. Haa..haa…haa.. That is nice Bapu. Jawaharlal! Did you hear the song of Bapu? Do not get irked up. It is part of the game.

( In the mean time lot of water starts flowing on the street after a great downpour. Gandhi , Nehru and Patel start walking on the road in water and they are walking in knee deep waters)

Gandhi. What is this? With little rain, whole area is flooded. We can not know what lies in front of us.. Let me prod with my stick, ( tries to pod and suddenly his leg falls in to a big man hole and Gandhi slips into it)

Gandhi. Eee…eee.. aaa… aaaa. Bacho. Bacho… I am falling down… Please help. I am going friends...bye..bye

( Patel and Nehru try to hold Gandhi and Gandhi is swept down into the man hole. Suddenly there is silence and water is gushing through like normal as if nothing happened. Many guys gather there and shout slogans… down with municipality.. down with Reddy the CM. Patel and Nehru look aghast at disappearing of Gandhi in man hole. In the mean time a municipal van and police van arrive with sirens blaring)

Inspector of police. What happened? Who fell into man hole?

Patel. Our Bapu, My Bapu, Your Bapu. Has fallen into this hole. I do not think you can find him. What type of municipality is here? Why there are no covers to the man holes? Eee…eeeee…aaaa… Bapu Mera Bapu… where have you gone ?

Sanitay Inspector. I think some thieves have taken away the iron covers that we kept. Any how we will find him

Patel. You may find his dead body in Moosi river if it goes out clear.

Sanitary Inspector. True. What you will do if you are in my place?

Patel. I would have hanged myself to the nearest light post.

Police Inspector ( Lauhhs) haa…haa..haaa.
( In the mean time news paper reporters and TV channel reporters arrive with cameras)

TV Reporter. What happened? Who fell down? How he fell? Where he fell? When did he fall?

Patel ( sings doing a slow jig)
Bapu fell inside.
It was 12 noon
He slipped and fell
Looking at the day moon

TV Reporter. What were you doing when your friend fell in to the hole?

Nehru. We were looking at the hole sucking him. We tried to hold him. But he was sucked in.( Cries) eee,….eeee… Bapu

Inspector, Do not cry. We shall find the body soon in Musi River.
Sanitary Inspector. Let us try.

(The municipal staff and Nehru and Patel jump into van and they along with police van drive to Amber pet to look into Musi river)

(It is Amber pet at the outskirts of city where all filth from city is left into Musi River. The police and Municipal teams get down the vehicles and look into the dirty river. Lot of water is flowing.) Suddenly they find an iold bald man sitting on a large stone in the center of dirty water flowing)

Patel. That is Bapu, our Bapu, your Bapu. He is there safe and sound… ( He claps at waves at Gandhi and does a jig singing)

Look at my Bapu
He is safe and sound
He is sitting on the rock
With him you find a German hound
Bapu has escaped death
And he is alive there
God has been kind
Now all is fine and fair

( Gandhi can not listen to the shouts of people and looks other way. The entire area is stinking with night soil around and even municipal workers hate to get into the waters to get Gandhi.)
Patel. Why don’t you go and rescue him from that place? If water level rises he will be swept off.

Inspector. Come on guys . Please go and get him.
( With great reluctance the municipal guys enter the dirty water an wade through the night soil pools and reach Gandhi)

Worker. Oh Old man. How long you will sit there? Come down and follow us.

Gandhi. I am happy here. Please go away.

Worker. You can not sit here. There is great danger. Soon darkness would be there. Lot of water snakes will be here in night.

Gandhi. They are not as dangerous as human beings. I am happy here. Go away

Worker. Please behave. Come down or else I have to drag you down.

Gandhi. That you can not do.
( the worker reaches the rock and tries to catch Gandhis foot and Gandhi kicks him hard and the worker falls into pool)

Worker. Chee..chee.. What a shit here. (He gets up and runs back)

Inspector. What happened? You came alone.

Worker. The guy refused to return. He kicked me too into water. Look at me . How dirty I am? (Sings and does a fast jig)

Look at me you guys.
I am soaked in night soil
Yet I am undeterred and brave
My efforts none can spoil
I shall bring the guy
And prove that I am a man
You may laugh at me
I am no less than Peterpan.

Inspector. Enough of singing and go and get him.

Patel. Look my dear friend. Next time you go to him, sing Ramdhun and I am sure he will follow you.

( The worker again wades through the pool of dirty water and goes to Bapu who is till sitting there and looking at sky)

Worker. Mera Bap. Please come down. Plesae have pity on me. My promotion is at stake.( Sings) Raghupathi raghava Raja Ram… aa.. Pateetha Pawana seethe am.. eeswar allah tero namm. Sab ko sanmathi de Bhagwan… Bolo…

( Gandhi looks surprised at the worker and bursts into Ramdhun. Suddenly he slips down into water and is covered by filth. The worker helps him to rise and takes him to the bank where every one greets Gandhi)

Patel. Bapu. Bachgaye.. How did you survive?

Gandhi. I was sucked into the pool. The moment I got drowned, I stopped my breath and I know Yoga. I held on till I came out of the pipe.

Patel. You are lucky Bapu. Till date none has survived who fell into man hole. That is Hyderabad Municipality’s Guinness record. You broke it. Now you must enter into a new record for surviving in Hyderabad municipal pipes full of shit.

Nehru. True. Bapu deserves it.

Patel . Bapu. Wait. I am just now ringing up the secretary of Guinness records and giving details of your feat ( He rings up on Inspectors mobile phone).. Bapu. Lucky. I got him and he has awarded you the record. You are now record holder for a new feat in world. They call it shit survival record.

Nehru. Bapu. You may even may qualify for a national bravery award having survived the ordeal.

Inspector of Police. I may also get police medal for supervising your rescue. I am due for promotion as Deputy Sp.

Sanitary Inspector. I shall get promotion and national award for good work for locating Bapu in the midst of Musi river.

Worker. I shall get promotion as supervisor and meritorious award too. I rescued Bapu from shit.

Gandhi. That is fine. All of you deserve these awards and I shall pray for you.

Inspector. Come on let us go. I have to take Bapu for some medical examination before press speaks to him.

Gandhi. OK let us go. Let all of us sing Ramdhun

Worker. I am a Muslim. How can I sing Ramdhun?

Gandhi. You pray to Allah.

Worker. That is fine.( He shouts Allah Oh Akbar)

(All of them sit in vans without cleaning themselves and travel to the Osmania hospital where Gandhi is taken to the OP for medical examination. A doctor approaches him there. He is shocked to see Gandhi in such pitiable condition)
Doctor. Eee…eee.. Chee..cheee. Who has brought him here is such filthy condition? Take him away. Clean him up first. This is a hospital not a latrine.
Gandhi. Never mind doctor. I cleaned public toilets for years that were dirtier than my condition now. At that time most probably you were in previous birth. Did you go to any II class railway bogie ( Formerly third class )?. Did you go to any toilet in cinema theater? Did you go to any road side urinals? You see real India there. What we see India in five star hotels is not real India. What I said now reflects real India. Our values. Our style, our discipline, our habits, our commitments to remain filthy, our apathy towards cleanliness and environment, our styles, our ignorance, our neglect, our progress and culture are reflected there. Is it clear?

Nehru. Bapu. Why that now?

Doctor. ( Holds his head) Oh shit. What a guy? But I can not examine you in this state. Come on guys . Take this man and clean him up in the bath room well. Bring him back him then.

Gandhi. That is Ok as you say .
( Gandhi is taken to bath room by ward boys and they return immediately)
Ward boy. Sir. There is no water in bath room. How can we clean him?

Doctor. Ohfo. What a place indeed?

Gandhi. Look boy. I told you the reality just now.

Doctor. Better you keep quiet old man. You are getting on my nerves. You gave me such a long lecture just now.

Gandhi. Hee.hee…hee. You must have patience to listen first as a doctor. By the by, are you a donation doctor or a merit admission one in MBBS course.

Doctor. How does it matter? I have MBBS degree

Gandhi. I am only asking you whether you got admission in medical course through management seat or through counseling.

Patel. That is fine. Bapu is scared that quacks are now on the streets now. The medical education has fallen, The standards are very poor. Some of the guys can not administer intravenous injections. They can only poke under the skin. For other injections they look at the nurses who are better trained in practicals. He is scared. Please do not mind.

Doctor. That is OK. I got MBBS seat through counseling and I am a merit student.

Gandhi. I am obliged sir.

Dctor. Tanks sir. But I can not examine unless you are cleaned.
( In the mean time, the ward boys get three buckets of hot water and take Gandhi to bath room. They wash him up while Gandhi screams)

Gandhi. aah. .aah.. it is too hot… aa…Margaya.. Bacho
( Gandhi is brought out in hospital clothes and is made to lie on a stretcher. The doctor examines him and declares him fit)

Doctor. I am surprised how he survived after getting drowned for three hours.

Gandhi. I know the art of staying under water for hours. This was known to Duryodhana in yore.

Doctor. Great. Impressed.

( The doctor declares him fit and thanks Gandhi for cooperating and for not giving further lectures. In the mean time, the press guys and TV reporters arrive)
Press guy. Who is this Gandhi who got the world record just now.

Gandhi. I am he ( sings)

I am Gandhi the he
I am also the Gandhi bald and bold
I made history just now
Now my name can be easily sold

TV reporter. That is fine piece. You appear to be a good poet.

Gandhi. In India poets are easily born. Many characters have written some cock and bull and they are elevated as great poets and poetess. No names please. Skeletons shall roll out of cup boards..heee…hee…hee
Press guy. Look Bapu. Tell me any thing you remember in the pipe you were drowned.
Gandhi. That was funny. The moment I fell in I closed my mouth and stopped breath and held on for hours. I kept my eyes closed too. After nearly three hours of travel I cam out. N between all nonsense was flowing over me, aside me, on me, and under me. There was nothing but shit and shit around. I opened my eyes only after coming out.

TV reporter. That was great and you really deserved the award. By the by, why you call yourself as Gandhi

Gandhi. What do you mean? Am Gandhi, Gandhi and only Gandhi. None else.
Press guy. But you died years ago at the hands of Godse. I read in a book

Gandhi. Why do you remind me about Godse? That was long time ago.( Holds his stomach and chest) Ohfo. It is still paining. Godse put many bullets into me.

Pres guy. Sorry Bapu. Still we are not convinced.

( The reporters take some snaps and try to go away thanking Inspector)

Inspector. You guys. Why don’t you take snaps of us. Are we fools around? We resued Gandhi from Musi.

TV reporter. Sorry sir. We shall take snaps ( He takes snaps while Inspector giggles)

( The reporters go away. Gandhi looks at others)
Gandhi Patel Shall we also go. I am feeling tired. We have spent lot of time here.

( In the mean time some sweepers of Municipality arrive there and they see Gandhi and congratulate him and ask some Bakshish ( money)

Sweeper. Sir. Give us some money for chai pani. We came from a distance.

Nehru. But what you have done to demand money? This is wrong practice.

Gandhi. Look Patel. Please give them some money.They are poor people.

Patel. OK . Bapu .

( He gives sweepers some money and they thank him and go away and in the mean time four Hizras arrive clapping and singing in typical Hyderabadi Hizra style. They go around Patel and Bapu singing and clapping)

Hizra. Mai Bap. Give us some money. Hayye. Aah..ooh...Haaye.. Kya haal hai.. Marjawwon.. Tere angane me mera kya kam hai.. My aayinaa.. oon..Hayye

( One Hizra come svery close to Patel and tries to hug him)

Patel. ee...eee..chee...chee.. go away

Gandhi ( Laughs) haa...haa.. Patel be careful

( Patel quickly gives them money and they go away clapping)

Patel. Ohfo. What huys ?Bapu. Let us go. It is already late. We can see our episode in news papers tomorrow

Gandhi OK. Chalo

(Patel, reluctant Nehru and Gandhi hold hands and sing Ramdhun and walk away from there)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Sunday, May 17, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

( It is Hyderabad city and the roads are slightly free of traffic as it is the day of elections results and people are keeping themselves to their houses fearing trouble on the roads. In the center of Roads many cows are seen squatting while lazily dozing. At corners of the streets small groups are seen discussing the results. Many are seen smoking while some are chewing Pan and spitting on the road. Some Dogs are seen chasing each other. Gandhi along with Nehru and Patel are also seen at a corner and sipping tea at a stall..)

Gandhi. I was told today Election results are being declared ( sips tea).

Patel. True. But how does it make any difference to any one in the country?

Gandhi. What do you think Jawaharlal? Will congress return to power again?

Nehru. Surely they will. Dr Man Mohan Singh has done well. He has held fort well and guarded the seat for Rahul all these years. He has been a nice yes master for the high command. People call him the greatest Puppet PM. ( Sings)

The non Gandhi PM has to say only yes
Yes…yes… yes,,……. and nothing more
Or else you will not be in the chair
And soon would develop many internal blood sores

Patel. True, poor guy is dubbed as the puppet PM dancing and doing jig to the tune of high command. He must be also upset although in politics one has to be thick-skinned.Only thing is he can not peak. One should have hide and not skin. But PV Narsimha Rao although a non Nehru family PM after Rajiv Gandhi was killed by LTTE did not toe the line of high command blindly. He had individuality and had his own strong personality and self dignity. That’s why he was put aside once he stepped down as PM. Even after his death, he was insulted. Those on top never wanted him to be cremated after his death on the side of River Jamuna and sadly it is reserved for Nehru and Gandhi family. You can find series of ghats one after the other. I also remember how Narsimha Rao’s body was half burnt and left on the road and it is a disgrace to all Indians.

Gandhi. True. I am lucky. My body was burnt completely. People must have feared me or else I would have become alive. So they ensured I was burnt to smallest particle of ash and it was thrown over the world in different places so that they can never get together.(.Laughs) hee…hee..hee…hooo…hooo…heee…haaaa…haaa ( Sings and does jig holding his stick)

One should have thick skin in the game of politics
Where murkiest guys take part in this shitty game
All types of mischief one has to do to win elections
But every one wants to be free of blame

Patel. Excellent Bapu. What a poem? In fact you deserve noble prize for English literature if not for peace.

Gandhi. Shall I recite another one? I am getting motivated.

Patel. You may do if you think so.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal . You have not said anything about Rahul as the new PM

Nehru. In fact Rahul really deserves the post as PM. He has waited long. He is from my family. Naturally he deserves the post of PM. Who can dare to stand and oppose him? Did it happen earlier? It can not also happen now. Many say Rahul is a kid ( Bachha). Poor Pranab has reconciled to his fate. Arjun Singh and Pawar have gone into the bin. Pranab is sucking thumb already. Recently he said he can not speak Hindi well. So he has not been elevated to the post of PM.The guy is desperate and sad too. I am sure. In fact no one can become PM of India from Congress party when there is a member from my family. Heee….heeee….haaa..( Does jig laughing)

Gandhi. True to a great extent although I never fore saw this. Who will think in advance that succession of PM will be there from your family?

Nehru. Bapu! Is it my fault?

Gandhi. Usually people in India like hero worship and they are used to family domination. Most of the time India was ruled by Royal families. The slavish attitudes are thoroughly embedded in Indian blood and genes. The rank and file in Congress party can never think of the country with out a Gandhi at the top. Even if the congress does not come to power, the grip over the party is always with them. Although I never patronized my family members, the opposite is true now.

Patel. Bapu. It is more important to catch votes now. How does one catch votes is the main question now. If some other guy is given the key post and if he can not get votes, what is the use? Congress party to day suffers from this syndrome. It can get votes only on Gandhi’s name. Most of the guys think Gandhi means it is Bapu. But sadly Bapu’s connection with the party was over once he was shot dead by Godse . Many thought he was probably becoming a pain in the eyes for most of the guys. It was OK till we got independence. But after 1947 he became irritant to many. Please do not misunderstand me. It is a general talk.

Nehru. Bapu. I was told that Man Mohan Singh would be the next PM. Rahul is not being elevated.

Gandhi. It could be a strategy. Now I doubt Dr Man Mohan Singh would continue as PM. I think one fine day he would pull himself out on health grounds and Rahul would be pushed in as they did for Rajiv Gandhi. Even at that time Pranab Mukerjee was sucking thumbs and crying in silence in corner.

Patel What else he can do? Even now he can suck thumb. That is the only option left for him.( Sings)

Non Gandhi guys in congress can suck their thumbs
While Rahul would be soon given the throne
Stalwarts of decades would only remain clappers
While those raising eye brows would be dumped and thrown

Into history’s dust bin they would be thrown
While family rule gets restored soon
Oh the bald and Sick old guys!
Better it is for you to remain in line with a fork and spoon

Gandhi. Patel ! Well said. You are also picking up good poetry .But what is this fork and spoon?

Gandhi. Fork and spoon means chamchagiri, Applying butter to the leaders and those on top.

Nehru. That was good no doubt. But I see some sarcastic overtones.

Patel. There is a saying that guilty would touch their shoulders.

Gandhi. Originally the makers of Constitution thought that there would be two or three parties in the country. Who would foresee that there would be hundreds of parties? Any how, this country has a democracy of it’s own. Father has a party and his wife too has one. Then his son also would have it soon. Hee…hee. It is all fun. It is card game with complete jokers and with no other card.

Patel. Haa…haa… It is a fun politics.

Gandhi. Here Parjarajyam claimed that it would get majority. It hardly got some. Just double figures below twenty seats. What a failure? Chandrababu did not do bad. Luck is not with him.

Patel He should not have clubbed with reds and that chameleonTRS. He almost gave them thirty seats each to contest. Otherwise he would have gained another twenty each at least. These reds have ditched him.

Gandhi. Who will vote for communists in India? They are spent cartridge cases. They have sunk along with Naidu. Otherwise Naidu would have been in better position and probably made to the throne..

Nehru. Chiranjeevi was very vocal about he becoming the CM.

Patel. Hee,,,hee. He was over confident. He did not have the base. Neither he was like NTR. He had to fight two fronts. Any how he made some impact in the state. He had bad lieutanants. He has to now improve.

Gandhi. Poor KCR. He ran to Adwani to get Telangana State. He is finished now, Who will give him Telangana State? He can not do any thing. In center, they will not allow him to come close. Poor guy. His chameleon politics caused his fall. It is good all Telugus would stay together. Probably Telangana agitation would die as it happened after 1968 when Chena Reddy ditched them. Ditching is Andhra past time in politics.

Nehru. True.. heee….heee…heee..haaa…hhaa..

Ptel. Hooo…hooo…hooo

( In the mean time a procession arrives there and they burn crackers on the road. Some buffaloes are brought decorated and urchins dance on the road shouting Congress ki jai. ..jai..jai. Buffaloes too do jig blaring..baa…aaa…baa….aaaa.. Congress ki jai. Some camels are brought in the show. He clumsy looking animal passes urine on the road it falls on every one)

Gandhi.. Look Jawahar. What is so big about it? It does not make any difference whatever party wins. All are of same feather. One is a family party. Other is no different. Even Telugu desam is full of NTR family members. Even Parja Rajyam is dubbed as a family governing. So it does not make an inch of difference in India. India has to suffer like this till Taliban occupies it.

Nehru. What do you mean Bapu. How can Taliban occupy India?

Gandhi. It is very simple. Congress can not fight terrorists. It has been proved conclusively in the past. They could not hang Afzal Guru till date. Even Kasab who is facing charges now in India will not be blamed. Finally I am sure that guy will be handed over to Pakistan. Or else Pakistani terrorists would kidnap some one from top and demand release of terrorists held in India and there is no way. We are bunch of spineless lot. Clueless and gutless too. Next five years, Islamic forces in the country and outside would become strong and cause more damage. Student Islamic Movement in India ( SIMI) will soon join up Taliban and would build India model Taliban in our Madrasas or our own men will get trained in Pak schools. What can you do? These guys in the name of false secularism and vote bank politics are pampering minorities. This would be the dig Nehru. That was good no doubt. But I see some sarcastic overtones.
digging of own grave. False secularism would rule the roost. Unless we are strong against internal terrorist forces nothing can be done.

Patel. Bapu. You remember in Hyderabd Kasim Razvi was the commander of Razakars. They did so much damage to the Hindu community in Hyderabad state. Finally I had to be strong and I put an end to that danger. I was told the same forces are slowly rising again in its former place.

Gandhi. Is it so? I never knew. That is too bad.

Patel. In the game of vote politics and appeasement of minorities, some dangerous men from minority community are being pampered again in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. That is bad and should be condemned. Now the old party has returned in Andhra Pradesh, the same tricks will be played. I am getting upset the present leaders are taking the country to disaster and doom. Winning elections does not mean they got the real mandate from people. Every one in the country knows the tricks of present elections. Money and caste play greatest role in elections. On paper it is true, the party has returned to power in center and state. The most tragic democracy in the world is India. It is not like America or Britain. It is entirely different.

Patel What can we do? No one would listen to us

Gandhi. True

Nehru. Please do not get desperate Bapu. There could be some solution for this

Patel. What could it be?

Nehru. Bapu has to take rebirth and grow and lead the country for a change and this could take another thirty five years

Patel. By that time India would be occupied by Taliban

Gnadhi. Patel . Do not be pessimistic

Patel. I am not pessimistic. I am telling the truth, rather naked truth and real truth.
You guys never listened to me and my words. You were adamant at every point of time. I said if Pakistan was to be made, all Muslims must go to Pakistan. You never agreed. You wanted this country for every one Tam Dick and Harry. You are seeing the problems. I also said if the Muslims had to remain in India after voting for Pakistan they must have loyalty to India. They can not have dual loyalties. Bapu. Have you seen what is happening today. Have you learnt about SIMI and other fundamentalist organizations in India. They want to convert India into Dar ul Islam. The poison has grown in whole India. Although there are many sane persons in minority community, their numbers are less and they are throttled.

Bapu. What can I do now. My days are over. I can not undo what I have done( Sings and does a jig)

What is done can not be undone
Please know this truth very simple
Do not burn your blood and heart
Or else you will get scores of internal pimples

Elections are part of the game
In this way or that way we have to face
Crooks also would come to power now
If you can not remove them please embrace.

These elections are played on caste card
All stray guys contest in this drama of evil
You have to suck your own thumb
And wait and join the dance of the devil

Patel. True Bapu.. Let us go I do not want to see this shit going on in the name of democracy.

Nehru. That was good no doubt. But I see some sarcastic overtones.

Gandhi. True. I will also come. ( Looking at Nehru) Jawahar . Do you want to stay around and take part in celebrations and do not want to come with us?

Nehru. Bapu. It is not like that. I want to see Rahul going in procession one day after becoming PM. I am coming.

( Gandhi, Patel and reluctant Nehru hold hands and sing Ramdhun and walk into distance)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao