Sunday, May 31, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

I am the ugly duck the extinct Australian DODO

Can sit at one place and only quack

My size is so huge and large

That all the guys would come and simply whack

I was born in Avadi yard of Madras

Where my sisters and aunts too were born

I stayed in mother’s womb for thirty years

At last came out as an owl coming out of a barn

I am like an aged fatty matron with lumps of flesh

That has crossed the youth, vigor and prime

I lumber around with sagging plump breasts

While my supporters happily sing the nursery rhymes

I slog around with defective tracks

That can snap at any point of time while on run

I shall crawl for few yards when tracks give way

For watchers that will be great and real fun

I spend most of the time in the army sheds

While guys rub my shining Armour and steel

Once in a while move my gun left and right

That gives me solace and some confidence I do some times feel

I at times moved down the Road at India gate

While soldiers in groups marched past

The driver in the seat crossed his fingers

I always thought this ride would be the first and last in life

The army has not fought a tank war after the last Indo pak war

The guns have worn out in the usual cleaning and rubbing spree

Three decades have passed without firing the gun at the foe

While many officers simply climbed the promotion tree

Al Khalid Pakistan tanks are roaring across the borders

Ready to crossover in bulk when said “Go ahead”

The army now displays blunt out Armour claws

While Arjun is struggling in army that is fighting for its bread

I am the heavy matron struggling to survive

While the Generals simply look other way

The research guys had nice time for four decades at my cost

And took the nation on rough camel ride with all in the fray

@ Arjun is the name of the battle tank that is in army to day. Recently more tanks were handed over to India army and DRDO took nation for a camel ride reseraching these tanks, God bless Indian army with these tanks.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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