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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

( It is White House in Washington and in the lawn General George Washington is seated on an easy chair. Along with him are seated Mr Obama the American President with some aides at a distance. Armed sentries stand Guard at vantage points. The atmosphere look serious and grim)

Obama. Good Evening Sir ( Looking at Washington) Welcome to white house. You are coming after many months. How are you ? How is your health?

Washington. I am fine . Thanks Mr President. How are the things? I learnt you applied lot of pressure on those Pak guys

Obama. True. What to do? They are big nuts. I was shocked when I learnt that Taliban were just 100 km away from Rawalpindi the Pak capital.

Washington. What they were doing till then?

Obama. I can not make out any thing. They are simply useless guys .They can not look after their own country. It looks their army can swing hands, but can not do anything.

Washington. Look President. They were no different even General Pervez Musharraf was ruling. At least Taliban did not come so close. What is wrong really there?

Obama. Things are not clear. But sure there are some guys in power who are abetting Taliban.

Washington. May be police and even army guys too would be siding with them clandestinely. They need to taken to task.

Obama. Could be. There could be many traitors in army. But Zaradari boasts of 7 lakh army and its loyalty.

Washington. It could be soon 7 lakh Taliban plus existing medieval Taliban in Pakistan. Zardari would be fooled till Taliban puts a sword on his neck.

Obama. Haa…haaa…haa. He would then join them and become Talba. After all they belong to same flock. If it is not now it will happen tomorrow.

Washington. What are your plans now?

Obama. I put intense pressure on Zardari. I told them to act or US special forces would land in Pakistan. It could be another Iraq. I am shit scared of Pak nukes.

Washington. Can these nuts look after nukes and protect them from falling into Taliban?

Obama. I doubt they can. Pak leaders only boast. They can neither rule themselves nor co exist. They talk big and do least. A bunch of failed guys in the stylish western suits and achkans.( sings waving hands)

Look my dear sir
These Pak leaders are just goofy nuts
They can not check Taliban now
And in the aid now I have to make many cuts

Pak would soon fall to Taliban
Then all would be Mullahs and crooks
They will do dance of devil
Once they capture some nukes

My first aim to day is very clear
I have to some how save all their nukes
I have to prevent now at this crucial time
That Taliban can not steal a single nuke by even fluke

Washington. Great poetry Mr Obama. Excellent. I am proud of you.

Obama. ( Gets up and bows) Thanks sir. Thanks.( sits down)

( In the mean time,the sentry arrives and reports that Mr Gandhi arrived from India)

Obama. Plesae bring him with all respects.

Washington. The old man has not come to us since long. There must be some problem

( Gandhi walks in along with the escort and the sentry goes away after Gandhi greets all)

Gandhi. Good evening to all. Good evening Mr Washington sir.

Washington,.( Gets up) Welcome Mr Gandhi . Why special salutations for me?

Gandhi. Sir! You are very special not only to Americans , but also to all of us. You are a very distinguished personality in the history and surely deserve all respects and special recognition

Washington. Thanks Mr Gandhi for your concern for us. I am moved and obliged. How are you now? I have not seen you since many months.

Gandhi. True. There were many issues in India and I was actually tackling them along with my friends Nehru and Patel.

Washington. I see.. How are they?

Gandhi. They are fine although they are unhappy with each other at times. I came specially to warn you and with a request that you have to be very careful about Pak nukes that are likely to fall into the hands of Taliban and Al Qaeda very soon if you do not act.

Obama. Welcome Mr Gandhi. I heard great about you. We were discussing the issue now. We are equally worried. I am making plans for such eventualities. We shall take care of things.

Gandhi. I want to draw your attention to Iran’s history. You know how Shah of Iran vanished and Khomeini came up. Shah had strong army too. Finally he had to go. What America could do?

Obama. ( Gets uncomfortable) Look Mr Gandhi. That was long ago. This time we shall not allow it to happen

Gandhi. How you are going to prevent? India is very much scared now. If Pakistan becomes Talibanistan first thing they will do is to attack India with aim of making it into Dar ul Islam. They are harping on it. Al the Islamic fundamentalist outfits in India will abet Taliban.

Obama. Mr Gandhi. Military plans can not be revealed. I can not even reveal to General Washington now.

Washington. Truly said.

Gandhi. I know. But make sure that the plans are concrete and succeed. Last minute there should not be any fait accompli. If you can not act you can never act. ( sings doing a jig)

Look Mr President Obama
Please act now and be brave
If you fail now in your mission
The whole world would turn into a grave
Taliban are trying to grab Pak nukes
And they shall make all efforts soon
Pak army is thoroughly incompetent
What they can do is to pray looking at sun and moon
Pak has many nukes stocked
They do not know what to do with these
Their hands are getting itchy
And they are restless like quacking geese
It is high time the nukes are removed
Or else the Taliban would steal
You and me have to suck the thumbs
And our wounds would never heel

Washington. Well said ( Claps) hee..hee ( gets up and does jig)

Obama. Mr Gandhi. I am moved by your serious concern. I am hereby making promise.( He gets up and looking at Sky and raising his hand sings while Washington also rises drawing is sword. He raises his sword high and looks into sky. He is stiff in uniform)

Look Mr Gandhi. This is my Promise
The word from an American President
I shall save Pak nukes very soon from the crooks and thugs
And shall ensure that surely there is no accident

The sun may rise in West and moon in East
The word of Obama will always be true
I shall ensure Taliban are extinguished soon
And I shall whack them through and through

(Obama does fast jig while singing and cools down and sits in the chair and is seen gasping for air. An aide quickly gets him a coke and Obama sips the coke and calms down soon. Washington swings sword in air several times as if fighting enemy and puts back the sword in scabbard and sits down)

Washington. Well Mr President. That was great conviction from you. I am proud of you. You are living to the expectations.

Obama. Thanks sir. You are no less. We are motivated by you eternally. I was very much upset with pak guys in recent times. Look sir. These guys took George Bush my senior on leather hunt promising that they will fight terrorists and Al Qaeda. They swindled us all these years and did nothing. They spent money here and there and Al Qaeda and Taliban became stronger. How can we accept it? We were thinking all these years that Pakistan is our friend. But that is not true. In fact India is a mature nation, although they can not take strong actions and are indecisive. But they are better than these Pak nuts.

Gandhi Mr president You appear to have some wrong notions about us.

Obama What is truth has been told. What is wrong in this? Is it not true that you guys are indecisive . and also lack spine? Could you take any strong action after Pak terrorists attacked Bombay? Who stopped you? You were all the time looking at us? Then you were begging Pak to hand over the criminals. Do you think they will hand over? What a fallacy? Finally you sucked thumbs. In fact you guys are still sucking thumbs till bones come out. Till today nothing happened. Finally your new Defense Minister said “we shall act if they do such things again”. So better wait for another incident to wake up. Your own country me are laughing at you. Why be angry with us? Then you were busy glorifying those policeguys who fell without even drawing their weapons sitting in vehicles like ducks. Awards are more important for you guys than real action. What a bunch of people you are? How can you dominate your neighbour. A small nation like Nepal and Lanka also brow beats you. Could you prevent Nepal going Communist way? It is next door to you. ( Laughs) heee…heeee

Gandhi. . ( Looks other way and wipes sweat with Dhithi))

Washington. Mr. Gandhi. Please reply. Did Obama say any thing wrong? You guys can not act. Cabn sing Ramdhun and patriotic songs. How Israel is surviving? Is it not a tiny nation?

Gandhi. True sir. What you said is true. That is why I am more worried now with Taliban next door waiting to attack India. I am sure we can not do any thing against Taliban if they are really after us. We could not protect ourselves when Ghaznavi attacked us and Ghori attacked us from Kabul. Nadirsha attacked us and then Abdali butchered us. Every second guy from West has screwed India well. Soon Taliban could attack us and I am sure they would repeat what Ghazni did..

Washington. Mr Gandhi. Be brave. Tell your people be brave and to act and defend the country. Tell them not to be busy with politicking all the time. Capturing power is not the only thing for leaders in a democracy. They have top prove that they are worthy sons of the nation and also have strong back bone. Look. In recent elections, Communists were rolled down. Now they are falling at your Madams feet begging that they should be allowed to support the government. What they want is some share in power. Are they communists in real? They are just power mongers. Marx would hang himself if he sees these guys. Less said is better about your regional opportunistic parties. Better govern yourselves well and do not depend on others. Why some other should fight your war? Will you fight for others? Did you join Afghan war and join Nato forces against Al Qaeda to help Americans? You guys are shit scared. You are good at giving lip sympathy. Your communist guys black mailed UPA government for the last 5 years. You have shown only lip sympathy for Americans after 9/11. You did not allow your troops to join Afghan war. You want every one to help you, but you do not want too be with them. Your non alignment was a greatest joke of all times. You want to be non aligned, then why beg others? Better get well prepared for a Taliban attack from West. We are also worried and we shall do ours. You do yours.Did youUderstand?

Gandhi. Very well sir.My mission is over. I shall take leave

Washington. Thanks for the visit sir

Obama. Thanks sir. We are happy that you are concerned about peace in the world. Bye

( Gandhi picks up his stick and walks away and Washington and Obama see him off )

r K Prabhakar Rao

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